Demigods: A Camp Half-Blood RP -- Revamped Edition { Started, Closed }

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Alexandros walked through the hall, pouring over each stone tablet that marked what each of the larger than life figures had done.

"I doubt I'll end up here, but I can sure as hell try. With my ability to not think or worry about the future, I might just do it too." He mused to himself as he continued moving from statue to statue.

Mitsuko blushed some and took the can from him, she took a quick sip before answering him. "Yea I've had feelings for you for a year. It happened when you saved me from the group of Harpies a year ago. I though I was going to die that day, there's no way I could have taken on 5 of them at once. You saved my life and from that day a realized how I felt about you, I think it grew from me training with you." Mitsuko said a deep scar on her shoulder from the attack.

"Oh... oh, right, the harpies," Gary said quietly, remembering the incident. Five of them had ambushed Mitsuko when she was alone in the forests. Once she had reached the edge of the woods, under heavy pursuit, Gary had been the first to come to her aid, killing three of the harpies with a barrage of ice spells before any of them had a chance to react. The other two had fled back into the forest, wanting to live rather than die.

"Hmm... I can see how that would have had some impact on you," he mused, taking a sip from his own Coke. "And to be honest, since, well... about six months ago, I've thought that you were kind of attractive. Not like Jessica or Rochelle or any of the other Aphrodite girls; there's just something different that sets you apart from them. That's not a bad thing, of course; it's what I, um... what I like about you." Gary stumbled over the last bit, feeling a little awkward as he said it.

Mitsuko smiled softly and cuddled to Gary. "So I have a different kind of attractive then a child of Aphrodite I see." she teased and smiled kissing his cheek softly then placed a kiss on his ear. "So what makes me different?" she asked.

"Hmmm..." Gary hummed, thinking it over. He gently slipped an arm around Mitsuko's shoulders when she moved in closer. The question was difficult to answer: there were plenty of differences between Mitsuko and the other girls around camp. A fair few of them were around her age, too, but the daughter of Nyx just stood out from all of the others for some reason.

"I, um... I don't really know how to say what I'm thinking," he began, haltingly at first, but slowly gaining confidence as he talked. It's just... there, I guess. I mean, sure, there are girls out there with bodies to die for - case in point, Aphrodite's daughters - and you're good-looking yourself. But... I've always been interested in more than how girls look. I value their intelligence and personality, the more unique traits, over that which all girls have in different shapes and sizes. You get what I'm saying?"

The Hall of Heroes was a quiet and peaceful building, almost like a church. Just from the dead silence aside from their footsteps, Kat could tell that this place was treated with an almost...religious respect. She looked around at the various plaques, statues, and various kinds of memorials, all of them honoring Demigods like herself who went above and beyond the call of duty. "Impressive..." she said under her breath.

"Yea I understand Gary. So I have things that make me stand out then, and not just my powers but who I am. My love for night, and my artistic stills." she said softly pressing her lips to his and smiled softly in the kiss a hand softly on his chest.

Gary accepted the kiss, gently shifting his hand from around Mitsuko's shoulders to the back of her neck. Without even thinking about it, he set his Coke down on the ground nearby and brought his other hand up to her cheek. Time seemed to slow down and Gary lost track of the world around them as he kissed back, though he made sure to be careful not to go too far. Further advancement could wait until a later time in their relationship.

After what felt like half a minute or so (though it may have been longer), during which Gary had drawn Mitsuko even closer - both of his hands were at the small of her back, occasionally wandering up or down a little - he felt that they had gone far enough. Instead of breaking the kiss as he had done before, he reached out to her mind with his and sent a short telepathic message: "Surprise!" With any luck it would give her a bit of a shock, and they could both get a laugh out of it.

"Yeah, impressive's the word," Jessica answered Katarina, keeping her voice down. Sound travelled easily in the silence of the Hall. "Some of these people did great things in their time here. Others have moved on from camp, survived on their own, and become better for it. Some... some were killed before they could begin to make a name for themselves." She looked sideways at another statue, one of a young girl, no more than fifteen, her clothes and hair blown about by invisible winds.

Suddenly struck by a sense of wanting to leave, Jess added, "Um... I'll be outside when you're ready to continue the tour," in a softer tone. She turned and quickly left the Hall, careful to keep her footsteps as quiet as possible.

Mitsuko blinked breaking the kissed and rolled her eyes. "Very nice Gary, you had to go into my head I see." Mitsuko said crossing her arms and shook her head. "It was nice till you did that." Mitsuko laughed softly and sat on his lap nuzzling her nose to his neck.

"Mmm, yes, it was... though I didn't want either of us to lose control," Gary answered, playing with a loose lock of Mitsuko's hair with one hand while the other stayed wrapped around her waist. He felt a little different, with her sitting on his lap. Almost like there was some kind of connection beyond simple attraction. Mitsuko was an attractive girl; playful, sweet and kind, but there was more to it than that. Where these thoughts were coming from, Gary didn't know, but he liked them.

The hand on Mitsuko's waist gently moved a few inches up her back and down to her waist, trailing up and down a little. As he did this, Gary leaned down and kissed her cheek, lingering for a few seconds before he pulled back and let her carry on.

Kat watched as Jessica left, wondering what suddenly convinced her to go. The dead silence sure wasn't the most uplifting or cheerful, and the fact that this building was dedicated to dead Demigods definitely added to the morbid atmosphere. Deciding not to leave just yet, Kat looked around at a few more of the well-made sculptures, depicting people of all races, genders, and ages in various poses, each with a description of who this person was and what they did. After some solemn observation, Kat decided to make her exit, silently stepping out of the Hall of Heroes and back outside.

Mitsuko smiled and looked up at him resting her head on his chest so she could see his face. She also was feeling different in Gary's lap, but a good kind of different. Something in the pit of her stomach was begging to get out but she had no idea what it was. Gary had always been there for her, from when she was a scared new member of the camp to now. She was hard pressed to think of a better place to be right now.

Gary was the kinda of guy she wanted to be around and have, kind, loving and willing to help when needed. She though back to her days of training with him when she had no one else and couldn't help but smile more. She didn't know what she was feeling but she hoped it wouldn't go away, in fact she wanted it to grow. Maybe she loved Gary, or maybe it was something else but it was too soon for such feelings.

Alexandros finished reading over the rest of the statues and what the people they were dedicated to had done before he himself left the hall.

"So where to next?" He asked as he stepped out.

"Of course. That'd be no problem." Ea replied, as she led the two outside once again.

She also stole a quick glance at Hunters sketch, and was quite impressed by it. Regular everyday pencil-drawings were actually something of a rarity in the A&C Hall, so she was glad to see some fresh input.

And now came, the big one.

The forge.

The large, granite building was very, very imposing, with a constant stream of black smoke rising up out of it; thick, iron bars on the faded windows, and 8-foot high heavy, steel doors.

As Ea and the others stepped inside, they came into a large open foundry occupied by 8 or 9 children of Hephaestus.
A faint, dark-grey smoke hung around the ceiling, as well as a very strong smell of charcoal.

"Normally there's no reason for non-Haphaestus folks to come here, but today's kind of an exception to the rule. Please follow me."

She led them into the second part of the buidling, the armoury.

Ea then pulled a large and strange contraption into the center of the room, kind of like a large closet turned onto its back with wheels attached.

Pulling it open, she revealed a large assortment of weapons, from nunchucks to greatclub, all made out of Celestial Bronze.
She then pulled another, similar cabinet forward, which revealed a large collection of armour.

"You can take anything you want from here," she explained, "And if you can't find anything you like, there's more stashed away elsewhere.
No guns allowed for minors though, keep that in mind."

As Ea stepped back, Anny looked into the armour-cabinet and, after a quick once-over, dismissed it. She wasn't one for heavy and bulky armour. The weapons, on the other hand, she essentially went through with a fine comb.

She considered and subsequently rejected a pair of daggers. She liked the idea of light weapons, but didn't think she'd be much good at dual-wielding. A shield and sword were dismissed for much the same reason. The polearms and larger swords were either too big, too heavy, or both.

In fact, she was about to ask Ea about those other weapons stashed elsewhere, when something caught her eye.

Pulling it out of the cabinet, her eyes went up and down a completely black rapier, with a fully sharpened false edge.
Giving it a few experimental swirls, she decided she quite liked the feel of it. There was a nice bit of weight near the tip, but the weapon overall was quite light. It had a nice feel in her hand, and the length was just right.

"Is it okay if I take this one?" she asked Ea, already resheathing the blade.

"Sure thing." replied the dark-skinned woman, pleased with the familiarity and apparent proficiency with which Anny wielded her weapon.

"Groovy." was the entirety of Anny's reply, as she attached the scabbard to her belt.

"Next is... we'll skip over the Directors' Offices and the camp's library, and the stables are nothing overly special - just horses and pegasi - so next is the more... craft-oriented areas. Specifically, the forge, armoury and arts-and-crafts hall," Jessica answered, her previous feelings of nostalgia and sadness gone thanks to Alexandros' question. "I think you'll both like the next stop of the tour. And while we're there, we can sort out suitable weapons for you if you want."

Jess led Alexandros and Katarina away from the Hall of Heroes, debating internally what kind of weapons she thought the two of them would be best suited to. After a little while, she gave up and decided that she'd just show them a selection of the standard tools of the fighting trade. Swords and daggers and maybe a couple of bows of different sizes. Alexandros kinda looked like he would be good with a ranged weapon.

The forge was a pretty big place just to look at from the outside; Jessica liked coming here when she could, to watch the children of Hephaestus in their favourite area of camp. She pushed one of the doors open and gestured for the other two to enter first.

The sense of awkwardness from earlier began to creep back into Gary's mind as he looked down into Mitsuko's eyes again. He felt like he should do something or say something to fill the silence, but also felt that doing so would ruin the moment for them both. Considering that he was normally a guy who was active most of the time, doing, well, nothing besides sitting in the woods with Mitsuko on his lap felt somehow strange.

Gary settled for not breaking the silence, instead placing his other arm around Mitsuko and holding her a little closer. The sensation of her body lightly pressing against his, combined with the bright and happy look on her face and the scent of her perfume, was intoxicating, almost as if it was a spell that had been placed on him. Gary smiled to himself at the apt analogy.

Mitsuko pressed her lips softly to his neck leaving a line of kisses then rested her head under Gary's chin, her long hair cascading down her back. Her legs where pressed to Gary's rubbing on them softly.

She turned in his lap, her back now pressed on his chest with her legs to the side of his. She wrapped his arms around her middle. She looked back at him and smiled even more. "Wounder what Jess will say when she finds out about us?" she asked.

Gary shivered a little when Mitsuko kissed his neck. To him, it was a slightly odd display of affection... he wasn't sure whether he liked it or not. When she twisted round to have her back to his chest, he got a little worried that he had made the wrong move by holding her closer to him. But then she kept smiling, so it must have been alright. Plus it made it a little easier to... No. Don't think along those lines. Gary quickly stopped that thought in its tracks. It was far too soon to even consider that.

He laughed a little at Mitsuko's question. "Not just Jess, Mitsuko. The whole Aphrodite cabin will have a field day when we tell them - if we tell them, I should say," he answered. "And my brothers and sisters will probably be happy for us." Gary slipped one hand from around her waist and brought it up to stroke her hair as he spoke. It was soft under his fingers.

"Oh to the gods yes they would have a field day with it. We'd get 'we told you so.' Never tell Aphrodite children anything about who you like or who your with." Mitsuko said with a laugh realizing she what she was sitting on. She blushed madly thinking about what was between his legs and, well what could be done with it. Images of them doing the same act where popping into her head. She tried to shut them out and it worked some but not enough for her to think of something else but somehow things just fell out of her mouth.

"So how do you feel about sex Gary? Well, I wouldn't know what it's like being a virgin but...." Mitsuko stopped mid sentence and blushed madly. She didn't want to say that but it just came out. "Oh god." she blushed even more.

"Works for me. Hope you don't mind that I have absolutely zero weapon experience, never figured I was, well, the son of a god. So I wasn't expecting any kind of fighting in my life really." Alexandros replied as he kept up with the small group.

Gary blushed just as much as Mitsuko, if not more, and immediately took his hands off of her to be on the safe side. "Oh, er, um..." he trailed off, at a loss for words because of the topic she had brought up. That was a really awkward thing to discuss, especially on the first day of a new relationship. Unless, of course, you were an Aphrodite kid and you dealt with love, beauty and their multitudinous sub-topics on a regular basis. Clearly neither Gary nor Mitsuko were knowledgeable on the subject.

"Um... I, er, I dunno," he stammered, instantly nervous. "Karen and I didn't get that far..."

"There's the beauty of it. All demigods receive training in their chosen weapons," Jessica explained. "Ordinarily you'll be taught by your sister Lily, but if you pick a weapon that she has no idea how to use, you'll go to one of the two Weapon Masters for training. Mathew Cain is the guy to talk to if you want help with swordplay or close-quarter weapons, and Ruby Lee takes care of anyone who needs archery help."

She led the other two through to the armoury, where they walked in on Ea pulling out the wheeled chests of weapons and armour. One of the newcomers she had with her instantly went for the weapons, pulling out a black sword and eventually keeping it as her own. "Hey, guys," Jess called out, making her way over with the younger demigods in tow. "Seems this is the halfway point in the tour. Anyways; Alexandros, Katarina, go ahead and see if there's a blade or a bow in there that catches your eye. If not, I'll see what else we've got."

Hunter walked into the armory. The sheer size of the building on the outside made it look impressive but the inside paled in comparison. The cloud of smoke on the sealing, the people working in the forge, in a large open area. It kind of felt like a great movie build up, to a sub-par climax, finished off by a less than desirable ending. Hunter sighed.

Hunter continued to follow Ea and watched as she pulled out the cabinet with the armor and weapons. Hunter waited for a second as Anny went forward and looked at the armor. She quickly moved along without taking anything from. Hunter didn't know what they were planning here but from the first few places Hunter visited, he was willing to bet that these things would be needed. Hunter quickly walked up to the armor drawer and placed the sketch book on top of the cabinet.

He then tried to pick up a few different chest plates from the armor drawer. All of them were too heavy for Hunter to pick up, let alone wear. Hunter then went for somethings that looked smaller. He picked up a pair of matching shin guards. They seemed light weight and Hunter put them on. They didn't feel heavy on his legs and he left them on. Next hunter picked up an arm guard. He looked but couldn't find a match. He still wanted to try it on though and put it on his right arm it was a perfect fit and didn't really effect his arm movements. Finally Hunter tried on a few different pairs of armored gloves. Eventually he found a pair and decided they were a good idea.

Hunter looked over to the other drawer and Anny. She had already chosen a weapon, a black rapier and Hunter heard Ea say she could have it. Hunter then walked over to the weapon drawer. Nothing initially caught his eye. He had no interest in the daggers or a lot of other foreign weapons available. Hunter started to look farther on back. Most short swords didn't look to appealing, the long swords were to big and heavy. The swords instantly ruled out any axes or war hammers. Still Hunter looked farther into the back of the drawer. Hunter saw the hilt of a weapon sticking out from below some battle axes. It had an inch long blade that looked like a claw on the end of the hilt, which appeared to be a black metal wrapped around the blade's metal itself, with a jewel that covered part of the hilt, guard, and the blade.

Hunter shifted the axes a little and grabbed the sheath. Hunter managed to get the blade free. The weapon itself was now revealed to be a short sword. It had a guard that moved towards the end of the blade on top and moved towards the wielder on the bottom. The sheath grew wider at the top and seemed to hide a wide blade in general. Hunter removed the weapon from the sheath to reveal a blade. There was a gap right above the guard that widened the base . The blade itself grew thinner for about two thirds of the length before widening again which explained the appearance of a wider blade. The blade itself was white on the false side of the blade and bronze on the edged side of the sword.

Hunter swung the sword. The blade faltered, shifting from side to side but not because of the sword itself. Hunter's swing was unsteady from his untrained arm. Hunter then rotated the sword clockwise over his hand and caught it holding it like a dagger in a defensive position. Hunter was beyond satisfied with the sword and sheathed it. Hunter then turned around and saw the group led by Jessica enter. Tyson quickly went back to the armor drawer and picked up a shield and put it on his arm. It felt heavy and awkward but it felt right with his sword. Hunter looked at the side of the shield facing himself. There was a hold for a sword sheath and hunter placed his sheathed sword into it. It fit perfectly. Then Hunter got a strange idea and removed the shield and slid it on like a backpack. The holds were just wide enough it fit but Hunter was able to carry it like one.

Hunter picked up the sketchbook and turned around to look at Ea. "I think I'm good." Hunter said with a more clear and confident voice than he normally used. Hunter than realized that the other group was there and was interrupting Jessica. An embarrassed look spread over Hunter's face.

Mitsuko looked away from Gary and hid her face. "I'm so sorry Gary." she said starting to get up from his lap. She felt horrible for bring up the topic. She had no idea why it fell out of her mouth. "Ummm maybe I should go." she said not wanting to look at him. She felt she messed up something and needed some time to think.

Alexandros walked through the building before finding two weapons that seemed to literally be calling to him, a particularly small crossbow that looked like it could easily be carried in one hand and a stiletto knife. He picked the crossbow and bolts off the rack before carefully taking the knife off of it's holder as well.

"These two just feel...right. I can't explain it, I just feel as if these were meant to be carried by me." Alexandros said.

"No, no, you don't have to go," Gary said quickly, sitting up and taking Mitsuko by the hand to try and prevent her from leaving. "It's fine, really. If you want to, we can talk it over, or we can change the subject completely. I don't mind either way, it's just that... that subject, isn't something I know about. You know what I mean, right?"

He hoped she knew. This was a dangerous subject, if it disheartened Mitsuko that much. Still, maybe talking about something else would help and they could come back to the more awkward topic at a later time.

Jessica smiled at Alexandros's statement. "That's perfectly normal, don't worry about it. Most demigods will find themselves drawn to a particular weapon or type thereof, or it may be the other way around." She turned to Katarina and said, "What about you? Seen anything you like?"

"I just feel bad about making things awkward. I mean I want to know how you feel about it but only if your feel comfortable doing so. I care about you and don't want to mess this up." Mitsuko said giving him a half smile. She did honestly want to talk to him about sex and about where they both stand on the act but she wanted him to want to or be willing to. She cared about what he felt and what he wanted, more so then she could say about her self really.

Gary was more than a bit confused by Mitsuko's answer and his own conflicting emotions. He was a little bit afraid of venturing into unknown territory, but he cared about Mitsuko and wanted... That one gave him pause. What did he want out of a relationship with her? She seemed to be much happier now - or at least, she had until she brought up the subject of sex. Gary didn't exactly know the answer to the question he had asked himself.

"I care about you too, Mitsuko, as more than a friend, but... I don't think either of us are ready to talk about sex yet," he began. "We've only just begun our relationship; it's not really the right time. Maybe we could discuss it later, once we've progressed a little? Is that okay with you?"

Finally done with her archery preparations, Dathne lowered the bow and looked at the charred wreck that used to be a target dummy, flaring sparks into the air as it quietly burned down to it's cinders.

"Not bad"
Dathne said with a smile on her face, obviously happy with her performance.
"Let's go check it out"


Arriving at the dummy she had spent over fifteen minutes trying to take down with flaming arrows and never quite getting the magnitude of fire right, she felt like she did a good job.
She stood there, simply admiring the ash ridden dummy with a full heart.
Until Rami finally caught up with her.
"Nice shot Dath, but you need to focus more on detonating the arrow on impact, because simply burning your enemy's clothing or blackening his armor will not do anything. Once you manage to allow the arrow to fly freely at it's target, before flaring it up, will increase the penetration level of the arrow as well as the concentrated area of impact will be cauterized completely.
But I must hand it to you, fifteen minutes is almost half the time I managed it the first time.
I feel I must congratulate you on that one"

Dathne was still just standing there, looking at the dummy. But Rami was right, the arrow barely penetrated the leather armor and the effect of the fire was spread too far over the target to cause any real damage.

"I know. I'll see you tomorrow, and we'll try it again okay?"
Rami nodded and walked down toward the cabin area.

However, Dathne needed to stop by the forge to see if some of the children of Haphaestus might be able to repair the slight damage her uncontrolled fire arrows had done to her bow.

Mitsuko nodded and smiled some. "Sure that is fine with me." she said sitting back on his lap and cuddled back to him. She still didn't feel great about what happend but she was willing to let it rest.

Gary breathed a near-silent sigh of relief. "I'm sorry if, y'know. If you wanted to talk about it, but I just don't think it's the right time," he said quietly, gently massaging Mitsuko's shoulders as she cuddled up to him. Thinking that he had said enough on the subject, he kept quiet for a few moments, concentrating on his hands and her shoulders. Gary was unsure of what he was doing, but Mitsuko seemed to be relaxing under his touch. At least, he hadn't accidentally pinched a nerve so far or otherwise done something wrong - as far as he knew - so maybe the massage was working.

Kat was too busy examining the chests of weapons to pay attention to the conversation between Jessica and Alexandros. The selection was impressive. Very impressive. As a child of Ares, weapons were always a subject of great interest to her. She looked past weapons of all kinds, from clubs to daggers to longswords. Hefting a particularly large club, she frowned disapprovingly and put it aside. Kat was not one for blunt weapons. She much preferred the style, the elegance of a blade. And it was one blade in particular she was looking for. A weapon that had called out to her during her time in swordsmanship classes so long ago. A weapon perfect for her.


From the chest she was rummaging through, she produced a Xiphos short sword. The weapon felt perfect in her hand. Its weight, its length, everything. "I...think I found my weapon," Kat replied to Jessica quietly, still admiring the beauty and craftsmanship that had gone into this fine weapon. Reluctantly tearing her gaze from her Xiphos, she looked back up at Jessica. "Does this place have shields? Like, one I could wear on my arm?" she asked, taking a fighting stance, with her left foot forward, to visually demonstrate what she meant. Her left arm was out in front of her, bent in a 90-degree angle at her elbow. Her right held the sword, as if ready to strike at an unseen foe. Kat dropped the pose when she thought her point had been carried across. " that," she added meekly.

Mitsuko sighed softly loving the feel of Gary's hands on her. "Hmmmm that feels good Gary." Mitsuko said softly rolling her shoulders some. Mitsuko didn't want to leave the woods ever if it meant Gary would always be here rubbing her shoulders. She felt the knot in her stomach build and grow like something wanted to explode out of her. She didn't know what it was but it had been there for ages.

Ea gave Jessica's group a friendly smile as they walked in, but was unable to respond any further due to Hunter his announcement. Turning back to face him she gave his choice of weapons a good, long look-over. His choice of armour had not been an uncommon one (choosing only an assortment, rather than the full package), though she paused for a moment to determine his balance. The shield on the back was a good way of preventing surprise-attacks, but it could cause poor balance and lousy footwork without some training. Still, if he slipped the thing onto his arm, Ea guessed the weight would be roughly equal to that of the sword and bracer on his other arm combined.

All in all, it wasn't a bad choice. It might take some getting used to, but seriously, not a bad choice.

"Looking good there, Hunter." she proclaimed, giving him a thumbs-up.

Anny was slightly less impressed, but this was mostly due to her inherent dislike of bulky armour.
Having properly attached her sheath to her belt, she turned to the newly arrived group and gave them a friendly, "Hey guys."

"Hmm..." Jessica mused, taking in the fighting stance that Katarina showed her. Evidently she had some knowledge of weapons and knew how to use them. That was odd, considering most demigods had little to no combat experience.

"I'll see if we have anything in the back," she answered, a little puzzled. "Be back in a little bit." She gave Ea and her group a wave as she passed them, slipping into an aisle of spears and quickly making her way down it. The shields were somewhere nearby, she knew that much.

"Where have you gone..." Jess murmured, spotting a display of shields in with the rest of the armour. "Ah." She quickly ended up facing the defenses. A Kevlar riot-shield wasn't necessary, plus it would be too heavy. Besides, that kind of armour was only used by the adult demigods, in combination with their guns.

Katarina had wanted something she could wear rather than hold, almost as if the shield was designed so the wearer's sword could be used in both hands... Then Jess spotted a couple of shields that looked like the one she had 'described'. They had grips and straps that looked like they were meant to be held up at the hand and elbow; maybe that was what she wanted. Jessica loaded the two shields onto a handcart - they were both a lot heavier than she had expected - and wheeled them out to the others.

"Is this what you're looking for?" she asked, not sure if that was the case.

Gary blushed a little at Mitsuko's reaction. Not because of the words, but rather the way she had said them. There was something about that tone in her voice; it made him smile a little more. Regardless, he continued to massage her, carefully moving down to her back and shoulder blades while still working on her shoulders. She seemed to like it... and then he got an idea, one that Mitsuko had used on him earlier.

Leaning down a little, Gary gently brushed his lips against the side of Mitsuko's neck before planting another kiss on her cheek.

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