Mass Effect RP: The Aegis Protection Firm - Full

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"I thought Lux might want the pleasure, but I suppose I should grace them with my presence" replied Ocara, standing up and leaving his sniper rifle on the floor behind him. What Ocara had planned would require that he wasn't slowed down by his weapon.

Ocara opened and proceeded to slip through the hatch that had previously sat, undisturbed to his right, emerging into the elevator shaft just a story or two above his target in the elevator below. From there, Ocara proceeded to swiftly and silently climb down a maintainence ladder, until his feet softly came into contact with the roof of the elevator.

The next part would be tricky and require all his Turian military skill, with a healthy dose of Ocara's patented brand of blind luck. After quietly opening the elevator hatch a crack to peer in, he peeked through the crack and saw the frightened looking Salarian clutching two pistols in his quaking hands.

'Great, he's got not one, but two instruments for putting me in the ground. Looks like I need to even the odds' thought Ocara to himself as he touched his finger to his ear and activated his comm unit.

"This is Ocara, I'm above our Salarian friend and I need him distracted, possibly looking out of the elevator and away from the roof hatch would be optimal"


Vyaeh's head darted around the elevator. He had sworn he had heard something closer, but wasn't sure if it was those outside or his nerves.

He knew he had to act now. If he waited any longer, someone would rush in to get him. He couldn't fight them either though. He closed his eyes for a moment, and let out an uneased sigh as he took his only option.

"I'm sorry Tres," he said under his breath.

Vyaeh took his finger off his trigger to touch the elevator's holographic interface. He set it for the bottom level, hoping there was no one down there to greet him. As the doors closed, he leaned out from the side, and blindly fired his pistols out.

The mercenaries opened fire on the doors as they were closing. A number of shots went through the closing door, hitting the wall behind it, while the rest didn't make it through. Once shut, he could hear a large banging from the other side, probably from the Krogan trying to rip his way through.

Must get out of here.

"Damn it!" Terina swore. "We need to find out where the elevator is going, then meet him there. He can't just be waiting for us to get the doors open."

'Goddammit, looks like I'm on my own. Here goes nothing' thought Ocara, the young Turian quickly steeling himself for the coming struggle as the elevator began to descend. Ocara hoped he could hurt the Salarian, before he had a chance to draw a bead on him with one of his pistols and if he managed to not get filled with holes in the first 20 seconds, Ocara was relativity confident that he could disable his quarry.

As the elevator sped downwards, Ocara silently maneuvered himself to the front of the hatch in preparation for the attack. Drawing one of his knives, Ocara took one final deep breath, before wrenching open the top hatch of the elevator with his free hand, letting forth a terrifying bellow to startle his opponent and jumping down into the enclosed space below and throwing the knife towards the Salarian as soon as his feet touched the floor.

Adrenaline stopped Ocara from seeing where or even if the knife struck the smuggler and completely shut of his hearing, all that went through he Turians mind was reaching his target and taking those guns away. Ocara was already moving the second his feet touched metal, bending his knees quickly, before springing upwards at the Salarian, his right shoulder at the front of his attack.

Whatever happened next, well it was up to chance now.

Paladin walked over to the group, Lux slamming his fists along with the rest of his body into the elevators doors, and Terina training her shotgun on two of the captured Salarians. Ethan led the human he had restrained, keeping a gun to his back.

"I take it one of them got away? I had the same problem, but Brooks' is bird-dogging him down. I thought I'd be best suited helping restrain these guys.

He forced up the Salarians one at a time, and tied their hands behind their backs, using special knots he learned during his time with the Corsairs that compensated for the high amounts of cartilage in their skeletons, too many had just slipped out of knots designed for humans for him to make that particular mistake again. Paladin checked the knots, making sure that even if they tried to run they'd just trip over each other.

He brought up the comm again to connect to Brooks. "I've got the one's we've apprehended restrained. you need any help with the one you were chasing? If you're busy you don't have to respond."


Vyaeh felt the knife dig into his leg. The pain was sharp and sudden, but the adrenaline pumping through him at this point was enough for him to ignore it. Now, his mind had gone from flight to fight. He knew the only way he might get out at this point was going to be through this Turian.

It only took him a moment to raise his pistols at Ocara. He knew that accuracy wasn't important from this distance anymore, and that the only thing he needed to do was to put as many rounds out as possible before the Turian hit him.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six...

It was then that the Turian hit him. He knew that his final shot had gone wide, since the Turian had made contact by then, but was certain most of the others hit. As the Turian followed through with the blow, he was able to disarm Vyaeh of the pistol on his left, knocking it across the elevator floor. It didn't matter though; he only needed the right one.

Ocara and Vyaeh were now struggling for control. All of Vyaeh's concentration and might was put into manoeuvring the pistol, trying to get it into a position to save him.

As the two were entwined in their brawl, struggled for control, neither noticed the slam heard above, as something hit the top of the elevator. Both realized it though moments later, as the flash bang grenade dropped through the open panel above, and landed beside the two of them.


Esten watched Ocara from above as he crept along the top of the elevator. Standing above the ladder, he sighed, disappointed in Ocara's technique.

He's learning nothing.

Suddenly, the elevator started moving, as everything was set into motion. He heard shots fired from inside as the Salarian started it, and saw Ocara blindly diving in.

Esten dropped, grabbing the sides of the ladder, trying to slide down closer to it before jumping and landing on its roof. He hit it hard, poorly absorbing the drop down. His knees felt stiff as he raised himself. He looked down at the two fighting, already deciding what he would do. He lifted one of the flash grenades from his belt and dropped it between the two. He knew the disorientation would be enough for him to nullify the both of them.

An intense pressure struck Ocara in the face, directly on his right cheek, but Ocara was too adrenilised to notice it, or anything else for that matter, for all of his focus was going into maintaining control off the Salarians two wrists, who were on either side of the wide-eyed Salarians face, both of them twisting and struggling desperately to be free so the Smuggler could fill Ocara with holes.

Ocara headbutted the Salarian once, seeing a slight flash of white as he did so, but before he could use his now free right fist to end the fight and possibly break his enemies nose (did Salarians have noses?), Ocara was blinded by another bright flash, this time caused by something other than his own folly (which made a welcome change, since Ocara was sick of causing his own injuries with his stupidity by now)

The searing white light seemed to burn Ocara's biological eye, whilst causing the other one to go into ultrafocus briefly, before overloading with a high pitched squeal. However, again, the high pitched squeal was just a precursor to another deafening sound, this time a thunderous bang that seemed to blow out Ocara's hearing entirely.

Letting go of the smugglers wrist, Ocara's left hand instinctively covered his eye, while the entirety of his right arm seemed to posses a mind of its own as it was flung towards his head, probably in an attempt to cover his ears. All this upper body movement happened at around the same time that Ocara's lets gave out from under him, sending him sprawling backwards, the Smuggler ontop of him.

The last thing Ocara remembered before a second flash and a meaty *thunk*, was his back landing on the elevator floor and the Salarians shortly afterwards, however after that Ocara couldn't observe or even make sense of his own surroundings anymore, because it had all faded it black....


"I'm right here Pali," Brooks said as he approached the rest of the company with Korat. "Korat's got the other one."

Korat had the other pilot slung over his shoulder and had carried him from one end of the terminal to the other. His hands were bound, but his feet were still free. It didn't matter though, he was so out of it, that Brooks would be shocked if the pilot could even remember where he was.


When the elevator doors opened once again to level B, Esten had already secured the Captain, as well as checked over Ocara. He had been injured once again by the fighting, and would need yet another visit to Miles, but fortunatly he had been one of the people who had come with armour on, so it wasn't catastrophic.

"The Captain's restrained," he said as he walked out, handing the two pistols over to Brooks. "He'll be experiencing a horrible headache for the next several hours though, as well as Ocara. Ocara also substained a number of shots from him at close range, but it appears as though his shields and armour absorbed most of it. I reccommend we leave immediatly."


Lux's face soured as he looked over the prisoners. He shook his head, angry over how the mission had turned out.

"Four. Four of them," Lux said slowly and quietly before punching the elevator once more in frustration. "We lost the fifth one!"

Lux growled, he was fuming over their failure to apprehend the final smuggler. He turned to Jetta, and Terina, placing his blame on the two of them.

"And where were you two?! One of them takes off and neither of you think to go after him?!"

Jetta immediatly spoke up, trying to defend herself, but Lux quickly put her down.

"Did I say uoi could speak?" he said as he moved over to her. "It's your damn fault we lost him! All you needed to do was use some of your those Biotics at your disposal and you could have had him floating helplessly floating through the air, or send him flying into a wall, but no! Instead you stood there and let him go! Were you waiting for a fucking invitation?!"

Lux paused for a minute, only inches in front of her. He didn't want to hear a single word out of her about how it wasn't her fault, or that she wasn't to blame. Lux took a few deep breaths, and turned away, back to the prisoners. As he did though, he heard her once more. While she only whispered it, he was still able to make out a couple words.

"... Your own fault..."

Before she could even finish, Lux had already spun back, sending his fist straight into her ribs. He could hear her gasping for breath as she doubled over, stunned and unprepared to take the blow.

"Not. Another. WORD." Lux bellowed before returning to the others.

"Get the prisoners in the elevator, and have Kryxus come down for extraction. I want us out of here within five minutes," he said as he walked into the elevator, waiting for everyone else to funnel on. It was only now he noticed that they were short one person.

"...Where's Raven?"

Paladin turned, looking over the group, "Shit, in all the excitement, I had really only be worrying about sending updates, not keeping track of everyone, hell if I know"

He took the last few feet of the rope tying the prisoners together and used them to restrain the other two, putting a second set of knots on their current restraints and tying the whole group together, knowing that tied together like this they would be unable to run without total consensus among the group, like a chain-gang, and even then they'd tripping over each others feet.

Terina took Lux's verbal barrage, looking at the floor. She knew on one level that she had not been responsible. Hell, she had been the first to spot them. However, she had not tracked down the missing one. And as the junior member of the group, she would be a valid scapegoat. Walking down, she heard Lux's question. "Why are you asking us? We were so busy trying to catch the smugglers, we weren't following each other. Maybe you should ask the leader of his group." She then looked squarely in Lux's eyes, deciding to make an accusation non-directly. "After all, the squad leader is in charge of his squad's whereabouts and actions, aren't they?"


Lux's gaze narrowed on Terina. He wasn't in the mood for the horseshit she was feeding him.

"He was the other squad leader," he hissed back, as he closed his fist. "I was asking if his, squad, knew where he was. Not you."

When he felt his point was made, opened his Comm Channel to Raven, wanting to know what was taking him.

"Raven, location?"

Paladin turned his head as he was walking the group of prisoners over to the elevator. Raising his voice a little he said "Raven was the team leader Terina, although, I guess he would be the one to ask though."

After a glare from Lux helped him realize that he may have just repeated something the Krogan already said, he shut up and continued the walk over to the elevator, his lips slightly pursed and his head bent up, slightly occupied in thought. When they arrived, and he felt the Prisoners were sufficiently covered by the other members of Aegis he made a general statement to the group. After all they were hoping to win the smugglers over to their side, a little bit of positivity would help.

"Looks like we're going to be here for a while, you guys need anything, water maybe?"

Raven sat back in the crowds of Dock B-7, scanning the few paths that traversed the area. "I'm in Dock B-7 Lux. Trying to get a visual on our runner." Letting his eyes wander, he look for the telltale signs of paranoia, shifting eyes, nervous twitches, or the easiest to spot glances over the shoulder. As he maintained survellaince, he spotted his quarry, a salarian moving against the flow of the crowd, clearly trying to get away from something. Lucky or unlucky depending on your perspective, his path would take him directly into Raven's path. "Target sighted Lux. Five minutes till capture." Now to wait.


"Hey! Watch it!" exclaimed a human Tres bumped into as he made his way through the crowd.

Tres was darting through the crowd as he moved closer and closer towards the elevator. Any time he saw a gap or an opening in the crowd, a way to get ahead of even a few more people he would take it. His only concern was getting to the elevator and getting as much distance between him and the mercenaries.

He checked over his shoulder once more, checking to see if anyone was following him. He couldn't tell if any where faces he had seen earlier though, faces that were following him. A couple minutes prior he had seen Liam and Alex being marched forward, towards the elevators at B-12. When he saw them, he veered off, hiding in one of the alleys, as he waited for them to pass. He didn't hide for long though, making sure to leave immediately after they were out of sight once more. He didn't want to find out if there were others in the alleys, searching to see if he was hiding in there.

As he continued forward, and the elevator came into sight, his pace quickened. He was almost out. If he could make it, he'd be able to either hide out on another level for a few hours, or possibly escape by walking away from the port. All he needed was a couple hundred more feet.

"Hey did I get him... Ah fuck my head, were we drinking?" said Ocara, as he began to sit up, only to get overcome by a jolt of pain that forced him to lay back down. From what he could remember, he was in an elevator, he'd been punching the smuggler then... Nothing. With a quaking hand, Ocara reached to the back of his head, where the pain was centered and a new wave of pain rolled across his body and the Turian was unsurprised to see blood on his fingers when he retracted his hand from his head.

It was clearer now, maybe the Salarian had used some kind of stun grenade, which meant...

"Shit he got away!" said Ocara loudly, trying to sit up and once more failing, but this time he propped himself up of the wall of the elevator instead of falling to the floor. However, once he had sat up, he say (through very blurry eyes) what looked like a Krogan out the door of the elevator and then, once his vision cleared a little, he realized it was Lux and he didn't look pleased.

Before Ocara tried to sit up again, he first did a check of his body and from a first look, it seemed he was lucky to still be breathing. His armor was covered in dents from where the Smugglers bullets had shot him at close range and even a couple of holes, though they were only shallow and the rounds merely broke the skin at worst. However, as time went by, Ocara became more and more aware of an intense throbbing pain in his right cheek, right where he had felt the pressure before he was knocked out and after a few seconds, a small check with his hands once more confirmed his suspicions and made his heart sink.

A round had literally grazed his face, leaving a small furrow across his scales, but the minor disfigurement wasn't the only thing Ocara was shocked about, for he realized, this was the closest he'd ever come to dying in his whole carer, sure, he had almost bled out on Miles floor, but this was alot more real, alot more sudden.

Nevertheless, Ocara was a professional first and foremost, so for the moment he put the shock aside and tried his best to shakily stand up, before exiting the elevator and moving towards the figure that he recognized as the rest of Aegis.

"Did we get him?" asked Ocara weakly.

Raven could sense the elated feelings running through the Salarian's mind as he subconsciously sped up the closer he got to the elevator and closer. As the last smuggler moved past him he counted down, ten, he calmly pushed off the wall and crossed the 15 foot gap from his the runner's two o clock to himself. Five passed through his mind as he grabbed the salarian's arm, twisting it while simultaneously kicking his knee out from under him, slamming him to the ground. Pulling his knife from the small of his back, he lashed out with the haft, cold-cocking him before he stood calmly and sheathed his blade. One "Lux this is Raven, last smuggler is unconscious and accounted for at the elevator in Dock B-7.


Within five minutes, Raven had returned as promised, dragging the final Salarian behind him. Lux looked relieved as he watched Paladin tie him to the others, and going to wake him back up.

"Alright, that's all of them," Lux said as he moved into the elevator. "Kryxus has already touched down and is waiting for us. Hold a formation around the smugglers, once those doors open, I want them loaded on the Gauntlet as soon as possible."

Lux then shifted his focus to the prisoners they had taken. He looked at Vyaeh, standing in the middle of them, with the others behind him. It seemed as if, even despite the situation, that he was trying to protect them.

"You're in charge right," Lux said as his eyes wandered over the Salarian. Vyaeh glared back at him, his eyes burning into Lux's, before giving a slight nod. "Well, let me make this clear. Captain, to put it bluntly, you and your men are fucked. You've been captured, bound, and stripped of weapons. Now, I'm going to make this real clear to you, so we don't have any problems. Any of your men try to run, we kill you. Any of your men try to fight back, we kill you. Any of your men so much as give me a look that tells me that they're about to do something stupid, we, kill, you. However, if you follow the orders we give, move when we say move, and do exactly as we tell you, you'll all make it out of here in one piece. Now, are we clear?"

Vyaeh continued to lock his eyes on Lux. He knew the situation; he didn't need it explained to him as though he were a child. He and his crew had been captured; he had failed to protect them as he wished he could. He was angry, but knew that he needed to follow instructions perfectly, or else he'd be risking the wrath of several armed and dangerous individuals.

"You understand him?" Brooks asked, stepping closer to Vyaeh as he remained silent. Vyaeh finally turned to face Brooks. He glared at him as he did to Lux, before spitting into his face and turning back to Lux.

"We understand."

Right as he finished, Brooks turned his shotgun, and drove the butt straight into Vyaeh's ribs. Vyaeh bent with the blow, and let out a short gasp for breath. Brooks raised the butt once more, ready to strike him once again in the back before being stopped by Lux.

"Save it," he said before turning to doors of the elevator. Brooks stood back, and moved to the side once more, while Lux moved in front of the doors beside Raven.

"He's almost as crazy as Esten," Lux whispered to him, chuckling a bit as the doors to the lowest level opened.

People that were ready to board the elevator stepped back as they saw the company and its prisoners. Lux was standing in the front, holding his shotgun by his side, as he looked over the stunned crowd.

"It's Omega, shit happens. Now get out of our way," he said as he took a step out, parting the crowd in front of them. "Let's move."

With that, the company marched the smugglers through the main level of the docks. Everyone around gave them a wide path, not wanting to get in the way of several armed mercenaries and the prisoners they had taken. As they passed by, they could hear questions being murmured by the crowd, asking what was going on, trying to figure out if the person next to them knew any more than them.

In only a few minutes, the company was able to reach the Gauntlet once again. Her doors opened, and the prisoners were sat down, beside one another, on one of the benches. Lux sat opposite the Captain, as rest of the company funnelled in around them.

"Everyone's on!" Brooks yelled as he sealed the bay doors shut and took his seat. "Let's get back to base."

Terina sat on the Gauntlet, sitting as far away from Lux as she could. She had failed to pay attention, and realize Raven was the squad leader. And more than that, she had talked back to Lux. Was she in the right? Didn't matter. Lux was her squad leader, and if Lux told Brooks about what she had said...well, it wouldn't go well. A beating would be the luckiest option, for her.


"How many did you say there were," Verahl asked Yossar as he finished his tea and placed the cup back on the saucer.

"Five new ones. Including a Krogan."

Verahl gave a slight sigh as he heard this. He didn't know what to think of it. To him, Krogan could either be a great asset, or a strong potential liability. While he trusted Lux, and knew how reliable he was, he had seen first hand with Meer how unstable and fickle they can sometimes be.

"If he gets too aggressive, then we act. Until then, keep tabs on him. We don't want a repeat of what happened with Meer."

"Understood," Yossar said, as he placed on Verahl's desk, various papers and documentation for and from each of them. "I have a list of all of their personal credentials as well. Most provided them personally though, so their authenticity can't be confirmed."

"Normal in this line of work," Verahl said as he started to skim through each of the reports. "Anything that I should no about? Red flags and that sort of thing?"

"A couple, the earth born might be a problem. Killed his most recent crew over a disagreement he had with them. The Krogan also seems to have a death wish."

"Alright," Verahl said as he shifted the papers on his desk. "Give me a while to read through them."



"Take them to the bottom floor," Lux said as the doors to the Gauntlet opened once again onto the roof of the Elixir. "There's a prison set up behind the Med-Bay. Lock them up, while I get things settled with Verahl."

With that, Lux stepped down the ramp and onto the roof. He headed to the stairs and walked down a level to meet with Verahl in his office.


"You heard him," said Brooks as he prodded the Captain with his shotgun. "Let's go."

The Captain and the rest of the prisoners stood up, and were marched out of the Gauntlet and onto the roof. Brooks walked over to the elevator, and called it up to take them all down.

"I'll take them with you Brooks" said Ocara as he got to his feet, battling with yet another wave of nausea and an intense headache, not to mention the bruises under his armor and the fact that a part of his face had been ripped away.

' Ah well, its just part of the job' he thought to himself as he hauled one of the more reluctant smugglers to his feet and marched him with the others and Brooks to the elevator, his hand gently resting on his pistol, not that he was going to use it if things went awry, he didn't want shit from Verhal, that'd just mean a larger headache, but instead to hopefully appear more intimidating and to give him a little more focus.

"Well, I guess this is it" John said to himself, shouldering his carryall "I hope this works out better that my last 'crew'." He shook his head with a snort and walked through the front doors of Elixr. Looking around the deserted nightclub, he spotted a couple of bored looking guards talking to each other. "Hey!" he called, removing his helmet, "I'm looking for a batarian named umm...Verahl, is he around? Oh, I dont suppose theres a bartender anywhere around to get me a drink is there?" With that he dropped himself and his kit into a corner booth, so he could watch the whole club.

Dregger stepped off the public transport with a grim look on his face. The last planet he had been on was a huge disappointment. He had fought nothing but Batarians and Salarians for months so he was actually happy for the first time in a while.

"HEY UGLY!" A voice called out. Dregger looked at the source and found it to be a Drell hanging out with two Turians.

"Yeah you! The Krogan! Get over here!"

Dregger hated conversation but he figured it would be best to talk to someone in the area.

"What do you want?" Dregger said in his deep threatening Krogan voice.
"You got off in our neighborhood. Now you have to pay the fee."
"There is no fee you little punk. And even if there was I wouldn't pay it. Get lost."
"Don't walk away from me you big ugly bitch!"
"If you insist." Then Dregger Punctuated the sentence by headbutting the drell in the face. The green punk collapsed to his knees writhing in pain and yelling random foul language.

"It's probably just a skull fracture. Now I suggest you leave." Dregger told the punk's friends.

They picked up thier friend and ran away as Dregger marched toward the Nightclub. He knew noone would be there and he never dulled his senses with drinks so he just sat at a booth and went to sleep.

If they want me they'll find me. Not like I'm hard to spot. he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

Wires walked into the nightclub and looked around, trying to see properly. He walked over to the bar and sat down.

A batarian bartender walked up to him and said "Drink?" "None, thank you, Aegis, this is their base?"
The batarian reached over and smacked Wires upside the head and urgently whispered "You trying to get us killed?" "Apologies, good friend. Do that again my combat drone will make your life hell". "Drone? BAH! Where?" sneered the bartender. "Behind you, 'friend'". replied Wires with equal derision.

The bartender turned around slowly, and smiled as best he could "Of course, how can I be of service?" the bartender slowly replied. "Oh just waiting, now that you mention it, I'm partial to Asari Wine". "Of course sir, free of charge". Wires grinned. This was going to be a good job.


Within a minute of the bartender pouring the wine and Wires's combat drone's appearance, Oleene had already marched out of her office and across the deserted night club towards him. She had seen through the window what had happened, and was furious at it.

"Who do you think you are?," she shouted as she approached the bar. A blue aura soon enveloped her hand as Wires turned his head. With a flick of her wrist, it turned the rest of the stool with him, so he was directly facing her.

"Verahl told me about you a few gung-ho mercs showing up, so what do I do? I have the club cleared out. I set things up early so you can be comfortable. I even have Krav over there, show up early, so he can get whatever you want. And what do I get in return? I get some cowboy Salarian coming into MY club, thinking he god damn well owns the place, demanding a drink, and deciding to threaten my bartender when he doesn't get it!"

She was well within Wires personal bubble now and getting more and more aggressive with each passing word. But she wasn't closed to finished with this Salarian yet. She wasn't going to let him off that easy though. Before he could even start to respond, Oleene flared her Biotics once more, this time leaning both the stool and Wires back just enough, so it felt like he was about to fall.

"Now, listen to me punk. If I ever see you threaten another person in my club again, whether it be a patron, one of your mercenary buddies, or my staff, I will send you flying out my doors so fast, that you'll be on crutches for weeks. Am I fucking clear?"

With a stretch, John got up and approached the bartender, who was now trying to put some distance between himself and the enraged Asari. "Yo, Krav was it? can I get a beer?" After Krav got John his beer, he walked over to where the Asari was threatening the newly arrived Salarian, and smacked the Salarian in the back of the head.

"You dumbass fuckin' salamander, you are seriously threatening to ruin my good mood, and is she dosent severely hurt you" he said motioning to Oleene "I may just shoot you, so why dont you be a good boy, apologize, pay for your drink, and go wait outside 'till the boss calls you, okay?" Looking at Oleene, he put on a big overly cheesy grin and said "You're violent, I like you!" then walked back to his booth to drink his beer.

"In my defense, I didn't demand a drink... this batarian ape of yours attacked me, then I wanted a drink, and I apologize, but you may want to keep your bartenders in check". Replied Wires with a cocky grin. "Verahl eh? I need to speak with him as soon as possible."


"Nice to see one of you that shows some decency!" she said as she released her Biotics, and let Wires fall to the floor. "Thought that was dieing out in mercs these days."

She looked up at Krav, staring at him, waiting for him.

"So, what happened then Krav?" she asked, annoyed at the fact that she had to ask.

"He came in hear, shot his mouth out about Verahl," he said, rather nervous. "You and him both told us, that anyone comes in hear asking for him like that, that they're either one of two things. They're either someone looking for information on Aegis, and where they're at, or their a dumbass who shouldn't be running their mouth out about it in public."

Oleene used her Biotics to keep Wires on the ground as she stood over him.

"You want to know what he's doing? He's following his orders, and he's doing his job. You on the other hand are making mistakes within 10 minutes of walking in the door," she said as she continued to loom over him. "You better watch yourself."

She then released her Biotics, before taking a seat at the counter, and waiting for Krav to pour her drink.

"Verahl will be here soon enough," she said passively to all of them. "Know though that he isn't going to jump for you. You should all damn well know by know that you're the ones working for him. So none of you start running your mouths in front of him, like this bratty asshole has, or else you'll be in for far worse."

Now knowing fully well that this Asari was to strong for him, Wires rose to his feet, and keeping back the witty remark implying her mother melded with Varren, he apologetically replied "I'm sorry Matron, just excited. Apologies? I can set you up with a brand new FENRIR mech, with updated anti hacking programing, written by a true genius in the field... me."

Without even waiting for a reply he walked up to John's booth, still clutching the slightly depleted glass of wine and yelled "AND IF YOU DARE CALL ME A SALAMANDER AGAIN I'LL SNAP FREEZE YOU AND THROW YOU INTO SPACE!"

Getting off the shuttle, Terina headed into the nightclub. She desperately needed a drink, to steel herself for the inevitable call into Verahl's office. However, she was distracted by the yelling of Wires. "No need for threats, surely. We don't need to lose any members to infighting."

Wires glanced over at Terina. "Bah, humans and their intolerance of the more advanced", he spat, then glared back at John. "Be glad we're on the same side human..." "We haven't met before, I'm Torin "Wires" Kirran, Tech and AI expert. Glad to meet you". He started to extend his hand towards Terina and realized he was still holding his wine. He put it down on the table and motioned to Krav. "Hey Krav! I need a refill! Got any Vintage 2183 Asari Honey Mead? I'll pay this time!" He then extended his hand towards Terina.

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