The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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I had a demonstration of his powers a few months ago. He is tough, and I don't know if there's a way to counter his strength, but his tactics are as weak as ever. Overwhelm the target with sheer force, either by strength or by numbers.

*He leaned against the wall.*

I hate to admit it, but I might need some numbers of my own to help even the odds.

"That doesn't sound like all you did..." Neko commented after Azimuth raged. She wondered what could have happened to make him so angry, but her fatigue drowned out her thoughts as she fell asleep.

We... took a quick detour while we were trying to find you. he said, not noticing she had fallen asleep. When he did notice, he fell asleep shortly after she did.

Well we're in a decent situation when it comes to numbers. But the issue still stands on how you're going to beat him. Maybe you oughta ask Azimuth for some help on that. he said, heading to the door. Look, I'm gonna get some rest. You do what you gotta do.

"And that is something I want to talk to you guys about." Price said, blocking the door in front of them. "Why don't you two come out with me for a nice talk?" He asked but they really had no choice.

Outside Price produced a folder and handed it to Dimentio. "Long-range camera caught your teleport trace a few clicks away from here and I know you don't have contacts out there in the mountains. Not only that but the cameras someone else." Inside the folder was a few black and white, thermal images of Dimentio and someone else on top of the mountain. The traces are very faint but Dimentio's shape is highlighted very clearly. "Who was that?"

If I'm right, and I am, that guy is from a group of powerful NPCs. Very powerful. And they're all obsessed about balance and order and all that stuff. But anyway, they seem to be the ones behind the stalemate. Makes things a lot more complicated. He then took the photos. Seems he has something disrupting the regular cameras. Prevents anything that can identify him from any facial recognition software. These guys aren't stupid. They know how to stay hidden...

"So that's who we were facing, huh?" Price rubbed his brow, pondering the words Dimentio had said about the people behind the mysterious bad luck. "If luring them out needs one side to test their luck then so be it. I presume that I don't need to ask for your group to keep an eye out for the muppet while we attack what's left of WMD, right?"

"If possible bring him back alive but otherwise I want whoever that is out of our area of operation. Since simple word isn't enough we have something for you Stern. We have Reynold's position and he is still kicking. He's one of the very few, "stable" Trojans still leading the WMD and you'll find him closer than you can hoped." Price motions to the mountains. "If you get whoever is controlling our damned "luck" then I can promise you 1 team and that's it."

Price presses a few buttons on his wrist device and a holographic image of several robots appears.

"This is your team."

" Say hello to the ACD-8's or otherwise known as the Advanced Combat Drones. State of the art killing machines and near perfect soldiers. The reason I say near is because of the fact that they're near stupid without a damn operator. The AI is still too unstable to be carried into the field so we will be monitoring your every move if we even get results from your mission. You get whoever is in that picture and that mission is yours but don't expect us to give us guns without a little 'insurance'. "

Blackmail is it? Fine; I don't care what it is we have to do.

*Stern stepped towards Price.*

We'll get you that guild puppet, and in return I expect you to have those drones up and ready when we get back.

Price and Stern parted ways, and soon everything was quiet. Even the noisy mercenaries had fallen into their drunken stupor for the night. The moon rose and set, and soon the sunrise had already begun painting the sky.

Neko woke up, rubbing her eyes. She was used to waking up early in the morning now. Her phone beeped with a message. She flipped it open: a message from Pierce. They were going to attack WMD again. This time though, Elanor ordered her to stay with her team. They were a major part in the attack on the ground, since they suspected WMD had a few Trojans or Hyperions in their ranks. The rest of her small group, their numbers bolstered by a few mercenaries, were going to be sent to deal with whatever it was that was keeping them at a standstill.

She frowned a little, closing her phone and slipping it back into her pocket. It was... maybe 6am, from her estimation. She had to go and meet with Daza and Pico to get ready. Before she left, she paused beside Rukifellth. She felt bad having to leave again. "I'll see you soon okay? Be careful." She kissed his cheek, picking up her bag from the floor and leaving.

Henne was neither pleased nor angered at having been assigned to take down some summoner instead of being in the thick of the fight. On one hand, it was probably the safer route. One enemy instead of thousands, still getting paid... On the other hand, she felt like it was a waste of her talents. She banged on the door of the house where the NPCs were sleeping. It was already 8, they had better be up and ready to leave...

Price arranged one more meeting before the operation and it mostly concerned the remaining troop leaders brave enough to charge the WMD lines. There hadn't been any alarms since Price placed the bombs and the signals inside the base which mean that even WMD didn't know of its presence which would be key in this battle. With disarray sown into the WMD communication lines then it certainly meant the attack would be easier on the grunts or at least give the group enough time for them to locate and deal with the summoner.

After the meeting was over, which was signaled by a symphony of "Yes Sir!", Price left the packed room and headed towards the back of the base where the loading bay was located. There a few key people were hard at work prying open containers labeled "ACD-8". Guards watched closesly over the personnel and saluted Price as he entered. They were to be assembled behind the closed doors of the garage and manned by men and women who programmed them or at least that was what Price got with the bargain.

He approached a heavy-set man wearing horned rimmed glasses and a lab coat with the insignia of the PAC on his front pockets along with the name tag: Baryshnikov. The scientist looked more bear than man with beard and all.

"Is everything in order?" Price asked him. Baryshnikov turned from one of the containers and held his hand out to Price, his face full of excitement.

"Yes, Price. The ACD-8's arrived here in perfect condition and will be ready when you get back. Just don't... ah who am I kidding?" He said.

"Excellent, see you in a few." Price left Baryshnikov to his tinkering as he made his way outside the base to see the troops mobilized for battle once again. Most of their faces were weary of the bad luck they've been faced so apprehension was heavy in their breath. Price patted a few backs as he went to the Crimson Band team that had arrived with him and now he was ready to put them to use once more. He entered their barracks and looked over the team before taking a drag from his cigar.

"Surveillance and second hand sources have confirmed that the reason for such "unusual" happenings here is that of a summoner from a very mysterious organization otherwise known as the Guild of Consequence. We do not know of their motives so that is why you and a few mercenaries are going to hunt him down while PAC forces will engage WMD defenses along the mountains. The summoner is suspected to be highly dangerous so be careful. Remember, we want the bloke dead or alive but most preferably alive enough to get a good interrogation out of him. Any questions?"


Zeta didn't sleep, she was the worse insomniac she personally knew and that was saying a lot. She's met a plethora of basket cases in her life, talked to them, loved a few of them, hated some of them, and watched them much like the group that crashed in the shack. She watched as Henne banged on the door, wondering if any of them were awake yet. She overheard Henne being contacted and asked to hunt down some magician in the mountains.

She drew her sword out of its abnormally large sheath. Zeta didn't even know what her sword was. She couldn't classify its length, the sharpness, the handling, the shape, or even the taste back when she had working taste buds. So she simply named the sword "Zeta killer" because the day she would know the name, it would kill her. Zeta carved a magic wand into a column beside her as Henne knocked away. The wand was crudely drawn but it wasn't easy drawing with a 12 foot sword on a wooden column.

"Just leave them alone, Henne." Zeta said from her little balcony. "If they don't want money then don't invite them."

Zeta swung her sword at the column at quarter strength which resulted in half her sword being stuck halfway through the column, cutting the wand in half. She hated magicians.

"Ugh." Henne pinched the bridge of her nose. They should have been meeting with Pierce by now. "All we have is you, me, a trio of Crimson most likely, and them. There aren't that many of us, and if we're all going to get this mission accomplished AND all get out of there safe, we need as many people as we can get."

*Stern checked the ammunition on his guns. Popping the clip into his sniper rifle and storing it on his back. When he was done with his preparation he barged out of the house where the group was staying. He silently glared at the woman by the door, then made his way to the main barracks.*


*At the Guild's Headquarters, Scythe watched all that transpired. Over the past few months he found his methods getting less and less subtle, but he knew these actions had been necessary. The balance of the world was tipping and it needed to be restored no matter the cost.
He could see the movements of PAC's troops; they had no idea what they were about to walk into. Scythe gestured to one of the Guild's assassins.*

Gather your brethren and prepare them for combat.

*The assassin bowed and left to do as he was instructed.*

Dimentio was up early the next morning, stopping by where Stern was heading. So we do have a plan for today, right? Maybe we oughta wait for the others. You seen Azimuth, Sora or Rukifellth? I'llbet at least two of them are still asleep...

Dimentio was indeed right on one count: Rukifellth was still asleep, turning a little in the bed he was in, slowly opening his eyes. Ugh... cold... he grumbled, getting up. He wasn't surprised that Neko was gone, but was still a little disappointed. I should go see the others... He got up, grabbed his gear and went out, looking for one of the others.

Henne waited for Stern, Dimentio, and Rukifellth to leave before swinging the door open and shouting. "If you're planning on coming with us, meet at the barracks!" She was sure there were 5 of them, not including the Chimera, which meant 2 were still inside. She nodded to Zeta. "Let's go."

They had to meet up with their Crimson reinforcements, and then the battle would begin.

As more of the group members arrived, Price repeated what he told the Crimson squad earlier and gave them map coordinates of the mage's last known position. He would no doubt be jumping from position from position throughout the battle but at least the group had a clue as to where the mage might pop up.

"The summoner will be going to pull as many tricks from his sleeve as he can so do us a favor and cut off his hands. Remember, it's paramount that the summoner be alive for the most part but then again if he does anything that prevents you from capturing him then give him hell." Price looked to his watch and sighed. "The mission will start in 5 minutes. Report to your staging areas and good hunting."

The staging area for the group wasn't very far from the base but rather a small enough path that WMD wouldn't see them crossing the mountains. It was rocky but manageable to navigate to the summoner but even then, their chances would vary depending on whatever the mage pulls.

Price on the other hand, walked to the command center where he saw the PAC units line up for battle on the holographic map. PAC units were red while WMD's positions were in a blue but soon video comms displayed the troops from their perspective on multiple screens. Price awaited for the confirmation of several figher-bombers en route from a southern base that was well away from the summoner's tricks. He was wary of their effectiveness as most elements of the battle were being used to draw the summoner out. Still, he held faith in their abilities as the mission timer counted down.

As he watched the gears of war slowly turning he radioed Baryshnikov once more to check on his progress. He walked outside of the heated command center so that the noise of droning machines wouldn't down out the mans' voice.

"Are the drones ready?"

"A few more calibrations and these drones will be up for your... 'friend'. I trust that this favor evens out ours?"

That it does. When this battle ends, get your operators in their seats."

"Of course... and good luck my friend." The voice shut off as Price lowered his comms unit. He sighed once more as a voice called him back into the command center. The voice told him that the battle was about to commence.


Zeta listened to the mutton-chopped man but she was as zoned out as a high school student on Monday. A quarter of her listened to what the man said but the other quarters were preoccupied with wanting a drink, wondering if the Himalayas would taste like India, and suppressing an itch behind her ear.

Once he left, she shrugged her shoulders and went to the staging area with the others. The others specifically being Henne, the Crimson killjoys, and the NPC-nobodies. The wind felt different this time around and took mouthfuls of air wondering if it tasted different too and it did. The dusty wind tasted like a fireworks show ready to go off and it wasn't the pretty kind either.

Claus stood, high above the warring factions, watching, waiting. This time he stood on the side of the WMD. They were bulking up for a last ditch effort. "Undine!" one of his rings glowed blue, and a large woman appeared. Her hair was blue, her skin was blue, and she carried a trident taller than she was. The spirit gave a loud battle cry and threw her spear into the sky, striking the clouds. There was a crack of lightning, and then a torrent of rain fell into the valley and plains.

His own defense included the Assassin and his retinue, who stood hidden by the wind and rain. They would take care of anyone who came close to his spot, and in case his spells didn't stop their advances.

The rain started falling as the jeeps drove them forward. Neko held on a little tighter. Daza had his eyes closed, concentrating, staying calm. Pico was clutching a locket he had around his neck.

The battleground quickly became a quagmire. When the two sides clashed, they were having to fight their enemies in the low visibility and in the sinking ground.

*Stern charged through the rain, determined to complete his mission. Each step made an audible "slosh" as he trudged through the mud.*

Come on! This way!

*He wasn't sure exactly who he was shouting too. Stern stopped for a minute, crouching down on the battlefield to change the sight on his helmet.*

"Damn this storm..." Price said as he assessed the increasingly wet situation. The storm would make it difficult for the troops to climb up the arduous steps of the mountain and that would make them sitting ducks for the fortified positions. Still, Price has to continue with the attack whether he wants to or not. He had to launch the attack to get the summoner, taking WMD's position was second.

"Commence the attack."


Missiles streaked through the torrents of rain, parting swaths of falling water towards their intended targets. A few seconds later resounding booms erupted from behind WMD lines that could be mistaken for thunder. The fighters confirmed the hit on the targets and then swooped in closer to provide close air support for the attack. Tracers began to light up the rainy sky.

On the ground, tanks fired on the fortified positions and soon the front positions began to spout fire. The infantry moved up under the cover of darkness and smoke. A few infantrymen fell as snipers picked off squads man after man. But as they got deeper into the mountain valleys they were met with more machine guns, electric blasts, and dark figures that moved in between their lines, slitting men's throats in the shadows. Hyperions were called out but the rain was too hard to confirm. The battle now descended into close quarters battles as PAC soldiers were being funneled into killing zones but like the PAC, WMD troops also fought in the dark as the power generators inside the mountains struggled to keep up with the amount of power needed.

Flashlights pierced through darkness and the rain but snipers soon picked off whoever was foolish enough to turn them on. Artillery from both sides hammered the same positions, missiles pierced fortified positions, and cannons obliterated entire squads. Bloody and visceral were words too kind to describe the mayhem.


The jeeps soon hit the worse of the mud as the tires began to get stuck and the moving earth started to slowly push the jeeps off the road. The group had no choice but to disembark into the rain and the mud. It would be a muddy march to the summoner's position from here on out.


Wet. Wet. Wet. Mud. Mud. Mud." Zeta spit out as she got out of the jeep. The amount of mud here would either make her really smelly later on or exfoliate the hell out of her skin. Luckily her sword was still slung on her back as she trudged on. She heard someone yell at her, Zeta didn't bother listening. All she wanted to kill a magician and earn money. Neither mud or rain would stop her unless there were clowns. She heard the crackle of the battle starting and it sure as hell sounded like a fireworks show.

I can barely see who we're supposed to be killing Flashes of fire and lightning were the only way she could tell where the Hyperions were, for the most part. Until they got smarter and relied on their dark tentacles to take down swarms of soldiers. Neko tackled one to the ground, punching the helmet until it cracked, and her fist went straight through. The Hyperion thrashed and screamed, even with her hand in its skull. She closed her eyes and concentrated, finally releasing a small explosion of fire inside. She quickly pulled her hand back, waving her hand back and forth to extinguish it. The fire hurt that time. She grimaced and pressed forward in the rain.

It was too dark to see the snipers, but the flashes from the machineguns that mowed down several people were visible enough. She jumped, scaling the cliff. Daza followed, flinging one of the WMD gunners down to his death.

Claus rubbed another ring on his finger. This one was inset with a white gem. "... ... Luna!"

A bright light appeared from above the valley where PAC was trying to move. A woman in a violet dress slowly came into view, seated on top of a crescent moon. Before anyone could get a good look at her, she waved her staff, and the tip exploded into a multitude of blinding lasers. They carved into the mountain face, collapsing parts of it, and cutting through the front line of WMD.

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