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"Yeah thats me your here to relieve, and I'll try and find em John, on the condition that I can nab one for myself" replied Ocara, as he rolled to his feet and into a long stretch, so that the Turian was standing on his 'toes', whilst extending his arms into the air above his head. A series of cracks sounded from Ocara's body and once they subsided, he let himself relax and stand normally.

"At least your not scolding me this time right Triven, who knows you might be firing a weapon up here soon, that'd be pretty ironic" chuckled the Turian, before he left the roof and made his way downstairs, catching the last of what sounded like muffled yelling coming from the kitchen, as he neared the bottom. Ocara quickened his pace and emerged into the kitchen, expecting to see Lux or Verhal chewing someone out, but instead the kitchen appeared to be empty.

"Must be the sand, screwing with my mind" said Ocara to himself, as he walked over to the fridge, where he was then halted in his tracks by the sight of Dray on the floor in quite a state.

"Hey man, whats the matter?" asked the Turian sympathetically, as he knelt next to Dray, until he was at the same level as the crying Salarian, and placed a strong hand on his shoulder, shaking it slightly as he did so.

Raven worked in silence ignorant of clusterfuck around him applying gel charges to the clubs entrance with care. Introducing Explogel. Side effect may include but are not limited to blindness, partial deafness, spontaneous loss of limbs, and of course nonlife. Use caution when applying. What a wonderful way to market a seemingly harmless product. Detonators set, he rose to his feet before calmly making his way back to his room, his mind a hurricane of questions and problems with few good answers. I don't doubt Meer being ballsy enough to enter from the front. At the very least he will send in his cannon fodder first to wear us down to a manageable point anyway. Not to mention that we have the newbies and the quadruple amputee guards. If it descends into us having to protect them than things are going go tits up rather fast.

Reaching his room, he entered before securely locking the door behind him. A weapons case sat in one corner of his room, untouched since it was placed their and unopened for nearly four years prior. The case was unassuming, adorned only by a grinning death's head the color of newly spilled blood meant to inspire fear into others. Beginning his odyssey over to it, Raven's mind was assaulted by his thoughts, The base, the men, the dead and dying, their blood coating the floors in a uniformly red sheen as their screams of agony went unheard. His biggest mistake, his worst failure. Pausing in his journey, Raven's mind was overwhelmed by the past.

The sun rose on hell the survivors would say. The morning light washing over the valley as a crushing silence reigned. Shots rang out now, an unlucky merc's head snapping back as the screaming cloud of viscera that was his visor showered his remaining unlucky friends. This motley of murderers and scum was all that remained of the once fearsome group the Crimson Wraith now noteworthy for it's meteoric rise and unparalled fall. What did these unluckies do to be sentenced to a rousing game of bullet kerplunk you ask? Regicide....

The night before as the leaders slept, the schemers schemed their plot, comfortable in the lavish conditions provided by their success or more realistically the skill of their leaders. They were convinced that their leaders however were holding them down. Why you ask? Simply because their leader had managed to maintain their morality and at times refused missions that would bring this into conflict. Cravens all of them yet their plan was already in motion and as the first vestiges of dawn kissed the earthen constructs they tortured and murdered their drell leader. His second in command however had managed to escape.

So we descend back into hell, the last unfortunate unlucky dropping to his knees as he clutches his new throat vagina and curses his predicament. His world abruptly descends into monochrome as a single grey blob amongst many grey blob on his slowly failing vision approaches and resolves itself into a familiar figure, Marcus Flint, the drell's best friend and second in command. The smoking rifle and adornments of death omens on his vestments give his killer the visage of Thanatos himself. Cold grey eyes, once full of life pierce his soul as life begins to ebb away for this final unlucky his last thought of those horrible eyes damning him to the most cruel circle of punishment.

You see while Marcus had been aware of some of the pessimism among the men, he had chosen to ignore it despite his better judgement and in return he lost his best friend, his savior, his mentor. Even in death, his mentor had been able to facilitate his escape. Tevorat's dying breath took what remained of Marcus Flint and unknowingly purged leaving only Raven.

Shaking himself from his fugue, Raven opened the gaze with shaking hands before delicately raising the pitch black Mantis that lay within. Lifting this relic, his grey eyes rest on the death's head grinning it's horrible grin artfully splashed on the side, an eternal reminder of his past mistakes and his promise to not fail again. Loading it as smoothly as he could he slung it on his back and shifted into the guise he had taken on that warm day in hell. Settling in on the catwalk over the club, he began his watch rifle firmly in hand, Shredder close by, a singular thought crossing his mind. I'll kill you myself before you can hurt my comrades Meer. Just fucking bring it.


"Hi, I don't think we were properly introduced, I'm John. So what brings you to the ass end of the galaxy?"

Triven turned to look at the human pacing nearby as he sat down on an air unit and laid his rifle down. He didn't like small talk.

"What brought me here?" he asked, the sarcasm clear in his tone. "Well, I think what brought me to Omega was the people. Everyone's just so happy and friendly here. I thought to myself, gee Triven, this would be a perfect place to raise your kids. It's not like I was forced to come here as a last resort or anything."

He let out an annoyed sigh as he looked back down on his rifle to continue to examine it. It had been years since he last handled one.


Rook sprinted to the end of the alley. He checked his shoulder to see if he was still being followed. For the past half hour, he had spent him time trying to elude those following him. He didn't know where they had picked him up, be he believed he had managed to lose them a few streets back.

He peered behind the corner, and saw the sign for the Elixir straight ahead of him, only a hundred yards away. Most of the street was empty, except for a few people passing by from either their work or the markets trying to get home. He wasn't able to spot anyone suspicious around, so he knew it'd now be his best shot.

"This is Rook broadcasting," he spoke over the Comms, on Aegis's open channel. "Anyone responding?"

"This is Raven," was the first voice to respond over the channel. "Aegis is in lockdown where the hell are you?"

"Within eyesight of the base," he said as he pulled his face back and checked the thermal clip in his pistol. "Someone picked up on my trail, only just broke free of them. Looking to enter, but I don't want to be tagged in the process."

"Did you get a good look at your Pursuer Rook?"

"No, could only ever catch them out of the corner of my eye, but they were with me every street," Rook said as checked behind him once more. "As much as I'd love to stand here and chat you up about this though, perhaps it could wait until I'm back inside?"

There was a slight pause as the channel was left empty, before Raven's voice once again came over it.

"Doors are open Rook. Move fast"

Rook broke from the corner and started to sprint towards the main doors of the Elixir as fast as he could. He could see the doors being opened, and Paladin standing in the middle of them. A few people glanced over at him as he did this, wondering exactly why an armed and armoured mercenary was flying down the street beside them. He had almost made it to the doors, when a sudden movement from someone beside him caught his attention. A Batarian standing in a doorway to a nearby apartment had drawn pistol, and was drawing his aim on Rook. He ducked his head down as he spun away from the shooter, placing his back to him. He was just able to brace himself before the shot hit him in the back, and was absorbed by his shields. Not stopping his turn though, Rook followed through until he was once again facing the shooter.

It was only now the gunman realized what Rook was up to. The momentary duck away from him wasn't out of fear or avoidance, but for preparation. As Rook turned back to face him, his arm swung around him, with a blue aura enveloping it. He released the prepared Biotic blast straight at the shooter. Rook watched as the push went straight into the gunman, and threw him back into the lobby of the building. People on the street were now scattering, trying to avoid the firefight that had broken out. Rook took a step forward towards the apartment before he saw a Human coming from around the corner with a rifle. Realizing that the strengths of this force were unknown to him, Rook turned back towards Aegis as the rifleman started to move out of the apartment lobby and onto the street behind him.

Before the rifleman could get his mark though, Rook was already back inside the Elixir, clambering over the barricade erected on the entry. He stopped for a moment to take a few deep breaths as he looked back towards the door.

"What a great welcoming party!"

Paladin chuckled a little. "Well, you know it's not a party at the Elixer until there's property damage and a healthy enemy body count to show for it."

Now that the enemy was nearby Paladin did another quick check on his rifle. and made sure he could get at his pistol as soon as someone made it through the barrier.

John's head snapped up when Rook started to broadcast. "Time to party!" He said, as he moved to get a look at the street below. Swearing under his breath, he watched as Rook dealt with the batarian. "Too many fuckin' civvies didn't have a shot...sorry."

Watching the door of the apartment, that Rook had thrown the batarian into, he saw a human step out with a rifle. Sighting to the side of the center mass, he snapped off three shots. The first and second rounds, shattered on the targets barrier, throwing him off balance, and depleting its power. The third one tore through the side of his chest, turning the wall a lurid crimson.

"Tango down; I count at least four enemy foot-mobiles inside."

Nathan was sitting in the training room, looking up at his boss, "Yossar". "You are to inform anyone of higher rank when you see any approaching! You..." droned Yossar.

Nathan was nervous. He was a guard at a club. Not a guard at a highly trained and publicly known mercenary compound. He signed up for throwing rude drunks getting handsy with the dancers, not mad murderers threatening his very way of life! And above all that, he was only 19, a frail thin nineteen year old with no combat training! Remembering all this he grew even paler, and even started to rock a little on his bench.

He just kept nodding at everything Yossar said. 'Yep... shoot... uh-huh, grave danger.... Yeah, Krogan... KROGAN! BWAAAAGH! thought Nathan to himself, attempting to file away information, when he heard the mention of a Krogan. Not only did he have to deal with a mad murderer, it was a MAD MURDERING KROGAN. What little blood remained in his face drained away at that moment.


Karnak bolted from his barracks as he heard Brooks come over the Comms, reporting an engagement outside the club. He already had his shotgun in his hands as he ran down the hall towards the stairs. He stopped for a moment as he saw Dray and Ocara behind the counter.

"No time for that," he said as he beaconed for Ocara to follow him. "We're needed!"


Michael watched as Dan ran out onto the street with his rifle drawn, trying to tag the Turian. He readied his weapon as well and was about to step out of the doorway but stopped and ducked for cover the moment he saw Dan get shot.

"Fuck!" he yelled as he watched Dan drop his gun, and lay in the middle of the street. "Nyx! Nyx! Get up!"

The Batarian groaned loudly from the floor of the lobby, as he ran his hand over his chest. The push had knocked the air out of him, and had likely cracked a rib or two. It had driven him straight into a potted plant sitting by the wall, leaving bits of leaves, dirt, and pottery around him.

"Shit!" he yelled once more as he turned his head back to the door on the opposite end of the lobby. "Murphy! Murphy get out here!"

Only moments after calling Murphy appeared with a rifle in his hand.

"Did we get one?" he asked as he walked in before looking at Nyx. "Shit what happened to---"

"He can wait!" Michael interupted as he pointed out towards the street. "I need cover fire!"

Seconds later, Murphy peered out from the doorway, and sent a few rounds flying towards the roof of the Elixir. While he did that, Michael ran out onto the street, his rifle slung across his back. Murphy fired for a little while longer before quickly moving back behind the cover of the doorway. He hoped that the dispersing crowd would offer some protection to Michael as he could no longer afford to draw the sniper's attention.

Sal jumped as Rooks broadcast sounded in her helmet. She rushed to the edge of the building as John took down one of the assailants. "Shit they've been across the street this whole time?" She asked as she stared down her scope "Makes we wonder if any other buildings around the club are occupied as well?" She ducked as she heard shots ping onto the wall just below their position.

"Shit! John another in the doorway, might be the safer bet if we want to avoid civilians getting hurt." She said looking up as the shots stopped. "Bosh'tets! I can't get a clear shot, take 'em out if you can."

John kept his sights trained on the doorway, waiting to see if they'd do. He flinched a bit when one of them opened fire at the roof, but not much, the shooter didn't seem to be very good. He was about to put one through the man's head, when he saw another merc break cover to check the guy he'd just downed. Hmm, I guess they think he's alive.

As he tracked the runner, he noticed that the shooting stopped when the runner made the crowd. Nice plan, too bad the crowds thinnin' right quick. He settled his sights on the runner just as he got to his comrade, and once again John slammed out three shots. Lets see how badly they need people. He thought as the rounds hit home. The first and second once again battered the target, destroying his shield, but this time the third round was meant to wound not kill outright. It tore through his lower abdomen causing significant damage, and left him screaming.

Dropping out of the line of fire, John keyed the comm. "Tango down."

"Chin up man" said Ocara hurriedly as Karnak burst into the room, making Ocara realise the true danger of the situation. And so, having only just descended them, Ocara made his way up the stairs to the roof once more, unfolding his sniper rifle as he did so.

Once he arrived on the roof, he was greeted with a hail of fire being sent towards the roof, and which forced him to take cover against roofs rightmost low wall.

Realising that it would be difficult to get a shot off from his current position, Ocara looked around quickly, spotted the apartment building to the left of Elixr and formed a plan. The Turian activated his tactical cloak, drew his pistol and began to sprint towards the apartment building, firing a few silenced shots into a lower window before jumping the low wall infront of him and, after a brief period of sailing thorough the air, crashed through the window he'd weakened with his shots.

He was in, now it was time to 'requisition' an apartment or two and fight back, and so, the Turian moved off, hacking into a nearby street facing apartment and setting up in the window, completely oblivious to the scared Salarian that was cowering under his table, as a cloaked mercenary entered his apartment.

But of course, Ocara paid him no heed, as he was too busy in the Salarians window, quickly scanning the street for targets below.

"This is just wonderful." Muttered Preven as he shuffled towards the door, reluctant to go where the fight was likely to start. "I come into work, fully expecting an uneventful day of tossing out the disorderly, and now I get drafted into someone's personal miltia." Continued Preven to himself, walking through the door.

Entering the main area of the club, Preven could hear some shots coming from outside and could see some people rushing about, but Preven ignored them and instead headed for the bar, planning on getting a quick drink before he'd get shot at.


Paladin heard the shots coming out across the street. Not wanting to feel useless in the combat, he made his way out from behind the bar. It offered excellent cover, but no line-of-sight whatsoever. So Ethan scrambled out and over to his barricade.

Paladin knelt behind a wedge formed between two tables and rested his rifle in it, to ensure a stable shot. He spotted one of the attackers hiding in an alcove across the street, lining up a shot he placed a round where the man was hiding. easing on the trigger a quick burst of three consecutive shots fired out of his incisor rifle. It missed the target, but forced him to rethink his position and stop firing at the snipers on the roof.

Paladin, realizing he would need to conserve ammo, at least while the attacking force was still as small as it seemed, flipped the switch activating his custom modification to the gun, converting it to a single shot, instead of the automatic fire.

Seeing the earlier assailant begin to regain his confidence, Paladin again lined up his sights on the man in the alcove, and fired at the portion that was exposed. He was rewarded with the sight of blood arc from the Batarian's hands, and the gun drop to the ground. It wasn't a kill, and in all likelihood medi-gel would heal the wound, but if that Batarian wanted his gun back, he would have to go right into the line of fire to get it.

Preven settled onto a stool with a small glass of Turian whiskey in his hand and noticed Nathan was near by with his own drink. " You got sucked into this to, huh." Said Preven, tipping his glass a bit as a form of greeting before taking a sip.

A noise nearby made Preven turn before he could hear Nathan's response, and he watched some human move from behind the bar to some tables and then fire some shots from his sniper rifle. Setting down his drink, Preven turned back to Nathan and said "We should umm... you know, find cover or something, right?"


Terina spoke up from behind the bar, having remained there with her shotgun in case someone got through the doors. "The issue with melee weapons is distance. You'd have to get within three feet of an opponent. With a pistol, you could take them down, shields in all, before they get within that three feet. And they could do the same to you."



Knox sits on the floor in the corner of the bar, going over everything that that Turian, Yossar taught him about the shotgun, a little relieved that he didn't have to use a lame ass pistol or an SMG like his normal job entailed, but a little peeved about how all the events turned out.

"Shit...I couldn't just have a normal day off..." he said to no one in particular," Nooo...I have to fight some mad Krogan that wants to wear my spine as a necktie...greeeeaaaat..."

He flips his lighter on and off, staring into the flame as he thinks about the whole situation, and wishing that he could just burn their enemies.

" Yes, it's just biotics you have to fear. It's not like a charging krogan would probably destroy you no matter what you did, or a sufficiently skilled sniper would be able to slaughter us, and explosives are just minor annoyances. Just biotics should be feared." Rambled Preven, happy to find something to release some of his tension as he aimed his pistol at the door as well.


"Why not go for the hat trick and say Batarians, Vorcha and A thresher maw attack as well!" Knox said with a nervous laugh. He kept flicking the lighter on and off without any hesitation.


"Well, they aren't really much tougher than humans to kill, but they can be mean bastards...I had to throw a few out of a bar a few times, and they didn't go lightly...ugh...but, sure, I'll shut up. I see I'm makin' you nervous...last thing we need is someone around here having a heart attack or somethin'." Knox tries to sound cool and calm, but with the frantic speed he was lighting and shutting his lighter giving it away, his charade wasn't hard to see through.

Since he'd shot the two earlier, John noticed that they weren't taking any chances. He'd occasionally see a muzzle poke out of a window or door, or a quick flash of movement, but never anything clear enough for a shot.

His biggest concern was that he was seeing movement through a lot of the surrounding buildings, not just in the first apartment block where the shooting had started. Sliding out of sight on the roof, he commed Verhal. "Observation, command. Multiple tangos in the surrounding buildings, not just at initial contact point. Numbers unknown"

Santius looked at Nathan, trying to give the most condescending look he could manage.

"Who's this," he asked no one in particular.


Santius stared blankly at Nathan for a few moments, analyzing him. Why does he have that? his eyes landing on the machete. Compensating for something?

"Well, good luck," he said. "Try not to die too quickly."


Murphy looked back at his rifle laid in the street. He knew it was nothing more than bait for him now. The snipers on the roof, and the rifles from the doorway were almost certainly trained on it, waiting for him to go for it.

"Nyx," he said, getting the Batarian's attention. He had managed to right himself, and to get on his feet, but was leaning against the wall of the lobby, clutching his head. "Nyx, we've got to move, we stay here any longer."

"What about..." Nyx said, straining with his words. "What about---"

"Don't you think I fucking know?!" Murphy snapped as he grabbed Nyx by the shoulders. "But if we stay we'll wind up like them!"

He pulled Nyx from the wall, shoving him towards the back door. Nyx started to make his way forward down the short hall towards the back door, as Murphy quickly passed him. He closed his eyes, concentrating as much as he could on the situation at hand and getting out of there as quickly as possible. When he opened them again though, the room still felt skewed as the dizziness remained, and the lights were still as bright and burning to him before. He took a deep breath, and started running after Murphy, following him as best he could into the alley ways behind the apartment complex, heading away from Aegis's base.


The elevator doors slid open in front of him as he saw Karnak running through the lobby and into the back hall of the Elixir. He knew that the Batarian was more than eager to see a fight once again, but this conflict would be over soon enough.

He could see him rushing to the barricade as he walked into the club itself. He saw a handful of the mercenaries of Aegis manning it, as well as a few of the guards standing a bit further back.

The fodder should be up front.

Lux grunted as he strolled across the club floor, drawing his Claymore. He knew that his chance to use it in this engagement would likely be minimal, but even holding it made him feel a bit more collected, slightly simmering the rage that had been boiling inside of him since Meer's announcement.

"Where are they?" Lux asked as he approached the barricade, but keeping his head directly out of its protection so he could look out to see the carnage that had erupted. He looked down the street. The only people he could see in it were two humans that were in the middle of it bleeding.

"Is it that one?" Lux asked, pointing towards the apartment building closest to them. "Or did they crawl out of some other hole?"

"That's it," Rook responded as he peeked his head out from behind to see where Lux was pointing. "Batarian was standing in that doorway, drew a pistol as I ran by."

Lux paused for a moment as he looked down at the two humans again, before turning back Rook.

"A Batarian? Why isn't he in the street with the others?"

"He's still in the apartment I think, another's with him, but Paladin was able to disarm him," Rook said, as he now moved more out of cover to look down the street. The ambusher had neglected to return fire for some time now. He then turned to Paladin and murmured to him. "Great shot as well."

Lux gave a slight grin as he looked down the street once more. He was happy that at least two were still alive for him to claim.

"And is there any reason you're not pursuing them right now?" he asked, his voice ringing with condescending tone, almost sounding as though he was accusing them of their inaction.

Rook stammered a bit, trying to figure out how to word his response correctly, but Lux cut him off before he could even begin.

"Exactly what I thought," he said as he moved his Claymore to his left hand, and grabbed part of the barricade, pushing it out of his way and moving out into the street and towards the apartment. "Time to even the score Meer!"

Paladin saw the big Krogan shoving the barricade aside. Lux was a superior, and a massive one at that, but he still saw a distinct flaw in his maneuver. But since the brute with the shotgun had already made his way outside into the street, there wasn't much point in voicing his objections. But advice was still an option.

"Try to bring one back alive!" Paladin shouted to the Krogan down the street.

The fact that they hadn't yet seen Meer was a bit disconcerting, a prisoner might be able to tell them what his plan was, and avoid any unnecessary casualties. Maybe even bringing this fight to an early close.

Paladin pulled up his gun, the street was empty, and he'd rather not miss something in front of his face by looking down a scope, especially since the ones on the roof were no doubt doing exactly that right now.

It was at this moment that Ethan felt nature call, all those drinks from earlier floating back into consciousness, trying not to be forgotten. Paladin shouted at the militia that had been pressed into service. "Oy! one of you come over here to relieve me." When they finally picked among themselves who would man the barricade, Ethan strode off, the the recessed bathrooms in the club.

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