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She shook his hand. "Terina. You must be new to this place." She smiled, letting go of his hand and ordering a drink. Picking it up, she drank it slowly. "Don't worry. The group takes care of its own. But we aren't averse to punishing those who stray from the guidelines."

"True, true that's what I would hope, but that human will be trouble. One wrong step and I might just slip up and set my FENRIRs on him." He reached over to pick up his wine.

"Asari Honey Mead... Vintage 2183... Best year for Honey Mead... sighed Wires taking an appreciative sip. "Hey, do you think Verahl would let me keep my pet FENRIR mech 'Erebus' in here? I've had him since I was 10, very special, very deadly."

OOC: You do mean "Shook his hand" not "Shook his head" lol.

"Depends on whether you can keep him under control. Couldn't hurt to ask."

"I added a program I call "Watchdog AI".
Anyone who isn't entered into his database as "friendly" or not wearing our logo is treated suspiciously. If that "suspicious" person draws a gun, he is an enemy, and he will attack.

Otherwise he defaults to another program I wrote, "Puppy AI". He's just a normal Earth dog otherwise... but made of metal, and deadly.
He also has special anti hacking firewalls and encryptions. You can hack him, but it takes time. You don't have time when you're facing a FENRIR" babbled Wires completely oblivious to the lack of interest from nearly everyone in the room.

"In you go" growled Ocara from the back of the group that stood outside the open holding cells, as Brooks 'gently' ushered them in with jabs to the ribs with the barrel of his shotgun. As the Salarian's shuffled in, some of them grumbling, Ocara felt his face once more and recoiled slightly at the sting of exposed flesh and broken scale, later he'd have to bandage himself up, for even though visiting Miles would be the rational thing to do, Ocara couldn't stand being in the mans presence for more than once in a week.

"And there we go, thats the last of em'" said Ocara, shutting the security door behind the prisoners once the last one had entered the cells, sealing them in until they would go for interrogation, an interrogation that Ocara wanted to be part of.

"Alright man, I guess Lux and Raven are going to do the admin side with Verhal, I'm going for a drink, this thing smarts" said the Turian to Brooks, his hand going to hi face again, before he turned around and headed off for the bar, he could dress down later, but for now, he just wanted to dull the pain.

Dregger jolted awake in the corner. It was quite noticeable due to his size. There was ntohint particular about his sleep that jolted him awake. That's just how he always got up.

"Whats all this damn yelling for?" he said grumpily.


Rook walked into the Elixir to find an Asari yelling at a Salarian at the bar. He watched for a moment, and saw one of the nearby guards, a Batarian, laughing at the situation.

"...And what do I get in return? I get some cowboy Salarian coming into MY club..."

"What's going on?" Rook asked the Batarian, not shifting his eyes from the scen the two were making.

"Another new one?" the guard asked, as he turned to see Rook, having not noticed him approach. "Well, the Salarian there, thought he could come in here acting like the owned the place. Krav tried to put him in his place, but the Salarian had his drone come out from behind him, and scared his shitless."

He then cracked, and started to bend over laughing.

"Should have seen the look on his face! Krav hasn't looked like that since Lia told him she preferred Krogans!" he said, then taking a few deep breaths trying to calm himself. "Anyways, that's Oleene. She owns the Club."

"I thought Verahl owned it," Rook said as he saw Oleene release the Salarian, dropping him to the floor.

"Quick tip, don't mention that name in here, especially when others are around," the guard said as he stopped watching Oleene and Wires. "I'm assuming though, that you're one of the new mercs, so I'll tell you what's what. The Elixir is the front for Aegis's base. Beneath is most of it. Verahl can't be bothered with running a night club though, but doesn't want to miss out on the profits it generates, as well as the fact that if no one came in, it'd be more strange. So, he hires Oleene to keep things in check up here for him. While I guess he is the one that owns it in the end, she's the one that runs and operates it for him, and she's the one that'll kick your ass if you cause trouble in here first."

"Alright," Rook said as he watched Oleene finish with the Salarian, and start walking back to her office. "I'm Rook by the way."

"Janx," the guard said, as he took a glass off of a nearby table and drank from it. "So, Yossar's recruited another Turian soldier to act as fodder for Aegis's ranks?"

"Adept," Rook said as he reached into his pocket, and pulled a small flask from it.

"An Adept?" Janx said in surprise. "Seems as though Aegis serves as a beacon for your kind and Biotics?"

"Lot of others?" Rook asked, surprised to not be the only one.

"Two Vanguards as well. Yossar's one, and the other left a couple months back."

Rook nodded, still a bit taken back by the fact that others like him had worked here.

"Bah, humans and their intolerance of the more advanced" "Bah, your just jealous I'm gonna live longer" John laughed as he finished his beer "but all kidding aside, I've got a question for you Torin. Do you have any spare FENRIR? I like them for target practise, they can be...challenging if programmed right."

Walking back to the bar, he took a long admiring look at the newly arrived Asari. Dammn! This job may be more fun than I first imagined. He thought as a small lecherous smile crept from the corner of his mouth. Signaling the bartender for another beer, he was settling himself into a seat at the bar, when Dregger awoke. "IT'S ALIVE, IT'S ALIVE!" John shouted, laughing at his own joke "Oh yeah, the Salarian got over excited at a joke I made."

"Damn lizards. They all need to learn to shut the hell up once in a while." Dregger commented as he walked over to the bar. He sat down on the stool next to John and it groaned under his weight. He turned towards John and sized him up. He looked strangely focused for the few seconds it took.

"I bet people under-estimate you based on your size don't they human. I think you would put up a decent fight." Dregger said this with tangible confidence. Like he was spouting facts.

A wolfish smile spread across John's face "Yeah, it happens from time to time usually Krogans or Batarians, and one time a Volus, but then I kicked his round ass down some stairs...that was funny." Laughing John stuck out his hand "Names John Thuillier, I think we're gonna get along well."

Santius entered the room, looking around as if he expected something to pounce on him with every step he took. He saw a group gathered. He stared for a while, trying to determine whether this group was likely to talk to him or try to hurt him.

After a few moments, he walked up to the human and krogan nearby. "Hello, name's Santius. Any chance you've seen a batarian around here? A particularly angry one?"

Qulana follows Santius into the room. After seeing the coast was clear she to approaches the human and krogan.

"I believe I was told to report hear?" placing one hand on her hip, while waving the other slowly.

Turning to greet the new arrivals with a smile, John replied "Yeah I think you've got the right spot. Hmm particularly anrgy batarian you say?" he mused, adressing Santius' question "Isnt that their default mood? Well around me anyways. No, the only batarians Ive seen so far are the bartender, and one of the club security." I'm likeing this job more and more he thought to him self as he looked over Qulana. "My names John, and you are?"

Ethan, helping move the prisoners had untied the lot of them and wrapped up his rope, reflecting that bringing it was a good call. He still felt himself wince in pain from his beating whenever his armor hit him just right, so he decided to go pay a visit to Miles, see if this time he could get some pain killers.

He was glad that Aegis' holding cell was right on top of the med-center. He walked in, "Hey doc, you get any pain killers in yet? I don't need anything hefty, just something to take the edge off."

Wires noticed the new addition to the club. After yelling at Krav once again "MORE WINE!" He staggered over to Qulana, now completely piss-face drunk and said "Hello Ashari, you ssshouldn't talk to the xenophobic hoomansh". "I'm Wiresh, reshident tech and 'HIC!' AI extrodinaire". He drained his new glass of wine in one gulp and yelled yet again "MORE WINE!", before collapsing on the ground.

Dregger looked at the unconscious Salarian and scoffed loudly.

"I hope no-one expects me to let him take my back in a battle. He is pathetic. If I woun't get into trouble I'd just put him out of his misery."

He looked thoughtful for a moment before continuing with, "Actually, is he with us? Because if not then I'll just beat the shit out of him for the exercise."

Wires got back up "Musht everyone be so cruel? Here I am offering free mechs to the eshtablishment, but they're all "raaar, we're hoomansh, we're xenophobic!" spat Wires.

"I'm going back to my ship, just a quick warning, my YMIR is set to kill everyone who ishn't me. HIC! Point of warning, shtay away from my ship... AND I'LL TAKE THE BOTTLE OF WINE WITH ME!" After grabbing the bottle from the counter where Krav left it he staggered back blindly to his ship.

OOC: God I love first impressions. :D

Santius stared at Wires as he walked off.

"Friend of yours?" he said, turning back to the group.

"Friend of whose? Mine?"

When wires made it back to his ship, his thoughts were already clearing. "Oh, I may have made a poor first impression". After selecting three of his best bottle from his Wall of Wine (Vintages 2183, 2175, and 2100) he started tinkering on a LOKI mech he stole from his last job.

"Any of you," Santius responded. "Or is this just the popular crowd? Are you all the kind who regularly get drunken idiots who don't understand xenophobia?"

"Well I like to kill them but I don't know about these others."

"The drunk ain't a friend of mine" John muttered "and I ain't xenophobic I'm just an asshole, theres a difference."

"Hey Krav, I'll have the usual and a couple of napkins to go with it please" said Ocara cheerily as he sat down at the bar, purposefully ignorant of the chaos and shouting he'd walked in on, as long as he could have a drink to temporarily dull the headache and soak up some of the blood from his cheek with a napkin, everything else could go to hell, that is, unless things degraded to the point where he really had to intervene, but that rarely happened.

"And hey Oleene, looking fantastic as usual"


Verahl, Raven, Lux, and Yossar walked through one of the doors attached to the dance floor.

"Listen up!" yelled Lux immediately catching everyone's attention in the room. "All of you get down here so we aren't screaming across the Club."

Verahl and the others waited as the four new recruits approached them. Verahl's eyes caught Santius standing back, but he needed to deal with the recruits first.

"I was told there were five of you here," Verahl said as he looked over each of them. "Where's the fifth gone?"

"The Salarian?" Krav asked from the bar. "Got drunk and left. Trust me, it's better this way."

Verahl looked back at Yossar, who simply shrugged his shoulders at it.

"Fine, for the remaining four of you, let's get down to business," Verahl said as he crossed his arms, continuing to still inspect each of them. "You all know the current climate of Omega. A few months back, thanks to Arch Angel, a power vacuum was created. With the Suns, Pack, and Eclipse out of Omega, there's been a lot left behind, either unclaimed, or in weaker hands. We're going to capitalize on that. We've already carved out two districts as our own, and we'll keep doing this until we've taken as much as we can from this station."

His eyes slowly lost some of their focus as he continued. He had stopped looking over each as intensely as he had previously. He had been examining their every detail, from the colours on their armours, to the scars on their faces.

"The Krogan behind me is Lux. He's on of this company's squad leaders. In a fight, he'll be one of the ones giving orders. If he tells you to do something, we expect it done immediately. In front of him is Raven. He's second in command of the company. Again, follow his word to the letter. Then we have Yossar. Years of military experience has made him and advisor to this company. He provides us with most logistics and tactics in regard to our current situation, as well as gathers most of this company's intelligence. In addition, he's in charge of keeping this entire company combat ready."

Verahl took a slight pause as he looked each one in the eyes once more.

"And I am Verahl. I am in charge of Aegis. I am your boss, your commander, and the one each of you is going to be listening to for your duration here. Each of you will serve Aegis to your fullest potential. Whether that be until you leave on your own, or until your death. I will not lie and say that joining us isn't a risk. But if you haven't realized that already, then you're not even fit to wear the armour and carry the weapons each of you have."

Verahl opened his Omni-Tool as he talked, and started scrolling through it.

"Currently, information is being extracted from prisoners that have just taken. Once that information is known, you will be sent out to act on it. That means, you will likely have less then four hours before you're moving out on your first mission for us. In that time, you will be given a quick introduction to this company's members, as well as a quick tour of the base. After that, the company will be briefed on our next objective, and you will be sent out."

Verahl then closed his Omni-Tool, and looked over each of them for a final time. He was passing his judgement on each of them, as they all stood silent for a moment, waiting for him to conclude.

"Now, while each of you is signed up and supposedly ready to serve in our company, I will offer you this time to clear up any confusions or questions you have. Keep it quick though, as there are still several things that need to be done."

John smiled Ahh the standard newbie merc greeting, makes one feel wanted. "Ah boss?" he said, looking to Verahl "You wouldnt happen to know of a Volus arms dealer around here named Von Raam would you?"


"No," he said as he turned to face John. "Most of our weapons are provided by a Batarian arms dealer."

"Nice to see I have a boss with a quad for once." Dregger piped up. "But if this next mission has nothing to do with combat then my time could be better spent training. Just thought I should let you know."

Dregger took a moment to size up these Aegis higher-ups like he did with John before giving a very slight nod seemingly to no-one.

"By the way, Lux. I'm looking forward to fighting along side a Krogan again. It's been a while. I also have some questions about the current combat status."

"Okay" John replied "because when I find that little gas bag I'm gonna use his ass for target practice." His face grew grim as he kept speaking "About six years ago he set up a deal with the 'Iron Winds', a crew me and a good friend of mine had been working for, for some small arms. When we got to the meet we found a large, well armed group of batarian slavers waiting for us. The little bastard sold us out to make a quick buck. Long story short, my friend died and last I heard Von was operating on Omega, but I haven't been in the area, or had the time to throughly track his ass down." John's voice was as cold as the void when he finished, his armoured fingers grinding into the palms of his hands.

"One last question" he said, taking a deep breath "How's Aegis' relationship with Aria? 'cuz guaranteed she'll know if he's around."


"We're essentially looking at capturing a smuggling ring," Verahl said to Dregger. "We want them alive and detained so they can be...negotiated... With."

Lux stepped forward from the others and paced around Dregger for a moment, sizing the other Krogan up.

Seems strong. Hard armour plating. Decent weapons. Doesn't appear to have any markings though. Some kind of pretty boy? We'll have to see.

He stopped when he had passed from his right side to his left, satisfied. He'd have to wait to see what Dregger was like in a fight before passing any more judgement.

"If you have any questions, I can answer them. The men I lead though have proven their worth. They're strong and dependable," he said, as his gaze left Dregger, and fell onto the rest of them. "We'll have to see if the rest of you fit that same mould."

"One last question, how's Aegis' relationship with Aria? 'cuz guaranteed she'll know if he's around."

The moment John asked, Yossar, Lux, Raven, and Verahl's attention was locked on him. Each was staring at him, as they remembered their last experience with her.

"I'll make this very clear to you," Verahl said, a hostile tone in his voice starting to rise. "If you're going to go to her, you will tell me first. And, after that, if you still decide that you'll be going to Aria to ask her about this, you won't be wearing the armour of this company? That goes for the lot of you as well! There will be no further dealings with her unless directly stated by me and only me. Am I understood?"

Verahl was now glaring directly at John. Batarians were naturally gifted at staring others down. Each of their four eyes drilling into you made it hard to stare back, and made it extremely uncomfortable.

"If you require information like that, find an information dealer. Go to the Shadow Broker if you must, but you will NOT go to Aria."

Rook shifted uneasily as he felt the intensity radiating from Verahl.

"I think you hit a nerve," he whispered before stepping forward a bit and asking a question. "I only have one concern right now boss. I don't want to be sounding rude or anything by this, but if we're going to be heading out in a few hours, I could use a hot meal. Is there anything around here that I can---"

"Dray, the cook. Tell him what you want and he'll make it for you," Verahl said as he turned from John to Rook. "There's also a barracks, training room, and armoury here. If you need a roof, we can provide it."

"Thank you," Rook said as he nodded in understanding. "Now, I know I don't have any other questions. Do you mind if we, you know, get out of here and get ready?"

"We've covered everything," Yossar said as he waved his hand back at the door the four came from. "Down that hall you'll find an open doorway. They'll be a small lobby, and the company secretary. Behind her, stairs and an elevator. Up is the office, down is the common room. Beneath that is training and storage. Bottom level is the prison and med-bay."

"Understood," Rook said as he broke off from the others, and headed into Aegis's base.

"What kind of enemy presence is there?" Dregger asked Lux. "And are you having particular trouble in any one area? If so then send me in."

"So..." Santius began. "Er... How is business?"


"Presumably only smugglers, but we can't say for certain yet," Lux said as he moved over to the bar and waited for Krav to fetch some ryncol. "As for trouble, I can't say. We'll see when we get there as to what the situation is and proceed from there."

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