Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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"I've faced worse than you hotshot, and lost to better too. Even if you kill me that holds true, because at least most the people I faced actually knew how not to be a complete ass. Also, let me put it this way, whatever the fuck you did before doesn't apply here. You're Society now. You don't like it, the door's right there, but you stick around then you play by our rules. I've met people in this group before who were all piss and vinegar, they never lasted." Richard replied with equal ice in his voice. The other wanted to punch him then he didn't give a crap. To him all it proved was that this man wouldn't be truly fit for the Society as far as Richard was concerned.

A stabbing pain in his bad eye that corresponded with Tyson's last word, woke Tommy. Bleary eyed he looked around, Why the fuck are we still here. He instinctually reached to rub the bleariness from his eyes only to hit his wounded one. FUCK! He cursed silently and rocked back and forth only to disturb the spear that was in his lap, causing it's razor sharp tip to cut through the cloth and cut Tommy's cheek. DOUBLE FUCK! Tommy suddenly stared at Tyson and Richard, an entire weeks worth of misplaced frustration was about to erupt, and then, Tommy took a deep breath. Don't get mad Tommy, you don't have that luxury, just relax, just relax.

Tommy took a deep breath then said, " So I'm thinking every second wasted is potentially a civilian lost, so why don't we just strap in and go. If you feel the forever reason you can't work with another member of the team, why don't you just stay behind for now."

"I'll pick him up once he's done here. Thanks for coming on such a short notice," Garrus told the babysitter before telling his son that he'd best behave with the babysitter, "I'll see you later on buddy. Love you." With that Garrus waved goodbye as the two drove off to the daycare center, turning around and jogging over to the garage. He figured that they'd only be dealing with Mordtoten for an hour or so before coming back, enjoying the thought of relaxing once they all got back. His happy thought was cut short when he turned back on his communicator and heard the last bits of an argument of some sort.

He sped up slightly to get there sooner, entering the garage and noticing Rowan away from the Merriweather. A few thoughts ran through Garrus' head, ranging from a simple talk with everyone involved to a beatdown scenario. In the end he decided to take a middle route, walking over to Rowan and picking the man up and carrying him onto the ship before ropping him into an empty seat on the ship.

"I want no more talking or anything while we're on this ship. I don't care about whatever some of you were arguing about; now is not the time for it. I want complete silence on the way there, understood?" Garrus said sternly, not waiting for a reply before taking a seat himself and telling Levi to just get them out of there.

Levi returned to his seat and sighed. This wasn't the first time that tensions had boiled over, but it was never a pleasant experience when it did. "You got it," he said in response to Garrus. "About time we get a move on". With a deft series of button presses, he started up the Merriweather's engines and did one final check of her systems. Once he confirmed that everything was working perfectly, Levi closed the boarding ramp and hit the control to open the garage door.

With the way clear, he carefully maneuvered the ship out of the garage and brought her up to cruising altitude once they were clear of the Promenade. Finally, he activated the autopilot and set course for Mordtoten's residence. The silence in the cockpit was rather uneasy, so Levi decided to speak. "Okay guys, we're on course. Should only be a few minutes".

Tommy laid back into a comfortable position, and closed his eye. His right eye was still throbbing with pain but it was rapidly diminishing. Then he lowered his comm volume. As he relaxed he tried to let the bustle of the world fade to the background. Just one decent minute of sleep,please.

The silence was both awkward and at the same time calming for everyone in the Merriweather, with most of the group just staring out the windows. Ethan was one of those; contently watching the passing scenery change from the city to the pretty countryside before becoming the large suburban neighbourhoods of Kent. He was busy staring at the numerous houses (keeping count of just how many had pools in the backyard) when something as big as the Merriweather zoomed by them, a safe maneuver by Levi thankfully keeping them from crashing.

"Christ what the hell was that?!" Garrus yelled out after the ship steadied itself, getting a quick response from Ethan, "I...what?"

It was Professor Quantum. Totally not his real name. Not unless he, like, changed it recently or something. The words scrolled across Ethan's visor, Garrus barely having time to read it all before there was another sudden jerk of the ship. "Again?" he asked, looking outside and seeing someone in a bi-plane yelling and flipping them off as they flew around the Merriweather a few times before zooming off.

Garrus at this point was speechless. He took off his seat belt and simply pointed at Levi to land close to the house, his jaw dropping slightly when he saw all the different tricked out vehicles driving/flying/hovering away from Mordtoten's house. "I...just, find a place to land. That group of tiger-striped tanks left a big enough area I think," he simply stated to Levi, completely stumped at what Mordtoten was doing down below.

"I...I'm not sure if I want to know what's going on here," mumbled a very confused Levi before suddenly having to steer the Merriweather clear of an oncoming flying car. "But something tells me that alcohol's involved". The maneuver gave him less time than he liked to make an approach to the area indicated by Garrus. Although it was a somewhat rough landing, the Merriweather touched ground in the spot formerly occupied by a formation of festively painted tanks. Maybe we should notify the Army. Or something. Entering in the codes to descend the boarding ramp, Levi turned around in his seat. "Well, let's see what Mordy's up to today".

"Hopefully it's nothing too serious. I don't want to have to clean up his damned mess again... oh, who am I kidding. There are biplanes and tanks out there, it's obviously out of Mordtoten's control," Katie sighed, resigned to the fact that the Society had to resolve the situation once again and ensure that the scientist didn't pull the same stunt a second time.

She had gotten onto the Merriweather just before Taryn and Levi lifted it off the ground, joining the team at the last second. Weaving closed the few pieces of her armour that had been left open, leaving only a small gap over her face so she could still see, Katie hopped down from the boarding ramp, sprouting a few vines from one hand just in case she needed to use them.

Rowan didn't bother to give Tyson a delayed response to his proposition earlier. It didn't help that he felt completely embarrassed by Garrus carrying him onto the ship. He also felt that Tyson didn't deserve to hear what he had to say now. The sound manipulator was just as new to the Society as Rowan was, and he would do well to remember that in the future. Tyson had no right to talk down to him while the two were on the same theoretical level of the Society's hierarchy.

But the shapeshifter didn't want to give Tyson any more ammunition for his rebuttals than he already had. He was clearly in his element when it came to debate, arguments and negotiations. Rowan resolved to just tough it out and maybe speak to someone else about the incident that had occurred. All he had wanted was for Tyson to cut the insults and taunts: was that so much to ask? He had no interest in fighting Tyson over it: he was a better person than that, and besides, the Society had bigger things to deal with than a petty squabble. Saving the world and other extreme sports.

Right now, the entire team had more pressing concerns, Rowan reasoned, as he strode down the boarding ramp. "What in God's name is this man up to now... Last time was bad enough." Shit. Shouldn't have mentioned that. Work with it. "Even if his part in the whole thing was minor."

"Okay everyone let's get ready to head out. Be prepared for anything," Garrus announced to the group as the Merriweather's boarding ramp descended, immediately raising an eyebrow at the music that could now be heard that was emanating from Mordtoten's house. ' this N.W.A.? Holy shit it is.' Garrus was beyond confused at the events going on; at this point he wasn't even sure he wanted to find out exactly what was going on inside the house.

"Have to though," he muttered as he descended the boarding ramp himself, having to jump out of the way when someone riding a huge, flaming motorcycle almost drove into him.

"Stupid heroes! Learn how to park!" the person yelled, flipping them off as he zoomed down the street at a speed much faster than a normal bike.

"Let's just head inside." Garrus cautiously approached the front yard of Mordtoten's house, knowing full well that the innocent looking yard was the exact opposite. This time though the yard looked quite different than it normally did. There were a few people sleeping in the yard for one thing, another was the numerous balloons that were tied down along the fence. 'And there is even a grill out...this might just really be a party after all,' he thought, listening as the song changed to something that sounded like it would be played at a rave.

Jason hesitantly stepped out of the Merrweather behind Garrus, more confused than cautious. The sight of all the 'unique' vehicles caused an perked eyebrow from the Keyholder as he descended down the boarding ramp.

"Wow. It's like we stepped into a car show...just instead of there being actual cars, it's just every other vehicle that isn't a car." Erebus stated flatly as Jason looked on.

"What exactly is going on here? 'Super Scientist's Summit 2011'? Or is it just some party that we haven't been invited to?" Jason asked, his voice thick with snark.

"...when I get called off, I got a sawed off! Squeeze the trigger, and bodies are hauled off! You too boy, if you fuck with me..."

Mordtoten had a very interesting taste in music, to put it lightly. The angry, pounding rap music assaulted Levi's eardrums with a vengeance. "The sooner we get the music off, the better," he said, projecting his voice to overcome the irritating loudness. He didn't understand why people enjoyed this 'gangsta' rap. All it sounded like to him was being yelled at by people encouraging promiscuity and crime. Thankfully, the song ended rather quickly, giving respite to Levi's hearing.

Oh, thank-

Only for it to be besieged once more by an offensively loud club song. That's it. I'm shutting it off, he thought as the pounding bass resonated in his chest. He started for the door to Mordtoten's house, stepping over the inert forms of passed-out partygoers. It's like the aftermath of a mad scientist's Woodstock.

"Like tell everyone there not to touch that machine?" Tyson quipped as he passed Rowan. Being in an even worse mood now Tyson wanted to finish up here and back to the Promenade. I have a lot of better things to do today; like putting Richard's jaw in a vise and turning it until it shatters. Smiling at the idea of shutting up the pompous rich ass for a while, Tyson made it to the door ahead of everyone else and heard a click.

Testing the door knob, Tyson turned it and tried to push the door open but a lock was preventing him from opening it. Not will to play nice, Tyson took a step back before slamming his foot into the door beside the knob and lock. This resulted in the door swinging open, leaving the knob and lock still in place with what used to be part of the door. A thud could be heard as the door slammed into the person who had locked the door.

"Society of Justice! Everyone get the fuck out this party is over!" Tyson screamed ordered to the patrons in the main hallway as to make himself heard over the music. A few people turned around and looked at Tyson in confusion before turning back to each other and continued talking. Pissed off about it Tyson let out a scream that shattered the glasses and bottles the patrons were holding and overloaded the speakers in the hallway. The damaged speakers stopped playing music and made it slightly quieter in the room

"Did I make myself clear or will I have to go in there and drag ever last one of you outside?!" Tyson said with a clearly pissed off face from being ignored just a second ago. The patrons turned and looked like they were going to argue Tyson's orders before he pulled out his gun and aimed it down the hallway. The look on his face combined with the gun was enough to get a few final murmurs from the group before they exited out the door.

Richard was thankful the suit could shut out the music that was playing as he landed outside in time to see Tyson attempt to antagonize the guests.

"You do realize they haven't committed any crime worse than a noise ordinance violation yet right?" Richard said into the comm as he followed him inside.

I'm not sure if he is arrogant, power mad, insane, or just an idiot yet. God why do we always get these people with each new batch. I'm going to need to get Lillian to start doing psych and personality evals before we accept people.

Richard got the suit to broadcast his next words to the people in the room.

"Sorry everyone, we got a call. Can one of you point us to Mordtoten please?" He said. Richard was going to treat the people here like regular citizens, just because most of them had dossiers the size of a dictionary didn't mean they stopped being citizens or didn't deserve a little courtesy and respect.

" Well, let's hope there is something serious going on, otherwise we just killed the party for nothing." Tommy stepped out of the Merriweather and towards the party. He moved fast but the took some time to recognize a few of the vehicles. Before catching up to Tyson, who was busy clearing the place.

"Relax, people, we just need to see the host." Tommy said as he tried to assist Richard with damage control and calm people down. He then turned to Tyson, " Take it easy, if we send everyone running it'll be easy for Mordtoten to escape in the chaos."

Tommy stopped someone as they tried to leave, he flashed his SoJ badge to stop them, " Where is Doctor, I mean, Professor Mordtoten? We need to find him." The partier, obviously a fair bit drunk, manage to recall the last place he had seen Mordtoten and pointed Tommy in the proper direction. "Alright, thanks, you're free to leave."

Tommy motion to Tyson to follow as he made is way through the throng of people.

"I highly doubt that they have the proper permits for tanks and plenty of other vehicles that could be considered illegal in multiple ways. Not to mention the airspace violations from the planes and since we got a call about the situation Mordtoten probably never filed the proper permits to have anyone of those park here anyways. By all of that is beside a much larger more important issue." Tyson said into the comm before signalling the people in the room that he and Tommy just entered to leave.

With everyone leaving Tyson felt he could continue. "Now that no one else can here me in here what's more important is the public. Most people in this area have likely left considering a formation of tanks showed up along with all the other insane vehicles. Shutting this party down means the people around here can return and feel a lot safer. More importantly, we all know Mordtoten makes some insane things here. I personally don't like a lot of drunk people being in this house in case they accidentally turn on a machine or something. Considering I doubt any of us know what exactly he has in here, clearing out the people here is best for their safety.

I get that my method is a hell of a lot more than crude, but it's effective. I would rather get everyone else out of here as soon as possible rather than being nice about it and letting them take their time. Plus our goal right now isn't to catch Mordtoten, it's to end what's going on here for the benefit of public safety opinion. This means that even if he leaves we can just have someone sit here and wait for him to return and talk to him about it then. We know he will return since he was going on about whatever idea he's had and based on how big he was making his basement he wouldn't be able to smuggle it out.

I also can't stress the importance of how if something like last time happens to us, we don't exactly know could find out with all of these people here. I'd rather not gain a major handy cap and have the Union pounce in on us if you understand what I'm saying." Tyson finished talking into the Comm as he and Tommy approached where the man had directed them.

"I do understand what you are saying. Though personally I would have preferred a bunch of drunk mad scientists not started to drive tanks and planes home. Which they will probably do if the party ends. Would rather deal with ordinance and permit violations than drunk people operating heavy machinery thinking they are good for it because they have a genius IQ.

As for what Mordtoten is doing, I've been here enough times to know it is dangerous and reckless. The longer anything is distracting him from it the better as far as I'm concerned, even if that something is blaring rap music and drunken debauchery. Hell at least that is actually normal for once, which is always welcome. So while I see your point, I'll have to agree to disagree that it was the best option." Richard replied as he followed along.

Tommy opened the next door and waited for Tyson to catch up. "I'll take point," Tyson said as he took the lead. Tommy stepped aside and let Tyson pass ahead.

"Be careful," Tommy said, "The last thing we need is the a bunch of super-scientists freaking out. Now they pointed down towards the basement, last time I was here that was still his lab."

Room by room Tyson and Tommy worked their way down to the lab below, dispersing the crowd as they went. They stepped over people passed out, piles of bottles, and finally got down the stairs to the basement. Inside there where more people passed out, along with a steal door guarding the entrance to Mordtoten's lab.

" Alright, I think I can get through this." Tommy approached the door and pushed it's center to gauge it's strength. "Well it's not a solid slab so that's good." He stepped back and cracked his knuckles, meanwhile activating his gloves and summoning the element of earth. As he balled his fists a craggy layer of rock began to cover his hands until if formed gauntlets of rock. He then swung both fist over his head and hit the door, ripping it off it's hinges. He and Tyson entered through the now empty door-way. Inside stood Mordtoten, standing in-front of an array of machines wearing a party hat and what seemed to be a suit of armor. He was facing the door and was standing with a horrified expression on his face in response to the clamor Tommy had just made.

"Guys, this is Tommy, I've found Mordtoten he's in the basement lab." Tommy spoke so everyone one the comms would here.

"Wha-! You- Tommy what the fuck are you doing here!" He shouted while stumbling backwards.

"Well you know, mad-scientist through a crazy party, we felt like that needed to be checked out, then we found you in here with the blast shield up. Are you drunk?"

"I had a few beers. Then someone started blasting N.W.A. so I got sick of the party and came down here, didn't even really want to have a party, my friend tricked me into hosting it. The blast shield was up because it was sound-proof, and also expensive."

" What are you even doing down here by yourself?

" I got bored, so..." Mordtoten motioned to the machines behind, "Decided to see what would happen if I shot a bunch of my death-rays at each each other."

"Uhm, Guys, this is Tommy, I think Mordtoten's about to do something very bad, could use some more help."

"I'm not doing anything bad! I'm just having a party and having my inventions fight...for science. Clearly...I think," Mordtoten yelled to Tommy, stumbling into the chair next to his desk. He grabbed a bottle of beer and finished it off, coughing a few times before he cheered a Roomba with a small laser gun that looked like a kid's toy (that is until it fired actual lasers at the opposing death ray).

"Look at that little guy go! He's been winning all the matches so far," Mordtoten explained, wiping the beer off his plate mail looking shirt after he spilled an open bottle on it. "Oh dammit!" he exclaimed, watching as more members of the Society walked on down the stairs into the lab, "I see all of you are here then. Thanks for turning off the horrible music upstairs. I'm into a different type of music than what my comrades listen to. What happened to them?"

"We kicked them out. You can't be having parties like this Mordtoten, it disturbs the neighbourhood. We received a call from the police about the noise. Why in the world are you having a party filled with mad scientists anyway?" Garrus asked the drunk man, watching as he sprang up from his seat with excitement.

"Why? Oh none of you know then? It's amazing. Over a decade of development went into this baby before you! Hell just the concept I came up with was started way back when I first started teaching; before my marriage, before I quit my job at the university, before I started to do the mad science stuff, before all of that! And I finally accomplished it! I'm so...good things! This is a revolution in the science field! This is a great leap forward for mankind! All of it because of myself and that machine over there," Mordtoten explained with a frantic giddiness, running over to a four foot tall, glossy white cube and hugging it.

Garrus thought the invention looked more like a college student's art project, but once he got a bit closer he realized that the top third of the cube was carved out. Looking in, Garrus saw a small silvery sphere no bigger than a gum ball floating around in a circle. The sphere seemed to be kept inside by an energy field of some sort that was being kept up by four mechanical arms around it.

"So what does it do?" Garrus asked, looking up at Mordtoten and noting that the odd shirt the Professor was wearing resembled the color of the sphere.

"Oh of course you wouldn't know what it is with you being all 'not smart' and such. It's simple really it- dammit Ethan stop playing with my Roomba!- it allows for interdimensional travel. Duh," Mordtoten said, clearly pleased with himself.

"Wait, so you just not only proved parallel universes exist, but found a way to bend reality itself to reach them? You just revolutionized the world of physics, and you're more worried about a Roomba with a laser on it? Mordtoten, I think you may very well be the first truly evil scientist to win a Nobel. That actually scares me a bit now that I think about. In fact this entire thing scares me, we don't even know the consequences of even being able to view an alternate dimension. Never even mind reaching one.

Though the technology itself is a major leap forward. I'm truly terrified to say it, but I think I'm glad and honored to know you. That and this party makes so much sense now." Richard replied, he almost wanted desperately to study this machine to see if he could figure out exactly how it worked.

Levi entered Mordtoten's basement rubbing his temples from the aural assault on his ears upstairs. If Tyson hadn't destroyed the speakers and given his hearing some peace, he would've destroyed them himself. With a cautious interest, he examined the new device that the mad scientist seemed to be very proud about. Some kind of energy was pulsing from it, Levi could sense. What kind of energy it was, he had no idea. I'm hoping that thing isn't radioactive, he thought. But it's a Mordtoten invention, so it's better to keep my distance anyway.

"It allows for interdimensional travel".

"How on Earth did you manage that?" inquired Levi, his voice edged with skepticism. "And more importantly, does it even work? Last time we were here, we got our bodies switched around by something that was supposed to be a juicer".

Both Katie and Rowan entered the basement as Mordtoten was speaking, though the latter elected to stop just short of the doorway. Just so I don't trip over something and cause a black hole or something, he mentally reasoned.

"Whether it works or not, the way to deal with this is really quite simple. Get that technology out of Mordtoten's hands," Katie stated flatly in response to Levi. "Nobel Prize be damned. Who among us actually, honestly trusts him one hundred percent with something like this? What are the odds he incorporates it into a... I dunno, a giant dragon robot powered by super-fuel from other planes of reality - Don't you get any ideas," she added, shooting a look at Mordtoten.

"Speculation aside, we need to separate these two before anything bad happens," she emphasised, remembering the last few times Mordtoten and technology had mixed. In her experience they were a particularly bad combination.

Interdimensional travel... that sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. Given that it's Mordtoten we're dealing with, maybe a bad one. Perhaps it's safer to isolate or destroy the device the 'scientist' had built, rather than leave it in his hands. Katie has the right idea.

Those were the thoughts going through Rowan's head as he observed the proceedings, leaning up against the doorway so as not to interfere with anything. Though he did want to investigate some of the stranger devices in the lab... He steeled his resolve. Curiosity killed the super, he told himself.

"Well I'm glad to see someone appreciates my genius and the importance of such an invention!" Mordtoten yelled out, clearly not pleased with the way most people were reacting to his invention. He stalked right over to Levi and Katie, glaring at them before starting his tirade.

"Oh so just because I made a few mistakes before means I'm going to let you guys contaminate my beautiful machine?! Hell half the time it was your own fault! Always messing with my stuff and such! I'd like to see either of you making something as meaningful to human society as this! Oh but wait you can't! Because your just pitiful losers who probably can't make a fucking sandwich right let alone any of my inventions! So lay off!" Mordtoten finally stopped and took a few seconds to regain his composure, though being sure to push Levi while muttering the word 'punk'.

"And you all want proof!? I'll show you proof!" he said, heading over to his desk and sitting down on the chair.
"Woah slow down. What exactly are you going to do?" Garrus asked, not wanting anything started that could be avoided.
"What I was just going to show you all the feeds from the cameras I sent out a few days ago," Mordtoten responded, looking somewhat confused before he pressed a few buttons on his computer. The monitor lit up and showed a map of numerous small circles around each other, with Mordtoten pointing out their dimension in the middle. "And let's see what is going on with the Earth of D-04, yep still in the ice age. Thank goodness I put a stealth mode on these cameras otherwise I just know half of them would be taken out by animals or humans wondering what the hell it is!" Mordtoten said, continuing to switch between camera feeds.

"I pray you first explored the implications of transferring matter from one reality into another, or else you are the luckiest fool that has ever existed." He said as he looked over at the cameras.

"I honestly can't believe what I am seeing Mordtoten. This is incredibly dangerous but the implications are far too important to ignore. You do realize you will need to release an actual paper or study on this right?"

"Blue Steel, please pick priorities here first. I get that this is a scientific accomplishment that I can't comprehend, but right now I'm more concerned about what this machine is capable of. Is it a one way portal or a two way? Does it have the potential of creating or generating something that could cause a lot of damage? If it can then on what scale; this building, this city, the eastern seaboard, or large enough to take out this planet and beyond? What safeties are installed in this machine to prevent it from accidentally going off?

The research paper can be written later but right now my point is basically the same as Demeter's. I feel like this is the opening of a TV show or movie that transports us to an alternate dimension or transports something from an alternate dimension here. My gut feeling doesn't like this in the slightest." Tyson said, not leaving anything out that passed through his mind.

"I have my priorities straight Sound Check. The first thing I mentioned was the possible implications of matter from two different realities interacting. For all we know it could end up being a reaction one would get if matter and antimatter actually reacted. Something which is far greater than a nuclear weapon. Not even mentioning the fact that the energy required to create a stable bridge is absolutely immense. Should containment on whatever power source he has is breached, well god help us all is all I'm going to say.

But so long as he has adequate safety protocols in place, which knowing Mordtoten he doesn't. We should all be fine. No offense Mordtoten but your experiments tend to backfire in unexpected ways. Also, try and understand Sound Check that this is kind of the proving of relativity for our time. This revolutionizes the field of physics by not only confirming the theory of alternate realities but actually proving we can actually shift into dimensions beyond the fourth. Well beyond the fourth, this is a once in a lifetime thing. Of course I'm going to be a bit excited and unfocused." Richard replied calmly. He wasn't offended by Tyson's statement, it was just this kind of event was something that was truly once in a lifetime.

Brian was hanging back as the team made their way through Mordtoten's lab, being back in this place made him feel a bit uneasy. Last time he was here he ended up switching sides in the gender war, and he wasn't a fan of having anything like that happening again. The party looked like it might have been fun, lots of booze around, but now the "Good Doctor" had developed a way to travel through dimensions? This sounded ridiculous. Tyson was making a lot of sense with his reservations. But then he opened up that wormhole and boom a world covered in ice. So now it was real, but it still raised further implications, dangerous implications.

"Uh, just for my two cents," Brian offered, "I'm, uh, gonna have to agree with uh, Sound Check, there. This is sounding pretty dangerous there now. I'm not sure I want to be around when this sort of thing goes down there."

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think you might actually be on to something," Levi reluctantly admitted as he observed the feed of what was allegedly an alternate Earth. "If that really is another Earth in another dimension, then this'll turn theoretical physics completely on its head...which is why I'm concerned that it's in your hands, Mordtoten". He turned to face Richard. "What should we do about this? It's not like we can haul the device away. In fact, I don't even want to touch the thing at all if I can help it".

"As I said, we should separate Mordtoten from his creation," Katie chipped in, again replying to Levi. "Maybe bring him back to the Promenade until the techies among us can figure out how to move that thing without blowing it up. Once we have it secured and under our control, we keep it under close supervision for future studies." She threw that last bit in because she figured Richard would want to examine Mordtoten's creation in closer detail.

"Sorry, Doc, but it's in the best interests of everyone here... you might think otherwise, but I believe you're too unpredictable to be trusted with it. No offence meant, of course," she added as an afterthought, not wanting the scientist to flip out and grab one of the death rays he had mentioned.

Clearly the device was going to cause problems if left with Mordtoten. Katie had no intention of leaving it in his care now that the Society was on the scene. She waited, however, for Richard or Garrus to give the okay before she led the scientist out of the building. If he resisted, she wouldn't put up with it: if she had to, she would drag him kicking and screaming.

"Of course I tested it all! And the paper is currently being written, just getting some more information via the cameras first," Mordtoten explained to Richard, smiling when Levi admitted the importance of such an invention. He looked quite dumbfounded when everyone started talking to each other using their alias however, waiting for a break in the conversation before stating, "Look if you all have questions I can easily answer them...if you give me them one at a time. Like now you guys are just talking and talking and I wouldn't even know where to begin."

"Okay how about you answer my question first. Is there any possible way this thing can accidentally go off?" Garrus asked, bracing himself for the answer.

"Yes, however it is extremely unlikely that that would happen. Besides I have this shirt on here that will keep me safe from it going off, and isn't that what counts?" Mordtoten replied, watching Garrus face palm. He then caught on that the Society was going to separate him from his invention, and he quickly let out a yell as he dove out of the chair to hug his invention. "No you can't take it away! This is like my second child here, and I refuse to give it up!" he yelled out, holding onto the machine and trying to reach for one of his death rays.

"Dammit stop that!" Garrus shot back, kicking the death ray further away, "Look it's not going to be a permanent thing Professor; it's only temporary. The two of you will be reunited shortly, but we just can't have you accidentally setting this off."

"I can't 'accidentally' set it off though! Only purposefully and that would take over an hour just to calibrate it correctly and safely! Duh and or hello!" the man responded, not loosening his grip on the machine.

"You said that there was a way to accidentally set it off though..."
"Yeah, but it would have to be caused by a sudden warping of the immediate area. So, you see it can happen, but it would be somewhat difficult for it to happen," Mordtoten explained, starting to get fed up that they couldn't understand.
"But it's possible right? So what could cause this warping?" Garrus asked calmly, not wanting the Professor to pull a death ray out of nowhere and start firing.

"Hmm well there are a few ways I suppose. If one of these mechanical arms were to break or something that could cause it, however I used the toughest and most durable materials in the world (including some not from this world) so that should never happen. Another way could be through teleportation, but I also have that covered too. This room is impossible to teleport into. Ah the wonders of science."

"That's good to hear. Wait, would this also cover teleportation via magic?" Garrus asked quickly.
"Pfft no. Sadly I couldn't figure out how to stop that from happening. Stupid magic. They always cheat against us scientists! It's always 'oh we can just snap our fingers and voila everything works' or 'we've been making breakthroughs waaayy before you scientists ever did', or-" Garrus had stopped listening to the Professor by the time he got to his third complaint about magic users, slowly taking a look at his watch. Ethan and him shared a glance, both of them then trying to get into contact with their brother.

"Come on please do not forget to turn your phone back on!" Garrus muttered anxiously, hitting redial repeatedly on his phone. After a minute he heard the start of his brother's joyful greeting; a bright light emitting from the machine he was next to as it activated.


"Woah what was all that light and weird looking wave things for? And where did everyone go?" Leland asked Mordtoten, watching as the man slowly backed away from the machine now that it was going back to it's normal state.
"Damn, now they really will separate us when they get back...if they do that is," he muttered, going to take a seat in his chair before realizing it had been sucked in too.
"What? You have some explaining to do Professor. What the hell is going on!?"

"It's complicated. I'll explain it to you in a second, just have to start running some figures. Crap this isn't exactly good... Also, that one guy on the team...the one with the vest and such, what's his name?"
"Uhh...I believe you're talking about Levi," Leland replied, starting to go in a state of shock at what was happening.
"Tch, that's a stupid name. A smart guy like him should have an equally great name, like me! Should have been named Gunther, or perhaps Bartholomew! Those are some good names," Mordtoten stated, typing away at his computer as he prepped another set of cameras.

Flashes of light blinded the Society members momentarily, along with the slightly nauseating sense of displacement some would recognise as being similar to that experienced when teleporting. When the light cleared and sight was regained, they found themselves standing in what seemed to be a corridor. Ahead of them, they could see a gladiatorial arena built from wood and iron. Dragon motifs were everywhere, from banners to support structures.

Two women were fighting, one with a longsword, the other with her bare hands. Crowds cheered on both combatants, some of them chanting a phrase repeatedly in what sounded like a variant of Mandarin Chinese. A few looked around to investigate what had manifested near the great iron gates at the end of the corridor, but quickly turned back to the fight at hand. To the Society, the battle looked like it was meant to be entertainment to the crowds.

The unarmed fighter dropped to the floor, defeated... and purple light filled the arena as her body vanished and six more replaced it in a split-second. Some members of the crowd let out fresh cheers. Moving in unison, the six converged on the one. As the battle was rejoined, lights began to flash around the Society and they felt the tug of teleportation a second time.

A blinding light dimmed and suddenly the Society of Justice standing on a stage of marble.

A man was in the middle of announcing, "As predicted! They arrive!"

The stage stood on top of a small tower, which was covered with a glass globe, and all around it, their stood another arena. A stadium of epic proportions, built this time with the single purpose of of viewing the stage. Rows upon rows of seats towered above them, sitting under two suns, a yellow and a red one. The entire complex seemed to have been built over a civilizations history.

"The God's of All Creation!" The man continued, here voice was amplified by the speakers spread throughout the stadium.

The area's closest to the stage seemed to be made of the same marble and in the same style; as colosseum went out the material and styles changed to reflect the period of the builders. Each generation seemed to have added an extension until it reached it's present hight. Lens reflections lit up the audience, as the spectators tried to get a closer look with telescopes. On a platform made of metal floating just outside of the globe stood the man announcing. He seemed to be a male human, he wore grey and had make-up that made her face gray as well. Everywhere they could see, the crowd was cheering, chanting, praying, or singing. The noise was so powerful the tower and stage were shaking violently. As the crowd hit their loudest, and the vibrations of the tower threatened to through them off their feet, the SoJ began to feel the tug of another teleportation.

The next jump brought the Society members into what appeared to a war torn San Fransisco. They were on a relatively small building and could see that much of the city was damaged if not flattened. Below them they could see the lines of two opposing armies battling for control. If they looked to the east or west they would see that the battle extended in both direction, with navies fighting out in the bay and explosions in the distance to the West. From their vantage point they could see the flags being flown by the opposing forces.

To the north was a flag whose design was a diagonal split starting in the upper left corner cutting the flag in half, to the left of this line was green and to the right it was white. In the center was a circle encircling a black pine tree. To the south was a flag with a grizzly in the center with a white background. In the upper right hand corner was an orange star. The white center was cut into a band by an orange right triangle in the upper left and a green right triangle in the lower right.

Their arrival caused a small stirring below them as it wasn't unnoticeable. Nobody had directly seen them teleport in but both sides could see their outline from the rooftop. Civilians had long ago fled the area, so both sides immediately shouted sniper and leveled their weapons.

Just before the first rounds were fired they were pulled out again.

Within the next flash, The Society found themselves within a heavily populated city, almost losing one another within the thick crowd of constantly moving citizens. However, one ordinary pedestrian paused in horror as he got a good look at the group of confused superheroes. The man began to point and yell at the group, causing some of the more curious passerby to stop and look at what began to unfold.

"!tneper tsum eW !sluos ruo rof denruter evah seno ylepahs-nu ehT !eurt era seicehporp dloterof ehT !stnatuM !dgaE" The person yelled frantically, tears beginning to run down his face. His words sounded as disproportional and distorted as his face, as well as the rest of his body. In fact, now that more people had stopped moving and started paying attention to the group, their bodies and reactions were better seen. These beings had bodies that would look unsettling to those from the other dimension, their arms, legs, and torsos, resembling blocky geometrical shapes. As the crowd began to murmur, it seemed as if their speech sounded unintelligible to the normal ear...backward almost.

Eventually, the low murmur became a loud murmur before elevating into a loud panic, the citizens beginning to run away from our heroes. Some of the more defiant ones began to brandish weapons, in hope to subdue the heroes, to defy their 'prophecy'. They began to spout words of hate (backwards, mind you) towards the team, most likely out of fear and raw ignorance. However, before any of the natives could lay a hand on a Society member, a bright light enveloped the area. As quick as they entered the area, the Society had vanished.

Another flash of light was had; a wave of indisposition followed. The society was now standing in the middle of a destroyed street. The buildings around them had walls blown apart if they weren't crumbled to the ground already. Sounds of gun fire and explosions fill the air, as the sounds of a war zone headed right for them. A cloud of dust becomes present three blocks in front of them before slowly clearing.

A brown haired, Eastern European woman running along the second story wall of the far side of the street that the dust had just cleared from came into view. She was wearing black armor similar to that of Tyson's. She turned the corner of the building and raised a gun before firing a few bursts from it down the street she just came from. A purple-ish beam of energy pierced through the wall over her head before she moved down a few feet.

A large number of men appeared to be retreating from the direction. On closer inspection it could be seen that they all appeared to be one of two different but similar looking Asian men wearing a set of black armor similar to Tyson's and the woman's.. A wave of plasma peppered the area streaking through the men, obscuring the projections of them. "You alright Cliff Hanger?" Was asked by what appeared to be the remaining projections. "I'm fine. Las and Vegas, are you both good?" Came the response from the woman designated Cliff Hanger. "We're good."

Suddenly what looked like Richard's armor flew across the intersection, strafing the people below it with plasma. The bright, white matter stopped in midair and converged on a single point in the sky as a man with buzzed black hair, a heavily scarred face, and scorched black armor walked into sight with his hands raised. Closing his fists and dropping his arms down caused the converged plasma to plummet to the ground; melting the asphalt before sinking into the Earth. "Tyson ground that son of a bitch!" Was ordered by the man.

"On it." Was the reply from a man out of view with a voice identical to that of Tyson's. Not a second later a man directly identical to Tyson appeared before jumping into the air. Plates on the back of his armor shifted back as he transformed into a hideous half bat creature, taking flight into the sky while screaming out sound waves that were distorting the air. What looked like Jason's armor flew through the intersection followed by a torrent of what looked like bone projectiles. Before anything else further could be seen the team disappeared in a flash of white light.

The flashes were catching Brian off guard, it seemed like only a few seconds would pass before they were getting whisked off to another one. This was all moving so fast it was just a mess. He was starting to lose track of what was real in here. Soon enough the flash went and they were in another dimension. Only this one seemed a bit easier to swallow.

The world held dark grey clouds as far as the eyes could see, and snowflakes sprinkled down from the heavens in a soft uneven pattern. The landscape was relatively flat, a few bumps could be seen in the distance, resembling mountains, but the terrain in front of the Society was smooth, covered with a dusting of snow. In front of them, the reflecting shimmer of an ice field met their eyes, on it, were dozens of people, young and old, going back and forth. Some skating, some playing hockey. A look to the West would reveal that the ice led right into a nearby city, people visibly skating in and out of it. It appeared to be a world trapped in Winter Wonderland mode, and Brian couldn't be happier.

"Oh fuckin' eh! Now this I like for sure!" Brian exclaimed. As he went to take a step forward, the edges of the world started to disappear in that similar white light. "Ah no!" Brian cried as the light enveloped his vision and the Society were on the move again.

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