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The room spun and blurred as Von tried to clear his head, he didn't know how long it'd been since the beatings had started, he was just glad they'd stopped...for now. When John had raised his pistol Von figured he'd get shot and that would be the end, but he wasn't so lucky, it was just the start.

Even though his envorimental suit helped some, he still took a lot of damage. He could taste blood in his mouth, and one eye was swollen shut after he was struck in the face with the butt of a rifle. His left arm and hand where completely fractured and crushed, where John had stomped repeatedly after he'd fallen out of the chair. As he ran his good arm across his body he could feel spots of intense pain from where he'd been kicked, and beaten with anything heavy John could find.

The worst of all this was that there was no emotion from John. Von had expected the assault to accompany swearing and screaming or some other outbursts of emotion, but there was none, John never said a word as he beat him. Once Von managed to look into John's eyes as he was raining down blows and he saw nothing, no anger or hatred or sadness or anything, and that almost made it worse.

John sat on the edge of the desk, smoking a cigarillo, and watching the volus writhe on the floor. Well I've had enough, I guess I'll finish up. Standing and approaching the figure on the floor, he saw it flinch as he came near. "Don't worry Von" John said, picking up the volus, and standing him on his feet. "I'm done." "Thanks," came a mumbled reply.

Crouching down so he was eye level with his captive, John looked him squarely in the eyepiece. "Von I want you to listen to me very clearly, do you understand?" Von nodded very slowly, "yes" "Good, I want you to do one thing for, run fast and run far because if I find you again, I'll start right back at the beginning. Now go." With that, he released Von and opened the office door.

Von couldn't believe what he was hearing. I"m gonna live! With that he went for the door, slowly at first but gradually gaining speed, 'til by the time he'd crossed the threshold he was running faster than he'd ever run in his life. I'm gonna get on the first shuttle off Omega, I don't care where it's going He thought, eyeing the corner of the alley ahead. Once I get around the corner, I'm safe...I'm FREE!! I'll go back to Irune and never leave, I just want to live!

John watched Von 'run' to safety for a minute or two, then walked to the doorway and drew his pistol. Selecting normal shot, he turned on the laser sight, and took careful aim, right for where the neck and shoulder of the volus' enviro suit met.

The M-5 barked loudly in the empty alleyway, the shot catching up with Von just ten feet short of the corner. The bullet tore through the bit of empty space between the volus himself and his suit, fragmenting and causing a large irreparable tear in the fabric. Moments later a ghastly shriek rippled through the alleyways, as the volus' body tried to expand and force its way through the breach. The screaming was cut off by a sickeningly wet crack as Von's skin burst. His body falling lifelessly to the ground, blood pouring out of the suit.

"Well, that's one demon exorcised" he chuckled, heading back inside to see if there was anything good. Going back to the desk, he picked up the pad Von had been looking at when he'd arrived. [i]Hmm, not much here then switching over to Von's total account balance, [i]Well that's a little better, it'll hopefully stop Verahl from shooting me on sight.

After logging the info onto his omni-tool , he started to dig through the weapons Von had had on hand. Most of it was mediocre at best, but when he spied a heavy weapons crate at the back his eyes lit up. "That's more like it!" He said as he retrieved the crate. Opening the crate, he found a brand new ML-77. "KICK ASS! Oh cool this has the targeting upgrade I wanted to get. SCORE!" After rummaging around some more, but not finding anything interesting he decided to leave.

Once he'd locked the door he sent a message to Verhal.





After sending the message, he made his way to the nearest taxi stand. "Fuck, now it's time to get drunk."


"Just leave now Esten," Verahl said as he indicated to the door. He was getting no where arguing with him over his tactics. In Esten's mind, the mission had been accomplished, little harm done to the smugglers, and minimal losses suffered by Aegis. These all added up to him concluding success and thus justifying any actions he took. Verahl sighed, exhausted, as he sat back down behind his desk.

"What a fucking mess," Verahl said as he leaned back. "Any idea what the fall out from this will be?"

"Bad," Lux said as he poured another two drinks at the bar. "Likely those factory workers won't be too happy. Even more to the people that own the truck. We didn't have time to examine the wreckage, and identification of it was next to impossible."

As he finished topping up the glasses, he went back to Verahl. He took a sip from the glass in his right, while handing the other to Raven, who was sitting across from Verahl's desk.

"Right, now what about him?" Verahl asked the two of them. "Because I'm---"

Before he could finish, Verahl's Omni-Tool flashed as it recieved a message. He opened it and scanned over it quickly before he looked back up, with newfound anger flared in his eyes.

"Why is it that I just recieved a message from the new human, saying he dealt with a Volus problem out of our fucking boundaries?!"

Ocara walked from his room in the Aegis headquarters down to the common room in the hope he could pass the time with one of his bearable co-workers. He had dressed down since the mission and disposing of Wires' body, and he now sported his 'casual' wear of a simple black tee shirt and trousers. Ocara was still armed however and he had his pistol waiting at hand height on his right hip, he never would have thought it necessary to arm himself in the base before, but with new recruits like these, he wasn't going to be taking any chances.

The Turian's mind was racing, as when he had finished up all of his 'company business', he had decided to wind down by sampling some of the Red Sand he'd acquired from the raid and as it turns out, it was some pretty good stuff.

In the corridor he passed Paladin, but Ocara couldn't tell if the Human tried to acknowledge his presence, as his focus was on the buzz he was getting and his goal of making it to the common room.

After what seemed like an age, he had arrived.

Passing Santius as he walked inside, Ocara took a seat across from Sal on one of the rooms large comfortable sofas. On the table were a few pieces of paper and while he waited for something interesting to happen, Ocara amused himself by using the synthetic biotic powers the he'd been granted by the Red Sand to levitate the paper off the table and spin it slowly.

Life was good.

Sal whistled as she clicked the last circuit board into place on Paladins Omni-tool. "Damn that WAS bad, fried everything. Micro-framing half melted, sensor analysis pack fried, and the fabricator...I don't even know what happened to it." She said picking up the device and shaking her head. She stepped off Paladins ship and headed back into the base, looking for Paladin.

She found him after a few minutes in the common room and happily handed the device back to her friend."Little bit of tech advice, next time try to pull back on the power a bit, we have plenty of spare parts. But the whole thing was nearly fried, I was able to save your mods, but all the basics needed to be replaced. And I can't guaranty the mods next time." She said happily.

"Well, it was either overload my omni-tool or let a YMIR rip through half of Aegis, I stand by my decision."

When Paladin installed the new onmi tool he noticed that he had received a message in its absence. He brought up the text and saw it was from the late Wires.

"And here I was hoping Ashala had already gotten back to me." he said to himself.

The Salarian was dead, unfortunate and not how Paladin would have ended it, but he saw that it was inevitable, someone that stupid and offensive rarely lasts long. And despite all that there might have been something worth reading, at least as his last words.



"Well, I am not turning him into Robocop. Hey Sal, after dinner you want to go clear out Wires' ship?"

Paladin had already dressed on the ship for the dinner he had planned earlier. He went back to the base to see who was interested. And now that he had his omni tool, he sent out the information of the place to see if there were any takers.

Hey guys, in celebration of a job done, what's say we go to dinner, there's a great place a few levels up the station. it does dinner and a show, with a live band. And it serves levo and dextro food so every member can get something to eat. If you're interested I'm heading over in about an hour, meet me at the entrance of the Elixir. Dress is semi-formal.

He had an old pre-contact suit that his father had kept in meticulously good condition, and had fitted and given to Ethan upon his graduation. Paladin preferred the cut of the classic earth suits to the more modern designs. He was just wearing the jacket now, over the casual shirt and pants and, in his own opinion at least, he cut quite a dashing figure. He also had his new needle tucked into the belt, in a way that its presence wouldn't be at all apparent. In addition to his Phalanx pistol at his hip.

"Hey Sal, after dinner you want to go clear out Wires' ship?"

"Hey, hey, hey, hey. Where's my invite?" asked Ocara from the sofa, a smile on his face and the crumpled piece of paper still floating about a meter in the air infront of him. He moved his head to look over at the pair, his vision blurring as his head moved. The world was really bright right now.

"And whats this about dinner? Aren't I invite..." the Turian was interrupted, as he was talking, by his omni-tool vibrating silently, alerting him that he had a message awaiting him.

After reading the message, Ocara looked up at Paladin and Sal once more.

"Awww, you did remember me! I'm there!"

Partway into her second drink, Terina felt her omnitool vibrate. Looking at the message on it, she leaned back. Maybe she shouldn't isolate herself, make herself stand out. Maybe she should just go up to the dinner party, hang out with the other members, as it were. Might take her mind off things. Right after this drink.

"Hey Sal, after dinner you want to go clear out Wires' ship?" Sal smiled at the invitation. "I would love too, who knows maybe the little bastard left some useful tech behind. Maybe even a mech or two I could rewire." She said, getting more excited at what the now dead salarian could have had. Then another thought popped into her head. "Hey if I can I call dibs on his ship, it could prove an invalubale asset for my pilgrimage" She said even more excited at the thought of owning the a ship.

Santius looked down at his old clothes. What the fuck have I been spending my money on? he thought. Santius responded to Paladin's message.

I'll come along, but I'm not going to get caught with everyone's bill. It's happened before, I won't let it happen again. Truly, a traumatizing experience. Also, everything I own is debatably formal at best.

Dregger sighed at the idea of his co-workers spending the night getting drunk. He hated being around heavily armed people who couldn't walk a straight line; it made his trigger finger itch. But after weighing the pros and cons he decided he would go with them, since they would probably need someone to be their designated pilot and someone to make sure their drunk asses don't get mugged or worse.

I'll join you. I'm afraid to say that I don't have any formal where on me but That's probably better seeing as how someone will probably try to attack you while your drunk (judging from our luck so far).

Viking Incognito:


Only pain was keeping Jetta conscious now. Every time she inched forward, she could feel it piercing her. She couldn't tell how many of the shots had hit her. Had it been four or five? Could there have been a sixth? She couldn't tell where each wound was under the seering pain.

After what felt like hours of crawling along the alley floor, Jetta made it to the nearby dumpster. She turned around it, and propped herself up against the wall of it. As she held herself there, she slowly ran her hand down her shirt. As she lowered her hand, she could feel a set of distinct holes that had been dug into her. She pulled her hand back to see it covered in blood.

"Is this what they've let into Aegis now," she could hear the Krogan behind her proclaiming. He had been able to ambush herself and Qulana in an alley in Aegis territory. With him were at least two others, two Batarian from what she had seen.

The Batarians had followed them from the Elixir. Neither noticed until they passed a few streets, and saw that they were still behind them. Both shrugged it off as nothing more then a couple thugs, looking to make a score off of a couple unaware club goers. It was something that both knew they could handle. A flash of Biotics or a weapon was normally enough to scare them away. They continued to lead them on a few more streets, before ducking into a nearby alley. Each drew their weapon and waited for the Batarians to turn the corner on them, deciding it'd be better to get the jump on them first. After a few minutes of waiting though, neither had appeared. As they readied themselves to leave, thinking that they must have just lost track of them, a machine gun blared out from the opposite end of the alley.

"What was that?" the Krogan mockingly asked. Jetta didn't know what was going on anymore. "Speak up; I can hardly hear you over the noise you make when you're choking on your own blood."

"Who, who are you?" Qulana meekly said. She must still have been laying in the alley with the Krogan nearby her.

"Someone your boss shouldn't have pissed off," the Krogan said. Suddenly, a sickening crack was heard, as the rest of the alley fell into silence.

Knowing she hadn't much time left, Jetta did the only thing that came to mind. She opened her Comms, broadcasting on an emergency channel open to every member of Aegis.

"I'm hurt," she winced. "I'm hurt real bad. We were ambushed. Krogan and Batarians. We thought---"

Suddenly, the shape of the Krogan loomed over her, looking down on her crippled beneath him. Jetta tried to raise her pistol, but had it ripped away from her. The Krogan then grabbed her by the throat, and slammed her into the wall nearby. She could be heard cringing in pain, before the sounds of her gasping for breath echoed over the Comms. Holding her still, with his free hand, the Krogan plucked the headset from her ear, and lifted it to his mouth.

"I hope she made the channel open to you Verahl," the Krogan said, before letting go of a malicious and satisfied laugh. "I'm really disappointed in the new recruits you have here. They didn't even realize I was there until it was too late. When a Krogan is able to sneak up on you, even I'm a bit surprised."

The Krogan tightened his grip on Jetta's throat as he continued. She could still be heard in the background of his speech.

"So, I'll set the stage for you Verahl," the Krogan said. "You wronged me. Made me look like a fool. Then, you had your lackey remove me get me out of your sight. You do make a good lap dog though Lux, I wonder, you missing a few from your quad? Doubt I've seen a Krogan so whipped before. I told you I'd be back to take revenge on you. Did you think I'd just die off on the backs of these streets somewhere? I found a new, more powerful company. One which recognized immediately what they had in their ranks. We'll be coming for you, and Aegis, one by one, until there's nothing left. And then, I'll be sure to take your Revenant from your dead hands as a trophy to my success."

The Krogan dropped Jetta to the ground as he said this, and reached for his pistol with his freed hand. A final shot was heard over the Comms as the Krogan said his final words.

"I'll have you soon. Meer out."

Raven's fist clenched and unclenched with rage as he sat dumbstruck by the clear threat. Things have hit an all time fucking low. First we had to fucking suffer through the hell that was Wires and when we finally closed the fucking door, we get this shit. While he knew that the break with Meer was by no means mutual and he had vowed revenge he didn't expect him to be able to carry the threat out. Now two members of Aegis were dead, brutally murdered based on the cacophony of cracks and shots that had been broadcast by Jetta in her last moments. While they may have been rookies, they were still comrades and ate at something deep in Raven's stomach. Lifting up his omnitool, he activated an all points broadcast to the remainder of Aegis, "Everyone get back to base immediately, we have to go over some things."

Glancing up at Verahl who for once was dumbfounded, he spoke as calmly as the fury would allow. "Just say the word Verahl. Just say the word and I will bring you his fucking head! Nobody fucks over a comrade like that and gets away with it."

Terina heard the message on her omnitool. And the tone of Raven's voice did more than sober her, taking the edge off of the buzz she had going. It frightened her. Fear. Another fucking weakness. Why did she have so many? Standing quickly, she transferred some credits to the bar's account, then rushed to her room, putting her armor back on before heading to the meeting room. The entire time, her already light blue skin was even paler than usual, and she had a tremble in her hands not related to her alcohol consumption. She could sense it. Something serious had happened. And maybe she had something to do with it. Unlikely, but who knew?

Dammit, Santius, you need to learn, Santius thought to himself. You're never going to be allowed to go somewhere nice when you're here. He hurried to the base, knowing that something must have gone wrong. Something is always wrong here.

By the time Ocara had heard the message for a second time, the Turian was already in his room, having sprinted at what seemed like supernatural speeds to get there the moment he recognized something was wrong with the message. Once he arrived, the Turian clipped his armor back on and laid his formal wear back down on his bed. The outfit looked sad from Ocara's point of view, he hadn't even been wearing it long enough for it to pick up his body heat.

After fully suiting up almost fully, (he'd left his sniper rifle and helmet on his bed for the moment) Ocara moved back to the common room, this time at a more realistic speed. Though his mind was still buzzing and his eyes were still glassy from the red sand, he was thinking and feeling clearer now, and at the moment, he was feeling pure anger.

"That bastard and whoever he's with is going to get it when we find him. Mark. My. Words"

Fuck, fuck, fuck...John thought, this is BAD! He'd been getting hammered in a crappy little dive bar when Jetta's emergency comm had come through.

I'm hurt, I'm hurt real bad. We were ambushed. Krogan and Batarians. We thought...

He'd sobered up the moment he heard the call, rushing out of the bar and back to Aegis' base. As soon as the cab landed, he jumped out rifle in hand. Making his way quickly inside he sprinted upstairs to Verhal's office. "Hey boss." He said sticking his head through the door. "What the fuck is goin' on? Somebody makin' a move against us?"

"Damn it!" Sal said rushing to the armory. "Wires deserved it, the bastard was an accident waiting to happen, but Jetta? No, she was a good women, she didn't deserve to die like a Verren. Who ever did this is gonna pay." She said attaching her Heavy Pistol and her Tempest. No need for the rifle today Sal, next time. She thought leaveing the rifle in her locker as she headed back towards the common room.

"I'm hurt, I'm hurt real bad. We were ambushed. Krogan and Batarians. We thought---"

"Shit, so much for dinner, and here I was all dressed up." Paladin ran back to his ship to get reequipped into his armor. After he strapped himself in he ran gain to the Aegis base. Fully armed and armored, ready for combat. He liked Jetta she had handeled herself well during their first mission and she was a good person. The bastards that killed her were going to die, regardless of how they felt about Aegis.

"Well, time to break in my new stuff." Dregger said as he loaded up his shotgun while sitting at the bar.

Looking around the common room, Terina walked up to Sal. "Sal, what's going on? Was there some kind of threat? And were are Qulana and Jetta?"

"Sal, what's going on? Was there some kind of threat? And were are Qulana and Jetta?"

Sal turned to Terina as she spoke "Qulana and Jetta are one of the reasons we're on alert now. We just got a message from Meer, an old krogan comrade. He killed Jetta and we assume Qulana. We're waiting on orders right now, so I would suggest grabbing your gear quickly." Sal explained her voice impatient. She was eager to get out and at get back at Meer and retrieve her comrades bodies back.

Terina nodded, rushing out of the room and heading to her quarters to arm up and grab her shotgun. Returning to the common room, she was no longer as pale as she was. She had nothing to do with the call for a meeting, and it was time to show this krogan that no one fucked with Aegis.

Santius ran to his quarters, gathered his equipment, and sprinted back to the common room. "No rest for the wicked, eh?" he said, panting. "What the hell is going on?"

"Some krogan named Meer killed Jetta and Qulana."

Santius suddenly stiffened up. "Meer?" he managed to spit out. "Fuck."

"We are going to kill this bastard."


Karnak walked back into the lobby of Aegis immediately after hearing Jetta over the Comms. He had decided to see what Oleene had been up to in her office while everyone else was out. Miles had ordered him to keep from drinking, and there wasn't much for Karnak to do while sober and alone at the base.

When the elevator doors opened again, he made his way into the armoury. He could see several members of Aegis already arming up and waiting for their orders. Verahl would likely dispense his commands in a few minutes over what the company's next move would be. Karnak didn't want to be the only one not ready to respond to them. Opening his locker, he removed most of its contents, and laid them on the bench behind him. He started donning the pieces of it, working from the boots up, but stopped after he finished attaching the last plate to his leg. He looked over his vest, and found it to be different then the one he had last seen. It was heavier. Immediate inspection showed the plates of it to be much thicker then his older, cheap armour. A decent amount of money had been invested into it, more then what he'd have been able to purchase without stress. He paused for a minute as he looked over it. Other then the subtle changes of design, it didn't stand out from the rest of the pieces. It had already been painted black and orange, with the emblem for Aegis placed directly over his heart. On the back though, near the bottom, was one other smaller logo for Ariake Technologies. When he turned it around, to see the inside, he noticed several additional absorption pads, designed to dissipate the impact from either a Biotic blow or any explosion.

When he finally placed it on, he took a moment to move in it. He turned slightly side to side, before letting it hang from its shoulder straps. He knew he'd need only a bit of time to properly adjust to it.

Karnak then continued to finish suiting up in his armour before reaching into his open locker once more to retrieve his weapons. Once he had them, he sat back down on the bench, and laid each out in front of him to give a brief inspection. He didn't want anything going wrong when meeting with Meer again.

"So who is this Meer? Judging by the fact that we're on red alert here, he sounds pretty tough. I think I'd like a shot at him."

"An old friend of ours," Santius replied. "The fact that a friend of ours is still alive should show you that he's not one to mess with."

Paladin walked into the armory, loaded for bear. "So, what do we know, I got the message, but does anyone else have more information on what we're dealing with?" He said to no one in particular.

"Most likely, we're going to get Jetta and we're gunna deal with any traps those bastards have left for us. Then, we're going to find out who Meer is shooting with and we are going to tear them to pieces" said Ocara in mono-tone, his mood a cold fury, his buzz having gone stale. Ocara had never liked Meer from the moment he laid eyes on him, but he certainly didn't think he was capable of something like this, or capable of whatever he was planning, which was likely to be something big.

After seeing how mad Verhal looked when he'd stuck his head into the office, John decided it was safer to wait downstairs. "So who is this Meer asshole?" He asked as he entered the common room. "Does anyone know who he's working with?"

Looking at the assembled members of Aegis, John noticed something off about Ocara. Fuck, he thought. I hope he's not too deep into it. Sliding up beside the turian, John said in a low voice. "Be careful with that shit man. I've seen sand fuck too many people, don't make yourself a liability."

After he patted Ocara on the shoulder he started to pace the room, the tension and anger was starting to make him restless.

Ethan, lacking anything better to do, started to clean his gun in order to burn off some of his nervous energy. "When is the boss man showing up? We've got people in trouble."


Verahl looked up from his desk and at Lux. Blood was starting to drip from Lux's clenched fist, as the shards of the broken glass dug deeper into his hand. He could hear Lux swearing, trying to conceal it under his breath, but being far louder than intended. A fire had grown in his eyes, a lust for the blood of his old comrade.

"Calm yourself," Verahl said, trying to sound as collected as he could at the moment. His blood was boiling as well. He had experienced before the tolls of people dying under his command. But they didn't get what they deserved. Qulana and Jetta didn't die valiantly on the field of battle, or in a situation that was out of their control like others had before. They had been murdered, butchered at the hands of a sadist wanting revenge.

"Raven," he said as he faced the third man in the room. He spoke slowly, trying to hold as much back as possible. Now was the time for careful thought and decision. Rash actions would lead to more spilt blood. "I want any members of Aegis not currently present to return to base immediately. I want this place turned into a fortress."

He slowly turned his chair around to look down on the club beneath him.

"Notify Oleene. The Elixir is closed until further notice. Have every guard report in though. Each of them is now on duty. Consider them Aegis's newest militia force. Give them access to the barracks, as well as any extra armours and armaments we can spare."

He paused for a moment before slowly rotating back to face Lux and Raven.

"From here on in, Aegis is on lockdown. Security is the main priority. See to it that this base is a fortress that not even an army can break."

Raven nodded calmly happy with Verahl choice of action before activating his omnitool once more. "Everyone, the base in now in lockdown. Break into teams of two and secure every point of entry into this base. The gauntlet has been thrown down and we need to be prepared for war. Do not fail us." Walking over to the club overlook, he switched channels to notify Oleene. "Oleene this is Raven. Verahl has ordered the closure of Elixir until further notice. Have all the guards currently there report to the Aegis barracks. Additionally notify all the guards that are off duty to report in under penalty of termination. Let me know when it is done."

Turning back to Verahl Raven let out an exasperated sigh before asking, "What do we know of Meer's movements after we parted ways. Can we account for any contacts or mercenaries he may have working for him?"

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