Mass Effect RP: The Aegis Protection Firm - Full

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Raven stared back at Esten before nodding. "Alright Esten will run the distraction then. Ocara you and Sal will run the infiltration. Be careful, the last thing we need is another fuck up in enemy territory."

Wires sprinted up onto the Gauntlet. "Hmph, I noticed you're using HGNT-65 Stabilizers. Did you think of using JRNT-98s? They're lighter and for a ship of this size with this amount of passengers it's plenty sturdy. Fairly cheap too, I could buy them on my salary, even after buying all my wine." Babbled Wires.

"Erebus! Up boy!" Wires shouted. He quickly turned on his eyes to Santius. "If Santius is mean, you can sit on his lap! Ok boy?" Erebus barked at this and settled on Wires' lap. "Attaboy"


"Alright Esten will run the distraction then. Ocara you and Sal will run the infiltration. Be careful, the last thing we need is another fuck up in enemy territory."

Esten's eyes honed onto Raven's and narrowed. His body locked when the words "fuck up" came from his mouth, and a feeling of anger slowly crept over him.

Does he think I'm some lone incompetent recruit? I've been trained by the STG. I've been doing this for years. I've been doing it without mistake.

His face contorted slightly as his mind continued to race over these words. Every way he interpreted them, only put him more and more on edge. Soon though, his expression dropped back to a more distant gaze, as he played over his plans in his mind.

I'll show him perfection.

If Paladin wondered whether or not Verahl was still upset with him, he was pretty confident now. As he looked over his soon to be team-mates, a feeling of slight dread crept through his system as he saw the three Reptiles that resembled nothing more than huge scaly bulls.

His mind started considering this new information. Well, screw developing tactics, one Krogan I can lead, a team, I can aim, at best. All right then, best bet, stay behind, center if possible, no need to pass up a good shield. And make sure they don't get too caught up in the fight and dance on my face. I could probably work as support, maybe watch the rear as the Krogan charge. Thank god for drunk bets on the ranch, I've ridden a bull, and I know the same principles apply when wrangling Krogan. "Dear god, I hope I don't have to do that again." he mumbled under his breath.

Guard duty he mused, oh boy I can't wait...heh. Not suprising though I am an unknown, that and I managed to annoy the boss PDQ. Bringing up his omni tool, he made himself a reminder to talk to Verahl after the mission.

Closing his eyes, and leaning against the shuttles bulkhead, John started to mentally prepare. Assuming this whole thing dosen't go pear shaped, this should be a cake walk...famous last words right?

"Hey Paladin," Dregger called out, "Don't worry, we probably won't leave you in the dust!" He chuckled to himself as he checked his weapons. The confined spaces would be difficult for three Krogan to share but they made a good opportunity to focus his biotic powers. Those shelves would make great cover once he had knocked them over. He just hoped he wouldn't break them.

"You guys better just hope Me, Esten and Sal leave you any hostiles" joked Ocara, fixing a silencer to his sniper rifle, collapsing the stock and taking the high powered scope off of the weapon, effectively rendering it a large, silenced, one-shot pistol, that he returned to its sling on his back.

"I'm ready, I got a rough idea of a plan" said Ocara resolute, after a couple minutes of silence.

"It took you that long to think of a plan? And you call me stupid", Wires chuckled. "I would have thought of a plan way quicker if I WERE ALLOWED TO DRINK, but I digress."

"All we know about the opponent is that they are smugglers, and they are at the location. We should split into at least three groups and maintain a good distance, but not so far so that we can't see each other." Wires had suddenly changed from the joking "lovable" drunk that he usually was into the hardened veteran mercenary that he really was.

"We should have a biotic in each squad, just in case. It also makes capturing enemies easier. Throw them against a wall, knock em out. I'd also recommend having a sniper group of at least two people placed nearby, preferably from a high vantage point. If we're fighting street to street we'll have to be careful. If one group gets to far ahead it will be to easy to get ambushed. Maintain uplink at all times, and synchronize your Omni-Tool frequencies." Said Wires slowly, making sure every word was taken in. "If we reach a possible ambush point, radio me, and I'll send Erebus to your location. He can flush em out fairly easily, and draw them into our own ambush."

Then, the stupid foolish grin spread across his face. "I think I earned my keep for this one, I might be allowed to drink when I get back eh?"

"Thats cute, except Raven has already stated the plan and since he's the one thats been briefed and he's ranked, I think we should roll with that one" replied Ocara pointedly, his good eye closed and his head resting against the back of his chair. His headache was pounding now and the intense babbling of the new Salarian guy wasn't helping it.

"Besides, your plan doesn't seem to acknowledge their security systems. I don't know the specifics, but I'd guess mechs, turrets and some kind of lock-down protocol, all of which will fuck us if we aren't careful. Perhaps you should listen to the briefing in future, instead of petting that... Thing" finished the Sniper, content that he'd vented the stress he'd uncharacteristically been building up lately.

"That isn't bad. But there's one big problem. If there is only one biotic on each team then they become the biggest target. That's fine for me but all the others might not be able to handle it. If the group is too busy covering the biotic to move ahead then the whole plan comes apart. I'd suggest you stay sober a while longer."

Dregger looked around at his surprised shipmates and said "What? I didn't survive centuries of combat by being a stupid berzerker."

Qulana strapped into the ship. "I specialize in drawing fire and stalling. Although usually its for clients to escape from the combat zone, It would be a fun change of pace to see them get routed after stasis wore off. That said I have no problem protecting the ship."

Raven had to fight from breaking Wires's bones then and there. He still needs to perform on the mission. I can deal the real damage later. For now though, Raven smirked as he flicked his wrist and used his biotics to slam Wires brutally into the wall of the Gauntlet. Glaring directly into the arrogant Salarian's eye, he spoke keeping his voice calm, "Listen rookie, you don't seem to understand how the chain of command works here. I am the field commander for this company. All you have shown is that you have no understanding of how the plan would actually work. Be happy I need you to guard the Gauntlet or I would do something a little bit more gruesome to you. We move as planned, ETA 10 minutes."

"Good work, rookie," Santius said. "You haven't even started your first assignment and half of the company already wants you dead! You're even better at this than me!"

Opening his eyes, John looked over at Santius from where he was sitting. "I don't want him dead, but I wouldn't mind if someone sewed his lips shut."

Fuckin' salamnder never seems to know when to shut up, he thought. Who knows, maybe we'll all get lucky and a smuggeler will pop him in the head.

"Ah, but Human Asshole, if my lips are sewed shut, I won't be able to drink, or work on my mechs, or call you an Asshole, but that's just me." babbled Wires, pretending to be oblivious to the painstakingly obvious threat.

"I don't even want to know how you need your mouth to work on mechs," Santius muttered, leaning back. He certainly wouldn't mind any of the other effects of this. "But if you two insist on arguing with each other again, can you wait until we've been captured or something. One of you might just annoy our captors so much, they'll just need to set us free."

'Ocara stood up silently, quickly crossing the distance towards the startled looking Salarian that was 'Wires'. "Shut up Wires" declared Ocara loudly in monotone. "WIRES, SHUT UP!" he shouted again, this time louder, the sound reverberating in the small space that was the Gauntlet. Suddenly, Ocara had both of his hands around the annoying Salarian's neck and he was squezzing with all of his might. "SHUT UP WIRES!" he repeated, over and over and over, until the Salarian at his hands stopped moving and was finally still, finally silent'

Ocara shook his head and opened his eyes suddenly. Slowly sitting forwards in his chair to keep himself grounded in reality and as he did so, he realized he was smiling.

"I just had the strangest daydream" decalred the Turian.

"Great, day dreamers and horn-dogs all in one crew. You're going to get someone killed. Won't be me though." Dregger complained.

"Hey Lux! You'd better live until I get a chance to fight you!" He barked towards Lux.

Dregger was getting anxious, his Krogan blood boiling for a fight. If the action didn't start soon he would just run to the smuggler base on foot and start this his own way.

"It's a good thing we don't have any aggressive idiots who would get everyone killed for the sake of a fight," Santius muttered. More audibly he said "Where did we find you... er... Krogan?"

"Very funny punk. Did I forget to mention I have honed my hearing? Don't worry I won't get everyone killed, just you."

"Good to know," Santius said. "So what is it, then? Got yourself kicked out of the home when you killed your parents' favorite varren?"

"I left to look for a warrior that can match my skills."

Paladin slammed his fist against the wall between the passengers and the pilot, hopefully giving the man flying the ship the idea that haste was necessary. He would hate for Aegis to rip itself apart before they even managed to get to the smugglers base.

"So what is it, then? Got yourself kicked out of the home when you killed your parents favorite varren?"

"I left to look for a warrior that can match my skills."

"Geez Santi, if you want a krogan to kill you so badly," John grumbled. "Could you at least wait until we're not so close togther. Turian blood is a big pain to clean up, it stains even worse that human."

God I hope we get there soon. He thought as he watched Paladin hammer on the cockpit bulkhead, trying to get the pilot to fly faster.

"Don't call me that," Santius said. "And Krogan just love me, can't you tell?"


Lux had finally had enough of the behavior everyone was putting fourth. He got up, and carefully made his way down the Gauntlet as Santius and Dregger started bickering with one another. He finally stopped in front of Wires, and glared at the Salarian.

A dull, and rather disgusting thud was heard. Lux wiped the traces of blood from his brow as he pulled his head back.

"You do NOT speak to an officer that way!" he barked as he felt a lone trickle of blood making its way down his face. "Clear?"

He turned to go back to his spot, trying to get that last bit of blood from his face, but only succeeding to streak it across his glove and cheek.

"Unless it's mission related, there will be silence until we touch down," he commanded as he continued down the aisle.

Now this is what I'm talking about. After my contract is up, I'm going to find him again.
Dregger thought hopefully before settling down into his chair with a satisfied look on his face.

"Let's see just how many head injuries we can give the crew before we land," Santius said, his voice nearly dripping with false joy.


The Gauntlet flew over several factories below. Lux could hear Raven identifying the smuggler's base of operations, and telling Kryxus where to land. The Gauntlet slowed as it came in for a landing at another factory. To those working nearby, it'd look like just another cargo ship landing to either deliver or receive goods. Those working there though would know that their ship wasn't scheduled to be there, and would have several questions for them.

When the Gauntlet finally came to a halt on one of the landing pads that weren't in use, Lux immediately moved out of his seat and to the bay doors. He was going to be the first off. The doors slowly pulled open as he drew near, and he could already hear someone yelling at the ship.

"Who are you?" yelled an approaching Batarian. He was better dressed then the workers nearby. Instead of wearing a jumpsuit like the others, he had on a dress shirt and dark pants. "You aren't from---"

He stopped as he watched Lux step out of the Gauntlet, covered in armour and weapons.

"What do you want?" he asked, his tone changing from irate to cautious.

"A landing," Lux rumbled, as he kept moving towards the Batarian that had stopped in his tracks. 'You're providing it."

The Batarian realized that arguing with a well armed Krogan would only be a bad idea, especially when he saw the rest of the company making their way out onto the landing behind him. There was no chance to bargain with them or to get them to leave, they were going to use the landing pad, with his permission or not.

"How long?" he asked, defeated. He was at least trying to figure out how to adjust to their presence.

"As long as it takes," Lux said, as he turned back, and watched the company getting their equipment ready and primed.

The Batarian sighed, rubbing the side of his head. He looked back to see the workers outside the factory having stopped to watch what exactly was happening between the two of them.

"What are you looking at?" the Batarian yelled as he moved away from Aegis, and back to the workers. "Did I say you could take a break? Keep working!"

Lux moved back to the others gathered around ramp and bay doors of the Gauntlet. He looked over each of them, checking their equipment and armour.

"Esten, two minutes to get what you need, another three to get that distraction readied. Ocara, you take Sal, and Rook, and get ready to infiltrate. The rest of you, move into positions around the factory. Don't get to close, but be ready to move in the moment you get word."

Dregger Loaded his shotgun discreetly as he moved into position behind the right side of the middle shelf. He spotted a group of guards near the L shaped bunch of crates. When the signal was given he would charge into the stack, knock them over and crush the three gaurds on the other side, then use the mess as cover so he could get shots at the enemies on the cat-walks. This would be fun.

"Lux, I'm in position and I have three guards in my sights. , waiting for the green light." Dregger muttered into his radio waiting for Lux's command.

As soon as John hit the ground, he started to make his way to a pile of crates at the far right of the pad. From his perch he had a good field of fire across where Aegis had landed, as well as the front entrance of the target building.

Bringing his rifle to the ready he keyed into the unit comm channel, "Am in close overwatch postion, all quiet so far." Then bringing up a private channel he comm'd Wires. "Hey Wires, I can see some vents at ground level that your FENRIS would fit through. Any chance of sending it in there? They may have stashed something good in there, I'll split anything good with you 60/40, how 'bout it?"

"Hey, John, what kind of load out do the guards behind the crates near my position have? I don't want to charge at them only to find myself looking down the barrel of a rocket launcher."

Paladin's eyes scanned the site, the guards were nervous, but by no means aware of what the presence of a team of armed mercenaries signified. They were armed, but then again, on Omega, who wasn't.

He saw the piles of boxes, a small enclosure that appeared to be an office, there were several ladders connected to a series of catwalks, but he'd be damned if he'd follow a team of Krogan onto catwalks.

Finally he saw something that would be perfect for the trademark of Krogan might, shelves. He wasn't sure how sturdily they were fastened onto the ground, but a good slam should knock it onto the ground, regardless, taking the rest of the shelves with it and causing a good deal of trouble to anyone standing under them.

"Lux, take a look at those shelves, do you think you guys could take them down? We could use them as low cover, and make sure they can't do the same in one stroke."

"Paladin, this is Dregger, I could take them down alone so no-one else would have their position compromised but afterwards I would need you to cover me when I go for the crates."

"Hey, John, what kind of load out do the guards behind the crates near my position have? I don't want to charge at them only to find myself looking down the barrel of a rocket launcher."

"Hang on a sec, Dregg...okay found you." Bringing up the optics on his helmet he scanned the three clueless guards. "Hmm no worries the heavist thing I see are pistols, old ones at that. Watch yourself though, I've got some blind spots inside from where I am."

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