The Omega Generation (Looking for 1-2 Players. Read first post and PM your CS to the admins)

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"You need some fire?" Enapay said with concern. "You guy's stay here and look out. We're being watched by someone relatively close. I can feel it." With that he leapt down to Dawn, gently helping her to her feet. He then began sniffing around, to which he was greeted by the wry scent of nearby gasoline. He helped her into the direction of the smell. "Looks like you have a limit concerning how much of that flame you can contain at once. Maybe you should try and ration it next time. Y'know? Make every shot count like a good sniper would."

Enapay stopped, suddenly, still holding Dawn. He looked down and sniffed again. They were standing in the gas now. Enapay backed both himself and Dawn up, subsequently walking up to the flammable liquid. Crouching, he hovered his uninjured left hand over it and began to focus with all of his might. A vain made itself visible on the side of his forehead. Then, a tiny crackle of red energy arced off of his hand, igniting the gas. Unexpectedly, the flame crawled it's way over to a seemingly recently broken down car, which had obviously sprung a leak. The vehicle bursted into intense flames.

"Um...that enough for you?" Enapay asked, using his right hand to caress his throbbing skull and using his left arm to keep Dawn steady, in case she felt weak.

Dawn's skin actually felt a bit cold to the touch, in direct contrast to her burnt hoody. She even looked a bit pale.

Smiling, she replied, "Yeah, I guess I need some practice with that. Maybe next time I'll try a flamethrower approach. Won't need to be so accurate then."

When Enapay moved away, she hugged herself as if she were cold. She looked a bit worried when Enapay's forehead started twitching again, remembering what he did to the copycat earlier at the burning building.

Her eyes went a bit wide when the car went up. "Um, yeah, that'll do. Thanks, Enapay." She stretched out her hands and inhaled like she did at the burning building, causing the flames to fly into her hands and mouth, and likely singing a few of Enapay's hairs. She stood up straight again, adjusting her ponytail and brushing some embers from her hoody's sleeves. She looked a lot better. "Thanks."

After a few of his hairs were singed, Enapay hopped back about five feet, giving Dawn room to take in her fill of the flames. After she was fresh, she looked to Enapay, saying, "Thanks."

"Anytime," Enapay replied with a small smile, his transitory headache subsiding.

Seeing how easily Voltage got overwhelm by his roar and fallen to the ground, Roar was quite surprise by the outcome.

It look like I had over estimated him but again the person I know who can withstand my roar is Breather.

He quickly went down the stairs and meet up with Erica who is still pinning down Voltage.

He boasted "You better do what she said. You don't want to hear me talking with this mask open out. I will be merciful not given you another dose of my sound blast but you will sub come to pure fear from my real voice."

He turn the knob down so that the range is close range now.

That could have been the most underwhelming fight that Ben had ever seen. Thie 'Voltage' guy had come out and threatened to torch the building they were staying in, and in less than three hits he'd gone down for the count. Clearly he had some formidible powers, but beyond those, he had aboslutely nothing.

The arcs of electrcity that crackled between his fingers fizzled out. That was a lot of current to maintain, and he was more than happy to let them go, though he kept the shock omegas power just in case. While he couldn't match his power, he knew what he could do with it, and if this guy was playing possum...

"Hey, crystal girl!" Ben yelled out as he ran over. She was right on top of him which was probably not the best place to be and apparently no one realised it. And although he was hesitant to do so, if he didn't then she might not live to act again. Grabbing her shoulders, he ripped her off the shock omega and dragged her back.

"Stay away from him, don't touch him. The guys a battery, you touch him and he could fry you at will." Ben warned her, placing himself between her and Voltage.

Erica frowned as the copycat pulled her aside, but grudgingly admitted to herself that he had a point. After a moment, she swallowed her pride.

"Fine. Thanks, I guess. And by the way, I have a name. It's Erica."


Phantom watched all of this from the rooftops, wary that at least one of them had sensed his presence.

Inwardly, he was cursing at Voltage's bullheadeness. The kid might have been powerful, but he was also headstrong and easily distracted. Offhandedly, he wondered if or when reinforcements would show up.

Voltage could feel his strength returning to him slowly, as the ragtag group took a breather.

His eyes narrowed. Fools, all of them. They had no idea what he was capable of, he was just distracted, that was all.

As the crystal blade was removed from his throat, Voltage knew it was time to act. Getting to his feet quickly, he began to create electricty to surround himself with.

"You might have knocked me down once!" He shouted, eyes beginning to glow, "But I was only warming up! Feel the full force of my power!"

And with that, he unleashed a huge blast of lighting at the group. The two people closest to him were hit hard, both going flying into the front wall of the building, and the rest were knocked down like bowling pins.

Voltage smiled. Now this was more like it! Round two was about to begin, and this time, he wouldn't go easy on them...

Roar over confidences had led him to drop his guard when Voltage attacks them. The pure lightning shock and send Roar flying and crash into a wall, meters away from where he was. After the crash he is still barely conscious.

Argh! Ok I had under estimated him....

He then lost consciences.

Marcus watched Enapay and Dawn. He wanted to be of more help, but the situation looked like it had been handled.

"This was almost a little too easy" Marcus thought as he went back to scanning the rooftops and was caught off-guard by Voltage's second attack. The blast sent Marcus flying into a nearby wall causing his liquid form to splatter against the structure. He oozed down the wall and formed a puddle on the ground. As quickly as he could he reformed himself into his normal human shape.

"You have terrible timing," said one of his voices. Marcus ignored it and charged at Voltage. Marcus swung his right arm back and reshaped it. Instead of forming a fist, he formed a giant spiked mace out of his hand and arm. He swung his arm in an over head strike towards Voltage.

After seeing Voltage blast the people near him, Enapay frowned. "I leave them for two seconds," Enapay sighed. After Marcus' attack, Enapay leaped up and towards Voltage, approaching from behind the Asian teen. While he soared, he thought quickly, aiming a swift kick to the back of Voltage's head. "The rubber soles on the bottom of my shoes shouldn't conduct anything." The kick was nowhere near full strength. He didn't want to kill the guy, but it would be enough to be a serious blow.

Ghost walked into the old bar. It was as it was left. Empty. Cold and Empty. The bar was meant to be closed now so no-one would be in. Right now, Davoren and Pete would have been cleaning house. Making sure everything was clean and ready before the patrons arrived. They would talk and joke while working, make fun of some of the more foolish of drunks that had to be guided to the door before they broke a window. It was the good times. The good times that aren't going to be coming back.

Why did Pete take him away and then kill himself? Davoren watched some old movies where people would ask that and it would take weeks, months, sometimes years before the protagonist found things like that out. Ghost planned to find out sooner than that. He planned to find out right now.

He didn't bother checking the bar. Nothing would be in plain sight. Ghost was a thief. Pete would never hide something in plain sight from a thief, and he had to have been hiding something. No man would act that way if he didn't have something hide. Ghost walked slowly and silently up the stairs. The old wood creaked as he placed each step. The bar wasn't well known for it's luxury or being modern. It was known for a good atmosphere. Now it will be forgotten. Another thing for people to forget and move on with no second thought for what happens around them. Pete was dead. This place was now derelict. Ghost could take over, but that depended on what he found.

The most obvious place to check was Pete's room. He kept it locked, constantly. Davoren was always prohibited from entering and that was a firm rule set in stone. Ghost broke this rule and the lock with a knife. Again, not known for luxury. It was a miracle that padlock actually worked considering how easily it came off. Must have been Pre Omega scrap. Ghost opened the door and stepped inside.

It was a dull room. No posters, no pictures, just a bed and a desk. Ghost walked in and looked in the desk. Nothing inside the drawer but there was something scratched into it. "BED".

Is this a message from you, Pete? Ghost wondered before turning to the bed.

He lifted up the pillow of the bed to find a pen and underneath was a small book. In horrorble handwriting it said "SANE DIARY." Ghost opened it to the first page.

Day 1

I decided to keep a diary. I can't stand this torture with no-one to talk about it with. I can't write too well. I'm shaking while I'm on my own and it's all because I can hear voices of people without them even speaking. It's their thoughts and I can't sleep normally because all I can hear is Davoren's mind. He never usually thinks bad things about me or anyone else, and is a very moral boy but he thinks all the time. Never stopping. I can hear him dream. I can hear everything that happens. I can hear his nightmares. I can hears his hopes and it drives me insane.

I can't tell him about this. I took him in and if he knew I was an Omega rather than "A lucky one" he'd see me less of a father figure and more of a brother. Two people in the same situation. He can't know about this.


Pete had powers, just like me?Ghost thought shocked. It seems clear why he wouldn't. Davoren would probably have thought to him like a brother. He would have tried to help out and suggest things rather than obeying what he said. Pete liked to be in control. So he couldn't tell him, ever.

The diary went on. Ghost flicked through the pages one at a time. Each one he gained an insight into Pete's mind. His writing was getting notably worse as days went on. He even started missing days around Day 70 and swore at the book for not reminding him. The writing became incoherent by Day 100. A bunch of scribbles until the one page remained. Written perfect and neat:

Day: 113

I have woke up and hear rioting. My mind is roaring. I can barely hear the shouts of the riots. This has to end. I can't take it. This must end. I'm going to take Davoren somewhere safe. He did a lot for me the previous night, too much. I didn't think straight ending him away to there like that.

I'll leave him with Fred. He makes his own drugs but Davoren can't be alone. He needs someone. If not, he'll go just as mad as me.

I should be passed off as a casualty of the riot. I'll be swept under the rug and forgotten, but I gotta make sure that Davoren is safe. I can't have him coming back after me. He needs someone. Having a dead corpse would be a way of holding himself back.

Pete, for the final time.

Nothing was written beyond that. Ghost put the book back under the bed. He put his head in his hands. Cold, salty tears streamed down his face. He honestly believed that suicide was the only way out. He wouldn't open up to him at all. He knew nothing and couldn't help. He should have asked though! Maybe then he could have stopped it.

Ghost lifted his head up and stood up, rubbing his eyes. He needed to clear himself up before anyone arrived then slip out. He stared at his hands. It was the first time he had been visible for a while, and he didn't even notice himself fade back in. The memory of walking in and being seen by everyone, a wave from friendly patrons was so endearing was so enticing that this became almost a reflex.

He took a look out of the window and became alert. Something was going on, not too far from where he was. It looked like some of the buildings in a nearby block had lost power. Looting might begin with these tensions, giving him a good opportunity to pinch necessities while invisible. Ghost washed his face before he left, getting rid of his tears and went.

The blast knocked both Ben and Erica clear off their feet, sending them both into a wall rather hard. The electric blast passed right over Ben though, still holding Voltages power and channeling the current across his skin, but the blast wave itself still hurt. He hit the wall hard and coughed as he slid down to the ground, his world blacking out for a moment from the shock though he managed to remain conscious.

As his sight came back though, he watched the asian omega standing again. Enpay seemed to miss most of the blast, or maybe it was his omega augmentation that helped him, but either way the chaotic omegas was taking a sweeping kick for his head. Looking down beside him, Roar was there on the ground with his eyes closed.

"Hey, you okay?" Ben asked, shaking the sonic omega by the shoulder. When he didn't stir though, he got an idea.

"Well, if you're not awake, the you won't mind me borrowing your power." He said. Releasing Voltages abilities and picking up Roars, he stood back up against the wall for support. He hoped this worked. While he didn't have the mask that Roar did, he held his hands up to his mouth as his vocal cords shifted and changed. This was the third time he'd used it, he knew what he was doing. He just needed a clean shot, and he wasn't going to take it while Enpay was in the way. The chaotic omega already didn't like him, there was no reason to piss him off further.

Voltage smirked, watching two of the group try to attack. The first, an African-American boy tried to hit him with a mace formed from his arm, but a lighting bolt caused him to fly back and hit the ground with a splat. The second attacker, the Native American boy, attempted to hit him with a flying kick, but Voltage just grabbed him by the foot and flung him aside.

"Pathetic! Pathetic!" He laughed, "You honestly think you[/i[] can stop [i]me?

Erica picked herself up, wincing in pain. "Okay... that hurt."

She glanced up at Voltage, blasting away anyone who got too close.

"Alright then, no more miss nice guy." she muttered, and sheathed her hands in crystal before releasing her wings are preparing for a chance to attack

"Really, Sparkly Britches? I know it's typical super villian banter and all, but you're actually calling me pathetic? With a name like Sparkly Britches? I don't like that. I really don't," Enapay said with a smirk as he nimbly and effortlessly landed on his feet from the throw. "This guy is physically stronger than I thought. I guess I don't have to hold back as much. Maybe not at all." Grinning with furrowed brows, he hopped around on the balls of his feet, leaving his enemy to guess his next move.

Fighting was natural for Enapay once he had obtained a small handle on his powers. His reflexes, keen senses, speed, strength, agility, and superior equilibrium had allowed him to become adept at the art without really trying. Beating regular humans and Omega's lacking superhuman endurance wasn't an issue. All it took was a tap to the head or a pulled punch and they were unconscious. However, he didn't plan on holding anything back with this formidable adversary.

In a burst of speed, he covered the feet between them in a single second, throwing a precise left spinning back elbow at his jaw and fluidly following up with a crisp, but powerful, right knee aimed at his diaphragm, which would knock the breath out of Voltage. As Voltage recoiled, he would follow this up by catapulting a superhumanly strong right front kick at the Asian teen's chest that would knock him off of the roof and a considerable distance more.

"This is more like it!" Enapay yelled as he fought, leaping after the opponent with a menacing grace. From the glint in his amber eyes, it was clear that he planned on enjoying this.

Dawn watched from her position near the previously-burning car as the others tried to take the shock-dude down a second time. "Crap. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this... but..."

She cracked her knuckles and shook out her hands as she began smoking again. She removed her red hoodie and set it on the ground, then kneeled down as if she were a sprinter about to race. "I warned you."

She waited until Enapay knocked the Asian sparkler up, then dashed forward, fire spitting from the back of her legs as she moved- no, flew forward, then from her bare elbow and forearm as she aimed a rocket-propelled punch at her target's face.

2 Minutes Ago -

Unable to do much beyond hold his hammer in his right arm, Alex watched in horror as 'Voltage', as he called himself, raised one hand and called down a thin bolt of lighting that struck the area just in front of him.

The snap and boom of the thunderclap washed over his ears, making his guts rumble and his hair stand on end. The lightning bolt sank into the earth, throwing up dirt and gravel from the impact point, arching through the ground as the charge drained around them. If this guy could call down that much power so easily, they were in deep, deep trouble.

However, his initial opinions seemed to be unfounded. With Dawn, Roar, and Erica all throwing projectiles at him, he managed to block a few, but not Roar's vocal sound-wave. It knocked him off balance, and into Erica's hands with her putting a crystal blade to his neck.

Alex kept watch from a distance as the group brushed themselves off, Dawn needing some fresh flames to recharge. Seeing her draw in so much energy made him think of a propane tank for some reason. She was skilled with fire, but it seemed to drain with use. "I guess that's what happens when you're part fire as an Omega." Alex thought.

Present Time -

"Hey, crystal girl! Stay away from him, don't touch him. The guys a battery; you touch him and he could fry you at will."

Ben's warning was shown to be true only after Erica was wrenched from Voltage. The Omega charged his body with enough electricity to make the very air around him crackle.

"You might have knocked me down once, but I was only warming up. Feel the full force of my power!"

His live up to that boast was quick and brutal as both Erica and Ben were struck by a blast of electricity from his hands. Lifted off their feet, they were propelled back into the wall of the orphanage. Roar was hit next, landing in the dirt with a whump, followed by Marcus, who splashed into many blobs against the wall before reforming himself.

Torn between feeling like an idiot for sitting on the sidelines like he was, and glad that he had, Alex quickly made his way over to the trio of downed Omegas after Marcus left, trying to do something while he was sitting out. Erica was readying a pair of crystal wings when he came closer, while Ben was asking to borrow Roar's power again. Looking over, Enapay was in the way of Voltage; if Ben fired off that power now, they'd have a three way brawl to deal with.

Then, Alex noticed that Voltage had been attacking them from a part of the concrete walkway that lead to the orphanage, but that Dawn and Enapay were already going after him, along with Marcus. He could cause the concrete to wrap around his legs, maybe even up to his waist so they'd only be dealing with a human turret for a time. Seeing some of the group get zapped close up made him drop the idea.

"I can't just do nothing." Alex thought. However, he knew that if he did, Voltage's attention would be drawn to him, and if he attacked them, the very orphanage they had accepted help from could get caught in a blast and sent to the ground in flames.

"Flames?" Looking over, Alex saw that the fire Enapay had started to give Dawn a boost was not fully into the gas tank yet. He knew cars with burning tanks didn't fully burn the gas inside. Snapping his fingers, Alex spoke, trying not to get too much louder versus the blasts of electricity from their foe. "Roar, Ben, Erica, I have an idea how we can stop this guy."

Voltage tossed Enapay like a toy much to his suprise, but then to his even greater annoyance the chaotic omega jumped right back into the fray without a second thought, and more than that now the firebug was getting in on it as well. At this rate he was never going to get a shot at the shock omega, not without taking his teamma-...well, at least those that weren't trying to kill him yet down as well.

Lowering his hands down away from his mouth, he looked around for anything he could use. So many omegas, why couldn't he do a damn thing!? The firebugs powers were useless in his hands, the morph was useless overall, Enapay's powers were useful but Ben wasn't about to jump into a fist fight with a bug zapper. No, there had to be an alternative.

"Roar, Ben, Erica, I have an idea how we can stop this guy." He heard Alex saying from a short distance away. Looking over, Alex was right there, holding his arm and looking injured.

"Sorry, but Roar isn't available now. If you'd like to leave a message though, I'll be sure he gets it." Ben told him, though even without using the voice his words still reverberated with Roars power, though without full control over it his voice was nowhere near as potent.

Marcus took some time to recover after the blow. When he reformed, he was out of breath and struggled to stand. He became aware that he hadn't fully recovered from the fire and was now putting his body through more strain as it had to reshape itself over and over. Marcus barely heard Alex's mention of a plan through the dull ringing in his ears. Marcus switched his focus to buying Alex enough time to put his plan into motion. Shaking off the weakness, Marcus reshaped his upper arms once more. This time, he changed both of them into large mallets, both about the size of his opponent. With an enraged yell, Marcus swung both his arms together, hoping to catch Voltage in the middle.

The Native American boy's attack knocked Voltage to the ground, winding him. Staggering to his feet, he saw his attacker rushing forward, and in response, dispatched by a ball of lighting to the chest. This, however, did not seem to deter him, as he was on his feet in moments.

Another atacker, a girl whose body burned with flame, leapt forward with a flaming punch. The blow struck the still-recovering Voltage, but returned the favor with another lighting bolt.

The dark-skinned boy was last to attack, wielding hands turned into giant mallets, intending to quash him flat. Voltage managed to move out of the way, knocking him aside. But despite it all, he was beginning to run out of steam. He needed to charge up, and quick!

Erica hung around the edge of the edge of the battlefield, unsure of whether to rush in or not, when she overheard Alex say he had an idea.

"Well, whatever it is," she said, "I'm all ears."

And up on the rooftop, Phantom watched it all, silently wishing he had some popcorn. He didn't care much for the overeager Voltage, and seeing him get his ass handed to him was almost worth anything that came after.

In a hurry, Enapay dive rolled behind an old Nissan, taking cover. "Okay, okay...Lets see how he likes this one," the teen murmered to himself. With that, Enapay began rapidly inhaling and exhaling at a rapid rate, like a body builder about to handle a lot of weight, and lifted the car he was using for cover in a military press above his head. The boy subsequently hurled the vehicle in Voltage's direction. He didn't actually expect it to hit him, just throw him off.

"I'm not done, yet!" he yelled as the car flew, dashing forward and telekinetically flinging a old tire at the teen's head, intending to surpise him even further. After the objects were thrown, Enapay ran into Voltage's guard with the intention of delivering an unforgiving right uppercut to his chin, which would send Voltage about ten feet into the air. From there, Enapay would quickly jump into the air after Voltage, spinning to his left with his body parallel to the ground, and, after two spins, slam his shin down on Voltage's head, fully intending to kick him back into the ground.

Dawn, clearly not accustomed to fighting, gets the full force of the lightning blast and is knocked onto her back, twitching. It takes her a moment, but she is able to get back up. She's just really numb now.

"Oowwww... why couldn't I be immune to static and not just heat...?"

This was an opertunity that Ben couldn't spurn. While he was waiting for Alex's plan, in the meantime, for the first time, both Enapay and that firebug were clear of the shock omega. This was the only shot he was going to get.

"Sorry Alex, but I gotta do this NOW!" Ben said loudly, roars power reverberating in his words. Holding his hands up to his mouth on either side of his mouth. Hoping that it might direct and amplify his voice like a megaphone. Quickly, he drew in a big breath, filling his lungs as his chest expanded outwards. In a single movement, he released it all.


Ben held the "A" sound as he shouted at the "Voltage". He cut loose with Roars power, giving it everything he had though without any control or direction. Roars power had been able to cause pain, paralysis, and who knows what else he could do, but whatever happened he could only assume it wouldn't end well for the asian teen.

As the car came flying towards him, Voltage blasted it away with a bolt of lighting, only for the Native American teenager, the one who threw it at him, to come flying towards him.

Reacting quickly, Voltage released a large shockwave that sent him crashing to the ground.

But before Voltage could go after him, another sound blast slammed into him. This one was less powerful than the first, but certainly disoriented him all the same.

"Ow. Just...Ow," Enapay said as he picked up his steaming frame in time to see Voltage become disoriented by the sound wave that Ben had sent at him.

"What's the matter, Sparkly? You seem a little...shocked," Enapay said, softly chuckling at his cheesy pun. Taking advantage of Voltage's disoriented state, the teen threw his strongest right haymaker into the villian's chin, putting enough force into the blow to knock him back.

After this, Enapay pulled a parking meter from the ground, with more than a little strain. "Give me your best shot," the dark-skinned teen taunted as he slowly approached with the parking meter in his right hand.

The copycat roar was like a wake up call for him which he acted if he was rudely awoken by the sound outside back from the bedroom he used to sleep in.

Roar mumbles "Oh what the heck???"

He slowly got up feeling jigger throughout his body. It only took a few moments to remember what happen before he lost conscious.

Oh crap is that Voltage still after us?

He scans the area and saw that Voltage is just standing there shaking and he saw the copycat. He realise that he copy his power again when he was out and use it on him.

I guess I own him for using my power in my absent.

He then realise that Enapay is slowly going to him Voltage with the meter holding on his right hand. He tries to walk but he is still injured so the only thing he can do is shout at Enpay.

He shouted "What are you waiting for? Quickly! Take him out!"

Dawn somehow managed to pull herself to her feet. While her powers over fire were clearly substantial, it was just as clear that her physical prowess wasn't any better off after the Omega Event, except for heat, evidently.

Gotta get up... she thought. Can't let him... hurt anyone else. Ow. Okay, what to do... She looked around and saw Enapay walking towards Voltage with a fare meter. She shook her head to clear it more, then jogged over to him, set her hand on fire, and grabbed the end of the meter.

"Make it hurt just a bit more. Nothing's too good for this guy in my opinion."

"Thanks, Dawn. Couldn't agree more" Enapay said, nodding to Dawn with a smirk. He was now within a few feet of Voltage. "Whaddaya say, Sparky Pants? Ready for some of the ole back alley justice?" Enapay said, patting his left hand with his new club, careful to not touch the red hot end of it. Having the villian in this position was almost to good to be true. The dark skinned teen brought the parking meter above his own head, and swung it down, intending to bring it down on Voltage's leg, dealing a serious, possibly crippling blow, and branding him all with one attack.

"Sorry, but Roar isn't available now. If you'd like to leave a message though, I'll be sure he gets it."

Looking down at Roar, and realizing he was unconscious, Alex realized that meant only Erica and Ben were left to help him while everyone else with stronger powers held off Voltage. However, before Erica could reply to hear his idea, Enapay had already gone to the car he had shown interest in before, lifted it, and tossed it at Voltage like a large rock.

The supercharged Omega blasted the top of the vehicle with a lightning strike from his hands, forcing the massive object to hit the dirt with a thud. Then, as he looked up, he saw a tire flying his direction as well. Quickly getting annoyed by this kid, who seemed to have far too much power for someone his age, Voltage gripped the hilt of his steel katana.

As the tire flew closer, he paused for just a second, and then in a single swift move, his blade left the sheath, seeming like it was using it to guide the strike. Without even hesitating against the rubber, the blade sliced the massive doughnut in half, the pieces splitting in front of him and landing in the dirt like the car.

When he saw that, Alex's jaw dropped. Not only was this guy damn good with his powers of electricity, he was such a good swordsman that he could split a flying tire in half like it was nothing. His legs then froze in place as Voltage again deflected a potential blow to his body by blasting Enapay and forcing him to the ground like he'd been dropped from several stories.

"Sorry Alex, but I gotta do this NOW! FAAAAAAAALLLL!!!"

Ben's version of Roar's piercing yell aimed towards Voltage rocked Alex's ears, making his body tremble in both fear and refusal to hear the notes of his voice. The result however was just what they needed. Voltage went down, falling on his back in a way that kept him from immediately getting up.

While everyone seemed genuinely pleased at what had happened, there was still rage and anger flowing in a few members of the group, specifically Dawn and Enapay. The Native teen had gotten his hands on a parking meter, from where aside a small pile of scrap Alex had no clue, and Dawn had proceeded to superheat it so much it was now glowing as brightly as a welding torch. A swing from that could shatter bone and singe flesh in a heartbeat. "Oh God, no." Alex shook his head in disbelief. They wouldn't. Then again, this was Enapay, who had some serious lack of control.

With his hammer in hand, and trying not to hold his hurt shoulder so much anymore, Alex got away from Ben, Erica and Roar, moving to intercept Enapay. "Wait. Stop!" he shouted as he came close. Alex knew he was putting himself in danger this way if Voltage was still able to blast him, but they had most of the upper hands here. They were now in control. Whatever they wanted from him, they could now get, if they went the correct way. "Damnit you two. Drop that damn thing and think about this for a second. Restrain this bastard. Make him talk." Alex's words retained bits of his own growing anger, but he kept his eyes on Voltage all the same, his hammer ready in case he had to use it himself.

"You really think it's safe to just leave him? Fully uninjured and able? He's just rocked. He could get his bearings back, couldn't he?" Enapay casually said with a look to the clearly peeved Alex, nonchanlantly tossing the glowing parking meter aside with the decision that the whole thing would go more smoothly if he just cooperated. "How do you suggest we go about restraining him, then? I don't think it's safe to just, y'know, grab him."

Dawn, still holding her side, stepped up about five feet away from Alex. The temperature increased... alarmingly. "He threatened the orphanage, Alex," Dawn countered, showing much more hostility than she had before. But she kept her hands down. "An orphanage filled with children! He's a monster, and the people he works for are monsters!" This is clearly not an emotion she's used to showing. Her face is red, her eyes watery, and her voice quivering, as if she can't quite believe what she's saying.

"You really think it's safe to just leave him?" said Enapay. "Fully uninjured and able? He's just rocked. He could get back up, couldn't he?" He tossed the red-hot parking meter to the side. "How do you suggest we go about restraining him, then? I don't think it's safe to just, y'know, grab him."

"And we're not doing it here," Dawn asserted. "Not near the children. If we're gonna question him, if he gets loose, he is NOT gonna threaten them again. And if he does get loose, I'm burning him alive. Do you hear me, Alex?!" Her voice cracked in the last sentence. A single tear quickly turned to vapor as it rolled down her cheek.

Roar watch on as they argue on how to deal with Voltage. He is quite shock with Dawn aggressive side. He steps in to suggest a few possible solutions.

He said "I suppose if I can keep talking to him with my real voice, he may give in and spill it out. No one can withstand my fearful voice for too long. However this is not a solution to restraining him since I can't keep talking to him all the time. I suppose since he's electricity itself his power should react the same way such as we can hold him by wearing rubber clothing but I'm not sure what happen to him if he is drench in water..."

"He threatened the orphanage, Alex. An orphanage filled with children! He's a monster, and the people he works for are monsters!"

John Coleman:
"You really think it's safe to just leave him? Fully uninjured and able? He's just rocked. He could get his bearings back, couldn't he? How do you suggest we go about restraining him, then? I don't think it's safe to just, y'know, grab him."

"And we're not doing it here. Not near the children. If we're gonna question him, if he gets loose, he is NOT gonna threaten them again. And if he does get loose, I'm burning him alive. Do you hear me, Alex?!"

"Seriously, you two chill the hell out." Alex replied, trying to hold back his own anger. "I know all that; I'm not stupid. And Enapay, if you want to know how to restrain someone like him, why don't you look at the car you just used like a large boulder. There's something it has that we could use that you and Dawn used, and it's not rocket science what that is."

Alex then maneuvered behind Voltage, keeping his hammer at the ready and in a position to strike himself. As if Voltage knew what he was getting at, he growled at him, Alex lifting one middle finger in response. "Dawn, give me a hand keeping this guy busy. Enapay, grab the stuff I told you about. We'll need it. Everyone else, keep back until I say it's safe."

Looking down, Alex then saw Voltage going for his katana, which was back in the sheath but seeing what he could do with it, he was taking no chances. He got up close and stamped on Voltage's hand and the sheath, putting as much of his weight as he could on him to keep him pinned, and keeping the hammer's head over Voltage's own even as he yelled in pain from his hand being pinned between the swordguard and Alex's shoe.

"Look, bro," Enapay said, a concerned frown on his face. "I'm not doing anything, and I'm not even mad, or stressed, or anything, right now. Though, I still don't endorse being this gentle on that tool, with him threatening innocent lives and all. All I've done in the last two seconds is ask some questions. How about you chill out. And why don't you stop giving me that look and that tone? Like I annoy you or something. It's certainly not going to make us get along any better," he continued calmly, sighing afterwards. Subsequently, the teen approached Dawn, and placed gentle, reassuring hands on each of her shoulders.

"It's okay, Dawn. It's okay. Despite how ironic it sounds, I want you to keep a cool head and not let it get under your skin. He's not going to hurt anyone, anymore. I promise," he said in a soft voice. "I don't want you to stress about it. S'not good for you."

With that, Enapay walked over to the car he'd thrown at Voltage. With a few short breaths, he hefted the vehicle above his head and carried it over to Voltage and Alex, slowly setting it down on the pavement, about five feet from their newest adversary. "There," he said tersely, crossing his arms over his chest.

Marcus was taking time to rebalance himself after the fight and having felt the effect of Ben's use of Lloyd's roar. Marcus managed to recover enough to walk over to the others surrounding Voltage. Marcus focused on Voltage, he was ready to move and reshape his arms into some form of restraint at the slightest movement. Marcus might receive a full blast of electrical energy for his trouble, but it would give the rest a fighting chance.

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