The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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*Quietly brings herself forward* "..If we were to, we'd have to wait. At night time it's double the security then day time. We have to do this during an event presented. Plus, I will since I would rather see you guys go. I care to much..but please, let's be patient, ok?"

"When I ask for food, I can order some wine.."

@The Arbiter
*Is serious now and says with a voice of solid factor* "The Hellbound Squad are designed by specialists that used the material that made us. They programed them to go against us and have multiple powers including that they are resistant to temperature..magic, and what's worse is they have no sense of morality. They kill on sight and can spot us from 50 meters away from just vibration on the ground. They're massive, buffed dog-like creatures with a man feature..designed after the Ancient Gods of Egypt. They're hard to spot since they're cloaked in brown maroon color, but they are meant to be hidden carefully. I heard they were based off of Final Fantasy after the Sephiroth Era."

@Arbiter:"Brillian! Again! We must aquire an EMP! Whatever that is. But what of your advanced shields that I've heard you have?

@La Volpe

"I could help you take out some of the guards with my active camouflage if you need any assistance with that. As for advanced shields, I may be able to craft some overshield powerups for our guard armour."

"Luckily for us, I happen to know someone who happens to have an EMP, he goes by the name of 'Custom Class 1' and retrieved this technology after killing 15 men(reference to CoD)." The Arbiter finishes.

"Well... That sounds like a heap of fun then." Red said, "Wouldn't massive dogs be easy to find? I mean, even if they are dressed in dark colours, they still sound massive" he trailed off.

@The Arbiter:
"Most of us could take down a guard or two" he replied, "Can't be that hard."

"Everyone, I am off to procure us gaurd suits! I will be back around 9ish EST tomorrow! Goodnight! Sleep well, and round out any plans you might have. I'll have the gaurd suits by tomorrow!

So you are familiar with the drones of the Hellbound. Very specific knowledge. Interesting knowledge for someone of your position... *eyes suspiciosly*

As for your EMP plan, they keep weapons like that out of our hands. They are clever ones, giving us enough weapons to think we have freedoms, but keeping away anything that can be seen as a legit threat. I'm sure there might be some smuggled EMPs, but they are quite hard to find.

@ Alisa *giggles* "I saw the guard hitting on Kasumi a few days ago. Theyre mad for anything in a skirt, NPC or not. I think theyre talking about building some whorehouse for us to make some 'honest money'." *spats* "Pigs, every one of them. If we got caught you could make eyes with the guards and get us all off Alisa" Neko teased. "Anyways, I think I remember the Hellbound. We had something similar in my world called Anubis. Really nasty, I myself couldnt stand more than a few minutes."
@Red "With your magic probably more" *smiles*

*finishes his bowl of chilly*
"I am happy to help". he says. "But as for acquiring the EMP, my friend will be hard to persuade for parting with his reward as it was very hard for him to keep hold of. Overshields, on the other hand, will be relatively quick and easy for me to make, but I will need some overcharged plasma cores. I can already make two with using my grenades, but the rest someone will need to find."


*Alisa sighed and sat down to cross her legs and look up at the ceiling* "..I wonder..if we can really do this. As riled up as we are and feel confident, who knows what could happen. We're outnumbered, at a disadvantage with their technology, and those Dogs are somehow able to hide spite being eight feet tall.. Mm." *Puts her hand up to look at it*


"I do not understand.. why would I seek attention in that way? I do not desire to be within anywhere close to a Whorehouse as you speak of it. Let alone I shall not be looked at and valued as an object by a Guard, NPC, or anyone.." *Alisa says without anger but forward advise* "And..Pigs are animals, their physical attribute would not result being a Pig. ..Besides, Pigs are friendly. I admire their sense of play."

So to recap, La Volpe will aquire us some gaurd outfits. Fair enough. At the same time, my associates will begin a riot to draw most security away from the gates. Then, La Volpe, Neko, Arbitur, Red, and any others will take out the remaining gaurds. With this, we can get past the inner and outer defenses of the gate. The problem is then the perimeter, which has the automated defenses. Arbitur plans to aquire an EMP to disable the turrets. How this EMP will be aquired is unknown. Then all that is left will be the Hellbound gaurding the outer perimeter. No idea on how to deal with them. Does this sound right to everyone?

"I know a sleep spell?" Red offered, "It might work by putting some of the guards to sleep, if not a paralysis or a bind would work well to right?"

"Nevermind." Neko blew a few strands of hair out of her eyes.
"Yep, that seems right. We should wait until Saturday to put any of these plans into action though..."

"As for the Anubis, where I come from they are not very fond of the Resurrection spells. Does anyone know of a person or a scroll that can perform the spell?"

Yeah that sounds about right, but also I will be working on overshields to help protect us against the guards/hellbound. As for Saturday, I won't be here because I will be overseas.

"How about Friday or Sunday?"


"Yes..we could have that plan. It might work, but what if it doesn't-"

Suddenly, the door has a loud knocking as if someone was trying to break in, which everyone froze and Alisa turned her head to look behind her

"Everyone stay Quiet! I'll get it!" *Runs up to answer it and opens the door, turning out it's a Gaurd there*

Gaurd: "NPC! We're here for an inspection of your home. Let us through immediately!" *Alisa nodded and let two of them in. They wore heavy suits, they had unique masks on and had long pole-based weapons with Sigma guns on the side. Once they went into the Basement, they had everyone stand up and counted them in order with a list*

2nd Gaurd: "Where is Albert Wesker..?" *He ordered coldly*

@Neko I will be overseas for a whole week, won't be back 'till 28th Jan.

*Stares coldly at the guard*
"What is it you want with Wesker?"

Neko crosses her legs and leans back, eyeing the visitors with thinly masked poison. "Asleep."

*spinning gun in hand* hmmmph. A little early for our weekly meeting, isn't it officer?


*A figure in a gaurd suit walks up behind the guards* "Gentlemen, I've go a lead on him! Quickly you, come with me, I think I've found him! *The two gaurds dash out of the room. There is a muffled thump, and then the third gaurd flies into the room, and buries a small length of steel into the 2nd gaurd's head* "I really mus be going now! See you all tomorrow! *Strips the bodies and drags them off, leaving the suits*

@La volpe

"Very nice work, assassin, now I shall just need to apply overshields to them later on."

*wonders if Wesker really is in his room. Does he even need sleep???*

@The Arbiter and Neko

More Guards run into the room after they hear noises

"Ugh, I could explai-"
Guard 1: "Shut the HELL Up you whore! We're not addressing you, worthless piece of s***. We're talking to the other girl about what happened."

Guard 2: "What went on, where are Guards #22 and #23? ." *Looks at the Alien* "Talk SCUM!" *puts a gun into his face*

whoops posted in too late I'll just change.

"How dare you call me scum, you putrescent human!"

@The Arbitor

Gaurd 2: "What? You mocking us?- You're f***ed!" *bashes him in the face and about to fire the Alien without mercy*

"Nooo!" *Alisa trying to reach her friend in time*

Can't be avoided, I guess... *quick-draws gun, shoots gaurd 1 in face and two in the neck*

@La Volpe
You have complicated things. However. I know a way to draw attention away from us. And on to someone I've needed out of the way... *Gives La Volpe a note with an address.* Take the bodies to the address here. This isn't the first time I've needed bodies disposed of.

You owe me.

You have some cleaning up to do.

"Thanks for that, I just HATE being called scum. It reminds me of what the brutes used to call me when I was with the covenant. I can only repay you by doing the same when your life is in danger." he says, *bows briefly at Ocelot*.

*Alisa sits with The Arbiter, rubbing his cheek* "Are you alright?!"

*Looks at Oclet* "Thank you.. I wouldn't know what i'd do if he died.."

*wipes blood from his face*

"I'll be fine, most of the impact was softened by my shields, but I haven't seen a punch that strong since I fought Tartarus. They must have superhuman strength to break my shields like that."

"I'm going outside to make sure there arent anymore guards." *gets up and goes outside*


"I'm coming with you, I don't want anyone in danger" *She follows Neko behind, looking back to see if Arbiter will be alright*

*follows outside* "I think I might need some fresh air"
"About these 'Hellbound' you mentioned earlier, surely they must have some sort of weakness?"


*Alisa takes a moment and shakes her head* "No, and the Guards claim that they have been placed under 'God Mode' or something. ..Not sure what that means, but it appears to be very dangerous to face without being prepared."

"Maybe we can infect their main computers to remove the God Mode?"

*The Arbiter pauses for thought*
"hmm, how about if we could distract them by fooling them into thinking that the guards were us? That way, whilst they are attacking any guards we hadn't killed earlier, we could escape."

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