Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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"There are washroom in your rooms. Just head down the hall and pick a door that doesn't already have a name on it. Those will be your rooms for the duration of your stay and each has its own bathroom built in. Why we took out the communal showers, nobody was even bothering to use them really." Richard replied to Tyson.

"So Garrus, any idea on how long until we head out for the training grounds?" he asked.

"Oh, so I'll actually be able to watch this time?" Lillian asked.

"I figure Renton and you can come along Lil, no risk of us being shot this time."

"Probably thirty minutes to an hour, and of course you two can come along. The course is basically set and I know that Taryn and Levi have been working mighty hard on the 'test' today, so everything should be ready to go. The only thing is we'll have to drive there unless my stupid brother picks up his damn phone so that we can just get him to teleport us there," Garrus said with annoyance, holding out his phone to see if there were any new messages. Renton immediately diverted his attention from one of the couch's pillows to the phone and tried to grab it, getting frustrated and starting to cry when his father said 'no'.

Levi grinned. "Oh, yes. The test will be interesting, I can promise that," he said to Garrus. At the mention of Leland, he began tapping his foot to the rhythm of a song that was now stuck in his head. "Dammit, Garrus, now you got one of his songs stuck in my head again!" he exclaimed with mock anger. After a short chuckle, his expression softened again. "In any case, it'd be nice to see Leland again. Last time I saw him was at his concert a few weeks ago. I had backstage VIP passes, and Requiem still almost didn't let me in. I guess he's still got some hard feelings from last Christmas..."

"Wait, we're being tested already?" Brian quickly tossed aside the second part of his sandwich into what he hoped was a garbage can. "Shit, I mean, I haven't studied or anything. Can this be a multiple choice thing then? I'm way better at those than I am at doing short answer."

"I can use alchemy. If you don't know what that is I can turn say a sheet of metal into a suit of armor but I can't turn the same sheet of metal into a bed." Eric said not minding the awkwardness that just happened.

Alex smirked remembering her training. "So um will the next part of the training happen again like it did last time. I kinda hope it does." Alex said getting up and walking to her and Richard's room. "I guess I should change into my suit just to be safe." she said walking in her room.

"No Brian, different type of test here. It's something every single member of the Society has to do at some point before they can join. It's been going on since the first generation, though supposedly the second and third generations had the hardest tests," Garrus said as he tried to calm his crying son down, "As for there being two parts to this test Alex, there might be. It all depends on the recruits."

"Sorry for getting that song in your head Levi, whichever one it is. Gah I can never tell when it's just foot tapping. But hopefully he'll pick up his damn phone; I know he's basically been up in the Lodge in isolation working on new stuff but he could at least turn his phone on! Hmm does Requiem have a number?" Garrus asked, knowing that no one would know.

Tyrell had never seen a limousine in 'the flesh' before, let alone rode in one, but now here he was, at the headquarters of the Society of Justice in his hometown of Nova city, having just had his very first limo ride. There were alot of new things going on for Tyrell at this point in his life actually, some of them big enough to make even the Limo ride seem like common practice.

It had barely been a month since he had returned to America, to his birthplace of Nova city and started his hero 'career' as the Shadow, before he had been invited to become a member of the Society. His time spent back in America hadn't been wasted, as it was not Tyrell's way to procrastinate, it went against both his beliefs and his training. And so, in a few short weeks The Shadow (as he was now called) had already begun to make quite a name for himself in his adopted district of Snake Alley, assisting the police in arresting at least fifteen wanted criminals and thwarting scores of crimes.

And it was most likely his success that had earned him an invitation into the Society, one that he had accepted, albeit with slight reluctance. For while he believed they were doing a good job and fighting the good fight, Tyrell felt his place was not fighting at the sides of fellow heroes, no matter how noble the cause, but instead on the streets, helping the little man.

But he had eventually been brought round, not because the glory had tempted him, but simply because if something big happened that he could have had a hand in preventing, but hadn't because he was too busy beating up extravagant pimps, he wouldn't be able to live with himself and as his Master back in Japan had once said 'One must always focus on the big picture'.

And so, that is how Tyrell, The Shadow of Snake alley, found himself in the lounge of the Society of justices HQ, standing in a far corner, trying not to be too conspicuous. A low grumbling in his stomach caught his attention and distracted him from his musings, for now it appeared the scourge of the petty criminals of Snake Alley was growing hungry and so, Tyrell Jackson set off for the sandwich table.

Taryn tilted her head as she overheard Richard telling one of the recruits that they could pick a room. She smiled briefly and glanced toward the double doors that lead to the hallway of rooms, '...and the gym.'. She recalled the day that she picked her own room, burning her name into the wood door to claim it as her own. 'It seems like a long time ago.' she mused silently. When Levi mentioned Requiem, Taryn focused back on the closer conversation. She'd hoped that the young cyborg had recovered from the interesting events of last Christmas. But apparently not...quite yet.

"Oh OK, just, like I said, wasn't really expecting a test or anything. So I'm probably not going to be that good. Just saying, going to have to stretch first and stuff." Brian explained. "So um, what are we talking about here then, if this isn't the other kind of test? Like an obstacle course or something?"

"Oh, geez. Requiem still doesn't like you, Levi?" Katie asked rhetorically. "I'll put in a word with Leland next time I see him. Maybe get him to change the bouncer to someone a little more Society-friendly." She had received a VIP backstage pass herself - in fact, she had got them for free for every single one of Leland's concerts - but Katie had only gone to see him once, considering his limited choice of songs. It was only his first album, after all.

"I see. So... could that work on people? Like, say, turning someone into someone else with a similar appearance?" Rowan asked, intrigued. "I mean, I can turn into anyone I want to, but you could do it to other people. That would be epic."

"You guys will find out what the training is, just wait. It'll be good, and if you guys manage to outsmart the test we'll give you a fun bonus exam," Garrus replied to Brian, finally handing Renton his locked phone to make him stop crying.

"As for Ethan, I don't think he'll ever stop liking Taryn. And I am a hundred percent sure that my brother will never get rid of Ethan, especially since my mother was the one that suggested it," Garrus added as he caught his phone, Renton having thrown it at him.

"Oh yeah, it'll be damn good." Jason adds to Garrus' foreshadowing, finding himself almost as anxious to start as Steven. As Garrus went to retrieve his phone, Jason took his place on the couch, beginning to play with little Renton so he'd get his mind off of Garrus' phone.

"I'm ready to see what these guys can bring to the table. They seem to be a level-minded group, isn't that right Renty?" He began to coo to the giggling little baby.

Tyson took his bags and headed through the double doors into the hallway for room entrances. The rooms themselves were set up parallel across from each other. Tyson looked at the names on rooms as he walked past them recognizing some from the introductions a few minutes ago and the others he didn't recognize at all.

Tyson reached the end of the rooms with names and walked past the set of doors facing each other and opened the right door of the next set of rooms facing each other. Locking the door behind him Tyson put his bags on the bed. Next Tyson removed his suit and neatly folded it to avoid forming wrinkles and placed it into his clothes bag after removing his fire retardant body suit. Tyson then put the suit on and started latching on his armor from the other bag.

After Tyson finished he held up his mask and decided to leave it in his bag with the gun closing it and picking that bag up again while leaving the bag with his clothes on the bed. As Tyson left he slid a piece of thin pencil led through the door on top of one of the hinges so it wasn't noticeable and put the gum he was chewing over the door handle to indicate the room was taken without damaging the door. Tyson then walked back to the group feeling out the stiffness in the armor from the amount of time it's gone without being worn.

Taryn glanced backwards before sitting down on the couch. She moved over so that she could still see the senior members and the recruits. She wanted to be comfortable but also not miss anything important. As she scanned the room Taryn noticed one of the recruits had disappeared. She listened to Garrus and winced subtly when he mentioned Requiem's infatuation with her. It was an unpleasant side effect of an action long ago. One she hadn't had reason to think of for quite some time.

"How is Requiem?" Taryn asked Garrus. Renton made quiet nonsense noises, distracting Taryn slightly. She turned to look at the baby.

Seeing one of the other new recruits...who was it, Tyson? Yeah that must be it. take his stuff down to one of the rooms, Brian decided to follow suit. He grabbed his duffel bag and headed down the hallway to the rooms and found one close to the beginning of the hallway.

He got inside and saw what an immediate upgrade this was over his dorm room. The bed was much bigger, didn't look to be a queen but it still nice sized. There were a dresser, and a desk. A little nightstand next to the bed, big enough to hold his laptop, and his own bathroom! He can actually shave without having to worry about the girls behind him seeing all the hair left. Good stuff.

He tossed his bag under the bed after pulling out his leather jacket and a sock. I don't think the motorcycle helmet is going to be necessary. These guys have already seen me. But if they want my costume this is the best they're going to get for now. Once he was sure that everything was set, he stepped back out of the room, put the sock on the doorknob and headed back to meet up with the others.

"I think he's alright. He likes his job I know that, but not much else has changed really. Not super close to him even though we have spent a bit more time together. Must be nice not working with the Union anymore for him I would imagine. Haven't seen him for a bit though, probably just hanging out with Leland at the Lodge I guess," Garrus replied with a slight shrug as he took a seat next to Taryn since Jason had taken his own spot. Renton turned his attention towards his dad and slowly made his way off the couch, holding on to the coffee table as he walked over to his dad and raised his arms.

"Alright you, but no more crying you silly kid," Garrus said as he picked up Renton who started to babble gleefully once he was lifted up.

Levi smiled as little Renton made some adorable baby noises as Garrus picked him up. In a way, he envied the baby. Renton would grow up knowing his mother and father, unlike Levi. He still didn't know what had become of his own parents, whether they were alive or dead, or even where they were. Perhaps some day, with full access to the Society's assets, he could finally find out about his parents. Levi shoved those thoughts aside for now.

Reaching past Taryn and poking Renton in the stomach, he was rewarded with a giggle. "Aw, look at you! You look just like your daddy, yes you do!" Levi said to the baby as he poked him again. This time, Renton was able to grab Levi's finger and got a tight grip on it. "He's a strong one, I'll give him that," he said to Garrus.

Steven rose quickly out of his glowing sofa, stretching and yawning. "Well I guess I'll go check out my room," he said lazily. Taking the first empty room he saw, he quickly took stock of the room. 'Better make the place more like home,' he thought to himself. He turned to the empty closet and summoned a rack of designer clothes. He replaced the door with silver, French double-doors. Walking back to the group, he looked back at the empty night stable. Silently, he added a small picture frame. It was the same woman he summoned before.

"Ah." Taryn murmured quietly in response to Garrus' summary. "Well that's good." she replied. Especially the 'being out of the Union' bit. She wasn't sure what else to say so Taryn looked down and noticed Renton's small hand latched onto Levi's finger. Taryn laughed quietly and leaned back to give Levi more room to interact with the infant.

'Just like his daddy, hmm...' Taryn looked at the boy who still had ahold of Levi's finger. She wondered if he would inherit his father's seismic powers. 'Or something completely different.' Taryn made a mental note to update her data files on the Society members and to make little Renton's data separate from his parents'.

"No I can't change anything with my body. Trying is asking for issues for ages. Hell trying to do it could make me lose an arm." Eric said looking at his arm then looked at Rowan.

Alex got up, walked up to Richard and wrapped her arms around his neck kissing his cheek. "Feels nice to be a senior member of the Society well not as good as something I should say." Alex smirked saying it in his ear softly.

"Honey I'm sorry to say it but that line was just bad." Richard responded as he gave her a quick kiss.

"Not in front on the newbie's Richard, give them some time to acclimate." Lillian said with a laugh.

"They'll have to get used to it sooner or later."

"It is. He seems to like his assistant slash bodyguard job," Garrus replied, watching as his son started to bite Levi's finger, "Aww do you want to go to Levi?" Renton of course didn't understand the question, continuing to bite Levi's finger until Garrus moved Renton towards Levi. As Renton was being moved he extended his free arm towards Levi, making loud noises and waving Levi's hand that he still held.

"Please like I'm going to take a break tonight for the new recruits." Alex said kissing him back softly.

"Besides I know it was bad. I can make a joke." Alex said kissing him somewhat more but still not heavy, hands softly on his shoulders from her front.

Brian walked down into the lobby just as Alex stopped hanging off of Richard. He couldn't be sure, but there seemed to be something off about the way she talked, like it was a little too fast and needed a pause. Oh well.

He sat down on one of the couches available. "All right, so when is this happening? Like, right now? If I'm going into this cold I might as well get it over with, you know?"

Tyson looked around the room and noticed a large man standing behind a giant plant. He seems a bit strange but considering this is a group of people with super powers, it couldn't hurt to start meeting the team with him.

Tyson walked to him. "You know a rock would work better if you're trying to hide from us." Tyson said jokingly. Tyson held out his hand and said, "Hi. I'm Tyson Bishop and I have a feeling we'll be working together for the next little bit. I figure it would be best if I got to know everyone and I figure I'd start with you."

Levi happily reached his arms out to accept Renton, ignoring the mild discomfort from his newly emerging teeth. He stood the baby on his lap, letting him swing his arm around by the finger. With his free hand, Renton made a move for Levi's goggles, yanking them rather painfully off his forehead. Despite pulling on his hair, Levi couldn't help but grin at him. "You're a clever one..." he said to Renton, laughing.

"Don't stab me!" Tommy yelled compulsively when Tyson held out his hand. After an akward silent moment, Tommy spoke again. "Uhm, sorry didn't mean to say that. Hehehe," Outloud... "Uhm, I'm Tommy, call me Golem, and stuff... I throw stuff at other stuff and I'm like really strong." Tommy muttered at a barely audible level.

"Alright you stay put Renton, I'm going to start packing up for the picnic we'll have as we watch the training," Garrus said as he got up and gave Renton a kiss on the head before heading into the kitchen to start packing up some of the food.

While his father was away Renton happily played with Levi, kicking his feet and waving his arms around gleefully. He brought the goggles to his mouth and tried to bite the goggles, but threw them at Levi's face when he realized they weren't edible.

Taryn waved at Garrus as he walked toward the kitchen then focused back on the babbling infant. "Umm..." she watched Renton bring Levi's goggles closer to his mouth. She reached forward to take the goggles just as Renton's arm moved to throw. Taryn managed to snag the strap of the goggles but wasn't able to completely prevent them from hitting Levi.

"Sorry." Taryn said quietly to him. She set the goggles down on the couch and narrowed her eyes at Renton.

"Good thing he doesn't have powers...yet." Taryn commented.

"Oh, okay then. Still, it seemed like a good idea, right?" Rowan mused aloud. "Now I can't help but wonder what would happen if you snapped your fingers and an assailant's arms turned into tentacles. Yeesh, I'd hate to be that guy."

His eyebrows shot up at the sight of Alex kissing Richard. "Huh. They might be married, but you'd think Alex would tone it down a little in front of us new guys," he muttered to those seated.

Katie overheard him, and got up, moving to sit on the arm of the couch next to Rowan. "Oh, don't worry about them and the occasional PDA. You'll get used to them eventually. Though, if you do end up being a little jealous of those two, don't hesitate to walk out of the room or otherwise distract yourself with something. Here, have a flower."

She snapped her fingers and a cut, thornless rose appeared seemingly out of nowhere, produced by an airborne spore. It dropped into Rowan's lap, and he picked it up, amazed by Katie's display of power. "That's incredible... may I ask how you did that?"

"Simple, really. There are millions of tiny spores in the air, as you may know from high-school Bio classes or college. I've learned to pick individual ones out and isolate them, before I grow the rest of the plant and turn it into anything I feel like. Airborne spores are possibly the easiest thing for me to manipulate, because they're so small and so young."

"Calm down man. Calm down." Tyson said in a soothing tone. "I'm not going to hurt. You aren't a terrorist or a politician." Tyson finished with a light hearted smile. Or I could be wrong and could have started conversations with the team by scaring a man into crushing me into the ground. At least he is shy nervous though.

"So is there anything I should know about this place, what's coming up, or events past?" Tyson asked with curiosity.

Levi recoiled a bit from his goggles impacting his face. He hadn't expected Renton to hurl them at him. He turned his head to see Taryn setting the goggles down on the couch. "Heh...thanks," he said to her. Renton began to whine a little and try to wriggle from Levi's grasp, so he handed him to Taryn. "Here, you give it a shot," he said with a grin.

"Alright...come here, you.." Taryn grunted quietly as she took the inquisitive baby from Levi. After compensating for the child's weight she set Renton down sideways on her lap, slipping her hand around his back and under his arm to keep him in place. Renton mumbled and wiggled a bit before quieting. He clapped his hands together and grinned. Keeping her hand steady Taryn nodded toward the goggles and spoke quietly to Levi.

"Could you grab those. We don't need a repeat incident." She smiled and shifted Renton as he tried to lean backwards.

Eric nodded. "It's just part of who Alex and Richard are. They just got married anyway and as Katie said you'll get use to it." Eric said looking over at Alex and Richard.

Alex rested her head on his chest and sighed some. "I love you." she said softly still feeling like she was on their honeymoon.

"Fantastic!" Steven exclaimed, walking into the room, "Not only do I have to save the world full time, But I get to watch a bunch of superheros do it all day! A guy could get used to this," he said, laying back down on his silver sofa.

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