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Sal rlistened to the messade come in over her omni-tool, and then once more to get the mission praminters in her head. "So Vorcha hunt eh?" She asked herself as she clicked the last piece of her rifle into place. "Keep score? Huh maybe there's a prize for who ever clears the most?" She chuckled to her self as she pulled out her Tempest and began to dis-assemble to SMG "Might as well add a kill-counter to my weapons." She said as she began to inspect the various parts to the weapon.


Verahl checked the Omin-Tool for the time as he waited in his office for the new Turian to show up. There was less than an hour left before the company was set to move out, and he still needed to meet with the newest potential member for Aegis.

As he opened his Omni-Tool one more time to message him, as Janx walked into his office with a Turian behind him.

"He checks out," Janx said as he ushered the Turian into the office
Verahl got up from his desk to greet him.

"Good to finally meet you Kryxus. Normally I wouldn't be so trusting with someone like you, but Tarnak swears by you so I'll make it short. We're going to be hunting down Vorcha today. I want you to bring the Razor down there, drop off the company, and to take out any you can find."

Verahl got up from his desk to greet him.

"Good to finally meet you Kryxus. Normally I wouldn't be so trusting with someone like you, but Tarnak swears by you so I'll make it short. We're going to be hunting down Vorcha today. I want you to bring the Razor down there, drop off the company, and to take out any you can find."

The Razor had been moved to the rooftop of the Elixir a few hours ago by Dinny. It sat beside the Gauntlet, but was much smaller compared to it. It was far deadlier than the Gauntlet though. While the Gauntlet served as a refitted transport for Aegis, the Razor was a gunship that was designed to kill whatever it came across. It was a A-61 Mantis Gunship, one of the most popular models used by mercenary companies such as Aegis. While it lacked the space to transport cargo like the Gaunlet could, it was just large enough to be able to fit the company inside. It did however make up for it in firepower, something that the Gauntlet completely lacked. It had several different weapons mounted to it, but its two most lethal were the powerful duel machine guns on the front of it, and the small missle pods it had on its wings.

Only a few members of Aegis currently knew of its existance. It was originally Yossar's idea that the company purchase something heavier that could be used to support them in combat, and with their gains from taking over the 4-6's territory, Aegis had enough money to purchase one. As far as Verahl knew, Raven, Lux, Keith, and Sal were the only others to know of it, but he wouldn't have been shocked if Esten found out about it somehow as well.

Verahl gave out a smile as he lay his eyes on it once again, still happy about finally owning something like this. While he was a little disappointed that he wouldn't be there to see how it performed, he was certain it would do as good as he hoped.

"Now, two things about it. One, don't use the missles lightly, only when you need to. We don't want too much damage done to the district. Two, don't scratch it."

Kryxus nodded as he walked over to the cockpit and looked inside. He had much experience with the Mantis, and was ready to take it anywhere on Omega.

Verahl leaned against the wall near the elevator as he watched Kryxus inspect the ship. He decided to tell Raven that the pilot had shown up and to bring the company to the roof so they could get going. He opened up his Omin-Tool and opened the private channel between himself and Raven, deciding that everyone should have been ready by now.

"Raven, the pilot's here. Make sure everyone's ready and bring them to the roof. I want you gone within 20 minutes."

Raven walked out of the elevator to the roof's landing pad with Lux at his back. Same shit different days. I suppose with our recent undertaking vorcha hunting isn't out the question. No how should I break the newbies up.... Taking a cigar out of his pocket, he chopped the end of with his knife before lighting it. Inhaling deeply, he waited for a minute for them to show up so he could get the show on the road. "All right ladies we are gathered here today to do some good old fashioned vorcha hunting. With the abscence of the Blood Pack, the remaining pockets of vorcha are leaderless and ill-equipped. Expect light weapons and disorganized resistance but don't get cocky. Last thing we need if for one of you newbies to get ventilated and leave a mess." Pausing for a moment, he thought over his choices before continuing.

"Ok I want you all to group up into teams of no more than three people and get onto the gunship. Be ready to leave in 10 people, Lux your with me." Stepping into the bay of the gunship, he ran a quick weapons check. Satisfied everything was in working order he moved into the cockpit with Kry to get ready for take off.

Paladin liked this guy, reminded him of his old drill Sargent, no-nonsense in a way that's perfect for breaking in new recruits. And as a shakedown mission Ethan couldn't think of anything better than a Vorcha hunt. The screechy bastards were tough enough to provide a challenge but without the Blood Pack providing leadership and arms they shouldn't be particularly life-threatening. And it had the added benefit of doing some good for Omega as a whole.

Paladin stepped off to the side, his time as an officer and his jobs after had gotten him used to taking command, calling out "Jetta, Ocara, you're with me" These were two of the members of Aegis that Ethan hadn't gotten a good feel for yet, and a shakedown mission would be the perfect chance to see what they were capable of.


Esten glanced over at Ocara and kept it until he was sure he had seen his stare. He then gave a slight nod, telling him to stick by him as he got on board the Razor. He looked around at the cramped interior, and took the seat closest to the door.

Korat smiled as he heard Raven's words. He had memorized the company manifest and closely studied several of his co-workers just for occasions like these.

"Terina, Brooks, alternatively anyone else who doesn't mind the idea of running at things and inacting horrific carnage and annihaltion in a single direction, and is not moraly opposed to the decapitation of surrendering Vorcha, we would likely work efficiently together. I just need a few moments for preparations.
Having arrived back at headquarters rather later than anticipated, he hadn't been able to meditate for a moment as he usually did before combat. Albeit, a corner of an abnormally crowded Omega rooftop was not his usual zen haven, but it would have to do for now.

He conventionally took a few moments to ready his weapons, armor, and mind for the upcoming task. Others have commented to him before how bizzare it is to see a Krogan in full battle armor meditating in a room full of sented candles and incense. About half of those people have lived to joke about it a second time.

Reaching a state of mental synchronization with his muscles was something Korat found necessary for combat. He needed to be calm and ready in order to be fully alert. Sitting there, clearing his mind of distractions, he left one last thought in the back of his mind; something he would remember for when he got back.

"The third word across is 'Conjunction...'"

Jetta rolled her shoulders in the suit, glad she'd gotten a night free of it. And clothes. And inhibitions. She was having real trouble not smiling like the cat that had really, really enjoyed the canary. Perhaps letting her wild girl roam free before an important mission hadn't been such a good idea. It was a struggle to regain her professionalism. It got a little easier, though, when Paladin called her and Ocara over to join his team. She put a damper on her morning after glow and slid over to join them, double checking the equipment she'd already quadruple checked before. "So, boys, I'm good with crowd control and manipulating the battlefield at large. Tossing enemies into their mates. Go-Go-Gadget Biotics and all that jazz. What're your specialties?"

"I'm glad you're excited Jetta, just don't get cocky, 'all it takes is one idiot with a lucky shot', remember that."

Paladin had seen people like Jetta before, their high opinions of themselves weren't exactly undeserved, but he'd be willing to bet good money she hadn't had any serious combat experience or training outside of street fights. He made a mental note to keep an eye on her if the going got tough.

"For the record I'm a jack of all trades kind of guy. I'm capable with biotics and tech, I've got the pistol and locust for mid-range, and my rifle for long, and the knife for anyone who gets too close."

'Hmm? Who to team up with?'

On one hand, he wanted to see how the newbies fared on a mission, but on the other hand, he'd not gotten much sleep the night before, and so, he thought that Esten's watchful stare might keep him on his toes, besides, he liked the Salarians company, despite his sometimes... Peculiar behavior.

"Sorry guys, I ride with Esten on this one, if someone doesn't watch his back out there, who will?" said Ocara lightly as he shrugged apologetically to Paladin and Jetta, in a way that said 'sorry guys, maybe nextime', before joining Esten on his transport, taking a seat opposite the Salarian.

"Besides, you guys have probably got me covering you, which is always a plus" shouted Ocara over the engines, by way of one final farewell.

Terina met with the group, wearing her armor. Smiling at Terina, she then looked at Paladin. "I'm a mean shot with a shotgun, and I have some biotic and tech abilities as well."

"It's alright Ocara, I'd rather have a sniper above me than next to me."

Paladin turned back to his team,

"alright you guys it seems that we are mostly mid to short-range gunners with biotics and tech. SO we'll be providing close support, Jetta you keep people away from me and Terina with your biotics, Terina, you and I will focus on ranged attacks and getting the others medi-gel if they need it. If you've got that, then let's load up on the gunship"

"Let's go. May the best team win, and it is not Ocara's."

"Alright then! let's move out" Paladin turned towards the gunship, sat down and strapped in. He took out his pistol and checked the thermal clip a final time, then opened his omni-tool and checked his medi-gel levels. Satisfied that everything was ready, he sat back and relaxed, he was glad he found that Asari last night, she really helped take the edge off.

Sal chuckled as she unslung her own rifle. "Well at least the new guy's are getting the humor quickly." She muttered to her self before turning to Ocara. "You don't mind a little extra tech on your side do ya?" She asked as she set her rifle on her lap stil in it's compact form and strapped herself in.

"Your special brand of shooty, tech help is always appreciated Sal" replied Ocara with a bright smile and friendly, enthusiastic nod. He'd grown fond (in the strictly platonic way) of the Quarian seated across from him and had a deep respect for her, for she, like him had been through alot during her time with Aegis and both never let the constant bad news affect them (visibly) for long, though if there was one thing Ocara wished to learn from Sal, it was how to let go of those memories, which was something Ocara himself struggled with almost daily.

"Esten buddy, you mind if me and Sal do a little up high flanking while you provide us some cover? Knowing the levels we're visiting, there'll be plenty of opportunity to work our way behind them and pick 'em off while they're busy with the frontal assault"


"No need for it," Esten said as he looked at Ocara. "I work best in either a pair or alone. Go with her, I'll make it on my own."

With the groups divided and everyone equipped, the company boarded the Razor. When all of them were finally strapped in and secured, the Razor was almost completely packed. It wasn't like the Gauntlet that had space for all of them and room for different weapons, equipment, and whatever other supplies they needed. Here, the Company would barely be able to fit with all of them in, and only have enough room left over to store a few extra weapons and ammunition.

Verahl stood in the doorway of the Razor, and gave his final words to the Company.

"Be sure to drive as many Vorcha away from here as possible, but watch where you go. We've got our borders down there with another gang, and if we start encroaching on their territory, they might think we're on the attack."

He then stepped out of the door and it closed in front of him. A loud echo sounded through the hull as Verahl gave the door a single pound, indicating to Kryxus that they were good to go. The Razor then suddenly stirred to life, as the engines flared on, and panels and instruments started lighting up. Then, with a bit of an unexpected and unstable lift they were off. Kryxus could be heard cursing a little as he adjusted himself to the Razor and they flew off over the Elixir, and down to the lower levels of their district.


When the Razor touched down again, the streets seemed completely different. Where before, there was more space due to the commercial area around the Elixir, here it was far more cramped. The streets were narrower, and there was less clearance between the floor and the ceiling. Now there were dozens of little alleys that seemingly branched off everywhere. Down here, were some of the seediest spots of Omega. Most of the area was full of abandoned buildings, ones that weren't being used by the rest of Omega. Some were used for storage, while others were used as housing. No one really bothered you down here, and Verahl didn't honestly care too much for it. He simply wanted it to be cleared out, so the Vorcha would stop harassing everyone above.

"So, we just wander around down here and shoot anything we see?" Brooks announced loudly as he stepped out of the Razor.

"Pretty much," Lux said as he hauled himself out of his seat.

"Well, let's find some Vorcha then!" Brooks said as he started running off down the street. "Who's with me?"

Lux just shook his head as he waited for Raven to get out. He checked to make sure one last time that his Shredder was loaded before letting it rest at his side.

"Where do you think we should start?" he asked Raven.

Almost the very second the Razor touched down, Ocara transformed from a chatty, jovial friend and co-worker, to a more intense and aware, battle-trained Turian. The transformation was always like this, just before a job would begin Ocara would be all smiles and it would be incredibly likely that he would also be his usual cheery, talkative self, but the second he entered the AO, he changed, suddenly cutting the chatter down to a minimal level and loosing his trademark smile, though an occasional joke was always to be expected from Ocara, even under-fire.

When the doors of the transport opened and the ramp descended, Ocara stepped out shortly after his superiors, drawing his trusty pistol and tapping the knives he hidden on both his right ankle and in a chest sheathe, both of the sheathes cleverly disguised as plates on his armor. While the Kessle VI was by all means outdated (as the technophiles of Aegis seemed to love pointing out), he had grown so accustomed to his pistol that in his hands it was as deadly as a hand cannon and of course, there were the customary modifications he had made to it, though they weren't as extensive or altering as those he had made to his beloved Nag.

"Give the word Raven and we'll move out, we're taking the back tunnels, hopefully we can get behind their lines with our cloaks and cause a little havoc" uttered Ocara in a cold monotone. Ocara had great respect for Raven, as the man had obviously been around the block a few times and he was also one of the people that had saved his life, which was more than enough cause for respect as far as Ocara was concerned, but life saving aside, the man made a fine and inspiring leader, and while some tactical decisions he had made in the past might have been slightly off (at least to Ocara), he would follow the man to the ends of Omega if need be.

The Turian looked behind him, inside the open transport at his partner for the day and nodded.

"I'll take point, when we spot Vorcha we'll cloak up and engage when appropriate, sound good?"

Ocara was very interested in this mission, because it wasn't just the first time he got the see the newbies in action, it would also be the first time him and his Quarian comrade worked together closely, and he was looking forward to seeing how they functioned as a team, or not of course.


Esten slid past the rest of the company and observed his surroundings. He started to analyze the situation he had been placed in, and didn't like it in the slightest.

The streets will provide a decent line of sight, but it's still very limited. There's almost no decent view of the surroundings here.

He looked around once more, as he heard a few shots being fired off in the distance. It was almost certainly Brooks causing some form of chaos nearby. Almost like clockwork, his voice pierced the Comms.

"That's two Lux! C'mon, get your head in the game!"

Esten turned to see Lux grumble something to Raven.

Stupid competition.

Esten realized that his sniper would not be suited for these narrow streets and walked back towards the Razor.

"Pilot, can you fly me above the streets?"

"If you want," Kryxus said. "I won't be able to use the weapons down here anyway."

Esten walked back into the Razor and held onto one of the railings by the doorway as Kryxus started the engines back up.

The flight was just what Jetta needed to get her head on straight, invisibly flexing the metaphorical muscles of her biotic powers as she surveyed everything she could about the layout. A tight fit. That left them vulnerable to getting funneled and led by the larger numbers the Vorcha likely had, but a well-placed Throw or Lift would be all the more effective. And she could clear away the bodies if the vorcha tried to use their fallen comrades to cover their flight when Aegis inevitably showed them who was boss.

The cool, icy lightness of professionalism settled over her as she continued the analysis, wondering how much protection the walls of those buildings would be if any of the vorcha got smart and tried to shoot them through it. Or collapse it on top of them... Hopefully, they'd have them by enough of a surprise that strategy wouldn't be their first consideration.

She kept her opinions to herself, though. She was the rookie recruit, after all, and most present would be miles more familiar with this kind of terrain. It was time to shut up and follow orders, and she looked to Terina and Paladin to see where they wanted to move out first.

Paladin saw the gunship take off behind him. "For the best, streets this narrow a gunship wouldn't be able to provide any close support without taking the neighborhood down around our ears." he thought to himself before activating his tech armor and turning back to his team. Alright, I want both of you to follow suit, tight alleys like this means that this hunt can turn into a Charlie Foxtrot almost immediately, and I'll be damned if you get killed before I get to take the lady out for a drink." Ethan gave Jetta a coy nod, before leaping back into business.

"Alright, this is gonna be our formation. We stay close together, it's easy to get lost on streets like these so stay in visual contact. Terina you watch the rear, Jetta, you stay center and keep you eyes on those alleys. I'll take point. Take a sec to make any last minute prep, then we move out."

Ethan debated checking his omni-tool for a map of the area, but quickly realized that any map of the area would be so inaccurate that they would do more harm than good. But he kept it open anyway, using it to connect to Esten on the Razor. "Esten, what kind of view do you have of these streets from up there? could your team give us intel on enemy positions, or is there too much crap floating around?"


As the Razor started to fly over the streets, Esten heard Ethan hailing him on the Comms.

"It's just me and the pilot up here," he said at first, as he looked down on the streets underneath. "I'll keep you updated though as best I can."

He continued to examine the streets, but was unable to pick up any real signs of life.

"Appears as though the Vorcha must be hiding. Likely have set themselves up inside some of the buildings. Might want to try getting inside and trying to flush them out onto the streets. That's what Brooks appears to be doing at least. I can see a few broken windows and---"

"Yeah, that's what I've been doing," Brooks interrupted. "Already found a couple Vorcha inside one building. Was an abandoned home or something, they were probably scavenging for supplies. I'll keep you posted on if I find their nest."

Esten was growing to hate Brooks more and more.

Stupid farm boy. No discipline. No respect. He's going to get himself killed at this rate.

"Alright, it seems like our best bet is to pick a building and crack it open. Jetta, do you think these walls are going to stand a chance against your biotics?"


"Ethan," Esten said over the Comms. "There appears to be a number of Vorcha attempting to flee from a warehouse two streets down from you. Some appear armed, advise you take pursue with caution."

"Got it, come on guys, we've got a lead. Let's get some points on the board." Paladin drew his pistol and headed down in the direction Esten had indicated, with a bit of space to lead the Vorcha, in all likelihood they were flushed out by Brooks earlier, so he'd be shooting at their flank, if the four of them could force the Vorcha into a pinser the whole thing would become a killing ground, and it should keep the Vorcha distracted enough that they wouldn't kill Brooks' dumb rush-headfirst-into-battle ass.

He made sure his team kept formation on the way over. Keeping an eye out for any straggling Vorcha that Brooks hadn't whipped into a frenzy.


Jetta was about the answer with her negligent opinion of the walls around this place when Esten interrupted with his news. She followed after Ethan as they moved toward position. "I can grab the last one and play pinball with him so they can't turn around easily. Or I can toss the first one into the others and hope for a strike, and that they all stay down long enough to clean up." She leveled her pistol as they approached closer. "Preference?"


Brooks emerged from the doorway of the warehouse that the Vorcha had come from.

"You're not getting away that easy!" he yelled as he chased them down the street towards where Ethan had set up.

One turned with a pistol drawn, trying to fire back on Brooks as he ran, only to have Brooks shoot him once in the back as he continued chasing the others.

"Jetta, you're the one with the power, cannonball the leader into the others. Me and Terina will pick off any that are still standing, then we'll go in and clean up."

Jetta unleashed a fully charged Throw onto the fasted Vorcha, sending him careening through the pack of them and making a mess of their attempted retreat. In a flash she switched to her pistol, taking the time to aim her two-shot bursts carefully, hearing Brooks' voice past the Vorcha and not wanting to risk friendly fire.

Paladin used his biotics in the way he had the unique advantage of being trained, he focused on the Vorcha that he saw were armed, and destabilized their footing and balance with weak, focused biotics to keep them from lining up a shot, then put a bullet of his own into their now positioned brain-pans. When the obvious threats were down, he took a quick second to see how his team was doing.

Jetta had followed through marvelously, not only did she manage to take down most of the Vorcha charge, she was quickly and efficiently dispatching the ones she had missed.

Terina was also handling herself in a capable but non-specific manner.

After the crowd was down, Ethan drew his Kassa, in case one was hiding, regenerating and in need of ventilation. He prepped his omni-tool to admister medi-gel and walked over to Brooks, keeping his gun focused on the pile of dead Vorcha.

"thanks for sending the kills our way Brooks, you need any 'gel? Nobody runs through a pack of Vorcha without at least getting scratched up."

"Sounds good, course if they're as unorganized as we think they are we may not even need to cloak." Sal said to Ocara stepping out of the transport. She strapped her rifle on her back and pulled out her Tempest. She pressed a button on her onmi-tool and shuddered as she felt the small dose of anti-biotics enter her blood-stream. Even if the Vorcha weren't trained soliders they could still get lucky.

"Alright lead my friend." She said flipping the safety of her Tempest off.

Ocara nodded to Sal, his usual smile still sitting neatly on his face, as he tapped his left temple with his finger, activating the low power IR function in his eye. While the function wasn't as powerful as it had once been, due mostly to Verhal breaking his eye when they had their 'spat', it could still detect the low heat signatures the Vorcha put out behind thin walls and light cover, giving him and Sal the edge in any confrontations they might run into.


Ocara led the way down a narrow maintenance tunnel that ran parallel to the path the rest of Aegis had engaged the Vorcha down, his pistol in a two handed combat-ready grip low infront of him. The Turian and the Quarian hadn't encountered and enemies as of yet, but Ocara could almost feel that they would find their quarry soon. And then, as if by magic.

"Bingo" muttered Ocara, just loud enough for his partner to hear him, for his eye had picked up two lightly armed Vorcha towards the end of the tunnel they were sneaking down, both seemingly preparing an amateur ambush for Aegis, both of they stacked up on one side of the wall, the front Vorcha kneeling down and cradling a Katana shotgun with his gnarled hands and the other holding some kind of assault rifle.

"Two enemies at the end of the tunnel just to the left, should be easy, you game?" asked Ocara, even though he had already moved the the end of he tunnel and was preparing to attack, without awaiting an answer.

Terina raised her shotgun, shooting at a nearly hidden vorcha. After it fell, she fired again, killing it before it could regenerate. "We aren't doing too bad. Yet."

Paladin turned to his team, "alright you guys, we got lucky with that group, but if we want to win this thing, we're going to have to keep looking for more of these yellow bastards. From the looks of it, we'll have the best chance searching these buildings. The more we can flush out the better chance we'll have winning whatever the hell Verahl has for us." He then turned to Brooks, "what do you say, want to come with us, win this thing with us?"

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