Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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"Shit man, this one's going to take a little bit it looks like," Brian told the shapeshifter. "All right, if you guys can buy me a couple minutes or so, I should be able to get him back in shape, but I'm not going to be able to revive him, so we're down to four now."

Brian flipped Eric over onto his back and pressed his hands down on his chest. A full body hit like he took, would probably be best to start from the center out. "All right man, like I said, give me a couple, then I can go in and we can try to take that sucker down."

Taryn turned toward Garrus and nodded.

"Alright." she replied. Taryn looked out onto the field and noticed Eric being carried by one of the new recruits. 'Stopping is a good idea.' she agreed silently. She raised her computer and took a look at the screen. Warnings and damage calculations were still rapidly filling the screen. As Taryn watched several new windows popped up. 'I may have added too many trackers...' She frowned at the small machine and looked up at the MechaSnake.

Taryn debated for a few seconds, then grinned suddenly. She lowered her computer to her side and flexed the fingers of her right hand. Purely for a slight artistic flare she waved her hand and stretched her arm out toward the MechaSnake. As her arm extended she focused on the metal serpent. Hours of pouring over schematics and designs paid off as she connected to the snake's system with ease. Shifting her focus to the main controls Taryn activated the shutdown sequence. When she was finished she lowered her hand to her side. She remained looking at the snake to make sure the sequence completed successfully.

Out on the field, the snake's movements slowed and turned sluggish. Its tail twitched in a lazy half-circle. The glowing red eyes dimmed to black. Then with the sound of scraping metal the snake dropped to the ground.

Alex ran over to the others to check on Eric. "Let me see him." she said urgency in her voice as she pushed everyone aside and keeled to Eric's side. "Damn I was hoping you wouldn't get hurt too bad." Alex said uncorking her healing water and started to use it on Eric to heal any minor injuries. "Come on Eric wake up." she said as the water danced around his body.

After a bit Eric slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Alex. "Damn now I see why you hate that damn snake." Eric said holding his head as Alex helped him up.

"Good to see you're ok Eric." she said laughing some and helped walk him over to the others.

Levi watched the snake deactivate, slightly disappointed that the exercise was over. He grinned a bit at Taryn's bit of flair by mentally deactivating the snake. In any case, it had been totally worth it seeing the product of their work perform so beautifully. "All in all, that was a success, I think," he said to Taryn, taking his gaze away from the now inert MechaSnake. "Nice touch deactivating it, by the way," he added with a quick kiss on her cheek.

"I would say so, I think we may have all just worked on perfecting a design. Though I think you guys should let me go through the code and design once more. You may have over programmed the snake if you needed to use your power to simply turn it off. In any case it was a success, not only did they work together the snake was still winning. A good sign for all." Richard said as he walked over.


Lillian walked over with Renton after having threatened Patriot for once again attempting to hold her child.

"Good job guys, you did much better than the second group from what I've heard. I think you have all earned a rest if I do say so myself."

"Good job everyone! I have to say that was pretty damn good job," Garrus said aloud to the recruits, clapping his hands and stumbling slightly as he walked over to the downed snake.

"Righty-O Garrus! I have to say I haven't seen a group this inspiring since those of year seventy-four! ...or perhaps that was seventy-five...The year you tried out Garrus is what I mean," Patriot mused as he thought it over, skipping over to the recruits.

"Sure Patriot. Well guys, you're in! How does it feel to now be a true member?" Garrus asked after ignoring Patriot.

"Thanks, guys. Much appreciated. And in answer to your question, Garrus... well, that was tiring, so I'll think about being an official member another time," Rowan said as he sat down on the ground and proceeded to lie down, fairly fatigued by the exercise. His head hurt a fair bit, a side effect of using his psychic ability. With a more focused thought, he shifted back into his normal appearance, and looked over to Brian who was standing near Tyrell.

"Hey, Brian. Can you cure headaches? If so, I'll make it up to you sometime," he offered.

"Yes you all did far better then Levi, Taryn and my group. Hell far better then I expected. Well done guys very well done." Alex said putting Eric down and clapped, standing up and clapping for them.

Eric blinked looking around and smirked looking at Alex's ass and sighed. "why did I give up my rights to have a threesome with them." Eric said.

The sound was the first thing to return to Tyrell's world, what seemed like half whispered conversations became the focus of his entire being, every ounce of the Shadows concentration became focused upon them as a way to bring himself up from unconsciousness. After a couple of seconds the voices became clearer and the Shadow was able to recognize them as those of his comrades, saying something about the Snake and how it was now defeated.

Minutes passed, minutes Tryell spent clawing his way back up out of the icy void of unconsciousness and into the waking world once more, until his eyes flickered open, causing the light to sting his eyes.

"Ow" muttered the downed hero, as he tried to flip up onto his feet but failed due to an unbearable searing in his chest.

'Damn, ribs are out'

"Can I get a little assistance" he called out weakly towards the majority of the voices, hoping that one would be courteous enough to help him to his feet and get him some medical aid.

Jeez, I was doing that... Brian shot a little bit of a look at Alex as she bumped him out of the way, but that was quickly drowned by the praise he and his fellow recruits started receiving. Hooray, I guess. I don't know how, but yay! Passed the test!

He got up as people started asking for help. "Most headaches I can do man, here, I'll give you a hit and it should work." After Rowan came over, Brian placed his first two fingers on his forehead and held them there for two seconds. "That should do it." He went back to Tyrell who was still on the ground.

"Yeah sorry about that. Kinda in the middle of battle there so I didn't have time to do anything at that time, eh? Right, just say still while I do this." He pressed his hands down on Tyrell's chest, causing a bit of pain, soon to be followed by some more pain as the bones were cracked back into place and healed together. In about 20 seconds the process was done. "There we go man, should be all right now." He turned back to where the other members of the Society were standing. "So yeah, do think I could get a beer, or something now? I mean, after all that, I can definitely use one."

Tyson saw the snake shutdown and the senior members walk out towards them. A look of disappointment came across Tyson's face as the snake clearly wasn't beaten and they had decided to end the testing. Tyson watched as Alex run over to Eric and brought him back to consciousness. Maybe it was a good idea to stop the test for the others. Tyson started walking over to the snake that was lying dormant and stopped beside it.Doesn't mean I can't call them out for stopping while I was still standing.

Tyson looked at the body and saw several dents and some light burn marks from Rowen's beams. The rest of the snake was like that but an outline of a person sized door could be seen and more importantly the handle to open in and the security box was fried from one of the beams. Now i wonder. Tyson hit the hatch and it cracked open a little. I can't let this go. Tyson swung the door open to see a nice maintenance entrance into the snake. "So Taryn! Levi! Richard! Do you guys always quit when your snake's about to be killed!?" Tyson shouted as he stuck his gun into the open hatch door.

Alex looked over at Brian and sighed. "I'm sorry I pushed you out of the way. He and Richard are the only family I have any more. Seeing him get hurt and knocked out isn't easy for me. I ran over to more check on him. He's like a brother to me really." Alex said explaining her self to Brian.

Alex then turned her attention to Tyson as he pointed the gun into the inner workings of the snake. "Tyson the test is over. Hell you did more then the last recruits did. We couldn't damage the snake much, hell if at all. The only recruits left are Taryn Levi and my self. Everyone else just didn't make it." she said trying to figure out what he was thinking. She wasn't sure if shooting the snake would make the new recruits fight the senior members or not. She wanted to fight them to see how they'd do in a more real world application but that wasn't her call to make.

"Really? I guess there is always one." Richard muttered before speaking.

"The test was teamwork you idiot, not defeating the damn snake. Look around at your team, they are tired and would have gone unconscious or worse if the test had gone on. To hold a grudge against a damn training tool is probably one of the dumbest things I have heard. Now I'm sure Patriot would be happy to restrain you if you decide you wish to endanger your team for the most idiotic blood vendetta I have ever heard of in my life. Honestly now, it's like god damn Mike Tyson deciding he didn't like the way a speed bag looked at him and declaring he was going to kill it. You accomplished the task set forth, there's no reason to continue." Richard shouted to him.


Lillian took Renton's hand and began to walk back to the Meriwether.

"Come on Renton, let's head back to the ship and I'll give you a cookie." She said to keep him from trying to look over his shoulder.

'And so it begins.' She thought as she made her way back.

"All right, I mean I understand that," Brian said. "I got a brother too, so you know, I know how it is." He finished up healing Tyrell, he could tell when the process was complete. It was almost like hearing the ding on a microwave, only that ding was bones and muscles popping back into place. He stood back up and moved over to the group.

"Seriously though. Is there any beer? Cause, I'm thirsty, and you know, beer is awesome for quenching thirst. Or so they say."

"Here is some young Canadian man," Patriot said after flying to the picnic blanket and grabbing a PP! and bringing it back for Brian, "Good stuff. I can't really drink due to the last time I not to over indulge young man. Good things rarely come from it..."

Garrus was still congratulating the new members when he saw Tyson get up on the snake then heard Richard talking to the man. "Hey Tyson, just come down there man you don't need to fight the snake or prove anything. You passed the test! You're a member! Richard is right on this one. Just come on down then we'll all head back to the Promenade and having a celebratory party at the pool," Garrus called out.

After a series of delightful pops, cracks and squelches, a searing dose of intense pain and much biting of the lower lip on Tyrell's part, the pain in his chest seemed to suddenly subside, replaced by a warm, comfortable feeling. The Shadow sat up, surprised that his ribs seemed to be alright again and relieved that he didn't have to try and walk back to the ship, let alone endure another ride in that thing with his ribs in such a fragile state.

After a quick sweep of his legs, Tyrell was back on his feet and feeling ready for action once more, if not a little light headed from his sudden ascent.

"That hurt. That hurt alot. But thank you for your assistance... Erm.... I don't think I know your name" said Tyrell uncomfortably after a while, for while he found no problem in punching a massive metal snake in the face with the cosmic powers of the universe turning his fists into lethal weapons, when it came to people The Shadow tended to clam up a little, especially when making introductions.

Taryn's good mood due to the success of the training was short-lived as she heard one of the recruits begin shouting. She looked out on the field to see a lone figure next to the MechSnake. He appeared to have gotten the maintenance door opened and was...'Is he pointing a gun at the deactivated snake?' The action struck Taryn as absurd and she readily agreed with Richard's assessment that it was a idiotic move.

Glancing at Levi, then at the rest of the group, Taryn estimated how long it would take to fully activate the snake again. Just in case. Even if the recruit managed to fire the gunshots wouldn't completely disable it. Taryn wrapped her hand around her computer and waited to see what the group would do about this latest development.

"Thanks," Brian said taking the drink from Americaman. As Tyrell started coming over, he looked over, his attempt to sip temporarily paused by this conversation.

"Oh no prob, man. It's Brian by the way. Not Ryan. You say Ryan, I'm gonna smack ya, eh? Haha, just kidding, man. But yeah, no, like I said, no problem man."

He took a sip of the drink he was offered and immediately spit it out. "Oh holy shit!" he cursed. "Man! Augh, that tastes like someone took a batch of Coors Light, pissed in it, ran it through a sewage treatment plant then mixed in some battery acid....with a hint of coconut!"

"A man points a gun into an extremely expensive machine while shouting a taunt to you and you instantly assume he's going shoot into it. He totally couldn't be using the gun to visually show that he could just hop into the now open space he is talking about. Because you know that would be impossible." Tyson said sarcastically.

"Now lets think about this for a second. You don't completely hear what I'm saying so you instantly assume that I'm going to start shit without knowing the facts. Seriously? If I was going to go on a hot headed rampage and tear this thing to shreds don't you think I would have just jumped into it and started to rip all the wires apart before jumping out of the head yelling surprise. What would you seriously do if I jumped in anyways? Rip the snake to shreds trying to find me? Come in through the entrance and hope to catch me with my head start? " Tyson continued with his tone of voice now except he was now leaning a bit more towards anger.

"Look at your freaking test! You need to see that I can work as a team! The guy running this had to at least read my application form. I'm going to be part of a government's best military team and be shit at team work? Oh ya, I forgot a team that was killed because some politicians in this guy's fucking administration." Blood was starting to boil in Tyson as he shouted and pointed at Patriot.

"What's next? Are you going to give me an addition test? Oh, maybe it will be subtraction. Or maybe you'll all gang up on the guy who makes the plan, gets hit to make it happen and to also allow the wounded to get to safety, then when shit goes wrong because of unknown factors he saves the person who went up shit creek!" Tyson finished shouting and switched his gun to full auto. Maybe it's time to pull out the stick and watch the beaver's dam crumble and get caught up in the water's rush.

"Hey! Knock it off!" Katie yelled to the clearly angry Tyson, walking forward past Richard to draw his attention to her. "Look, I get what you're saying and you've clearly made your point. You've done more than enough to prove your worth to the Society, but now you're just taking it too far. So calm the hell down before this gets out of hand."

She noticed the finger on the trigger of Tyson's gun, and figured she could stop him from opening fire. Unable to see the barrel to block it off, Katie resorted to an attempt to disable the trigger mechanism. She focused for a moment, locating a couple of spores in the air close to the weapon. Sending one of them into the gap in the metal that allowed the trigger to move back and forth, she grew the spore out into a small tangle of vines and thick plant matter, blocking the gap and expanding down behind the trigger. That would hopefully stop Tyson from firing his gun.

Richard didn't even bother responding as he immediately flew over and allowed his armor to electrify before giving Tyson an electrified kick which knocked him off the snake.

"I suggest you calm the hell down. I don't give a shit what your background is, you go through the training like everyone else. You may be a soldier, and you may be a fucking tactical genius, but we still need to test in a situation that is outside the norm of military combat. I also suggest you don't start indirectly throwing accusations around about our intelligence or integrity. Patriot may be an idiot, but he's a loyal idiot. Now I kindly suggest you put your dick back in your pants and calm the hell down." Richard said as he stood over him with a blade to his throat.

Alex wasn't to far behind Richard and as soon as Richard was done she wrapped a water whip around his neck. "You try anything and I will snap your neck before Richard can cut it off." Alex said her voice cold.

"You pull this shit in the line of fire and you'll get not only your self killed but us. You want a real world application let me give it to you then." Alex said fed up with this shit.

Brian looked up from the ground. He was trying to get the awful taste out of his mouth and the dirt wasn't doing a good enough job. Seeing what was happening to the rebelling Tyson was doing it though. "Fucking Christ. Note to self: don't ever piss people off here."

"The enemy is defeated and no longer a threat, you would waste your bullets and our time with your childish notions" said The Shadow as he walked forwards towards the gun-wielding hero by the snake, his confidence having returned for he was no longer talking for social reasons, he was back in 'hero mode' with all the appropriate emotional walls and barriers set up to protect him.

"The battle is won, stand down"

Tyson started laughing for a few seconds and stopped. "You all missed it by so far. I kno you will have no idea what I'm talking about so I'll explain. You test me in order to get excepted into your Society but that puts us on uneven footing. I needed to test you as well. Makes things more fair but I needed a good test mainly to judge how you react to things you are dealt with that you wouldn't expect. All of you failed terribly." Tyson announced mockingly.

"Tyson what the hell is going on? What are you talking about? I know about your stay with the military and the experiments but you're not making any sense!" Garrus called out with confusion, looking over at Patriot who shrugged with the same amount of confusion.

"Look you passed the test. You're a member now, so you should just calm down now and be happy you made it in!" Garrus added, still not sure what was going on.

Alex laughed uncoiling the whip on his neck. "So you want to fight one of us to see if we're worth your time then. I can give you a fight but it's one on one." Alex said smirking some backing away from him. "What better way to test us then to see how we our selves fight." she said.

Taryn sighed as the scene on the field became more intense. 'Well now I am getting flashbacks to the last training session.' she thought with a slow shake of her head. "What is going on?" she muttered quietly. Bringing her computer up to eye-level, Taryn typed a few commands to tell the various logging programs to compress and save their data then quit. Once all the programs were exited the data would then be sent to her main server. 'Hopefully there will be time later to review the footage.'

Tyson smiled and laughed a little. "Garrus I'll happily explain it in a second but I want to address Alex first. Alex you complete blew over what I was getting at. I'll happily fight you and beat you but that's because you forget the fundamental flaw of how my power effects the water your power controls. Now that I've addressed that tiny little thing I'll start to explain." Tyson calmly spoke.

"Let's start from the basics. You test new recruits to see if they have what it takes to join your team, which is the ability to work as a team for the most part. I however in order to know what type of people I am dealing with like to have a test of my own. This is rarely planned to avoid anyway of anyone knowing that I doing a test on them." Tyson explained hoping everyone was following along perfectly fine.

"Now for my actions. I was having fun fighting that snake. Actually the most fun I've had since the military. I was kind of sad ad disappointed that you ended it so soon. As Richard already mentioned the injured new recruits, but I figured that machine would likely have some countermeasures for not injuring the people it test after they were no longer able to fight. If I'm wrong then that should be clearly added but that's beside the point right now. Now I like to look over what I fight just encase I have to go up against it again. I saw the damage to the door, looked to see if it would open, and then tried to make a call about it using my gun as a tool to demonstrate my point of being able to get in." Tyson finished and took a second to collect his thoughts.

"Now all of you clearly missed what I originally said about shutting down the testing because a door into the machine opened and acted solely based on seeing me point a gun into the snake. Well, you acted rash and jumped the gun assuming I wasn't finished with the machine. I got my idea for the test to see how you would react to an escalation and how you would focus on everything a person said instead of just one point." Tyson continued.

"If you looked at everything I said you would have taken note of the sarcasm stating I had no intention of shooting into the snake. Seriously what could I possibly gain from doing that? No one picked up on this which was a failure right away.

Next I clearly stated what my previous sarcasm implied which was completely blow over by me stating that even if I chose to do something you wouldn't be able to stop me from doing it. I was also annoyed that no one stopped to think to ask what I had been saying previously and just made assumptions. Assumptions cost more lives than you will ever know. Missing the second statement made that a double failure.

Then I decided to throw a curve ball and make some comments about my past and use my general anger that the section eight there; *Tyson pointed at Patriot* had the best if not one of the best teams in his military be whipped out without notice of how it happened. I can't blame him, but I still get angry over it. This caused you to completely ignore what was said directly before it which constitutes a triple failure.

Finally I questioned why you had me do this and mocked you for it. You took an extreme focus to the last thing I said. That constitutes a quadruple failure. Then switching my gun setting was the start of the test. If you had paid attention to the start of what I said you would have let me be. You didn't and focused on the last things I said and attacked me for no reason. That is why you failed my test. You didn't pay attention and acted rashly without understanding the situation." Tyson concluded his reasoning and actions.

Jason sighed as everything unfolded before him. After hearing a good gist of Tyson's explanation, Jason calmly walked up to the heroes who figuratively had their hands around Tyson's neck, he pushed through them all, and simply helped him to his feet.

"We seasoned superheroes quickly tense up at situations like these. The same sort of situation occurred with last year's group, so now we kind of just, act on impulse, rather then talking things out." He answered calmly, dusting the misunderstood recruit off.

"Hey Tyson. You're an A-hole." Was all Tommy said before he picked up the Mecha-snake. "Taryn, where should I put the snake? Can we tie it under the Merriweather and fly it back?" He asked as he dragged it over to her and lowered it near her. At this point Tommy decided Tyson was really just being childish, best thing would be to say his peace and move on.

Levi frowned as the conflict in front of him continued. I guess we were tempting fate with the whole 'calmer than the last group' thing, he thought. Never one for conflicts, he kept his distance from the angry recruit and the equally irritated Alex and Richard. Tommy gave him a very wanted distraction by asking him about transporting the MechaSnake. Levi took one look at the snake, then looked back at Tommy. "I'm not sure if the Merriweather can carry that much weight..." he said uncertainly. "...but maybe Patriot wouldn't mind taking it back to the Promenade with us, as long as he doesn't drop it on top of the garage".

Alex rolled her eyes and walked back up to Tyson and slapped him across the face. "You have to be an idiot. I get you're trying to test how we are under fire but as heroes we learn from experience. Assuming someone is telling the truth can lead to death and if we left you be then who knows what could have happened. If you where a villain we learn to not let any action or possible reaction be done. Even if it means jumping the gun." Alex started.

"Further more, it's better to prevent an action than to let it happen not seeing it as a treat. Mocking and sarcasm isn't something you can honestly relay on from someone, even a hero. People lie and, as you just proven, use distractions to keep their true intentions hidden. I understand that you want us to think about what we're doing but fact is we wouldn't be alive if our way of thinking didn't work. We face far worse threats then anything you'll see on the front lines. try fighting the Union sometime." she continued.

"When I joined the Society a magic user joined with me and she was a loose canon. We weren't sure if she'd try to kill one of us or not and it showed in the training mission. She tried to kill me before for no good reason and Katie and I assuming the she would try to attack me. She did try to attack me and if it wasn't for our assuming I would be dead. If someone points a gun at your and says they won't shoot you and sounding like they mean it you don't trust them. You assume they mean harm. Your ex military and ex mill has be shown to have mental issues. I'm not saying you do but actions like this have saved more lives then not acting." Alex finished.

"I second that uncertainty." Taryn added, turning her attention to Tommy and Levi. "I'd rather be sure that the Merriweather can make it back to the Promenade then to try to fit the MechaSnake in there." Taryn turned to gesture at the ship and then asked Levi, "How long will it take to get the ship ready to go?" She hoped that whatever was going on with Tyson and the others could be handled by the time they got back to the Promenade. Preferably sooner so that there weren't problems while they were all in the air. Taryn shook her head. Successful training was supposed to be followed by a nice time of relaxation and Dr. Pepper...'At this rate the Society's liquor supply might replace the soda.'

"You're a fucking idiot, no doubt about it. You were willing to endanger an entire team by thrusting them into the unknown to test our reactions. How about I tell you the last time the unknown was encountered and I trusted it for even a second. Every non-magical male member of the team attempted to kill all the others because it took control of our minds. I'm not about to trust in someone I have no experience with to not do something malicious or stupid. So excuse me if I'm not in the mood for your cocky attitude and brash actions. Besides which, none of us have jack shit to prove to you. I've been through world conquest scenarios, world destruction scenarios, and multiple smaller crimes across multiple years." Richard said to the man, clearly furious at his rash actions for no purpose at all.

"For all you knew that snake would have reactivated and gone right back to attacking you because it would deem the simulation not yet over, for all we knew you were about to attempt to put a bullet into the damn snake when your team needed the battle to end, and don't you try and feed me any of your bullshit explanations. If I had my way, your reckless actions would get you kicked the fuck off this team." he retracted the blades and immediately stepped back.

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