The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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"That idea sounds better, but how could we infect their computers?"

*at entrance*
Of course they have a weakness. No self-respecting authority would command something they can't destroy in case things go wrong. The issue is that they are immune to most conventional means. But there must be something that can either disable or eliminate them. You'll just have to find out what.

As for the computers, unfortunatly, their tech is beyond most of ours, and anyone who could override it is unwilling to help. Trust me on that, I tired every angle.


"Wouldn't disabling their God Mode make them easy to defeat?"


"But, Neko.. they're controlled from somewhere else. It's not here, but it's in a secret Government Building somewhere established in a foreign country."

@The Arbiter
*Nods to The Arbiter* "Maybe.. just maybe. But, there are so many chances of getting into a vital position and all get brutally slaughtered if not captured. You saw what they did to you for just calling them a name. He was.." *puts a hand on her mouth and looks away*


"Wait a minute, wouldn't the EMP mentioned earlier temporarily disable their computers and their God Mode? Wait, no, an EMP couldn't possibly make it to another country"...

Neko rolled her eyes at Alisa, a gesture hidden by the moonless night. "Maybe we should save this talk for when we return huh? Anyway, I don't see anymore guards. Let's go back before we get in anymore trouble."

*looks around for guards just in case*
"Agreed, it is not wise to say our plans out in the open, there may be spies."

@The Arbiter:

*Thinks carefully* "..Unless, we direct it above them so the impact would counter the connection and overdrive their system and not only take out God Mode, but could enhance in our favor to overpower them since it's.. not going to affect us." *Sudden realization* "This plan can really work! But, we have to time it..just need to wait till tomorrow at least. Or whenever they're not on Guard.. speaking of Guards, won't they go looking for the ones killed? Let's go inside.. I don't want to see my friends in a complicated area of distress."

*bows sinisterly, holds up communication device from gaurd 2* (there's a reason I shot him in the neck)

Leave THAT to me.

*Walks off into alleyway*

*Walks over to guards body*
"Before I go inside, there is just one more thing I would like to do."
*Arbiter grunts as he stomps hard on the Guard's head*
"Take that, scum" He says smugly.
*follows Alisa inside*

Neko went around the house, checking that everyone who had gone to sleep and all the rooms were secure and untampered before returning downstairs.

*Alisa, in bed laying still without the covers on looks around to see everyone but Oclet in bed. She turns to her side, holding the covers with her hands tight and worries*

"I wish we could just all get along.. maybe then there would be no need for this security." *She whispers to herself before putting herself on low power for rest, which she considers herself still human and to her that's sleeping*

"Who else is going to sleep?" Neko asked restlessly, pacing the room.

*Arbiter gets out of bed, remembering he has work to do. He heads down to the basement to work on the overshields for the guard's armour*
"Goodnight, my friends" He says to everyone. "I have work to do, if anyone needs me I will be in the basement."

*in alleyway*

...mid-conversation...Yes, Mr Wesker is gone. Reports and rumors may have been false. And no sufficient evidence can be found at Warship Noah. However, there is something to report. The body of two gaurds were found near the back entrance near the business operations of one Mr. Kessler. I propose you investigate soon. Ocelot out.

*heads back in, falls asleep at table*

*Neko goes downstairs, the only other person awake is the Arbiter. She takes off most of her armor on the way down, and places them carefully on a near chair. "Hey, can I help?"

*Arbiter turns to Neko as he finishes crafting an overshield*
"Do you happen to know a more efficient way to convert radioactive rounds from my carbine into overcharged plasma cores? I already have two from using my grenades, but with this conversion, it will use up more ammo than I have."
*He is aware that it is unlikely that she knows, but asks anyway*.

*Looks at the Arbiter blankly* "Sorry, I'm not an alchemist or a blacksmith. And I guess the time I come from is less tech-savvy than yours, huh?"

"hmm, your right, but it was worth a shot. Perhaps you could help me some other way. Are you by chance any good in the art of persuasion?"

Persuasion? What kind of persuasion?"

"I mean convincing someone to part with an item they would not usually give away. Remember the EMP I mentioned earlier? Well, Custom Class 1 actually has one hidden in his house just down the road from here. I myself am a poor negotiator in these situations and wondered if you would join me to help acquire the device. It is extremely important for our mission."


Neko leaned back, uncomfortable. "I can't haggle very well no. Unless he's as thick headed as those pervert guards I don't think I'll be of any use."

*Arbiter smiles slyly* "Well we are in luck, because he is practically a perverted guard without the uniform. He is extremely immature and practically supports the guards' proposition for the brothel. A pig of a man, but Mister 1 is our only option for getting an EMP."


Neko opened her eyes halfway. "I'll need some decent clothes and makeup. Can you get those in this dismal place?"

*Arbiter thinks for a moment*
"As it happens there is a trader a few streets away who is open 24 hours due to the fact he never sleeps and he sells a variety of clothes and equipment. I did a favor for him a while back and its about time I paid a visit."

"Lets go then. We need to make sure we're not caught either. I can stand 'persuading' one guy, but if a squad of guards finds me with a little black dress in the middle of the night, im gone." *hears ???* Neko spun around to face the voice, drawing a small dagger from her thigh "Who's there?"

???: "What a surprise.. I didn't know you're capable of killing these Guards, but then again.. you're NPCS hmhmhm.." *Coming from the Basement's narrow window, a figure sits on the edge of it in darkness*

woops missed Neko's earlier message

*Arbiter's eyes dart directly towards the window*

"Do you know who that is?" He whispers to Neko.

"Hahah, you've noticed me before I even made my entry, clever girl!" *Jumps off and goes onto the table, the wicked Splicer from Bioshock Character*

"I heard ALL your plans, and you've thought no one would be any wiser to drop ease on you? Ppft, FOOLS!" *He starts to sway his body a bit, not even able to be readable from his intentions*

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