The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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@Arbiter:Could you time it in coordination with several deaths and falls? You know those gaurds, always so clumsy, and the leaves that fly through the air, they are like blades. Anyone else have something to contribute? And ms. Neko, is it? what is your plan?

@La Volpe, Neko and Arbiter.
*slams deck on the table*Hm... you three really seem hellbent on escaping, aren't you? Well, you didn't hear this from me, but I know somebody who has been planning something like this for a while. If you would like, I can introduce you to him. As good as you three are, you can't take on an entire force alone. But perhaps with some help, you just might see the other side.

@Neko, Arbiter
"Neko, am I correct? Those pillars are ment to withstand even the mightest of blows, explosions, scorcery"*Glances at Red for a second* "Care to name the few broke those columns?"

"You too? I thought better of you, oh well..." *Wesker sighs*

@Ocelot:Any assistance would be much appreciated. Besides, would you waste your whole life in a basement playing poker? There are Templars to kill, clones to hunt, men to be assassinated, Adventures to be had, all of that beyond these walls! WOuld you squander your potential here, in a dank basement, lorded over by so called "real people"? Why can we not be free? All my life I have fought against the Templars so that man may be free! Why stop now that my world has been turned upside down? My ideas, my ideals, my morals, are unchanged, why should I now follow my calling? Why should any of you not? *bangs hand emphatically upon the table, clearly angered*

@ everyone i guess
"They have plenty men. I can deal with them easily if they're in a group. And *motions to support* Ive used pillars before in combat. Very nice when it comes to a large group."
[color=darkblue] "That would be most... helpful. We should try to escape with a big a group as possible,seeing as how those who remain will probably be treated in a... less than polite manner."

@The Arbiter

*Alisa comes in, with plates of Chilly in bowls and passing them to each household Member but has none for herself since she has no need to eat*

"Guys, we can't escape. No matter how much we want to, the Government placed a special order to counter anything we have. Don't you remember the last few attempts as rumors had it? They reversed the particles to take over us without any trouble.. their weapons are more advanced since they studied other NPC models.."

*She admits though* "..I want to be free to and spread my wings, but we can't for now. Just be patient, let's have a moment of peace."


woops didnt notice next page

"Well, I guess we need to think of a new plan, something that doesn't require brute force, and won't result in our demise. However, if we do get involved in a brawl, I will be more than willing to assist." The Arbiter says.

@Ryan:"Paricles be dammned, Wesker, you're a man of science. How might we become independant from these "particles"? *Takes chilly and eats a little* "What is this? It tastes like the bastard child of spanish and eastern food"

"At least someone has a sense of survival..." *Wesker gets up and leaves for his designated place of sleep.*

@Wesker *as he is almost at the door*
If these fools want to learn the hard way, that's their decision. I'm just helping out an aquaintance of mine as well...

@La Volpe
Head to the southern district. Look for a store supply store called "Warship Noah." There, you can meet a man named Rukifellth. Mention to him that you need the "Celestial element" to whatever location you need. His men should do the rest. While they cause a distraction, any plan you may have will have a higher chance of sucess. But that's not saying much. My suggestion? Try and have his men cause the distraction as far away from you as possible. After that, you guys are on your own.

@Alisa "It's fine I'm not hungry" *fakes a smile* "We could... we could always have Red melt down some metal." Neko looked around the room.

Dammit Wesker! Come back here, we need your scientific skills! Well, fine! Who else here is a scientist?*La Vlope is clearly hellbent on escaping, at any cost.*

*Arbiter eats some chilly*
"Ah, this dish reminds me of the free days when I could happily cut down waves of flood spores as they tremble before my mighty blade," He says reminiscently. "an excellent meal."

@Ocelot:But we still need a way around these particles Alisa keeps mentioning... Or if the government doesn't notice and we get out of range, would they be rendered useless? Thanks for the info, I will act upon it tomorrow. (At about 9 EST is when I'll be free tomorrow, which for reference was an hour and 15 minutes ago)

@La Volpe
*looks over at La Volpe*
"Wait La Volpe, did you say scientist? I may be of help, I did some scientific research back in my days."


"Th-thank you! I know we usually have this a lot, but that means something to me to hear!" *she smiles warmly spite the situation*


*Alisa nods and takes the honor to take her bowl and then Wesker's* "As you wish, but Neko-" *She turns to face her and then smiles, with eyes closed* "We'll be ok. As long as we have each other. It's been 2 years since we've been in this House and we rarely go out, but least the house isn't so bad.. but, we're out of food and I have to contact a Guard to send in shipments.." *looks down after, hoping she has enough*

"Don't, please. I fear the rumors are true, I mean.. we haven't seen them and who knows what they'll do next. I think the security is getting more reckless, they even make Wesker and Samus contained. How can we deal with that.. I, I just want us to live happily is all.."

@Arbiter:"Yes, my friend, it appears the damnable "real" men have a strange power over us. Prehaps ALisa would like to explain some more? What I need is a way to get around them.

"We still need a plan, La Volpe. Suppose we get the pillar. Everythings peachy after that. Suppose, however, we dont get the pillar. All we have is a distraction on the far side of this place. That leaves about 5-15 men guarding any particular gate. How shall we get close enough to distract all the men so that they dont set off the silent alarm? I personally would suggest wine, but we still need them to drink enough to dull their senses." *Neko takes a sip of milk* "After that, we can open the gate with their fingerprints. No one will know we're gone for a while."

*quickly stands up as an idea comes to mind*
"Miss Bosconovitch, is there perhaps a way to 'alter' these particles so they do not affect us?"

@La Volpe

*Alisa realizes why he asks this and is happy to explain calmly* "Ah! Yea..I shall try to explain in the manner of the "Sigma Gun". They swapped bullets for the Sigma's transported molecules and put them into circular orbs of plastic so when it hits the NPC, it causes the particles within us spite being real, to be hazy and unstable so we become instantly paralyzed and cannot bear the pain, let alone perform powers during the energy that is interfering with our bodies. In other words - they're using this as a tazor except it's more vital and only affects the NPCs."

@The Arbiter

"If we have some sort of source that ...say, numbs the effects then we can break the static with our own abilities, say specific armor that isn't part of NPC material"

@Neko:"My plan is this. We have a distraction occur around 9:30 at the southern gate. At 9:15, I murder two gaurds on the east gate, drawing an investigative force. At 9:32 There should be about 5 men on the Eastern gate. I will use my poison dart to down one of them, they will rush him to the infirmary, and then we will kill the remaining gaurds before they have a chance to react. We will tehn exit through the Eastern gate, and hopefully teh Arbiter can come up with a countermeasure to these "particles"

@Ryan:"Brilliant! Perfect! These particles will not interfere with my plans for escape! We will kill the gaurds before they have a chance to use their wepons! *Is very enthused*

*looks around*


"I have an idea, what if I and some of the others use our stealth capabilities to our advantage, if we take out some of the guards we could use their armour to counteract the abilities of the Sigma Gun!" he yells excitedly.

@La Volpe
"Not to be rude but," *leans on the table* "La Volpe, these kinds of things have happened before. The guards know not to leave the stations with few men, especially if several violent... distractions, occur at once. Under those circumstances there should be about 10 men left. And they do wear protective clothing that I fear your darts may not penetrate on first hit. We will need a less obvious distraction."

@la volpe

"That is an excellent idea, I say we go with it, but with a few alterations on some of the parts, such as the poison dart plan."

@La Volpe, The Arbiter, and Neko

"I Agree with Neko..But also, La Volpe, don't you think if that was the case, many would of escaped before hand? That's just what the Guards have. They have towers that shoot hollow bullets like machine guns meant to puncture any armor of NPC or not. Plus.. they have Spy planes in the air which sees us, we're all white in heat wise to it's monitor. If that wasn't the case.. they... *leans and whispers*
"They have the Hellbound Terror Squad"

@La Volpe
A solid plan.

There is a squad gaurding the outside of the gate, however, with the distraction I mentioned earlier, all their forces will be spread thin. As for the particles and the armor... while it might numb the affect, it will still cause some pain. Someone will have to be willing to endure some pain if this is to work.

"So we need a distraction that doesnt require them to use any of their toys. Does anyone know where we can get a few bottles of fine wine?"


"The Hellbound Terror Squad? Who are they, android?"

Ah, the Hellbound. The most nefarious group of NPCs, made even more lethal by upgrades in tech.

@Neko, La Volpe and Arbiter
Getting past the first wave is simple. The distraction will help you get past the second wave. Hoever, Alisa is right. They have two more layers of defense, the automated and the Hellbound. You will need to find someone who is good with technology for the third wave. As for the Hellbound, I'm afraid even I can't think of a way to counter them.

-ignore, I'll edit to another-.


"If we got a hold of an EMP, couldn't that disable all of their power, rendering their toys useless and giving us the darkness advantage?"

@Ryan:"They do not scare me! I am an Assassin. We just need heat hiding materials. In fact, gaurd suits would be best. I think that I can pull in a few of them. You know the gaurds that go around town trying to score with the girls from fighting games... They won't be missed. Those suits will be our ultimate protection, along with any advanced shields our members could furnish us with *Looks pointedly at the Arbiter*

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