Mass Effect RP: The Aegis Protection Firm - Full

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Serina had just finished her morning training routine when she decided that food was what she needed to keep going.After a short detour to her room to change she started working her way to the kitchen. She'd only been back on Omega for a few months and with Aegis only a couple of weeks, but she figured even if it was full of humans, they were good enough for this century.

She walked into the room just as the fight was ending, seeing the Salarian, Drayson, she thought his name was, on the floor, she had to quickly regain control of herself. She quickly scanned the room for the possible perpetrator and easily found him, a human clutching a bag of peas to his head. She poured herself a cup of coffee, one of the few human things she had found a fondness for, and put in her standard two milks, a tablespoon of spice Drayson kept around the kitchen somewhere half the time, and a sugar cube. Seeing Dray still on the ground, she pushed past the pea-bag human saying, "watch yourself, scruffy.", and helped the Salarian back on his feet, and after a few pats on the back, he went back to his cooking duties. She then sat back on her stool, sipping her coffee now that it was the right temperature and said, "Dray, get me some eggs with grilled apples in there, don't skimp on that spice either." She then winked at him and gave him one of her half-smiles she'd found to be exceptionally winning.

Savouring his second cup of coffee, David watched as new arrivals came and went. As the newly arrived Asari sat down, he dropped into a seat beside her. "Hey I'm David." He said, sticking out his hand. "Since you're the only known biotic I've seen, I figured I'd say hi." Letting lose a yawn that threatened to unhinge his jaw, he took a deep drink of coffee. Goddamn I need a new bed. "So you been on this oversized insane asylum long?"

The instant that the human sat down next to her and offered his hand, Serina's eyes changed to a color and consistency of cobalt, and her smile melted off of her face. With a slow turn of her head, she couldn't help but notice the slight surprised look on his face, and allowed herself an inside laugh at his expense. She then, in a bored voice and a derisive snort at the human's hand, she said,"look honey, I'm not here to be your friend, your bitch, or anything but another merc on the same team. Do your job right,stay alive, and maybe I'll tolerate you. Now, get away from me before I rip you apart. Go on, get out before your mother calls you home. And kid, by the way, if you feel the need to yawn near me again, try and remember the joy of having the ability to speak."
Her smile and twinkle eyes returned as she turned back to the Salarian behind the stove.
"Hey, Drayson, didn't I tell you not to skimp on that spice, lay it on me."
She smiled as she was given her plate and dug into her meal with relish. After this, it's back to the training room, that is, unless Verahl has a job planned for us already.A partner would give me someone to spar against
"Actually...Dave,right? I'm about to hit the training room again, wanna join me?"

Knox noticed the new Asari girl, and had a slight attraction to her...but all that changed once she opened her mouth. Sheesh, what a bitch... he thought with a lazy look over to her, and then back to his empty plate. He thought about maybe asking Dray for some more bacon, when he got the chance.

David was caught a little off guard when the Asari snapped at him. It is far too early for me to be dealing with a raging cunt like that...politely. Letting a mask of indifference slide across his face, he stood and made to leave.

"Actually...Dave, right? I'm about to hit the training room again, wanna join me?"

With that the mask vanished, to be replaced by a slightly unsettling grin. "Sure toots, but first I gotta ask. You trying to take Aria's position as biggest cunt on the station, or did someone shove a Vorcha up your ass?" Setting his cup on the counter, he lent towards Serina and whispered in her ear. "Come on blueberry, let's see what you got." Moving to the elevator quickly, he stepped inside, holding the door. "You coming with, or are you gonna keep fantasizing 'bout the cook?"

"I think someone may have to stop that fight before it gets too far out of hand as well..." Kyra muttered to no one in particular. "Last time I heard of someone calling an Asari "blueberry", they had to scrape him off the walls, floor and ceiling of that particular room."

"Oh, honey, you don't know what you're dealing with. But let's go."She flashed one of her smiles, but kept it out of her eyes. Once the elevator doors closed and they were on their way down, she turned to David and spoke, "You know, there's not a lot of people that would come out and say what you just said in there," She moved a bit closer to him,letting her smile reach her eyes and whispered,"But don't do it again, asswipe." As she finished what she was saying, she simultaneously licked him and kneed him in the groin with a slight boost from her biotics, just as the elevator doors opened onto the second floor. She pressed the button for the breakfast floor as she walked out, turned around, and feigned shock at his situation.
"You talk about any Salarian, Turian, Asari, or Krogan like that in front of me again, Dave, and you can consider that a regular greeting."
She walked out back towards the training room, and got down to training. Waiting for the human to come back in, no doubt with a buddy or two.humans, they're as plentiful as the Vorcha, breed faster than the Krogan, and fight just about as well as the Hanar out of water. What the council sees in them I'll never know

Caught off guard by the knee to his junk David staggered back, but was able to stop the door from fully closing. Fuuck, I'm going to make that bitch regret that. He thought, taking a few deep breaths. While the hit had hurt like hell, years as a merc had taught him to push through low level pain with relative ease.

Tossing his jacket into a corner as he entered the training room, he was gratified to see a quickly masked look of confusion on Serina's face. Ahh, she didn't expect me back...alone at least. Wordlessly he dropped into a fighting stance, while Serina did the same. After a moment of sizing each other up he attacked, using his biotics to increase his speed. Throwing a series of quick jabs, that he telegraphed like hell, he could see a confident gleam in his opponents face. That's when he slapped her.

Putting all his biotic effort into his right arm, it snaked to a blinding speed. The open palm of his right hand caught her squarly on the cheek causing a resounding, fleshy, SLAP to reverberate through the training room. David grinned like a madman at Serina's response, he body covered in a bright biotic flare. "Aww sorry princess did that hurt? You want me to call your mommy? Maybe I can get that Salarian upstairs to come and kiss in better?"

Serina's first response to the human was to smile one of her predatory, dangerous smiles she reserved for those that had really pissed her off. But she had to give the human credit, he did come alone.

"Oh come on now boy, afraid to REALLY hit me? What, do you have to get your courage up for that too?" And finishing her sentence she dropped to the floor, sweeping his legs out from under him and back flipping back into the air and landing lightly on her feet, which she then enhanced with a small fraction of her biotic power to crush his chest.Instead, she left a small indent in the floor and he surprised her by rolling out of the way and getting to his feet near the wall. She followed him, spinning,twirling,dodging his punches and kicks enough to get inside his defenses, which she was able to do, this time leaving no biotic power back and punching him in the jaw, she felt something in his face give and was happy to see him clutch his dislocated jaw with one hand while still holding off her assault.
She was surprised then by his forced reliance on his legs to ward her off. The first blurred kick took her breath away, the second throwing her across the room and landing on her side, spraining her wrist as her full weight came down on it. She bit back an Asari curse and jumped back to her feet, but was unable to move out of the way of his rush into her, sending them both sprawling back onto the floor. Serina was unable to get up and so used her smaller size,speed, and leg strength to her advantage on the ground, kicking out with her full biotic might behind each kick, one,two,three times she hit his face, causing his nose to bleed, but not break, his jaw to unhinge ever more, and his eye to begin to swell.

As he spun, clutching his jaw once more, Serina stood, only to be spun and dropped back onto the floor, spitting blood from a biotic punch. While getting up, she felt a kick coming and was able to stop most of the force behind it, but it still caused her to be spun onto her back from the blow. She then saw his face next to hers, so she spat her blood into his eyes, again causing him to have to keep a hand out of the fight. His weight pressing down on her, keeping her pinned made her rethink her position and decided for one final act of defiance, grabbing his crotch in her one free hand and channeling a small amount of biotic energy designed to rip apart armor and mechs into it. His reaction was one she couldn't help but genuinely smile at, he first grunted,eyes going wide, and headbutted her with all his biotic strength behind it, her last conscious thought was dammit, the fucker broke my nose. good fighter though.

She came to a few minutes later, nose bleeding. Her first act was to rearrange her nose, and screamed, "FUUUUUUUUCK, that hurt." She blinked and turned to see David on the floor beside the wall, eye swelled almost shut, nursing his dislocated jaw. She went over to him and said,"Dave, this is going to hurt a bit", and with that she reattached his jaw, causing a small grunt of pain to escape his lips.
"I haven't fought a full biotic like you in a while, maybe your species isn't as hopeless as I thought. Congratulations, you've moved up to one point above Toleration. Come on, kid, let's get to the me-ahh-" As she reached down to help him up and lead him to the med-bay, she noticed that a rib was broken and was pressing into her body, guess his kick hurt a bit more than I noticed, she recovered and gritted her teeth though, "Let's get to the med-bay,."

When Serina reset his jaw, David had to fight the urge to throw up. Motherfucker! As he pulled himself up, he saw her wince. "Broken rib huh? Guess it's only fair after you fired my junk." He chuckled, as he slid under one of her arms, to take some of the strain. "Gotta say I'm rather impressed. Most Asari I've met are too dependent on their biotics to keep their opponents back. Leaves 'em open if you close on them, a lot couldn't win a slap fight with a Volus. You on the other hand fight hard 'n dirty, and aren't afraid to close the gap...can't wait to see you in a real fight."

Snagging his jacket on the way out the door the pair made their way, eventually, to the med-bay. "Hey Doc, you home?" David called, as the door opened. "You got customers." The doctor looked up from the terminal he was at with a sigh, before getting up to grab his kit. Leaving Serina propped against the exam table, he lowered himself into a nearby chair, popping a pill as he did. A dull blue biotic glow washed over him dulling the pain a bit, and relaxing some very sore muscles. "Check her out first, I think she's got a broken rib or two...I'm only bruised at the cellular level. Oh and she dislocated my jaw at one point, but thats not the first time I've had that happen."

Raven sighed in annoyance at he looked over the security monitors in Verahl's office, They've been here for all of an hour and already they are in the damned med-bay. Must we be suffer under incompetent or insubordinate rookies at all times? Clenching and unclenching his fist to clear that train of thought, he glanced back at his boss before speaking, "I'll nip that one in the bud and notify everyone to prepare for the mission." Moving over to the med-bay, he nodded his head at hearing Miles call the two rookies idiots. Stifling a chuckle and grin, he said "Give me a minute with them Doc."

Pausing for a brief second, he glanced at both of the rookies and shook his head. "Now I can tolerate a scrap between Paladin and Brooks because stupid reason for fighting nonwithstanding, they have both earned their keep for this company. You two on the other hand have not." Moving over to David, he continued "Don't berate other members of the company or instigate fights." Turning around to the asari, he went on, "And you. The fighting I isn't the big issue with you, no. You have issues with humans, of that I can be sure but lets get one thing straight on that front. I will not tolerate insubordination in this company. That has cost us friends. If you're issues become a problem then I won't hesitate to take care of it." Spinning on his heel, he walked out of the med-bay pausing to share something with Miles, "Get them up and running quickly, we have a big mission on our hands."

"You're not that bad yourself, David, though you should really learn to fight quick and dirty from the start. Saves you alot of time in the interim. But I still stand by what I said before, you bad-talk any species besides your own without reason in front of me and next time your jaw'll have to be wired shut next time we come here."

Serina laid down on the bed, attempting to balance her weight out so that as little of it as possible pressed down on her left side.

"Next time, I'll start with the biotics and follow up with the dick-ripping, ahehe- oh shit! It hurts to laugh, fuck that."

Taking short breaths in between attempting one deep, painful one she waited for the doc to set her ribs.

"By the way David, my mother's about a thousand lightyears away from here, getting her here to drug me gets a bit expensive. And Raven, right? Don't worry about insubordination, I'll get the job done, but in between missions don't expect me to defer to your every whim. And as soon as I get patched up here, I'll be up there with the rest of the group."


Verahl glanced back at the monitors, and sighed. He used to look at such troublesome recruits with disdain before. Discipline and training had been the standards as an attempt to fix it. Now though, his standards weren't as high. If they could fight together long enough, that's all he cared for. Those that were talented enough to stick around the company would either fall in line soon enough or prove their worth.

The rest, fodder in his eyes.

"So, who are we wanting to bring?" asked Lux. Verahl shifted his attention from the monitors, back to the Krogan, returning from the small bar he had set up with a glass of ryncol. "You finally able to trust these guys, or are you still wanting the majority of the company backing you up?"

Verahl paused for a moment as he thought his list over once more. He took his time to sip his whiskey.

"Esten, Preven, Sal, Karnak, Paladin, and Lee," recited Verahl as he lowered his glass back to the table.

"You trust these two that much?" Lux grumbled, giving Verahl and uncertain look.

"Things are mostly cemented. If we're wanting this partnership to last, we need to prove to them that we're willing to work with them without hostilities or hesitance. After all, everyone benefits from what we have worked out," replied Verahl as he rose from his seat. He strolled out from behind his desk, and towards the armour rack he had nearby, being sure to scoop up the glass as he passed by.

"We'll take the Razor though."

Lux grinned, and gave a deep chuckle. "There's the Verahl I know. Showing up with fewer troops, but dropping them from a gunship."

"I've grown predictable with age, haven't I?" Verahl shot back with a smirk formed on his face. He rested the glass nearby as he began to pull pieces of armour from the rack. They'd be loading up shortly.


"Well, that's what we had shipped to us," Keith said as he pointed out the last opened, but still not unpacked crate to Narath. "I think we have most of what ya need though.

The workshop had become far more cramped in the past couple weeks. Keith now had to share with the new Salarian. He didn't mind much though. The workshop to him had been mostly used to just store his tools. Most of the work he actually did was on the landing pad on the roof, where they left the Razor and Gauntlet. It was often too much effort to haul anything down and then bother to drag it back up then to just fix it onsite. As long as the Salarian didn't touch his tools, or encroach on the space he used for his 'personal projects' he wouldn't be bothered.

"There are some ground rules we're needing to cover first before anything starts," he continued as he turned and lifted himself up onto his workbench. He leaned over, and opened a small fridge he kept down there, and grabbed two Tupari from it. "One, don't touch my tools. Two, whatever ya take from the fridge, ya stock back. Three, ya respect my space, I respect yours. We going to be able to work like this, or we going to be tossing wrenches at each other come a week's passin'?"

The workshop was much smaller than Narath had hoped. The space was cramped, and various pieces of machinery and technology were scattered around the tables. He realized it would only get worse when the crate full of specialty equipment was unpacked. Though a tad disappointed, he realized that this was the price to be paid for working with a smaller agency so close to the action.

"Hmm, it's not quite what I expected, but I suppose I had better be glad you have a tech lab at all. Most Merc groups rely solely on what they can steal or buy." Narath mused, kneeling down to inspect the contents of his crate. He was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the item, and upon hearing Keith's terms of working together he could only think that they would work well together.

"Oh yes, those are quite reasonable conditions. In fact, I believe they are common courtesies to be followed in all work situations." A friendly smile passed over Narath's face as he turned and nodded his agreement. When he had first come up with the idea of moving to Omega to pursue his research goals, never had the thought passed through his head that he would end up fully funded with a respectful colleague sharing space.

Following after Raven, David started to make his way to the armoury. "Sorry about that boss." David said falling into step. "But in my defence I was just trying to be sociable, when she bit my head off...mind you I may have pushed things a bit once she offered me a sparring match." Even though his jaw still hurt, he couldn't help grinning as he opened the armoury door. "At least we took our fight to training room."

Opening 'his' locker, he made a quick check of his weapons and armour, before putting in all on. The newly bruised tissues protested greatly, much to David chagrin. "At least she's gonna have as bad a time getting suited up as me." He muttered. His entire kit ready, he made his way back to the common room, and dropped in to an empty chair. I just hope this isn't just some big production for some limp dick from Citadel space. I've done enough of those jobs.

When Serina woke up again after what she could only assume was her surgery and re-upholstery of her ribs an hour later. She spun her legs off the med-bed and glanced around. Seeing the doc out and David gone, she looked to her left and on the side-table was a brace. She grabbed it and shrugged herself into it, grunting a bit as she was forced to cinch it solidly. Serina left the med-bay and headed back to the training room. After a few exercises designed to stretch her torso, she went her locker and shrugged into her armor, attaching her weapons to the magnetized strips on her back, pistol, shotgun, and submachine gun. She went to the common room and allowed herself a small smile after seeing the human David still rubbing his jaw and black eye. She sat down next to him and said, "Nice shiner there David. How's your jaw working out now?"

"Eh, not bad." David replied. "Not the worst I've taken in a sparring match. For the record never challenge a Krogan Battlemaster to a match, even if he's had so much Ryncol he can barely stand. So anyways, how are the ribs?" Pulling out his lump of an SMG out, he began to fiddle with it for something to do. "By the way I never did get your name?"

"Serina, kid, and the ribs'll probably be fine in a day or two, it's not my first time busting them up. And for the record, drunk Krogan are even more off-balance in my experience, it's the Vorcha you have watch for, they may be weak, but they breed faster than the Krogan once did and they'll bring a dozen or so of their friends or family, they look too much alike to tell them apart, and the ones you don't kill will come back ready for more and with stronger bones to take more. If you ever find one around 15 with a scar across his forehead and his bottom tusks,teeth, whatever they call them, missing, stay away from him, he's a tough son of a bitch, and if you ever hear any rumors about a Vorcha being thrown out an airlock, and surviving, believe them, I opened it on his ass, and he bears a grudge over it, name of Rashanagishmich or something like that. The guy, at least I think it was a guy, has been looking for me the better part of a decade." She then grabbed his SMG from his hands and with a few modifications to the mass effect core emitter, handed it back.

"Sorry kid, but you were bothering me with that, now you've got more less he-shit, damn rib- heat output for the same number of shots.Saves you time and creds on your repairs Where'd you get your training? Alliance, right?Jump Zero?Or were you one of the blessed few that got unorthodox training?" She grabbed a pouch in her armor she kept a half dozen painkillers in and popped one in her mouth, chewing and swallowing. Guess I may be worse off than I thought. I'm not going to let this stop me from doing something around here, though.Guess my right side is going to be out a while.No shotgun, and no steadying the SMG, by the feel of this. Dammit! She sat somewhat stiffly from the brace around her torso, and tried to only use her left hand as much as she could.


"Oh yes, those are quite reasonable conditions. In fact, I believe they are common courtesies to be followed in all work situations."

"Exactly," Keith said as he cracked a grin. When the Salarian turned to him, he lowered his arm, and tossed one of the cans of Tupari to him as he cracked open his own. "Though I'm sure the two of us can think of some we've had to work with that don't follow those same conditions."

With that he took a sip from the can. "Ah, tupo berry..."

Sal glanced at her omni-tool as the message went off. "Welp guy's, I'm on duty now. See ya when I get back. Take care Dray." she said with a wave before stepping onto the elevator and heading down to the armory. After a quick ride she stepped off the elevator and grabbed her gear, the one thing she preferred about her suit was that she didn't need to be constantly putting on or removing armor. After a quick check of her weapons she was back on the elevator and heading for the second floor. She stepped of and into the common room.

She noticed the two recruits who has been at each others throats earlier, armed and ready to go. She smirked behind her mask. "Hey, Serina, David. You two realize that you both look ridiculous sitting in the common room with your armor and weapons right?" She asked stopping just before the exit.

"The same could be said of you, Sal, I thought we were here to-*grunt*- work, not just sit around a kitchen and talk about it. But, you know, that's just my take on any job really." She said this in as nonchalant manner as possible, she knew exactly how touchy some Quarians could be and she didn't know Sal very and she didn't want a repeat of a job she had twenty years ago.

"Doesn't matter-*cough*,shit that hurts - if we look ridiculous or not, this is Omega honey, and power can change hands pretty quickly. Especially when you have a send-off about to happen.But you know all that, of course." She flashed a quick smile and returned to trying to get as comfortable as she could with her brace and ribs in the condition they were in.


Karnak walked down the hall passed the barracks. He had clad himself in his armour, and was carrying a large duffel bag over his shoulder. On his back, his shotgun was holstered, with his pistol at his side.

"Hey, Serina, David. You two realize that you both look ridiculous sitting in the common room with your armor and weapons right?"

Turning his head as he passed, he noticed that she was right. The two were sitting with weapons drawn and armour on in the common room, ready to go on mission.


"The same could be said of you, Sal, I thought we were here to-*grunt*- work, not just sit around a kitchen and talk about it. But, you know, that's just my take on any job really. Doesn't matter--- if we look ridiculous or not, this is Omega honey, and power can change hands pretty quickly. Especially when you have a send-off about to happen. But you know all that, of course."

Even cuter...

"I'm going to have to talk with Verahl. I'm shocked he's hiring child soldiers," chimed Karnak sarcastically. "They're green enough that they don't even realize when their names aren't called to be dispatched. Honestly, I'm not even sure if that one knows what's going on around her."

He continued to walk by, and slung the bag off his shoulder, and tossed it at Sal.

"Here, you can carry the ammo the rest of the way," he said feistily with a smirk. "Maybe next time it'll help you throw a better right hook."

Sal grunted as she caught the ammo bag. "Maybe next time it'll help you throw a better right hook." Sher rolled her eyes, "I'm dying of laughter Karnak. I really am." She said the sarcasm clear in her tone. She slung the bag over her shoulder. She turned to Serina "Hey I only sit around the kitchen off duty. If you don't relax you go insane, even on the flotilla we know that." She said following Karnak out onto the landing pad.

GAHH!! FUCK! He swore to himself, as a fresh jolt of pain shot through his jaw. I'm so going to have to return the favour. Nodding a mumbled thanks to Serina as she sorted his SMG, he sent her a message via omni-tool.

Got to do this via messages...fucking jaw hurts too much...bitch.
Primary biotic training I did through the Grissom Academy. Everything else I learned 'in field' as a merc. I've been doing this since I was 18, got taught most of what I know by a former Commando...still amazed I fucking survived.

"Hey, Serina, David. You two realize that you both look ridiculous sitting in the common room with your armor and weapons right?" She asked stopping just before the exit.

David grinned at the Quarian and stuck his tounge out. More pain flashed through his jaw, but it was worth it. The Doc did a good job and all, but fuck this hurt. He considered taking another one of his 'pills' but shook the idea off. No, that fine if I'm off duty but I've seen guys screw the pooch to often being high while working.

"They're green enough that they don't even realize when their names aren't called."

Giving Karnak a single finger salute with a smile, he sent off another message.

I know I didn't get called, I'm being prepared. Whatever mission you're going on is bound to go pear-shaped (this is Omega after all). Wouldn't you rather have me suited armed, and ready to go as opposed to having to wait while you get shot at?

FUUUCK This hurts! Yeah, I'm definatly returning the favour the next chance I get!

Shit... Missing out on some action already Kyra thought to herself, seeing several of the vetaran mercs getting equipped and heading out. Ah well, I'll see if I can't catch the next deployment.

"I'll be in the training room, if anyone comes lookin for me." She said to Serina and David, as she started in that direction. "Good a way to relieve boredom as any."

Kyra arrived in the training room, and started a weight lifting routine designed to strengthen and tone. She felt good, exercising for the first time since she had gotten out of the hospital. There hadn't been time to until now, with the military booting her off-ship as soon as she had recovered enough to travel.

She planned to move into calisthenics and cardio if she had time, but realized that she could be called to duty at any moment.

"Sometimes going insane is preferable to sitting around doing nothing, Sal.Good luck, good shooting, and if we get unlucky enough, good riddance." She let out a chuckle to know that all she said was in good humor.fuck, this hurts.How long before they leave and I can get out of this armor?

"I'm going to have to talk with Verahl. I'm shocked he's hiring child soldiers,They're green enough that they don't even realize when their names aren't called to be dispatched. Honestly, I'm not even sure if that one knows what's going on around her."

"Hey, Karnak, I've been doing these jobs longer than you've been alive by the look of you, and I've been with more than one merc group brought down by a lucky attack during a lull. I'm not about to let that happen again if I can help prevent it. And let Sal alone, the few Quarians I've seen able to throw a good punch could probably knock those things you call eyes out, granted, they'd probably rupture their suits in the process, but not before they killed you if that was their intention.And as you can see, I do know what's going on around me Srasi." She did quit fiddling with her pistol and put it back into it's casing in her leg joint, though, a bit embarrassed by her habits being outed in the open.

Paladin looked at his own omni tool at the same time as Sal, he'd gotten a similar message and responded by heading to his ship, unlike Sal he hadn't arrived at base wearing full armor and since the other parties at the negotiations had been fully armored before, he wouldn't want to be unprepared should the worst happen. After all, alliances on Omega were tenuous at best, especially in their infancy.

He jogged the short distance to his ship and returned after a few minutes, fully armed and armored.

He arrived in the room after the others had already passed through, seeing two of the new recruits sitting fully kitten he cocked an incredulous eyebrow. But their overzealousness wasn't hurting anyone, just embarrassing them.

"Hey, Karnak, I've been doing these jobs longer than you've been alive by the look of you, and I've been with more than one merc group brought down by a lucky attack during a lull. I'm not about to let that happen again if I can help prevent it. And let Sal alone, the few Quarians I've seen able to throw a good punch could probably knock those things you call eyes out, granted, they'd probably rupture their suits in the process, but not before they killed you if that was their intention. And as you can see, I do know what's going on around me Srasi."

"If you're as experienced as you say you are then you should be able to tell friendly ribbing from an honest insult. Further, you should be able to tell being prepared from sitting around in full armor when no one asked anything of you. Finally you should be able to tell when your mouthing off becomes insubordination, why don't you go lie down and think about that before you hurt yourself any more."

Without waiting for Serina to respond, Ethan turned and followed Sal and Karnak out to the landing pad.

Oh, I like him, not too loyal to his namesake though, if my understanding of human culture is correct. Nice, crisp, clean insults though. He could've stayed longer though, or even known what I was talking about. Damn ribs...

Serina watched the squad leave and head towards the landing pad, glad to see some go more than others, though Sal was interesting, any Quarian that left the flotilla was interesting to her. Of course, a Quarian that left the flotilla and joined up with a merc group was more than anything else, fascinating. can't help wondering what they look like outside their suits, guess it'll have to remain a mystery for the time being though. Oh, well, at least I've got one person here I know how far I can trust, but Dave's a bit speechless right now and this messaging system he's got going isn't that great at getting ideas across.

Serina stood, careful not to disturb her right side, and slowly walked to the other end of the room, trying to get used to the brace and her ribs, a few jarring steps into it, she had to remember that she couldn't glide in the same way she normally walked, moving all parts of her body, instead, she'd have to relearn her older way of walking, and moved only her legs, no longer swinging her arms, no more swiftly moving in and out of walking paths, at least for a while.

She made her way back to the chair after a few laps around the room, relearning how to walk having taken more out of her than she expected, must be the drugs, it can't have been anything else and again carefully sat down. She switched her omni-tool to her right arm, knowing that it would be a pain to do anything on it but better than keeping it on her left.

"Unfortunately it seems that manners are one of the rarest resources here on Omega." Narath caught the can, reading the label carefully as he stood. He cracked it open and was about to take a drink when a thought hit him.

"As much of a cliché as it might be, perhaps a toast is in order." Narath suggested, raising his can in the air. "To a future of fame and fortune." He took a drink and set the can on a counter, kneeling once again to begin unpacking the crate of equipment.


Brooks walked through the doors from the armoury to the training room. He had gone down to do a few quick checks on his armour. While he knew he wouldn't need it at that moment, it never hurt to make sure that the joint motors were all running smoothly and without trouble. Any break down with them while in combat could be catastrophic to him.

Kyra was preparing to do some weight training as he walked in.

"Needing a spotter?" he asked as he approached.

"Couldn't hurt." Kyra responded, getting the bench set up. She decided to start with about 3/4 of her previous maximum, knowing that it took muscles time to build to their peak after time without working them.

"You and Paladin go at it often?" She asked, curious. "Seems like you two were about ready to kill each other back in the kitchen."


"Nah, not really," Brooks replied as he picked up equal weights to match and balance what Kyra put on before taking his position behind the bench. "Politics just gets people heated is all, especially when it's something dear to 'em."

"Surprised though, you don't seem to have much love for the Alliance, what exactly happened anyways?"


Rook wandered into the workshop. He had heard that the new Salarian had shown his face, but he hadn't met him yet. All he knew about him were the snippets of conversation about him that Rook had heard from Lux.

"You're Narath, right?" Rook asked as he extended his hand, offering to shake it. "Nice to meet you, I'm Rook."

As he did this, Keith leaned back over to the fridge, and pulled out one of the Dextro-Amino cans of Tupari. He knew Rook was the only other one in the company who loved Tupari as much as him.


Verahl stood in the doorway to the Razor, and watched as Sal, Paladin and Karnak made their ways onto the roof. Sal had the bag of ammo slung over her shoulder. Verahl nodded as he stepped inside the Razor, letting them in, and shutting the door behind them.

"Get yourselves strapped in," he ordered as they filed down the narrow corridor. Esten and Preven were seated at the end, each with rifles leaned on the floor beside them. Raven and Lux were on the opposite end, near Kryxus and the door. When everyone was seated, Verahl leaned his head through the cockpit door. "We're ready."

With that, the Razor's engines could be heard engaging, as the gunship lifted off the roof. It would take some time before they arrived at the meeting.

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