The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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Ignore this thread it doesn't make sense with the rest.

*looks over to splicer*
"Who are you and what do you want, human?" he demands.

Neko pursed her lips, studying the man who had come in. "One step closer and I will kill you where you stand. Answer."

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*Arbiter stares at the splicer, slowly moving his hand towards his sheathed energy sword*

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Off Topic: I wonder how this would have turned out if I chose to be the Big Daddy instead of the Arbiter...

*Splicer notices your movements, but decides to sit down and allow you to get the sword* "My, my..aren't you a wired one? Going to kill me? Maybe... Maybe.. but, do not set off until you hear my heading words, 'Arbiter'"


"Wait, how do you know my name? Who are you!?" Arbiter demands, getting louder.


"Well, let's say a little birdy told me, or.. should we say - a frisky MAN told me without realizing it. ..Goes by the name, 'The Fox' maybe you'd know him, he isn't such a stranger to you as I may seem. Goody Goody, you're paying attention now? Send the girl forth, I have a personal message to delight her with!" *tilts his head, sliding slowly down from the table but has his legs holding onto the roof of the table*


"Very well, human, but if you lay one finger on her I will cut your tongue from your throat."
*turns to Neko*
"See what he wants, I'll be here if he tries anything."

"The girl?!" Neko hissed through her teeth. She took a step forward, whipping her dagger, already, perhaps, feeling the sensation of this splicers flesh torn and devoured by her blade.

*Arbiter glares at the splicer as he grips onto his holstered weapon*

"Yes, come here. I see that lust in your eyes to kill me. Kill me then, or spare? Kill, spare? Does it matter? I don't hesitate to say so. But, girl.."
*stands up straight and leans slightly forward with his mask close to your face*
"..I know, who runs the Computers, who's behind it.."

*Arbiter observes the conversation, waiting to see what happens*

Neko's eyes widened. "The computers..." her voice trailed off. Her eyes misted into a soft blue. "And what do we owe you for this kind of information." She looked the splicer in the eyes, hesitating.

"I sense a bargaining", The Arbiter says to himself.

*Splicer tilted his head the other way* "Owe me? Her Har, no need at all.. my cutie girl. Nothing I want, but what you want. Yes? You want to escape. I know the way, there's always... a way. But, it's at a price. Not I though. It's a price, of your salvation."

"What are you talking about, human? What do you mean by her salvation?"

Neko closed her eyes and sighed. In a split second her eyes turned red, and she punched the splicer in the face (mask...?). She went over to the wall and grabbed him by the throat. "Stop talking in fucking riddles. What. Do. I. Need. To. Do."

"Enough, Neko!" Arbiter yells
"If we are going to find out what we need to know, we can't do anything too irrational to this freak."

*Was sent on his back on the table, but lifts his legs up and without using his hands, he lands on the Table and cranks his neck* "Eesh-oooAH, awh, that was a nice touch to my neck. Not so much the face, for it's.. part of me. My mask, is ME."

*He clips his hands together* "Now now, relax barbie doll.. I don't want you getting spiced up hehe. But, the one behind the Computer, is friends... with one of ... y.o.u"

"Which one of us, and who is it?" Arbiter says impatiently.

"..Which? You, nono, you're not asking right!" *He throws himself onto the ceiling and hangs upside down, looking at Arbiter* "It's 'Who is the one, that is whom the one is?"

Neko had to really try hard not to punch the splicer in the mouth, just for good measure. "W.h.o are you talking about idiot, we've all lived here for the same amount of time. Who would stay here for years if they operated the computer?"

*Arbiter glares coldly at the splicer, as he hates being corrected*

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