The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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*Splicer stayed quiet for a moment and then spoke perfectly clear* "It's not really, 'Who' can operate computers, but who has a connection with the 'Man'."

*He then crawls off onto the Table again and sits facing his back against you guys*

"This raving madman continues to speak in riddles, why can't he just tell us?" Arbiter says to Neko.

*Wrex lies in his bed, gritting under his teeth, the sound of people talking disrupts his sleep for the night. He wakes up and heads downstairs (they are downstairs right?), pauses for a minute to examine the situation*

What the hell's going on here? Who's the freak?

"The 'man'?" Neko cried. "A connection? Who..." Neko's voice trailed off as she noticed Wrex enter the room

"Ah Wrex my friend" The Arbiter greets, "Perhaps you can make sense of this creep."

*The Splicer turns to see the one who awoke and suddenly screeches* "EEhhhaaa!!! YOU! I shall not deal with, YOU! You MONFOLIO Wrex!! *Escapes by going out the window and there is no sight of him again*


Not sure that's possible, never understood those Splicers

"Monfolio? What was that all about?"

Dang it double post. my bad


"wtf..." *stands there awkwardly before facing Wrex. "Uh... sorry... sorry if we woke you." Neko's voice suddenly lost all its force, going down to a whisper.

Could be about anything, you never know with Splicers
I was done sleeping anyway.

"Now that that problem has gone, how about we head over to that trader I mentioned before? On the way we can figure out what the whole 'the man' thing was about."

"Would you like to join us, Wrex?"

I got nothing better to do.

"Very well, we shall head there immediately."
*Arbiter walks outside, waiting for Neko and Wrex*

*Wrex grabs his shotgun and heads outside*

"dont forget your cloaks. last thing we need is for some nosy guard to trace us back to here." Neko locked the door behind them, and slipped the key away. "Now where is this sleazy shop you're talking about, Arbiter."

"Oh this shop isn't sleazy, it just sells a variety of items. Some more 'eccentric' than your conventional wares. Anyway, it's just through this alleyway in the next street."
*Arbiter leads the way*

*we arrive at shop*

*As they stand near the entrance to the shop Wrex strikes up a conversation*
Arbiter, who do you think would win in a fight between Sergeant Johnson and Gordon Freeman?

"That's the wrong door, only the backdoor is open, the one with the tacky sign above it."
*Turns to Wrex*
"As for your question, I would say that even though Johnson is a tough character and I am more of a friend to him, I would say Freeman would prevail."

"I should probably mention to you two that the shopkeeper is a bit, shall we say, annoying. If you haven't met him before, he goes by the name of 'Claptrap'."
*stops at back door*
"Here we are"

Thought so...

*opens door*

Claptrap: "Hi there folks, welcome to Claptrap's Emporium of Everything! Oh hey there Arby my pal, how ya been?"

*Wrex stands in the back and crosses his arms, eyeing all the shiny trinkets, his mercenary mind trying to calculate their worth*

"I'm fine thank you, we are looking for a..."
*Claptrap interrupts with a jig*
Claptrap: "Look at me, I'm DANCIN', I'm DANCIN'!"
*Arbiter grunts with annoyance*

You haven't shot this thing yet?

Claptrap @Wrex
"Hey there, my ugly friend! Looking to buy one of my fine trinkets?"

"Enough, Claptrap! I am here to call in a favor." Arbiter says with a hint of rage.

Claptrap: "Oh, why didn't you say so, what'll it be?"

I doubt you carry anything that I'm looking for.

"Well, what are you looking for to wear?" Arbiter asks

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