Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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The Doctor simply raised an eyebrow at Tyson's little spiel before going back to the book he was reading, glaring at him as he noticed him getting some supplies out. He muttered something about kids these days not telling reality from their fictional games as he looked back down at the page before him.


"Oh what the fuck is that? Did Steven get into the liquor cabinet?" Garrus groaned after getting around a mob of zombies only to see the Promenade being surrounded by a bright light. He wondered how he was going to get inside now (or how the little kids would once they came to get their candy), driving past the growing horde of zombies that were getting steadily closer to the Promenade as he turned into the the long driveway to the Promenade.


"Stupid clauses. In all my books back home there are always passages with loopholes for things...wish there was one in this book for this," Leland said as he looked over the page of the book, wondering how in the world Renton had read it in the first place.

"Now look kiddo, we all need you to say this spell backwards. You said it once, now just say it again in reverse, you got that?" he asked Renton who simply giggled and started babbling, "I think we're on a good start here."

"Right, well head out Levi." Alex said then looked at Eric. "You know what to do Eric. I put up ice and you reinforce it." she added then ran off pulling at much water from the air as she could and took it with her heading to the Garden entrance.

"Hmmmm I should have enough water for this." Alex said starting to form a thick ice wall. Once the wall was done she supported it with a gray energy field. "OK Alex I'll use the floor to support the wall." Eric said placing his hands on the floor making it twist and turn around until it started to climb up the wall. The floor was deformed and full of holes until Eric finished. "There that should be good enough." Eric said.

"Good, I'll let Levi know it's done." she said then used her com. "Hey Levi the garden is secure. Anything else you need help with?" she asked.

Taryn shook her head slowly as she disconnected from the security feeds. In an instant the small 'window' she'd been viewing disappeared and she began to see things 'normally' again. While the information obtained from the cameras was useful, the zombies weren't quite to the Promenade yet and the dual-vision was more distracting than it was helpful. Taryn brought her hand up to tug at her boot-strap necklace while she finished listening to Levi.

"...Alex and Eric can patch up the entrance to the Garden while Jason, Taryn, and I do the Cafe entrance."

Alex responded to Levi and left with Eric. The next voice that came over the communicator was Tommy's. And he had some rather detailed information about the zombies the team was about to face. The good news was that bites were, mostly, harmless. The bad news was that they had to decapitate the attackers. 'Or severely injure them.' Taryn noted. She dropped her hand to her sides and tapped her fingers lightly against her leg. Damaging the bodies was probably going to be her best tactic.

Soon after Levi divided the 'defense construction' group, Jason promptly set to work, racing through the cafe, reaching the outside area of the Promenade. His eyes widen as he realized how much more urgent the situation had escalated. The corpses neared enormous shield of light, closer than imagined.

"It seems the stakes have been raised." Erebus pointed out as Jason looked on.

"It was inevitable." He replied simply with a shrug before patching into his comm.

"Guys...they're banging at our door, and they obviously don't want candy. I think we should get a move on." Jason said before striking at the ground with a loud grunt, spikes of varying length and size sprouting from the ground, in attempts to close off any point of access in the area of the cafe.

Levi followed Jason out to the Cafe entrance, gesturing for Taryn to follow. By the time he caught up with the man, he had already began summoning spikes from the ground. Quickly, Levi reached into one of the pockets of his costume and produced a dense block of metal roughly the size of his hand. It was a dark grey color and had a dull sheen that reflected the light of the shining barrier overhead.

Finally get to use some of these...

It was one of the compacted sheets of metal that he received almost two years ago from May, a former member of the Society. Had the situation not called for urgency, Levi may have briefly wondered what had happened to the shadow manipulator after she left. He tossed the block of metal towards one of the Cafe's somewhat large - and vulnerable - windows.

It began to unfurl as it hurtled through the air, quickly expanding to cover the entirety of the window. Due to having to stretch out a considerable bit, the metal covering the window was somewhat thinner, but it would hopefully serve just fine in keeping the hordes of undead at bay for now. Holding his left hand out to the first sheet to keep it in place, Levi pulled a second condensed block out from his pocket, this one a somewhat lighter shade of grey. In a fashion similar to the first sheet, he tossed it, unfurled it and stretched it accordingly to fit the other window.

Now maintaining a hold on the two sheets against the walls, Levi called out to Taryn. "Taryn, I'm gonna need you to weld these to the wall as best you can," he said. Holding the sheets in place wasn't necessarily a demanding task, but he wouldn't be able to fight while doing so. Welding them to the wall would cause some cosmetic damage for sure, but it was necessary for their survival.

"It won't be so easy this time Leland, The Book has a mind of it's own, it can trick people, what it wants to do is unleash it's true powers. Renton read the book because the book wanted him too. This time it won't be drawing him to itself. We still have some advantages though. The book can't move itself, so as long as we keep it on the right page, we won't make matters worse. Also its mental tricks need to be subtle, if you know it's trying to trick you, you can see through them easily." Tommy proceeded to grab a roll of duck tape and taped the book the the table so the pages couldn't be turned and the book wouldn't shift around.

"Crude, but that will stop the book from getting us to change the pages. Or close it." Tommy went to the kitchen an got the knife sharpener, and started honing the blade of his axe.

"One last thing, it's important those zombie's don't get a hand on the book. Leland, if all looks lost, take it, teleport it somewhere like the moon. The entire point of this spell is to summon the demons who will over-power the books owner, and then unleash the books true power." Tommy paused and considered what that meant, "Honestly, I don't know what it'll do, but I'm not keen on finding out."

"One arc welder coming up." Taryn muttered quietly. Welding the sheets to the drywall wouldn't be much help and was in fact not possible. So Taryn looked for something to affix the sheets to. At first Taryn thought she was going to have to jam some silverware into the wall. Or, have Levi jam silverware into the wall. But then she noticed that the window frame itself as well as some extra bars near the frame looked to be made of a metal. 'Perfect.' she thought.

"Try to keep those steady. And watch your eyes." Taryn warned Levi. As she approached the floating sheets of metal Taryn pushed up her sleeves to make sure they would stay out of the way. Though she'd had her outfit treated with the same flame retardant mixture as her 'fighting' clothes, Taryn hadn't actually done much testing on the costume. 'Until now.'

When she was still a short distance away from the window Taryn paused. 'I wonder.' From her shirt pocket she pulled out the sunglasses she'd been planning to wear during a nice peaceful 'let's raid the stores for discount candy' trip. Though the lenses weren't anywhere near the protective level of the welding goggles that both she and Levi owned Taryn hoped that it would be enough. She flipped the polarized sunglasses out one-handed and slid them on. 'Okay.' Taryn took a breath and let it out slowly.

With careful control she forced electricity to converge at her right hand. Traveling down her arm and then settling at her fingertips, the small blue arcs brightened to white almost instantly, indicating a rapid power level increase. When she reached the power level she desired Taryn braced her right arm with her left hand and fired a condensed form of lightning at the sheets of metal. The electric sparks struck with a high pitched whine and the sheets were briefly coated with electricity before Taryn adjusted her aim a fraction. Orange sparks accompanied by tiny bits of molten metal flew from the sheets as Taryn brought the line of energy down along each of the sides. She was careful to alter the amount of heat whenever she shifted her position. After securing each side Taryn spent a bit more time on the corners to make sure that they would stay put. Within a few moments she'd finished the entire barrier.

Taryn stopped channeling electricity and shook her right hand out a few times. Little sparks of leftover electricity wandered aimlessly across her skin before disappearing into her sleeve. "It should be set now." she told Levi. She began mentally counting the seconds until she could see clearly again. When the last of the spark remnants cleared Taryn removed her sunglasses and slid them back into her shirt pocket.

Richard had amassed enough weapons and ammunition in the meantime as others built barricades.

"I'm going to have to have an escape tunnel built into the damn security room now for just such an occasion. Perhaps just have a separate armory built and just fill the damn thing with rocket launchers and put landmines in the yards with the rate this place gets assaulted." He muttered as he gathered the last of the stashes and began to check over the weapons to see what he had to work with.

With the metal sheets successfully welded to the window frames, Levi released his hold on them and let his arms drop to his sides. "Good..." he said, giving a nod of appreciation to Taryn. He gave her a faint smile before addressing the group. "Now that should keep them busy for a while in case they get through the light barrier". Quickly, he assessed the barricade of spikes summoned by Jason. His handiwork was impressive, as always. "And the spikes certainly help. Nice job, Jason". It was then that Alex's voice came in over the comm, letting him know that her and Eric's part of the job was finished. "Thanks, you two," Levi replied. "Now that we've got the Garden and Cafe locked down, I think we should fall back to the Lounge to plan our next move".

"Ohh, these things can never be easy can they?" Leland asked, pouting as he agreed to keep the book safe from zombies. He sat Renton down on the kitchen table next to the book and tried to bribe him into saying the spell backwards. Renton was having a good time; eating wedges of cheese, drinking apple juice, and watching his uncle come up with numerous ideas to get him to say the spell.


"Hello?" Garrus called out as he took a step back from the wall of light keeping him from entering the Promenade through the front entrance. He had pulled up to the drive-way and walked over to the wall, knocking on it a few times as he tried to figure out what to do. "Helllooo? Why is this here? Is something going on?" he yelled, completely puzzled by what was happening.

'Maybe that text was tru- No, no way it was. This is just some stupid thing to mess with me,' he thought to himself, 'And yet...' He glanced behind him to see a slow moving crowd shuffling a block or two away towards the Promenade, an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Jason couldn't help but smirk at Levi's remark regarding his defense work. Raising to his feet however, the Keyholder couldn't help but wonder about a certain comrade on the outside. Making his way back into the building, Jason made his query known.

"What're we gonna do about Garrus? He's still out there. If Steven could possibly let his shield down, or open some type of hole for him, do you think he'd be able to close it up before the hoard reaches it? I can only imagine how much of his power it takes to make this thing, and to pinpoint one spot to open up for Garrus would probably take tons of concentration..." He asked the two, almost seamlessly beginning to digress.

"Dude, you're starting to ramble." Erebus promptly reminded him.

Tyson finished fill his bag and looked back at the Doctor after Tommy's message came through. "Apparently there's nine hundred and thirteen zombies coming our way. Although they can't infect anyone they're still corpses full of bacteria and considering the large number of zombies compared to Society members, I doubt that Brian and Alex would be able to heal anyone who's scratched or bit while fighting the horde. Oh well, since your not leaving here I figure we'll have to make due somehow. Also the hallway between here and the lounge will be closed off soon to create as few entrance points as possible." Tyson finished his little offset of words that he hoped would bring the Doctor out of the Infirmary so he wouldn't forced out or eaten by the zombies.

Tyson walked out the Infirmary and into the Lounge; emptying the medical supplies on top a table before Levi's voice came over the comm about meeting up in the lounge for a plan. Having given all the insight he could for the time being Tyson knew there was something a bit more important than being directly there for the plan making. "I'd love to be there for your plan meeting, but I'm going to start killing the closest zombies from the roof in order to give you a little more time." Tyson said as he entered the stairwell that led to the holding cells and the roof.

After climbing the stairs and reaching the roof Tyson laid down at the edge of the building, above the front entrance, and set up the bi-pod on his rifle before notice Garrus' vehicle had returned and that he was standing by the wall. "Liquor Powered Flashlight. You need to drop the wall for a minute so Garrus can get back inside. Also if someone can get the Doctor from the Infirmary if he hasn't come to the lounge yet and seal off the hallway it would be appropriated because getting flanked from behind by zombies or cleaning up a corpses isn't high on my 'Want to do List'." Tyson announced over the comm before firing a shot a zombie a block away and grazing the side of its head.

Shit! I forgot the readjust the scope. Gauging the wind's speed off the flag in front of the Promenade Tyson adjusted his scope before firing another shot this time hitting the zombie directly in the forehead before switching his aim to a group of approaching zombies.

Steven sat motionless in the lounge, his swords floating ready by his side. He felt the mass of flesh pushing against his shield.

I can't hold this much longer. I have to keep the shield up as long as possible.
With concentrated effort, he heaved himself down the hall, following the light to the glowing door, marking his room.

"What have I missed?" she greeted him with her usual smile.

"A baby released demons from a realm of fire and brimstone and I have to hold them off with a massive shield, lest we get overrun." He quickly rambled off details of what the others were doing while diving under his bed. After minutes of searching around empty bottles, he found what he was looking for. The suitcase he brought with him to the society was still closed, silently humming, waiting for him.

"See? If you stayed in bed all day, you would have missed out on all the fun!"

"I imagine I'd find this hilarious if I couldn't die either. Just watch the swords for me. They'll need to fight while I keep the shield up." Walking slowly out of the room and into the lounge, he turned his attention to his suitcase and his com-link to the rest of the group.

Liquored Powered Flashlight. You need to drop the wall for a minute so Garrus can get back inside.

Dammit! Garrus is outside the wall. I'll need to get him back inside and...wait did he just call me a liquor powered flashlight?

"Everyone! I need to drop the shield early to get Garrus inside. If you're not ready now, you sure as hell better get ready quick!"
The great barrier of light surrounding the Promenade slowly faded away, leaving the words "HURRY" glowing over Garrus' head.

"Also, Tyson, when this is over, I'm gonna kick your ass for that Liquored Powered Flashlight line."

Looks like I won't be needing this just yet, he thought to himself, once again stowing the suitcase away for safekeeping.

Garrus was heading back to his car to drive around the area when he saw the wall of light fade away from the Promenade. He looked at the one word left over before continuing to his car and getting out the grocery bags before walking into the Promenade.

It was a few minutes later that he entered the lounge, noting another oddity since the Doctor was sitting at the coffee table drawing on paper with crayons. Garrus shrugged it off and dropped the candy next to the book that his brother and son were next to.

"Garrus! Thank goodness they didn't get to you! Ohhh and you got candy too, can I have some?" Leland asked excitedly, getting immediately shot down and told to explain things, "Well the text I sent you-"
"Was complete B-S. Zombies, seriously? You expect me to believe that?" Garrus asked as he crossed his arms, Renton soon imitating him.
"It...didn't you see them? That's why the shiny wall was up...and why only a few people are here in the lounge. Everyone else is building barricades," Leland explained, wondering how he could make it sound even half reasonable.

Richard was in the lounge checking over the weapons and figuring out who might need what since not everyone in the promenade had a power that would be particularly effective against creatures that would probably win a stand up fight.

"You're calling BS on zombies Garrus, really? How about the alien that was able to take control of our minds through pheromones, or your brother who was able to not only sneak past pentagon video cameras but my home's state-of the art security system? Oh, and what about the multiple cities magically hidden from view since the dawn of goddamn time to protect their magical inhabitants? Not even mentioning half the shit Mordtoten has pulled, all the other alien races we met on that planet, the alien falcon we keep as a hyper-intelligent pet, and a lot of the other shit we deal with on a regular basis. By comparison, zombies are pretty god damn mundane at this point if you think about it. Hell your space cop mother who could easily absorb every single power in this place is more fantastical than this and we meet her on major holidays and birthdays." Richard replied, almost wanting to laugh that this was where Garrus drew the line of all things.

Garrus listened to Richard, looking over at his brother when he was mentioned and over to Talbot who was eying the Doctor in the lounge suspiciously. Once Richard finished talking Garrus stayed silent for a few moments before nodding and saying, "Yes. This is indeed where I draw the line on things. Seriously, zombies?"

"Magic zombies! It means we don't have to deal with getting infected and having to kill each other," Leland chimed in, grabbing ahold of one of the bags of candy when Garrus was turned away.
"Well that's convenient. Wouldn't want to have to do that or anything. Jesus christ, this explains that stupid mob that kept me from getting back here sooner," he said, taking a seat at the kitchen table.
"I think he's a believer now. So Gar-bear let me explain how it happened: I left Renton in the care of Tommy, who let him get into this little book right here, and he read it and summoned a zombie horde that wants the book. Any questions?" Leland asked, getting a glare from his brother before he shook his head and muttered 'no'.

With Garrus safely inside the Promenade, the barricades erected, and the light barrier down, there was no reason for any of the team to remain where they were. With the undead set to besiege their defenses any moment now, regrouping was the top priority. "Okay, we're done here," Levi said urgently. "I suggest that we regroup in the Lounge so we can plan our next course of action". With that he about-faced and made his way past the exhibits, back towards the Lounge.

He hadn't made it past the First Generation section when the muted sound of a couple of undead fists slamming against the metal barricades echoed through the Promenade's grand halls. The staccato sounds of flesh impacting metal were soon accompanied by more, and more, and more, until it grew into a powerful cacophony that hinted at the true size of the undead horde.

"Guys? This is Levi. They're here, and they don't sound one bit happy! I don't know how long it'll take for them to break through, but my guess is that we don't have much time," Levi said into the comm as he broke out into a full sprint. The situation was worse than he had anticipated. They needed to take action, and now.

"Well what can we do there?" Brian asked out loud to no one in particular. Having no defense to offer up, he had pretty much stayed in the Lounge, keeping watch, only leaving to go to the kitchen to arm himself for one last drunken stand if need be. A six-pack of Rolling Rock resting at his feet would suffice for the pinch they were now in. "Aren't we just going to have to, you know, start killing these things if they get too close there. I mean, like I said, I don't know if I can heal a zombie bite, but it looks like we got enough firepower in here to take out ten zombie armies!"

Taryn followed Levi through the museum exhibits. She dodged around a few of display cases before stepping into the main aisle. When Levi broke into a run Taryn hesitated for a moment before following. The headache inducing pounding sounds made it seem like there was an army outside. A rather large army. In fact...

"How many of those things are out there?" Taryn muttered as she continued to move forward. When the group neared the Lounge Taryn stopped just short of the entrance. Her body jerked slightly as momentum carried her forward despite her boots having excellent traction on the tiled floor. "Whoa. It looks like a Jayne Cobb heaven in here." Taryn commented as she swept her gaze over the guns, more guns, and piles of ammunition. "Shiny."

Levi couldn't help but let out a low whistle at the impressive pile of firearms that was assembled on the floor of the Lounge. "I'm pretty sure Vera's in there somewhere," he quipped in response to Taryn's mentioning of Jayne Cobb. Surveying the disorganized mound of guns again, Levi debated whether he should use one for the coming fight.

While it was true that he normally didn't use firearms due to his preference for minimum fatalities, these were zombies. Reanimated corpses. Demons inhabiting the rotting shells of what used to be human beings. There was no human life to extinguish, only a demon's vessel to destroy. Due to this, Levi had no qualms with unleashing lethal firepower upon the horde that would soon be flooding the hall.

However, Levi only had basic training with smaller firearms such as handguns. A single handgun would be nowhere near enough to take on an approaching undead army, so that option was out. But just because he couldn't use the guns didn't mean he couldn't use the ammo. And there was no shortage of ammo; crates of the stuff sat next to the copious pile of guns.

"If any of you want a gun, I suggest you lock and load right now, and carry as much ammo as you can," Levi said to the rest of the group. His gaze drifted to the crates of ammo again. "Because I have an idea".

Tommy took one moment to stop by the kitchen, pour himself a double shot of rum, and slam it before joining Levi be the gun pile.  "I'm good, I've got my axe, and more weapons in my room.  Just keep in mind, this is just the beginning, there will be a lot more coming after this."  With that Tommy headed to the front door.  It was beginning to visible bulge inward under the weight of the horde.  Tommy took one last moment to ensure his axe's head wasn't going to fly of with the first stroke, and got ready.  Resting his ax on his shoulder, and summoning the element of fire into his off hand's glove.  It was only a second later that the door gave, rather than fling open, the upper hinges broke, creating a gap on the top that the zombies could crawl through.

A zombie in a suit landed infront of Tommy and he cleaved it into two pieces right down the center.  A second landed to his left and he crushed it's skull with punch.  A third landed which he beheaded as it stood up, and a fourth arrived whom Tommy punted and sent flying over the door.  The trickle over the wall began to grow, now two or three zombies were crawling over at a time.  Tommy took a step back to keep from getting surrounded, and began using broad horizontal strokes to behead two at once.

"Guy's their coming in faster and faster I could use some help."

Jason stayed on the heels of the master magnetic as he followed him and Taryn into the lounge, the pile of firepower wasting no time in getting a gawk out of Jason, his mind briefly traveling to the times he experienced weapons training within the Key Corps, and the times he spent protecting his greatest ally, Felix Fichuo. He snapped back to reality a half-second later as Levi practically suggested precision striking the zombies with all of the bullets in all of the guns with all of guns.

"Got all the guns I need right here..." Jason replied to Levi, signaling towards himself as he contemplated on the thought of ridding himself of the heavy pieces of plastic that was his costume to get rid of the extra weight.

"...But I do want to see what you have in mind. If it is what I think it is, then I want to watch." He added, his voice filled with encouragement.

McPhearson waited calmly-or as calmly as a barely sane, barely sober Irishmen could be when hordes of the undead were trying to break in. His silent army of glowing weaponry stood in formation behind him. He had war-hammers larger than children. Longswords taller than a full grown man and daggers so thin and sharp their points seemed translucent. Halberds and Morningstars and kanabōs and katanas floating alongside spears and rapiers. McPhearson's whole body was numb from constructing so many. It didn't even occur to him that he might not be able to move all of these weapons without assistance, but he didn't care. His sight was starting to fade, but he didn't care. The sounds around him were becoming muted, but he didn't care. He didn't even realize his entire body was numb; a useless extra in his armor. Nothing mattered to him right now except for the demons. Then the came down with an echoing crash. He looked on as Tommy split one down the middle with a massive axe. At the sight of the undead, he broke out into a sprint, his weapons flying behind him. He split the first ones skull with the katana, grabed a spear with his off hand, and impaled two more though the jaw. Two came from behind, clawing at his helmet, trying to rip the head off the armor. He sent the kanabō flying behind them, crushing their skulls with the metal-studded club. Another one made a dive for his legs, throwing Steven off his balance. More zombies joined in and soon Steven was buried under them. All of them bashing against his armor, each strike fading both his armor and his weapons. All of his weapons came soaring at the mound of undead, skewering and crushing as many as they could reach. Away from his weapons, Steven resorted to the strength of his armor, crushing the weak skulls of the zombies with his hands. He crawled his way slowly out from the mound of undead, all defeated, his weapons once again at the ready. Breathless, but victorious for the moment, he turned back to the com-link. "Tommy and I have this place secure. You all move ahead before they break though the other barricades." He pulled his flask out from his armor for a moment, and took a long drink.
"The night has just begun."

"Just leave me the 5.56 Levi and you can do whatever you want with the rest for all I care." Richard said as he grabbed his gun and moved to set up on one of the barricades.

"Let's just hope Leland can get the baby to say the phrase before we all die." he muttered to himself.

Not content on relying on a weapon that required a close range to be effective, Brian followed suit and picked up a pair of shotguns that he could pick out of the pile Levi had pointed to. From what he saw, they were the more effective firearms for head-blowing, and two should be enough if the full forces of the Society were on hand killing these things. Hopefully all that CoD playing will translate over.

"You know I was just hoping for a nice peaceful party here," he said to no one in particular, mostly to himself. "Just a few drinks, some free candy, maybe try to hook up with any random cat girls or sexy nurses that showed up there, you know? I didn't think I'd be doing this here now." He cocked one of the shotguns and readied himself to do battle and double-tap if necessary.

"You can have all the 5.56 you want, Richard. I still have plenty of toys to play with," Levi said as he looked over the many crates of ammunition again. Richard definitely was well-stocked, although that was to be expected from the head of a weapons company. Each crate had a number stenciled into the wood that denoted the caliber of ammunition it carried. There were several marked as 5.56. Others were labeled with 5.45, .45, .38, and 12-GAUGE.

Wasting no time, Levi pried open a few of the 5.45 and 12-gauge crates and examined their contents. Each of the crates contained two separate columns of metal boxes, neatly stacked. Perfect. With a brief moment of concentration, he pulled the boxes from their containers and floated them around him. "I'll see what I can do to help Steven and Tommy," Levi told the others, his voice reflecting the mild strain on him that holding up multiple heavy boxes of ammo were causing. Before leaving, however, he set down most of the boxes in an organized pile near the Lounge doors, opting to levitate one box of 5.45.

He headed out of the Lounge at as brisk a pace as his floating cargo behind him would allow. Alex's barrier of ice and grey energy blocking the entrance to the Garden was doing its job; he could hear the sound of sizzling zombies coming from the other side. It wouldn't be long before they had to cover their flank as well. They had to be long gone from here before the energy field failed and the undead broke through the ice.

The din of battle grew louder as Levi approached the site of the intensifying battle. He passed through the First Generation section just in time to see Steven smash in the skulls of a few unlucky zombies. Tommy, on the other hand, had just finished splitting a zombie in half with a large axe. Looks like they've been busy, Levi thought, noticing the sizable amount of mutilated corpses littering the floor. Despite the respectable number of ghouls that Tommy and Steven had dispatched, more continued to shamble their way towards them.

Levi opened the box of ammo and released his hold on the container. The metal box crashed to the floor, leaving the rounds inside floating lazily behind him. He quickly fixed this, however, by rearranging them in front of him, pointing bullet-first towards his undead foes. Ensuring that he wouldn't harm his allies in the process frist, Levi applied enough precise magnetic pressure on one of the bullets to make it fire. Because the explosion wasn't being contained inside the barrel of a gun, the bang that followed wasn't as sharp or as loud, but it still managed to rise above the incessant moaning.

The round pierced the skull of a nearby zombie. It entered cleanly, but upon its exit blew apart the back of the creature's skull. The zombie stumbled forward and collapsed face-first onto the ground. Levi frowned. It wasn't his usual procedure to leave a mess like this, but at this point he didn't have a lot of options. A second bullet fired, grazing the shoulder of a second zombie. A third found its mark in between its eyes. Three empty shell casings clattered to the floor as Levi assessed his next targets, delivering a bullet to any ghoul who dared get too close to him.

Eighteen. Tyson slowly breathed out as he fired his shots in order to keep his rifle from moving. Seven. The rifle stock slammed back into Tyson again; the impact being mostly absorbed by his armor. One. The bullet left the barrel of the gun and in an instant it was through the skull of a zombie, leaving a small hole in the front of it's head and a slightly larger one in the back of it's head, before ricocheting off the concrete ground into the knee of a following zombie.

Tyson hit the magazine release on his gun and the empty magazine fell onto the ground as another magazine was fed back into the gun. Twenty-one A loud bang sounded below Tyson as he moved up beside his rifle and looked down off the roof's edge. The zombies were clearly trying to climb over something and get inside. Not sure what had happened at the doors Tyson contemplated going back downstairs to the doors before a zombie came flying back out. Even with Tommy's message asking for help, Tyson figure that the others would move to help him and that his best position would be the one that he was currently at.

I can't stop all of them from reaching the doors but I can sure as hell kill as many as possible to help slow the amount that actually reaches it. Tyson moved back and readied his rifle again taking aim. This time Tyson didn't bother looking for larger groups and instead just started killing the closest zombie to the last as fast as possible.

Although this seemed to work faster something started to become much more apparent. The rate at which the zombies were moving was increasing. The distances that they were moving in between seeing the next one that was going to get killed and actually adjusting the aim to kill it were growing slightly but noticeably bigger. If this rate was going to pick up Tyson knew that what he was doing was going to become a lot less effective.

The zombie kept coming faster, and even with Tommy, Steven and Levi fighting on the ground, and Tyson's sniper support, they were still losing ground to the onslaught.  However there was a silver lining, the zombies were paying dearly for every inch of ground.  Already there were at least a hundred corpses on the floor, piling up in small mounds around the heroes.

Tommy decided to change his tactics to slow the tide and buy his teammates time.  He chucked his axe into the crowed, spinng sideways, with enough force to decapitate six zombies before the handle got embeded in the head of a seventh.  Tommy then switched his gloves to wind, and began swinging his arms wide, hitting several zombies at once.  On impact the zombies went flying, propelled even further by the gale force winds that the gloves summoned.  The zombies wouldn't be killed, but they collide with others in the horde and slow the overall progress.

Richard grabbed a couple boxes of ammunition before taking up a position on the barricade protecting the doors leading the gardens.

"Alright I'm joining the guarding of the back doors." Richard said as he set up on the barricade, opening the boxes before lining up a shot on some of the zombies. He aimed for the head and legs to hopefully slow the group down. Between himself and the others at the back it was at least possible they could stall them for some time.

"Didn't we just come from there? Why did we even leave?" Jason mumbled, beginning to relieve himself of the heavy boots and chestpiece that made up his costume as Levi quickly exited the lounge, admitting to himself how much harder it is to remove than it is to put on. Soon after, he took after Levi, sprinting down the hall he once traveled only moments before, slowing as he reached the trio of heroes holding a defense at the front doors.

"It's so much easier to move without all that extra stuff on." He mumbled, passing towards Levi, glancing momentarily at his abilities before sprinting pass Tommy, leaping over his shoulders and diving head first into a gaggle of undeads, spikes and claws bare as he began to furiously dig into the opposing force. The surrounding enemies eventually found themselves skewered in several fatal places on long black stakes, suspended in the air. He quickly retracted said spikes, after realizing that he summoned them inside the lobby.

"Oops..." He said to himself, now feeling slightly guilty as he dug a foot into the face of an expecting zombie, the force launching it backwards into its undead brethren.

Taryn noted Levi's flying bullets with interest. It was a fleeting interest though as she became occupied with zapping two demon-ridden corpses. The zombies stopped their shambling approach and began to shake as electricity coursed through their bodies. Taryn found that the amount of power required was different than that used to electrocute a normal person. 'These things feel no pain. Of course.'. With all the Left 4 Dead hours she'd clocked Taryn acknowledged that she should have known better.

She glanced toward the barricade as the fried bodies fell, still twitching, to the ground. More zombies were coming through the barricade that Levi had put up. 'That really didn't seem to last very long.' Taryn ruefully noted. Though it took the zombies a few seconds to get a good grip on the metal they were still pouring into the Promenade at a good rate.

'Hmm...' Taryn tilted her head before firing a blast of electricity at the metal barricade. She used both hands and aimed at a two open spots of metal. Instantly the enemies who were in contact with the barricade became electrocuted. Smoke began rising from the bodies as the electricity traveled from one to the other. When their limbs could no longer support their bodies the zombies collapsed to the ground. Taryn continued to pour electricity into the barricade. Like demented dominoes zombies continued to fall. But after a short while the monsters began climbing over top of their fallen brethren, rendering the electrocution not worth the energy it took. Taryn shook her hands briskly before returning to fighting individual zombies.

As Tyson continued to fire off shots and kill off as many zombies as possible but it didn't take long before his sniper work lost any standing effect on the horde charging the Promenade. Tyson left his rifle where it was and emptied the ammunition from his bag so it was lighter to carry. Tyson started running back towards to staircase to head back down and help defend with the others at the front door before the smell of burning flesh overcame him. It took him a few seconds but Tyson finally identified the direction of the cafe entrance as the source of the smell and headed over to it.

Upon reaching the edge of the roof above it Tyson looked down to see a pile of fried corpses with zombies going over them and entering into the Promenade. Considering a smaller amount of zombies were currently at the cafe entrance Tyson figure that he could jump down there and move to other entrances if he wasn't need there by whoever was defending it at this point in time.

Tyson removed two throwing knives from the holder on his shoulder and held one in each hand as he jumped down. Looking down below him Tyson chose his landing site, two zombies walking over top of the pile of corpses that littered the ground. Tyson had the bottom of his boots land directly on the top of the zombies' heads and felt the softened skulls of the decaying bodies give way, allowing the force of the fall to crush the gray matter that was held beneath it.

As the corpses that he landed on collapsed, Tyson threw the throwing knives at two zombies located in front of him. The knife from his right hand landed in the target zombie's eye and the knife from the left hand landed in the target zombie's neck. As his feet hit the ground with the corpses Tyson dropped his bag from his back and pulled the short sword from its sheath with his left hand. Running forward he drove the short sword into the top of the head of the zombie with the throwing knife in its neck, removing the throwing knife with his right hand at the same time.

The zombie who took the throwing knife in the eye fell down to the ground as more zombies pushed through it in order to attack their newest obstacle. This time letting the zombies come to him, Tyson drove the short sword through the side of an approaching zombie's head pulling the zombie to left behind him. Driving the throwing knife into the skull of the next zombie, the blade broke off inside of its skull. Dropping the handle onto the ground and reaching the his left side with his right hand, Tyson removed the full length sword from its sheath and impaled three approaching zombies with it.

Pulling the sword free from the zombies Tyson looked around. There were a lot more zombies that anticipated and being outside by himself was only going to get himself completely swarmed. It was more apparent now that the cost of not having a full area to work with due to a chance of hitting an ally was an easy cost to pay for a more controlled amount of zombies that can attack you inside. Tyson turned to the cafe entrance and started to head towards it, decapitating a zombie with his long sword as he grabbed his bag. Leaving a trail of corpses behind, Tyson reached one of the holes in the barricade at the cafe entrance and killed the immediate zombies within reach by doing a full 360 swing with his long sword in order to remove the top part of several zombie heads.

Throwing his bag through the hole first, Tyson quickly followed it in. Upon getting to his feet again and looking for the next series of soon-to-be-again corpses Tyson called out, "So, do you need any help here?"

"Hmm...well that certainly was a spell," Leland muttered after standing up from behind the kitchen table with Renton that had been thrown up against the counters after his small twister spell ran it's course.

"Assuming that wasn't the right one!" Garrus yelled back after climbing out of the wreckage in the lounge, brushing some splinters off of his shirt before helping the terrified Doctor out from under the couch and coffee table that had fallen on top of him. The Doctor slowly got up, wobbling all the way to the least damaged corner and sitting down in the fetal position. "Are you two alright?"

"We're fine. The coffee maker and fridge aren't though...same with the table. Talbot's all good though," Leland replied as he opened up a bar cabinet that Talbot had gone into when the twister started to head into the lounge. "And thankfully the book is fine too," he added after picking up the table with his free hand and seeing the book still duck-taped to it.

"I'm very tempted at this point to go and fight the zombies instead of this," Garrus muttered, figuring his abilities would be more useful out int he field.
"They'll be fine, at least until the deadlier zombies come around. Then they will be needing help I imagine," Leland replied, handing Renton back to his father, "So that plan didn't work...we'll have to come up with another one."

"What plan? I don't see how it's possible for us to get him to say that spell backwards. He can't even form sentences yet! Isn't there a loophole or something that we can use?"
"Er...maybe there is but I don't know it. I've only ever figured one out myself, the rest were already written down. So yeah..." Leland replied as he pulled up a somewhat-intact chair to sit down on.
"I fu- friggin' hate magic," Garrus stated bitterly.

The horde was huge, but the heroes had more than enough power to fight it back. Slowly but surely the thinned the zombies out until none reminded, and the entrance to the Promenade was carpeted with inanimate rotting corpses. Tommy dropped a zombie that he had just ripped the head off of, and punched in the direction of where the horde was, only to hit air. Without something to push on he tumbled, tripped on a leg, and fell face first onto the ground. When he stood up he took a look around, " Huh, that's all of them I guess."

He got on his comm-link and broadcasted to everyone else. "Alright, the zombies are taken care, of at least this horde. The demons are going to go find new hosts, and come back, so take this time to catch your breath, check the barricades, and do what you've got to. The next time they come around things are gonna be a lot tougher."

Tommy then looked at the corpses carpeting the floor, his recent tumble was still fresh in his mind. "Steven, can you make something like a giant plow for me to push, I need some way to clear out these bodies quick, or else I'm gonna be tripping over limbs all day."

Levi's final bullet found its mark through the forehead of one of the last standing zombies. Like many other ghouls before it, it fell backwards in a spray of grey matter and unceremoniously crumpled to the floor in a heap. The sound of the shell casing landing and clattering about the floor was clearly audible in the somewhat unsettling silence that followed.

Well, that wasn't so hard, he thought as he surveyed the carnage around him. Over three hundred corpses littered the area, if not more. Making his way over to the Cafe entrance, he caught sight of Taryn and Tyson. Nearby was what was left of the metal sheets placed over the windows. The charred corpses of multiple ghouls lay sprawled across the ground near the breached barricade. He didn't even need to feel the electrical disturbance in the air to know that Taryn had taken care of these zombies.

"Alright, the zombies are taken care of, at least this horde...the next time they come around things are gonna be a lot tougher."

"Ta ma de...[1] Levi mumbled as he straightened out the vest to his costume. "How much time do we have before they come back?" he asked Tommy through his own communicator. If there was going to be more undead, and tougher ones at that, then he needed more ammo. But how tough was this wave going to be? How many of them were going to be coming at once? Levi recalled that there was supposed to be exactly nine hundred thirteen demons attacking the Promenade. Since they dispatched close to three hundred, that least five hundred.

This wasn't going to be easy.

[1] Mandarin Chinese, equivalent to "Dammit", "Fuck" and similar phrases.

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