The Omega Generation (Looking for 1-2 Players. Read first post and PM your CS to the admins)

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Erica flew up to a shattered window on the third floor, wincing as a burst of flame shot out. She cold hear cries for help, but was unable to enter.

No good... there has to be another way in!

Finally, she came across an unbroken window, seeing a figure huddled in the corner. "Hold on! I'll get you out!" She shouted, but the figure - a woman in a business suit - screamed and retreated further.

Great... the last thing I need is for anyone to be afraid of me...! She thought, but activated the other half of her powers anyway.

A sheathe of crystal formed around her hand, forming into a blade that she used to shattered the glass, making sure no shards remained. When that was finished, she retracted her wings, took a deap breath and plunged into the inferno.

Erica had experienced heat in various forms before, but nothing like this. The heat was starting to get to her, and she knew she had to get out fast. After what felt like a lifetime, Erica found the woman huddled in a corner, looking scared out of her wits. And Erica's soot-covered viasge probably wasn't helping either.

"It's okay," she said as soothingly as she could, "I'm here to help." The woman looked unsure, so Erica just grabbed her, saying, "Just come on!"

Erica lead her to the window, but falling rubble blocked their path. "Great..." The two of them were forced to head into another room, where the windows had been shattered due to the flames.

Looks like I don't have a choice...! Turning to the woman, Erica told her, "Just stay behind me, and whatever you do don't let go. Understand?"

The woman nodded nervously, and Erica turned back to the window. Okay... here goes everything! Taking another deep breath, she leapt out the window, the woman screaming even as she unleashed her wings, trying to slow down their speed.

Erica and her passenger landed hard on the pavement, just as a fire truck and ambulance arrived on the scene. While the fire fighters handled the blaze, Erica and the woman were shepherded over to the ambulance for oxygen treatment and to bandage their injuries.

As she was being treated, Erica glanced back at the building. I hope those other guys are doing better than I am...

"Name's Marcus." Marcus said after checking if Enapay and Roar had made it past the collapsed section of the stairs. Once on the second floor, Marcus could hear people yelling in a nearby room. He attempted to open the door but found it locked and the door knob burning hot. Marcus pulled his hand away and noticed that some of his skin was turning into steam.

"That's not good..." he thought. "I need another way in."

"Crap. There's more than one. We gotta move. Double time." Enapay said.

"I got this room," Marcus said "You two keep going."

Without waiting for a reply, Marcus turned himself into his living liquid form. He became a moving puddle that was easily able to seep in under the door. Once he became solid again on the other side of the door, Marcus saw a young couple inside the room.

"Are you alright?" Marcus asked.

"Yeah," the man said "But we couldn't get the door open, the lock was too hot to touch."

Marcus turned back to the door and took a deep breath as he unlocked and opened the door. He barely held back a scream of pain as his hand sizzled on the knob. Once the door was open, Marcus took a quick glance at his hand and noticed even more steam coming off of it and some parts of his body as the building grew hotter.

"Maybe you should've paid more attention when they taught you condensation in school." a voice in his mind said.

"Don't you mean evaporation?" said another.

"Aren't they the same?" said one more.

"SHUT UP!!" said Marcus out loud. He didn't have the patience to deal with the voices right now. The young couple looked at him with bewilderment.

"No, not you, I mean..." Marcus trailed off; there was no time to explain. "Look, you gotta get out of here! Take the stairs, but be careful. They aren't too stable and a part of them has collapsed already. Go!"

The couple ran out the room. Marcus made sure to check if they made it over the gap and could make it to the door. Once he was sure they were safe, he went to check if there were more people trapped and how the other Omegas were handling this crisis

Leaving Marcus to handle the situation at the head of the stairs, Enapay continued down the hall. He quickly, but carefully, strode ahead, listening and looking for signs of life. He heard a group behind a door to his right and grabbed the handle, eyes watering as he turned. In pain, he opened the door and saw five people they hurriedly approached the doorway, exiting the room.

"Stairs are that way!" he exclaimed, pointing in the appropriate direction.

He then inspected his burnt right hand, frowning."It'll be as good as new by the time I wake up, tommorrow," he reassured himself. Enapay realized that he wasting time and hurried on, ascending the next set of stairs. After a comprehensive search, he deemed the second floor clear and moved to the third. There was a door that seemed to be lock from the inside. He hammered the knob with his fist to break it off. There was a woman inside. "Come on! The way to the first floor should be clear!" Enapay yelled, gesturing for her to hurry.

"Thank you!" she said to the boy as she passed.

A few steps later, he heard a violent, loud creak overhead. The teen then reflexively hopped back, just in time to avoid a large wooden support and other debris falling in from the floor above. The debris continued through the floor. Enapay then noticed a small flame on his right shoulder and calmly, but hurriedly, patted it out. All of a sudden, he found himself worrying about his hair as potential fire hazard. He then attempted to nimbly hop over the sizable hole that the plank left. Even though the teen landed as softly on his feet as he could have, the floor gave way, sending Enapay to crash through three floors before he collided with the floor of the basement. "Of course," Enapay thought during his descent.

"Ugh! My back," Enapay groaned, raising himself to a seated position. He heard a man's blood curdling scream, causing Enapay to whip around to survey the damage. The civilian was trapped under the wooden support. A woman was lying adjacent to him, unconcious with a small flame located on her jacket. More small debris came towards the two in the form of pieces of the floor above. However, Enapay caught it with his telekenesis and moved it over. The boy then fell to his knees from the splitting head pain that struck him. Not wanting to waste time, Enapay gasped and hurriedly crawled, on his hands and knees, over to the injured pair, checking the woman's pulse. After standing up, he gently pressed his foot to the woman's shoulder and rubbed out the flame that threatened to spread on her.

Then, Enapay hastely threw the support off of the man. "I can't walk!" the man cried, his voice shaking. Enapay clicked his tounge at this predicament. "Aw man. How do I end up in these messes?" Enapay muttered, looking at the unconcious woman. After a moment's consideration, he effortlessly threw the man over his shoulder and lifted the woman under his arm, subsequently taking off to the stairs. At the head of them, there was a burning door, which Enapay kicked off of the hinges. At this moment, he was worried more about the civilians safety than the structural integrety of the surrounding architecture.

The teen looked to the right, only to see debris collasping into the hallway, blocking his intended path. Hearing sirens to his left, Enapay dashed in that direction, rounding a corner and swiftly exiting through the opening that he, Marcus, and Roar had first entered. Thanks to the fire fighters, the flames in that area were now dissapating. Enapay gently sat the two people that he was carrying onto the sidewalk, near the ambulance. The EMTs rushed to the injured civilians and one of the technicians gazed upon Enapay's burnt hand. "That needs to be treated," she said, concern evident in her voice. "It's not that bad," Enapay said. This caused the EMT to raise an eyebrow. "And there are more people in there," Enapay continued, watching as fire fighters began to storm the entrance.

Without another word, the boy leaped into the air, crashing through the window of the forth floor.

Just as Enapay enter that door, Roar had heard a small sound of a cry screaming coming from the end of the hall. He quickly went to investigate. Since he know his metal mask was hot (the fabric underneath is heat resistant) he know that the door handle will be hotter. Seeing that half of the door was on fire, he kicks the door with all of his strength. The fire had weakened the door so it broke down as he kicks it. He enters the room and put out the fire on his kicking foot. He enters the nearest room which look like it a girl bedroom.
As he enters he saw a small girl no older then ten. She was sitting at the corner with her head press to her knee with her arms wrapping herself.

He tries calling out to her "Can you hear me?"

His voice was still in a whisper sound and the girl didn't hear him.

Dammit my voice still haven't recover and I bet my mask will scare her.

The girl looks up and saw his face. She had tears running down her face.

She said "You don't look scary at all."

Roar was shock by this since she was able to communicate at him even though he didn't spoke to her properly.

How can you hear my thought? Wait are you an Omega?

She nodded to reply

Ok, is your parent still here?

She replies "No they were outside when the place caught on fire."

Ok I will take you to your parent.

He stuck his arm out as his hand reach out to her. She grab his hand as he help her stand up. He then carry her with both his arms and he position his head upright so that his mask will not touch her.

Don't touch my mask, its red hot.

She cried "I'm scare!!"

Don't be. He said it in a calm tone.

As he turns around, the floor he was standing on give way and it collapse on him. The both of them fall in and the girl let out a cry as they fall. Roar quickly flips his body so that his back was facing the ground so that he will absorb most of the impact to protect the girl. The floor below did not stop his fall as it had also broken apart from the impact force of the fall. Roar had black out. The next thing he heard was the girl again.

She shouted "Wake up!!!"


He woke up and saw the girl was by his side as she looks relief. He feels he was laying on something soft and comfy. He got up and saw he was lying on a mattress. He then quickly look up and saw the fire near the holes he had made from the fall. He assumes the fire had weakened the floor since he had fallen from third floor to the ground floor and the mattress had saved his life. No longer daze he scan the area and saw the window. He then carries the girl again despite the pain he is feeling from his back.

Keep your head down.

She did so as she tugs her in. He charge toward the window and ram his elbow to break it. The window broke and he clears out any bits still on it. He carefully passes through it and gently places the girl on her feet. She then ran as she saw her parent. His face was smiling until he felt a tingle on his right shoulder. He turns around and saw that there was a small flame on it. He panic and patted it out with his hand. After that he then realise that that his upper face was still blazing hot and now fully realise he is still feeling the burn on his upper face. He again panic that it was his hot mask was the cause of it. He quickly unlocks the switch at the back of his head which the mask drops onto the ground. He then unzips the fabric part to cool down. He kept grinning his teeth shutting his month not to shout out in pain since he took out the only thing that can filter out his dangerous voice.

Man, Professor Mizu will kill me for carelessly dropping the mask like that.

A paramedic ran toward him with an oxygen tank and mask for him to break on. As he breath in and out heavily and he saw Enapay leaping onto the first floor. Roar wanted to follow him but his body won't move. His body was now felling the full toll of the pain and he couldn't stop himself as he kneels down onto the ground.

Marcus was having trouble staying conscious. His form was still steaming which meant that his body had to constantly create more of itself to stay whole. The constant toll of having to regenerate itself particle by particle was taking a strain on him. Despite this he kept moving up the stairs to the third floor. He moved carefully to avoid the same holes that Enapay and Roar had fallen through. He came across a room where he could hear a man yelling inside, Marcus broke down the door with his shoulder. He quickly found the trapped man.

"I'm here to help." Marcus said, his voice sounded exhausted as he struggled to speak.

"You sure?" the man responded.

"Mostly." Marcus said.

Marcus looked back down the hall. It would be difficult to get the man out that way. Marcus looked at the window in the room and got an idea.

"Okay, I'm gonna lower you out the window." Marcus said as he walked over to the window and opened it.

"I don't think that's such a good idea..." the man said.

"Unless you got a better one then get over here." Marcus snapped as he opened the window. He got the attention of the EMTs down below. Then Marcus got hold of the man's hand as he climbed out the window. Once Marcus was sure he had a grip on the man and stable footing he started stretching out his arm to lower the man down. The strain on his body doubled as he focused on keeping his hand solid enough to hold on to, stretching his arm the length of three stories, and maintaining balance. The second Marcus felt the man touch the ground he let go. His arm snapped back nearly causing him to fall over as it came rushing through the window.

"That was a terrible idea." said one of his voices.

"Really should have thought that through."

"You look tired, dude."

"Take a nap."

"Heck, take two."

Marcus ignored them. If he stopped now he could end up as just a steam cloud and he really didn't want to find out what would happen then. After making sure there was no one else on the third floor, Marcus moved up to the fourth. The flames got more intense and the structural damage was even more evident. A nearby door was hanging lopsidedly off of its hinges. Marcus looked into the room for survivors. Having found none, he was about to move on when Enapay came flying through the window. Marcus' expression briefly turned into surprise.

"Guess that's faster than taking the stairs, eh?" Marcus said, with a half chuckle that turned into a pained inhale. Marcus placed his hands on his knees as he tried to stand. "I think the explosion happened on the top floor, or the one below it...the fifth maybe, I didn't get a good look at how tall this place is." Marcus started then he paused to collect his thoughts. "Either way, I don't think we'll find many survivors up here."

A crash sounded as more of the building collapsed. "And we're running out of time." Marcus added.

Ben pushed his way through the crowds doing his best to escape the area. That sonic omega had made it easy, but when his scream ended people started to move again. They were all running away again, and he was following them. It didn't really matter where he went, as long as it was anywhere but here. Before he could get more than twenty feet though, an explosion rocked the ground and threw the entire mob back to the ground.

Ben hit the ground and lost all the food in his arms again. Around him the mob paniced and became even more dangerous than when they were rioting. Now he couldn't even run with them. The food that he dropped was being trampled right in front of his eyes while people stepped on and over him. He winced in pain from ever step before he could take no more.

Pushing himself up he took a wide swing. His fist caught one person and made several more back away from him as more people pushed around them. Before they could yell at him though, he yelled first.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Ben yelled, using the same vocal ability he stole from that sonic omega. It wasn't nearly as powerful, but it startled the people enough that they parted in front of him. Ben pushed through them and headed the other direction: Towards the explosion.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this...this has got to be the stupidest idea ever... he thought to himself as he weaved through the crowd. The sonic omega, whereever he was, was getting away from him. He could feel it, the power weakening and his body returning to normal. Up ahead he was starting to see the effects of the explosion. Bomb or accident, whatever it was it had littered the area with fire. The crowds were starting to thin considerably as he stood in front of a tall building, a towering inferno. And judging by the feel, there were several omegas inside.

"Man, what's going on here?" he said as he shielded his eyes from the light and heat, "Are omegas lashing out against the humans again?" he said as he circled around the building. Looking up and searching inside him, he felt all the different omegas inside. There alterationist, a morph, and a sonic. In fact, that same sonic from earlier, and there was an omega in there unlike anything he'd felt before. One that he just couldn't place. It felt like a strong one too, but at the same time uncontrolled. And if he was running with that sonic that attacked the rioting mob earlier, got knows if it was the one that caused this fire.

But that didn't seem to be the case, in fact quite the opposite seemed to be true. There was the sound of splintering wood and voices coming. Quickly ducking into an alleyway, Ben hid himself behind a dumpster and watched as they carried civilians out of the burning building. If he didn't know any better, they were saving them.

"Oh. Hey, Marcus," Enapay said lightly as he looked around.

"I think the explosion happened on the top floor, or the one below it...the fifth maybe, I didn't get a good look at how tall this place is." Marcus started then he paused to collect his thoughts. "Either way, I don't think we'll find many survivors up here."

Enapay raised an eyebrow as Marcus' frame continued to steam. Having not yet seen his powers, Enapay didn't know what to make of it. However, Enapay was smart enough to realize that he was in pretty bad shape. The younger of the two, despite the soot on his clothing and face, complemented by his burnt hand, was still very fresh. He wasn't even breathing hard.

"That's a bit careless, wouldn't you think? You can leave anytime you need to, but I'm not going to until I make sure that every living person makes it out of this place. Whether you help or not is entirely your decision," Enapay said matter of factly.

The teen then proceeded to dash off to the fifth floor, which was empty, and quickly checked out the sixth. The situation was not the same. Enapay quickly checked the doors but a child's sob caught his attention. He hurried to the door that it came from behind, slowly opened it with his burnt hand, and inspected the room. Shaking his burnt hand with an annoyed expression, he spotted a little boy, around six or seven, kneeling over a lifeless body. "Daddy!" he sobbed. "Noooo!" The sobbing continued.

Enapay slowly and calmly walked up to the two, surrounded by flames. "Hey," he said to the little boy. The child turned his head around, sniffling. Enapay checked the body's pulse, finding nothing. A saddened frown found his way onto the teen's face, but he quickly forced himself to take on a more normal expression, for the boy's sake. "I'm here to take care of you, okay?" Enapay said a outstreching a hand. The child backed away, "Nooo! We can't leave him."

The young Native American stepped closer, the building becoming less sound with every passing second. "I'm sorry, but there isn't any time."

With that, Enapay lifted the boy into his arms. The child struggled against him, but to no avail. "Nooo!", the child's voice cracked as he futilely reached out to his dead father. Frowning once again, Enapay grabbed the arm of the corpse. "They need a body for the funeral," the boy thought.

Enapay headed to the door that he entered through, but, suddenly, a violent burst of fire flooded it's way into the room.

"That's a bit careless, wouldn't you think? You can leave anytime you need to, but I'm not going to until I make sure that every living person makes it out of this place. Whether you help or not is entirely your decision," Enapay said matter of factly.

"He's right you know." one of his voices said. "You've earned a rest at least."

"I'm not done yet." Marcus said. More to himself than Enapay. He wanted to take a rest but he couldn't. He knew deep down that if he left this building, there was no way he could force himself to go back in. Marcus followed Enapay up to the sixth floor. As they went down the hall Enapay checked the doors, Marcus wasn't sure if he had the energy to open the doors himself. Enapay's attention was grabbed by the sound of a child's cry. While he went to investigate, Marcus looked farther down the hall. What he saw at the end gave him a chill.

People. Dead people. Human and Omega alike, their bodies burning in the fire. Some looked like they had been trying to crawl away, others looked like they had been flung into their positions by the explosion. Marcus felt a sickness that turned into rage. Someone caused this, and that person would pay, no matter what it took. Marcus was snapped out of his thoughts by the roof over the bodies collapsing. A burial before their final cremation. The image remained burned into Marcus' memory, but the roof reminded him of the urgency of their situation.

Marcus went back to the room that Enapay had entered. He saw Enapay holding a young boy in one hand and a body in the other. Before Marcus could ask what was going on there was a burst of fire and heat behind them. Marcus' legs were already propelling him forward as he took a moments glance back. A wall of flame was in pursuit. Marcus' mind at that point only had one clear thought, one simple directive. Get out.

Marcus ran hard towards Enapay, the boy and the corpse. At this point, conscious thought was out the window, he was acting purely on instinct, which is what fueled his next actions. He started to expand his body into a larger form, big enough to wrap around Enapay and who he was holding. Once Marcus hit them, his body lost its normal shape and started to become a ball of liquid surrounding them. The momentum sent all four crashing out the nearby window.

Marcus' body was partially using its own reflexes and his thoughts to determine how solid it had to be for the landing. Within seconds that felt like hours, Marcus hit the ground. He bounced once then when he came down again, the strain of holding this shape wore him out and he splashed out onto the concrete, releasing his passengers.

EMTs rushed over to the spot. Marcus was little more than a half-conscious puddle at this point, slowly forming back into a human shape. He appeared to be pulling up himself up out of the ground from his own puddle as he reformed. Once had gotten to his waist and was forming his legs he managed to ask, with some effort "You okay?". He wasn't entirely sure who he was asking.

A large burst of flames billowed out of the window they had just exited not ten seconds ago.

Lying on his back, the unconcious Enapay's arms fell off of the child, who was lying on his torso. He had let go of the body as soon as Marcus had overtaken them, making certain that at least the child lived. They were all sopping wet.

Within seconds, the EMTs had taken the child and the body off. They seemed to know that Enapay was an Omega, so they didn't pay much attention to him at first. A couple of medics, a man and a woman, stayed behind to see if he was okay. Correctly figuring that the liquid was blocking something, they prepared Enapay for CPR. However, before the man could place his hands properly, the dishevelled teen's eyes snapped open and he turned to his hands and knees, coughing up whatever Marcus was made of. After a few ragged breaths, Enapay sat on the pavement, resting while his drenched bangs covered his eyes. Plenty of people outside were spectating now.

As Marcus was reforming himself, he asked, "You okay?" The teen a few feet away from him was looking off in the direction of the undoubtedly scarred child, apparently able to see through his wet hair.

Enapay frowned as a the puddle that he was sitting in began to gradually lurched away in Marcus' direction and, looking down at nothing in particular, replied,"Dude. I'm drenched in straight Marcus juice, right now. Like, every crevice, you're in it. But overall, I feel really grateful, admittedly refreshed, and a little violated. Actually, mostly violated. Cause I know that I'm covered in you. I feel so cheap. Do we have to like, go get get coffee now? Or do you need a cigarrette?" He was trying to lighten the mood, for better or worse.

The fire fighters were just now containing the fire. Enapay checked on his burnt hand. It looked pretty bad. The skin of his palm was peeling off and so was some of his forearm. He hadn't even noticed that it had gotten worse, or how badly it stung. It would probably would be even worse if not for the bath it was recently given. The teen found himself being glad that he wasn't a mere human, as he probably would be in much worse condition than he currently was.

He then bounced to his feet, gesturing for Marcus to come with him. Roar and the girl with the wings were probably down here somewhere, but he'd check on them later. "Hey! If you aren't busy, can you wrap up my hand?" he called out to one of the EMT's who wasn't occupied. She grabbed the neccessary supplies and gestured for Enapay seat himself on the sidewalk, where he limply outstreched his arm. The medic kneeled on one knee and began to operate. "That was some pretty heroic stuff you guys did back there," she said. Enapay smiled a small smile and nodded, "I know." The woman chuckled as she disinfected the burns and replied, "Not a very heroic thing to say."

"Hah. All in a days work, then. This isn't my dayjob, by the way." Enapay then looked to Marcus, concerned because the state he saw him in before.

"How are you holding up?"

Roar was laying back inside an ambulance with a medic checking on his health. The medic was holding a touch flashing onto his eyes with a puzzle look on the medic face. The medic suddenly pulls back and appears caution toward Roar.

He must have figured out who I am.

??? "Allow me to examine him."

I know that voice anywhere

Medic "Who are you?"

??? "Someone who can properly examine the guy you have got inside."

It was a woman with a lab coat who was standing outside of the ambulance and she shows the paramedic some kind of identification.

Medic "Oh right, then come on in."

She enters inside and asks the medic to step out which he did. Once the medic was out, she closes the doors. She step closer toward Roar and he was to see that it was Professor Mizu.

Mizu "Geez, you are so reckless today Lloyd."

Roar was happy to see her since she had been too busy to check up on him lately. It was short live when he remember that he had run away from them and he think she is taking him back to them. He tries to get up but Mizu gently place her hand on his chest pushing him back.

Mizu "Don't worry, the government or the other scientists aren't here. I am here by my self. Relax and close your eyes."

Roar did so and seen to have doze off since he was exhausted from the event happen today. Minutes later he felt a tap on his head and he immediately woken up. He stood upright and the pains he felt earlier had subsided. He looks himself in the mirror and he look clean, all the soot and other dirt on him were clean off. He turns around and saw Professor Mizu was glaring at him, holding out the scratch mask and fabric. He quickly took it and put it on.

Roar "I sorry for dropping it but it was red hot when I got out of the burning building! Wait my voice is back to normal."

Mizu "Your ability is always interesting Lloyd. Despite using your full voice to stop the riot and inhale a bit of the smokes, your throat had recovered and is still in good condition. I'm still angry at you for not visiting me after you run away!"

Roar "It was complicated..."

Mizu "I'm not surprise that you had run away, I knew you were going to do it sooner or later. I'm not going to stop you."

Roar "Oh?"

Mizu "Despite of that I didn't know you would be so reckless being free and all. Using your full power to stop the riot and then running into a burning building!"

Roar "I've met other Omegas who persuade me to take those actions and I did save a girl life."

Mizu "Even so you could have died. How do you think I feel about that?"

Roar felt embarrasses as he didn't know what to say.

Mizu "Anyway your throat is fine. I've treated your wounds so take it easy."

Mizu open the doors to step out. Roar follows her and he breathes in the fresh air. He had saw that the building and the victims are being taken care of. He then spotted Enapay and Marcus and he was about to walk but turn around to face Professor Mizu. She had seen to know who Roar was looking at.

Mizu "Those are the Omegas you were talking about?"

Roar "Yeah although I can't see the girl with the wings."

Mizu "Interesting... Anyway I guessing you don't want me to cramp your style checking out their ability so I will visit you again later. So wait for me before your start running away alright?"

Roar "Of course."

Professor Mizu pick up a bag which was in fact Roar he was carrying earlier (he drop it before heading into the building) and she enter her car.

Mizu "I'll see to it that you will be fully prepared to leave!"

Roar then turn round and start walking toward Enapay and Marcus

Nearby, Erica was under examination by EMTs, impatient and eager to go.

"Please don't fidget, Miss," One of them said, "We've treated you for smoke inhalation, now we have to finish wrapping you up."

"That was very brave thing to do," added another, an Omega judging by her feline appearance. "Foolish, but brave."

"Yeah well, I couldn't just stand by and do nothing, right?"

As soon as the EMTs finished, Erica made her way to the group of Omegas that had entered the building. She cleared her throat and everyone turned to look at her.

"Look, I appreciate you guys helping out, first with the riot, now this, but I really have somewhere I have to go right now. Heck, I don't even know most of your names."

"Dude. I'm drenched in straight Marcus juice, right now. Like, every crevice, you're in it. But overall, I feel really grateful, admittedly refreshed, and a little violated. Actually, mostly violated. Cause I know that I'm covered in you. I feel so cheap. Do we have to like, go get coffee now? Or do you need a cigarette?" Enapay said.

"I don't usually get this familiar on the first date." Marcus chuckled as the rest of his legs formed. Once he was whole again he breathed a sigh of relief. He had some trouble standing and was still nauseous but the worst was over. Once he could walk he followed Enapay. One of the EMTs offered Marcus some assistance but he waved it off. All Marcus needed was some fresh air and some time to cool off.

"How are you holding up?" Enapay asked.

"Lousy." Marcus responded. "But I'm not dead so that's something.". Marcus' eyes flickered briefly up to the sixth floor. "Some people weren't as lucky." he said.

Marcus looked around and saw Roar talking to a woman.

"Who's the hottie?" one of his voices said.

"She's probably taken."

"That would be just our luck."

Marcus ignored them as the woman got into her car. Roar started heading towards them and Marcus gave him a nod as he joined the group. The girl came up to them soon after and cleared her throat.

"Look, I appreciate you guys helping out, first with the riot, now this, but I really have somewhere I have to go right now. Heck, I don't even know most of your names." she said.

"It's Marcus." Marcus said. "I don't know your name either." he added, wanting to know everybody's name, should they, by chance, meet again.

"She's a bit of a hottie too." said a voice in his head.

"Down boy." Marcus replied in his thoughts.

"Hey, don't you have somewhere you have to be also?" said another voice.

"Oh, right, I can't believe I forgot." Marcus thought. He made a mental note to get back to Sonny and see if he was alright as soon as possible. Marcus glanced over at the firefighters. He wondered if they knew what cause the blaze yet.

Eric blinked. "Huh? Oh, right. My name's Erica. Erica Adanson."

She turned to the other two. "And you are...?"

"The name Roar is just my codename" reply Roar.

"My real name is Lloyd but you can call me either of the two names."

He thought to himself-
Should I mention the fact that I ran away from the government? Maybe not until I heard what they are doing now.

"Whoa," Enapay said as he spotted the woman that Roar was talking to walk away. "Is that even legal? To dress like that? In public...?"

After the medic finished wrapping his right hand, effectively giving him a fingerless glove of bandages that ended a few inches under his elbow, Enapay thanked her. Standing up, the teen closed and extended his hands a few times. "That'll do," he said to no one in particular.

"Look, I appreciate you guys helping out, first with the riot, now this, but I really have somewhere I have to go right now. Heck, I don't even know most of your names," Erica said.

"Everyone knows my name," Enapay said, almost childishly. He was suprised that no one had noticed that he was soaking wet. His eyes still weren't visible.

"It's Marcus." Marcus said. "I don't know your name either." he added, wanting to know everybody's name, should they, by chance, meet again.

Enapay nodded, again, childishly.

Eric blinked. "Huh? Oh, right. My name's Erica. Erica Adanson."

She the turned to the other two. "And you are...?"

After Roar introduced himself, Enapay said, "Lloyd... I like Lloyd. Good name. You should definitely use it more often."

He then raised his right index finger momentarily and annouced himself. "Introducing myself for the second time here... I am Enapay Qaletaqa Whitman. That's Native American, in case you couldn't place it. As for nicknames, you can call me Eeny, like eeny meany miny moe, or Red. That's what they call me around Harlem."

He didn't really have a place to be, so he would stick around for as long as everyone else would.

Marcus noted how wet Enapay was. He thought that the liquid would have dried off by now.

"Guess it doesn't work like that." Marcus thought.

"Hey uhh, lemme get that." Marcus said awkwardly after introductions were made. He placed a hand on Enapay's shoulder. With some concentration, Marcus pulled the liquid off of Enapay and back into himself. Once Enapay was dried off, Marcus removed his hand. Marcus had never tried absorbing a portion of himself that had clung to someone else or been split apart from him for so long. The feeling was both interesting and unnerving. Marcus quickly thought up something to say to change the subject.

"I meant to ask you before, where did you get hat knife I saw you with earlier?" Marcus said to Enapay.

Ben kept an eye from his hiding place behind the dumpster as more people emerged from the burning building. By the look and feel of them, they were all omegas, and the people they were saving were humans. Waiting outside for them were several ambulances and firetrucks along with all the emergency personel. The rescued humans were being tended to, and despite their differences, so were the omegas.

It was all the same omegas that he'd felt back at the riot, including that sonic one. The power had long since faded from him but he could still feel his leeching ability kindling inside him. However, right now he didn't need any of that, especially if any power he took backfired on him. That could be bad.

A loud *CRACK* rang out in the upper floors of the building as a large section of the floors collapsed. Fire crews were showering the building with water in attempts to stem the flames, but there was only so much they could do. The fire was out of control. In the distance Ben could hear more sirens growing louder as two more firetrucks pulled on to the scene, screeching to a halt as the fire fighters piled out of the cab. Immediatly unloading the equipment and hooking up to a nearby hydrant, the point team set up to move into the building, and headed for the alleyway access.

"Oh crap!" Ben said as he pressed himself back against the neighboring building, hidden in the shadow of the dumpster. The firefighters passed him by, kicking in the side door and then filing in, one of them on the hose while two others carried axes and two more carried oxygen. They were all heading in to fight the fire inside while the other trucks fought the outside. But as they passed him by, one of them looked over and spotted him.

"Hey! What are you doing here! Get out of here, it's dangerous!" the firefighter scolded him through his mask. Ben didn't get a chance to move before his strong hand reached down and grabbed him by his jacket, yanking him off the ground and pulling him forward. Ben stumbled as the firefighter pulled him all the way across the street to where all the other omegas and humans were.

"Hey! Let me go! Let....Let me go!!" Ben yelled at him as he pulled at the firemans grip. However, in his peak physical condition, the fireman was more than able to keep a hold on him.

"Stop struggling, kid! I'm here to help!" the fireman yelled back at him. Unwilling to listen, he had a job to do as well. Even if the kid didn't look burned, he might have been hurt by the heat and the smoke. he had to see that the kid got checked out.

Ben wasn't having this though. No, not like this. The closer he got, the more he could feel the other omegas, including that sonic one. That was just what he needed now. Focusing on the feeling of that omega again, he felt his body starting to change inside, shifting to accomodate his new voice and ears. It took only a moment for the vocal power to manifest, and then he set it loose.

"I said get off me!" Ben yelled. His voice reverberated in his ears and spread over the area. The firemans grip on him was instantly released as he stumbled backwards, casting a look of terror over the omega he'd been dragging across the street. Ben, having been pulling against his grip, lost his balance once free and fell over in the street, but picked himself up and looked around. The voice he'd used had worked, but it also got the attention of everyone else in the area. There were fearful looks around him, looks that he recognised. This was not good. Maybe using this omegas powers was not such a good idea afterall. He'd managed to scare them all, but which ones would shy away from him were one thing, the people that would strike back against that which they feared was another.

"Hmph," Enapay said, placing his hands on his thighs. It was evident from his facial expression that the sensation of the liquid moving across his body and clothing was more than a little odd. He sniffed, looked over to Marcus, and blinked a few times. "Definitely need a smoke after that one."

Marcus quickly thought up something to say to change the subject.

"I meant to ask you before, where did you get hat knife I saw you with earlier?"

Enapay pulled out the switchblade and flicked out the blade, inspecting it. "This thing? I happened upon it about 3 weeks ago. Dunno what these intials mean. I had just woke up after few years. Kinda didn't know what to do with myself. Just having the world fall apart in a few minutes, like that. Being fourteen and then you wake up one day and over four years have passed. I was just walking barefoot in my Batman pajama pants after a nightmare, trying to cope, and you wouldn't believe what happened to me."


Roughly 3 weeks earlier..

Enapay was walking on a sidewalk in the dilapidated Hell's Kitchen at one the morning, though he did not actually know the time. He was in much physical pain since the day he had escaped, and his powers seemed to not be working. Despite the odd cold, he was only wearing loose fitting, black Batman pajama pants and a plain white t-shirt, with no shoes or socks. He held himself, gazing on the very light bit of snow that began to fall. An incredulous expression on his face, Enapay figured the Event had royally screwed up the Ozone Layer and kept walking.

His amber eyes were slightly bloodshot and puffy, evidently from crying. The nightmares weren't so much fabricated bad dreams as horrible memories. They were of the Omega Event, of course. Brandon and his family dying. All of the people that must have died when his body shut down. It was all too much.

The teen sniffled and exhaled, his breath visible. He heard something, causing him to stop in his tracks. Still getting used to his new found hearing abilities, he started to look around. The noise continued. It was reminescent of a rope stretching, except it sounded much more sickening, more flesh-like. Brows furrowing, Enpay was focusing on where the sound came from. A sewer grate adjacent to the sidewalk across from him. Enapay stopped holding himself and clenched his fist.

Something wrestled with the grating for a few seconds, before the metal was thrown away and a thick, plant-like, brownish green tentacle rushed out of the opening. A disturbing, high pitched squeal that Enapay couldn't place sounded as the horrible extension lashed out at him. Fight or flight insticts engaged, flight was the only option for Enapay, as his powers were inactive. He raced down the sidewalk, running at only around 10mph. The tentacle was his shadow. The teen knew that it wasn't going to let him go.

Breathing frantically, Enapay pushed himself harder and sped up to about 20mph as a result. It seemed that his powers weren't completely inactive. After a few more seconds of running, the teen ducked into a dead end alley, taking shelter. He hugged wall with his back, and, after everything went silent, slid down to a seated position. A loud yelp escaped his lips and he hopped back to his feet, removing a knife that had been driven deep into his upper right thigh.

Enapay only had a moment to examine the bloody blade before the creature that owned the tentacle squealed again. It must have heard him. Before Enapay could even consider where to run next, the tentacle was hauntingly jerking and slithering down the alley. The vile limb wrapped around his left arm, and, with a crushing grip, yanked him off of his feet. It then proceeded to drag it's new victim out of the alley. Legs flailing, Enapay's heart sank as he felt that all hope was lost. The bones in his arm were cracking.

Then, he remembered the switchblade in his right hand and, in a last ditch effort, began to saw at the tentacle with the knife. Despite his currently unimpressive strength, only matching that of a fit human, Enapay made progress, extracting a vicious slime and blood combination that stunk of a warped chlorophyll. The monster's squeal was now one of pain.

By the time Enapay was dragged to the end of the alley, he wrenched the blade completely through the tentacle. The monster cried loudly and the tentacle quickly retracted, traveling back to the sewer grating it exited about two minutes ago.

Enapay felt a tinge of relief, but the chills continued to make their way across his frame. The remaining length of the tentacle, about five feet long when uncoiled, fell off of the teens now broken forearm and hit the ground with a sickening slapping sound. It lazily attempted to wrap itself around Enapay's ankle. Enapay snatched his leg back, turned the blade to a reverse grip, and fell to his knees, wildly stabbing at the section of tentacle until it ceased to squirm.

He then stood up, wincing at the pain of the stab wound under his butt, folded the blade back into the handle, and firmly squeezed it in his hand. He descided that he would keep it in case he remained powerless and needed to defend himself again. "I need to get back to Harlem. It's a long walk," he muttered, holding his injured arm. As he walked, or rather limped, the boy didn't worry much, knowing that his sleep was a healing hibernation, where all injuries were healed.


Present Day

"Trippy stuff, huh?" Enapay said, as he had vividly decribed the recollection to the group. He still held the knife in his hand.

"I said get off me!" sounded across the block. It wasn't nearly as splitting as Roar's yell, but it definitely took Enapay by surprise. Enapay looked to Roar before looking towards the person that said it. "Lloyd. Are you related to him or something?"

Roar felt a bit touch that someone wanted him to be call Lloyd more often.

"Err thanks but these days I have grown accustom to be call as Roar. Lloyd is my name before the Omega Event... but like I said you can called me either of the two names."

Roar then listen to the other boy introduces himself as Enapay. He listen to Enapay explain how he got that knife he was holding, he was surprise when Enapay explain he was asleep for four years.

Wait I think I know where I have seen him now!

Before he can question Enapay about him being asleep for four years he was surprise by sound

"I said get off me!"

The sound startle him greatly and he knew it was similar to his exact ability (Professor Mizu had recorded his voice and play it back to him although the recorded voice was no where near lethal to his real voice.)

He replies back to Enapay question "Impossible! As far as I know, my voice is the most lethal sound among any other vocal base Omega! There are no other Omega with the exact same ability as my!"

"Batman pajamas, eh?" said a voice in Marcus' head.

"Seriously? That's what you took from that?" he said in his thoughts.

"Oh, you were wondering if that switchblade is the same one you got from your father that you lost on the same day as the Event?"

"And you're thinking that the plant thing he ran into is the same one from Hell's Pit you heard rumours about?"

"Can't be that many mutated plant things out there, it's probably the one."

"Hey, weren't you gonna check that neighbourhood out today?"

"You should ask Enapay to come along, it'd give you a chance to ask about the switchblade."

Before Marcus could do just that, a loud yell came from nearby. The volume and power behind it reminded him of the yell Roar had made not so long ago.

"I think you may have been misinformed." Marcus replied to Roar's reaction. "Let's hope this doesn't turn ugly..."

"Just stay back!" Ben commanded all the humans around him. They were scared, and fear made people unpredictable. If they retaliated, he had to be ready.

What else is there that I can use?, Ben thought to himself. The sonic omega was the only one he was familiar with, but by far not the only one here. There was a morph, but that wouldn't do him any good. He didn't know what he would morph into. But then there was that alterationist...

"Just...just calm down, kid. No one's going to hurt anyone here." one of the paramedics told him, stepping forward with his arms outstretched in a gesture of peace. However, Ben wasn't accepting that either. Many omegas had been taken this way. A house call from a "doctor" and then they were bring dragged away in a black van.

"I told you to stay back!" he shouted, using the voice again. The paramedic froze in place but didn't back off. Either his handle on the voice was waning, or they were growing immune to the sound. He wasn't sure just how this worked, only what he saw during the riot. For all he knew, there wasn't an effect at all, and they were just hesitating because he was an omega.

No, he needed something else, and he needed it now. The alterationist, that was the only one he felt he could use. His focus changed from the sonic to the new omega. He winced in pain as his body changed again, his vocal cords returning to normal as his ears did, but instead replaced by a prickling sensation all over his body like a million tiny needlepoints all over his skin and inside him. The pain wasn't too intense, but the pin-like pricks irritated more than hurt. First they stung a little, and then began to burn before finally fading away.

Ben started to back away from the rest, knowing full well that, immune or not, he no longer had that ability and there was nothing to hold them back. But he had an idea of what his new ability was. Reaching forward he thrust his fist out. From the pours in his skin he felt sharp points shifting and gathering. He only glanced down at his hand for a moment as a pink, translucent sheath of crystal.

So that's what this ability is...I know what to do with this.

Ben pulled his other arm up into a boxing pose as he coated his other hand with the same pink crystal. Both fists became encased before four short crystal spikes protruded out of his fists in the form of some cruel knuckles.

The rest of the people around him were starting to move again though. The effects of the voice were wearing off, and the firemen not involved in fighting the blaze were closing in, as were some of the paramedics. Ben stepped forward though and took a couple of wild swings though, making most of the humans back off once more, but in the next moment, they were upon him.

From his blind side directly behind him, a fireman grabbed him, wrapping his arms around Bens chest and pinning his arms to his side. Ben struggled and fought against the older and stronger man but to no avail.

"Gah! Get off! Get off me!" He yelled out, but the fireman didn't give. He was no longer under the effects of the voice, and no longer afraid. Ahead of him, a paramedic was running across the street with a syringe in his hand, and there was nothing he could do to get out of this.

Erica jumped at the sound of a loud shout ringing through the air. It sounded... similar to the one Roar did earlier, but... Was it her imagination, or was there a faint prickling sensation in the back of her brain?

But before she could think about it any further, there came the sounds of a struggle from nearby, making her wonder what was going on.

Great... looks like the orphanedge's gonna have to wait... again...

"Ugh," Enapay sounded, placing a hand to his forehead. "Can't people just stop being idiots for just a few seconds?" He turned to his new found friends and said to them, "Hold up. I don't think this'll take very long. And stay back. I have a feeling and you don;t wanna be close to him." He approached the three, snatching the syringe from the paramedic with his telekenesis and throwing it to the ground. Moving small, weightless objects like that didn't hurt like the larger ones did. "Think for a second, would you?!" he said, scolding the medic, feeling that her actions were pretty rash. "There's no need for that, yet."

"This guy. First Lloyd's powers and then Erica's. He must be able to copy powers at will, if only from a certain distance. It seems that the versions he produces are weaker than the genuine article, too."

The teen paused for a second. It was fair to assume that he was close to, if not the most powerful Omega in the vicinity, at least when he wasn't in control. He considered that it might not be as wise to approach the man.

Then, Enapay figured the steep learning curve and drawbacks that came with his powers, combined with the fact that they would be weaker, would make them pretty useless in this newcomer's hands. He wouldn't be as strong or as agile as Enapay. If he could use the telekenesis at all, it would come with splitting headaches, and Enapay couldn't even figure out how the destructive energy worked, so it was unlikely that he could. If he, by some miracle, attain use of the energy, the physical pain that came with using it would subdue him, as well. With all this considered, Enapay deemed it safe enough(or at least something he could handle if he had to), not even registering the jagged, crystal fists as a serious threat, and continued.

He looked to the fireman and convincingly said to him, "Let him go. It's okay. I'm an Omega, too. I promise that I won't let you, these people, or myself get hurt. Let me handle this...Any Omegas here need to back away! He can copy your powers!"

If the fireman let go and quickly backed away, Enapay would swiftly snatch the copycat up by his shirt and scoldingly ask, "What are you thinking? Just because a fire fighter wants to move you out of the way of a burning building, you wanna go apeshit on everybody?! Calm down!"

As he witnesses the guy growing out pink crystals he remembers seeing the pink crystal in the form of Erica wings.

Wait I think I know what his powers is. What is the proper term for it?

He was thinking back when Mizu lecture him about a list of proper term of which Omega powers is catalogue in.

That it! He is an power mimicry or was it temporal absorption?

As Enapay told them to stay back and warn them to keep their distance from that guy. He thinks that Enapay is a lot smarter figuring out his ability already. As Enapay head toward that guy he told the others.

He said "Enapay is right, I think that guy is a power minicry aka he's borrowing our powers one at a time."

He started to walk backward.

He explains "We have to keep our distance, the more distance we have, the less powerful that guy will be. Don't worry about Enapay, I think he knows that taking ones strength will also be taking ones weakness as well".

Roar was feeling a bit relief that they are not dealing another sonic base power since he know all too well how lethal his power can be.

Ben stopped struggling when the other omega approached. This wasn't good. The feeling coming off it was chaotic, THIS was that strong omega that he felt before. The energy coming from this one felt like it was going in so many directions at once he couldn't keep track of it. He couldn't read it, he couldn't tell just what this omegas ability was; only that it had something. And furthermore, he was able to read Ben like a book.

"Let him go. It's okay. I'm an Omega, too. I promise that I won't let you, these people, or myself get hurt. Let me handle this...Any Omegas here need to back away! He can copy your powers!" the new omega told everyone. Ben's eyes went wide with fear. Now that his abilities had been outted, he was at a serious disadvantage. Already weaker than the rest of them he had lost the element of suprise.

However, the rest of the people in the area seemed to listen with the fireman letting him go. Ben spread his arms as soon as they were free. He turned around on the spot, looking in all directions. At the moment, it seemed to be just him and the chaotic omega with the fireman backing away and the paramedic already retreated. Still, the area was surrounded.

However, they were hardly the issue. His attention was snapped back forward again as the chaotic omega grabbed his shirt and pulled him forward. With wide eyes he stared into the omegas, feeling the power bristling from his body. It was seldom he was ever this close to one, practically touching.

The pink crystal started to flake off his hands, disintegrating into dust and then further into nothing. At this range he could already feel the chaotic omegas abilities filling him without him even having to focus. His muscles felt tense, like he was flexing them without even trying.

"What are you thinking? Just because a fire fighter wants to move you out of the way of a burning building, you wanna go apeshit on everybody?! Calm down!" the omega yelled at him. Ben balled his hands into fists but thought better of it. If this was the omegas power, he was super strong, and much stronger than Ben was right now. There was no way he could compete with that.

"I was fine where I was! I didn't need their help, and I definitely don't need whatever she was going to stick me with! You know what they do to omegas after that, don't pretend that you don't know." Ben told him, though he didn't try to fight his way out of this. It wasn't for lack of wanting, only ability. However, if he had the opertunity, he could escape somewhere.

Marcus frowned at Enapay and Roar's warnings. He wasn't so sure about letting Enapay handle this Omega on his own. Marcus wasn't even sure what Enapay's powers were and what limit they had, much less what weaknesses. Instead of backing away, Marcus found himself moving a little bit closer to get a better view of the situation and to assist Enapay if need be.

"You've stuck your neck out quite a bit today." said a voice in his mind. "What gives?"

"Maybe I'm just being a very civic minded person." He thought back. "Besides, if he copies my living liquid powers, all we'll have to deal with is a disgruntled puddle."

Erica frowned, but said nothing and backed away slightly. But she still kept a wary eye on the boy who could aparently mimic the powers of others.

All the same, she couldn't help but wonder what the boy wanted, he seemed... scared... almost.

Either way, she would have to be ready if he made a wrong move. She knew how scared beings, especially the "enhanced" ones would react if pushed too far...

Enapay scoffed. "Look. Don't worry about them. Just listen to me. I probably know what happens to Omegas that the authorities get thier hands on better than you do, man. And can you really blame anyone for wanting to subdue you when you're flailing razor sharp fist at everyone? Endangering innocent lives like some idiot with no self control? Think! How old are you? Twenty something? A grown man. I'm just eighteen and you're acting worse than I would when I was fourteen. Nobody's going to hurt you here. Your number one priority should be getting a grip. So do it," Enapay said. "I'm not going to calm down until you do."

The amber eyed glare that Enapay aimed right into the man's eyes made it evident that if the copycat tried anything violent, he would stop him. Enapay really was running out of patience with all of these disasters happening one after another. However, Enapay was waiting for a response.

Ben cast his eyes around a bit seeing more omegas emerging. They all kept their distance just as the chaotic omega that held him had told them to, but by feel he could recognise them. The alterationist, the morph, and the sonic. Judging though from the distance they stayed at though, they had no idea what his range was. So he still had that at least.

"Alright." Ben finally said, "Alright, alright already. Jeez, just get off me." he said to the omega holding him. As soon as his grip lightened up a bit, he used his newly aquired enhanced strength to knock his hands off his shirt. However, he didn't run away, just looking down at his now stretched and worn out shirt and giving an internal sigh as he tried to pull it back into place.

Around him, the firefighters at least seemed to be gone for the most part, back to fighting the blaze behind them all. The paramedics were still keeping an eye on them though, likely ready to treat injuries if it blew up into an omega-powered brawl.

"Just what are you, anyway?" He asked as he looked at the chaotic omega, "I know you got me figured out, but what are you supposed to be? She can alter her body with crystal, he's got a voice power back there. Then there's him..." He said, nodding back to Marcus, "...he can turn into something, I'm not sure what, but you I can't figure out. You just seem dangerous."

"You just seem dangerous."

Enapay frowned at that and looked away for a second before turning back to the man, replying, "I am."

"I see you've got a little of my powers in you, right now. Might not be much, but it's enough. You feel strong and agile? Like you could move anything? Like your body has no weight to it at all? That's not half of it. If you saw me snatch that syringe, you'd know I'm telekinetic, too. Not a very strong one, right now, but I guess it's good for getting the remote when you don't feel like walking. Don't make me mad, though. I could probably throw a truck at you then. And don't try that. It hurts really bad. My other power. Well, it's good for destroying and that's about it," Enapay said, inspecting his hands.

"When I get exceptionally stressed, hurt, or angry, you just better duck, cause these hands deal death. It's a pretty lethal lightshow. Frankly, I can't control myself so well at that point, even though the memories are so vivid. The telekenesis' strength and my physical prowess probably multiply by ten at that point, as well. I just turn into a wrecking machine. People? Robots? Buildings? They all fall in front of me. All I can do is direct the aggression on something, and I have to take it out on something or I feel like I'll explode. In short, picking a fight with me isn't in anyone's best interest. Not even mine, considering the pain."

It was very evident in his mannerisms that Enapay wasn't bragging. He didn't like this about himself.

Looking down at his hands, he thought about what the chaotic omega told him. Enhanced strength, enhanced speed, telekinesis, and a destructive light power. Chaotic was right, this omega was going in so many directions it was impossible to tell what it might do next. However, short of standing up to him, he didn't seem to threaten him. The rest seemed afraid to get near him though for fear of having their own powers replicated and turned on them. That fear was convenient. It would make them all believe he was far more threatening than he really was, and discourage them from threatening him.

"Right, like I said, dangerous." Ben repeated, "Warning me about just how much damage you can do doesn't exactly make you friendly, now does it? But in terms of damage, you said it yourself, I can copy other omegas. Who knows what I'm capable of?" he replied. It was a risky move. He knew better, there was no way he could stand up to this omega. At the same time though, he couldn't look weak in front of it either, or else it might take advantage.

Everyone, pedestrians and all, were still observing the exchange. Enapay chuckled and gestured to the surrounding individuals. He the lowered his tone, making sure that only the copycat heard. The dark-skinned teen knew that the man was counting on everyone's fear of him, and he wouldn't take that away from him by talking loudly, making him more afraid and possibly more insecure.

"I might have the mind of a fourteen year old, long story, but I was a pretty astute kid. No idiot. I know I'm pretty much the best set of powers you're going to get, around here at least. And a weaker version of me won't be enough. Especially when you don't know how to use my more advanced powers. I know you don't, because even I only have a small clue. So, I'm calling your bluff, buddy. I don't know why you're trying to look like a threat to me, anyway. Understand, I don't want to hurt you. I just don't want you to hurt anyone else."

December 31st, 2019
Atlantic City, NJ

Dawn was doing what she loved to do, hanging out with her friends in her local high school gymnasium. Having a good time. Not a care in the world. School was out for the holidays, and her class decided to host a party to bring in the new year. A lot of people were there: Teenagers, parents, teachers, family... almost everyone Dawn could call "friend" or "loved one", all dancing, snacking, or playing games. Rock Band was a favorite. Some lamented the lack of alcohol, but others pointed out that there were kids under 21 present.

Dawn, being a popular girl, was constantly mingling and laughing. She was in her element. Her ponytail was constantly in motion as her head turned to greet the latest person to speak to her.

"Excuse me, miss." Dawn spun around to see who spoke to her as a huge grin split her face. "I was wondering if you could point me to the lady of the hour?"

The voice belonged to a handsome young man, 20 or so years old, with brown hair cut short to show off his dark blue eyes. He had a smile on his lips despite his attempt at a serious voice, which was thwarted when Dawn leaped at him to hug him about the shoulders. "Patrick! You made it!"

Patrick laughed, hugging her back. "Wouldn't miss it for the world, li'l sis. I haven't seen you since my graduation."

"Well," replied Dawn snarkily, "if you hadn't moved to Manhattan, maybe we'd see each other more!"

Patrick put his hand to his forehead in a dramatic way. "Alas," he said with gusto, "my military superiors force me ever away from my family in the name of the country! Away, even, from my little sister, whom looketh upon me with--"

"Patrick!" Dawn playfully thumped Patrick's chest, who laughed. "Okay, okay! Hey, where's Mom and Dad? I wanna say hi."

The siblings parted ways. Patrick disappeared into the crowd as Dawn went back to her friends, who were now mostly talking about her brother. Dawn had to keep bringing up his engagement.

The party only got more exciting as midnight approached. Attention was called time and again to the large projector screen in the room, which was constantly showing the news channel that was showing off the crystal ball that would soon drop. Every time they cut to commercial was filled with sighs and groans, Dawn's among them.

The minuets ticked by. All eyes were fixed on the screen. Even the Rock Band players had stopped playing. The noisy talking was down to excited murmurs. Dawn had lost sight of the rest of her family in the crowd, but she didn't mind.

Finally, thought Dawn, it's time! The official countdown began as the large ball slowly descended the tower. The gym was filled with the voices of Dawn's friends and family noisily following the countdown, their voices echoing off the gym's walls, their hands beating the air in time with the numbers on the screen.

They made it all the way to three when the wave hit.

Dawn woke up several hours later, her head pounding. Must've hit my head, she thought. Got knocked over or something.

She looked up and saw an ocean of bodies. Barely any floor peeked between the tangled mess of arms and legs in the gym. No movement. Not even a breath. No sound, whatsoever.

Dawn clapped a hand over her mouth to keep from screaming. Her eyes were wide open as she stared at each body in turn, unsure what to think or do. She slowly got to her feet and walked among the bodies, horrified, towards the door. She saw the bodies of her brother, her best friends, her parents, all motionless, and some with strange deformities. Their eyes were open, staring blankly at nothing.

Tears rolled down Dawn's face as she ran out the door into the cold new year.

Present Day

Dawn paced among the crowd, witnessing the exchange, listening. Her red hoodie and ponytail both flapped in her wake each time she turned as if trying to outdo each other, her jeans scraping as she walked. She obviously wasn't trying very hard to hide. Her bright clothes certainly weren't helping if she was.

C'mon, she ordered herself. Just walk up and ask them. You used to be good at this.

She half-turned to walk towards them, stepping into the clearing a bit, then went back to pacing in the back.

Goddamn coward, her thoughts screamed in her head, When will I get over this? They're obviously in the same boat I'm in. Maybe they can help me! So why can't I just talk to them?!

She headbutts her own fist in frustration, which somehow set her hand on fire.

Swearing, she quickly smothered it with her hoodie, but the damage was done. She was shoved by the crowd into the clearing. As she regained her balance, she looked around for somewhere to hide, but failing that, looked wide-eyed at the group of Omegas in front of her, blushing.


Marcus tried to hear what was being said. He could guess that Enapay was trying to calm the other Omega down, but beyond that he wasn't sure. Enapay seemed to have the situation under control so far, and Marcus had no reason to believe he couldn't handle this. His recent actions proved that he had a good head on his shoulders.

"Sounds like somebody has a man crush." said one of his voices.

"Screw you." Marcus thought.

Marcus glanced over at the burning building. The fire on the lower floors seemed to be contained but the upper floors still raged. The image of multiple dead bodies appeared briefly in his head when suddenly a young woman was pushed out of the crowd surrounding the scene towards the group. She looked incredibly nervous and could only manage to say "Um..."

Marcus looked at her and saw what she was feeling. He tried to make her feel as relaxed as possible, just in case she was an Omega with a power that could make the situation worse.

"Hey." Marcus said to her, not able to think of anything else.

"Oh, that's helpful." said one of his voices.

"Go to hell." Marcus responded in his thoughts. He then noticed the smoke coming off of a singed part of her hoodie that looked like it had just been used to put out a fire.

"Guess that explains what her power is." Marcus thought.

"Looks like she literally is a hottie." said a voice.

"Seriously? Guys, c'mon, can you just be quiet for like five seconds?" thought Marcus.

"You okay?" he asked the young woman, searching for the cause of her stress. He briefly wondered if she had something to do with the current inferno.


John Coleman:



Scarim Coral:


28 Minutes Ago -

Once the campus was far enough behind him, Alex picked up his pace. The trek towards NYC, even with a steady jog, felt longer than normal, and the pillars of smoke in the distance constantly made him question what he was getting himself into. He barely had any reason to go into the city with it in this shape, yet he still felt that he could be of some help or something.

He soon reached a highway leading to the city and began following it. Along the way, he noticed a lot of people were trying to leave the city, and quickly if they were able. The traffic was densely packed and several times, people sounded their horns at vehicles that passed them up; more times than that, he heard the sounds of squealing tires overlapping the sounds of engines. "Geez, these people are nuts." he thought to himself.

Further along the road, he had to slow down and catch his breath. Resuming his trek with a walk, he was soon shaken by the sounds of what he heard and came to a stop; the sounds of metal crunching, glass shattering, and the loud pop of an airbag. The collision had happened on the exit side of the freeway, between a sedan and an SUV, the trunk of the sedan collapsed from the hit.

For a second, Alex's heartrate went crazy. He stood frozen for a while as he eyed the wreck, even though it was only the front car's trunk that had taken the worst hit. Eventually, he broke from his spot in the grass and bolted across the highway, leaping over the concrete divider to see if anyone was hurt.

At first, no one seemed too badly hurt. Taking a second to see who was involved, he was then distracted by the sounds of a few horns. Hearing them after an accident like this started fueling a small fire of rage at the thought of anyone being that insensitive. Removing one of his gloves, he had an idea about how to stop and redirect the traffic, and if he played his cards right, a way to vent some of his anger before he tried to help those people.

Stepping behind the SUV after a look inside it, he began waving his arms forwards and screaming "Back up, now!" as loud as he thought it would take for everyone to hear him. For a while, no one moved their cars and the honking just kept up. "Back up, damn it. People are hurt here." Alex shouted at the mass. In response to this, a car nearby began to move around the car behind him, missing his body by a few feet. At first, he began to get more angry, but then realized that he now had more room to reform the ground and change the traffic flow if he needed to.

Changing his tactics, Alex gestured his hands up, then waved his left arm to his right and pointed that direction also. Soon, he had a nice flow of cars going around the scene, despite some on the far left being unable to move, causing him to forget his original plan.

18 Minutes Ago -

After a while of directing traffic, the sounds of sirens in the distance began to rise in pitch. As he kept his eyes in their direction, he saw an NYC ambulance approaching from the shoulder of the highway. "Oh, thank God." Alex thought. "Someone called this in." Waving them over, the first EMT to reach him was a young guy, about 28 with a slicked style of hair; his nametag said "Nicholas".

"Thanks, man. We got this one." said Nicholas as the other EMTs readied their emergency bags.

Breathing a sigh, Alex returned the thanks and got out of their way as they began helping the people in the cars. For a minute, he was reluctant to leave just to see how the victims were doing. "No. They're in good hands. I'll leave them alone." Acting on that thought, he resumed his walk towards NYC, still shaking thinking about what he'd just done.

7 Minutes Ago -

The south limits of the city were a mess with the damage of the riot. Store windows were broken and a few small fires were burning in the streets. The scene was eerily similar to his first trip into NYC after the Omega Event a week after it happened. He had just come for some food, only to find everything trashed and having to force himself to loot a store in order to get what he needed. Trying to think of it as a real life version of his favorite video game only made him feel worse, so much so that he put the proper change inside the store's glass protected service room before he left.

As he kept walking, trying to avoid broken glass clusters, his body and ears were rocked by the sound of an explosion. It had come from the Northeast. That much he knew. Acting on instinct, he bolted in the direction that he heard it come from. That was no minor explosion, something that loud.

The streets grew more crowded as he drew closer to the scene. Soon, he saw a cloud of black smoke on his right, about three blocks further away, and changed course.

The scene was even more of a mess. People were gathered round the building that was smoking and either in fear or loudly chatting about what happened. It was like a scene from an old superhero film, one where the hero saved a pair of children from the flames. He had no idea that the same scene was about to play before him as he watched from the crowd.

As he watched, a large ball of liquid crashed out from behind a wall around the fifth story of the building, falling to the ground and on impact releasing three people from inside it, splashing in a wide arc from the impact site. Standing at the edge of the zoned off site, one blob fell near his foot, but was quick to roll away towards the rest of the blobs and start reforming into a human form. Once the body was whole, the person it created seemed groggy like he'd just woken up. He was black and likely younger than Alex was, but he didn't recognize his face at all. Even so, his powers were certainly something.

Present Time -

After watching all the EMTs treat everyone who had been involved in the fire, the sound of someone shouting from an alley a ways away from him got his head to turn. The person who appeared was a bit younger than him but eager to get away from a firefighter who was following them.

One of the others from the group being treated, this one with what seemed like a metal faceguard, then got up and made his way to the worried guy who was now causing such a fuss among the crowd and emergency personnel. When he was closer, he then said, "Any Omegas here need to back away. He can copy your power."

"Copy?" Alex felt worried for a second, but quickly brushed the thought aside. Even if he could, his own powers were useless without both of his hands. This person couldn't know that immediately.

Then another guy, this one a young Native American, stepped forwards. The one with the faceguard backed off before the copycat started tossing out statements boasting about what he could possibly do to them. In short order, the priority of event had changed from the fire now being fought nearby to the two Omegas pulling punches with words.

"You just seem dangerous." said the copycat.

"I am." The Native replied.

The exchange went on for nearly another minute before everything seemed to be settling down with the two now whispering to each other. As it did, Alex began to wonder just who had caused this in the first place. The damage was enough to start a fire and cause an explosive boom that he heard nearly a mile away. It had to have been set off by a device. There was no other explanation.

As he looked over the others who were being taken care of, he caught a glimpse of someone being thrust into the clearing around them. It was a young lady with a hoodie. As Alex noticed her, he thought he caught a glimpse of a plume of smoke coming off her hand. Seeing that, he had a feeling this person could control fire in some way. For a second, he looked up at the building and the flames licking the sides of the walls and thought that this could be a very lucky break if that was true.

"Hang on." he thought as he slipped under the tape. "I can't just walk over and say, 'Help us stop the fire' just like that." Embarrassed, he thought to turn away, but the African Omega he had seen reform from liquid earlier was quick to approach her and ask if she was OK.

Fighting some lingering embarrassment, Alex turned and made his way towards them, hoping to see if there was some way he could be of help. "Excuse me." he said as he approached. "Is everything OK?"

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