The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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One nice example is that creating an NPC is... well, unnatural. Just becuase we create one doesn't mean they're the original. And we've seen an instance where one of our creations met with the original... and the results were something we couldn't predict... he once again looked at Freeman.

And the alternative, going to the world, could create a rift. Much like those you have encountered before... he shook his head and sighed. I'm not the one who can deal with those, but I'm still affected. Rifts make dealing with time... tricky. I imagine working with space would be hard as well. he smirked at Dimentio.

It is kinda... still... he went back to Azimuth So what exactly will we do with this? Plus, can this thing teleport us around? Makes my job easier...

The risks didn't seem that risky to Azimuth. Rifts could be easily avoided, and he had no intention of bringing new NPCs into this world. While he was glad the Dimensionator itself wasn't malfunctioning, now it meant he wouldn't have an excuse to further examine the Guild's modifications. He needed more time to think. Your teleportation is faster in a tight spot, Dimentio, but other than that, we wouldn't need you to transport us anymore, no. Assuming we'll be allowed to keep it anyway.

He turned to the man. There's nothing that can be done about the problem with creating NPCs, but I might be able to fix the wormhole generator so there are no more rifts, if I had the proper tools.

*Stern took a few steps closer.*

It's still pretty risky, but this thing could be the answer to all our problems... If we could look into a way to send all the NPCs back home... Could this thing be powerful enough to do that?

Not all at once, but eventually, we could all go home. The Dimensionator is more than capable. I'll prove it. Dimensionator, show me Planet Fastoon! The Dimensionator whirred, and in an instant, the image of Fawful's lab was replaced by one of Azimuth's home planet, as seen from space. He had no desire to see the surface after his race abandoned it over 15 years ago.

Wow. Can it find my islands, too? Sora asked in awe.
Easily. Dimensionator, Sora's islands!
The screen changed once again, now revealing a tropical island. There was a boy with short white hair in a yellow shirt sitting on a palm tree, staring out at the ocean.
That's Riku! That's my home! He quickly turned to the Guildmember. So, is Azimuth allowed to use the Dimensionator.?

He shrugged. I should consult with the remaining members of the guild... hopefully you don't mind waiting for a little bit... he went to the door, stepping out. As he turned to close the door, he said one last thing. I know what you're thinking, and trying to use it behind my back isn't a wise decision... just because I can't see you clearly doesn't mean the rest of the guild can't. with that, he shut the door.

So what now? If he says yes, what do we do? Just go to where Neko is?
I suppose. The issue then would be what we do next.
And of course, he could always say no...
Oi, fuzzy. You're the expert. Your thoughts? He turned to Azimuth
Any thoughts, Stern? You've been quiet... He turned to Stern

*Stern turned to Rukifellth*

What we have right now, could be the key to ending this war, to put everything back to normal. When I first heard about the existence of the rifts in the universe, I was certain that they could be used to send the NPCs back to where they came from. This was part of the reason I left the WMD, and I think that this is the only way this conflict will be able to end with humanity still alive.
I don't care what the guild says, and I don't care about the risk... we have to use this thing.

ECHO HQ, South America

Wesker entered the gaping halls of the HQ and quickly entered the meeting room. To his surprise he found the place rather empty but he drew to the conclusion that most of the commanders were no doubt in their separate ways fighting the seemingly defeated WMD. The attack on their desert base was only the beginning as WMD launched a massive counter-attack worldwide striking both ECHO and PAC driving the conflict into the another fleeting stalemate. There was lots of business to be made and saved throughout this conflict and right now business is booming.

He looked around for the person that requested that he be inside but to no avail as only the glowing lights of the world globe projected in front of him provided for the illumination.

"Odd..." Wesker whispered. As he was about to walk out the door but it opened behind him.

"Ah, Wesker glad you finally arrived." Selena said as she stepped into the room.

"Ah, Commander, how do you enjoy the new position?" Wesker said as he turned around to see the new addition to the Commander's table. Her nomination process was short as it was Thule that made her skill set and abilities known to the council. Soon the Commanders agreed and she was given Kaim's position in the council due to not only Thule's persistence and the need for more combat-oriented commanders during the time of WMD counter attacks.

"About as exciting as they put it, Wesker but we have more pressing matters to discuss." She pointed him to the table and they seated themselves opposite from each other with the globe in front of them now spitting out coordinates and data. "The rest of the council couldn't make it to today so I'm going to be brief. Commander Thule has gone missing. His tracker isn't responding and any sort of communication with him or his marines has not resulted well. I know how difficult it is for an organization to lose an 8 foot tall walking tank, let alone dozens of them but that is the situation. As protocol states, if our Commander Thule is missing for another month then we can assume he is dead or worse. And-"

"His position is liable to be filled by those that the Council and the ECHO regulations see able and fit. I see..." Wesker interjected. "And who is to be the newest nominee?" Wesker asked but he already knew the answer.

"There is plethora of nominees that we will discuss but it is my duty to inform you that you are one of them."

"Me? I'm not sure if I should assume such a position of that stature." Wesker said.

"Don't humble yourself, Wesker. You should know that there is a difference between those who deserve power and those who hunger for it." Selena said. She quickly got up and left leaving Wesker in his thoughts. He was not surprised the slightest by this revelation. With everything he's done for ECHO and the accomplishments in their name he should be able to get the position without too much thought into it. Jeanne has been helpful as well with all of her "convincing". He turned to the globe in the middle of the table and used his finger to spin the digital world.

"Where are you now, Neko..." He whispered.

Eventually the man came back, shaking his head. The others aren't happy with me for letting you here... he walked forward. The guild has agreed. You cannot use this device.
Why not?!
First, there's always the risk of members of the two remaining factions getting their hands on it. Second is that your intended use could very likely cause fundamental harm to this dimension. And finally, we think there are some members of your group who are to dangerous to be keeping this device around... He glared at Stern and Samantha. HOWEVER... you have accelerated our plans forward a few years... and I'm not without gratitude, unlike the others. I will allow you to use it. ONCE. To take you to your next destination.
But we have a jet...
Return to it. I'm sure the device can handle it. I'll accompany you and take the device back. Sound fair?
......What do you think, Azimuth?

Azimuth turned off the Dimensionator, causing the image of Sora's islands to disappear. One use...I wouldn't be able to return to the Lombaxes, but I could reach the Great Clock. I could alter time, so my mistake never occurred.
It would be dangerous to risk stealing from the Guild, but now, he might not need to. His chance had finally come.
I know where to go. No need to bring the jet. He raised his voice. Dimensionator, find the Great Clock, of my universe!

The machine whirred, and a portal appeared. Through it, Azimuth could see a large, circular, golden structure. Small robots were hovering around, whom Azimuth recognized as Zoni, the race who, according to legend, guarded the Great Clock. That was truly it! It was all he could do not to instantly run through the portal. There was no need to antagonize the Guild. Not now. Doing his best to keep his voice level, he turned to the Guildmember.
Shall we go?

He guild member just smiled and shook his head, sounding disappointed. You lack perspective, Lombax... Time, you see, is something I'm... very familiar with... He took a couple steps towards the portal. why don't you tell your friends exactly what it is you plan to do at your destination?

Azimuth growled.You'll get the Dimensionator back. Why should it matter to you what I do with it?
What do you want to do with it, Azimuth?
I just- We could- Look. We have our own transport now. With Neko on their side, its only a matter of time before PAC wins the war, which we've all chosen to ignore in the first place. Using the Dimensionator to take us anywhere in this world would be a waste, and with only one use, there's no point to sending anyone home. But my universe is full of highly advanced technology, and the Great the center to all of it! Its the only place we could go where we could acquire the tools to achieve any of our later goals, and where I might be able to send us back again after we use it! Azimuth glanced at the portal. It would be simple to drop the Dimensionator and jump in...

You believe that you can just go and alter time in your dimension? You think I would allow that? This current timeline of your world has now had an impact on this one. You would almost certainly tear this world, possibly a few others, apart.
I'm not going to pretend I understand the basics of multiple interwoven timelines and all this space-time junk, but if you have insight into time, and you knew about us arriving, why didn't you see something like this happening?
The recent surge of rifts, and the emergence of beings that... disrupt the natural order... he adjusted his glasses before resuming Has limited my foresight... I knew you would want to see this device. I knew you would use it with my permission or not. But I couldn't see what your destination was. And so here I am trying to convince you to not approach this clock. That is my role in this guild. To keep the passage of time stable. You would destroy everything. Are you truly willing to try it? And if you are... do you really think I would let you?

He glared at the man in the glasses, and closes his eyes in frustration. Using the clock would destroy everything? It didn't seem impossible, but was it certain? The man wouldn't lie to him immediately after allowing Azimuth use of the Dimensionator, that meant he really believed Azimuth was risking the universe. Every universe. Yet he was so close...
I want a second opinion. Let me speak with the guardians of the clock.

If that is truly what it will take to convince you of the error of this plan...
And you're just going to let him go...
He's nothing I can't handle... he walked into the portal, gesturing for the group to follow.
I wonder what this world is like...

I have an idea, but I've never actually seen the Great Clock before myselfAzimuth had half a mind to close the portal on the man and retreat to another world, but he was still watching them carefully. Without another word, he stepped through the portal and back into his home world.

Another world again... Sora walked through the portal next, his eyes on the Dimensionator.

"Well...." Freeman took a nervous foot into the portal.
"You better know what your doing ozy."

~Manila, Philippines~
Nightmares... why won't the nightmares stop? She stared up at the ceiling. She thought she had finally gotten free of them, but here they were again. She took another pill. Let me sleep... Another. The medication was already strong, almost three times the standard dose per pill. She couldn't move her arm to take another pill, but the hallucinations were still there. The blood, his eyes, HIS EYES.

~The Great Clock, "Ratchet and Clank" Universe.

The group entered a sprawling city, full of predominantly gold buildings. It seemed in a way to be one huge, floating structure. Up in the sky, Azimuth could see a small robot with a large head, that he knew was a Zoni. Welcome to my universe everyone Azimuth said absentmindedly. He was already running possible plans through his head.

Impressive. Not as impressive as mine, of course, but impressive nonetheless..
I suggest you finish you business here quickly... the guild member lagged behind them, but kept his eyes on Azimuth. You could say you're on a time limit...

Never thought I'd find myself in an NPC world.

*Stern took a look at the surroundings, they were a bizarre mixture of both the familiar and the alien.*

This feels... unnatural. What exactly are you looking for in here, Lombax?

Time limit. Clever. He looked around a bit before turning to Stern. I'm looking for the keeper of the Clock, so they can tell me the real ramifications using the Clock would have. Someone has to come for us eventually...

That's assuming they're going to be friendly. I thought your history with this home universe wasn't a positive one. How do you know anyone we come across won't try to kill you?

The only enemy I have left in this world is a robot by the name of Dr. Nefarious. I don't believe he'd have found his way here. Wherever he is, Ratchet and Clank should be fighting him. Assuming none of them have entered another universe, at least. Let's just keep walking.

Azimuth in the lead, the group continued through the Clock. They didnt get far, however, before five Zonis appeared and circled the group. They looked at each other, nodded, and summoned a translucent blue bubble around the group, causing them to float in the air. The Zoni flew away, taking the bubble and group with them. They must see the keeper.

Sora pressed his hands against the side of the bubble and looked around. Is this normal, Azimuth?
I don't know. Azimuth admitted. I've never seen the Zoni before, or been to this area.

Dimentio looked frustrated and tried to walk out, but couldn't. Crap...
What's the matter? Claustrophobic? Rukifellth smirked, letting him continue his efforts to get out.
Wait a minute... you've never been around here, Azimuth?
The stranger from the guild stood a little closer to fit in the bubble, but still remained behind them. Have a little more faith in your ally... he wouldn't steer you down the wrong path...
...Are you mocking us?

*Stern turned to Dimentio.*

Likely he has a hunch about where this will all lead to... so probably

*He continued to inspect the view from the floating bubble, unsure of its security.*

Relax. The Zoni are harmless. I know that much. The small robots carried the group to the largest structure on the clock, Flying in through a low window. They landed in a large room. Sitting in a couch on the far end was a small pink man, just a little bigger than the Zoni. "What's this? Visitors? I don't believe I've ever seen any of you before. What brings you here?"

You are the guardian of the Clock?
"Yes. I am called Orvus. You're a Lombax, aren't you?"
I am. My name is Allister Azimuth. I am here to ask you about using the Clock to-
"No! Absolutely not!" His angry face softened. "I'm sorry, but the Great Clock is only meant to stabilize time. Going back any farther than six minutes would have catastrophic consequences for teh whole universe!"
What?...but I...Rrgh! Azimuth turned and pounded the nearest wall in frustration, hanging his head.

...So, what now?

Is this satisfactory? I told you before such an action was a waste of time... come now, aren't you in a hurry? He turned to Orvus Sorry for the disturbance...
I knew that time travel was too simple a solution.
Still, it didn't hurt to try... lord knows there are some things I want to undo...
Not me. I don't regret a damn thing...

"I told you before such an action was a waste of time... come now, aren't you in a hurry?" He was being mocked now!It was too much for Azimuth to take. Out of desperation and anger, a plan suddenly came together in his head. He had neither the time or the will to think about its consequences. With a shout, he removed the Dimensionator from his head, activated his portal generator, and shoved the Dimensionator inside. With a strike of his wrist against the wall, he smashed the generator.

Breathing heavily, Azimuth turned to the man from the Guild, almost daring him to make a move.

As Azimuth threw the Dimensionator into the pocket dimension, the guild member said Heed me time... and as Azimuth smashed the generator and the portal closed, he called out STOP! the floor beneath Azimuth glowed white, and it seemed the ground had shattered, with fragments of what seemed to be glass floating around him. About a second afterward, he started walking forward. This will just take a minute... he stepped in front and then past him. I understand that your mistake is causing you pain... but in your attempts to make amends, you would make an even bigger one... and you would destroy everything... as he walked into one o the shards, it shattered. Once he reached the other side, 12 metal objects shapped like clock hands appeared around Azimuth. Now then... who here knows another way to retrieve that device?

Dimentio gulped, waiting for a couple seconds, then speaking up. You aren't exactly in the best position to be making threats... you're stuck here with us...
Rukifellth was hoping Dimentio knew what he was doing, going along with his bluff.

What happened to Azimuth? Sora asked. He had an idea of what Azimuth's plan was, but this guy wasn't someone he wanted to mess with.

"Your Lombax friend has been frozen in time..." Orvus spoke up. He faced the Guildmember. "Just who are you, and how do you possess that kind of power?"

My name is Aeon, member of the Guild of Consequences. I'm the one in charge of the more... temporal matters. Now then... I will be needing that device back, or we'll be stuck here. So then... I know that one of you can retrieve it... such a powerful device to open a pocket in dimensions needs a source... he looked at Dimentio.
I have no idea what you're talking about...
Come now, one who can alter around dimensions and you think the Guild wouldn't keep an eye on you?
What's the stop me from just grabbing the thingamahoozit and just getting us all out of here?
why did you have to say that...? he sighed, facepalming.
You want to test me? one of the metal objects pierced Azimuth's shoulders. While there was no reaction, they could see the wound. Just one of twelve...
Ok, ok! Fine, whatever. Let him out of that thing and I'll get the whatevermater!
He started reaching into his pocket dimension.

Hold on! How do we know you won't strand us in this universe anyway? Sora looked at Azimuth's frozen body. He knew a basic time spell, but he didn't think it would work to free Azimuth, or slow down Aeon. Though not as much as Azimuth, Sora wanted the group to have the Dimensionator. He glanced over at Orvus. It was possible that he would help them out, but who knew what he thought of any of this? Orvus's face was unreadable.

*Stern looked at the situation. This was all out his league, but he could understand the lombax's pain and the desire to atone for it. Whether time travel would help them or not, Stern was more worried about the state of the Dimensionator. And if the boy's suspicion was right, and they were stranded in this universe... that might not bode well for them.
Stern moved his fingers over to his gun holsters, trying not draw attention to himself. He wasn't sure of what was going to go down, but he was prepared nonetheless.*

clock hand staby things, time travel BS, and I don't got those neat frisbee teleports "I don't think your getting that device back bro, if we are worth watching we're a threat. Probably to you." Speaking to Aeon as much as himself.
He didn't like this temporal shifting, the last run in he had- actualy every run in with timespace had blownup in his face. And with the group the stakes was much much higher.
He thought up a distraction of his own.
12hands,AzimuthWon'tSurviveThat.2EachOfUs..MaybeWeManage. Can he attack while holding someone in stasis?
*He pulled out a shotgun and pulled the sights up it Aeon's chest without pulling yet*
if he attacks me we'll know

The Guild thinks of you as a threat. I've done nothing but cooperate with you. This is only the result of one of you trying to take advantage of my hospitality. I let you go ahead with this farce when I could have said no. I still let the lombax live despite everything he's done, and now you want to try something? he shook his head, sighing. He then turned to Stern. You seem more reasonable than these people. Perhaps you can talk some sense into them...
Dimentio waited for the others before he did anything.

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