The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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He was surprised by her sudden statement. Neko... you don't have to apologize. I'm not leaving you again. I'll try to think of something, but if I have to join PAC... I'll do it.

So this is what it's come to, huh? Dimentio said, floating around. I ain't gonna be someone else's thug... but perhaps I can make a little profit off of this...

"You will?!" She felt so relieved. She walked in the room and hugged him. "Thank you... I'm so happy." There was nothing else she could say. There was nothing else she wanted. "Come on, get your things packed up. We should leave soon." She hugged him tighter. "It's not bad, I promise."

"Wait, what the hell... Freeman was confused and he wasn't sure why.
"Neko, why are you not leaving PAC instead?" Asking more than demanding an answer.

"I've decided not to, for a variety of reasons. You don't need to join if you don't want to, I understand that it's not what you might like, but I do. It may be the least of evils, but I agree with most of it. I'm tired of sneaking around, and always being attacked, and being by ourselves. So I've pledged my sword to a power. I haven't regret anything since."

"No, you left ruk after he finally hit you with the newspaper and then ran off because reality was too much of a bitch. Does this group mean anything to you after everything we did to save your emo ass? Cause what I see is you trying to take my dog omega and rip the group apart with the same promises the factions had when they threw us at pein like pawns!"

"Like I said" she hissed. "You can leave if you want to, and since it's very obvious that you don't give a damn, I don't care if you do. Why we've stuck together this long is just a combination of comfort, practicality, and maybe even friendship, but if I'm the only thing holding this group together, you have bigger problems. Wesker, Alisa, Jeanne, Ocelot, they all came and left. Yet now you're bitching about me and Rukifellth? What good will it do me to stay factionless? You say PAC has used us, but it's bee mutual, hasn't it? Because we were WMD prisoners, running from soldiers, and who gave us sanctuary? Even if you feel no debt to them, would you rather join WMD? Or ECHO perhaps? Or maybe we can make our own faction, and raise money and weapons and end this all by ourselves?"

Leader? He said blasphemously .
"NO ONE was leader, you didn't lead, Wesker didn't lead, i'm not a leader either. I'm their FRIEND! There is a difference. We don't have to join anyone just like we don't have to be against anyone. We did the impossible, kill the Peins."
"Saved you."
He snorted
"Once 'Super weapon chimera' win them the game what happens to us then? Do you think they will let us live to old age eating rice pudding? Tell me if you don't mind how your last little operation with them? Was it in the Bahamas?" Throwing his hands in the air.

"I didn't say anything about being a leader. And since it's clear we don't have one, there's nothing stopping you from walking out of that door right now. Not against anyone? I bet you can't name a single country that doesn't have us on their kill list. All of the WMD territories want our heads for escaping, for stealing, for killing. You killed Kaim!" she started to get a little hysterical. "I don't know what world you live in, where there's still a corner for us to live out the rest of our miserable lives being hunted down by every goddamn soldier, mercenary, and assassin out there, but you need to wake up. You want to know how I've been doing? Fine! I'm getting paid, I'm getting treatment, I'm getting protection. The only person that was missing is standing right behind me. Oh that's right, you're going insane too. How is Samantha? Do you still have nightmares, still wake up in cold sweats, have times when you don't recognize your own friends?"

He stood rooted to the spot, feeling cold after the Kaim comment. Staring at the floor not willing to reveal his eyes to her.

"I-i seeee a hand go up." The voice chilly, the words coming out smooth like they were rehearsed.
"In the corner of my eye was you horrified. In the mans eyes was someones face.
I didn't know him.

But he knew what he was doing.
Every reason was petty, stupid, rash, lathered in justification.
'Wipe that grin out of that smug fuckers face, make him leave empty handed'
Afterwords I couldn't place who felt the regret, that's how bad it gotten..."

WHO DO I GOT? All I got is the gang and-and you threaten that! Its not fair! You feel fine! Your feel whole! You just had something trying to kill you, not BE you.

"Maybe because I decided to do something about it, and not just sit around pretending it doesn't exist. I stopped when I hurt someone close to me, I wish you would do the same." She sighed and rubbed her arm, looking away and speaking in a softer tone. "I know I'm not 100% yet. But I do like it in PAC. There's a lot of people who help me. I have more friends, and I don't have to worry about killing them, or having them die because of me anymore. I wanted you all to be a part of it. But clearly that's not going to happen. I'm sorry."

"Well.. we both think what we are doing is whats best for the group."Freeman warmed up a little trying to be less defensive."I'm not sure if I can trust any of the factions but I'll trust the consensus. If everyone is ok with it then I'll join too. We can catch up and make a plan, together."

Well I ain't that easy to convince... Dimentio was floating right at the doorway.
You were listening in the whole time?
You know I would need to get my piece in. So here it is: I'm not joining.
But you can't...-
I said I'm not joining PAC. I'll help you, but I'm not going to be taking orders from the Empress or the Crimson Band or anything like that. Once everyone is up, I'm offering her my services the same way I did to Ocelot: as a mercenary with connections to the underworld. I'm not becoming anyone's lackey.
But how can you just leave us?!
I understand why you want to join, and why she does. But the fact is it just doesn't work out for me. I'll still be able to help you, but how much will depend on how much the PAC higher-ups will be willing to compromise.
But... we need you!
Of course you do. he smirked I've been willing to put up with a lot of shit. I've stated my opinion, gone to where I've dreaded and fought people I'd normally never go near. But this is where I draw the line. He turned to Rukifellth, with a more serious look You of all people should respect this choice...

"I knew Stern would join before you would. I won't say we mean nothing to you, you've stuck close enough through all this, but I understand. And since you are a mercenary with connections to the underworld... well, it's not like this'll be the last time we see you" she laughed a little. "Still a bit of a relief you'll be staying around..."

Yeah, yeah... just stay on my good side when we're working together. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some negotiations to take care of... he teleported away.

Well... what are we supposed to do now?

"Pack up. We're going to India." Neko smiled. Since they had gotten there in the group's jet, Neko and Price went ahead and hopped on for the ride. She whistled. The jet looked a lot better than when they had first got it. "We need to report in to the Gujarat/Pakistan border. It'll be just like old times..." In her mind, the border would look like Egypt. Sand.

Gujarat, India

(The Mountain District, PAC)

Time: Late Afternoon
Weather: Hot and dry
Demographics: Several NPCs are stationed in this district, along with groups of human soldiers.

The jet was directed to land and park in a small airport. Even though Price and Neko were on board, the local authorities wanted to err on the side of caution. The place was a military area, since it was so close to the border, but a few civilians took up business opportunities selling food and what have you to the soldiers. A few mercenaries hung around as well, paid to do menial security while the main PAC forces concentrated on their attack. Pakistan was a key country to have in the war, and PAC was trying to wrest it away from WMD before they had a chance to regroup and strengthen their numbers.

Gujarat itself was pretty enough. It is close to the ocean, with several rivers running through it. There are several beaches, where the soldiers hang around during their time off, but even there there is a tense sense of dread, with people always glancing towards the powder keg of a border.

Neko coughed when she opened the door to the jet. Hot air leaked into the air conditioned cabin. Her lungs felt as dry as her throat. "Welcome to Gujarat" she grumbled. As far as she knew, there were only a few of the Crimson Band that were sent to aid the fight. Her team, of course, would be there. Oh... that'll be weird... I wonder if they'll let me team up with my old friends. I doubt they'll just get let into the Crimsons though... Hell, it took me a few months, and even then I only got in because of my reputation.

"We need to go to the Gujarat station, it's close by. They probably already know we're here." She pointed to a map as they exited that showed the location. "I'll go on ahead. Dimentio, you might want to keep your feet in one dimention. No need to spook the higher ups into booting you before you're even in." she laughed.

Very funny...
So what are we going to be doing here? What's the mission? he took off his hat, stuffing it and his cape into Dimentio's pocket dimension. Better be fast... can't stand this heat...

"I'm here as an NPC reinforcement for the border... PAC is trying to take over Pakistan from WMD. It's a key territory, strategically. It'll help get us closer to Europe, WMD's stronghold, of sorts. They rebuilt it as soon as they could... and we didn't have enough power to try and hold the place. Now they're trying slower."

Well, luckily you lot have experience in destroying WMD strongholds.

*Stern said as he was walking up to the two, he stashed his sniper rifle in his holster, now belted around the bullet proof vest, which was the only bit of torso wear he had on, leaving his coat and shirt back on the jet.*

I expect PAC is going to use us as shock troops. Send us into the thickest fighting with the highest probability of death. If we succeed then they know we can be trusted, and if we perish, then they've gotten rid of the potential threat we pose.

Price had been on the comms ever since they've arrived in India. He preferred to have gone there ahead of time but the circumstances called for him to "overlook" the transfer process and how well the group would deal with being on their side now. Price got off the comms with command and a few of his connections as well, trying to get as much information as possible, and went to the Neko.

"Neko, command wants any and all Crimson Band to do some night recon and sabotage for a possible attack tomorrow." Then he looked to the rest of the group. "This is the situation, WMD forces are lined up along the border like we are waiting for a strike as much as we are too. See those mountains? Aeriel recon can't get jack due to a tunnel system they have set up along the border. It'll be a hard fight but Neko, me, and a few others need to identify the key tunnels to take out before we launch an attack. I can probably convince command to bring along a two of you instead of the other Crimson Band members. So make up your minds, draw straws, whatever. Any questions?" He asked, scanning the group.

I have one. Azimuth spoke up. Where will those of us who don't go be staying? Will PAC still protect us if we're not actively aiding them?

"For the time being, you'll be treated as mercenaries until I can forge some paperwork for you lot to be officially be in the PAC. Mercenaries stay at a separate facility from PAC barracks and most of the time the facilities are "acquired" from the locals." Price pointed to the direction of a less favorable district where a few mercenaries lounged around, toting their weapons. "I'm sorry, it's all I can do for lot for now."

Neko adjusted her cloak a little. It gave her good shade in the sun, but it was heavier than she liked. "I'll be back as soon as I'm finished. Sorry to leave so fast..." She scratched her head, smiling awkwardly. "If you want, you can try to look up one of my contacts in the city, if she's still here." She took out a pen and took Rukifellth's hand, writing on his palm. "Her name is Henne Valkyria. She's head of one of the mercenary groups that PAC uses a lot. You might know her, Dimentio. If she's there I'm sure you'll have a better place to stay. And she won't rat you out."

She headed back inside the base, getting her gear and briefing.

Well, isn't that comforting?

*His voice was thick with wry sarcasm. He turned towards the others.*

I suppose we've got some walking around to do, then. Best get on with it, this heat's killing me.

....Oh yeah, I remember her. Not exactly on the most friendly terms after that teleporting incident, but I know she won't kill me.
Well that's... comforting... he wasn't comfortable leaving Neko again, and Dimentio could tell.
Just relax.
I know, I know. Still, it's odd to be back in a gig like this. Haven't done something like this since back in my pirating days, and even then, it was more stealing and occasionally sinking ships as opposed to direct conflict...
Just like the old days.

Inside the base was an the cold, air-conditioned air that hung close to the base. The feel from hot to cold was almost startling but to most of the personnel there, the temperature was the least of their worries. Neko and Price were briefed on the mission and it was relatively simple in premise. They are to sneak past the WMD lines, and report any findings. Targets of opportunity are purely optional in the mission considering that they would be going out of their way to take the targets out. After a few hours of observation, they are to leave the area and back to PAC lines to report their findings. Easy on paper but a whole another dimension to when it comes to executing it.

The briefing was over in an hour and Price was able to talk to the commander about a very delicate subject. When Price came back from talking to the Commander, he sought out Neko first. He found her in the armory, getting ready her gear for the mission ahead.

"Neko, Command is allowing the option of bringing one of your group on the mission. Do you want one of them to come with us or do you feel safer with them here instead?"

"I'll... I'll feel safer with them here. At least there's more people here in case things go sideways. Right now Price, you're all I need." she joked. "I'd rather not bring them further into this than they need to be. They don't really want to be here anyways."

They walked out to a small jeep. They would drive to the outskirts of the next city, and then go on foot under the cover of darkness. She got in the passenger's seat, dropping what little gear she brought in the back. "Thanks for this, Price. I don't think I could have found them without your help."

"Don't mention it. Come on, the faster we finish this mission the faster you can get back to your friends." Price climbed into the jeep and soon they were off into the fading light. The darkness would be a perfect veil to sneak their way pass enemy lines and with Price at the helm, it would be much more of a breeze although WMD should still not be taken lightly.

They were right outside the door of the address Neko had given them. Dimentio walked up and knocked. Well, here's hoping she is willing to listen to us. Also, whatever you do, don't stare.
What's that supposed to mean?
Trust me...

The girl who opened the door wasn't exactly who Dimentio and Ruifellth were preparing for. She was maybe 5 feet, with a tall pointy hat that made up for her height. In one had she held a futuristic looking... broom. It looked like a broom with random metal pieces put on it here and there. The girl herself had pointy ears, long brown hair in pigtails, and green eyes.

"It's just a couple of dorks! Hey, beat it crapsacks, we got here first!"

Um, we're looking for Henne. Is she here? was perplexed about Dimentio's earlier warning.
We're here at the recommendation of a member of the crimson band...
She said Henne could help us.

She stared at them for a while. "Henne! There's a poser and a retarded clown here to see you!"

She left the door open, letting them look into the house. There were no personal artifacts from the mercenaries anywhere, and no sign that they were staying there. "Dimentio. I never thought I'd see your face again." a female voice sneered. Henne Valkyria walked out into the street, forcing them to take a few steps back. She was tall, easily 6 feet, with large black wings that she spread to intimidate them. She was wearing a corset vest on top, a skirt with a long slit that went up to her hips, and heavy boots. "You have a lot of nerve to come waltzing in here..." She had violet eyes, like Neko, and long blonde hair. She kept her hand on what looked like the hilt of a bladeless sword.

You of all people oughta know I have a lot of nerve, Red Hen. he smirked. I would have thought after the incident in Osaka you'd start wearing normal clothes...
What happened in Osaka?
It's a long time ago. Think of why you don't like what happened on the Leviar.
Rukifellth blushed a little She told you about that!?
Like I said, ancient history. He turned back to Henne. Look, we're here because Neko, the member of the Crimson Band.
She said you could help.

Henne grimaced. "Neko, huh? I thought she had a better head on her shoulders than to get involved with someone like you. I assume you're the one that she's sweet on, I doubt you've changed your ways. I'm Henne Valkyria. Leader of the Orchestral Mercenaries." She shook Rukifellth's hand. "Who's the rest of your new crew, and what do you need?"

The Jester just wanted to check on some old friends. What the fuck do you think? We're working for PAC now, and they don't trust us enough to stay in their barracks.

*Stern gestured to Rukifellth*

His girlfriend said you could help us out. So can you, or not?

"If you want to hide, I would advise keeping your damn voice down, for one." She put her hands on her hips, defensive. "I can help, sure, but am I collecting a favor from you guys or from Neko?"

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