The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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"Im in stockings and heels i think we should go inside and hope they are as stupid as they look and forget we were out after curfew =D


*One stands up with it's mighty body and on two hind legs, as it spreads its huge wings crushing into the other houses and makes a roar so loud a gust of wind makes your cloths flop like crazy as the other one leans forward, about to pounce onto you guys, and flames engulf the sides, going backwards and it's wings folded*

"ok, how about we run and gun? Wrex, you and I will use our ranged weapons to slow down the hellbounds while making an escape at the same time?"

*Just then the door behind the trio opens and something pulls them all inside before the door slams. There is nothing but darkness, and the distant howl of the hounds*

*Gun at the ready, Wrex begins firing, but is cut short by the sudden door vortex*

*Arbiter looks around in the darkness*

"What on earth was that?"

"Neko, Wrex, you guys alright?"

[color=darkblue]"BLaaaArrggg..." Neko was on her back, dizzy.

???: "I'll tell you what it was! You were bout to be Dog Meat boy. Luckily, I live right here and was able to save yah'r a**es. Now come in, i'll explain everything."

*He leads the way to his living room as the back door closes with automatic locks, and you can still hear the growling but then fades away instantly*

*Grabs his gun and gets back on his feet*
Not dead, so yeah I'm OK.

*Turns towards ???*
"I take it you are the one we need to see about acquiring an EMP?" arbiter inquires

*He turns, with a serious face but not a threatening one* "Yea, i'm the one to have it all. My name is Frank Woods, and I am a Black Ops fugitive. I enabled myself to this f***ing place, saving up all the customary weapon alterleries you'll need."
*He sits down on the dirty sofa and leans forward, whipping his forehead and glances up, then does a 'what's it to yeah' expression* "So, EMP huh? Why that?"

*Looks at Neko* "Hey tuts, looking so d*** sexy with that second outfit. Want to put on a show for me?"

"Lets just say we have a big plan going on"

*gets off the floor, sobs a little before standing up and dusting herself off* "We need it to escape this place. Why else would we need an emp?" Neko stood awkwardly, still trying to rub out the bruise forming on her backside.

*Wrex leans up against a nearby wall, glaring at Woods*

"It is very important we get what we need soon, Woods"

"If you would just show me the exit, I have overshields to create"

"When you get back I will be likely asleep, I'll check tomorrow to see how it went"

*He sighs and sits up quickly, but still looking down then pushes Arbiter with one hand and points a finger at him* "You guys got Nothin! You were about to take on those giant massive f***ing Dogs! That breath fire, what type of s***heads take on things like that? Huh? Your plan, let me hear it then. What's this plan because I am not selling it to NOBODY like you."

This is getting us nowhere, you want me to eat this guy?

"That's good because you will be selling it to her *points to Neko* Because I shall be leaving"
*Exits the room and heads back towards the house*

"Bloody..Eh." *throws his arms up and sits back down shaking his head* "What makes you guys think you're plan will work? I saved you guys, and he just goes off? What a P****.."

Well, I guess that's the Arbiter's answer... so do you want me to eat this guy?

"Nah, Wrex, I can do this," Neko stood upright and slinked over to Frank. "Yeah, you did save us, and I'm sure I could," Neko ran a finger down her cheek "...Thank you, properly."

aww double post

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