The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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From the girl. So what exactly is it you can offer us? Clearance to where PAC is going? Or maybe the girl was just trying to find a way to keep us out of her hair. So tell me, how exactly do you know her? Met on PAC business or something like that?

"Depends on what I feel like telling you, jester." She let them in the house, locking the door behind them. The house was oddly cool, and there was a faint thumping that could be felt through the floor. Henne turned and walked down a pair of stairs into what looked like the basement. When they reached the next landing she opened another door.

This one revealed a large wine cellar, fully lit on all sides by candles, with a small bar built into the wall. There were at least 10 men and women there, sitting on mismatched chairs with makeshift tables. The air was lively, with no stop when they went in. She lead them over to a table in the corner. "It's not exactly an open bar, but get what you like."

She lit a cigarette, taking a long drag before speaking again. "What exactly do you want to know, jester? The same things as always?" The girl who opened the door earlier walked up as well, taking a seat next to Henne. "Oh, this is Kyon. She's my... second in command." Henne grimaced.

As the sun set, the mountains' shadows began to stretch over the rocky landscape and the hot day was now a cool night. It all looked the same from the border and both sides didn't relent from watching guard day or night as spotlights began to turn on and more high-tech device began to search the night for any unwanted visitors. Price and Neko made their way through the WMD-PAC border after sneaking in the old fashioned way. They made their way up a smaller mountain to the side to get a better view of the layout of the labyrinth of stone and concrete. WMD had pretty much dug themselves into the mountains with superior positioning to that of the PAC. It would be hell attacking the place but it was Price and Neko's job to find a way for the troops to follow through.

The cave system within the mountains was also a problem. Price spotted several fortified positions which had doors leading into the cave system which could probably withstand bombardment and reinforce several key positions in a moment's notice. But a system like that couldn't be so self-contained given how recent that system was put in. Soon they were following wires to several substations where power generators cranked out power for the cave system. The set-up was temporary and the generators were to eventually be put underground but in the mean time they were on the surface and guarded very carefully. The substations were guarded by sandbags, automated turrets, spotlights, and motion tracking cameras. An extensive precaution in making sure the generators were unmolested. Price marked down the substations and their coordinates for careful, precision-strike bombing but Price had to thorough and climbed down the mountain to place a beacon so that the aircraft above can see them. He told Neko of his plan and she willfully accepted to help him.

On the ground, the shadows were his best friend. Neko provided over watch from her elevated position while he made his way to the generators. The first generator was guarded heavily with frequent patrols and close proximity to a barracks. That abundance of soldiers would provide a cover and possible excuse for him to be near the generator. Price stepped carefully and found his target among the darkness which was an isolated soldier. After a few moments, Price secured himself a disguise and wrapped a scarf around his face to conceal his identity while a gust of wind kicked up some dust. After waiting a bit, he walked around a patrol and past an automated turret which recognized his stolen ID as a friendly. He placed a beacon at the base of the generator and did so for the second one, along with the third one.

With the fourth one, Price had run out of beacons and he wasn't satisfied with marking it on a grid as the generator was in an actual building in an isolated town. The wires fed from the generators fed into the mountain itself. The wires themselves are camouflaged and put inside a metal tube which resembled a small pipeline. Once Price saw the entire lay-out he silently swore beneath his scarf. Neko was still perched above, being his lookout and recording troop movements along with locations. Price approached the town and soon it became apparent that it wasn't so isolated after all. Trucks and other armored vehicles passed through the road and into the mountain's labyrinth. No one questioned his presence there because he had taken the uniform of an officer. Price walked into town and entered a small shack off the beaten path. A soldier raised from his seat but he was shot once in the chest and once in the head by Price. He hid the body by rolling the body underneath the raised shack. It would be enough for the time being and Price quickly holstered his silenced pistol. Then he took off his watch improvised a time bomb by rigging it into a explosive rocket from the soldier he killed. Once the watch's timer would go off, it would send a electrical surge that would activate the warhead of the rocket and set off an explosion. It wouldn't damage the metal around the wire but it would wreck havoc on the generator's building. He set the watch for the exact time the airstrike would commence which was later on in the day if any. That would give command plenty of time to decide to fully commit to attacking the area and if not then the airstrike would temporarily render the systems unusable. Price placed the improvised device into a wooden box and began walking to the generator. On the way there he lamented not bringing explosives as he thought it not necessary until he saw how extensive the defenses were first hand.

Price arrived at the building and right away he noticed the lax atmosphere compared to the other substations. Music was blared and there was a lack of automated turrets but in its place was a larger number of guards. Getting inside was simple because all he had to do was show them his fake ID and salute a few of them but once he got to the generator room, things got complicated. One of the officers there made a grab for the box, thinking it was a present for his birthday which explained the music and the merriment. Price backed away, not wanting to let the man see the explosive device inside. The birthday bot drew his pistol and shot Price in the side in a drunken haze. Price didn't fire back but the box slid into a small crevice next to rumbling generator. The guards restrained the man while two other guards helped Price onto a vehicle and began to drive to the field hospital. Price couldn't let that happen for they would find out who he truly is. Price killed the guards and vehicle crashed into a ditch on the road.

Price crawled out of crashed vehicle still clutching his side. Luckily there were no other vehicles on the road when he crashed. The road was empty and devoid of any life besides the sallow lights of a few lamp posts. The bullet wound burned but Price calculated he could make it closer to the mountains so that Neko could whisk him out of there. Now he would at least feel even with her. Price reached Neko on her comms, hoping she hadn't forgot about him.

"Neko?... This is Price... I need some help with this one..." Price whispered into the comm unit.

Neko slowly drank a can of an energy drink as they climbed up the mountain. She wasn't as good at surveillance, more there to make sure Price didn't get caught. Still, there were rocks and cliffs all around. It took a bit of concentration not to knock any of the gravel loose. By the looks of it, a pebble would be all it took to set off the death traps.

Price told her that he had to place a beacon at the generator. "Sure, if you think it'll help. I'll cover you." She took out a length or rope, securing it to a small outcropping. She held the rope steady while he climbed down, quickly pulling it back up as soon as the weight eased. He'll be a half hour, at least. I should go make myself useful too...

She followed along the rim of the mountain. It resembled a volcano in structure, actually, since the mountain extended high above the actual base. In the back she noticed what looked like generators. The place was swarming with soldiers! It was either an easy target, or a hard one, depending on your supplies. She got down on the ground, slowly crawling along in order to avoid detection. The generators looked too small to be powering the whole operation, there had to be more where she couldn't see. She took out a small camera, snapping infrared and night vision photos for reference.
Seeing all of the WMD soldiers made her uneasy. She decided to back off a little, going around the outside of the mountain. Alright, they should have a city nearby for their troops and supplies just like we do... In the distance she noticed the soft glow of lights. She took out her binoculars, getting it as close as she could. It was a small city, and would probably be no problem to take after they had the mountain. Maybe they could even cut off the mountain's supplies if they managed to take over or destroy the town.

Neko was just about to go back to where she had left Price when her comm unit crackled.
Neko?... This is Price... I need some help with this one..."
"Price? Are you okay?" Ugh, stupid, stupid to let him go alone! she cursed silently as she tried to make her way as fast as she could back to the ledge. "Are you hurt?"

I would think you know me well enough to know what I'm here for. I've given you plenty of info. You piece the rest together. he smirked, sitting across from her.
Look, I know he's being a jackass...HEY!...But we need your help. And Neko seems to trust you enough to help us. He then looked over to Kyon Uh... hello

"Hah! Just because this territory's pissing it's pants doesn't mean we'll just roll over!"
"Be quiet, Kyon."
"The Orchestral Army isn't afraid of any enemy, man or ghost!"
Henne kicked Kyon under the table, hard enough to get her to shut up. "What do you need my help doing? It doesn't look like you're really in need of much more than a bed and some food."

Maybe that's all we need...
I there any way you can get us access to whatever it is PAC is doing? I can't stand just sitting here and waiting for something to happen...
You're normally content to just sit back and relax... it's clear your girlfriend just sent us here to keep us out of her hair. Why not take the time to relax?
I still think we can do something. And since you're too lazy to teleport us with them, she's our best bet.

"Look, don't worry, Blue. Neko and Price will be fine. They don't need any help. It's a two person mission. And we might need you here."
"Come on Henne! Don't tell me you're starting to believe the ghost stories too! The only reason PAC hasn't pushed WMD back is because they're dimwitted retards!"

Ghost stories? What are you talking about? he decided to stop asking about the mission and see what else he could find out. Does anyone here know what WMD has been up to recently?

"Kyon's just talking nonsense."
"PAC should have won this a long time ago. They're just having really, really, suspiciously bad luck as of late. The last time they planned to attack, their barracks caught on fire, all the people in charge and all the recon up in flames. Then WMD launched a surprise attack just as PAC was at its most vulnerable. And then another time, it snowed! Completely cutting off the mountain paths to the place, and pretty much making airplanes shit-"
Henne cut in. "Whoever knows more about WMD than you do at this point are probably high up in the chain of command. People who don't tell things to missionaries."

Sounds like you might be dealing with a spy. But that snow just seems odd... that's the one thing that stands out.
Weather manipulator, perhaps? Ice maker?
At that scale?
If there is a spy, they can get it close enough.
...Think we should tell PAC command?
I say just sit here and drink. But I know you're going to tell anyway...
Kyon, can you think of anything else that might have happened?

"There's been spies since the beginning of time. Do you really think that PAC hasn't thought about that? It would be useless to go out yelling 'There's a spy'."
"Oh, NOW you want to talk to me! Well, I'm not telling you anything loser!"

"I've been shot. Not too badly though..." Price said. He raised his hand off the gaping hole in his side where the bullet went through. It was bad enough that he was shot but now he was bleeding out. The pain was tolerable but he wouldn't be able to do anything without any help from Neko. "I'm just outside of town... I'm going to you now just get here and-agh!"

A bullet whizzed past his ear and into the ground beside him. Price ducked and rolled to the nearest rock he could find. Another round hit the rock as he hid, crouching behind it. He tried to see where the sniper was but the darkness and the rolling dust prevented him from seeing anything. His bullet wound ached again but he could feel something warm trickle down his neck. Price raised his hand to his ear and found it bleeding. Price was now pinned in the middle of nowhere with a sniper seeking him out. He tried to think of a way out and how it lead to this but he remembered how easy it was to sneak in here in the first place and just by chance the officer shot Price. Questions began to arise in Price's head. Was all of this a trap? Did WMD know they would infiltrate the mountain fortress? And most importantly, did they know Neko would be here? Price was sure no one had seem him but now he felt a little uneasy.

Price made a note to do some investigation work back at the PAC base, if he was to get back there in one piece.

"Neko...listen to me. I'm pinned down my a sniper in between the base and the town. I think they know we're here."

Neko felt the bile rise in the back of her throat. "Don't say that Price. We just slipped up a little. I need to know exactly where you are. I can't see very well in the dark, you know." She smiled wryly, making her way back to where she was. There was a good few miles between the mountain and the city, and the road itself was littered with a lot of rocks and boulders. She tried to think of a way to find him without him giving himself away.

"I need something Price. I'll get us out as soon as I find you. If they knew we would be here, they wouldn't have let us get all this fucking intel and get this far."

Price carefully peered from the rock, and saw the light from the vehicle that he escaped from. It was only a few yards away from Price and he thought of that as a nice reference point.

"Alright, Neko there's an abandoned vehicle down the road. It's headlights are still on. A few meters away and to its left is a little cropping of medium-sized rocks. I'm hiding behind those rocks. Hurry, I'm bleeding like a stuck pig." Price said. A round ripped through the night and ricocheted off the rock Price was behind. "What a dandy situation..."

"A stuck pig? Come on, you can do better than that." Hopefully he wasn't dying. That would make things a little harder... "Alright, I see it, I think. Give me a few minutes." She took a deep breath and sped down the slope, hoping to high heaven that the sniper wasn't the best. It took her less than 5 minutes to reach the rocks, and she almost ran right into Price. "Where are you hit?" Neko took out a small first aid kit.

"Watch your damn head!" Price nearly yelled out. Being shot made his mood sour and he really didn't feel like the reason for Neko being shot because of his own doing. "Here..."

Price lifted his hand off his left side, revealing a bleeding bullet wound. It looked like the bullet had gone clear through but bleeding was still an issue. Then he pointed to his ear. "My damn ear won't stop ringing." Price explained. He felt it earlier and his ear was intact but it still bled.

"Sorry, I don't think they have anything for the ringing." She knelt down, packing some padding against his wound before wrapping it up quickly. "Can you stand? It'll be easier for me to get us back to the mountain if we get a little closer..." Ever since Nova Scotia, she hadn't been good at melding. One time she had gotten stuck in a wall. It wasn't a pleasant experience. Still, this was an emergency, and they couldn't afford to stay here any longer. "We got everything we need, right?"

Come on, please? We need to help out one of our friends. And you seem to know something...
Well, he's insisting on it. I'll let him deal with it...

*Stern walked up next to Rukifellth and Dimentio, staring down the two women.*

Rukifellth's right. If you know anything at all about the WMD, we need that information!

"It's just rumors. Nothing worth getting into fight over." Henne leaned back in her chair, keeping an eye on Rukifellth and Stern. "What are you going to do? I can safely bet there are several people, just in this room, that know something about WMD that you don't."
"Wow, you're dense. WMD is having the same problem, it's just benefiting them more."

"Yes, that's it. Now let's get out of here." Price said. With help from Neko, he pushed himself up carefully from his position. Even with his wound, Price still crouched as he made his way from rock to rock with Neko but after they got a certain distance the sniper had ceased to fire at them anymore. It was both unnerving and reliving at the same time.

"Come on, I've had enough of this place."

As soon as they got to the foot of the mountain Neko leaned him against one of the rock faces, putting her hands on it. It took a lot more concentration to meld: she had to remember exactly what the other side of the mountain looked like. "Ready?" She pushed against it, closing her eyes as she felt the wind rush. When they got to the other side, she fell to the ground, drained. "Ugh... I hope you can walk now... I won't be able to get us much further than this."

Her head was spinning as she tried to get back up. Good thing I didn't eat before we left...

Come on, you know something! he said, getting more frustrated.
Calm down. he tried to hold him back and get him calmed down. Stern, try and get something from the patrons. I know these two are hiding something...

Like I said....I'm not as old as I look." Price said like he did when he first met Neko. The rest of the journey back to the PAC-occupied border was uneventful but once Price got back, he almost refused medical treatment but he eventually had to give in order to get back in the fight. Price still believed that there was a spy among them but he didn't want to say that to Neko because he knew that she wouldn't believe him. He kept his knife close to his body at all times, even in the medical bay. After everything was cared for, he went limping after Neko who just turned in her gear.

"Well the doctors said the bullet nearly took out my kidney if it was a few centimeters down. Anyway go to your Rukifelllth and keep an eye out. I still think there's a spy around here, even if it may not seem like it." Price whispered.

"A spy?" she doubted it, but found something more worrying. "You don't think... they'll suspect my friends do you? A-anyway... get well soon, okay? And don't go sneaking off to get back to the border. Not without me anyways. Deal?" She smiled and left the infirmary, hoping that they had found Henne.

"Like I said, it's only rumors. There's no need for you to worry yourselves, and no need to make an enemy so quickly."
"Bring it on! I could take you!"
"Why are you worried, anyway?"

"Stern, Dimentio, stop being stupid. That is my job." A
Freeman called to dampen their frustration while stiring creamer with his coffee.
"Someone is always gonna know something we don't, spazing out is just silly. If its something important we will know it eventually. We just got here and you are already wanting to poke your faces at inebriated folk who just want to chill."

He turned to Henne looking apologetic.
"Sorry for their behavior and for my lurking, names Freeman." Having a sip of his coffee, cringing under his glasses over the still too bitter brew.

I told you, someone I know is out on a mission right now. I'm just worried, and I want to do what I can to help, that's all.
You best remember there are NPCs and humans stronger than you, child. Dimentio was clearly hoping the smaller one would do something stupid.

"You should listen to Freeman. You can't really blame us for hearing rumors."
"At least I'm taller than you are, you look like a midget wearing halloween costume!" She stood up to the challenge, grabbing her broom tightly as she stared him down. Henne swirled the water in her cup, apparently ignoring Kyon's confrontation.
"Rumors are rumors. I won't tell you any more because it's in my best interest. I am a mercenary after all. The same reason why I won't tell anyone who comes snooping around that you're here. It burns bridges."

Well if rumors are just rumors, then what are you so afraid of telling me? Maybe there's something you don't want PAC knowing...
That she works for both sides? Dude, even I can tell that. If there is a spy, it's almost certainly her. Dimentio said off hand, still more focused on Kyon.
Well then why...-
Because if PAC hasn't found out yet, they'd be run by total morons. Clearly she isn't as deep into their info as she'd like to think. Still doesn't answer you earlier question: what is she so unwilling to tell us? he grabbed the broom and teleporting it to the other side of the room.

"Being a mercenary isn't the best way to get top secret information." she smiled wryly. "And I have my honor. I don't work for more than one person at a time."
Kyon's broom started to tug at Dimentio's grip, and Kyon herself gave a small shout of surprise. She took ran at him, grabbing her hat. "You've done it this time, idiot!" She took off her hat, throwing several sharp projectiles out at Dimentio.

Dimetio teleported to the other side of the bar, the knives hitting the wall and a couple half-empty bottles.
Hey! Take it outside, children! he shouted.
I suppose... don't want to make a mess... he sighed, teleporting out of the room.
So what bridges are you afraid of burning, then? Is there someone on PAC you have dirt on?

"No. It was just a hypothetical. I imagine I wouldn't have very many job offers from PAC if I told what I knew to ECHO, or WMD."
"Dammit!" Kyono ran up the stairs to follow Dimentio.

When Dimentio teleported, he ran into Neko as she was on her way to the house. "Dimentio! You guys find Henne?" She looked around for the others. "Where is everyo- is that Kyon's broom??"

It's not uncommon for mercs like yourself to do a little profiteering during a war. Even if you're telling the truth, which I'm not sure of, you can't vouch for all the men and women in here, can you? Surely not all of the people under you share your same sense of honor.

"Why don't you ask them yourself? I try to make it clear that we are mercenaries, not spies. I can assure you, however, that we are not the enemy. A plan here, a map there, you might have suspected us. But we cannot, unfortunately, command the storms and magic creatures. Accuse us if you like, but we have done nothing wrong."

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