Demigods: A Camp Half-Blood RP -- Revamped Edition { Started, Closed }

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"I see no reason why you can't have some training. Would be good to see if you choice a good weapon and to find out what you can do in battle." Mitsuko said smiling and cuddled more to Gary.

"Be nice to train someone for a change." she added.

"That'll be perfectly fine; it'll be good to see how much you think you know and how much we need to teach you," Gary answered. "Although, one note. I think it best if you don't try to use any of your abilities when starting out. Since Mitsuko's the one in charge in this case, she'll show you how to use your weapon of choice, and then later you'll learn to combine powers with your attacks."

Looking down at his girlfriend, who was leaning in so close she might as well be sitting on his lap, Gary felt a little flustered by the obvious closeness that anyone could see. Nonetheless he continued speaking, although he couldn't tell if he was blushing. "So when do you feel like starting? I'm fine with just sitting and watching from the sidelines if you wanna go right now."

"So, like, I told Ashleigh, who immediately ran off to Tina, and Wendell definitely picked up on it 'cause he was passing by, so all of the Hecate kids will know by now," Emily explained to Christophe and Jessica as the three of them sat around the table in the Aphrodite cabin.

"Well, there goes the secret," Christophe commented dryly, a grin on his face nonetheless.

"So yeah, um, that'll be all over the camp by dinner," Emily added, finishing up. Jess always thought of her half-sister as, well, not the toughest shield in the armoury. But then, like most of Aphrodite's children, what they lacked in brute strength or book-smarts they made up for in charm and looks. Jess was lucky in that regard because she had two of the three - brains and beauty - but she was nowhere near as smart as any of the Athena children. The goddess of wisdom invariably produced some of the sharpest minds in the camp.

At that point there was a knock on the door, even though it was open. Jess turned to find Alexandros standing there, a cheery smile on his face. "Hey," she said brightly. "Did you need something? I'm all ears."

"Hey, I didn't really need anything, but my half sister Lily decided to try an experiment and it worked. You remember my power to look exactly like others right, clothing and all? Well it turns out if I turn into someone else and take off say a jacket or a pair of shoes it continues to exist even after I change back. Here I'll show you." Alexandros said with a happy smile before turning into Jessica with a small change, he gave her a fitting leather jacket. He took it off and handed it to her before speaking in her voice.

"Hold that for me, would you?" As soon as she had taken it and he had let go he reverted back to his normal form.

"So once we found out it worked we figured it would be a good idea to offer this ability to the children of Aphrodite. It would be excellent practice for me and you guys get any of the clothes you want as soon as you can get a picture of them." He decidedly neglected to tell them about owing him favors, he could mention that when one of the children came to him. Who knows, he could one day need their ability to spread a rumor, or get in with a good crowd since he figured they were popular.

Ea hands spun the staff around in her hands, her long, brown fingers coarsing over the smooth hard wood.
Using a full-body spin, she smacked the dummy with a resounding blow, hard enough for the rope that was holding it up to wrap around the wooden beam it was wrapped around. A second blow, this time in the opposite direction, sent it back to it's proper place.

Ea gave the staff a couple of whirls, flipping it over in her hands before throwing it into the air with one hand and catching it with the other. Pausing for breath, she wiped the sweat from her brow and pondered.

Just isn't the same.

Just then, she noticed Javier eating his apple.

"Afternoon Javier. Enjoying yourself?"

"Well I think we can wait until Mitsuko's done with her food, right?" said Anny, not wishing to rush her half-sister.

"A gentleman doth wait for his lady, dothn't he?" she smirked, with a look in her eyes not unlike that of a Cheshire Cat.

"Yes." Javier replied easily. He stood up and slid into the narrow walkway between the arena seats. He kept ahold of his bitten-into apple but dropped it to his side so it was partially out of sight. "I didn't know you worked with the quarterstaff." he continued. In truth, the demigod had been surprised at the skill Ea employed in her workout. It had been...impressive to say the least. Javier nodded toward the weapon still in Ea's hands. "Do you think we could spar sometime? I've been looking for someone to practice with." He asked with a hopeful edge to his voice.

The tables had definitely turned, but that was an understatement.

Kat was frozen dead in her tracks with two handguns pressed against her temples. More than sufficient firepower to color the walls of the cabin with her grey matter. Despite the nearly overwhelming terror that raced through her, she wanted nothing more than to castrate this man. Not only for threatening her life, but also for giving her pride a severe beating. He succeeded in completely humiliating her in front of her fellow children of Ares, and she hated him for it. However, Kat wasn't stupid. Moving on him now meant that she would no longer have an intact skull. She would have to back down...for now, even if it meant bruising her fleeting reputation.

"Fine," Kat said through clenched teeth. "You win, dickhole. Or would you like it if I called you 'sir'?"

Brandon withdrew his guns, returning them to their holsters. He could see it in the girl's eyes, he knew he had gotten the best of her. Intimidation was so much easier with a little bit of firepower put behind it, and it was necessary to maintain his place at the top of this volatile pyramid. The girl's weakened insult wasn't fazing him now that she had been put in her proper place. If she was a daughter of Ares, she would have to learn the pecking order.

"I ain't callin' anyone else sir, so I don't expect you to be callin' me that," he told the girl. "I just go by Brandon, or Colt, whatever you want, I don't give a damn. Now, since you were given me such a time, I'm guessin' you ain't been properly initiated into this here cabin. So, I think we might have to remedy that, don't you?" He looked over at the other campers. Shane would be much too hard on her, and Milan, well, Milan was best left to be. With no talking out of him, it was impossible to gauge where his anger level was sitting, so it looked like the task would fall to the lowest on the chain. "Leeroy, get your gear, you're the one who's gonna be initiating the little missy here."

"I don't, usually." Ea said in reply to the remark about the quarterstaff.
"But I have worked with...similar weapons in the past, and while the balance might be different, the techniques really aren't."

As if to demonstrate Ea held the staff parallel to the ground, then tossed it up to about head-height, and slipped underneath it limbo-style before turning around and catching it again. It was a neat little trick, but she mostly did it to buy herself an extra second or two to think. She had just come uncomfortably close to a topic she liked to avoid if at all possible, and she wanted to make sure it wouldn't get any closer than that.

"I don't really normally do this, I really just had to get out of the library tonight and do something else, but if you want we could spar...maybe once a week? I'm a busy woman, even if I don't always seem it, so this can't exactly become an "every day at 6" thing, but I think I can manage one evening a week. If you want, we can still do a little bit today."

Ea was not the type to be unfriendly or anti-social, but the fact just was that she hung out with the Demigods a fair shade less than they did with each other. Having a regular bit of socializing might not be a bad idea. And of course, the girl named Anny could prove to be a lot of fun too.

"No it's fine I'm just about done anyway." Mitsuko said taking her last bites of food and her last sips of her drink. "Well I'm ready to go." Mitsuko said getting up before kissing Gary. "So what first?" she asked Anny.

Javier grinned at Ea and gave an enthusiastic nod.

"Once a week. Sounds good." he replied. Though it was a single day it still felt like a sizable victory. Practicing, even once a week, against a new opponent would add a bit of variety to his usual routine. And it wasn't so much of a change that he would need to alter anything else. He might even have room to fit in another opponent.

'This is good.' Javier thought. He enjoyed finding new sparring partners. At first it had been out of necessity, after his instructor informed him he would need to find skilled opponents to practice against. Obediently he'd found a temporary partner. One who was a bit less skilled than himself but who had the time to practice. But that partner became busy with other aspects of their lives. So Javier found another. Then they too became busy with other things.

As not everyone chose the staff as a weapon Javier was left without a suitable opponent (one that had free time) for a while. His siblings were not much help as they all seemed to prefer small bladed weapons or in fact no weapon at all. Javier had a pair of armored gloves that attested to his own smaller preference of unarmed combat. If he was given the choice, he preferred working with the quarterstaff. He wasn't sure exactly why, but it just felt right. Though he couldn't find a partner Javier had not been discouraged. To fill the time gap he began helping instruct the younger recruits. Surprisingly the process of teaching strengthened Javier's basic skills. It forced him to practice the simpler moves which were the backbone of the more advanced moves he employed in his own personal routine. And now, here was a suitable partner. Who had just agreed to sparring later. And today.

His own quarterstaff was still in his cabin. But the situation could be remedied. Javier jogged toward the container of practice weapons. As he was still standing on to the lowest row of seats and not in the Pit he leaned over the edge to peer down at the selection. Shuffling a bit closer Javier balanced on the edge with his shoes half on and half off of the stone. "If you have time now," he said, "I'll use one of these." He waved down at the container.

"Training it is, I suppose." Anny said, rising from her seat. She navigated her way through the labyrinth of tables that littered the mess hall, quite a few of which had become occupied in the time it had taken them to eat lunch. The day was getting on, obviously.

Arriving at the main doors, she held them open for Gary and Mitsuko.
"Eldest first. We're headed for the arena, right?" she asked the couple, breathing in the hot July air.

"No problem." Ea called back to Javier, as she stepped back to the center of the arena.

She gave the staff a few more playful twirls before she took a deep breath and properly brandished it.
Her feet found their right positions almost automatically: left foot half a meter before the right, with the right turned perpendicular to the left,
the heels connected by an invisible line.

Her hands too, quickly found their bearing on the staff, as some truly old instructions came back to Ea. She hadn't thought about them for a very long time, a decade at least. But considering who had explained them to her, Ea would not forget them even if a century would have passed.

"Hold the left hand near the blunt end of the pole, and the right just past the halfway-point.
It gives you better control of the weight and provides more stability."

It was true then and it was true now, while she waited for Javier to get a staff for himself.

This could be fun, she thought to herself.

"Indeed, the arena it is," Gary answered Anny as he led the girls outside. It would be interesting to see how Mitsuko taught; he knew the ways to drill a technique into the heads of younger campers himself because Abbi usually put him in charge of weapons training. She taught their siblings how to use magic, both effectively and ethically; it wouldn't do for a child of Hecate to purposefully aggravate someone and then receive three layers of bruising across their entire body.

Putting his arm around Mitsuko's shoulders once more, Gary stole a quick kiss from the Japanese girl before indicating the direction of the combat arena to Anny in case she didn't remember where it was. "Just this way," he added, leading his friends to their destination.

Jessica accepted the jacket, a little perplexed by Alexandros's actions until he shifted back into himself and the article of clothing stayed in her hands. "Fascinating..." she murmured to herself, donning the jacket and flicking her hair out from under the collar. "Though I think it suits short hair more than long," she added, touching her scarf with a finger. The white material shimmered at her touch, and Jess's hair shrank back into her head until the tips brushed the collar of her new jacket.

"There we go, that looks better," she said, looking at herself in one of the multitudinous floor-to-ceiling mirrors the Aphrodite cabin possessed. "Thanks, Alexandros."

"You look like a biker chick, Jess. Ares would approve," Christophe commented, laughing for a second before pulling out a magazine, turning to the appropriate page and passing it to Alexandros. "If you're interested in sticking around, I could use a new pair of shades; the ones I have are, well, outdated. Oh, and I can pay for them if you want."

Emily, however, sat silently with her mouth slightly open, amazed by the simple display of Alexandros' abilities.

"Gonna crush you into the dust, princess," Leeroy threatened as he took his sword and shield down from where they hung over his bed. The son of Ares pulled a bronze helmet off of the bedhead and slid the headgear onto his own head. As he did so, a full suit of combat armour shimmered into existence to cover his torso, arms and legs. Leeroy bounced on his feet a little to test the armour's weight, before shrugging and turning to Brandon. "Whenever she's ready," was his simple statement.

Shane, however, took Kat by the arm and led her into a corner to give her some pre-battle advice. He spoke quietly and fairly quickly to give her everything she needed to at least have a chance if not the advantage of experience. "I'll warn you now, Leeroy is a tough one. But then, we all are. His strategy is simple; he rushes straight in and start hacking away at you. Don't underestimate him because of this, though. He'll counter most straight-up attacks and throw you to the ground." He shot a look at Brandon and Leeroy before turning back to Kat.

"The best way to beat him is to be where he isn't. Sidestep, roll, do whatever you have to to get out of the way of one of his charges, then hit him hard. You'll get him angry, and that's one of the best ways to make your opponent screw up."

'Good.' Javier gripped the edge of the nearest seat and used it to launch himself down into the arena. He landed in a half-crouch next to the weapons container. After standing up Javier began looking through the available weapons. There were several options, all of which were appropriately padded for practice sessions. Javier found one that was about the right height and brought it out.

It was made of a lightly colored wood with no stain. The wood was lightly polished but had signs of obviously wear. It was a weapon that had seen its share of energetic teenagers. Javier tossed the staff into the air. It was a tad lighter than his normal preference. But it would do. Javier caught the weapon at chest level, tossed it up into the air again a few times, then spun lightly on his heel to face Ea with the weapon held in both hands.

He began walking slowly toward the center of the arena. To get used to the weight Javier twirled the staff a few times before settling it at his side. He bent at the waist to perform a partial bow in Ea's direction. Not quite the bow of student to master, but more one of equal to equal. Javier rose with a serious expression on his face.

"Ready when you are." he said. He gave a quick grin before settling into a ready stance.

"No need to pay me, it is good practice and I figure I can always collect a favor. It won't be anything others might consider immoral, just maybe a helping hand here, a few tips there." Alexandros said before morphing into Christophe with the sunglasses on his face after a few seconds of concentration. It was much easier to do glasses than a jacket, he guessed it was because they were smaller. He pulled them off and handed them to the man before morphing back into himself.

"This is actually rather fun, a bit of a challenge, but not so much it is frustrating."

Ea did not bow, though she did courtsey, and three seconds later, she charged.
She knew how to do it: No horizontal sweeps, they would throw her off balance too much, and no vertical arcs either, they were too easy to dodge in a beeline attack. Instead, she stopped about 5 feet from Javier and thrust one end of the staff as hard as she could at his abdomen. The ends of the staff were padded with leather, so there was little need to hold back.

"You've got range, so you might as well use it."

Ea remembered the words perfectly, and the stab was indeed meant to ensure a safe distance between her and Javier.

Slowly but surely, she was starting to get back into the groove.

Kat nodded as Shane gave her some advice on how best to take on Leeroy. "Don't you worry, I'll take on that little fuckwad," she told Shane. "And I'll hand his ass to him". She stepped away from Shane and shed her coat, revealing her brown undershirt and the bronze medal bearing the head of a boar around her neck. Kat tossed the coat aside and drew her Xiphos from the sheath at her waist. "So, what are you waiting for Leeroy?" she inquired with a mocking tone. "Don't tell me you're afraid to hit a girl..."

"Nice..." Christophe murmured as he took the sunglasses and posed in a mirror, admiring himself for a few seconds before taking off the glasses and letting them hang off his collar. "That was all I was looking for... at least, for now. Unlike some of my sisters, I have a degree of self-control."

"Oh, hush," Jessica chided, harmlessly slapping her half-brother on the shoulder. She looked past Christophe to the only other Aphrodite girl in the room, who was busy gathering up any and every magazine she could find, a stack already in her arms. "Geez, Em. Alex is just starting out with this power, don't overload him." Either Emily didn't hear Jess as she riffled through pages and stacked up the magazines, or she didn't care.

"My point exactly," Christophe commented to Alexandros.

To fill the silence as the three demigods made their way to the arena, Gary tried to think up a topic of discussion... but could only really think of the training that was to come. Perhaps once Mitsuko had taught Anny the basics, he could suggest that the two of them team up against him. Of course, he wasn't armed at the present time, but it was a simple matter to pop over to his cabin and pick up his own sword.

"Whoa, hold your horses!" Shane said, stepping past Katarina and once again putting himself between her and Leeroy. "No need to wreck the cabin right now, you can try that another time if you wanna get into a fistfight. The rite of passage takes place in the arena. Spilling fresh blood to ensure the new recruits become as strong as their siblings." He gestured to the open door, suggesting that the group left.

"Fine. The arena it is then," Leeroy snapped, storming out of the cabin. He was working himself up into a rage, the better to help him fight. Or so he thought.

Alexandros couldn't help but laugh at the panicked collecting of every outfit the older camper had ever wanted.

"I'm fine with it honestly, the more practice I get with this power the sooner I can fully know my limits with it. Who knows, passing out from exhaustion will probably be a valuable learning experience as to how much I can do. Need to know how much is too much before I can figure out how to work with what I have. I trust that if I do pass out though she'll be more concerned than most considering her main source of fashion just passed out, and she seems to care about fashion a lot from the looks of it." He responded while still laughing between sentences.

"Hey hey hey now!" Brandon got between the two combatants. "Don't be fightin' in here! Some of us have expensive stereo systems to be protectin' there! You fight in here, I'm gonna get really pissed off. Nah, you guys will be headin' down to the arena! Get your fightin' on there. Come on Shane, help me get these two down there without tearin' each other apart so we can watch them tear each other apart!" He followed Leeroy out of the cabin and started leading the way down to the arena.

Javier was a bit surprised by the curtsey. The surprise quickly changed into action as Ea performed her first strike. Javier stepped back reflexively, curving his body to get out of his midsection out of range. He shifted his weight to regain a balanced stance. 'Close.' came the fleeting thought. Javier's natural speed typically allowed him a sizable advantage over his opponent. But while in his ready stance Javier played with the idea of purposefully supressing his speed during the bout. He disregarded that idea now. Javier brought his staff, still held in a two handed grip, close to his body in a defensive position. He shifted his weight again, this time to his back leg. One hand slid carefully up his weapon to get a more secure grip. All the while the son of Hermes kept a sharp eye on his opponent. Javier set his staff at an angle. Then with a quick quarter turn and twist of his wrist he aimed a downward strike at Ea.

As she was walking, Anny briefly toyed with the idea of using her magic as a surprise move during the training, but quickly abandoned it. That was something special, something for when the two were alone.

The girl was just wondering whether or not they would be alone in the arena, when they arrived at said arena and saw that indeed they weren't. Watching above from the entrance, Anny looked down just as Ea dropped to one knee and twisted her body, using her already level staff to block the attack from on high. Javier's blow was hard, but Ea caught it right in the middle of her staff, absorbing most of it.

At this point Ea conducted a super-sonic evaluation in her head. She was on one knee, which was generally the last thing one wants to do when using a staff, and she'd either have to get back up, or bring Javier down to her own level.


She didn't even need to change her position. Javier's staff had been blocked, and was shielded from Ea by her staff, her legs were already in the right position, her staff was paralel to the ground so it covered the largest possible area. Really, Ea couldn't have asked for a better set-up for a rugby-tackle. Within half a second, she jumped forward, arms thrust forward, canonballing the staff and herself into Javier.

Anny looked on, intrigued to say the least, though she was also eager to get on with her own training, here above the arena.

Mitsuko looked over at Ea for a moment then faced Anny. "I hope you're ready for you're training sister. What do you wish to start with first?" Mitsuko asked a soft smile on her face.

She had a hand resting on the hilt of her dagger waiting for Anny's answer. "I'm fine with anything really. I was hoping to someday have a sibling to duel and train with." she added then looked back at Gary.

"I'll try not to hurt her too bad." she laughed purely joking of course but still didn't hurt to make a small joke.

Gary laughed at Mitsuko's comment, giving her an amused grin before he stepped closer to her and pulled her into a hug for a short while. "Yeah... Please try not to give another newbie a crippling injury," he answered, his joking tone matching hers. "We've, uh, we've already had one casualty..." he added, before realising that that wasn't a particularly jovial subject.

Thinking quickly, Gary gestured to Javier and Ea's duel to avoid dwelling on the subject of the dead camper that had been found in the woods. "Wonder who's gonna win that one... I mean, Javier's amazing with his weapon of choice, but Ea's got a slightly longer reach, I think... where did she learn to fight like that, I wonder," he finished up, falling silent to observe the fight.

"You'll find that that's the case with most, if not all, of us Aphrodite kids," Jessica explained to Alexandros, slipping out of her new jacket and draping it over a chair. "Our mother is the goddess of beauty, after all. It would just be, well... wrong for us to walk around in something that went out of style last month, let alone last year." The senior counselor smiled wryly, knowing that while she wasn't one to shy away from combat like most of her siblings did, she always kept up with the trends of what she considered to be practical clothing that looked good anywhere, anytime. She'd been known to get into a sword-fight, dismiss her opponent after a little while, and simply adjust her skirt as if nothing had happened.

"To sum up, we gotta keep up with the times, and sometimes stay ahead of them," Christophe added. "And now that you've come along, Cabin Ten has much better access to the latest trends... assuming, of course, that you're willing to provide and we have a means of repaying you in some way."

The conversation was interrupted by a loud, "Oh, ew... who left this lying around? Like, no-one wants to see anyone wearing that any more." Unsurprisingly, the intervention came from Emily, who was holding up a dog-eared and worn magazine by one page, pinched between finger and thumb as if it were a live scorpion or a five-day-old sock that desperately needed a wash. The date on the spine read: October 2010.

"I'm, like, just gonna toss this in with all the old ones," Emily added, dropping the offending magazine in a large cardboard box filled with neatly sorted and stacked piles of papers and mags. "But anyway... So, yeah, like, this is the in thing right now, and, um... could you, like, gimme all of these? It's all the circled pieces, so, y'know, no need to go hunting through them. I can make it worth your while, if you, uh, like, y'get that. Just say the word." The girl handed Alexandros her stack of magazines and stepped back a little, nervously chewing her lip for fear of refusal.

"Good gods, Emily, you'll smother the kid," Jess and Christophe reprimanded in almost perfect unison. There were at least twenty different catalogues in there, all of varying origins and showing off models with selected designs of apparel.

"Gotcha, boss," Shane said with a nod, escorting Katarina out of the cabin after the senior counselor had left. Milan, silent as ever, followed the two.

Leaning backwards against the wall of the Zeus cabin - a golden construction decorated with an ever-flickering pattern of lightning bolts - a woman watched the procession of Ares's offspring go past. Her appearance was casual enough; a long-sleeved shirt, jeans and hiking boots, all in fairly dark colours to offset her alabaster skin. The woman's name, Narissa Delaque. At twenty-three years of age she was older than all of the campers present this year.

Two of the demigods were armed; one, Leeroy, looked like he was raring to fight. The girl, Narissa had not seen before. The logical conclusion was simple, given that she had seen this kind of thing many a time before. The two were combatants heading to the arena to go through the rite of passage for children of the war god. Not wanting to miss a good fight, Narissa followed the group from a distance, although she could already guess how it was going to go down considering that Leeroy was going to be initiating the new recruit.

"I figured as much, children of a god of beauty would need to maintain it. Natural and unnatural components and all that, beauty and cool are on in the same." Alexandros replied before Emily interrupted. He took the stack and was taken aback at the weight of it all.

"As I said, I'm already getting something out of it, practice. Not to mention getting to know my limits, it also provides an excellent opportunity to remember these things in case I should need to make clothing for the theater or to keep up a disguise. Honestly that is enough for me to be getting out of this with an occasional request if I need something not too far out of line." Alexandros said before flipping through some of the magazines.

"This is a tall order." Alexandros said to make her sweat a bit before morphing into her in her current clothes then changing the outfit piece by piece to match one ensemble in the magazines. He finished a couple of minutes later.

"That was actually harder than I thought, the focus was there but so many details to keep track of. Nothing too bad that I would want to stop. Now this may sound like a dumb question for your cabin, but would you happen to have a changing room?" He asked as he already looked over the next piece.

The moment that they arrived at the arena, Kat pulled her sword from its sheath and gave the blade a twirl before bringing her shield to bear. Aiming the tip of her blade at Leeroy, Kat grinned as the pre-fight excitement washed over her. She was more than ready and willing to give this boy what was coming to him. "What'cha waiting for, chickenshit?" Kat called out. "Try me".

As Ea lunged forward the unexpected action threw Javier's balance off for a fraction of a second. Instinctively he brought his staff towards his body and thrust the weapon down sharply at the back of Ea's head. Javier had his speed and quick reflexes in his favor. He didn't understand why his opponent was going for a tackle instead of a direct strike, but he wasn't about to overlook any of those advantages. The impact from the lunge was unavoidable at such close range but Javier hoped to stun his opponent long enough to put some distance between them again.

Brandon saw the girl already drawing her sword, ready to gut Leeroy like a stuck pig. Can't have the show over before they even hit the airwaves there. That ain't good for nobody

Brandon reached out to the girl and held her up. "Hold 'er there little missy. You don't put on a show backstage there. Save it for when you get down into the arena. That way the whole camp can see you two goin' at each other like a couple a mad rattlesnakes! Aw, this is goin' to be good!"

He looked down and saw Javier going at it with Ea down below. An interesting battle but it was a mere appetizer to the main course that only two children of Ares could provide. He walked to the edge of the stairs leading down to the pit below. "Hey Javier!" he shouted. "You want to hurry up and end that little dance you got going down there? I know you can, and we got some battles to fight on the side here! I can't keep 'em apart forever!"

It probably bears mentioning at this point that Ea had rarely if ever hit her head as thoroughly as she did when Javier's staff connected with it. She'd had much worse, and much more, but that doesn't change the fact that if you're not used to boffs across the bonce you're going to stagger for a little bit after one. Ea still had enough of her wits about her to raise herself back to her feet, but she needed a second or two for the stars in her vision to clear.

She didn't trust her legs to fully straighten right away, however, so she kept the knees properly bent and the staff vertically in front of her, with the far end raised up towards Javier's face, and the near end down between her knees. It wasn't a great stance for offense, but it wasn't bad for threatening and defense, not to mention very steady on her feet. And Olympus knows she could go for some steadyfeet right then.

The jet blade of the rapier came out of the leather scabbard slowly and smoothly, after a manner certain rather disturbing people might have described as erotic. Anny twirled it around her fingers once, before gripping it tight.

"I think I'd like to get my bearings with defense first." she answered Mitsuko.
"Make sure I didn't screw up by refusing to wear armour, you know?"

Taking cues from what she'd glimpsed from Ea, Anny kept the point of the blade aimed at Mistuko's face, and positioned her feet the same way she'd seen Ea do it. She realized, however, that if she held the blade in her right hand, then it wasn't a very good idea to put the left foot first. Switching seemed to work a little better, but it was just a guess really.

Resisting the urge to say "Have at me." Anny contented herself with a simple "Ready when you are."

Mitsuko smiled and pulled out her gloves slipping one on at a time. "Whatever you wish Anny but I will tell you I won't go easy on you with the training. We need you at your best for whatever comes our way." she said smiling and pulled out her daggers taking a stance placing her daggers at her side.

Mitsuko ran at Anny making sure to telegraph her moves so Anny could block. She didn't wish to hurt Anny but knew that training her hard was necessary.

"Well, that's fair enough. If you ever need something from us, we'll be glad to help you out," Jessica replied to Alexandros before he began the challenge of creating all of the items that Emily wanted. When he finished the last one and handed it to the younger girl, she squealed with delight and dashed into one of the four changing rooms at the back of the cabin, where one of the beds should be.

"Now this may sound like a dumb question for your cabin, but would you happen to have a changing room?"

"Of course! All cabins have a bathroom, but it's a given that we have more than one room to change clothes," she answered his request brightly. "Where would we be otherwise? There are four over there, take your pick," she added, indicating the row of cubicles. One was occupied, of course, due to Emily wanting to immediately see how they all fitted.

Jess was starting to like Alexandros more and more, now that she'd seen the extent of his ability. He was going to be a valuable source of clothing, and maybe even props and special items that could be used in the amphitheatre as part of a play or show of some description. She and a few of her siblings usually helped out in both the costumes department and acting on stage; most of them inherited the talents of their fathers in addition to divine elements from Lady Aphrodite.

"Oh, you just wait, princess... you are so asking to be smashed into a new patch of blood on that floor," Leeroy shot back, raising his sword a little in case Kat attacked him.

"We don't fight here, it takes place down in the center of the arena," Shane stated, guiding his half-sister in the right direction down the stone steps. On the sand-covered ground below, Ea and Javier seemed to be going at it in a practice match: they would have to finish up sometime soon so the real fighting could begin.

As Mitsuko pulled out her two blades and started on the training with Anny, Gary immediately moved back a few feet. He didn't want to be caught in the crossfire, especially since he had only brought his staff with him. The weapon was primarily designed to enhance his spellcasting, although in a pinch it could be used as a short spear due to the collapsible blade in the tip.

Then he heard a slightly ethereal voice speak on his right. "So, new recruits, huh? Not much to look at, that one. Though the other... she'll be interesting to watch in the upcoming fight."

Gary jumped at the unexpected voice, but looked over to find Narissa standing next to him. Behind her, he caught sight of Cabin Five's inhabitants talking amongst themselves. "Geez, Narissa. You're too subtle," he complained. She had a tendency of sneaking up on people when outside of her usual formalities. "Wait... what's Ares's lot doing here?"

"The girl's one of the new campers," Narissa explained, a faint hint of green becoming prominent in her otherwise hazel eyes as she spoke. Gary quickly understood the implications. She would have to beat one of the guys in a duel in order to be accepted into the cabin. "Want to watch?" she asked brightly.

Gary briefly thought over the idea. He was by no means adverse to watching others fight, having seen a fair few duels and challenges in his time at camp. Although... he was kind of unsure about leaving Mitsuko and Anny to their own devices. He shot a quick look in their direction, and seeing that neither of the two had been hurt yet, he shrugged and answered, "Sure, why not," and jumped down into the arena's seating, the older woman soon following.

Brandon stayed with his charges as the five of them headed closer to the arena floor. As he headed down he could see Gary talking to Narissa. Dang bugger's pickin' up everyone now. Course I dunno about that Narissa there. She always been the mysterious type. Hate not tellin' what people are thinkin' there. Ah, he can have her too. I don't care.

The Ares proceeded to the bottom of the stairs, awaiting the end of the Ea/Javier match so they could get this initiation started properly.

Mistuko's attack was obviously telegraphed, though Anny had no doubt that was precisely the idea. She raised her rapier, and parried the attack, taking a small step back whilst diverting the daggers' course to the side. The stance she'd stolen from Ea seemed to work quite well. She kept her eyes on the daggers, though. Them things be sharp.

A couple of deep breaths and a steady, focused stare on her target cleared the remainder of Ea's troubled vision, and she was about to get back into business, when she noticed the Ares company coming down.

Now, at this point it should be blatantly obvious that Ea had no quarrels with combat, but there is a difference between combat and war, and the Ares cabin personified the latter. Ea kept up a polite and helpful attitude towards them, as she did towards all campers, but frankly they took their business and themselves far too seriously for Ea's liking.

War might be inevitable at times, but Ea could not see any scenario in which an elite force of magically trained, highly armoured children of the very freaking god of war could possible help prevent said war.

To put it bluntly, Ea did not much care for the children of Ares. Exceptions had come and gone over the course of her stay at the camp, but they were few, and far between. She also did not much like the idea of these people getting to know her fighting-style too much. Granted, she'd made mistakes, going on offense when defense would have been better, but frankly, the less they saw of her moves, the better. Even if these weren't her actual moves.

Ea flipped the staff behind her back and bowed to Javier. Not just a courtsey this time, a full bow down to hip-level.

"Not a bad way to start this little sparring-series, Javier." said Ea, a bead of sweat working its way down her temple and into the dark fabric of her shirt, "Except the bump on the head, I suppose. I'd wouldn't mind going on a little longer, but it seems we are delaying matters of a certain...official nature." she said, granting the Ares cabin a friendly albeit brief glance.

"Not too mention that I am in sore need of a shower right now. Still, it was fun, so how about same time next week, only next time going on for a little longer?" she asked, now casually twirling the staff between her fingers and casting a leisurely eye on Anny's training.

Javier heard Brandon shout something but didn't pay much attention to the man as he wanted to concentrate on the fight. Being distracted often lead to injuries. However when Ea focused on something off to the side and then gave a proper bow, the young son of Hermes realized that the sparring session was over. Javier relaxed his stance and took a deep breath.

"Next week. Sounds good." He nodded to Ea. He gave a quick bow of his own, his weapon held loosely at his side. "Thank you for the match." Javier added with a grin. Though it had been cut short the match had still been interesting. 'I will need to get in some practice between now and next week.' he thought. Javier gave a casual wave then jogged over to where the practice weapons were kept. After making sure that his borrowed weapon was secure he closed the container. Only then did he turn to look at the small crowd of Ares children.

Alexandros entered the changing room before morphing into the multitude of outfits the girl wanted. He could have sworn he had spent hours in there trying to make sure every outfit was just right. To be honest by the time he finished he was rather wiped, he figured he should probably keep his natural form for a while. He stepped out of the changing room and took a few steps before sitting down, obviously it had taken more energy from him then he had thought. The tiredness had been easier to ignore when he was standing still, but it seemed he would need a bit before he was walking again.

"Alright, I think that's enough morphing for today. I'm just going to kind of sit down for a couple minutes before heading out again if you don't mind." He joked as he as calmly as possible leaned back in the chair, trying hard to not show just how tired he was.

"Atta be Javy!" Brandon said, congratulating the apparent victor of the match. "Knew you could do it bro." He did feel a bit of kinship with the son of Hermes, it probably owed to the fact that both shared Latino heritage. Anyway, the match was over now, it was time to see what the new girl was made of.

"All right, I think we got the field now. Leeroy, new girl, get on out there and show the rest of them that that rat bastard Ares somehow created the best damn fighters in the camp!"

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