Demigods: A Camp Half-Blood RP -- Revamped Edition { Started, Closed }

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"You've no idea. Bottles of water have certainly helped to get people through long days of monster-hunting or traveling without easy access to supplies, especially if I put a little enchantment on them to refill themselves. But that's difficult and doesn't last very long," Lily said, her smile becoming a little more pronounced. "And the shapeshifting is fine, just as long as you don't do anything to my body that I wouldn't do. I know all about our father and the whole 'lack of inhibitions' thing, so... yeah. Anyways. I trust you've seen the camp and all - well, almost all - it has to offer?"

Gary let Hunter finish his mouthful of food before responding. "So, Hunter, I have to ask... what in Zeus's name were you thinking, going off into the forest alone? If I hadn't seen you going in, you would be hellhound chow by now. You wandered straight into a lair full of those demon dogs, with no backup and no supervision. If I hadn't intervened you might have killed the two that were going to tear you in half, if they hadn't pulled off your limbs and caused you to black out from the sheer shock of losing an arm or leg. Needless to say, you offed one before the others charged in."

He paused his little tirade there, knowing he was reprimanding Hunter for his own good, but the words didn't taste good in his mouth. Nonetheless, he continued, taking a gentler approach to his next question. "How did you do it, exactly? The icicle spikes you used to kill the first hellhound? I know ice magic when I see it, so... if you do have some kind of power, now would be a good time to tell me."

"I've seen most of it." Alexandros said smiling back.

"And I don't think I'll be doing anything too untoward with your body, just because I lack inhibitions doesn't mean I'm into that in particular." he said with a laugh.

Hunter put down his fork before he answered. "I saw another new guy the forest, there was a vicious sound sound and he was gone. Ea rushed Anny and myself away from the forest not explaining anything about that place. When I asked about what happened later my question was side stepped. I'm not the trusting type of places I first arrive, so I decided to investigate. The sad thing is I was turning to leave when I was first attacked," Hunter said in a calm tone, stopping to taking a breath.

"As for that magic I have no clue. I just didn't want to die and it kind of just happened. Other than that I can freeze the water under my feet so that I can walk or run on top water. More over I can turn most liquids into their frozen state." Hunter answered as he tipped some water from a glass onto the tray and stuck his finger into it, freezing it instantly.

Mitsuko looked at Anny oddly but shook it off. She wasn't a fan of pickles but she wasn't about to tell others they shouldn't eat them. She just sat there and ate her sushi. "So how did you know you're mother was Nyx?" Mitsuko asked curiously. She took a bit of her sweet bun and waited.

Anny savoured the salty brine that clung to the pickle, enjoying the faint essences of the mustard seeds and laurel leaves in the salty water.
The question caught her off-guard, but she supposed it was bound to come sooner or later.

She bit down on the chunk of pickle, and worked it down quickly, a little sad that she couldn't savour the flavour a little longer.

"Well.." she tentatively began, "My dad and Nyx...did the nasty, obviously, but I don't think he ever knew just who or what she was. I'm sure he realized she wasn't human, but beyond that... Anyway, about a month ago, he finally told me about that night they met (and provided way too many details, mind) and at first, I... I mean, you don't know my dad. I've heard him say things that were...You don't know my dad, let's leave at that. Point is, I didn't really believe him at first. I mean, who would, right?"

She giggled nervously and quickly took a large gulp of her blood-orange juice. It was good, but it had lime in it, which was good too, but it really only distracted from the awesomeness that was the blood-orange.

Taking a deep breath, Anny continued.

"That night...I didn't see her, she didn't say anything, but it was was like being thrown into the water as a toddler. You're suddenly in a situation you've never been in before, you unconsciously try all these little twitches and tweaks, until you suddenly find the trick that worked. That was the first time I...well I'll show you later. Let's just say it scared the crap out of me...a lot... Anyway, the camp contacted me, not long thereafter. Following that, I did some research on ancient Greece and it didn't take me long to find Nyx. I tried to avoid any pictures, though. They're all probably wrong anyway, and I didn't want any false expectations."

"Then, when I arrived at the cabin, the place had an aura almost identical to mine. But I did get confused at first because..."

Anny quickly looked around to make sure no other tables were in earshot. She conspirationally leaned in close to Mitsuko, just to be safe.

"Have you ever noticed that...Ea has got that kind of aura too?"

"I've been around her even since I came here. I've never had the courage to talk to her thought but still I understand. My dad had fallen in love with Nyx. I found out shortly before I joined this camp." Mitsuko said.

"Interesting..." Gary mused, thinking over the abilities Hunter had described. "You mentioned you don't know who your divine parent is. Your talents narrow it down to a few possibilities. Specifically, Chione, Aeolus or Hecate like myself. But then, my mother has a wide influence on most things. Enchantments on weapons, armour and suchlike, the various aspects of combative and non-violent magics, and others to boot. I specialise in ice magic due to me playing outside in winter a lot as a child. Anyway, there could be absolutely no connection between us, or we could be half-brothers. There's no way to tell until your parent up on Olympus takes notice of you. Did you live with your mum or dad when you were growing up?"

Gary's last question was one posed to most if not all new campers; it helped to determine their lineage, and the camp counselors and senior staff could usually tell who they were after a bit of questioning and some deductive reasoning.

"Good to know. But we digress," Lily said, returning to the previous topic. "You mentioned growing up with a traveling troupe of actors and suchlike. I trust you've seen the amphitheatre we have here? Beautiful place at night or in darkness, spotlights shining down on the stage. When there were a few more of our siblings here - the older ones all went off to college in favour of coming to camp - we usually had one or two performances each year. And now that we have 'the ultimate character actor' as you put it, perhaps it'll be a bit easier on the costumes we possess." Saying that gave Lily an idea, and a brilliant one at that. It could revolutionise the way the camp's clothing could be produced.

"Say... if you can turn into other people, complete with clothes, are they corporeal objects? As in, can you remove them and give them to other people?"

"Yes it is a beautiful theater in its classical appeal. I would almost hate to turn on any lights and ruin the old feel of that stage. It would be excellent for the classical works or modern works at the right time of day. I guess my statement was a bit of a boast but it was the best description I could come up with for the power of our father's gift to me. As for object consistency of clothes I have no idea, I never tried honestly. I guess if I had more time and practice with them I would have gotten around to it but I basically just got these before being sent here." Alexandros replied, seeing where she was going and being all for to see what power over his wardrobe the rings might give him.

Hunter knew the direction this questioning session was going to take and he didn't want it to lead towards his past life. He paused for twenty seconds thinking of what he should say while playing with the food on his plate with his fork. "No. Hunter finally spoke after deciding that saying as little as possible was best.

Brandon ate his food like he did everything but his loving; fast. The meal that he had scooped up was gone in a no time at all. As he finished off his juice, he noticed Gary and his crew had already take up seating at the Nyx table. Suit themselves, he noted.

Once his plate was clean he took his dishes over to the conveyor belt leading them back into the kitchen and left the mess hall through the back door. It would get him to the armory that much quicker.

After changing clothes Javier left his cabin and made his way to the mess hall. The line took a few minutes to get through. But Javier didn't mind the wait, he chatted comfortably with the guy in line ahead of him while the line slowly proceeded. Upon reaching the buffet tables Javier grabbed a few fruit items and stuck a handful of napkins into his back pocket. Cradling the fresh fruit against his chest Javier left the mess hall. He sidestepped some distracted females and nodded to a group of young boys who seemed to be getting in from sword practice based on their outfits.

When he was certain he wouldn't get accidentally jostled Javier reorganized his bundle. What he couldn't carry was stuck into his pockets. Javier chose an apple to start with. He took a bite then began to walk slowly away from the mess hall and cabins. He savored the fresh fruit while keeping an eye out for his cabin members. Though he'd managed to spot several of them eating lunch there were still a few kids he hadn't seen at all today.

Anny ate her lunch swiftly, but made sure to enjoy the food. The potatoes in particular were good, if a little overdone.

"Hey," she said to Mitsuko after eating the last of the three plums, "Can I ask you something?
What exactly do these parts? Like, what does an average day look like in here?"

After 30 one-armed push-ups for each arm, Ea switched to sit-ups. She really wasn't that muscular, but she liked to stay in shape, and kept to it a little more regularly than most people who say they like to stay in shape.

It felt good to flex her muscles, but something
Realizing what it was, the chocolate-skinned woman stopped her sit-ups. She missed her weapon.
There had been a time, not long ago (at least not for Ea) when this kind of workout had also included training with her weapon. Anny asking about it had pushed back memories that had gone stale over time, but now the lack of smooth heavy metal in her hands was not just distracting or grating, it was damn near unpleasant.

In an ultimately futile attempt to block out the feeling, Ea went over to one of the training dummies (big, heavy homonculi with wooden skeletons and heavy leather skin, stuffed with sand) and proceeded to kick approximately 32 different kinds of crap out of it.

After a little bit of searching and some directions from other campers, Kat stumbled upon the cabin for the children of Ares. It didn't look like any cabin she had ever seen in her life. The building was made entirely of stone, adorned with pillars in the front and a banner overhead. The banner bore several symbols, but she only recognized one. The boar. The same boar that was engraved onto the medal she wore around her neck. A symbol of Ares. The barbed wire that ran across the the top of the building only added to the warlike aesthetic. The building struck Kat as more like a barracks than a cabin at a camp.

The beds better not be made of stone either, she thought as she opened the door to the cabin and stepped inside.

"I see. Still, that's why you're here, to train and learn to control your powers in a reasonably safe environment," Lily answered. "If it turns out that you can produce solid clothing that won't just poof out of existence when we least expect it, I think you'll be a hit with the Aphrodite girls. Y'know... we could set up some kind of system where we charge them for updates on what's in and what's not."

She stopped herself there, adding, "But of course, that's just speculation on my part. Um... not really sure what else to say right now. It's been a while since I've had a sibling to talk to." She shifted her weight to her other foot, a little uncomfortable now that the topic of discussion had died somewhat.

"Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but I get what you mean," Gary said, picking at a small spot on the back of his neck as he spoke. "If you didn't live with a parent, then you must've lived in a fair few places, or been adopted off the street or something. Still, that's not very helpful in regards to determining who you are in divine terms. You don't know, and the first question we usually ask newbies such as yourself has been shot down with a single word. There has to be a way to figure it out without waiting for divine intervention, but if there is, I don't know it."

As soon as Kat took a step inside the Ares cabin, a red light began to flash above her head; a warning light built into the wall over the doorway. The two boys arm-wrestling - or at least, seeming to arm-wrestle but neither was gaining the upper hand - looked over at her entrance, while a third son of the war god ignored it, choosing to continue testing his sword's edges. One of the two arm-wrestlers snapped his fingers and the warning light switched off. "Who are you?" he asked with a slight hint of rudeness to his voice, looking Kat up and down as he did so. "More importantly, if you're not one of us, get out."

"Well if nothing is happening we could easily test it right now, just need a picture of clothing you want me to pick up, who knows maybe a long overdue birthday gift for a half sister. Besides, I think I'd like popularity among the goddess of beauty's children. Even if it is only for being a glorified factory worker for a high fashion label." Alexandros said with a laugh as he tried to ease the tension Lily was obviously feeling.


Kat scoffed and placed her hands on her hips, her stance openly broadcasting her contempt. "You're looking at a daughter of Ares, buddy," she retorted, matching the boy's rough, impolite tone. "You got a problem with that?" If this boy wanted to start something, then she was more than willing to make sure he got what was coming to him. Many a fight, schoolyard or otherwise, had been won simply because her opponent underestimated her on the basis of her gender.

"Then is there anything else you need to know, or can I finish my meal in peace?" Hunter asked a strong tone, putting an enthuses on need. Hunter didn't want anymore probing and he didn't need to find out who his divine parent was at this point in time. Even if he was to be told he wouldn't know how to react. What's worse is that if he was to meet that person he'd have no clue how he would act. Thinking beyond that Hunter knew he would have to find out who that deity is and meet them. That meant he had stay here if he wanted a chance and he might as well take advantage and get taught how to control his ice magic abilities.

"Sorry that was rude of me, I'm just don't like being questioned about myself. You also said that you were good at ice magic. Would you be willing to train me after I get out of the hospital?" Hunter said after a few seconds, his voice changing from the stronger one to his more natural timid voice.

"All right, I guess it couldn't hurt to try," Lily answered, smiling wryly at Alexandros's quip about being a human factory. "I don't have any pictures or anything, but there was a jacket I used to wear, um... Still have it, actually. Or, well, the pieces of it. Gimme one moment." She set her sword aside, casually leaning it up against the end of her bed, and knelt down to look under the bed in question. She pulled out a large suitcase, one of the ones with the little inbuilt wheels and collapsible handle.

Opening it up, Lily rummaged through the suitcase momentarily before pulling out about half of a black jacket. A bright blue stripe ran down the sleeve, ending at the wrist, and there was a grapevine design stitched into the collar and hem. "I used to wear this in winter all the time, until it got cut up and ruined in an arena fight last year. Still keep this part 'cause I liked it; the other half got burned up. It shouldn't be too hard for you to imagine how it would normally look, right?" she asked as she put the jacket on through the sleeve. It looked exactly like she was wearing half of a hoody; the torn and frayed edges were rough. Clearly Lily hadn't intended to lose the article of clothing when it had been damaged.

"Um... I honestly don't know. I'll have to run it past the senior counselor among my siblings," Gary answered, figuring that Abbi would need to know if he was going to be occupied with another camper's training. "If it turns out that we're related, i.e. your mother is Hecate, it'll be easier to work into my cabin's schedule. On the other hand, if you're the only child of your godly parent, then that'll have the same result. But if it works out, I guess we could come to some agreement."

Judging by Hunter's reluctance to talk about himself and his past, Gary felt an urge to leave and let him get back to his food, and subsequent recuperation. "Shall I leave you to it, then? I figure you'll probably be in here for a while yet."

"Yeah, I got a problem," the boy aggravating Kat shot back, standing up to look at her properly. "You reckon you're Ares's kid? Please. The sons of the god of war are true heroes; we've faced horrors someone like you wouldn't dream of. His daughters are few and far between, and they've all paled in comparison to us and our kind." A confident smirk grew on the guy's face as he spoke; evidently he believed that his words were true. "So how's about you shuffle on off to the Aphrodite cabin, princess? I'm sure there's something to suit you there," he added, clearly mocking Katarina.

"Enough, Leeroy," Sword-Polisher said quietly, getting up from his own bunk and twirling the blade in an expert manner, as if it were a flourish he had performed countless times. "She won't back down, I can tell that much just by looking at her. So lose the attitude, cocky. She says she's our half-sister, she's staying here."

"I don't believe her. And I won't accept a girl - "

"It's not your decision to make, Leeroy, so shut the hell up before I cut you. It's no-one's decision, merely the will of Ares. This discussion is over. Go back to your futile contest." With that the sword-wielder put himself between Katarina and Leeroy, glaring at the latter until he sat back down. The brash, younger kid shot a glance at Kat which clearly meant, Get out of here. You're messing with the wrong crowd, before turning back to his opponent, who had been silent throughout the whole exchange.

"Leeroy will never apologise for anything, but I will on his behalf," the guy said, sheathing his sword and offering a hand to Kat to shake. "Shane Knight, second oldest in Cabin Five. And with that, I have the second highest authority. Brandon was rostered as being part of the tours for new guys; I assume you've met him and had your rite of passage as a child of Ares? If so, how'd it go? Brandon can be tough to beat, even though his melée weapon of choice is a baseball bat. I say that because you're not carrying a bow or crossbow."

"Hmm this one won't be easy, I never got much practice with the power in the rings. I had to focus and it really came out to mimicry, copying that which they were already wearing. I guess if I focus on the person and then the clothing it can be done, and if I focus on it as a whole I could in a way repair it if it becomes solid. It's kind of a long shot though but here goes." Alexandros replied with a smile before assuming Lily's current form with the ruined sweatshirt still as it always was.

After he had focused on the elements of Lily to get the mimicry perfect he then focused on the jacket inside his own mind. He took the side and thought of what an exact duplicate would look like to complete the jacket. Alexandros figured he may as well test to see if he could change the clothing while he was at it. He had to concentrate on every piece of the jacket from any adornments like buttons or stitching to the most basic elements of color and design. Little by little the jacket flickered into existence, first the basic form of the jacket itself and its color, the long blue stripe along the newly existent arm of the other half of the jacket, and the grapevine first along the collar and then along the hem.

At this point Alexandros had closed his eyes in his focusing and only opened them once he had thought of everything that would be a part of the half of the jacket that should have been there.

"Here goes nothing." He said in Lily's voice before taking off the jacket and hanging it over the back of a nearby chair and letting himself revert back to his normal form. The jacket was still there, draped over the back exactly as he left it before reverting back. He waited a few seconds before speaking.

"Well it seems like it works." He said.

Mitsuko was caught off guard by the question and looked at Anny. "Training is a key part of the camp, getting to know your powers and finding out more about your godly parent. You're lucky you have a half sister here to train with, ever since I got here I had to train with Gary and other demigods." Mitsuko said taking bites out of her sushi thinking.

"After that you're free to do as you wish. I spent allot of time with Gary or alone really." Mitsuko said.

Brandon arrived at the armory across the camp, eager to get his hands on some of these magic bullets. If Ruby could make a huge hound like that fall with just a couple of arrows, one of these bad boy slugs had to be capable of taking down some real nasty stuff.

He walked over to the attendant on duty at the armory, he couldn't ever seem to remember his name. Some dude, wasn't in his cabin so it wasn't really all that important. "Hey buddy," he started. "Yeah, Chiron said I could get some of them fancy bullets there, there ones with the magic and stuff in em. So uh, why don't just stock me up with some of em, give me a nice mix of magics there."

"OK," the attendant said rather blandly. He disappeared into the back for a couple minutes before returning with a small box. "Here you are. Took a minute to get them to the right caliber, but they should be ready for use."

"Thank ya," Brandon quickly replied as he headed back out the door, not wanting to have to go through pleasantries with someone he couldn't even name. Goal accomplished, he set out back to the cabin. Maybe if he was lucky he would get to test out some of these bullets later.

"Either way, that decision will have to be made in ignorance of that knowledge." Hunter replied still in his previous tone before sighing. Hunter picked up his fork and started laying with the food on the plate.

"Since it appears nothing more can be gained here I think it would be best if you just left me for the time being. If you could do me a favour though? Since I don't know how long I'll be staying in here, could you move my stuff inside of the eleventh cabin for me at some point? It shouldn't be to hard to identify as that bag is really beat up." Hunter asked in more appreciative tone picking up some food with his fork and putting it in his mouth. How long will I actually be in here? Nectar of the gods? Healing magic? How would they change a normal hospital stay?

"I would like that. The training, I mean." said Anny, ending the short-lived existence of her lunch by finishing her juice in long gulp.

"But maybe later tonight I'll take a walk or something, try and get used to the camp."

As she was saying this, Anny looked over Mitsuko, in a little more detail than she had in the Nyx cabin. The Japanese girl had a very pleasant face and nice, delicate features. Her black in particular was a joy to behold. Anny could certainly see how Gary would have fallen for this girl, though part of her wondered what Mitsuko was like in combat.

Especially in regards to her powers.

"Uh, I've seen Brandon, but I haven't met him yet," Kat replied to Shane. "I'm sorta just got here, so I really haven't done anything yet". Was this rite of passage something she was supposed to do by now? She didn't even hear the phrase be mentioned until this very moment. If it got her one step closer to honing her skills, she was all for it. "I'm Kat, by the way. Kat Wilson," she added, nearly forgetting to introduce herself.

"One way to find out if it truly does work," Lily noted aloud, her smile still in place as she pulled off the ruined jacket and picked up Alexandros's copy. It felt... exactly the same as it had before the day it got torn up. She promptly pulled it on, tugging her hair out from underneath the collar, and examined it. The jacket was comfortable, lightweight, and felt so familiar, as if it had never been damaged.

Her smile spreading wider as she checked out the jacket, Lily pulled Alexandros into a brief hug of thanks. Letting go soon afterwards and stepping back, she said, "Thanks, little brother. It's... perfect."

"I'll look into it, if it hasn't already been delivered to Cabin Eleven," Gary answered, getting up. "Although... most of Hermes's kids will steal your shoelaces if you leave 'em alone for long enough. I'll try to prevent your stuff from being raided if it's in the open. Um... see you later, I guess. Try not to get killed again," he added with a slight chuckle as he left the infirmary, nodding to Amanda as he passed the nurse.

Gary promptly headed for the Hermes cabin to investigate Hunter's belongings, intending to deal with the new recruit's request before he returned to Mitsuko. The cabin appeared to be mostly deserted when he poked his head around the door, apart from a few people playing cards around a table. Evidently they were gambling, as one player threw in a couple of poker chips. In one corner of the room, Hunter's bag appeared to be untouched. Both satisfied with his check-up, and hoping the Hermes kids wouldn't raid the bag as soon as Gary was out of sight, he left the Hermes cabin and headed back to the mess hall.

He saw Javier on the way, and gave the other camper a friendly wave as the two crossed paths. Slipping into the mess hall, Gary spotted his girlfriend and her half-sister at the Nyx table. Gary noted that Anny had finished eating when he got closer, and said, "Hello again," as he sat down beside Mitsuko and put his arm around her waist.

"Alright, Kat, nice to meet you," Shane replied. "Since you're new to camp, I suppose I should explain what I said just then. The rite of passage for a child of Ares is to prove yourself by fighting one of your siblings. If you last a decent amount of time without losing, you'll be accepted by all, er, most of us - " - here Shane shot a look at Leeroy - " - and you'll join us for training and classes and suchlike. For now, I suggest you make yourself at home until Brandon shows up and tells us we've got something to do. We usually have a fair number of empty bunks here."

Shane gestured to one half of the cabin, the beds of which were slightly dusty and clearly had not been slept in for a good long time.

"No problem, glad I could help. If you ever need me to make some other form of clothing all you need do is ask. Our brothers and sisters can come to me anytime and I'll fix their clothes with no strings attached. Any other children of the gods though will owe me favors." Alexandros said with a laugh as he decided to take a seat in the cabin.

"So anything else you need done, or should I get ready to start fielding requests from the children of the beauty god?" he said as he chuckled.

Brandon was in a better mood now that he had acquired some of these special bullets. He actually wanted another kid to get eaten by one of those hounds. Then he'd show Ruby that gun beats bow any day of the week. He arrived back at Ares cabin to the sounds of discussion. This was new, Shane and Leeroy rarely talked to each other, and Milan didn't talk at all. Something had to be up.

He walked up the steps of the cabin and strode through the door. "All right now, what in the hell is goin' on in here?" he asked. "I go away for one sec and you guys..." He corrected himself as he realized that "you guys" did not accurately apply to all the current people in the cabin. The much smaller girl there seemed a bit out of place. Wait, she's one of the newbies ain't she? What she doing in here? I thought Jess was supposed to take care of her. Dang it, I gotta babysit everyone today.

"Well, hey there little lady. You lost? I mean, this is the Ares cabin, them other girl cabins are down the way closer to the lake there."

Mitsuko looked up at Gary and smiled. "Hey Gary." she said kissing him softly. "How's the new camper doing?" she asked cuddling up to him before taking a bite of her bun.

Kat immediately whipped around in a fury and faced the source of the thick Texas accent.

"Excuse me? The hell did you just say to me?" she said, her tone laced with venom. She advanced closer to the much taller man, her eyes fixed on his in an intense stare. Her hands clenched tightly into white-knuckled fists as she approached, her steps slow and steady. The sound of her boots impacting the floor permeated through the silent, tense air. "Listen here, asshole. I'm a daughter of Ares," she told him point-blank. "And I'm not gonna let someone like you tell me otherwise".

Javier eventually located his errant cabin members, as well as Gary whom he waved back to. Some of the Hermes cabin members were practicing their fighting skills while others were deeply involved in their studies. Javier's search took him back towards the Arena and he'd gotten through almost all of his food. There was only a single apple left. Spinning the fruit in his hand, Javier strode through the front door and into the building. He raised the apple to take a bite.

A bite which he never finished. As his gaze swept the center of the Arena Javier saw that it was occupied. Someone was going all-out on the practice dummies. In fact it looked like they were about to kick the stuffing, or rather sand, out of one of them. 'Wow...nice form.' The son of Hermes commented silently.

Javier walked forward. Putting his hand on the back of one of the seats he hopped over two rows to get closer to the action. He found a comfortable spot, sat down, and proceeded to eat his apple.

Someone like you? Someone like you? Oh this girlie here is just asking for it now. I'm gonna smack her so hard that she'll be seeing stars for weeks. See how much Ares she got in her then.

Brandon tried to maintain a calm exterior as long as he could in dealing with this newfound sparkplug. "Oh you're not, are you? Not going to listen to me at all huh?" He bent down bringing his face down to Kat's level. "Now you listen and you listen good missie. I don't care if you're my half-sister, I ain't havin' that kind of talkin' to me here. You're on my turf now, and if you think I'mma let you get away with that shit you're trying to pull, you gotta another think coming!" The calm exterior was gone now, it lasted a bit longer than usual actually. But now the guns were coming out. "So if you want to start pushing my got dang buttons you go right ahead, but if you do," he put both guns on either side of Kat's temples, "then I'm going to have no fuckin' problem explaining to Chiron why he's got two dead campers on the first day instead of one, you fuckin' hear me! I WILL TEE YOU UP, TAKE MY BAT, AND SEND YOUR FUCKIN' HEAD FLYING INTO CONNECTICUT! YOU FUCKIN' HEARING ME NOW? DO I HAVE TO GET THAT VERIZON MOTHERFUCKER IN HERE? CAUSE I SURE AS FUCK AIN'T GOT THE PATIENCE FOR THAT, SO YOU BEST GET YOUR LISTENIN' EARS ON, GIRL!"

"Um... No, I'm pretty sure that's everything," Lily answered as she pulled off her new jacket and put it in her suitcase with the rest of her clothing. "So, um... your stuff has been moved in, by the way," she added, pointing to Alexandros's bags which were sitting on the floor near one of the beds.

"Of course, if you feel like heading over to the Aphrodite cabin and making their day, then feel free."

"Doing fine, I think. Amanda patched him up pretty good," Gary answered as Mitsuko settled into his arm. The shape of her body allowed him to curl his hand around her waist and rest on her hip. "I found out that his name is Hunter, and he wants me to teach him ice magic. He can definitely do it, I've seen it twice now, so it's all about mastering what he can do and expanding it to fill out other aspects of the talent."

He looked over at Anny, noting that she had finished eating, and said, "So, um... if we're done here, is there anything else you'd like to know?" he asked the younger girl to include her in the conversation.

At the sight of Brandon flipping out, Shane immediately backed up a couple of steps, keeping one hand on the hilt of his sword in case things got violent. Judging by Kat's initial reaction to both Leeroy and Brandon, it could happen, and someone had to break it up.

"I think I'll actually do that, and there isn't that much I have anyway. Honestly the only things in that bag are play scripts the troupe did and clothes. Nice meeting you sis, I have some fashionable girls who need to be set for life." Alexandros joked as he walked out of the cabin heading into the direction of the fashionable cabin, a more obvious cabin for the children of Aphrodite there never was.

As he neared the cabin he started to think of how he could do this, hopefully Jessica would be there. If she turned out to be in the cabin it was an easy way to show of his power and get in their good graces, if not he would need to get inventive as to show off the power if they were a clique.

"Uhm, nothing really right now," Anny mused, doing a quick mental double-check, "Except, if it's not too much of a bother, could we maybe get some weapons training in later today? Doesn't have to be anything serious, but I'd just like to get a bit of a feel for this thing."

The rapier hanging at her side was indeed itching for a test-spin, and Anny would be all too glad to provide it. It would also be a good time to find out if her choice not to wear armour was the right one.

Ea was too pre-occupied to notice the arrival of Javier, just a little too busy relieving her frustrations.
Rivulets of sweat were starting to course down her body, but they didn't seem to slow her down.

After several more minutes of brutally abusing the dummies, she took a minute to catch her breath.
In the pit there were also several containers containing practice-weapons, all made out of wood, mostly intended for new campers.
Ea grabbed ahold of a large wooden quarter-staff, the ends coated in leather to soften the blows, and went back to being the scourge and plague of dummies everywhere.

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