The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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"I uh..." Neko turned red. "You know what I think I can find it myself ill just be over here" *Neko walked to the back of the store, nervously shuffling through various items.*

Claptrap @Wrex

"Oh I bet I do, I got practically everything, you lookin' for information on the computers?"
*Arbiter leans forwards*
"HA, GOT YA" Claptrap yells with delight and laughter


"Very well," The Arbiter says, "Come back when you find some..."

Claptrap: "DANCIN', DANCIN'!"

*Arbiter grunts with annoyance, louder this time*

*walks back to the group awkwardly, hiding behind a shelf as she peeks over* "Okay I found what I needed heres the money can we go nowwww" Neko spoke fast and nervously, her face getting redder as she spoke. She had her cloak and what she wore draped over one arm.

Maybe this robot's been hacked... nothing could possibly be programmed to be so annoying.
*Wrex motions to the exit, wanting desperately to escape the small annoying unicycle.*

"Don't worry, its free. Claptrap's returning the favor, ISN'T HE?"
*Arbiter looks sternly at Claptrap*
"Oh yeah, sure, its free!" he replies cheerily "but before you go, don't ya wanna see me dance?"

"No, we are fine, thank you" Arbiter says angrily and turns to Neko
"I'll be waiting outside until you are ready." he says.
*Arbiter heads outside*

Neko ran outside sheepishly after her 2 companions, but ended up running into Arbiter and Wrex while she was trying to put her cloak on.

You think that thing really had information on the computers, my instincts are telling me it's hiding something.

"Finally, we are out of there" *looks at Neko's clothing* "I'm sure that outfit will work perfectly on our 'friend'."

"The only thing that idiot is hiding are his best dance moves he uses to 'win' over customers. He just enjoys annoying people."


Claptrap: *from the distance* "Save me! SAVE ME! He doesn't like MY DANCIN!"
*two seconds later there is complete silence*

*Turning his head back*
What the hell was that?

@Wrex and Neko

"Must be some other customer. Come on, let's head over to our next destination."
*Arbiter leads the way*

"Dont. Tell. Anyone... Please." Neko pulled her cloak on hastily, glad that no one noticed the second part of her outfit should the dress not work. "Are we going to go straight to this 'fox'? This is a bit uncomfortable..." she pulled at the dress shyly.

*Suddenly, a little flash is dropped in front and it's Claptrap ripped in half, his parts twitching and light going out* "..He- iih.. nh.."

*the trio arrive at the house*
"Here we are, I'll just knock on the door. Remember, we are here to acquire the EMP."
*knocks on door*

*screeches in surprise, almost falls over*

*Looks down at Claptrap*
Looks like his charms don't work on everyone.
*Gives the robot torso a small kick, sending more sparks flying out*

Previous post will count after these messages. I did notice.

"Ha, indeed my friend. Now lets move on to get the EMP"

*As you guys are about to continue onward, you hear a very deep growling like a very heated gurgling and feel the breath sweep behind you guys, only to see the Hellbounds*

Neko stepped gingerly over the body, noting that Claptrap was more torn apart than cut in half. And then she notices the hellhounds o_o

*Turns around*

"Don't mind us, we are only here to visit a friend."

*Wrex stares at the beasts and pulls out his shotgun, slowly backing up, waiting for someone to give the word*

Arbiter whispers "I'm not sure it is wise to engage them, they are far more powerful than any of us"

*They growl, their saliva burns the ground and as one takes a step forward, you feel the vibration and even hear the huge thud, the other circles in front and slowly opens its mouth*

"g-good doggies T-T"

"I don't think they are going to listen to reason, so it seems we have two options. We run, or we stand our ground and fight."

Which is it?
*Wrex aims the shotgun at one of the beasts*

"It's up to you, do we run or fight?"

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