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Hey guys, this is XxRyanxX speaking and I present to you from the Group "Hot Topic Escapists" an original RP that is meant for Members, and whoever else wants to be part of this. There are a total of 10-14 Spots and some are already reserved, so if you wish to become part of this, then by all means PM me please! If you have any Questions or Suggestions on what to have for this RP please let me know!

This RP is based on everyone's favorite Video Game Character from a PC Game, to Console, or even a Card Game that will be living the simple, realistic life and yet still have their crazed out abilities! This RP will be used every day and shall have people RP in order, from the assigned schedule I give them. Note that if anything comes up or that you're unable to be in this RP any longer, notify me right away. This RP will last up to a few months, about 4-5 so make sure if you become part of this, that you're able to RP for that long on The Escapist.To contact me, please go to the link Here. Have fun guys and let's be very into it and creative!!

(Reminder: If you read the Opening Introduction, we will be starting this RP in the Basement of a middle-class house, playing Poker. If you do not know how to play poker or wish to add something within the story, please ask within the spoiler bar that is called "Personal Comment" that is explained in the Rule Bar)


[Name:Icarion (I assume this what I was supposed to put right?)

NCP Character of Choice:La Volpe (From AC 2 and brotherhood)

Power:La Volpe is an assassin that specializes in spying and information trade. Especially adept at freerunning and unseen movement

Weapons: He stocks the hidden blade, poison, a sword, throwing knives, and a deadly tapered dagger. Other ranged wepons include poison darts and a hidden gun. His main gadget of choice is the smoke bomb.

Weaknesses:Not a particularly strong swords man, or fighter for taht matter, La Vlope tries to avoid open conflict. Any skilled sword or hitman could probably beat him in a straight up fight

Appearance:La Volpe wears a burnt orange hood and nobleman's livery.

Personality:La Volpe is a suspicious, secretive and somewhat manipulative man. He is loyal to his friends, but always on the look out for someone trying to stick a knife in his back. He values information, and always seeks the leverage 9using the tibits his information network gathers for him) in a conversation.

Biography: La Volpe was initiated into the Assassin order as a young man. Since then he has worked to establish a network of contacts around the world. He loves buying and selling secrets, and doesn't mind doing the dirty work himself.

Traumas and Phobias:La Volpe is paranoid, and is always on the look out for his enemies or those he thinks are his enemies.

Notes:I'm in school from like 7 to 4 EST, and somedays I dont get on the escapist until around 7 pm. I'm not here daily, but close to it. The only reason I wouldn't be able to post would be sleep overs, which might occur frequently in the next week (Finals and all).

Name: SkyeNeko? Skye I guess?

NCP Character of Choice: Neko

Power: Neko is a knight, so she knows lots of things about weapons, 2handed swords and 1handed spears in particular. She can also perform a powerful semiaccurate spear attack [Clashing Spiral] that is extremely hard to defend yourself against (but shes probably not gonna hit something like say, wesker. oh shiii-). The skill has its limits, and she can only use it a few times before she loses too much energy. She is a good mobber, and attacks more powerfully and more efficiently when shes attacking large groups. Neko can also use a skill called [Frenzy], which as the name suggests, allows her to go batshit crazy move and attack with more power and speed. The downside to this move is that she cannot talk or do anything other than attack. She cannot be healed or change weapons. She cannot cancel this midway. She cannot use any other skill. SHE CANT DO ANYTHING BUT MOVE AND ATTACK. She also constantly loses energy while in the middle of this, and blacks out at the end. This whole thing lasts under a minute.

Weapons: She can use a multitude of weapons, but the ones she carries are her 1handed spear, 2handed claymore, a shield, and a dagger than can restore bits of energy.

Weaknesses: She can still die. Her armor doesnt cover her neck, the inside of her upper arms, or her thighs. She cant attack very fast nor is she exceptionally powerful (when shes not on frenzy) with her spear. She is also very trusting, panics easy, and has a low tolerance to everything from alcohol to drugs.


Neko has messy silver/white hair that goes a bit past her shoulders. She isnt particularly muscled or volumptious. She's tanned from being out in the sun a lot. Her eyes are an odd shade of violet, and can change to a bluer/redder hue.

Personality: She is chatty and nice to her closer friends, but is generally quiet, afraid to offend people, listens to whoever's in charge. Neko's a sucker for a sob story. Neko tries to act ladylike, but is still trying to manage a balance between her duties as a knight and her duties as a lady.

Biography: Neko joined the Prontera Chivalry at 20. After several battles and several years, she reached her limit. There was too much to learn about swords and spears than could be learned in one lifetime. Chasing the rumor of eternal life, Neko set out to find The Valkyrie. Neko had to renounce her current life, with everyone and everything in it, and offer it as a sacrifice to the Valkyrie. With her dying breath, Neko was spirited away on the wind of the Valkyrie's wings. The next thing she knew, she was a child again. She had been reborn. Her violet hair was now snow white as a testimony to her rebirth. Blessed with a lifetime of memories, Neko quickly rose in the ranks as a knight. At her peak, the Valkyrie appeared before her again, and gifted her with a thousand years of knowledge in the ways of the battlefield. Before she could complete her quest for complete immortality, however, the Trojan accident thrust her into a completely alien world.

Traumas: Before she was reborn, Neko was engaged to a Paladin (the guy in the picture). He was pronounced dead by the Prontera Chivalry after he had been missing for a 15 year period. She also finds it hard to attack anyone that has been an ally.

Notes: I'm only on nights unless it's Thursday-Sunday or a holiday, during which I'm on afternoons and early morning too.

Name: RatRace123

NCP Character of Choice: Urdnot Wrex

Power: strength and hardiness beyond that of a normal human. Centuries worth of experience in single and small group combat. Has the power of biotics; can create forcefields, destroy things on a molecular level and levitate opponents with the power of his mind. Skilled with Assault Rifles and Shotguns. Can slowly regenerate health lost in direct combat.

Weapons: Heavy Krogan Armor, Assault Rifle, Shotgun.

Weaknesses: Regeneration doesn't worked when knocked to the ground, biotics can be blocked by simply taking cover. Certainly not invincible, if knocked down, killing him would be fairly easy.

Appearance: Typical appearance of most of his species. several large scars on the side of his face, obtained from an encounter with a Turian, red eyes. Wears heavy maroon colored "Mercenary" armor.

Personality: Radical leadership philosophy, determined to bring his dying people back to their former glory. Holds loyalty to his friends and allies, but his loyalty to his people will trump all if they come to be threatened. Dry, direct sense of humor. Respects those who are skilled in combat.

Biography: Quickly rose to fame for his skills and was put in charge of a small tribe at a young age. After the Krogan rebellions he believed that the Krogan needed to gather together and focus on breeding, they didn't have the numbers to keep fighting and they couldn't replenish their numbers fast enough if they continued. After a clash of ideals that ended with him getting betrayed by another tribal leader, he left his home planet and served as a mercenary for nearly 3 centuries. Joined up with Commander Shepard as he fought to stop the rogue Spectre Saren from unleashing the threat of the Reapers back upon the galaxy. Returned to his home planet to serve as the leader of several tribes.

Traumas: Little in the galaxy surprises or scares him; but he does show bitterness when he recalls the sterilization of his people. May get overly emotional if the security of his already dying race becomes threatened, has been known to resort to violence in this case.

Notes: My schedule is very varied, I'm generally free most days and times, but something could come up at any moment. Even if something does happen, I'll likely have a few hours free each day.

Name: Mr. Omega

NCP Character of Choice: Revolver Ocelot

Power: An expert sharpshooter, able to perform amazing trickshots with his revolvers, even able to ricochet bullets to hit those around corners. Knows his own style of CQC (close-quarters combat), has military training. A master of interogation and torture.

Weapons: Colt Revovler.

Weaknesses: Not skilled with other weapons. Is also old. Can die in any regular way.


Personality: Calm, calculating, but feels a great rush when in battle. Takes joy in the torment of others. Always hiding intentions. Also has flashes of having the personality of Liquid Snake, as result of having his hand attatched.

Biography: First served in the Russian Spetsnaz, was defeated by legendary soldier Big Boss. Turned out to be working for the DCI. Worked with FOXHOUND and Liquid Snake, losing his hand, but grafting on the hand of the later killed Liquid. Cooperates with the terrorist cell the Sons of Liberty, but betrays them, turning out to work for the Patriots. Later betrays them (after a long series of events that involve a change in personality... look go to Wikipedia, MGS has story too wierd to shorten.) to try and destroy the Patriots. Is finally defeated by Solid Snake.

Traumas: Stated before, has a rush when battling, has a few flashbacks when using CQC. Has issues as a result of the grafted hand of Liquid Snake.

Notes: I'm usually in class or asleep most mornings. Afternoons are fine. Just PM me when a session is about to begin. For the sake of avoiding a bunch of complications, I'd prefer if the Ocelot used was pre-MGS2 (that's when all the wierd shit starts happening.)

Name: Dragon_of_red. Dragon for short.

NPC Character of Choice: Red Mage (Final Fantasy)

Power: Red is adept at all types of fighting, from Black Magic, White Magic, actual Fighting, green and blue magic. Unfortunately, since he is trying to learn all spells, he can only learn the lower level spells, and his sword doesn't have the same bite to it as others have. He is balanced in almost all types of fighting, from very long range to very close range.

Weapons: Red has a constant staff with him, it increases his magic capabilities, and has a black blade on the end of it, to help with his close range combat.
He can also summon a few different elemental weapons. The first comes in the form of flame sword, held in his off hand. Another weapon is a water trident, a spear made out of lightning and an infinite amount of wind daggers.

Weakness: Since he has spread himself out so much, he ends up not excelling at anything, and only being just above mediocre in all things. Can easily be beaten by people who are more practised in that art. He is also extremely naive, so he can be fooled easily by bluffs and lies.

Appearance: Red is never seen without being covered in the colour red. He has long silky and silver flowing hair, going down below his shoulders. His staff is a regular wooden one, just with a small green orb on the tip to increase some of his capabilities.

His skin is almost flawless, leading to some think that he looks way to young for his age. He carries a large pure white feather in his cap, which strangely has never fallen off.

Personality: A very loving and free moving person, he would need to be to learn many practises. He is nice, and sometimes to nice, believes the best in people, and that they would not cheat or lie or do anything like that.

Biography: Red grew up in a peaceful world, everything was alright if you stayed in the towns, away from the hordes of monsters, waiting to attack. It was until he grew to be slightly older, that the world began to panic. Regular life was in Strife, someone was threatening to destroy all of the worlds elemental crystals.

He banded together with a few of his friends, One of them constantly swinging swords around, the other preferring to fight with his fists, and the other steals everything not nailed down.

Amazingly, he got almost no credit for his doings, only the fighter got the credit, him and his two other allies were pushed into the shadows. Even though fighter tried to get him into the spotlight, his attempts failed. Red didn't mind that much though, he still got some credit, and his country and friends were safe, he was at least happy.

Traumas: Dying a fair amount of times leaves very impressionable experiences on him, none of them are being for the better.

Notes: Eh, finished. Um, I'm Australian, so my Time Zone is generally bad for Role Playing. Most of the time I am at school during the peak posting times...

Name: Ironic Pirate. Captain McAwesomepants the Cool for short.

NPC of Choice: Imperial Guard, from Oblivion. Was never given a name, but likes the sound of "Tina". Don't tell him it's a girl's name.

Power: Amazing hearing and sight. Surprisingly stealthy.

Weapons: A Broadsword.

Weakness: Tends to lean towards stabbing potential criminals before discovering all the facts. Many a local shopkeeper has lost their life entering their store at night. He's incredibly impulsive and quick to conclusions in all aspects of live, and once he thinks he knows what's going on, he doesn't want to change his mind.

Appearance: Rarely seen without a full suit of armor.

Personality: Almost defined by his work, he has trouble slipping out of his "guard" persona. He's almost forgotten what he's normally like, as has his family.

Biography: Born in the slums of the Imperial City, he only had a few choices in life. His family pressured him to become a drug dealer like his father, but after he repeatedly failed to count past ten without having to sit and think about it, they decided he would equally terrible at measuring, necessary for that profession.

With a heavy heart, he joined the imperial guard. He proved a quick learner, bringing down numerous drug dealers within months of getting the job. The other guards wondered how he did it, to which he replied "I have very good Inn Tuition". He wasn't a very bright fellow.

Gradually, Imperial City ran out of drug dealers, and he was forced to make up new ones. There was a period of time in which anyone caught with so much as a beaker would be killed on the spot. To this day, the city's Alchemy market hasn't recovered.

He was eventually transferred to a special "anti-drug task force" specializing in convincing teens to not take them up. He was quickly transferred away from it after it became clear his form of Anti-Drug was slaughtering everyone who ever touched the things and displaying their heads on spikes outside the school.

He's spent the rest of his career being transferred about, with the various towns seemingly playing hot potato with him, where, if you held the potato long enough, he would go on a brutal massacre in the name of Justice.

His life-long goal is to die dramatically just before retirement. He frequently claims he is about to retire before taking dangerous missions, just in case.

Traumas: Is deathly afraid of mudcrabs. His therapist recommended comparing his opponents to mudcrabs in order to try and cope.

Notes: I'm on somewhat sporadically (but at least once a day), and this is my second RP, so I'll try my best.

Name: GoWithDAFro(DAFro for short)
NPC of choice: Alister Azimuth (Ratchet and Clank Crack in Time)

Power: Above average strength and agility, brilliant inventor, skilled with gadgets.

Weapons: A giant double sided wrench that can shoot energy projectiles, powerufl jet boots, and a seemingly endless supply of mine grenades.

Weakness: Take away the gadgets, and he has no real hand-to hand skills, can be manipulated when trying to do something he cares about.

Appearance: He is of a race known as the Lombaxes. He is tall, grayish fur with red stripes, large pointed ears, and a tail similar to that of a lion. Usually wears a chest plate.

Personality: Wise, Determined, loves a piece of the action. World weary, but for the most part shortsighted. When he has a goal, it's all he cares about.

History: Azimuth was a member of the Lombax High Council, who was trying to solve the problems of the galaxy, when a mysterious inventor appeared promising new technology that would be of immense help. The other Lombaxes didn't trust this man, but Azimuth felt he was just what the galaxy needed. He shared the Lombaxes' secrets with this mystery man. But this inventor turned out being the last of an evil race the Lombaxes had recently won a great war against. With new weapons improved with Lombax technology, this inventor, known as Tachyon, began an all out assault on the Lombaxes. They had no choice but to flee to an alternate dimension with no means of return. But Azimuth was forced to stay behind as punishment, and his best friend was killed by Tachyon. Now Azimuth is one of the only two Lombaxes left in the universe.

Traumas: Tons of guilt over causing the exile of his race and the death of his best friend.

Notes: can usually be on daily, but not usually at any specific time. Nights are best.

Name- Robodukky

Character name: The Arbiter

Species: Elite (Covenant)

Age: Unknown

Powers: My armour has the ability to produce an active camouflage for a brief amount of time. It also has an auto-regenerating shield if hit.
I can run faster, jump higher and take greater damage than an average elite.

Weaknesses: My armour's regenerative ability takes a short time to begin recharging, in this time I am vulnerable to enemy attack. The active camouflage ability takes time to recharge and wears off if I attack someone.

Weapons: I carry the standard weapons for an elite. This consists of an Energy Sword - T1 EW/S, a Type-51 Covenant Carbine, which fires shielded radioactive rounds, and two plasma grenades.

Appearance: I wear the armour of the arbiter and the mark of shame, brought upon a soldier who has disgraced the covenant in the field of battle. (If you don't know the arbiter, he is pretty easy to find on the internet).

History: I once was a high ranking elite in the covenant military. My rank was 'altered' after the destruction of the Halo ring. Taking full responsibility for my actions, I was branded with the mark of shame and sentenced to wear the armour of the arbiter, given to a warrior who is doomed to die serving on the field of battle. Later I realized that the covenant and their way of belief was false, and their prophets were on the 'great journey' which would result in destroying the universe. Now, the elites and I have sided with the humans, in order to stop the prophets on their misguided journey. A spartan and I have been working as a kickass duo to defeat the covenant and stop the flood.

Notes: I will not be able to roleplay from 21st Jan (friday) to the 28th Jan, because I will be going overseas. From February, I won't be able to roleplay on weekday until 6pm Australian EST or later (due to school, study etc).

Name: Mr.IvebeenFramed(You may call me Framed)
NPC: Albert Wesker (after the Mansion Incident)

Power: Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Fashion sense

Weapons: His powers, also Various Firearms

Weakness: His arrogance and superiority complex, and ironically the serum that he made for him to change is his ultimate weakness. He has to take his serum in regular doses and if he overdoses he will be severely weakened.

Appearance: He has blonde hair and always wears his black sunglasses, also due to his infection he has almost yellowish eye. He sports a black, leather trench coat, black pants, and pretty much black everything.

Personality: Power-hungry, intelligent and cunning

History: When he was a child him and others were kidnapped and raised for a sinister experiment. He and a few others survived but he went to work with the same company that had molded him as a "perfect human". At the company him and another employee made what was know infamously known as the "T-Virus". And after a few "incidents" with the Racoon City he quit Umbrella Corp. and sought to destroy the same company that had given him the powers.

Traumas: He feels no general remorse for anything he does but one thing does set him off: It's not getting what he wants.

Note: Nights, weekends are generally good times for me and I can stay up for at least up to midnight(eastern Atlantic time)

Name: XxRyanxX

NPC Character of Choice: Alisa Bosconovitch (Yes, I am going as a girl for this RP and she's an android with emotions from Tekken 6)

Power: Alisa amplifies many of her attacks with collapsible jet pack like wings and rockets from her feet. Her body parts are detachable as well, they instantly grow back in what appears to be nanoparticle-assisted regeneration. All of her body parts appear to be non-critical, some of her attacking moves involves removing her own head to use as a weapon or even a makeshift explosive device with no ill effects, and arms can be torn off by the opponent. Not to mention her strength is three times stronger then any human being imaginable.

Weapons: She can extend chainsaws from her lower arms at any given time, to even used her arms as improvised missiles which will regenerate back quickly.
Weaknesses: Since she is an android, any hacking to implant a code directly could take off her "Safe Mode" that reboots her and then makes her a deadly weapon of war whoever commands her then. She does not want to fight and hurt her enemies what so ever.

Appearance: She has a unique hair style that is pink puffed up in the front a bit, but the right hand side is a perfectly curl going downward. Her eyes are a light green, which has complicated details within it, standing out to be beautiful. Also her hair on the left hand side has three white sunflowers attached. Some of her upper body and legs are exposed, but her clothing is meant to be fashionable. Most of her dress is pink while her left arm is fully covered with purple and a separate sleeve is covering her right arm that is purple. Her laces cris-cross in the middle of her chest while a dark blue rose holds it up. Her belt is white that also has roses in the middle of it. Her white gloves are designed firmly with a button attached. She has a cut-out turtle neck that isn't attacked to anything while the ends of her dress are a white curved-patterned fabric. She has leggings that are seen through, but are slightly black that one of them is attached to her dress. She has many crystal beads going across in loops on her dress as well as she has one big diamond bead on her white big boots. On her side there is a crystal butterfly attached as well.

Personality: Unlike most robots, Alisa possesses emotions. She is a very kind-hearted individual. She speaks in a polite manner and is sensitive to other's feelings. She also knows family values as well; knowing what matters most. Her affections for everyone is without question noble, to even care for the ones who try to hurt her in the first place. Obviously, she is very intelligent, often speaking in technical terms whenever making a point or questioning something.

Biography: Alisa Boskonovitch is the daughter of Dr. Boskonovitch, a world class cyber and genetic scientist hired at Mishima Zaibatsu Research Center. Both were kidnapped by Kazuya Mishima during the events of Tekken 2. The doctor was forced to work on a number of projects for Kazuya, which involved the creation of the bio-weapons, the creation of Roger and Alex and the completion of the Prototype Jack unit. Unfortunately, Alisa contracted a rare disease and soon passed away. Her father began the "Cold Sleep" project as a means of preserve her body, using Nina and Anna Williams as test subjects. After completing his tasks, and before being executed, Dr. Boskonovitch was rescued by Yoshimitsu. Nearly twenty years later, Dr. Boskonovitch contracted the same disease that killed Alisa. In order to cure himself and to revive his daughter, he needed the blood of the fighting god, Ogre. He turned to an old friend: Yoshimitsu for help. Yoshimtsu entered the Tekken 3 tournament and was successful in retrieving a sample of Ogre's blood after it had been killed by Jin Kazama.

Using Ogre's blood, Boskonovitch revived Alisa and exchanged damaged body parts with robotic ones. After that, Lars Alexandersson and his Tekken Force attacked a Mishima Zaibatsu Research Facility. The same facility where Alisa was kept in at the time. After going deeper into the facility after raiding it, Lars finds Alisa in a room, unactivated. Soon after he found her, the area war raided by Jacks. The Jacks were no match for the Tekken Force and were easily defeated, but not all were sufficiently destroyed. One Jack re-activated and launched self-destruct. This killed all the remaining Tekken Force members, injuring Lars, who from then on suffered from amnesia. The explosion made Lars stumble slightly, accidentally activating Alisa, who, with Lars, escaped the complex which began to collapse, despite her saying that her father told her to stay put. After they escape to the woods near by, Lars does not remember who he is or what he was doing down there, but Alisa's database revealed that Lars was a wanted person by the Mishima Zaibatsu because of his leading a rebellion of former Tekken Forces is and needed to be killed or arrested on sight. Alisa did not do this however, and instead continues to aid Lars with his travels.

Traumas: In some situations, when people call Alisa a robot, she denies that fact and insists that she is a human being. It bothers her when people see her differently, and feels utterly awful if she is scolded by her close friends. At a point, if she sees to much suffering she charges in without thinking and aids them even if it causes her trouble.

Notes: I attend College from Monday - Thursday, on Mondays and Wednesdays I go to Chaffey at 12:30 pm and get out at 4:20 pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go to Chaffey from 11:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Friday to Sunday, I don't get up until 11:00 pm usually (because I sleep in very late or have massive homework at nights). I am mostly on The Escapist a lot and tend to write a lot within the posts I make. Reason I am being Alisa is because I want to try being a girl for once and she's my favorite girl character ever. I can become very imaginative and yet brutal at the same time when describing something.

Before I get crucified how do I do the text sub-thingy?

Before I get crucified how do I do the text sub-thingy?

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