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Santius returned the handshake. "Santius Valerian. And surely you have a name I can refer to you by. I can't be expected to know you as 'Paladin', can I?"

"Well, I don't know you well enough to expect much of anything either way. But my family calls me Ethan. It's good to meet you Santius."

Terina nods to Santius. "Name's Terina. It's a pleasure to meet you."

John looked up from where he was sitting beside Raven. "Yo, name's John" he said with a wave. "You call me Johnny, and I may have to slap you. I also respond to 'Hey asshole!'"

"A pleasure to meet you too, Terina," Santius said.

You call me Johnny, and I may have to slap you. I also respond to 'Hey asshole!'

"Er... I'll keep that in mind."

"Torin "Wires" Kirran, best AI and Tech expert on Omega. I also respond to "Master" and "That drunk". said Wires with an egotistical grin.

Quolana walked over to Santius extending her hand. "So what kind of jobs have you boys done in the past?" She gestured towards paladin. "I get the impression that not everyone hear is not so carefree."

"I worked with Eclipse, I'm surprised no one picked it up from my shoulder-pad. We have a bad history, I wanted a pay rise, they refused, I set their Ymirs on them. Took my pay rise, and about 20 bottles of wine for good measure. Don't mess with a poor, strong drunk. They'll get you." babbled Wires.

"Before I came here, I was with some smaller mercenary groups," Santius said. "I've been trying to forget they ever existed. Let's just say that they weren't the most kind and loving of people and leave it at that."

"I usually worked on my own. I pulled a bunch of jobs helping colonists out in the Terminus, Every once in a while I'd get a job from the Flotilla when they needed someone who didn't need an environment suit. Pulled in a few bounties, and spent a good year working as a body guard and pilot for an Asari diplomat who was making a tour of the Terminus. And before I was a gun-for-hire, I flew with the Corsairs in the Alliance."

"Before I came here, I was with some smaller mercenary groups . . . Let's just say that they weren't the most kind and loving of people and leave it at that."

"Yeah, I hear that" John said, nodding to Santius. "Since everyone else seems to be taking a trip down memory lane, I may as well jump in. Since I left that shit hole of a planet, Ive mostly run with smaller crews, less drama that way. Ran afoul of the Blue Suns 'bout seven years ago." he said, running his hand ove where his right ear used to be. "Seems they didnt like the idea of some pissant little ten man merc crew robbing one of thier weapons caches. Didn't stop us."

Chuckling, he pulled a cigarillo from his armour, and lit it. "Yeah, thoses guys I ran with where a good bunch. I'd probably still be workin' with'em if that cocksucking bastard volus hadn't sold us out to those slavers. Well that little fuck is gonna get his comeuppance real soon."

Taking a long drag on his smoke, to settle his nerves, John kept going. "The last crew I was with seemed to be pretty legit, you know honest security jobs and the like, but the salarian 'Ferand' who ran it always seemed a little 'off'. After the job on Illium that we where on ended, we started to make our away back to Omega, in the armed freighter Ferand owned. About a week out,we come across a merchantman plodding along minding its own business, when Ferand gives the order to attack. When I asked him why his response was 'Why not? Noones gonna miss'em.' Long story short, I stuffed his skinny ass into an airlock and blew him into space without his helmet. Shot the other three when they attacked me, flew back to Omega, sold the ship to pay off some outstanding debits, and signed on with Aegis."

John took another long drag of his smoke. "I don't really know any of you well enough, so fair warning. If you go after civilians simply for kicks I will put you down hard, Verahl be damned."

"John, It sounds to me like you've succeed in pissing off a lot of people in a very short amount of time, and the ones that you didn't kill, are going to make a bee-line straight for the target you've managed to spread over all our backs."

Ethan waved his hand to disperse the smoke from the cigar. He didn't mind the occasional stogie but now was hardly the time.

"So tell me this, are you prepared to deal with the skeletons in your closet when they come calling?"

"And the Blue Suns, too," Santius remarked. "These are the kind of people who will send small armies hunt you down if you do something to make them look bad. How have you even survived seven years?"

John took another long drag of his smoke. "I don't really know any of you well enough, so fair warning. If you go after civilians simply for kicks I will put you down hard, Verahl be damned."

"Really John, Do any of these guys look like they would hunt civilians?" She waved towards Paladin.

"But if were sharing past, Ill share since everyone else was so forthcoming. I ran bodyguard duty for a merchant a while back." Tossing her hands in the air a bit, "However my client got himself killed in the lower omega markets while I was on leave. Since then iv been filling in with various merc gangs to pay the bills. Nothing to dirty though."

Looking at Paladin and Santius, John smiled. "A good friend of mine always said, it's better to be lucky than good, but damned if I aint both." After taking one last puff of his smoke, and putting it out, he looked at Paladin "If your worried about my past catching up and fucking with your livlyhood, dont be. Ninty-eight percent of the of the people I've pissed off only know me as some asshole in full heavy armour fucking thier shit up. The other two percent ain't nobodies problem no more, if you catch my drift. As for the Blue Suns, fuck'em, I'm pretty sure they think I'm dead."

"Really John, Do any of these guys look like they would hunt civilians?"

"I couldnt say Qulana, I havn't known them long enough. Apperances are not always what they seem."

'Wow, who new taking on newbies would bring such an influx of angst' thought Ocara as he waited paitently by the fridge, a cool purple drink in his right hand, his left hand massaging his temples, mainly as a way to soothe his aching head, but partly as a facepalm. Though that being said, everyone had their baggage, its just some people are were more vocal about it than others and in a new group, they'd of course want to carve out a space for themselves, both through shows of who could be the biggest cock and through telling everyone how serious you are.

'Ah well, to each his own'

"The thing about luck, John, is it has the bad habit of running out, ability doesn't. Try and keep in mind what the poet Rogers said, 'You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run'. You learn where your limits are, then that luck will serve you well, and your dumb ass will last longer."

Wires tapped a few buttons on his Omni Tool. "I've called Erebus, he'll be here in a second, fast runner that one, I added new joints in his legs, they don't seize up any more, and that redu..." Wires raved on about the wonders of Erebus and the work he had done on it.

Wires gave an excited gasp, "There you are boy! Come here, come on! Who's a good Mech? Who's a good Mech? You aaaaaaaaare" babbled Wires with a stupid grin that most definitely did NOT belong on the face of a Salarian Tech Genius, but he couldn't care less.

(As mentioned earlier): Erebus was programmed with puppy AI, unless Wires chose to override it to turn him into a combat mech, or he followed sequence, "IS TARGET AEGIS? Y/N. Y=IGNORE N=CAUTIOUS. IS TARGET ARMED? Y/N. Y=DEFEND THE MASTER! N=CAUTIOUS". In it's normal puppy AI, it was a playful little beast, like an Earth puppy.

Erebus was jumping up and trying to climb Wires. "DOWN! EREBUS! DOWN!" yelled Wires, much to the amazement of everyone else in the room.
"I use him for scouting, send him forward, few programs, makes noises, charges at enemies if any are nearby, far more efficient that a combat drone. I mean sure combat drones are cheap, but they don't pack the same OOMPH! that a FENRIR has, and look at this armour plating, fine work there, had to "convince" a human to do it for me, good job, nice pay (chuckle)..." Wires carried on about the origin of Erebus and about the various upgrades.

Santius eyed the mech suspiciously.

"I don't like that thing already," he muttered. "Wires, keep that away from me or I will hurt it. Or at the very least, I'll use it to hurt you."

"Wires, keep that away from me or I will hurt it. Or at the very least, I'll use it to hurt you."

John laughed loudly, "Fuck, Santius I barely know you, but already I like you." Reaching behind, and retriving his ML-77 he looked at Torin calling out, "Hey Wires! You think Erebus wants to play fetch?" After another good laugh, he collapsed the missle launcher and put it away.

"You'll hurt me with it how? Hacking? Special programs written by the best man in the business (myself), extra armour, self destruct mechanism that overrides all programming that and look at him, he's a little puppy!" Wires bent over and scratched behind where Erebus' ears would be if he were a real dog.

"Light enough for me to lift, and heavy enough to hurt you if you keep your mechs running around here," Santius said. "Look, I don't like these machines and I ask you kindly to keep them away from me before I have to disassemble them."


"Try her now!" Keith yelled as he pulled his head out from an open panel on the inside of the Gauntlet.

Kryxus tested a few things in the cockpit, and soon enough, the engines came to life, giving off a low hum that said it was ready for take off.

"What was it?" Kryxus asked as he powered the ship down and stepped back into the cargo bay.

"Electrical problem," Keith said as he reattached the panel on the side. "Was causing engine three to just not start up. Still would have been able to fly her, but even Elcor'd be passing you."

"Good to know," Kryxus said as he opened his Comms up to Lux. "Lux, Keith got her fixed, assemble everyone, we're good to go."

Lux soon relayed the message to the rest of the company, telling them to get on the Gauntlet as soon as possible.

Terina moved out of the room quickly, heading onto the Gauntlet and sitting in a nearby seat.

Santius slowly backed out of the room, making sure his eyes stayed on Wires' for as long as possible. Once he exited the room, he quickly turned and ran to the Gauntlet.

"I almost forgot how fun this is when Krogans aren't trying to beat you to death," he said.

Finishing his smoke, John stood and put his helmet on. "Kinda makes ya fell alive dosne it?" he said, look at Santius. Pulling his M-96 from its shoulder mount he muttered "Time to earn my keep," then jumped into the Gauntlet.

Paladin nodded in affirmation that he had heard, and walked into the Gauntlet. He found an empty seat and sat down, fiddling with the thermal clips he had strapped to his arm, which served the purpose of keeping his hands busy while his mind went over possible tactics, as well as loosening the clips to make it even easier to remove them if he needed to, in addition to checking for any that fit too loosely in their sleeves, and risked falling out.

He had overheard the pilot talking about the ships engine, Ethan briefly debated offering his help, one doesn't live with a Quarian for almost five years without picking up a few tricks. But he could tell by the hum in his ears and the vibration under his feet that any help he would offer would just be redundant. And since they wouldn't be breaking atmo, there was no reason to double check.

So Paladin sat back and waited for everyone else to board, Lux would brief them on what they would be expecting, and then, if there was anything to ask, he'd make sure to ask it.

Dregger trudged onto the Gauntlet looking disappointed. He had been anticipating a real fight after the rumors he had heard on the way over here and now all he had to look forward to was smugglers. If things didn't shape up fast he had half a mind to turn on these guys for the sake of a decent fight.

Raven waited as the rest of the company loaded themselves into the bay of the Gunship before walking into the cockpit to talk to Kry. "Our destination is in the Warehouse District, number nine to be exact. We going to commandeer the landing pad of one of the nearby ones and move in from there." Turning on his heel as Kry took launched the Gauntlet into the air, he made his way back to the loading bay and began his mission briefing. "All right people the smugglers are operating out of a warehouse in the district. We going to borrow one of the nearby landing pads for a few hours and move in from the ground. If the workers give us any problems we'll detain them for the duration."

Pausing momentarily to consider the teams, he continued, "Were going to divide into four teams for this op. I'll be leading the first rush team with Santius, Qulana, and Terina. Lux you'll have team two with Dregger, Paladin and Korat. Once the infiltration team completes it's objective we'll move in and take the smugglers." Turning his attention to the remainder of the company, he went on, "Esten you'll take Ocara and Sal and infiltrate the compound. Make your way to the security room and deactivate all their security so we can move in. The rest of you will hang back and guard the Gauntlet. We'll also need someone to run a distraction."


Esten glanced up at the mention of a distraction. He paused for a moment to think before looking at Raven.

"I'll create a distraction, Ocara can lead the Infiltration," he said as his eyes started to skim over the weapons on the racks on the side of the Gauntlet. "I work more efficiently by myself."

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