The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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Rukifellth stopped when Neko grabbed him, hesitating. Neko... he's going to get away... When she started coughing, he looked back, then tried to help her up. Are you ok? Just hold him off for a minute, Dimentio...

"He just tossed me aside." She tried to laugh, standing up. "Dimentio will be back soon. Wesker's gone..." She sighed, glancing at the corpse. "... ... ..." She felt stupid for trusting Wesker. The way she had played right into his plan.

The claws still gleamed patiently in their container, shining when she gingerly picked them up. They were cold to the touch, with traces of malevolent blood still staining the handle. "Thank you, Commander." she whispered, closing his eyes.

...We can't stay here. ECHO is going to come after us. I KNEW we shouldn't have brought Wesker... and now Kaim's dead because of it... How are you feeling?

"Yeah... I wish we could stay for just a little longer..."

Now that she looked around, she noticed the little girls were missing. She was just about to ask Rukifellth if he had seen them when an angry voice shouted from down the hallway. "This is the thanks I get?!" Dia stormed into their room, looking over the damage. "I gave you all the benefit of the doubt, and now some terrorist group has us on its radar! You could have gotten Alice and Therese hurt if they didn't have the brains to get out of here."

I'm sorry! Look, we'll get out of town as soon as we can! We just need a little time. We need to pack our things, take care of someone who is trying to get away, and... he looked over at Kaim Take care of our friend...

"Ooooh no you don't. If they're coming here, you better be here. I'm not having them tear this place up looking for you. You're not allowed to leave this city, am I clear?"
"P...perfectly..." On one hand, she was glad that they could stay a little longer. On the other hand, it meant they might be handed to ECHO on a silver platter. "What do we do?" she whispered.

"What we do is obvious- She crouched down to look at the late commanders eyes, no death was peacfull but he had lived a full life.
(Feels like several..)
Stands back up, feeling a bit dissy.
"We must defend the town against ECHO or atleast give the humans time to escape."

Neko swung around once she heard Samantha, taking the time to punch her/Freeman in the face. Even without the virus, she still had her innate strength and metal gauntlet. "Really, Samantha? I didn't know you had a soft side, especially for people who are about to die." She could barely restrain herself from pulverizing her/him, only stopped by the fact that she was still smarting from Wesker's hit. The double dose of pills was also making her very hungry and very nauseous. "I can't wait until you're dead."

She felt the weight of the claws in her hands, holding them like weapons poised to try their soul stealing capabilities on Freeman.

Samantha let Freeman feel the punch for her, she recovered from the jolt and threw a punch likewise her way.
"You little bitch, you think I wanted to kill him? I stalled Wesker in his little monologs for as long as I could and yet all of you stood there like sheep! I gave you ample time to react and instead I had the choice of letting him take him to die or let him die here!" She fumed like a smokestack , ready to take another hit.

"Ample time to react? Is that what you call holding a gun to my head?! And it was set to kill?!? Are you crazy?!" She jumped back when he threw a punch, letting the Hades Claws drop from her hands. This was the first time she had used blades on chains, but it wasn't too far of a stretch.

"He wouldn't risk you and as far as he knew Freeman had no control of my actions. Your life isn't my biggest priority. Without a hostage of equal value he would have simply walked out.
Which he did."
She made sure that last remark would stick, she could see her with the blades in hand. It made her giddy with adrenalin, a feeling she was new to.
"What are you going to do with those?" She taunted, knowing she couldn't do much.

Isn't it obvious? We're going to get rid of the two biggest problems we have right now. he looked at the claws. Still, do we even know how to use these?

There was a brief chase, but unfortunately Wesker had managed to get away. Fuck...

"Yes, let rip the corruption out and find a way to get these cakes in the rifigerator. Good idea Ruki, or am I one of the problems? I dunno why you would ever think that." She smirks biting into a pastery; flicking off the bits of drywall that had fallen into its frosting.

Things might have ended better for us if you hadnt killed Kaim when you did, Samantha. But as for the issue of an ECHO attack. He turned to Dia here. ECHO is in the middle of a three way war, and Wesker implied that they were being hit the hardest. It seems highly unlikely that ECHO still has the resources to send a team here thats strong enough to defeat us. This town should remain safe.

Sora was lying unconscious on the floor, having been severely injured from the Sigma Blast Wesker used him to intercept.

"Or they could have been worse, I still didn't see you do anything until he dropped." It was getting harder to focus, even with all the conrol she had. It was like moving a muscle you hardly use.
"If its any consolation I got his soul now." And then disappeared letting Freeman pick up the pieces.
"Ahh.... I am sorry." He didn't think he could do much more than that.
"I am ah... going to see if Wesker took our plane." He knew it wouldn't fly in the condition he left it in but he wanted an excuse to get outside.

Neko glared at him the whole time he went to the door. If he had passed within her reach she would have broken his arm. Dia looked around the room at the dents and cracks in the wall. "You're also going to spend the night repairing this." was the last thing she said, leaving them alone. Neko still looked like she was going to murder something, her knuckles white from clutching the claws. She knew they would work. She could feel the power the souls had in the blades, and when she looked close enough, she could swear she saw them.

It was times like these that she wished the closest person to her wasn't Rukifellth. She screamed in frustration, turning and stomping into their room.

He followed Neko back to their room. Look, we'll make it through this. ECHO isn't exactly in the best shape to be sending a team after us, and I'm sure this town has its own defenses. And we still have the claws. We can finally be rid of that... thing. he gave her a little space, hoping she would remain calm. I won't let Kaim have died for nothing... we'll stop the Corruption AND ECHO...

Dimentio kept scanning around, and went back to the plane they had arrived in in case Wesker decided to try and use it to escape. That's too obvious, though... he probably knows I'd be waiting here...

She just gave another cry of rage before letting herself fall facedown into the bed. Her arms folded under the blanket, her back shuddering. After a few moments of silence she sobbed softly. She felt like it was her fault again. Like it was always her fault. Dammit... why did you have to go do that? Why? It wasn't worth it... I wasn't worth it... Before she knew it she was crying into the pillow, holding it tightly against her face.

Freeman didn't know what to think, he could feel the eyes that were on the back of his head still when he was outside. The air was jagged with frost but he was shaking for other reasons. He lost all control, what ever he though he had was an illusion.
The plane was open wide to the elements, the hydrolic lifts were used to convert the wings to an vertical take off format. He just wanted to get away into his work, forget a sun would be over his head in acouple hours.
The only questions he would be answering for would be the how much power he could salvage with the engines; not if he could salvage himself.

He sat by Neko, unsure of what to say to her. Neko... this wasn't your fault... you didn't cause this...I just hopes she listens to me..

Dimentio saw Freeman walking up, and he just moved aside. For a second, I thought you were someone else... as he walked closer, Dimentio said We're getting that guest out of you the second we figure out how to use those claws. We have that thing in the girl sedated for the moment, but your little freaky friend? She's getting dangerous. Even if she did have the right intentions, even I knew there was a better solution. Yes, almost all of them would have involved Kaim getting a bullet from Wesker, but at least we could have gotten some more information or even better, taken out Wesker.

"Can you hand me that wrench behind you, the one with the black handle?" He asked taking apart the engine block swifty, asorbed in his work.

Neko shook her head. "It's not my fault. It's that bitch Samantha!" Her anger flared up, but only for a second. She quickly turned over and started crying again. "He shouldn't have brought that thing here! That was so stupid! He was stupid!" She screamed.

Look, we'll take care of it... we'll use the claws and be done with all this nonsense... he moved closer to her, putting his hand on her shoulder.

Dimentio handed Freeman the wrench. Look, man... just promise me you'll keep things under control... I know it's not really worth that much, but it'd at least make me feel a little better...

Stats taking out the first bolt.
"Well I am sorry but I don't have this under control... LACK of information is just as important. With Kaim dead we- He couldn't finish the sentence, either he couldn't find the words or his throat wouldn't let him.

what is it you don't want him to know?
You still have acouple bolts left
O-oh yeah.

*continues removing bolts*

*Stern was finally jostled awake, having been passed out through the entire commotion. He found his face in a puddle of drool and lifted his head up in disgust. An intense feeling of dizziness swept over him, his head was killing him and his vision was darkened and blurry. It had been a long time since he got so stinking drunk, but having done it he felt a lot better, more at peace at any rate.

He slowly stood up, taking care not to make his situation any worse. He heard the crunch of glass under his boot and looked down to see the broken remains of the bottle he had taken in with him. He put on his grimy, tattered coat and exited the room, the extra light practically blinded him and only added to his headache.

Stern walked into the living room of the penthouse and surveyed the area. Kaim was lying dead on the ground; the place was a disheveled mess, with cracks on the walls and furniture tipped over or broken altogether.*

I thought I was in bad shape.

*He walked over to Kaim's body to get a closer look at the cause of his death.*

Neko relaxed a little, but the anger and guilt were still racing through her veins. "Maybe this is all just a bad dream... maybe I'll wake up tomorrow, and everything will be fine." She sat up, wiping her eyes. "How many more people need to die for me to be cured?"

Azimuth returned to his room to see if Ocelot's database had any information on the claws Those claws could solve the problems of both Samantha and the Corruption, but we need to be sure they won't make things worse.

Uggggh...... Sora regained consciousness, but it still hurt to move too much. He managed to weakly lift his head and saw Stern standing over Kaim's body. Hey, Stern, you're back...Did you see Wesker anywhere?

Unless he was in my room, no.

*He grabbed his forehead in an attempt to dull the throbbing pain. He briefly recalled hearing certain noises while he was blacked out but he couldn't recall who made them or at what point.*

Did that bastard finally make his move on us?

Yeah... He groaned. He attacked Commander Kaim for deserting ECHO. Samantha killed him so that Wesker wouldn't have a bargaining chip. Then Wesker attacked us and left. He's been drugging the Corruption...But hes been making it stronger, too...Its not all bad though. Kaim gave us a way to kill the Corruption! He wriggled his fingers as mobility slowly returned to him. More than the Sigma gun, it hurt that he couldnt stop Wesker, or defend his Commander whod been so nice to him.

Dimentio just sighed We almost had this all wrapped up. Kaim had brought us the key to getting rid of the biggest loose ends we had. Figures THAT'S when ECHO would make its move. Still, we aren't just going to let all that go to waste.

It's almost over... we just need a little more time. We can get through this. But then we'll have another issue to worry about... we'll take care of one thing at a time...

Neko slowly laid down on her side, facing away from Rukifellth. She tried not to sob again, clutching the bedsheets. The disease was killing everyone she loved, everyone who cared about her. She could feel it dormant, but feeding off of her pain. The darkness would awake soon enough. Her eyes wandered to the claws, which laid on the floor beside the bed, still pulsing.

Hail Odin, Master of Fury: Primal and uncontained: dictated by necessity. May I persevere, unrepressed, in adversity. Hail Odin, Valföğr: May Your Valkyries find me worthy when the web of my life is cut.

Her eyes slowly closed, but her sleep was once again plagued by nightmares of death and destruction.

So the Corruption will need to be in power for the claws to work. That's the difficult part of this. We would need to set up a trap to immobilize it without Neko knowing. He'd gotten all the information he could, so he decided to rest. Hopefully the others wouldn't try to use the Claws without him.

This has to stop happening... Sora dragged himself intobed, and quickly fell asleep.

"Hells yeah... I won't let some oraganization dictate what I do again."
"I might."
"No you will..." He sighed in frustration, this bird was going to need alot. It looked good on the outside but internatly the tech was dated other than the communications gear.
"I will be staying here all night, unless you want to stay you should probably go back. They will need you in the morning."

I'm fine here... plus, you'll probably want a fast way back in the morning...he went over to one of the seats, lying down and starting to fall asleep.

Ruki sighed and tried to fall asleep shortly after Neko. He spent a couple hours just staring at the ceiling and walls, tossing and turning, but after a while, exhaustion overcame him and he fell asleep.

A couple days passed, with the group and the whole city on high alert. Then a couple more days passed. A few days turned into a week, with no sign of ECHO, or any hostiles. The shops slowly opened again, and people came out onto the streets. The local news seemed to dismiss it, the tabloids blaming the new NPCs for the mess.

Neko was rarely at the penthouse. In the day she spent her time getting supplies to fix the various hole in the walls, mostly drywall, but also a few beams of wood for support. She walked around in her full Chimera form, not having any pills left. It was partially a relief: she was glad she could walk around without feeling like a freak. She had burned Kaim's body like she had for Lilith and May, scattering the ashes in the forest. She made a small monument on a hill for him. Part of it was guilt, part of it genuine sorrow, but she maintained it everyday, bringing flowers.

The sun was high in the sky when she took a break and returned to the penthouse. She microwaved some food, eating only parts of it since she had managed to overcook most of it.

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