Demigods: A Camp Half-Blood RP -- Revamped Edition { Started, Closed }

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Okay, I noticed there was something in my sheet that needed a little expanding upon, so here it is.

I had specified my weapon to be a rapier, but depending on where you look, "rapier" can refer to several different kinds of blades.

Here's a good example of what most people imagine a rapier to be, as well as an example of the type of rapier I'm NOT using.

What I really meant was the type of rapier found in Dungeons & Dragons, and that one is shown below. It is literally at the very bottom of all of this, but I included the other pictures for reference in how big it is. Keep in mind that the one used by my character also has a false edge.

Yeah, that one right at the bottom: a relatively modest, light-weight, one-handed sword, with a stiff build, a slight curve and good balance.
Not the giant knitting needle from the first spoiler.

Hope that clarifies things a little.

-Important Attention Snip-

Sorry, mate, but I'm bringing down the hammer. You found the time to post in other threads, but not here. That doesn't help your case, since you didn't give me anything after you asked for an extension on your submission time.

Once again I apologise, but your time is up and I want to get this RP rolling. Your application for this version of Demigods is refused.

To all those who have been accepted, I issue another welcome. We'll begin writing in-character as soon as we finish discussing details over Skype. These details include senior counselors of Camp Half-Blood, a general layout of the camp, demigod-oriented camp activities, how the new campers will arrive on Day One and any plot ideas that people have. The latter may be discussed one-on-one with me if you wish.


-Important Attention Snip-

Sorry, mate, but I'm bringing down the hammer. You found the time to post in other threads, but not here. That doesn't help your case, since you didn't give me anything after you asked for an extension on your submission time.

Once again I apologise, but your time is up and I want to get this RP rolling. Your application for this version of Demigods is refused.

To all those who have been accepted, I issue another welcome. We'll begin writing in-character as soon as we finish discussing details over Skype. These details include senior counselors of Camp Half-Blood, a general layout of the camp, demigod-oriented camp activities, how the new campers will arrive on Day One and any plot ideas that people have. The latter may be discussed one-on-one with me if you wish.


Well, sorry for being uninspired yesterday.


To all those who have been accepted, I issue another welcome. We'll begin writing in-character as soon as we finish discussing details over Skype. These details include senior counselors of Camp Half-Blood, a general layout of the camp, demigod-oriented camp activities, how the new campers will arrive on Day One and any plot ideas that people have. The latter may be discussed one-on-one with me if you wish.

Can most of those wait until say.... noon? Because I'm going to dinner with my family for my birthday, and I don't want to miss the call. :(

To all those who have been accepted, I issue another welcome. We'll begin writing in-character as soon as we finish discussing details over Skype. These details include senior counselors of Camp Half-Blood, a general layout of the camp, demigod-oriented camp activities, how the new campers will arrive on Day One and any plot ideas that people have. The latter may be discussed one-on-one with me if you wish.

Gah, I've missed vital details?? Could you (or another) please send me anything important that I need to know via PM please? I likely won't be available on Skype later as I'll be doing cram revision for an exam that I have tomorrow morning. Sorry if I'm being a pain, but obviously my degree comes first.

I'll be forever appreciative. Thaaaaaanks.

= D

Gah, I've missed vital details?? Could you (or another) please send me anything important that I need to know via PM please? I likely won't be available on Skype later as I'll be doing cram revision for an exam that I have tomorrow morning. Sorry if I'm being a pain, but obviously my degree comes first.

I'll be forever appreciative. Thaaaaaanks.


It was nothing major, just checking a couple of little things such as whether certain characters will be new to camp or not, giving everyone a basic layout of the entire camp - which I have posted here - and stuff like that.

And without further ado, it's time for us to begin. Good luck to all, and try not to get killed. =P

Underneath the bright mid-morning sun of Long Island, New York, what appeared to be a simple strawberry farm to the eyes of ordinary humans was a hive of activity behind the veil. People were hustling and bustling around Camp Half-Blood, fighting, training, chatting amongst themselves or just generally hanging around.

These people were no ordinary humans; rather, they were gifted with the blessing and curse of life as demigods. The demigod camp was a safe haven for them and their kind; magical barriers around the camp's borders prevented monstrous creatures and ordinary humans from entering the camp. Here, they could learn to defend themselves against the threats that waited out there in the real world.

A long black limousine pulled up to the camp's gates: the driver stopped the car neatly in front of the twin pillars of Ancient Greek design and the guards on sentry duty. In addition, three others stood waiting for the passengers to step out. All of the new campers found or discovered over the past year had been picked up individually, and once the last had entered the limo, the driver had taken the most direct route to camp.

"Alright, everyone, this is it. Half-Blood Hill, the one place in the state of New York where you can learn how to survive, safe from harm," the wheelchair-bound man sitting in the limo said to all the new campers. He slid the door open from the inside, a ramp automatically extending to allow for the chair.

"As some of you may know, my name is Chiron, and I am the camp director. Welcome to your summer home. You'll meet some of the senior counselors and take a tour of the camp before settling in; your luggage will be delivered to the cabins for you to collect once the tours have been concluded." He rolled the chair out to the road outside, beckoning to the newcomers.

"Please, follow me and you will meet the people who will... show you the ropes, as it were," Chiron added. He briefly consulted a list of the new demigods; there were six of them, none of whom he had been able to identify as being descended from a particular god or goddess. But then, that was the case every year; the gods would reveal themselves to their children in time.

Jessica Lancer, daughter of Aphrodite and senior counselor for the cabin, was one of the three who stood waiting for the newbies to arrive. She liked meeting new people and showing them around the place, maybe offering to be friends and helping them move in. It was always a good day to her if she met new people.

Looking sideways at the other two who had offered to provide tours - Ea, a member of the senior staff, and Brandon Robertson, an older guy and son of Ares, god of war - she reached up and rested one hand on the scarf around her neck. Concentrating a little bit, she felt her auburn hair shrink a few inches up her back; she had felt that it was getting a little long.

"Good! Now step forward, turn, block - keep your guard up, Chuck!" Gary called out, overseeing the training of two pairs of demigods fighting one another for practice in the camp's large training arena. Usually demigods from the same cabin - and by definition, the same godly parent - trained alongside and against each other to hone themselves into skilled fighters. The demigods in question were his half-siblings, sons and daughters of Lady Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic. While many of the demigods were skilled mages, they had to know how to defend themselves with a blade.

They were good, but not yet great, considering that they put more effort into their magic than their swordplay. That and a combination of youth and inexperience; one of the pairs of fighters was comprised of twin sixteen-year-old boys who had arrived at camp last year. As such, they weren't as skilled as himself or Abbi, the senior counselor for Hecate.

Mitsuko sat next to Gary watching the other demi gods fight. "Not bad really." Mitsuko said smiling some while looking at Gary pushing her hair behind her back letting it lay softly on her back. "I wish I had some siblings to train with like you do Gary. Another child of Nyx would have helped my training. Not that I minded training with you Gary." Mitsiko said confidently.

"Though I'd have to say you are a good teacher." Mitsuko said flirting some with him playing with her hands and bit her lip some. She wasn't sure how he felt about her but she was going to try and find out.

Anny was the first to step out onto the soil of Half-Blood Hill, her trilby hat pulled down deep over her eyes to keep the wind from knocking it off.

The sun seemed not so much to reflect off her skin as bleed into it, but one couldn't deny she looked more healthy than she had in the poor lighting of the limo. Her eyes followed Charon, as she tried to wrap her mind around this new place.

A faint smell of strawberries hung in the air.

Ea her ear was itching, as it tended to do when she was nervous. Not that the annual ritual of meeting and guiding new campers was anything to be worried about, but there was always that faint chance that there's going to be an emo kid of Hades or an overzealous son of Ares.

Kids like that usually didn't last very long.

The bright June sun did wonderful things with her skin, which was a pleasant mixture of copper and milky chocolate, though it didn't have much of an effect on her slightly faded blonde hair, which reached past her hips nowadays. Her cat-like yellow eyes peered into the distance, focusing on the small specks on the horizon.

"It's about time for them arrive now, don't you think?" she asked Jessica, who was a few inches shorter than Ea, but who many would argue had a better fashion-sense. Ea her current atire was a faded pair of green jeans and a tight black tube-top: not the kind of thing you'd expect senior staff to wear on the welcoming day.

In the interest of making a friendly first impression, Ea had left her weapon back at the camp, though its absence did kind of nag at her.

She wondered if there'd be any good kids in this years batch. She could do with some friendly faces.

Brandon stood around, waiting for this newest batch to recruits to come out and show him something, anything to prove why they were here. There were only six coming in this time, that's lower then he ever remembered. Maybe the Gods were getting worn out...fat chance.

He turned to the other two counselors, as he heard Ea talking. They had come up pretty nice. Long way when he first met them a few years ago. He figured he better answer the question for her. It's only gentlemanly.

"Ah'm thinkin' it's bout time for them to be showin' up here," he said, the Texas drawl dripping from his tongue like thick barbeque sauce. "Ah don think they'd be callin' us out here if they wernt." It would be nice if they showed up quick though. The cool wind from off the Sound was blowing through the tiny holes that helped compromise the #8 Romo Cowboys jersey he was wearing. At least it meant more time with the ladies. Jess was definitely the choice of the two, of course knowing who her mom was, it stood to reason. Not that Ea wasn't bad, but still it was no contest. "You two ladies hear anythin' bout these newbs? I mean, it's a short batch this year. Gotta be somethin' up with that, aint there?"

Katerina Wilson stepped from the limo, squinting her eyes against the bright sun. She looked towards the ground for a moment to let her eyes adjust to the sudden influx of light. Chiron, the centaur in charge of Half-Blood Hill gave the introduction to the place and beckoned for the newcomers to follow him. Kat followed him, taking in the unfamiliar Greek scenery. It still eluded her how such a place could be hidden from plain sight. She shoved her hands into the pockets of her olive green military coat and followed Chiron silently.

Alexandros climbed out of the vehicle to look around. He had gone ahead and kept his standard form for now, his mother had luckily told him of how the rings on his fingers worked before he had left and had told him to not reveal to anyone what the power of the rings was before entering the camp. He had thought she was being somewhat overcautious but he wasn't going to argue, for all he knew Dionysus had told his mom to tell him.

He had practiced slightly in the relative safety of the theater and the whole process of the transformation at least was intuitive enough. He hadn't gotten the chance to try growing grapes or strawberries yet but he was eager to try. Alexandros looked over the camp and saw the people milling about near the entrance.

New friends, wonderful. He thought excitedly. Everyone considered him somewhat overeager to everything but fighting but people generally liked that about him, it meant he would try anything they liked.

He stayed close to Chiron without going into any kind of single file line.

"So what is the purpose of this place?" Alexandros asked, his eyes looking around to see all they could of what he figured would be his home for some time. When his eyes fell on the arena his smile faltered for a second.

I will not be going anywhere near there unless I absolutely need to.

"Oh, hey, Mitsuko," Gary answered, giving the daughter of Nyx a smile as she sat down next to him, turning his gaze back to his half-siblings as they continued to fight. Neither one in each pair was gaining an advantage, it seemed. A sign that they were on equal footing.

"Hmm... I don't really know about my teaching ability. I mean, sure, you can beat me in a one-on-one fight when I'm not jumping around the place - " he smiled again at his natural advantage of teleporting, and continued speaking. " - and yeah, you would probably have been better off with a half-sibling to help. Maybe experiment with using your powers or something in the middle of a fight."

Jessica turned to Ea and answered with a smile. She liked Ea; the two of them got on well together despite the age gap between them. "Yeah, I guess. Still, they may have come from all over the place, hence why it'd take a while longer than you'd expect." Looking over the older woman's shoulder to Brandon behind her, she added, "Nope, I don't know anything about the new recruits, or why there aren't as many as have been in previous years. I guess they'll introduce themselves or something."

"Camp Half-Blood is a place of sanctuary; here we ensure your safety while you learn to fight and survive," Chiron answered. "Some demigods have managed to get by on their own without training or instruction, but not all of you are capable of such feats. Hence, one of the reasons why most if not all demigods visit camp."

Mitsuko laughed some. "Well I'd like to say I turned out well enough though I have control over my powers and I got close to you and Jess when she wasn't busy chasing down her half siblings." Mitsuko laughed some putting her hand up to her mouth to muffle it some.

"To think I've been here for 3 years already. This is still is so different from the busy life I had back home in Tokyo, school nearly all year round, sports, art, music and homework." she said thinking back to Japan. "America is so... different. I mean people here walk as they eat; it's so gross to me." she said

Javier Delgado whistled quietly as he stepped out of the shower. He vigorously toweled his hair, his tune becoming muffled by the thin cotton material. When his short hair was no longer dripping wet Javier lowered the towel and squinted up at the sun. His morning run had gone a bit over time due to some unexpected trail blocks. 'Which do not count towards my final time of course.' he thought. He began to jog toward the entrance of Cabin 11. A half-empty water bottled clipped to Javier's shorts swung back and forth as he moved.

Javier opened the wooden door to his cabin and stepped inside. It was mostly empty, with a few late starters still asleep in their beds. The silver and blue themed caduceus painted on the door briefly reflected the sunlight as the door swung closed. Javier approached his bed and hung his towel over the end of the top bunk. Next, he grabbed his watch and a thin deck of cards. The cards were slid into his back pocket. Before leaving the cabin Javier glanced at a small mirror hung on the wall. Countless hours in the hot summer sun had darkened his skin. Something that Javier was pleased with.

'Next stop. Food.' Javier waved at a few fellow camp-mates before breaking into a jog. He made his way toward the Mess Hall. 'Please tell me someone made waffles.'

'So, This is the place?'
Jacob stepped out from the limo into the daylight, and scanned the camp. The sky was too dim, not like the blinding sun of the Sahara. The air felt sticky to him. And above all else, it was loud. It was like there were a million people screaming at him. He hated it here. He hated New York, and the airport before that, and Ciro, and any place that had so many dammed people. He wanted to be back, by himself, or better yet, with his mother. But he knew he couldn't do either; his mother abandoned him, and his father gave him an order. For better or worse, this was where he was supposed to be. He kept his hand on Ifrit, the war hammer that his father Hephaestus had given him. 'As long as I have Ifrit, they can't hurt me,' he thought to himself. He kept telling himself that.

A limo was nowhere near what he was expecting to be picked up in but he didn't buy into it. He wasn't about to trust anyone on first sight just because of something flashy. As the others got out of the limo Hunter followed them out. The sun outside didn't both Hunter's eyes and it reflected nicely off of his brown skin. Upon getting out the other people started moving forward and Hunter followed a little behind them and listened to them.

"...Here we ensure your safety while you learn to fight and survive." Hunter didn't trust those words in the slightest. He didn't like the feel of this place, it made him nervous. He didn't believe the whole being a child of a god as well. He couldn't. No god would have left their child in any of those places. But still, he had no choice in the matter. It wasn't like he had a home to go back to. He had to make due with what he was sent to.

"Nothin' ah?" Brandon ran his hands through the close-cropped black hair before resting them on the back of his head. "Dang, figured you'd get at least somethin' there, Jess. I mean, your usually able to get that sort of info, right? Ah, I hate goin' in to these not knowin' what I'm gonna be dealin' with. Don't need any more them devil kids or nothin'."

"Hmm... I've never really given that much thought. Don't do it myself, of course - " Gary answered, cutting himself off as he saw something unfold on the arena. One of the twins had overpowered his brother by going on the aggressive, quickly disarming his opponent and ending the combat a second later. An impressive display; both of the brothers could learn from it.

"'Scuse me a minute," Gary added, getting up. He snapped his fingers and vanished in a faint puff of blue smoke, reappearing down in the arena near the two pairs of fighters. "Hold up, all." With that command, the three people still holding swords stepped away from their opponents and lowered their blades.

"Now, Chuck, I trust you realise where you went wrong?" he gently asked the participant who had been defeated. In a sullen voice, Chuck answered, "Maybe... he was faster, hitting harder, I dunno."

"It's because you were relying on your attack power, leaving yourself open without any defenses," Gary answered, leading the younger boy over to the stands at the edge of the arena. "If I tell you to keep your guard up when you're not attacking, it's for a reason. An opponent will take advantage of it, trust me on that. You need to be able to remember these things yourself. Sit out the next round, watch your siblings and see how they do it."

Turning back to the others, he called out, "The rest of you... three-sided fight. Go!" As the three of them raised their swords Gary snapped his fingers again, teleporting back to his previous spot with Mitsuko.

"Sorry about that. Training duties and whatnot," he apologised, sitting back down next to her.

Jessica shook her head at Brandon's comments. "Nope, Chiron didn't tell me anything. I'm just as much in the dark as you," she answered, turning her attention back to the group of new campers. They seemed to be piling out of the limo; it was almost time to give them the tour. She said as much to Ea.

"No I understand. Hell you did it to me one time. I remember falling over at the end after getting a ton of bruises. I got better from it though." Mitsuko said moving closer to him some. "The new recruits should be here by now. Hmmmm I wounder what gods their parents are. You might be too busy to even see your old fighting partner the Japanese otaku." she laughed some playing with her daggers.

"So when do we meet our teachers?" Alexandros asked after thinking over the response for a bit.

Apparently these rings put me in some kind of danger, god...or gods I guess, only know what though. He thought.

"Maybe, maybe," Gary said with a light laugh, noting that Mitsuko had shuffled closer. Was it his imagination shrinking the gap between the two of them even further than she had, almost as if she had only to lean over a few inches and rest her shoulder on his arm? Was she just being casual and friendly, or was it something more on her end?

Gary didn't know. Perhaps he would speak with his Japanese friend a little more openly after training was over and he was free of his charges. Checking his watch briefly, he noted that it was ten to the hour. Hopefully the three-sided fight would take up that time.

Soon enough everyone who had been picked up was out of the limo and standing around Chiron, a little awkwardly in some cases. "Alright, everyone," Chiron began, "I want you to meet Jessica, Brandon and Ea. They'll be your guides for the tour of camp." He indicated each of the three in turn.

"I trust the three of you can divide up the group amongst yourselves, so I will be in my office if needed," he added. With that he gave the wheels of his chair a shove, getting it moving, and began to wheel himself under his own power towards the building in question; that which housed the Directors' Offices and staff accommodations.

"Alrighty, catch you later, Chiron," Jessica said, giving the centaur a brief wave of farewell. Knowing the usual manner of practice, she turned to the new campers and made her way over with a smile on her face, hoping to make a good first impression. But then, she usually did based on the way she looked.

"As Chiron said, I'm Jessica," she reintroduced herself. "There are six of you, so Brandon, Ea and I will each take two for the tour. Um... so yeah. Any volunteers to come with me?"

Mitsuko wanted to rest her head on Gary's shoulders but knew she shouldn't go too far. At this point she kinda didn't care and, out of a flight of fancy, she rested her head on his shoulder pretending to feel a bit of a chill. "It's a bit cold." she said softly.

In her head she was kicking her self but at the same time didn't care really, she was close to him and it's not like they didn't know each other; at least that's what she was telling her self in her head. Her moment of weakness could have a huge effect, and a bad on at that, on Gary and Mitsuko's friendship but she felt romantically alone and she only had eyes for Gary.

Kat offered a friendly grin to Jessica as she introduced herself to the new recruits. She took one of her hands out of her coat and offered a friendly wave. "Katerina Wilson. If nobody else is gonna volunteer, I'll go with you," she said with a slight smile. She shot an uncertain glance at the mountain of a man she was told was Brandon. She wasn't sure if she was comfortable being so close to him. Kat much preferred the company of another female in a situation like this. Since Jessica asked for company first, she decided to volunteer to be polite, if anything else. With her somewhat staggering history of anger and violence, she could use all the good first impressions she could get.

...Good workout this morning...

Matagi Seto sat on the edge of his bed, his breath gradually slowing after his morning weight training. Despite his exceptional power, Mat had never liked relying on wind manipulation, instead preferring to hone his own body into a formidable weapon.

He was almost as large as Brandon now, although he'd never be as physically strong as the son of Ares. But Mat was likely the strongest non-superstrength Demigod in the camp, something he was proud of. And also something he hoped his mother would be proud of.

Unfortunately, his intense training came at a price; a distinct lack of free time. As such, he'd never made any close friends at the camp, despite getting along with everyone.

Breakfast time, I guess....

Throwing on a white, creased t-shirt, Mat left his cabin and headed towards the Mess Hall. Shielding his eyes, Mat stopped and peered past the Mess Hall towards a gathering of people. He couldn't help a grin forming on his dark face as he realised what has happening. Hi-de-Hi happy campers! he thought to himself as he tried to determine how many new people had arrived.

As he walked on, Mat noticed Javier Delgado jogging towards the same destination. Figuring it would be better to eat with a friendly face than alone, he whistled and called out to Javier in a deep, booming voice.

"Yo, Delgado!" Mat broke into a casual run waving to the son of Hermes. "Fancy a little race to the Mess Hall?" Without waiting for a reply, Mat broke into a sprint hoping to gain an advantage over the fastest Demigod at Camp-Halfblood.

Brandon just stood back as Jess took control of the situation. He appreciated it, he didn't want to be the first one talking to these kids. Knowing him, he'd probably say something someone would interpret as a threat or something, and that would only earn him another trip to the office. He didn't need that.

"All right, whichever ya'll wants to come with me, you let me know once your done figurin' something out," he told them. He took out his iPhone and started up Angry Birds while he waited for the new campers to make their choice.

Dathne was sitting in the library reading a book called 'The body of Myths and Legends' featuring the Olympian gods and tales of their demigods from decades ago.

The room was gloomy from the warm haze of a distant fireplace and the sun's rays shun through the windows, casting shadows on the walls. She liked watching them dance and swing while switching pages and licking her fingers to ease the page lifting.

Throwing her eyes on the clock on the wall above the fireplace she quickly got up and placed the book back into place on the wooden shelves, shining with a hazel brown color.
Walking briskly out of the library, she came into the Hall of Heroes and couldn't find Ea anywhere.
Damn it! I'm late for the introductory....
Dathne swallowed a sigh and escaped through the doors to the Director's Office.


Arriving at the Cabin area, she noticed that the new recruits had not come across the cabins yet, so there was still time to welcome them.

She walked over to Apollo's cabin and sat on the wooden porch, whistling into the summer sky a tune she couldn't get out of her head.

Anny had been about to accept Jessica's very kind offer, when she noticed the woman next to Jessica. The woman's appearance, exotic as it may have been (shiny, brown skin with slightly grainy, blonde hair) was not actually what caught Anny's attention.

Rather, it was just the subtlest of airs about her. Whenever Anny used her powers, a very distinct aura would descend on the area around her as well as herself. This woman did not have nearly as clear an aura, in fact she hardly even had an aura to speak of...but there was a hint of one. And it was virtually identical to Anny's.

Raising her trilby up an inch or two (which incidentally revealed her slightly creepy eyes) Anny walked over to the mysterious woman, extended her hand and said, "Top of the afternoon, I'm Anny."

"Nice to meet you Anny, I'm Ea." the woman very kindly replied, taking her hand and shaking it.

Girl's got a firm shake, she privately noted.

"Welcome to the camp."


Interesting name.

Eric stepped out of the limousine, and out into the bright sun. He blinked once and then stared at Chiron who was outside of the limo as well, ushering for all of them to move and Eric listened. He walked away from the road, following the others up to the camp entrance, but he didn't say anything to the senior members of camp. He was more interested in taking in the area rather then asking questions about the new camp, he was sure that everything would be explained in time.

Hunter didn't like the idea of being split up but didn't really didn't have a say in the matter. Everyone that was an option for the tour dwarfed Hunter in height which was intimating to start with. However some of them had other qualities that put Hunter off. The sheer size of the southern sounding Brandon and the open bubbliness of Jessica, Hunter felt that Ea might serve better for himself as she seemed quieter than Jessica and didn't appear as boarder or stronger than Brandon.

He watched as one of the other people from the limo named Anny approached her an introduced herself. Not willing to let the last spot with her as a guide go Hunter hurried forward to Ea. "Hi. I'm Hunter." Hunter introduced himself hoarsely weakly extending his hand for a hand shake.

"Pleasure to meet you Hunter, I hope we can get along." Ea replied, once again the living definition of polite nicety and shaking his hand.

Shake's not as firm as Anny, she quickly deduced.

"Shall we?" she finally asked Jessica.

Meanwhile, Anny just lifted her tribly until it teatered precariously on her head. The wind had settled down now, so unless she bumped into someone it was liable to stay on for a while.

Faint sounds and voices were coming from the direction of the camp, teasing her and egging her on.

Still, she kept half an eye on Ea. She wasn't sure yet what to think of her.

Alexandros decided to go with Jessica since she seemed open enough. It would be a good start to make friends with one of the leaders of the camp. He walked up to her with a friendly smile on his face.

"Alexandros, a pleasure." He said, his years of traveling and being around people of all backgrounds left him without any kind of identifiable accent, but rather a mix of multiple accents from multiple lands and languages.

"Nice to meet you, both of you," Jessica said, still smiling. "And it looks like Ea's acquired two of you, so Brandon gets the last two... Have fun," she added with a grin, seeing that one of the two leftovers appeared to be at least a couple of years older than the usual standard. "Alright, we'll work our way around the camp... counter-clockwise, for a change, then we'll finish up with the cabins in the center of camp. Please, follow me and we'll get right into it."

Not sure how Alexandros or Katarina would react if she placed a hand on their shoulder, Jessica simply beckoned for them to follow, turned and made her way through the gates into the camp, heading for the mess hall. The three of them arrived at the hall in question a couple of minutes later, Jessica opening the south-facing doors and standing to one side. This allowed the new demigods to look inside without her being in the way.

"Here we have the mess hall. As you can see, everyone converges here for meals, and also important announcements from the staff," Jess explained, poking her head around the doorway to see if any of her friends were inside. "Things like the Capture the Flag matches, formally welcoming new people such as yourselves, that sort of thing."

"Cold? In the middle of summer? Might just be you. Oh, wait, I work with ice magic all day. That could have a couple of side effects," Gary joked, not getting that Mitsuko was faking it. Closing the distance completely, he gently lifted her head off of his shoulder and shuffled inwards, putting his arm around her shoulders to try and warm her up a little.

"Is that any better?" he asked quietly, looking down at Mitsuko while keeping an eye on the fight in the arena. Thinking in retrospect for a moment, Gary didn't really know why he did what he did just then. He liked Mitsuko well enough; they had been friends for the better part of three years, since she first came to the camp. Perhaps they had gotten a little closer than being just friends... but two years back, there had been Karen, Gary's relationship with her and its disastrous end. He didn't know if he could go through that again.

With a smile on her face, Ea said, "Let's go." and headed off for a clockwise tour of the camp.

"Welcome to the camp," she began, as she did every year, "This place can be kind of big and confusing at first, so just stick close to me and the rest of the oldies until you get the hang of it."

As Ea talked about the basic layout of the camp, Anny looked around and took in the surrounding countryside.
This place really was beautiful, though she couldn't help but wonder what it looked like at night.

Images of moonlight and fireflies flooded her mind, right until they arrived at their first stop, the archery range.

"Alright. I shall go with the large cowboy," Jacob said. His accent was strange, to say the least. Not counting the slightly thick middle-eastern accent, his voice was It seemed like he forgot a long time ago where the inflections went in a word.

He picked up his small bag and stood next to Brandon, all the while keeping his arm on Ifrit. He wanted to know where he was supposed to sleep. It occurred to him that he couldn't avoid everyone for more than a day, but this was all to much for him today. Maybe he would be able to talk to someone tomorrow. He looked back up at Brandon, "When shall we depart for the homes?"

'A race?' Javier nodded once reflexively. He gave a short cry of challenge when he saw Matagi had already broken into a sprint. Between one step and the next Javier increased his speed twofold. Then threefold. Running, he matched Mat's pace. He quickly caught up to the tall son of Aeolus.

'Winner gets first pick of the food.' Javier thought to himself. He silently set the stakes of their casual encounter. The fleet footed son of Hermes stayed beside of Mat for a few strides. Then with a laugh that was more of a sharp burst of air he sped up to almost-top speed. Air whistled past Javier's ears, his still-damp hair chilled his scalp, and the Mess Hall door drew closer.

About a yard away from the door Javier stopped. His shoes skidded briefly on a loose patch of dirt. Javier held his arm out to alter his balance accordingly. Then he turned to wave at Mat before stepping into the Mess Hall.

The smell of freshly cooked food hit Javier immediately. He hummed quietly in appreciation. 'One of the nice things about camp, he thought, they always have good food.' And better still today's menu included waffles. Javier grinned and jogged toward the back of the breakfast line. A few younger camp members were in line in front of him. As he waited for the people ahead of him to help their plates Javier detached his water bottle from its holster and took a healthy swig. He shifted slightly from one foot to another. Javier's gaze swept through the small crowd and settled on the door.

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