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Knox looked around when they landed, trying to see if there was any clue as to what could've caused the virus to return. Finding nothing, he sighed heavily, and made sure his suit wasn't able to be breached. He didn't want to risk being a carrier that would wipe out half of his company.

He then cracked his neck, back and knuckles, made sure his gun was loaded and ready, and went to flipping his lighter.

"Think it was the Vorcha again?" he asked aloud, to no one in particular.

Kyra exited the Gauntlet after ensuring her suit was sealed. Everything checked out, so she headed toward the rest of Aegis, readying her weapons along the way.

"Well, I suppose stopping a plague is one way to get back in the saddle..." She said to herself.

"Think it was the Vorcha again?"

"Probably" David replied, stopping beside Knox. "They'd be 'bout the only one dumb enough to pull that shit." Checking his guns for the umpteenth time he sighed inside his helmet. Calm down David, you know the boss is just getting his shit squared away...Fuck I hate waiting. "So" He said racking his brain for the man's name, he'd made a point to try and memorize the employee roster before he'd started. "Mordecai was it? Where you on Omega during the last outbreak? I was on an escort gig, and only got bit and pieces of what happened over the extranet."


"Vorcha were never smart enough for that sort of thing," Brooks said as he walked down the ramp of the Gauntlet with a large oxygen tank held over his shoulder. He quickly looked around, checking to see if Esten was nearby. "I'm betting STG or something, trying to remove the capital of Omega or something. If it worked, it'd have wiped out the station, if it didn't, might spark a race war or something. Good thing it was snuffed out in time."

Rook was following behind him carrying another tank, but stopped after Brooks was finished.

"Brooks, do you even listen to yourself half the time?" he teased as he shook his head and began walking again. "Hear more accurate facts in the Galactic Enquirer."

"I'm telling ya," answered Brooks, turning slightly to face the Turian behind him. "You'd be surprised how many secrets they keep. What they really don't want you to know and all."

Rook just shook his head, muttering something beneath his breath as he nudged Brooks with his foot.

"Yeah, yeah, just keep walking. Stockpiles aren't going to build themselves."


"Bright side, least we're immune to it," responded Lee. He was seated on some boxes in front of Kyra, rummaging through the contents of a couple packs rested beside him. "Wouldn't want your medic coughing into your face while he's trying to stop you from bleeding to death now, would you?"

Muttering to himself, he stopped looking through his pack and moved onto the other, before smiling and grabbing a small box of latex gloves and tossing them back into his.

"Medi-gel might be all purpose," he spoke as he closed the zipper on his pack. "But applying it can make a hell of a mess."

"Wouldn't want your medic coughing into your face while he's trying to stop you from bleeding to death now, would you?"

"Personally, I'd rather just not bleed to death." Kyra joked. "I've tried it. If you're curious, I would advise against it. The side effects tend to be... permanent."

"Mordecai was it? Where you on Omega during the last outbreak? I was on an escort gig, and only got bit and pieces of what happened over the extranet."

"Heh, yeah, that's what my momma named me." Knox laughed to himself, hearing someone call him by his first name was quite a novelty. He kept flicking his lighter on and off all the while he talked.

"Yeah, I was on Omega, and let me tell you, you don't feel like any more of an alien than when a lot of them hate you for something you had no part in."


Esten stood in the doors of the Razor. A sneer was on his face, repulsed by everything around him, as he stared out into the garage in front of him. He couldn't stand the crowd before him. It was massive and disorganized, controlled by wannabe despots grabbing at whatever straws of power and control they could. The Turians especially infuriated him. An entire company made up of deserters, renegades who cared more about their own personal gain rather than their own duty.

And yet, here he was. Yet another suit of armour clad amongst their numbers. Years before he'd have gladly volunteered to remove as many of these renegades from this universe as he could, but now he was considered an asset to them. He still attempted to rationalize his decision in his mind, attempting to justify his existence there, weighing its costs to its benefits.

This is all my freedom can buy? This is where the right to choose delivers me?

He turned back from the doorway and moved down the confined aisle of the gunship. Making his way between the cramped seats, scattered weapons, and crammed cases of thermal clips loaded into the low hanging overhead racks, Esten moved down length of the Razor before eventually coming to the seat furthest from the open door. He was as far removed from the sights and sounds of the gathered army of hired guns and brutes as he could make himself without leaving them. He raised his feet, stretching the width of the aisle, onto the seat opposite him, and propped his rifle up by his side. Here he'd wait until his orders were given.

Here he'd wait for them to come to him.

Ethan stepped out of the ship, his weapons holstered and his armor sealed. He stepped down from the ship and took some time to look around and get his bearings. It was clear that Aegis wasn't the only organization that had received the call to arms. The other members of Sigma had walked into an office nearby he could see them through the windows, along with several others, these wearing unfamiliar colors. Simply assuming that they were local and not either a threat or competition, he hung back, waiting for the commanders to finish talking shop.

He saw someone he recognized from the meeting with the other members of Sigma standing a few meters away. A tall Asari stood in blue armor, scratched and scarred from use with a pair of logos on it, one from Azure, the other a fresh sigma insignia. Ethan thought he recognized her armor from the meeting, they had been patrolling around the arbiters office, he made his way over to her.

"Hey... Stazia, right?"
"Yeah? Oh hey, you're uh... sorry, you Humans kind of blur together to me." She realized what she had just said and hastily tried to cover herself, not wanting to offend a new comrade, "the armor doesn't really help, no offense"
"Don't worry about it, I had the same problem with Asari, just a mass of 'blue' and 'pretty', like I'm sure you are under that armor."
She chuckled, a small giggling noise with the static of the armor's speakers under it and shifted a bit in her position, scratching at her armor idly but uncomfortably, "Damn recycled air. You humans are lucky, is your armor even sealed? It's not like you can catch this thing."
"There's still a chance I could spread the disease, I'd rather not risk getting my friends sick."
"Pretty decent of you, for a Human, so what did you come over here for? surely not just to hit on me?"
Ethan chuckled a bit, "Depends on if it's working."
Stazia laughed again, "Not this time soldier, if you're lucky, maybe after this you can get me a drink."
"It's a date. But really, I wanted to know if the Shields knew anything about the contamination. Any word on what we're looking at here?"
The Asari shook her head, the lights of her eye pieces trailing behind the motion, "No, all they told us was the plague was back. There is a betting pool going on among the girls on how this got started, the good odds are on a shipping accident."

Paladin laughed as he remembered hearing a similar conversation among the members of Aegis only a minute ago. He and Stazia talked for a bit longer, both keeping an eye on the offices where the leaders were meeting, each hoping to get some much needed information on what they'd be running into.

Sigma Salarian:

"There are only two types of people who think they'd be able to move sample of the plague across Omega like this," a voice said above the heads of Ethan and Stazia. The two looked around for a moment, before realizing that it had come from above them. Perched on a stack of boxes near the office doors, above the chaos of the crowded floor beneath him, lay a Salarian. "Ones that are stupid enough to think that they can take such action without detection. And ones stupid enough to think that they can take such action without consequence."

The Salarian rose, and swung his legs over the crates, and looked down upon the Human and Asari beneath him. His armour was rather unremarkable. It was mostly red, with a series of crossing gold lines running down his left arm from shoulder to wrist. His helmet matched the armour with his visor being completely tinted, obscuring the Salarian's face.

"If you're right, you had better hope we're dealing with the first," he said as he looked at Paladin, before glancing back at Stazia. "The two of you have nothing better to do then stand there gossiping?"

"Or a third, people taking it for study" Ethan supplied to the Salarian. "It doesn't have to be some elaborate conspiracy or malicious act. The virus has been cured, there's no more real benefit to it as a plague weapon anymore. The concern isn't who was shipping the virus, the problem to worry about is who brought it down."

Stazia looked up at the Salarian perched up on the boxes, "And we have as much time to spend talking as you do to stand up there and ask why we aren't doing anything" she waved her hands over at the office where the leadership was meeting, "Until they come back we have no idea what we're walking into or if we have any sort of plan. I'd rather not walk blind into a plague," she turned her helmeted head over to Paladin, "would you?"


"There you go," she turned her blue helmet back to the Salarian up on the cargo, "are you coming down? Or do you just like the elevation?"

Sigma Salarian:

"Or a third, people taking it for study. It doesn't have to be some elaborate conspiracy or malicious act. The virus has been cured, there's no more real benefit to it as a plague weapon anymore. The concern isn't who was shipping the virus; the problem to worry about is who brought it down."

"Again, either stupid enough to believe they can avoid detection, or that they can do it without consequence. Intentions are irrelevant," stated the Salarian. His gaze was fixed now to scanning the depot floor, seemingly paying no attention to what either of the two was saying. When the two finished talking, he spoke again, but continued to keep his focus fixed elsewhere. "It appears I have to repeat myself frequently then. The two of you are then telling me that you have nothing better to do then to stand here and gawk? That there isn't some other job to be done? That there isn't a mechanic that needs help, or aircraft to be stocked? Because as it seems, most others are finding uses for themselves, yet here we have two that decide that their time is spent more efficiently than everyone else by standing around and simply chatting."

He sighed as he swung his legs back up, to rest on top of the crate. He opened his Omni-Tool for a moment, before placing his hands behind his back.

"The two of you certainly bring a lot with you. Surely both assets to your companies."

David had spent some of this slack time, catching up with a friend he knew in the Spartans. After getting caught up on the newer goings on around the station he'd moved, on generally milling about, providing a helping hand or application of biotics as needed. The heavy use of his power within such a limited time frame however had left him quite tired. Slipping behind some crates he sat down with a relived sigh. "Oh damn that's better." He muttered. "Now if only I could pop the seal and get some real air."

Tooling around the local extranet shopping sights something caught his eye, a genuine mahogany humidor with full paraphernalia. Two dozen authentic hand-rolled Cuaba Presedente cigars, a 'Havana punch' punch cutter, a sterling silver table lighter, and three dozen cedar spills for lighting, made up the set. David couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the price of only 900 credits. Gotta be a scam. He thought, before checking the seller. The business was a reputble (for Omega) Batarian owned store that had been in business for almost as long as there'd been Batarians on the station. Hmm, well in that case it's probably pirate loot, and those four-eyes don't know really what they've got...and I don't need to enlighten them. A few button presses later and the humidor was safely on its way to the drop box at his apartment.

"Listen buddy, We're hardly hiding from work, there are people here that are much better qualified at repairs or other major jobs and if they need help, we're only a comm message away. Our aircraft arrived stocked, because we're not incompetents that show up in the middle of a plague zone totally unprepared. We're fully prepped unless we need specialty equipment," Ethan's voice began to rise in tension and volume, getting upset at the Salarian. "Equipment we won't know if we're receiving or even need until the officers get out here."

Stazia, catching a bit of Paladin's energy, and sharing his indignation at the self righteous Salarian grabbed Ethan by the shoulder, pulling him back, and stepping forward "Where do you get off? I don't see you doing anything to help anywhere."

Sal leaned against a large crate, waiting for orders. Her omni-tool was open as she scanned through the list of current members from both The Lancers and The Spartans, checking on all their vitals. It was a long process, checking each members armor to make sure there were no breaches in the seals. She had spent the least time on her company, she knew Ver wouldn't have allowed anybody on the Gauntlet if he thought any of them had missed their seals. But the other two companies were taking a long time. Krogan, Turian, Asari, Salarian, She didn't bother to read the names. It would take to long to try to remember the names anyway.

This plague needed to be completely eradicated in the first place. Who in their right mind would keep a sample? With a sigh she moved on to another Krogan, they took up most of her time. Their sheer size caused that. After last time the plague moved through you would think it would have been a distributed vaccine to anyone and everyone, even here on Omega.

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