The Omega Generation (Looking for 1-2 Players. Read first post and PM your CS to the admins)

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The Omega Generation- Superpower RP

Alright folks, I've decided to try my hand at one of these, and this is my very first RP, so just bear with me. And a big thanks to AgentBJ09 for helping me GM this thing, I don't think I could do it by myself.

The RP is about super-powered beings, based off some of my favorite TV shows and comic books, though I can guarantee that this RP will be different than the superpower RPs before it.

And that's pretty much it. Have fun everyone!

EDIT: Restructured the Power Level list to make it less confusing. I'd like to give thanks to Hairminator for pointing out the problem, and to AgentBJ09 for restructuring the Power Levels for me.


Character Sheet -

Name: Real Name - Alex Bismark / Aliases - Adal, Garm

Code Name: "The Blue Wolf"

Description: 25 years old, with a thin build, blond hair, and blue eyes. Often wears a denim jacket and jeans, a T-shirt, Aviators, skating shoes, and a pair of leather gloves.

Abilities: Matter Reshaping - Alex can take any object and reshape it into something else. However, he cannot affect properties of the item such as temperature, mass, weight, hardness, or scent. (Power Level - B)

Weaknesses: Alex's powers rely on the use of his hands; both of them must touch an object for him to reshape it. If this cannot happen, he is unable to use his ability on it.

Personality: Serious, calm, and logical. While very capable of making a joke and being open to others, Alex prefers to face daily life with a clear head and solid advice.

History: Alex was 20 when the Omega Event occurred. At the time, he was taking classes in college, and was unlucky enough to be outside when the event occurred. When he awoke from the ordeal, he quickly discovered that he had become one of the 'Omegas' when his hospital bed was reshaped as he was lying on it.

In the five years leading up to the present day, Alex has grown more independent through exploring parts of his rebuilt hometown of NYC and finding uses for his powers. His nickname, "Blue Wolf", was drawn from the color of his clothes and his commanding presence when dealing with friends and strangers.

Reserve me a spot just in case. Thanks.

Against godmoding you say? In my experience, arranging classes only after powerfulness is basically asking for that (should anyone even choose a class under A).

Jeez, there's a lot of superpower RP's on this sub-forum, a quick look through the top 3 pages revealed 5 RP's for characters with powers, not including any set in a fantasy world:

Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing but out of interest how do you intend to make this RP different?

Jeez, there's a lot of superpower RP's on this sub-forum, a quick look through the top 3 pages revealed 5 RP's for characters with powers, not including any set in a fantasy world:

Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing but out of interest how do you intend to make this RP different?

Wel, I'm planning to make it like an unconventional game with few actual teams and lots of traveling outside the first city...

Well, maybe it's hard to make this different... but I can try to make it interesting...

The Hairminator:
Against godmoding you say? In my experience, arranging classes only after powerfulness is basically asking for that (should anyone even choose a class under A).

Okay, any tips on how to avoid this?

Name: Jack Wooden
Code Name: Metal Head
Description: 19, long shoulder length brown hair,brown eyes. Wears long leather jackets and red round lensed sunglasses.
Abilities: A,can turn his body into an unkown nearly indestuctable metal and metal objects keys,clubs,swords,etc.
Weaknesses: electricity since his DNA is mostly metal one good shock and BZZZZZZT! can also never use microwaves. Can't stay in a metal form too long or risks becoming full metal.
Personality: very loud obnoxious at times but his hearts in the right place and has a strong sense of justice
History: The last thing Jack remembers before the Omega wave is being a steel mill factory were they were making the metal of the future. He just happened to be near the mixing vat when the wave hit causing the molten metal to fall on him bonding with him. When he woke he found himself in a hospital bed 6 feet in the air due to spike protruding out of his back.

I think I did that right. Please feel free to point out if I did something wrong.

Sorry Escapist ate my post. >.<

Calumon: We should feed it more. :p

Character Sheet

Name: Marcus Leroy Hawkins

Code Name: Flex

Description: 19 years old, Black, short hair, brown eyes

Abilities: Able to turn himself into a black amorphous living liquid. This gives Marcus the ability to stretch, melt, seep into small areas that would normally be inaccessible and grow extra limbs out of his body when in liquid form, such as an extra leg, arm or even wings, although he has never tried. Projectiles such as bullets pass through him when he is in liquid form and he can pull himself together if he is blown apart by an explosion. Also able to split into multiple liquid forms. (B Class)

Weaknesses: Low temperatures cause Marcus' body to become stiff and brittle. Being in liquid form for over 90 minutes or so causes dehydration. Also, splitting into multiple forms affects his ability to think clearly and once regrouped, it takes some time for his mind to think as one person rather than more than one.

Personality: Marcus tries to be as friendly as possible because he knows that having friends makes life alot easier than having enemies. He doesn't usually like to let people in and spends more time talking to the voices of his multiple selves in his head than real people. Marcus is fiercely loyal to close friends, but tries to keep his number of close friends to a minimum. Marcus dislikes and distrusts all forms of authority.

History: Marcus grew up in a crime filled neighbourhood. His father was one for the few that actually tried to raise their children. However, Marcus' father was killed by a stray bullet from a gang shoot-out on their street, leaving Marcus and his mother to fend for themselves. Money became tight and Marcus decided he had to do something to help his mother. He got involved in street crime and became the youngest drug dealer in his neighbourhood. He made up the nickname 'Flex' to hide his identity from investigators, they would hardly cast a glance at someone his age anyway, but he had to be sure. Marcus soon began to advance his 'career', taking part in various crimes. He managed to keep where he was getting money a secret from his mother, and thought that everything was going swell as this carried on for about a year. Until the Omega Event hit. The Event killed his mother and decimated his neighbourhood. Marcus was left without a family and 'friends' once the other members of his gang found out he had powers. His home was one of the parts of the world that hadn't been repaired leaving Marcus had to once again learn to fend for himself.

Okay, let's see here:

AgentBJ09, The_Great_Milenko, Jack and Calumon, 2ndBlackJedi, you're all in. iThinkCat gets a reserve spot.

I may shoot for at least 10, depending on the number of applications. However, it's going rather slow right now...

UPDATE: Scarim Coral's in, Xandus117 has a reservation.

I'm making a sheet so I guess this is like asking for a reserve for a couple minutes :/ I'll edit the sheet into this post.

So do we all need to get Skype or something to do OOC communication with?

So do we all need to get Skype or something to do OOC communication with?

We can, and I have Skype for that very reason already.

So, everyone, if you want to get Skype for OOC character communication, feel free to do so. It works well, and it's a lot of fun. That said, observe the same rules in Skype as in here if you choose to do this. Also, make sure you state that you're part of this RP when sending notifications to others.

My Skype name is 'adam-kudamon'

My Skype name is secondblackjedi.

This looks interesting. Can I have a reserve for now?

I intrested but I don't have Skype (I don't have microphone either). Also I already RP in another superhero thread (Teen Titans) so I not sure how commintted I will be. I want to join though since I want to use another character I didn't use for the other one. Anyway I working on the sheet right now and all I can say I called dip on a "sound" base super being.

Scarim Coral:
I intrested but I don't have Skype (I don't have microphone either). Also I already RP in another superhero thread (Teen Titans) so I not sure how commintted I will be. I want to join though since I want to use another character I didn't use for the other one. Anyway I working on the sheet right now and all I can say I called dip on a "sound" base super being.


You don't necessarily need a mic for Skype, though. It's mainly IM based, and the program is free, even when doing voice chats. That said, we don't have a sound based hero yet, so dibs on that are yours.

What do you think?

Yes? No? want me to edit?

This looks interesting. Can I have a reserve for now?

Sure thing.

Scarim Coral:

What do you think?

Looks good.


Yes? No? want me to edit?

It looks good. I noticed what your character's powers can do in History, so my only suggestion is elaborate a bit on that. Is that exactly what they do if his powers flare up, or has he discovered other effects of that energy?

Alright, I think I've got enough players (for now).

Get ready, a new world is about to begin...

December 31, 2019. New York City.


The New Year's Eve Celebration was in full swing as everyone was preparing to watch the ball drop, signalling the start of another year.

Along the crowd, a girl in her early teens stood with her parents at the edge of Times Square, waiting for the festivities to really kick into high gear. And in homes all across the world, people watched their televisions eagerly.

Unbeknowst to anyone, the world was about to change forever as the New Year approached...

The crowd waited anxiously as the ball finally began to drop and the last seconds of the old year ticked away, honoring the time-old tradition of counting down the final moments.


At last, the giant ball dropped to the bottom... and the power went out, casting the city in darkness. The crowd began to murmur among themselves, wondering what was going on.

Suddeny, there was a rumble in the distance, eventually graduation into the sound of a great explosion, and a great tidal wave of energy swept through the whole city, bathing everything in it in a strange energy.

People began screaming and pushing each other, trying to get out of the way, many people getting trampled underfoot. But eventually, the energy got to them all. But just as soon as it came, the energy wave was gone, disappearing without a trace.

As the energy swept past, some of the living beings caught in the energy wave - human, plant and animal alike - began to change in a variety of ways such as growing larger, sprouting extra limbs, and, in one case, even bursting into flame, causing the crowds to panic more.

This only made things worse, the new dangers heightened by the fact that a good number of buildings had been destroyed by the energy wave. And now, there was violence and looting, a good number of them being newly-transformed people.

Somewhere in the chaos, a teenage girl stared down at her hands, fascinated by the fact that her hand was now covered in shiny crystal claws. Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out through the air.

"Erica!" Startled, the girl looked up, seeing her parent being swept away by the crowd.

"Mom! Dad!" Her crystal claws forgotten, Erica, tried desprtely to reach her parents, but ended up being carried away by the surging mass of bodies surrounding her.

The last glimpse Erica got of her parents was of their terrified faces as they were pulled away from her, disappearing into the crowd.


Sirens wailed trhough the air as pillars of smoke rose from the wreckage, as a night of joyous celebration turned into a terrible catastrophe. And this was just the beginning...

Five Years Later

"Huff, huff, huff..."

A lone figure ran through the ruined streets of lower NYC, a large bag around her shoulders bouncing against her body as she ran. Behind her, angry footsteps pounded against the cracked pavement.

"There she is, get her!"

Cursing mentally, the teenaged girl tried to run even faster, her breath coming in ragged gasps and sweat running down her face. She glanced back to see if she was still being persued, unintetionally running through an alley leading to a dead end.

"Oh, come on!"

The teenager glanced back again, hearing the voices getting louder.

"Guess I don't have a choice..." She closed her eyes and breathed out, then a pair of energy wings unfolded from her shoulders, then she shot up in the air before landing on a nearby rooftop. Moments later, her persuers rounded the corner, only to see that the alley was empty.

"What the hell? Where'd she go?!"

"I dunno, but find her, she's gotta be around here somewhere!"

Up on the roof, the girl resisted the urge to laugh. Instead, she waited until they had left, then headed in the opposite direction, both runing and gliding across the rooftops.



Soon she reached her destination, a small rundown house on the edge of the city. The air was filled with the laughter of children running here and there, climbing over the crumbling ruins of nearby buildings, as a middle-aged woman tried to keep track of them all.

As the girl landed on the grass, the children ran towards her, eagerly trying to see what was in her bag. "Hey, Miss Pixie!" "What'cha got in the bag?" "Lemme see! Lemme see!"

"Goodness, don't harass the poor girl now!" The older woman hurried across the yard, hitching up her long skirt.

"Sorry, Miss Lauren." The children chorused, then stepped back to give the girl more room. The older woman, Lauren, peered up at the teenanger over the rims of her spectacles. "My goodness, Erica, what did you bring this time?"

Erica grinned, taking off her bag and setting it down on a nearby table. "Oh, just the usual, cans, bags, stuff like that."

"I hope you didn't go through much trouble to get these things for us." Lauren looked concerned. "You know, you don't have to do all of this..."

"I told you, it's no big deal," Erica quickly responded. "You took me in when I needed a home, now I'm paying you back." She emptied the last item from her bag and put it back on. "Anyway, I'd better get going, but I'll stop by tomorrow, okay?'

Lauren let out a little sigh of frustration. "Alright then,you always did prefer to do things your own way..." She then turned to the children. "Now, what do we say?"

"Thank you, Miss Pixie." Was the chorused answer. lauren frowned, but Erica waved it off.

"Hey, I don't mind, I kinda like the name," she said. "It has a nice ring to it."


The sun was beginning to set by the time Erica arrived at her apartment, which was sparsly furnished, save for a few small pieces of furniture, including a battered TV on a table. Erica turned it on as she entered, then began to fix herself something to eat.

"Today, five years after the Omega Event, a voice droned on, "Golding Industries is proud to announce the grand-opening of Golding Tower in Upper NYC, as the CEO, Richard Golding, is here to celebrate the opening of his new building...

Erica snorted. "Great.. another building for the rich fatcats of the city to lord over us poor weaklings in the ghettos."

Plate in hand, she walked over to the TV, setting it down on a lower table before turning the TV off.

"Besides," she said to to herself, settling down on a ratty reclinerand taking up her plate again. "It's not like things are going to change any time soon."

Too bad she didn't have any psychic powers, otherwise, she would have realized that she would be proved wrong...

Marcus huffed as he pulled himself on top of what used to be a seven story hotel. What was once a popular rest spot now stood as a broken, decrepit memorial to a time long past and the only things that lived there now were mutated cockroaches. Said cockroaches were the reason Marcus had climbed up the side of the building rather than try the stairs inside. The stairs didn't seem all that sturdy and Marcus didn't want to chance them collapsing and him falling into the cockroach nest. He shuddered at the thought. He hated cockroaches before the Omega Event and he liked them even less once they grew over a foot long.

Climbing up the wall wasn't entirely difficult anyway. Marcus' powers made it as easy as just sliding upwards, like a flow of water moving in reverse. The only difficult part was remaining solid enough to hold onto his backpack that kept his supplies. The clothes he was wearing now were the same that he had been wearing five years ago. When he got his powers, they became as much a part of him as his own skin and altered form with him when he changed. He was wearing a black hoodie with a large pocket on the front and a gray star on the back, the star being the symbol of his gang, blue jeans, and black shoes. The backpack wasn't part of his ensemble at the time and so he had to be careful with it.

Marcus looked southwards surveying the landscape. He pulled out a pair of binoculars with a cracked lens to observe. That portion of the city had been completely abandoned for three years now. The Event had caused an earthquake which caused the buildings to sink into the ground, which earned it the nickname of "Hell's Pit" and allowed Marcus to see much of it from atop a seven story building from about two kilometres away. The survivors managed for a couple years but then strange things happened, people disappeared in the middle of the night and there were rumours of long tentacle-like vines snatching victims and pulling them underground. Marcus was hoping to see if they had left anything behind that might still be usable and hoped that the rumours were just that. Rumours.

"Like the landmines were rumours, right?" said a voice in his head.

"Shut up." Marcus responded in his thoughts.

"Hey, don't talk to me like that," replied the voice.

"Yeah don't talk to him like that," said another.

Marcus gritted his teeth and tried to block the voices out. He had tried to deal with them for the better part of two weeks now. After an incident where he had been farther north, near the Shining Towers and the wall that guarded them, looking for general supplies and avoiding a particularly rambunctious flock of what seemed to be a demented cross between pigeons and crows when he accidentally stumbled onto a landmine. They had been placed there in the early days of construction on the Shining Towers to keep out the 'riff-raff' while the upper class got their homes built. The landmines had been long forgotten.

Marcus still remembered the incident strongly. Running from the birds, stepping on the mine, a click as it was set, then a deafening boom as he lifted his leg, then nothing. At first he thought he was dead, there was no word to describe what he was feeling. He had tried using his powers to split himself once and felt disoriented for two days afterwards, but this time he wasn't just split into two, he was entirely blown apart. It took hours and a supreme amount of willpower but he managed to pull himself back together, with unfortunate results. When he first split himself, he had to focus on blocking out the voice of his other self until it stopped completely. Now there was what felt like a million voices, all going at once. Marcus tried to quiet them all, but after all this time, all that had happened was that a few of them had stuck and grew personalities of their own.

"You really should have listened to our advice about the mines, you could have avoided them." said a voice.

"Well he didn't have us then." said another.

"Well he has us now and he should listen to us now." said another, the number of voices seeming to increase.

"You're right and I don't think we should go down there."

"Nonsense, of course we should."

"It doesn't look safe."

"We'll be careful."

"Forget careful. Let's go kick some ass!"

"We should go back."

"We should go forward."

"We should go up."

"You're all crazy."

"No, you!"

"SHUT UP!" Marcus yelled out loud, "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up! You aren't real!"
He had long last track of who each voice was, they all sounded like him. He guessed there were at least five, maybe ten different personalities, but the number changed each day.

"Well if we aren't real, then you're just talking to yourself, and wouldn't that make you crazy? Isn't talking to us a lot more sane?"

"Isn't he technically talking to himself anyway?"

"No, he's talking to himselves..."

Marcus placed his hands over his ears trying to block out the voices. He could hear them asking him why he bothered covering his ears to block something in his head. He grit his teeth and concentrated. Eventually they quieted to a whisper; Marcus knew that was the best he was going to get. He looked up at the sun and saw it setting. The search would have to wait; Lower NYC was a dangerous place to be at night.

He began to travel back to where he lived, in the loosest sense of the word. It was once an old homeless shelter, a few other survivors had taken it as refuge. Everyone had responsibilities but mostly kept to themselves. Various odd jobs included getting food, cooking, monitoring the generator and general guard duty. Marcus and another young boy usually got that duty, entirely because they were the only Omegas in the group, the only ones with powers. The other boy, Sonny, looked barely over ten and didn't talk at all, which was perfectly fine with everyone else because flames shot out of his mouth when he opened it.

Marcus climbed off the building and headed back. Trying to shut out the voices arguing about whether he was headed in the right direction or not.

Outside of NYC there was a stranger near to one of the bridges to the city. A stranger had a metal mask covering the lower part of his face, especially his month. It was Lloyd, the Omega who code name is "Roar" or the inhabitant had called him the Sound of Fear.
He was sitting on a plastic table with an umbrella attach to it covering his face at the now setting sun. He was reading a book until he looks at the horizon taking a quick scan of the area.
So it is now official a week with no activity of any alter animals trying to invade this place. Have they given up trying to take this place and move on or have they all died out of thirst?
A van drove out of the entrance and stop near him. Two scientists came out one took the table and chair into the van and the other approach him.

Scientist "Good work being the Scarecrow Roar, they finally learn to avoid coming to this place. Let go back now the sun is setting."

Roar nodded and went into the back of the van and the van drove into the city. The van quickly drove pass the ghetto area of lower NYC. Roar didn't need to look outside but he can hear what the people have been saying outside. Some were positive praising Roar for the lack of alter animal activity while the rest were negative, calling him an Omega freak or the government dog.
They were now in the upper NYC which makes him feel uncomfortable. He felt like that because it was true what they called for being the Government dog. For some reason the alter animals that he was acting as the Scarecrow toward to were targeting upper NYC. He doesn't know why they want to invade upper NYC but he knows that there is something they are after in the upper area.

Roar asked "How long do we have to be in NYC? It has been a month already, when are we moving onto the next infested area?"

The scientist look surprise not at his comment but he spoke

Scientist "Oh? I though you were enjoying NYC so much that you wanted to stay here?"

Roar remain silent but he glare at the scientist, clearly that the scientist didn't know him enough.

Scientist "Well since it has been a week with no animal activity, our research should move a lot faster so I would say no less then two more weeks."

Roar wasn't sure whether to believe him or not but it there no point to question about it further and he remain silent from the rest of the travel back.
They arrive in front of a fancy hotel in Upper NYC, one of the buildings that remain mostly intact. One scientist was in front of him and the other behind him like in single file and they went inside.
They arrive at his private room while the scientist where in the opposite room beside him.

Scientist "Dinner will arrive soon so keep the mask on for a bit longer."

The scientist opens his door and he went in and they lock the door. Inside the room, it was luxury, it had it own single bathroom with working toilet and shower, the bed was big and comfy and it had a nice decorated table, chair, lamp and drawers. Oh course there was a TV but a medium size on. The only thing missing in the room is a window. Even though it was nice but it wasn't really private since there was a camera monitors him at the top corner of the room.
Roar just lay back onto the bed staring at the ceiling.
Why am I here in this fancy room? There are people living in the street and yet I here in perfect comfort. I guess all of this supposes to indulge me, keeping me preoccupies from thinking for myself for once which is a fault. I'm a sick of being their puppet or tool. They always told me I am a guardian and my ability is for a good causes, yeah for their causes, those ignorant and selfish pigs. I want to use my power to help the less unfortunate people but that only happen if it somehow benefit the government. I suppose the real reason why I still remain with them is a lack of planning. If I were to run away now, what do I do next? Would I continue places to places using my roar to drive away the vicious alter animals or would anyone take me in? No they wouldn't, they view me as a monster which is somewhat true due to my monster like roar. Beside I would be on the run from them after me so it best for me to be in a group. Who else would also run away from the government? Criminal, Rebel, or some other Omegas? Would the other Omegas take me in for being one of them, or would they reject me for a threat of my power or that they know I was once a government dog? No wait I'm getting ahead of myself, I only a class C Omega, so I may encounter other Omegas who could be more powerful then me.
His racing mind started to slow down as he about to nod off. As he about to sleep, one last thing pops into his mind.
I am lacking a purpose in life.

December 31st, 2019 - New York Southern University

Taking a second soda from his fridge, Alex Bismark looked up at the clock in his dorm. It was approaching 11:00; just one hour until the new year came. Thinking about the arrival of 2020 was exciting, but as he put on his denim jacket, he started wishing that he'd chosen to spend New Years with his folks back in Texas.

Thinking about his parents reminded him that their New Year was less than six minutes away. "If I can't be there in person, I'll just do a video chat." Alex thought. Heading for his PC, he got it out of standby and opened the instant messaging service he'd set up for chats with his family back home. At the same time, he dialed their number, hoping they would be able to hear the ringing over whatever he knew his folks were likely doing.

After two rings, his father answered, sounding slightly tipsy. "Hello?"

"Happy New Year, dad." Alex said, grinning.

"Happy New Year to you, son. How you doing?"

"OK. Just going to see my friends in a while, but before that, is your laptop on?"

"I think so. Why?"

"Get on VocCom7. I'll watch the New Year with you before I go."

For a second, he didn't hear anything over the phone, then his father called out to everyone else who was there. "Everyone, Alex wants to watch New Years with us." Turning slightly red hearing that, he soon saw his family's living room appear in another video in the chat room. About eight others were there with his folks, and they were watching a live news feed of a celebration in Houston. "Hey, everyone." Alex said, waving a few times.

When New Years came in Texas, his family and friends went deep into partying mode. Many of them hugged each other and keep congratulating the new year until Alex's mother came to wish him the same through the computer.

"Too bad I couldn't be there with you guys."

"Don't feel bad about it. It's a long trip, and you're an adult. You don't need us around all the time."

Alex sighed. "I guess. Anyway, have fun you guys. Happy New Year."

"You too, Alex." The feed from the laptop then cut off as his mother closed it. Putting his desktop into standby as well, he got up and left his dorm, locking the door on his way out.

Outside, the campus was mostly quiet aside from some crickets here and there. Walking under the glow of the waxing moon, Alex made his way towards the campus's basketball stadium, a fifteen minute walk from his dorm.

When he arrived, he found the place was blaring music that he could hear even through closed metal doors. Oddly enough, the music was coming from a video game, and one that he recognized. As he listened, he began humming the tune.

"Hey, Alex! Over here." Looking over, the voice was from Leslie, one of his childhood friends. Mark and Jeffrey were there as well.

When he came close, Leslie got up and embraced him. He returned the gesture. "Hey, guys. Is it too loud in there?" Alex asked.

"Yeah." Mark said. "Those speakers...Ugh. Too loud and too deep. It made my stomach hurt."

"Oh, well. It's far nicer out here anyway." Leslie said, sitting back down.

As the minutes ticked down towards the new year, the group continued talking to each other, sharing drinks and joking around. Then, there was one minute to go. Using Mark's phone, they sat close and began counting down the seconds. "5...4...3...2...1...Happy New Year."

The celebration quickly turned to question however as all the lights in the area went out. Now, the only light source was the moon overhead, which bathed the area in white light. "Weird way to start the new year, having the power go out like this." Jeffrey said, looking around.

"Yeah. What happened? Did the power company spill wine on the equipment?" Leslie joked.

Alex chuckled a bit at that remark. Then, a thundering clap hit his ears, coming from the north. Cupping his hands over his ears, he then felt a huge pressure wave wash over him, the force of it knocking he and his friends on their behinds on the concrete. At first, he only felt the pain from when he landed, but his body then began to sting like he was becoming numb everywhere. He tried to open his eyes, but whatever he'd been hit with was affecting him too rapidly and he quickly lost conscienceness.


When Alex awoke, his body still felt numb and tingly, but he was laying in a bed instead of on concrete. Opening his eyes, he was met with the sight of a humanoid bird covered in black feathers, and Leslie, who was now covered in strange blue tattoos and sporting a pair of solid white eyes. For a second, he had no idea what to think about what he was seeing. He'd never had dreams like this.

Trying to stop himself from acting on his urge to run, he gripped the mattress of the bed he was lying on, thinking to himself to remain calm but wishing that he had some kind of barrier between him and these two beings that he didn't know. As he did, he felt the bed underneath him begin to shift and rumble, and as he continued to hold on, the bed turned into a giant circular mattress and he fell through it, still holding onto it.

The two beings in the room with him quickly tried to calm him down, the hawk-man saying that he was indeed Jeffrey, though only through a voice that was punctuated with hawk-like screeches. His heart racing from this realization, Alex felt sick. What had happened to them?

Five Years Later - June 20th, 2025

As Alex walked through the streets of the rebuilt New York City, his eyes concealed by an old pair of Aviator sunglasses, he looked around for a place to buy some food for the day; his friends had given him enough money to buy all three of them something. He soon came across a small grocery store which he knew had the treats that Jeffrey had been fond of for the last three years, as well as his and Leslie's favorite foods. Taking the handle of the front door in his gloved hand, Alex pulled the door open and went inside.

Five years had passed since the now called "Omega Event", and things were so radically different, he couldn't look at his friends or anyone else and think something was keeping him in a dream state that he would never wake up from. He now had powers that he knew never even existed in the real world until the event, as did half of the remaining population, at least according to what the news reports had said for the last four years.

Inside the store, there were several Omegas and humans buying food through automated tellers and actual cashiers. Seeing people actually working instead of looting everything in sight made him perk up some as he got a basket and made his run through the store.

The Omega he stood behind at the register had a mutation similar to Jeffrey, only with large, hard spikes rather than feathers. He flipped though his wallet and readied his money to get through the line quickly, then as he looked up, he noticed that the spikes on the being in front of him were lengthening at a rapid rate. Taking a step back, the spikes retracted back into the omega's skin as though they were protecting him from supposed harm. "Looks like he's not fully in control of those powers." Alex thought.

When he had paid for his things, Alex bid the cashier, who was another omega, a good day and began to leave. Outside, he noticed that the omega he'd been standing behind earlier had dropped one of his bags and cracked two glass jars, which were leaking onto the street. "Is everything alright?" Alex asked as he got close.

The Omega looked over to him, sighing in frustration. "No. I dropped these and I'd rather not mess with trying to return them. I was turned away last time."

"I see. Well, what's cracked?"

"This milk bottle and this wine. Could you return them for me?"

"I've got one better. Set them aside and I'll fix them up." The Omega looked confused, but gave one of them to Alex after he removed his leather gloves. Concentrating, he felt his arms tingle and after a series of cracks that the omega tried to protest against, the leaking stopped.

Testing it to make sure it was fixed, the omega was in awe. "That's amazing."

"Yeah. I can reshape matter, but I have to use both hands to do it."

"So, that's why you wear gloves?"

"Yeah. I barely knew much about it for a while," Alex said as he repaired the wine bottle. "but over time, I've been getting a handle on it."

"You're lucky, kid. I wish I had powers like yours. Mine keeps me safe but I can't be around others very long." said the omega as he put the bottles into another bag he had. "Thanks, and keep that nice attitude of yours. We need more of that around here."

"I will. Have a good one." Alex said as he put his gloves back on.

Taking his groceries, he then began the long trek back to the university, what little there was of it. Since the Omega Event, the students who had survived the event had made what remained into a fortress, some of the Omega affected students even bringing back guns to insure that they could all live there in peace. It wasn't a homely place, and held a lot of bad memories from the night of the event, but it was close enough to the rebuilt NYC to make up for some of it's shortcomings.

Jack took a sip from the new so called "Original Flavored Coke" and it spit it out in utter revulsion. "God that's disgusting man John Pepridge who turn in his grave if he found that they were making this stuff. Suddenly as he was turning the corner of his street he heard a shrill shriek and laughing and squealing. Jack walked into a an ally in between two blasted houses and there he saw 3 young men covered in tattoos, with filthy hair,and tattered clothes. Two of them were hold down a young woman no older than 18 she had a fair face with long brown hair and combat boots on with lace stocking and a plaid dress with a t-shirt on with a band "Pantera" written on it. "Hey hey hey Knives we caught us a good one this time." said a larger one to his railroad thin comrade. "Hey Dumb,Dumber,and Dumbest I don't think this is a great place for a date isn't usually one gentlemen per lady?" he said with a slight hint of anger. Jack wasn't surprised it was becoming more and more prevalent here in the poor sides rapes,theft,murder people where just slowly drowning in their own blood. "And what's it too you what if were all her boyfriends and we're just showing her a good time so why don't you" the skinny one known as Knives pulled a out a large hammered out knife made from what looked a large piece of pipe "Get out of here before a show you how I have a good time" he snickered. Jack looked at him like he was a small child and kept walking towards the young man. "H-h-h-hey man y-y-y-you b-b-better back off i-i-I'll cut you man." he stuttered. Jack merely replied "Love to see you try vato." Knives rushed at him screaming like a mad man, Jack merely stood there waiting. Knives stabbed him 4 times quickly in the stomach as soon as he was finished Jack began laughing. Knives looked down at his "knife" it was crumpled like a tin can. Absolute stark terror came across Knives and cohorts and the girls face. "Y-y-y-your a f***ing Omega you f***ing freak!!" he screamed. "Yeah I get that a lot and what does that make you who would stand against me a man,a dog,a FREAK!" he yelled but before he could make a retort Jack lifted his right hand and extended his fingers long metal spikes that separated like root on a plant impaling 3 onto the wall by their shirts and left one spike mere millimeters from their eyes. "Now I'm going to give you a deal you get out of here with your lives and next time I see you doing something like this again I'll kill you all without hesitation" he explained coldly. Within the span of two seconds the spikes retracted back into his fingers. The gang of hoodlums ran off as soon as they hit the ground. Jack dusted himself off "Well that was fun," he said to the girl as he extend his hand to the girl. She smacked it away "Get away from me you freak," she shrieked as she ran away from Jack and out the alley. Jack sighed and shook his head and began making his way home.

He had managed to snag a first floor room at a 3rd rate apartment out in the poor side of the rebuilt NYC after he had saved the landlady from her alcoholic husband. He unlocked the door and looked around his home. It was small he had a refrigerator along with a stove and oven in the kitchen that he salvaged and put back together. He didn't have a bed room his be was one of those fold out beds inside a closet. He TV was average and also using stolen cable from a satellite dish that someone jury-rigged to capture rich side TV. He went to his refrigerator and pulled out a couple slices of cheese,a stick of butter,and a loaf of bread and turned on his stove and clicked on the TV to a cartoon show. He metalized the palm of his left hand and placed it on the the eye of the stove and spread the butter on the bread and placed the cheese on it. He held his hand there for no more than a couple minutes and placed it on the sandwich he laughed as the main character on the show,a lemur,made a witty joke about apples the butter sizzled after a couple of seconds Jack lifted his hand and flipped the sandwich doing the same till it was black as the other side. Jack turned on the sink with his free hand and placed his metal hand under the water stream pouring from it till it was cool. Jack looked at his hand as the metal melted back into his hand. Jack sighed "Who am I really why can I do this?" he thought as ate his sandwich watching the cartoon "Who is Jack Wooden" he said to himself. He started reminiscing to the last real memory he had. He could he hear the shouts and feel the heat of the furnace as sparks rained everywhere. Then it happened the blue light came and that's all he remembered. After word he remember paramedic's wheeling him off to an ambulance to a so called "specialist hospital" the looked at his license which was so melted all it had left was his name. "God my name they asked me 20 times if I was Jack Wooden till I finally said yes and then woke up 30 minutes later 6 feet off my bed with spikes protruding from his back and the rest is then as they say history." He thought as he watched the cartoon.

The door creaked slightly as Davoren slowly began to open it. He didn't risk too much as the hinges were clearly rusting, and the sound was echoing through the halls, so he went in when he knew he could easily slide in. He didn't bother closing it and instead, quickly but queitly moved to his back facing the stairs. He looked up the stairs. They were old, dusty and some of them were missing. Walking up them meant creaking. Creaking meant loud noise. Loud Noise meant disturbed and panicky man upstairs. The Gun rack up the stairs sporting the Old Fashion rifle was not at all helping his decisions and neither were the chicken bones scattered across the floor.

Pete, Davoren thought, When you say 'a standard job', I presume you mean where nothing is out of the ordinary. Not owning a bloody bin in this day an' age ain't normal. Davoren looked around the house. Living in something like this in this day and age wasn't normal either. The place was falling apart, and there is certainly the technology to get a better one. Heck, this could turn into a bloody museum with a lick o' paint, here and there. Life in the old ages. Before the blast. Davoren smiled slightly, Yeah, like we don't have enough of those already.


A door upstairs creaked open, and someone was now walking about upstairs. Davoren turned around to see a man wielding a shotgun, one of the pre-omega beauties. He was dressed in a grubby white vest and equally filthy T-front underwear. He was not happy and looked around the room. Davoren remained still even as his gun he was pointing around went to him. Davoren was invisible, and could not be seen.

The advantages of an omega were endless, no matter what your power. Heck, you could find a practical application even if allowed you to grow your fingernails. The normal folk just don't like it when someone abnormal is around.

The man slowly walked down, the stairs creaking in pain under the man as he went down and onto the ground floor, exposing to Davoren his bare feet. This was someone who did not wash, clearly and was starting to go bald and fat. He slowly walked towards the still open door. He began to fiddle around with the locks, cursing under his breath. Davoren briefly considered knocking out the man and getting the due money as he was out, but if he fell through the door, he would be easily seen. Just as soon as the thought entered, the man stood up and closed the door and began walking back towards the stairs. Davoren, without thinking, ducked and threw the man's leg up, bringing him crashing down, head first, onto the stairs. Davoren wasted no time and ran up the stairs, being on the landing in a flash. He turned to see the man was not concussed by the blow and began to get up.

Davoren panicked and ran into the man's room. Inside was a filthy room, with a desk and a mattress. Judging on the man, Davoren took a guess and lifted up his mattress. Sure enough, the money was there, in a hole in the floorboards. He moved the mattress through the doorway, blocking the path and took the money, throwing it into a pump bag he kept with him. The Mattress came flying back into the room as Davoren took the last bit of money he needed. The man stormed in but Davoren still remained invisible. The man was bleeding on his forehead and looked livid.

"Come out, you little shit!" He yelled, "I'll be gentle if you come out n..." He saw that most of his money was gone. "What? What in God's name do you think you're fucking doing being here and taking my money? Now I'm gonna have to turn you in like the rest of the kids I've had here!"

Davoren felt sick suddenly. The bones were not of chickens, despite being small enough to be. The man went to his knees and began to sob, his head looking down in the hole in the floorboards. Davoren made a cross with his fingers and prayed for forgiveness silently. He jumped down onto the man's head.

"Back Davoren?" Pete asked, polishing the glass.

Davoren was pale and looked angry. "There was nothing normal about that man, Pete," He said through gritted teeth, "I'm damn lucky he loved his money so much." Davoren flinged the pump bag at Pete and began to walk up to his room.

Pete opened the bag "Whoa! Davoren I asked for a hundred stones for his tab! There must be like Fifteen hundred in this!"

"Hell ain't gonna take bribes Pete." Davoren answered and shut his door behind him. Back in his safe and secure room.

It wasn't much. Some green wall paper, a bed, a desk with books on it and a ceiling fan. It was home. His only home.

He opened his desk and took out the book that mattered to him most right now. From there, he began to read it aloud in order to calm his nerves. A knock on the door made him jump, but Pete walking through it was all right.

"Okay, you got me. Mickey was a violent guy, I should've told you, I didn't, yadda yadda," Pete then pulled out some of the money that Davoren secured. "I presume this'll make it up for ya? I mean, I got what I wanted, plus tip, so the majority is for you." Pete looked at what he was reading, "I don't blame you for killing him if it's shaken you up this bad, but if it makes you feel better, I'll leave you your THOUSAND smackers right here, Kapicé?"

Davoren didn't answer, but did give a smile and a nod, still reading.

Pete left the room, "'atta boy!"

That night, while the inhabitants of New York City slept in varying degrees of comfort, from the rich socialites in their ivory towers to the poor Omega in their ramshackle huts, blissfully oblivious to the dark schemes taking place...

A lone figure stalked through the abandoned warehouse district, eventually coming across one that didn't to be as deteriorated as the rest.

Instead of going throught the front door, however, the figure went for a stack of boxes by the side of the building, jumping through an open window and landing in a crouched position on the cold cement floor.

"You're late, Carrion." Said a voice, and the figure quickly straightened up, frowning at the slender young woman in a long blue-trimmed white gown aproaching him. "And for Heaven's sake, can't you use the front door like everyone else?" She asked, her voice tinted with a Russian accent.

"Nice to see you too, Natasia," the man said, frowning. "And for your information, I was held up in the city, I swear the guard duty in the upper part of the city has gotten even worse over the years. And besides, I don't use front doors, you know that."

The woman glared at the man called Carrion, her icy blue eyes taking in his skinny frame and gaunt face. "First of all, my name is Winterfrost, not Natasia. That woman died five years ago. Second, our leader is not a patient man, and he won't listen to any of your excuses."

Presently, they were joined by another figure, a teenaged boy of Asian descent wearing a black body suit patterened with lines of glowing blue energy as well as some light body armor. "Excuse me for interrupting your bickering, you two," he said in a lightly accented voice, but the boss is waiting."

Winterfrost sighed. "Alright, Voltage. Come on. We can't keep our glorious leader waiting any longer."

And so the three of them went deeper into the dark warehouse until they came across the outline of a throne of sorts, its occupant hidden even more so. On either sides of the throne stood a tall muscular man with four arms, all equally muscled, and a monstrous creature resembling a winged lion with a scorpion's tail.

The trio kneeled resectfully before the throne, and its occupant eyed all of them warily. "Report."

Voltage spoke first. "The plans are going ahead as scheduled. Tomorrow, we will begin Phase One of your master plan."

The shadowy figure smirked and steepled their fingers together. "Good. At last, the day I have been long waiting for has arrived, and no one can possibly stop me!"

If the figure had been more genre savy, than maybe he wouldn't have said that. Words like that coming from a villain are only asking for trouble.

That morning Erica was awakened by a loud combination of noises outside consisting of angry shouting, blaring sirens, and the loud rumbling of helicopter blades.

"Nng... it's way too early for this..." She moaned, rolling over on the mattress she called a bed. Erica opened a window and peered down into the street, watching as chaos reigned.

A huge mob was surging down the street, their voices rising to an angry pitch. At the far end of the street, a riot squad was prepped to keep them from marching any further.

"What the hell?"

Erica hurried into the other room to turn on the TV, then sat back to watch the chaotic scenes playing back at her.

"For those of you just joining us, high-ranking Omega official Mitch Albarn, was murdered this morning in his penthouse off Park Avenue by an unknown assailan, possibly human. However, no suspects have been implicated. In response to this, riots have broken out all over the city as Omegas and Omega Supporters are protesting what they call 'obstruction of justice'. We now take you live to the scene with Derrick Roberts reporting-"

Erica watched the scenes unfold on her television set, thinking about what had just occured.

She'd heard of Mitch Albarn, an Omega who had climbed the political ladder over the past five years while promising to help bring equality, peace and stability to the Omegas of New York City. Erica doubted he could do so, but a lot of Omegas had believed him. Now that he was dead... well... that was definetly not a good thing. The mob outside was crying for blood, and the army were prepared to stop them by any means nessecary.

I'd better get out of here, she thought, No telling what else could happen if things realy escalate...!

Hurriedly, Erica got dressed and began throwing her few possessions into a large canvas bag. As she was getting ready to leave, however, a worrying thought came to mind.

Damn! I forgot about Lauren and the kids... I'd better go see if they need help...

Throwing the bag over her shoulder, Erica hurried out the door, rather thsn fly out the window and get the wrong kind of attention.

Roar was dreaming five years ago on New Years Eve, minutes before midnight.

He was wearing a smart suit since he was at his parent friend mansion having a party. He didn't want to attend since he found it dull but the fact that his crush Mei Ling was in the party. She was wearing such a beautiful dress he didn't regret for going to the party.

Scott "Are you going ask Mei for a New Year Kiss?"

Lloyd "You bet I will!"

Lloyd walks toward Mei.

Lloyd "Would you like to watch the New Years firework with me at the balcony?"

Mei "I would love to."

They both walked toward the nearest balcony hand in hand. Standing outside of the balcony, they both stare at the sky while they can hear the people inside counting down to midnight. As it draw closer they both look into each other eyes. Mei knew what he going to do and she closes her eyes. Lloyd was feeling destiny is waiting for him to kiss her.
Just as it count down to one, the lights shut off and the people inside started to ask what was wrong. Mei opens her eyes to see what was going on, losing his perfect opportunity. He look outside, once the bright light dots at the city were now pitch black only having the stars above for the light.
Suddenly he saw a burst of energy wave appearing from the distance. He though it was beautiful with his mouth opens out in awe. The energy wave had strike at the mansion.
There were scream going on inside and Lloyd suddenly started to cough hysterical.

Mei "What wrong?"

Lloyd "I don't know my throat suddenly feel it's on fire!"

Lloyd had a suddenly lost of strength feeling so weak that he couldn't support his legs to stand upright that he kneel down. Mei helps him get up and supported his weight and helps him get back inside.

??? "Wake up Roar"

Roar had awoken from his dream and heard the voice from the comm. link in his room.

??? "Get dress quickly, you are needed".

He assume that some alter animals had enter the city while he was asleep. He quickly got change into his combat suit and put on a fabric mask over his month area and zips it up at the back of his head. He then put on the metal mask gear fully attach onto him.
He knocks on his door and the scientist unlocks him and took him into their room. He saw that the other scientist was watching the news on the tv.

Scientist 1 "Watch the news"

He watches the report that there was a riot going on at the moment because the Omega official Mitch Albarn was murdered. Once the report was finish, the scientist turns it off.

Scientist 1 "We receive orders that they want you use your power to stop the riot."

Roar "No."

Scientist 1 "Excuse me??"

Roar "The way I see it, yes my power may stop a riot, maybe all of it but it will only make things worse. Should I use my roar to get them into submission, it will only destabilize the human and Omegas relationship. Omega would view me as a traitor and the human would view me as a threat and assume all Omegas are the same. They haven't mention who murder him and as far I am concern I will be neutral"

The scientist looks disappointed and turns his back on Roar.

Scientist 1"I knew this day would happen when you would grow to be a disobedient Omega.

He turns round with a button switch from on his hand. He must have got that from his pocket.

Scientist 1 "This is what you get for disobeying us."

He presses the button.

Davoren woke up to the sound of chaos outside. He got up and out and glanced out of the window to see that a group of riot squads were forming a perimeter outside where he was. Davoren leaned out the window to see that there was seemingly a protest group outside, of course, this protest seemed to be quite the violent one.

"Davoren!" Pete shouted from downstairs, "Get washed now!" Davoren closed the window and got back inside. He opened his clothes hamper to see it was empty besides a pair of socks.

"I haven't got any clean clo..." He began but was cut off.

"NO QUESTIONS! NOW!" Pete bellowed back.

Davoren was shocked. Pete was usually a calm person but this clearly had him nervous. Davoren put on his dressing gown and walked into the shower.

The tricky things with Davoren's powers were than he needed to wash a lot. If his skin was stained in a large enough area, like bleeding or dirty, then they wouldn't work. If he was in bandages then he wouldn't be able to do anything for a few days and would need to wash his wound in order for him to do it. The constant washing was a pain, but Pete didn't mind him using the water. After all, the money that Davoren was returning was making Pete a very happy man. Happy until now.

Davoren looked at his right ankle in the shower and saw that some blood was dried onto it. He must've missed that yesterday. But where did the blood come from?

A shiver went up his spine as he remembered. The man with his head in the hole. The man with the bones on the floor. The man he killed. It was his blood. Davoren couldn't rub it off fast enough as he felt scared. He had never killed someone before. It didn't feel great, even considering how much he deserved it. The small bones, his money obsessed nature and his large debts. He deserved to die, and yet though Davoren pictured himself as Judge and Jury, he couldn't wrap his mind on being the executioner as well.

Three large bangs on the door were heard and Davoren turned around in a flash.

"Come on Davoren. Be quick. We need to go. It's not safe." A voice said. It was Pete's voice.

"Do I have some clean rags?" Davoren asked nervously, fearing another outburst.

"Yeah," Pete replied, "Got you you're standard stuff outta the wash, now get out and put it on. I'll leave it on the bed."

Davoren gulped. Pete was in a bad mood and was scared. Something very bad must have happened to cause a mob to want Pete to get to safety.

Marcus travelled north towards his home. Not for the first time, he wished he had managed to get an apartment, preferably one with electricity. But by now all the empty ones had been taken, and everything left was either in too poor condition to live in, or infested with Omega enhanced animals. Marcus' path soon led him by a familiar street corner. Marcus paused briefly as the scene replayed in his mind.

It was December 31st, and all over New York, people waited expectantly for the New Year to begin, except for three people, standing on a street corner, under the flickering illumination of a broken street light. Marcus was one of them.

"What up Trey?" said Marcus to one of the two men walking towards him. "Yo, Kaz." he said to the other with a nod.

"Ay, Flex." said Trey as he and Marcus shared a fist bump. "Whatchu doin' out here? I thought it'd be Big Deuce."

"Deuce said he wanted to spend New Years with his family, so here I am." Marcus replied.

"Ain't you like 12? Shouldn't you be with your fam?" Kaz asked, absent-mindedly scratching his shoulder.

Marcus was about to say that his mother was the only 'fam' he had left, and she had drank herself unconscious early this year, but all he said was "I'm 14 actually and it's only New Years. There have been others and there will be others. What makes this one so special?" He emphasized the rhetorical question with a shrug.

"Aight, I gotcha." said Trey. "But you sure you wouldn't rather be somewhere else than here? Hell, I know I would be. Too damn cold out."

"It is," said Marcus "but then how would you get your hit?"

"Oh yeah!" said Trey, as if just remembering why he was there "You got my goods, man?"

"Got it right here." said Marcus, pulling a box out of the inside of his coat. Inside the box was a collection of needles holding an addictive and deadly drug. Police had been trying to crack down on its sales with minimal success.

Kaz's eyes lit up like it was Christmas. "This ain't been stomped on like last time, has it?"

"Naw man," Marcus said "New source. Getting it pure and uncut. But for a higher price."

"Higher price, huh?" said Trey. Trey glanced at Kaz, nodded, and then pulled out a small pistol as Kaz did the same. "How about we negotiate that?"

Marcus was somewhat surprised by the change of events. All he had to defend himself was the switchblade in his pocket. The switchblade used to belong to his father and was the only thing Marcus had from him. But it wouldn't do him much good against two addicts with guns. Marcus was trying to figure a way out of this when one was provided in the form of a police siren.

The sudden sound and lights caught the attention of all three. A single officer got out of the car. "Put the weapons down!" He said, drawing his weapon "You are all under arrest!"

There was a tense moment that lasted less than a second, and then the three men bolted. The officer gave chase while calling in for back-up. Marcus glanced back as he ran and noticed, to his dismay, that the officer was following him. Marcus tossed the box in a nearby trash can and noted its location for later. Then he turned down an alley, ignoring the officer's shouts. Instantly Marcus regretted his decision as a chain link fence now stood in his way. He ran faster and jumped on the fence. Marcus began to scramble upwards as the officer closed in. He felt a hand on his leg and kicked out of reflex. The officer let go and yelled in pain. Marcus cleared the last bit of the distance to the top and hurled himself over the fence, coming down hard on his leg.

Marcus groaned and pulled himself up, his run becoming a hurried limp. He couldn't think straight through the pain and panic and he pulled out his switchblade. He stumbled desperately to the end of the alley, unsure of if he could go on for much longer. Then, right as Marcus came out of the alley, the lights on the street and in people's homes went out. Marcus had just dimly registered that there must have been a power outage, when a loud explosion sounded. Marcus turned to his right and saw a wave of light barreling towards him. He raised his hands to protect himself. The wave hit him like a truck and sent him flying back, the knife flung out of his hands.

As Marcus crashed down on the ground, he couldn't help but notice that the pain in his leg was gone. Instead it had been replaced by an odd sensation, which felt strangely like he was melting...

"You know what I've noticed?" said a voice in Marcus' head, snapping him out of his memories.

"What?" Marcus responded in his mind.

"You seem to run into a lot of explosions. The Event, the landmines...maybe you should stop running around so much." the voice replied.

"Maybe I'll just run into another explosion and it'll blow you all out of there." Marcus responded.

"Aw, c'mon now." said the voice "Do you want a hug?"

"Who's gonna give him a hug?" said another.

"Bad boys don't deserve hugs." said one more.

"C'mon, it's his birthday."

"His birthday is in July..."

Marcus ignored the argument and began walking again. He reached the renovated homeless shelter as the moon began to make an appearance. Sonny was already outside on guard duty and waiting for Marcus. As Marcus approached, Sonny gave him a happy wave.

"Hey Sonny." said Marcus. Despite the detached, loner demeanor Marcus tried to keep up, Sonny always managed to get under it. Probably because Marcus saw a bit of himself in Sonny. A young child who suddenly had to grow up fast as his life takes a dramatic turn, although Sonny's 'dramatic turn' was a little more explosive. Sonny's parents had been part of the population that died during the Event and he only managed to survive by luck. Sonny was a smart kid though and once he realized that he couldn't open his mouth without shooting out fire, he began using sign language, which he learned because his mother had been deaf. He was even lucky enough to have a book on sign language that was only partially charred.

"Hi. How was your day?" Sonny signed.

Since Marcus had moved in to the shelter three years back and met Sonny, he had been learning sign language. He was able to understand it, but had trouble communicating with it. Luckily, Sonny wasn't deaf, so Marcus could speak out loud even if Sonny couldn't.

"Not bad." Marcus lied "It was nice to walk around for a bit. What about you?"

"I was sleeping all day" Sonny signed. This wasn't a big surprise; Sonny usually had to be awake all night. "I had a dream where I was a dragon."

"Oh?" said Marcus. "What else happened in your dream?"

Sonny thought for a moment and then signed "I can't remember."

"It'll come to you." said Marcus as he walked over and ruffled Sonny's hair. Sonny giggled and smiled, he was happy to have at least one friend in this wasteland. Marcus smirked and leaned casually against the wall of the shelter. With a heavy sigh he gazed at the moon and waited for the night to be over. He spotted what looked like a half human, half bat creature flying through the air, followed by a large group of mutated bats.

"At least he's having fun. " Marcus thought.

That morning...

Marcus jolted awake. He had drifted off to sleep about an hour ago, but still felt rested and alert. He had noticed a long time ago that he required a lot less sleep than normal, but his new sleep pattern wasn't what was on his mind. He was more concerned with what sounded like a large crowd in the distance, a large angry crowd. Marcus also heard the sounds of sirens and helicopters. Something big was going on. Marcus went over to Sonny, who had fallen asleep on the ground long ago, and woke him. Sonny's eyes opened slowly and, unable to stop himself, he let out a yawn that created a giant fireball that Marcus barely avoided. Sonny realized what he had done and quickly closed his mouth with and apologetic look.

"Sorry. " He signed.

"Get inside." said Marcus urgently, pushing Sonny towards the door.

"What's going on?" Sonny asked.

"I don't know yet. Just go inside and keep your head down." Marcus said. Once Sonny was inside, Marcus put on his backpack and headed towards the sounds of the riot.

All was quiet in the ruined area of Manhattan. Not a person was in site. Suddenly, a high pitched "WOOOOO!!!" rang out. Then, a flock of pigeon crows soared across the sunny sky, cawing madly. The cause of this was the dark skinned boy who soared past their perch six stories up. As he made contact with another rooftop, he fluidly rolled to distribute the force of the impact and continued to run at a startling speed of 40mph. He was relatively young, no older than twenty. The toothy smile plastered on his face indicated that he was enjoying himself. He leaped once again, allowing himself to slowly flip forward as he cleared a forty foot gap between buildings.

He was about 5'11 in height and athletically built, sporting odd, brightly colored amber eyes, naturally dark skin, neck length jet black hair, and a pair of black bands tattooed around each wrist. He had an attractive, if not slightly feminine face. The features all suggested that he was of Native American descent. His wardrobe consisted of vintage attire that was popular among the American youth in the first decade of the 2000's. He had on white vans slip-ons, black skinny jeans, a white cloth belt, a dark blue, slim fitting button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to below his elbow, a short necklace of dark brown beads, and a white bandana, tied around his head in the shape of a headband.

On his way to the ruins of Harlem, he crashed through an office building window. Quickly navigating through the maze of cubicles, he dove through the window on the other side. Spotting a fire escape in the distance, he nimbly bounced off of the next building, aiming towards it. However, when he abruptly landed on the structure, the fire escape partially collapsed. A small whimper came from his throat as the structure creaked and fell, a distressed yell coming soon after. Five feet from the ground, his plummet into the alley below suddenly halted. He was floating. Eyebrows squinted; he let out a semi-relieved sigh and dropped the rest of the way, landing on his side. He then propped himself up on his right hand, holding the side of his throbbing head with his left.

"Crap," he muttered in a gentle tone. "Why does that continue to hurt so much?" On top of his super human athleticism, he could levitate objects, including himself, with a thought. However, this, even when moving relatively small objects, such as a moderately sized television, caused him much mental strain.

He stood up, dusted himself off, and looked into the sky, thinking a question he must've asked himself a thousand times. "And why the hell did it have to work out like this?"


Five years earlier...

Jersey City, December 31, 2019, 11:57 p.m.

A much younger looking, fourteen year old, longer haired, and brown-eyed version of this boy was sitting on the edge of a balcony rail right next to his best friend, Brandon. Brandon was a Caucasian boy, native to Arizona, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles. There he sat with an arm around the Native American's modest shoulders. They both looked out over crowded streets of Jersey City, the dark skinned boy more drowsily so. Brandon and family insisted that he stay up past his usual bedtime for this moment. Eyes half closed, the boy, named Enapay Qaleqata Whitman, rested his head against his friend of two years. "I'm about to pass out, man. Is this even that important?"

"Yes! Everyone's awake during new years, Enapay," Brandon said.

"They didn't make such a big deal about it on my reservation," Enapay replied.

"This is Jersey," Brandon said with a grin. "And I have a good feeling about this year."

Brandon's mother, also a blonde, snapped a photo of the two as they sat. Enapay didn't pay much attention, but Brandon smiled in her direction. However, as the countdown was ready to begin, Enapay's eyes widened, feeling the excitement. The elation in the air was almost tangible. Brandon's brown-haired father, laughing a deep laugh, walked up behind his wife, hugging her from behind. They all cupped their hands around their mouths and yelled, with the rest of the city, "Five!!!...Four!!...Three!!!....Two!!!...One!!! Happy New Years!!!" Brandon's mother then gave her husband a short kiss on his lips.

As if on cue, the power when out as far as the eye could see. "What the hell?" Brandon's father questioned, bewildered. The moon light was the only thing illuminating the city.

"Haha! So much for that feeling you have," Enapay chuckled. Brandon laughed along with him. Brandon then contemplated Enapay for a second, causing the young Native American to do the same to him. Enapay opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the rumble in the distance, seemingly from miles away. Everyone looked in the direction of it. The clap of a great explosion sounded and not five seconds later, a wave of multicolored energy and force washed over the area. The glass windows of the surrounding buildings shattered in rows as the force came into contact with them. Enapay and company were all knocked back several feet, into the kitchen area. Distressed screams sounded across what seemed like the world.

"Oh my god!" Brandon morbidly yelled, crying and holding Enapay close to him as his mother disintegrated before his eyes. His wailing father's eyes glowed very brightly before a sweeping, bright orange laser shot out from them, taking out the entire roof of the suite and traveling into the sky. An airliner that was already falling from loss of power collided with the beam and was cut in half. After a few more seconds, the beam suddenly stopped and Brandon's father fell back motionless. His eye sockets were burnt out, smoking...

A helpless scream came from Brandon who wasn't visibly affected aside from a scar on his cheek. Enapay was bawling where he sat. His eyes then tingled, all of a sudden taking on a bright red glow. He felt the skin crack from the corner of his mouth down to his chin, a bright red glow coming from the opening. Brandon backed away and Enapay abruptly stood up, feeling as if he would literally explode from the inside. He sprinted, his legs taking him much faster than they ever had before, and ran straight through the railing of the balcony, falling to the streets below.

As he fell, he heard a familiar voice yell his name. Rather than dying when he hit the ground, making a crack in the pavement, he picked himself up. As he stood, the concrete around him broke away, floating for no apparent reason. The glowing cracks then began to appear all over his meek frame. As he involuntarily levitated from the ground, an astral wale emerged from his lips, followed by a wave of red, laser-like energy and pure kinetic force exploding from his body.

There were legions of people running. Others were dying. A few were transforming as he was. Some even stood still, mesmerized by Enapay. All were disintegrated or thrown back. The surrounding architecture of downtown Jersey City suffered the same fate. Parking meters we're uplifted, cars were overturned, and a select few buildings collapsed. As his unstable frame fell, Enapay was already unconscious, never to wake for years.


May 31, 2025, 8:08 a.m.

Enapay's eyes opened. As his eyes adjusted he immediately saw that he was in a large pod of some sort. He was floating in some sort of fluid, with no clothing except underwear, and a dozen different wires and tubes attached to him, one of which down his throat. His jet black hair was also now thigh length, floating around the pod and taking almost as much space as his body did. A trio of scientists that were observing him withdrew in shock as he fearfully gazed upon them, one of them dropping the clipboard in his hand. The now eighteen year old Enapay began franticly started tearing the technology from his taller, still slender, but much more muscularly cut body. This enticed worried words from the scientists that he could not hear.

After struggling to pull the tube from his throat, he violently kicked and pounded at the glass, cracking and, eventually, shattering it. The fluid overtook the scientist, knocking them over.

The facility was already on alert. A computerized female voice said over the intercom, "Attention. Subject 828's pod has been breached. Subject must be subdued at once." A dozen heavily armed and heavily armored guards rounded the corner. Enapay turned to them. Though his face was mostly obscured by his overgrown, sopping wet hair, the red glow was visible in his eyes once again. As the Native American yelled in rage, they fired their automatic rifles, but the scores of tranquilizers halted in front of the superhuman, floating harmlessly in the air. Enapay sent the projectiles soaring back a twice the speed, injuring the squad. His hands then glowed bright red and energy crackled around his frame like electricity. Instinctively, he blasted them all with beams from both hands. Running on pure instinctive rage and giving no thought to the men he had just slaughtered, he dashed through the hallways, destroying all opposition in the form of guards and machinery.

He leaped, stomped onto one guard, quickly punched another, and took out several with a telekinetic swipe of the hand. A large, twenty foot mech was deployed. It loomed over Enapay and the teen simply responded with an angry yell.


The mech clumsily and vertically soared from underground, leaving a giant hole in the pavement that it was just thrown into. It had little time to recover as a particularly large beam of energy tore through it, destroying it beyond repair. It then crashed into the middle of the ruined Time Square. Soon after, a much smaller figure, Enapay, debris trailing behind him, soared through the giant hole. An astral yell could be heard throughout the district. He soared farther clearly flying under his own free will.
After ascending a couple more hundred feet and traveling aimlessly for a mile or so, his aura faded and so did his consciousness. One lengthy fall later and he crashed through the roof of a decrepit building in Harlem.


Present Day

Enapay had no control over this red energy. He only knew that it showed up when he was pissed. He also knew that he was currently nowhere near as powerful as he had been on that day, in any aspect. He held out a hand and focused as hard as he could, causing a vein to show up on the side of his forehead. A very small, electricity-like crackle of red energy flashed above his palm, but he stopped, holding his throbbing skull once more. The memories of the past, along with his more advanced powers, still pained Enapay.

He figured Brandon was dead, along with his parents in Arizona and the rest of his family on the Blackfoot reservation in Minnesota. He wasn't okay with missing almost five years of his life. He wondered how many people in Jersey City died because of his exceptionally violent reaction to this 'Omega Event' as the people called it. Not wanting to dwell on this, he struck out of the alley, speeding towards Harlem and the crowded shelter that resided within.

Just then, he heard commotion and sirens from the north. Though he felt like going about his own business, like he always did, his idealism had already set in. "It's always something isn't it?" He shifted on a dime and speeded toward the ruckus, vaulting over and across the long forgotten vehicles that littered the street.

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