Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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"And I just put this on too, but oh well. Well it is time that Chell learned that Glados is, in fact, not her worst enemy. Abnormal levels of stubbornness will not help her." Richard said before chasing after Alex.

Alex ran from Richard and laughed making some snow and threw it at his chest. "Come catch me Richard." Alex said running faster and hit behind a tree waiting for him snickering some. "Come find me love." she flirted.

The opening and closing of the kitchen cabinets lasted a whole ten minutes before Garrus realized that there was no candy in the vicinity. There wasn't even any hidden away inside of pots pushed all the way in the back or hidden behind spices and plates. 'Why people hide their shit in the kitchen I'll never know,' Garrus thought to himself as he closed one of the doors to a bottom cabinet before standing up and turning to his brother.

"Where is your stash of candy?" he asked as he watched Leland stop carving his pumpkin to look at him.
"I'm not telling you. That's my secret stash and you're not getting any," he replied after eying his brother.
"Look we need candy to pass out to the children that drop by, and there isn't any here even though I asked someone to go and buy some yesterday."
"Maybe you should have gone yourself instead of simply asking someone to go and get some. It doesn't matter to me though, since you're still not getting any of mine," Leland said as he returned back to work on his pumpkin, doing his best to stick some toothpicks into a small tree to keep it from falling over.
"It does matter since you're going to have to watch Renton while I go out and buy some. I'll be back in a bit," Garrus said with annoyance as he grabbed his jacket and took out the keys as he left the kitchen in a huff.

Leland frowned as he looked over at his nephew. Renton was eating some cheerios that were in front of him and seemed relatively calm enough.
'Hopefully he stays that way,' he thought to himself as he maneuvered a toothpick through the soft flesh of the pumpkin.

"Okay, I'm finished. Finally! It came out way better than I thought." Jason announced to himself in exhaustion as he looked at his costume, the several pieces strung about his desk.

"Couldn't you have did another blue beetle? Like the Ted one? That would've been easier."

"Yeah, but the newest one and I have so much more in common. I mean, we got the same color scheme, and both of our names are Jaime (well, it's my middle name, but you get my point). And we practically have the same powers, only I can't fly." He explained, rising to his feet. Getting into the costume was a slight challenge (the chest piece being the most strenuous) but it was nothing he couldn't handle. Pieces in tact, the armor soon followed, filling in the blanks where the black parts of the costume would be, stopping short at his neck.

"Welp, that's done." He added simply, now going to rejoin the others in the lounge.

Richard caught up to Alex as she hid behind the tree. He wasted no time as he immediately rounded it and caught her before she could run off again. He held her arm behind her back with the other crossing around her stomach.

"There, got you. Now to go back inside with the others." He said as he started to walk back still holding her.

Rowan's demonstration of his ability to perfectly assume the form of Simon, Kaylee, and Shepherd Book was quite...fascinating. Levi could grasp the changes in physique and vocal cords, but he was stumped as to how Rowan's clothes transformed along with his form. It was a question that he pondered somewhat before his train of thought was broken by a freshly intoxicated Steven loudly greeting everyone. Levi offered a hesitant nod of acknowledgment in the general direction of the inebriated man before returning his attention to Rowan, who had returned to the form of Mal.

"Don't worry about it," Levi told the shapeshifter. "No awkwardness here. In fact, I think it's sort of fun".

Leland did not know how it started, but he knew when it did. He had been working on carefully cutting out the panes for a window on his haunted house carving when Renton's loud crying started (causing him to almost completely knock in the already flimsy carving). At first he simply tried to cheer his nephew up with some kind words and a marshmallow. When that didn't work he checked to see if he was hungry or needed changing, but that proved fruitless as well in coming up with an answer. Finally he simply tried to ignore the child as he worked to restore his carving before the crying simply became too much.

"Stop I beg of you," Leland said after banging his head against the table a few time (leaving a dent from his helmet). "What do you want from me!? I know what I want, for you to stop crying! Maybe...we'll walk around a little? You like exploring right? Up you go," he told the child as he picked him up from his high-chair and started to walk around with him. "Look there's Levi and Taryn, you like them right?" he asked Renton who stopped his wailing to look at them, his eyes all red and puffy.

"Hey you two who are dressed up as...some people from somewhere I assume. Unless that's just what you feel like wearing for today, then please accept my apology for assuming it was a costume...or something. Anyways, say hi to them Renton," Leland said as the child looked back and forth at the two, "This is good maybe I'll just leave him with you two if your presence makes him stop crying."

"Hello, Leland." Taryn said with a wave "and hello, Renton." she added with a smile and another, shorter wave. An apparently fussy Renton, she noted. "You've never seen Firefly?" Taryn asked. She was a bit disappointed. Gesturing to herself, Levi, and adding Rowan into the mix with an nod she explained. "It's an old sci-fi/western television series. Short-lived, but awesome. We're two..ah...three of the main cast members." 'Technically, more, if you count Rowan's costume changes.' Taryn reached out up to nudge one of Renton's hands with her own in an attempt to keep the toddler's attention. "You should check it out sometime." she commented to Leland. "It's on Netflix." Taryn's gaze flickered to Levi and she grinned briefly.

Levi met Taryn's brief gaze with an amused smirk before turning his attention to the fidgeting Renton. Despite Taryn's best efforts to entertain the toddler, he continued to wriggle restlessly. "Looks like he's a little cranky..." he said over Renton's groaning protests. "...or something". Small children were never a field of expertise for him. Despite his grasp of the principles of electromagnetism and his college degree in engineering, Levi had a hard time understanding toddlers.

"Oh that show...never liked it from the few episodes I watched. Though their are other things I can watch since we do have Netflix...I did miss the last season of Entourage and Mad Men," Leland mused as Renton swatted away Taryn's hand from his and started to cry again as he buried his face against Leland's tunic.

"Oh come on, she was just trying to say hi kiddo," Leland said as soothingly as possible, lifting the child up as he added, "I think he just misses Garrus. You know how kids are like with parents. Or he might just be in a bad mood. Garrus said that he had been this morning."

"Hey I can walk my self you know Richard." Alex said trying to get free and sighed. "Dammit Richard let me go.. we're not having sex so this isn't fun just annoying." Alex protested the whole way. "What the hell did I do to have this coming. Jerk." she said.

Being an orphan, Levi couldn't really say he understood what having parents felt like. It was always a fact that was just accepted while he was growing up, that his parents were gone. He knew nothing of his mother or his father. Who they were, what they did, or even what they looked like. To this day, it still bothered him. He had been meaning to do some snooping around to see what he could find, but his position in the Society of Justice left him with little time to pursue it. Levi banished the thought for now. This was a Halloween party, not a time to be a downer.

Some day.

Levi shrugged. "I'm not good with kids, so I don't know what would make little Renton feel any better," he replied. "Uh...maybe take him out for a walk or something?"

"Hmm that might work. Hey Renton you want to go outside before the storms come?" Leland asked the child who babbled as tears started to well up in his eyes. "Well that doesn't sound appealing to him from what I can tell. I think we'll just continue walking around and talking to people. Thanks for at least trying to calm him down. If you see my brother tell him to find me as soon as possible. Come now Renton, let us go and see...Tommy! How 'bout Tommy? You like him well enough I believe," Leland said as he gave a wave goodbye to Taryn and Levi before turning towards the living area doors (having to tell Renton that they were not going to the doctor when the child first saw them).

Leland hit Tommy's door a few times with his prop Mjolnir (letting Renton give the door a few whacks too) as he asked if they could come in.

Tommy answered the door, when he swung it open Leland and Renton could see the silvery transparent figures of the illusory ghosts. Tommy's hand we're covered in a goo that had the same silvery tint as the ghosts.

"Sup Leland, sup mini-shaker, I was just in the middle of finishing my ghosts. Sorry about the goop, ectoplasm's messy stuff. So what's up?" Tommy asked as he grabbed a towel off the floor and used it to wipe the ectoplasm off.

"Oh, I was just wondering if you could take care of Renton for a bit. Nice ghosts by the way." Leland handed Renton off to Tommy.

"Uh, ya sure, I'm not usually put on baby sitting duty,"

" It's just his parent's aren't around an I'm carving pumpkin, and I don't want him to be around the knives."

"Makes sense." Tommy said, forgetting the numerous enchanted swords, axes, daggers, and spears he kept lying around his room.

"Alright I leave you to it then." And with that Leland left.

Tommy looked at Renton for a bit, before putting him down of his bed.

"So, don't get into trouble, I've got to finish my ghosts."

With that Tommy foolishly let a baby to his own devices. As Tommy began resume molding ectoplasm. Renton quickly became restless and began to crawl. First he move to the foot of the bed, from their he crawled down and over to the book shelf, where several shiny amulets and jewels drew his attention. With the understated strength of his limbs Renton began to climb up, shelf by shelf, until he got to the top. There he found amulets and rings among the books. He picked up a ring and held it up, before giving an innocent giggle and sticking it in his mouth. As he teethed on the ring he turned invisible, but he the sense of self yet to realize it. He continued to teeth on it until he saw it, a bowl of keys. Keys of all different kinds, plastic keys, car keys, skeleton keys, and as all babies love keys he explored. But when he touched it he realized it wasn't a bowl of key's rather it was a book. Even if he wasn't a babe he would have paid the revelation no head, because something about this book beckoned to him. Mesmerized he open it's cover and flipped it open, and as he did a breeze that didn't exist flipped the pages to a point in the book. The shapes and symbols flowed on the page, and even though Renton was illiterate he knew their meaning. And even though he could barely say is father's name, he spoke them. In a tongue no man was meant to hear a spell was cast, and a seal was broken.

It was at that point the protector of the book noticed what was happening and turned around. And saw Renton with the Book of Death.

"Renton did you read all that by yourself?" He asked, giving the child a pinch on the cheek.

His only response was a innocent chortle.

"Leland's got to see this." Tommy scoop Renton and the book up and headed to the lounge where Leland was carving a pumpkin.

"Leland! Leland! You're not gonna believe this! Mini-shaker read this whole page by himself! Aloud!" Tommy gushed, clutching to book.

"Check it out-" It was at that moment Tommy realized what he was holding and what just happened. Tommy knew five languages, English, Romanian, Spanish, Cantonese, and one reserved for special matters. In the entirety of their vocabularies only one word was apt.


"Hang on one second. Just need to fix this cobblestone," Leland told Tommy as he shaved off some pumpkin shell to get the right look for the cobblestone road. He proudly showed the haunted house he had spent the morning on before frowning at Tommy's cursing.

"Language! You're carrying a baby Tommy. One that learns new words each day, and will soon be reciting everything bad he hears! Now you said he read something? How adorable! Good job nephew; heh, he sure seems to be in a better mood now," he said after giving Renton a pat on the head, taking the book from Tommy to see what the child had read.

"Well this certainly isn't See Spot Run! Huh, can't believe," Leland came to a halt as he reread the page a dozen times before putting the book down with a shocked look on his face and repeating, "Fuck."

"Ffuutc," Renton tried to say, getting a quick 'no' from Leland who reread the page once more before turning to Tommy, "You're sure he didn't just...look at the page, right? Like, maybe he read a different passage or something? What exactly happened Tommy!?!? How could you let him get his hands on this?!? Were you not paying attention?!"

"He read it, I know he did, I head him." Tommy said," I don't know this happened, he shouldn't have been able to get the book."

He didn't have any time to worry about it anymore. He needed to get to work, he grabbed the book back and read the spell. Cursing under his breath as he examined it's effect and the clauses attached to it.

"Everyone!" Tommy yelled, trying to get their attention, " To make a long story short we probably have less than an hour before the Promenade get's besieged by zombies!" Tommy lifted the Book, "They're possessed by spirits of nine hundred and thirteen lesser demons, who want to get this book, we can't let them, if they do it's game over. These zombies should be slow at first, they'll come in waves, as the demons get stronger their vessels will become faster and stronger. I am not joking around, do you understand me?"

Brian just stared at Tommy as he made this outlandish claim. "Hahaha, oh yeah," he laughed. "That's a good one, eh? I'm sure they are just going to come running right through that door there, and we're supposed to smack them down or something, just like the movies. That's a really good Halloween prank there Tommy. Now where's the booze hiding at eh?" Brian rested his cricket bat on the counter as he continued the search for booze. He could have sworn there was vodka handy, but it seemed to have disappeared.

Tyson had wondered over to the window and decided to look outside while the others conversed amongst themselves. Never feeling a connection to anyone else in the society and always staying inside in order to prevent as much risk of being seen as much as possible, the Promenade was starting to seem like another cage he moved into. Looking outside always put him in a better mood it showed that there's something to look forward to, tonight itself was one of those things because its hard to tell who someone is with a mask or hood covering most of their face.

Tyson's alternative thoughts subsided and his mind turned back to reality. Trying to think of something different, Tyson started watching people coming towards to Promenade. From what he could tell they were dressed like zombies. However something about them was off but from the current distance Tyson couldn't tell what it was.

Tyson's comm came to life as Tommy's voice flowed over it in regards to his announcement. Swallowing hard Tyson knew exactly why those people seemed off. They weren't dressed as zombies but rather were zombies. Tyson focused on them to see how fast they were moving because he knew Tommy's time frame clearly wasn't anywhere close.

"You're wrong!" Tyson announced over his comm. "Not about the demons or the spell but your time frame is off. I can already see them coming. We've got ten minutes, maybe fifteen at the most from what I can see." After finishing his announcement Tyson turned for his room in order to get into his armor and prepare for what was to come.

Alex blinked and ran to her room and grabbed the guns Jason gave her and ran back out. "Good think I know how to use these now." Alex said putting on the spare ammo and put the guns in their holsters. "Seems like I should of dressed up as Zoey and not Chell." alex joked.

Richard held the gun readily, his suit was currently undergoing a full system sweep and upgrade so it would be out of commission for the day. He was stuck with merely the weapons on his back, luckily he and Lillian had long since squirreled away enough ammunition to keep an army well stocked so keeping the gun firing wouldn't be a problem. They had figured storing all of the guns and ammunition they had was a good idea after the multiple break ins the Promenade had suffered. At least this way they weren't defenseless if some lesser Union members broke in.

"Well it seems like I picked the right costume then. All right, well if I might put my two cents in, we should move Renton to the security room so that he might be out of the way. The rest of us should start setting up blockades and defensive positions in as many choke points as we can find. We should probably make the security room our last line of defense, hopefully if it comes to that Leland and Tommy can make us a way out."

Tommy's dire - and loud - warning caught Levi's attention. He was prepared to shrug his warning as some kind of Halloween joke when a faint, muffled sound became audible. Although distant, he noise was constant and the collective moans of the undead. It was slowly growing in volume, as if it was getting closer. Judging from the way it sounded, and the fact that he could hear it at all, it was a significantly large crowd that was heading their way.

A sinking feeling of dread manifested itself in Levi's chest. Zombies. At least it's season-appropriate. "Okay..." he started. "I agree with Richard. We need to be barricading whatever we can, with whatever we can. I volunteer to help build them, since my powers should be at least a little helpful," he said urgently.

Still slightly exhausted from the strenuous work on the costume, Jason found himself in the lounge on the verge of dozing off. That is, until all the commotion caused his head (and interests) to immediately perk up. Yet, slightly suspended in disbelief, Jason stepped towards the window leading outside, eyes widening as he saw the reanimated masses slowly approach the Promenade.

"Zombies. Damn." Erebus joked in a faux gruff voice, Jason turning to approach Levi.

"I'm up for helping you and Rich with the barricades. I could put spikes and stakes around the perimeter, serving as a first defense. Even if they don't outright stop them down, they'll at least slow them down." Jason suggested to the two, tendrils travelling up his face in their usual fashion to form his mask. His speech pattern pausing slightly as his eyes veered off to the side, noticing that Alex was inspecting and loading the guns he got her last Christmas. Jason's eyes glistened with affection.

"She's using them!" He thought, squealing with glee.

"I'll bet you 50 dollars that she'll get rid of them before the day is over." Erebus replied bluntly.

"Hell no we shouldn't go to the security room! Yeah, it might be nigh-impossible to get inside but it's also on the other side of the Promenade...away from all food sources and the closest water source are the bathrooms in the museum! Along with that it's right next to the conference room, which has windows! And it's not exactly a large room either though the walkway to it could maybe fit us," Leland said after his initial freak out at the idea that he was now in a zombie movie (and wondering how the hell people were seeing the zombies through non-existant windows). He finally calmed down after ideas were being thrown around, holding onto the cause of the disaster: Renton.

"I think we should have the lounge be are main operating area. If the zombies do push us all the way here we have a few options at least. We can continue falling back to either the basement or the roof. The stairs to both are right next to each other and are just outside and to the right! Not sure which one we'd use though..." he mused before getting an idea, "For barricading the big entrances outside we can move cars and such in front of the doors, to make it a bit harder to get into. Not sure how many cars we have outside though...I should tell my brother." He got out his phone and sent out a quick text, hoping nothing horrible had happened to Garrus.


"Goddamn you fucking bastards! MOVE!" Garrus yelled as he honked the horn of his X6 a dozen times, trying to get the people walking in front of his car to move. "Yeah nice costumes, but that doesn't mean you guys have to always act like your zombies! Fuck, at this rate I'll never get back," he cursed angrily whilst tapping the steering wheel with his hand before cursing once more and driving towards the Promenade on the wrong side of the road to get around the large crowd.

"And they just won't stop getting in the road! Move people! At least use the crosswalks!" he yelled as he slammed his head onto the horn a few times before trying to maneuver around the group in front of him. "Stupid costumes. Stupid candy. Stupid phone text...pfft does he expect me to believe that? Bullshit," he muttered after reading the text and put his phone back down so that he could concentrate on not accidentally running anyone over.

Levi nodded. "Okay, if it's going to be just me and you, we should get on that right now," he said to Jason, taking a quick glance at the others. "Uh...Alex! We're going to need you as well. You can throw up ice walls. That's going to help a lot". He gestured to the door leading back to the hall. Levi's gaze quickly met Taryn's before settling on the group in general. "We don't have a lot of time. We have to move, now," he said before heading through the double doors and down the hall.

"Eric come with me, we'll need you as well. Alchemy is our best friend right now." Alex said pulling Eric with her as she followed Levi. "Who the hell would summon zombies to the Promenade on Halloween? For fuck sake." Alex said rolling her eyes letting go of Eric.

"Wait I get to use my sword. YES." Eric said thinking about everything he could do.

"Don't get bitten Eric, I'd hate to put you down with a bullet in your head." Alex said.

Zombies. Actual real live...or...real dead zombies. If it wasn't for the apparent seriousness of the situation Taryn would have laughed. She did permit herself a regretful glance down at the empty shotgun holster attached to her belt. A shotgun would have been really helpful right about now. Taryn's gaze met Levi's and she felt a tiny bit of worry begin to creep up. She shook her head to banish the negative thought.

As soon as Levi began to move Taryn followed. It was habit, practically instinct, though she wasn't sure she'd be much help with barricade building. She wanted to help with something though. Leaning to one side briefly Taryn unsnapped her phone from her belt and held it loosely in one hand. She used the wireless access built into the phone to access the Promenade's secure network. It only took a fraction of a second because she'd done so often to perform quick tests. But this time she went a few steps farther. Using the networked system Taryn accessed the security cameras.

Immediately Taryn's vision changed. In a shaky overlay on top of what she was actually seeing, images of the outside of the Promenade came into fuzzy existence. Merely lines at first, the image eventually solidified into a full-color rendition of what one of the security cameras was actively capturing. It was...a little disorienting.

"Katie, I know there are some hedges around for decorations sake, do you think you could extend those around what the others will be doing? I'm thinking you might be able to make them grow extremely thick as well. If you can do that, we can make some hedgerows, which gave the allies some real trouble in world war two. I figure if it took them using a tank to get through it, the zombies might have some real trouble. We could also use it to conceal some of the other traps the others might be laying.

While you all are setting up your individual walls so that we have as many of them as possible to buy us some more time to figure this mess out, I'll gather up every gun and bullet I can find and get them to the lounge since it seems that is where we are holding up. Levi can always use his magnetic powers to fling bits of metal while I'm shooting." Richard said already moving around the lounge to gather the few stashes scattered around the room.

Walking ahead with Taryn and Levi, Jason spun on an heel almost instinctively, facing Alex and Eric.

"Yeah, with the guns I bought her!" Jason blurted out excitedly, pausing shortly after before awkwardly clearing his throat.

"...Sorry 'bout that." He replied to the two before facing forward.

"So, where are we laying down our defenses? I was thinking mostly around all entrances and windows. If we lay 'em down thick enough, there'd be no way for them to get least, that's what i'm hoping. I don't know if fifteen minutes would be enough for us to fully cover the entire area." Jason said to Levi and Taryn.

Alex looked at Jason. "Yes these are the guns you bought for me and they work very well." Alex laughed some still following the other. She thought Jason had acted a bit odd but she let it go.

Eric looked at Alex and shrugged. "Why don't you use your gun's much anyway?" Eric asked her.

"I just haven't had a need to use them" she said.

"They're possessed by spirits of nine hundred and thirteen lesser demons"

Steven's mind was racing at the sudden news of an attack. Panic was burning the liqueur out of his system, and his mind was slowly coming into the sharp focus he hated so much.

Think, Steven, Think! What did Tyson just say? Ten minutes, then they're here. We need to fight...need to defend the building

"Everyone! Get ready for combat!" He shouted. He was completely sober now, and he felt alive! His armor thinned around him as he concentrated, slowing his breath to the point where you couldn't tell if he still was. Light poured in from all the windows. Panting, he rose to address the group "OK...I covered the outside of the complex in a light shield. It should buy us about twenty minutes, if they're not too strong. Now..." he turned his attention back away from the team and again slipped into concentration. His armor flickered, lightening in color, and a myriad of weapons appeared, floating silently behind him.

Seeing his silent army floating behind him, Steven draws his trusty flask and says lovingly, "We still have twenty minutes, my love. And if we die, we shall die together!"

Levi considered Jason's suggestion as the group made their way down the hall. "I think we should worry about the bigger entrances first," he said, pointing to the main entrance to the Promenade that stood ahead of them. "Make it harder for them to get in, maybe funnel where they come in from. We definitely don't have enough time to block off every entrance, but we can at least deny them some of the bigger ones". Levi came to a stop in front of the Promenade's primary entrance. "At least, that's what I'm thinking".

Suddenly picking up on an electromagnetic disturbance, he looked up. At that moment, a bright light shined through the doors and windows of the Promenade, illuminating the entirety of the grand hall and casting harsh shadows on the various exhibits. What was that? Deciding to risk a quick look outside, Levi saw the source of the brightness. A shimmering barrier of light had manifested itself, surrounding the perimeter of the building. There was only one person who could've done this.

Steven. And he's attracted every damn zombie in Nova City.

Sighing with irritation, Levi faced the others. "Well, looks like we've got some extra time, but now every zombie in the city knows to go towards the bright, shining light," he grumbled.

Brian almost couldn't believe it when Tommy's seemingly fake call was proven true with Tyson confirming that zombies were assaulting the Prominade. It figures I would be going against the frigging costume's namesake. Why couldn't I have dressed up as like Gargamel or something?

He headed back to his room, figuring a cricket bat would not be an appropriate weapon, despite what the movies would have folks believe. At least, not when there are bigger and more shiny things that can be used to bash and fry a zombie's brains. I swore that damn Doctor would be the first one to taste this sucker's current, but I guess desperate times call for vows to be broken. Or something like that. Weapon retrieved, he headed back out to the lounge.

Brian filed in with the group listening to the new leader, Levi, describing the updated situation, and then he had a thought. "Well Levi, you know, couldn't we use this time to go to the garage there? Pretty sure we got some vehicles that would make some decent zombie plows, eh? Plus it might buy some time for some barricade building up there."

Tyson entered his room and put on his armor. Liking the swords and daggers from his previous costume, and feeling that they could prove useful Tyson put them back on over his armor. Next he grabbed his weapon, checked it, and loading in a fresh magazine before pulling back the bolt in order to chamber the first round. Now with his weapons at the ready Tyson grabbed a duffel bag and filled it with ammunition and some explosive devices. I was hoping that these would just gather dust. I hope we don't actually need to use them.

Listening to what everyone was suggesting over the comm Tyson sighed. I can't believe these people are suppose to be the top of the line. Leaving his room Tyson started to talk into the comm.

"A few things that need to be addressed right now. Number one Tommy we need to know some things about what we are dealing with. These aren't normal movie zombies so do we know if a head shot can kill them or if they have an other weakness. Additionally I need to know if we need to kill all of the attacking zombies or if you can perform a counter spell or something that will stop the attack and remove the demons.

Number two, the Promenade is big people. Unless you can be certain about creating a defense that will surround it don't waste you time on it. If you can create a perimeter with one or two entrances so that we can takeout the zombies as they arrive in the places that we want to. If we can't it's useless running around here trying to kill all of them as they arrive and if you completely block them they'll just build up and we'll have to deal with a much larger amount when they breakthrough.

Because of the fact that they'll eventually break through in a different location than the ones we create anyways we'll also have to create internal defense positions. Since the lounge has two entrances we'll have to block off one as it will be easier to defend. I suggest we block off the one leading to our rooms after we retrieve any weapons, ammo, and medical supplies from that area first. On top of that if we can extend the walls that separate the generations in the museum so that the garden entrance is blocked off, the openings in the walls on the same side as the lounge entrance are blocked off, and block off the cafe entrance to the main hall the zombies can only get to us one way so we can set up defensive positions in order to take them out."

Tyson finished his speech on what he felt should be done as he entered the infirmary. Upon seeing the doctor, knowing he didn't have a comm Tyson felt that he should inform him of what's going on. "Renton activated one of Tommy's spells and we're going to be under attack in a few minutes by demon zombies. I know it sounds insane so I wouldn't blame you for not believing me but I'm going to start taking anything that will be useful, meanwhile I suggest that you head into the lounge and wait for it to end." As Tyson finished his summary of what's going on he opened one of the cabinets and started to put gauze, bandages, pain killers, disinfectants and what ever else he found could be useful into his duffel bag.

Hearing a voice mumble from the comm in his pocket, Levi took the device and placed it to his ear in time to hear Tyson give some input about the defense plan. "Well, Tyson, giving them only a few entrances was sort of my plan to begin with," he replied into the comm. "Although blocking off the Cafe and the Gardens is a good idea too". He turned to face the assembled team of barricade builders. "Okay, we're going have to spread out. Alex and Eric can patch up the entrance to the Garden while Jason, Taryn, and I do the Cafe entrance. We don't have a lot of time, so I suggest we get going".

" Steven's shield will buy us some time for me to explain, but Steven, if maintaining that shield takes energy don't bother, save your strength, this is barely a warm up compared to what comes later." Tommy activated his com link so everyone would hear him.

"Alright people! Let me explain a few things that might just make it so this night doesn't end it tears. First off, the zombies are possessed by demons, not created by a virus, so, don't worry about getting turned into a Zombie if you get bit. That said, these are corpses, and are full of bacteria, bites can quickly get infected if you don't take care of it. Also, the demons reside in the skull, destroying the head, or decapitating it will force the demon to leave the body. Keep in mind, also if you damage the body beyond use, the demon will leave on it's own. Once a demon leaves it will just find a new host.

" Also, the goal of these demons, is to get their hands on the book. It is literally all they want, they will keep coming in waves, getting stronger until they get it, or we banish them. And, well banishing is the tough part. You see, this spell has a clause to it, it can only be undone by having the caster, in this case Renton, read the spell backwards."

Tommy then ran to his room and grabbed the vest, MMA gloves, and battle Axe. Before joining the rest in the lounge.

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