The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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"As patient as always, my friend. If you want to meet one of ECHO's finest commanders then I recommend you stay..."

Very well. Now while we wait, I have something to discuss. And I think you can help me settle something.

"Of course settle whatever you need to settle, my friend."*Stretches arms.*

I remember you being captured. Back then, I remember thinking it was by the gaurds. But one of my associates has told me someone was looking for you. And he didn't sound like a regular gaurd. Any explinations?

*Alisa slowly opens her eyes and slightly takes a breath. She glances to her right and sees that Neko is gone, then takes her time to get up only to see Master Chief is gone to. She sighs and seems very sad*

"..Why doesn't anyone wish to accompany me? ..Aw" *Then she walks through the hallway of the Lab and exists out, looking with her eyes right into the sunlight and sees that the chaos has calmed down, but she still doesn't risk her chance so she walks in empty streets, avoiding any contact*

"Ah yes, Master Chief, he comes from the same universe as the Arbiter and he is a supersoldier in his own right."*Laughs*"He didn't pose much of a threat though." *Wesker hears steps close in on them* "Why, Mr.Ocelot these aren't my associates. Are they yours?"

No, we have no association. However, there have been a few... stories floating about. Granted, these ones are a little more conspiracy-esque than most underworld rumors. But it caught my interest. You are a man who has many items of value, am I right?

*Alisa wonders about, pushing off Zombies here and there which she disliked that they seemed to be so 'rude' to try and bite her. Also, some Guards gave her trouble so she would ether kick their leg and have them unable to walk or throw them into a wall and move on. She didn't like being violent, but she just didn't have time for this. She had to find her roommates that she cared for so much, but then within range she heard Wesker's voice*

"Wesker? He's alright..and Oclet is with it seems Master Chief hasn't captured him after all like he intended to. I must check on them anyways! *Alisa started heading toward the location of his voice from there*

"As you can see I am a man of value."*Reloads his weapons, all of them.*

*Alisa suddenly hears a voice from above her Alisa! It's Azimuth. What's going on? why such a hurry?

Neko looked around. She could have sworn she heard... no it was impossible. She must have been hallucinating. There was no one here. Cautious, she stepped back, keeping her eyes on the various corpses littering the small plaza. Then, she turned and started running back to the underground access.

These stories all involve a powerful object being taken. Granted, these were objects that many people would never have heard about, but are powerful in their own right. The Moon crystals, the Celestial Stone, the Crystal Stars, the Ray Sphere, even some blueprints for the old tank Shagohod...*

Now they wanted to question you. Ever think to consider why?

*Hears Alisa and Azimuth approaching*
Damn. We'll have to continue this another time...

*Alisa looks up at Alister and waves* "Just going to see if Wesker is safe! Come with me if you'd like, I am so glad to see you, but I must be on my way in a hurry sadly!" *comes in past the Group in a flash by skipping and sits in the middle between Wesker and Oclet*

"Hey guys! I was worried.. how come you all left me behind- ..Oh? Why are you here for if I may ask?" *tilts her head sheeplishly at Wesker, being curious in an observant way*

*Slips a note to Ocelot* It read: The Moon Crystals are being held in Japan, the celestial stone have been spotted in Britian, the crystals stars are still missing, and ECHO is in midway of building Shagohod. The Ray Sphere is being held by WMD sadly...
@Alisa and AZ
"Ah hello my housemates. I'm glad the outbreak did not hinder your progress here. Me and Liquid here are in the process of waiting for an associate of mine. A commander for ECHO." *Points towards the empty tunnels*

*Azimuth looks back and forth between Ocelot and Wesker. He knows something isn't right, but decides things are easier if he trusts them, for now* "So, just who is this associate we're waiting for?"

*Alisa closes her eyes and smiles, her body forward while sitting, but still facing Wesker which she cuts in from Azimuth talking (not meaning to)* "That's nice to know! And, I appreciate you caring about our safety. But, you still haven't responded to my Question - Why did you abandon me? It was awfully hard to find you guys.. Mm"

*Alisa sighed and sat normally, thinking about Neko and how she 'betrayed' Alisa too. All she wanted was someone that would like to be around her is all.*

The ground began to rumble under her feet. Neko slipped quietly into a nearby alley, watching the road. 3 armored cars slipped by, surprisingly quiet for their size. She couldn't see any of the passengers, but something told her they werent here for a party...

*Wesker says nothing but points down the seemingly empty subway tunnel.*
"Would you be kind enough to explain ECHO's militaristic intentions?"

*Alisa points to herself, feeling uneasy* "M-me.. you would like information on their goal? Why would you feel.. that I would hold that type of information for?"

*Alisa closes her eyes, thinking carefully*

Wesker and I were discussing current events. A few of the recent arrests, actually... *makes motion to try and hint to Wesker that this is related to the last thing I said* Galcian (*Skies) has vanished, Lilith (*Bomberman) was arrested last month, Grodus(*Mario) was taken away a few weeks ago, Alden(*Infamous) was one of the first ever arrests... I guess it's a good thing they didn't get Mr. Wesker. But why would they ever send someone after him?


"Well, Master Chief wanted Wesker because he claimed he was hostile and a huge threat to why he needed Wesker. It was hard to say..but maybe they fear Wesker for his potential power and wisdom. After all.. he's hard enough to play against in Poker anyhow.."

"If we get you in front of another computer, could you get me the records of all the other arrests that happened in here?"

Oh it was nothing. It was just me and Mr. Wesker here trying to kill time until this agent of ECHO finally arrives. So how have you two fared? Anything new to report?

"Since Mr.Ocelot has avoided the question(and I wouldn't blame him) ECHO's intentions is the most evil of intentions. They intend to conquer the world and unite all NPCs around the world. But they wish to leave an echo if they die out. As in sporadic terrorist attacks, gas bombings, and other forms of unconventional tactics. Of course I don't condone such tactics they might help us succeed in our escape. Watch out for a person named Makarov." *A ring emanates from his phone* "Hold on I have to pick this up" *Gets up and walks out of the train station.*

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