Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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Garrus finished putting all the sandwiches in bags along with drinks and some chips for everyone before Tyrell came in. He figured he had come in to eat and handed him a sandwich from the container he had put them in. "Better eat that pretty quickly, we'll be leaving soon for the training," Garrus told him as he walked into the lounge and announced that they'd be leaving in ten minutes.

He walked over to Levi and said, "Looks like we'll be taking the Merriweather. Can you go and get it started?"

"Training? Where?" asked Tyrell interestedly as he began to nom on his sandwich and did a little jog to catch up with Garrus, so he could question him about the Society further, as he had not really learnt too much about them to begin with, apart from that they occasionally saved the world... And that they had some pretty decent sandwiches.

"So this is like a joining test or something?"

"It's this training field outside of Nova City where it always takes place. Just a long field of grass surrounded by trees," Garrus replied as he went back to the kitchen, "Technically you don't have to 'pass' the test to get in, you just need to do pretty well at it. And if you do pass the test then we might just give you another one for fun. Perhaps once we're done with training we'll have a little party for you guys."

Levi grabbed his goggles while Renton was distracted by Taryn and placed them back on his forehead. "That actually kinda hurt..." he said as he adjusted them. Hearing Garrus's voice from behind him, Levi turned around to face him. "The Merriweather? Yeah, I can get her warmed up and ready to go in ten minutes," he said as he stood up. "I'll bring her around the front, so have everyone ready to board". Levi turned quickly to face Taryn. "I'd ask you to come with, but it looks like little Renton likes you," he said with a short chuckle. With that, he stepped out through the double doors out of the lounge, heading to the garage where the Merriweather was docked.

"Well, let's see," Tommy said, getting out from behind the potted plant, after finally understanding that Tyson wasn't going to attack him.

" Well the Promenade's pretty sweet, we got the lounge which has got our entertainment system, and is generally where we hang out. There also a full gym with advanced equipment for supers, a pool, Katie's garden outside which is pretty awesome, it's got just about any fruit you'd want ripe all year long, there's also the garage and the cars but Richard is probably going to want to tell you about that. And uh, about events? Well, our first big mission was stopping this guy Omoi who tried to take over the world with an army of power suits, next we got kid-napped and taken to an alien planet where we were forced to fight in a battle royal for our lives, that kinda sucked. And it's actually getting to be about that time of year again, so yuh-know."

Jason tussled Renton's hair once more before rising from the couch.

"Just imagine Taryn, one day, you and Levi will have a little Renton of your own!" He told her excitedly, leaving the lounge. Crossing through the hallway, he caught glimpse of Tommy talking to one of the recruits.

"Yup. Believe me, if you think he training's gonna be bad, just wait till winter rolls around. Shit will definitely hit the fan." He added to Tommy's testimony with a smirk.

"Hell, winter's my favorite time of year!" Brian said, lounging back in the chair as he waited for...whatever it was they called it, that was taking them to this testing thing. "That's when the ice finally comes out and you can get out onto the ponds and actually do something! I mean, yeah summer is great, going out into the highlands with the guys camping and stuff, but winter? That's hockey season, byes. That's my season."

"I'm going to change into my other suit. I'll meet you guys over there if you leave before I finish. See you all at the training grounds, hopefully it goes better than last time." Richard said as he started to walk down the hall. He entered his room and began to change into his armor.

Alex just nodded and watched him walk out then turned to the group. "So Lil how does it feel to be a married mother?" Alex asked her adjusting the holster to her guns Jason gave her. "Hell maybe I'll have a kid soon. Not like Richard and I are trying or preventing it." Alex said a hand resting softly on her hip.

Taryn waved to Levi while keeping Renton balanced and upright. She didn't even notice Jason until he reached over to mess with the baby's hair.

"Just imagine Taryn, one day, you and Levi will have a little Renton of your own!"

'We'll what?' Taryn jerked her head up to stare at Jason but he had already turned toward the hall. Blushing, Taryn looked down at Renton who was inspecting his own hands. She tilted her head and looked at the boy with a speculative gaze. For a few seconds Taryn imagined a small child with dark hair and green eyes. She smiled slowly. Renton chose that moment to look up, and he echoed the smile. Then the small boy decided to go exploring. Rocking his small body back and forth Renton abruptly fell forward and began to crawl over the sofa cushion.

"Woah...where are you going?" Taryn picked up Renton and stood in a smooth motion. She held him close to her chest as she looked around for Garrus. Renton reached up to grasp the zipper of Taryn's jacket and made a small noise of protest when the zipper didn't come off. Taryn walked carefully toward the kitchen and peered around the corner.

"Hey, Garrus?" she called. "Someone's a bit restless." Taryn glanced down at Renton and grinned.

"Ah he's probably just a little tired then. He might fall asleep when we head over in the Merriweather; he enjoys sleeping in cars so I don't see how the ship can be any different," Garrus replied as he picked up the container of food in one hand and took Renton in the other, "Thanks for taking care of him for the few minutes I needed."

"Alright everyone, let's head out to the front. Levi should be waiting for us. Recruits bring anything you need, this will be a combat-oriented test so weapons and such are allowed," he told them as he headed out the lounge doors.

"All right, sweet! Sooner we get this started, the better," Rowan said to no-one in particular as he practically jumped up from the couch. "So we're using weapons, eh? None needed on my part, it's all in here," he added, tapping the side of his head. He grinned at his own in-joke, about which he figured only those who had read his application would know. With that, he began to follow Garrus out of the lounge.

Katie simply hurried after Garrus, in full knowledge of what was to come. Unless, of course, there had been some upgrades or improvements to the training exercise's core component. If there was, it was most likely due to Levi, Taryn or Richard's tinkering with it. They'd restored the Merriweather to working condition, so she figured they had probably redone the construct as well.

"Oh wait, we're bringing weapons?" Brian asked. "One sec then, I'm gonna be right back." He dashed down the hall to his room and went to his duffel bag. Rooting through it for only a second, he found was he was looking for. He pulled out his trusty hockey stick, the one he had used since his first professional game, it had never broken on him, and it had scored many goals. Wasn't planning on this, but I should bring something. And if it can stand up to all my slap shots, it should be able to slap some idiots around.

He left his room and returned to the lobby, the hockey stick resting on his shoulder. "All right, let's get McSorley on this course then."

"That sounds pretty insane. I've done and have been stuck in some insane shit before, but I don't think I can top either of those." Tyson said to Tommy. "Jason, when did I say that the testing would be bad. I figured it would be extremely hard, therefore making it extremely fun." Tyson continued with a wicked grin.

Upon hearing that they were leaving and should bring their weapons Tyson zipped open his bag and removed five magazines placing them in the pouches on his ammo belt. Then Tyson removed his C8TC and gave it a once over for any visible damage and malfunctions and saw none. Tyson then checked that chamber and inserted another magazine from his bag into the C8TC. Tyson then slid back the bolt loading the first round and swapped the magazine out for another full magazine for maximum ammunition possible in his C8TC. Tyson then put his C8TC back into his bag and started to follow everyone else up front.

Levi entered the Merriweather, heading up the boarding ramp into total darkness. He slapped a button on the wall that activated the lights, illuminating the space with bright light. The room was a somewhat spacious cargo area, currently empty. As Levi stepped through the cargo bay, the sounds of his footsteps clanged and echoed throughout the empty ship.

The door on the other end opened automatically as Levi approached it, revealing the cockpit. It was a somewhat spacious room, with enough seats to house every member of the team. The pilot and copilot's seats stood towards the front of the cockpit and the remaining seats were behind them in neatly organized columns, leaving a central walkway. Levi headed down down the walkway and made his way to the pilot's chair and inserted his communicator into his ear.

Quickly, he pushed a few buttons on the dashboard and ran a few quick pre-flight diagnostics. Gauges and meters began to fluctuate and eventually steadied. Good to go. He pushed another button that opened the massive door of the hangar that at Richard's suggestion was installed onto the Promenade's garage. The Merriweather's state of the art engines whined as they gained power and lifted the ship off the ground.

Grabbing the yoke, Levi eased the ship out of the hangar and set a course for the front of the Promenade. "This is Levi, the Merriweather is on her way. You guys better be ready," he said into the communicator as he carefully piloted the ship around the perimeter. After a few months of practice runs, Levi was confident he was a capable pilot. Approaching the clearing in the front, he set the ship down carefully, the rear facing the entrance of the Promenade. He pressed the button that released the boarding ramp and powered down the engines for the time being.

"Really? You sound like me. Even though, you'll probably have a different outlook on testing after they're complete. Ask any of last year's recruits, they'll give you a nice, happy, sunshiney tale about violence and bloodshed. Also, that is one bitchin' gun." Jason replied to Tyson, black tendrils spreading from his body from all directions, solidifying into armor, stopping at his neck. Casting the only article of clothing he had on from him, Jason tosses the shorts onto the nearest couch in the lounge be coming back to Tyson and Tommy, hearing Levi's announcement through his comm.

"Alright you guys. The fun's about to begin." He said to them, eyes mostly focused on Tyson since he'd be one of those that'll participate in the training.

"Well Alex, it feels pretty damn good to be honest. Being married to Garrus is...trying at best sometimes but on the whole he is a great guy." Lillian replied with a laugh as she looked over to Renton.


Richard was already changed into his Blue Steel armor and walking back out to rejoin the others.

"Jesus I would have though you people would have left by now already." He said as he walked back into the ship.

Once freed of baby duty Taryn straightened her jacket and headed to her room. She checked the wall of security monitors to make sure everything was still in working order. A few typed commands set a series of subprograms to run automatically once she was gone. Taryn retrieved a small subnotebook[1] from her desk and slid it into her inner jacket pocket. She zipped the pocket closed while she surveyed her room.

Two of the monitors blinked into screen-saver mode as Taryn completed her check. She nodded to herself and walked toward the door. After a few seconds of digging for keys Taryn shut her door and engaged the lock. Taryn walked to the second door and repeated the procedure. The second deadbolt set with an audible sound of metal on metal. Taryn turned and began walking back to the group.

[1] Something like this: Link

Steven was first to board the air-ship, excited to see the mechanics of the new ship. "I'm surprised you have time for building such an intricate ship, what with all the super-heroing and having Taryn on your arm all the time. You two married?"

"Well I was just waiting for everyone else," Brian defended. Although that was hard against a man wearing something ripped out of the latest space marine game. "But if you say so, then yeah. Guess I'll be heading on there, now."

He headed onto the looming airship, looking around for a place to sit. He found an unoccupied seat near the door and sat down.

Turning around in his seat, Levi faced Steven. "We didn't necessarily build it from scratch. This beauty was sitting in our museum for the longest time until Richard, Taryn, and myself got around to repairing it," he explained, turning back quickly to check the engine power. "As for Taryn and I, we're not married. We're taking things at our own pace. If it happens, it happens, as far as I'm concerned". Thinking for a moment, Levi couldn't actually ever remember marriage being discussed between the two of them. In any case, he didn't really feel that now was the time to discuss it. There's a time for everything, he thought.

Steven's face seemed to loose all emotion as he spoke to Levi. "You shouldn't let things slip away. You'll always regret it. It will always haunt you. It'll drive you mad when you realize it's your fault she's gone." As he spoke, his armor began to form around him, encasing his chest and arms in glowing silver light. He seemed lost in thought, but his face betrayed no emotions. "I think I better wait at the entrance for the others," he spoke quietly to Levi. "Nice speaking with you."

"Meh the baby slowed everyone down. Cute can do that." Alex said shortly after join Richard in the air ship with Eric soon after. "God I remember my training day." Alex said shivering.

Eric laughed some. "I wish I was there for it." he said having heard stories about it. "So is that when you and Richard fell in love?" he asked.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Um no it was after that Eric." she said.

Taryn leaned her shoulder against the front door to force the heavy wood to swing open. She grinned as she stepped onto the front lawn and saw the Merriweather waiting for everyone to board. Having worked on the ship for so long Taryn practically had its features memorized. But seeing the ship ready to fly, and knowing that it would finally get the chance to fly, was exciting. Taryn walked up the ramp quickly. Once inside the ship she navigated through the cargo bay and toward the cockpit with ease.

After sliding the door to open Taryn stepped into the cockpit. She spotted some of the Society members and one recruit but her gaze fixed on Levi who was looking at the controls. Taryn smiled as she walked closer. She placed her hand on Levi's shoulder gently.

"Hey there." Taryn said quietly. She stepped back a bit, toward the co-pilot's chair. "How are things?" she asked.

At the sight of the Merriweather at the front of the Promenade, Rowan gave a low whistle. It looked like something out of the sci-fi novels or the comic books he read frequently. Even without being compared to the fictional vehicles the Merriweather was an astounding sight. "Dayum..." was all he said as he boarded the airship, eyes wide and taking in the interior as he took a seat opposite Brian and strapped himself in.

"I know, right? She's certainly something," Katie said to the shapeshifter, sitting down with one space between herself and Rowan. "Just be careful not to accidentally touch anything you're not supposed to." She had done that herself during her second time on the airship; judging by that experience, the boarding ramp was not to be opened in mid-flight.

Garrus put the food container down in the cargo area before sitting himself and Renton down in one of the seats. He buckled himself in and told Levi that he could start whenever everyone was on board. Renton laid his head on his dad's shoulder and was asleep within a minute.

"Let's try to not make this too bumpy of a trip Levi, I'd rather Renton get a little while to sleep before being woken up," Garrus said quietly, leaning back in his seat.

"So hands to yourself. Got it," Brian said nodding as he held onto his stick. "Any other travel trips? Also, what meal are they offering on this flight? It better not be seafood. I don't need any seafood on here. That stuff is sick, and it put Leslie Nielsen in danger of crashing."

"The Merriweather is working beautifully. Everything's looking great for her first real trip," he replied to Taryn with a smile. "I hope my co-pilot is ready," he added quietly, kissing Taryn gently. As Levi pulled away, Garrus entered with Renton. He nodded when Garrus told him he could take off when ready. "Don't worry, Garrus. I'll be extra careful for the little one," he replied to him. It was a matter now of waiting for everyone else to enter and buckle up. In the meantime, he punched in the coordinates for the field the Society used for its training exercises into the Merriweather's navigation computer.

"If punching her in the gut with electronic armor was the way to her heart, I am very concerned for her Eric." Richard said as he moved to take a seat.

"Ah yes, that story again. Still makes me wonder how the hell you two ended up together sometimes but then I remember eventually." Lillian joked as she took a seat on the other side and sat next to Garrus after buckling Renton in.

After finishing the conversation with the two, Jason began to make his way towards the front entrance, motioning for Tyson to follow him. With him and Tommy leading the way, Jason walked towards the garage where the Merriwheather was beginning to take flight. Once the three boarded the ship, Jason quickly buckled himself in behind Garrus.

"You should do the same Ty. Last I heard, the Merriweather goes pretty fast." He said to the recruit, adjusting his seatbelt accordingly.

Steven buckled himself in, on edge, wondering what was waiting for him at the other end of this flight. "So, Levi. How fast does this giant oval go? I'm guessing it's on par with a standard propeller plane?" he asked, hoping the ride would be that gentle; he never could handle flight very well.

"Eric I think I fell in love with him when he was willing to die for me so I would stay good." Alex said cuddling to Richard after she sat down next to him. "Besides who else will put up with Richard and him being a playboy?" Alex laughed some looking at Richard.

Eric laughed some. "And who else would put up with Alex flaunting her body." Eric said then blink feeling Alex's fist in his gut.

Tyson got on The Merriweather and placed his bag in the cargo bay. Looking around the cockpit Tyson was extremely impressed with the set up. I could never imagine making something like this let a lone actually making it. I'll definitely have to remember to compliment on how amazing this is to whoever set it up.

Tyson then saw a pair of vacant seats and sat in the one next to the wall. I'm really going to need to concentrate for this. I'm acting way to cocky for not having done anything like this in a couple of years. I'm here physically but not mentally and its time to change that before I get crushed under the weight of my own ego.

Tyson continued to sit not buckled up thinking of what he needs to do. Okay. So if the testing is individually done I will be fine as soon as I find out what we are doing. However I have no plans or ideas if the testing is group based or what all the powers of the new members are and how to work them with mine or together. Well I guess I should fix that problem first.

Tyson turned around to look at Brian and asked or rather ranted than asked, "This has been bothering me since the limo ride. In order to join this group you normally have to have a power or be extremely skilled in combat. You said yourself that you weren't skilled in combat and had only been in some hockey fights. However you only demonstrated an ability to lift glasses a few inches into the air before having them put to them back down. So you clearly have to have be holding something about yourself or powers back. If we happen to be tested as a team I'll need to know your power if I'm to make any plans or strategies. Not trying to be as pushing as all that may sound but can you inform me of what I lack about your abilities?"

Katie laughed at the sight of Alex punching Eric. "Surely you'd have learned that that's what you get, Eric." She turned to the recruits and said, "Take note, guys. Comments on Alex's body - as good-looking as it may be, though I can't exactly comment - will generally get you hit. However, I'm not exactly sure on how she takes compliments. Figure that one out for yourselves... if you dare." She giggled and settled back in her seat.

With everyone on the Merriweather, Levi made the final preparations to take off. Retreating the boarding ramp and feeding power to the engines, the ship lifted from the ground and headed skywards, gaining speed as it flew. Reaching a safe altitude, Levi locked the Merriweather's engines at cruising speed. "Sure was nice of the Feds to give us our own cruising altitude. Even gave us the clearance to use military airspace in emergencies," he said to nobody in particular.

After about fifteen minutes of flying, Levi began to bring the Merriweather down for the landing. Gradually, he reduced the speed as they approached the all-too familiar clearing. He brought the ship down in a gentle landing, a far cry from the first time he attempted such a maneuver. It took him hours to fix the dents and scratches on the Merriweather's underside after that ordeal. Disengaging the boarding ramp, Levi gave the all-clear for everyone to exit the ship.

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