Demigods: A Camp Half-Blood RP -- Revamped Edition { Started, Closed }

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Mitsuko let out a small moan and then giggled. "Looks like I taught you something." she said nuzzling her self on Gary. "I never knew you liked Japanese girls." she said pressing her lips to his for a quick peck then rested her head on him.

She didn't realized how much she cared about Gary until this very moment. He was good looking and that accent was enough to make him attractive to her physically but it's who he was that she cared about more, maybe even loved him for it. She played with her feet some thinking about her feelings.

Dathne finally arrived at the forge. The doors never seized to amaze her and she always looked up at them in awe for a few seconds before entering.

Walking in, she quickly found Peterson working in the far corner.
"Hey Petey! So glad I caught you here, you're begun to be reliable whenever I need you"
Peterson lay down the hammer he was using and stepped away from his work.
"Hey Dath. And I told you to stop calling me that! My name isn't Peter, it's Max!"
Dathne put her bow on the table next to him and sat down wherever she felt was dry and clean enough.

"Oh relax Petey! It's not like our conversation is being documented or anything. But I do have a problem with my bow, I was,-"

"-I see the problem"
Max picked up the bow and examined it closely. Letting the wood and the strings flow through his fingers.
"It might take me a few hours to repair it. Were you doing those,-"
He dropped the sentence as he saw the way Dathne looked at him.
The look in her eyes was that of a child who just broke her toy for the third time in a row. Max instantly knew that his thoughts were right and she had indeed burnt her bow again with those blasted flame arrows.

"Well.... Rami was preparing me for this test I'm supposed to take. I'm finally going to be allowed into the arena, but first I need to show my instructor that my skills are honed enough. And, well, It's a work in progress..."

Max put the bow down again and put a hand on her shoulder.
"I know Dath, I've been there before. Tell you what. Swing by tonight and I'll have it ready for you by the doors, okay? Just like old times"

"Just like old times"
Dathne smiled and turned to leave.

I could do with a bath...

Gary thought about the idea of him liking Japanese girls in particular for a little while. His attraction to Mitsuko was more as a result of her asking him out, rather than good looks or a charming personality. Those had, however, most certainly helped. She was a smart, attractive girl; her origins had little to do with what she had become, as far as he figured.

"Hmm... I don't think it's the fact that you have Japanese origins," he answered as he put his arms around her waist again. "There are a couple of others around camp, so... I think it's just you. Who you are, the way you think, talk, behave... it's more about your personality than your stunning good looks." Gary smiled down at Mitsuko as he delivered the compliment, and lightly poked her foot with one of his own.

The two new kids weren't talking anymore. The foreigner had shut up after his remark about the shark and the other kid still wasn't talking. "All right fine! You little buggers! You think ya'll know everythin' huh? Well then, let's go to the good part! Let's get you over by the woods! See what ya'll think of this place then!" Brandon was starting to get really angry. He didn't appreciate being disrespected like this, so he led the two away from the docks and over to the woods. "There. Lots of creatures live in there. Creatures that would tear you apart if'n you let em. I swear I saw one little theatre kid run in there, bones came out next day. Glasses still on 'em. That's the danger part there!"

Alexandros walked out from another room back to the group, wearing a belt holster on his left side for his knife and a chest holster for the hand crossbow and its bolts.

"I could get used to wearing these, rather fashionable really." He jokingly said to the others in the room.

Mitsuko smiled and blushed deeply. "Oh please I don't look as good as Jess." Mitsuko said. "So um you like all of who I am I see?" she asked him resting her head on his shoulder. She wanted to say something else but felt it wouldn't fit so she kept quiet.

"Jess... Jessica is nothing compared to you right now," Gary answered, giving Mitsuko another quick peck on the lips before he continued. "So yes, I do like all of who you are. At least, those pieces of you I know," he added, making a slight reference to the awkward moment not too long ago when she had brought up the subject of sex. Mitsuko probably wouldn't get it. Perhaps an explanation would be good.

"But if we get that far in our relationship, I'd... um, I'd like to know you in another way. I, uh... I think you know what I mean." Gary blushed again, having gone back to the topic.

Jessica giggled at Alexandros's comment about him looking fashionable with his new weapons, but quickly returned her attention to Katarina. She had yet to examine the shields that Jess had brought out.

The demigod whom Brandon had designated as a mute, Eric, still said nothing as he gazed into the woods. He appeared to be fascinated by the trees and the thickness of the woods beyond the edge.

Mitsuko blushed more and nodded. "Ummm I would well, like that too Gary." Mitsuko blushed madly thinking about having sex with Gary and kissed him softly her hands resting on his chest brushing her hair out of her face. "So where to go from here right?" she asked.

"Hmmm..." Gary mused. It was kinda hard to think of an answer with Mitsuko pressing up against him, her face a few inches from his and her hands on his chest. His feeling of attraction to Mitsuko began to grow a little more; a part of him wanted to take all his thoughts of self-control and disregard them then and there. Thankfully that portion of his mind was small, and could easily be suppressed. Though... there was something appealing about their current situation.

"Well, there shouldn't be anyone in your cabin, so... we could go and get a little more privacy, if you want," Gary said quietly. "Nothing too serious, like under-the-covers serious... just cuddling. You know what I mean, right?"

Mitsuko nodded some and got up off of Gary's lap and brushed her self off. "Yea it's been just me in that cabin for years anyway. Nice look to it though." she said helping Gary up.

"It's very nice and dark but in a Gothic design. Very comforting to a Nxy child." she said kissing Gary softly.

With her entire entourage now fully armoured, Ea decided that it was time to get back to the tour. Truth be told, she was getting eager to get to the last stop. Not that she wanted to get the tour over with, it's just the last stop itself was her favourite.

Stretching liberally, she proclaimed, "Hunter, Anny. If you're happy with these choices, I'd like to move on to the next stop of our tour.
Please follow me."

As she passed Jessica, Ea said, "Keep an eye on the Ares kid. They can be stupid when they're enthusiastic."

She then passed through the dark and slightly foul-smelling forge, Anny in tow, before exiting the building proper.

Anny, could not help but wonder what kind of weapon Ea used. Either she didn't have it on her; it was small enough to hide on her person (which would be quite a feat, seeing as she was wearing a tube top) or...she didn't need one.

Anny was having a hard time deciding which of those three was the more disconcerting option.

Halfway to the Armory Javier changed his mind about practicing and began to walk back toward his cabin. He took his time, stopping to wave at some camp members that he recognized. When he reached Cabin 8 Javier stayed only long enough to grab his staff and refill his water bottle. He left the empty cabin and began jogging back toward the Arena. 'Hope it's not too crowded.' Javier thought. When he neared the Arena entrance-way Javier slowed to a walk. He stepped down the seats and the sound of his shoes on the stone echoed slightly. The arena appeared empty. 'Guess everyone's either still eating or socializing.'

Javier leaned his staff against one of the practice dummies. He made sure it wouldn't fall then kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks. He set both in an empty seat along with his water bottle. Javier pulled off his shirt and neatly folded the garment before setting it on top of his other belongings. He spent a few minutes doing some basic warm-up exercises. Push ups, sit-ups, a brief jog up and down the stairs. Then Javier retrieved his wooden and bronze staff. He spun the weapon in a slow circle, an smooth motion borne of long hours of practice. Javier centered himself in the middle of the arena. Javier's feet kicked up sand as he settled his stance, his weapon now held at his side. He looked around himself, judging the distance he had to work with.

He counted. Fifteen seconds. Fifteen seconds of absolute stillness. Javier took a breath, then let it out. Five more seconds passed. Then with an sudden burst of energy he began his first routine.

Hunter kept the look of embarrassed look after Ea's compliment. Hunter had rarely received compliments through out his life and didn't completely know how to react to one. He instead tried to remove the current look from his face while looking around at the other group. The look mostly fell from his face seeing the other group more focused on what weapons they wanted. Hunter didn't like the idea of standing around in the forge doing nothing and was glad when they started to leave a few moments later. Just as they were about out of the forge Hunter saw Dathne talking to someone else and a death glare crossed his face before disappearing as he stepped outside to continue on with the tour.

Kat nodded.

"Yeah, that's perfect, actually".

She took the shield from Jessica and ran her arm through the straps, securing a strong hold. Her swordsmanship instructor only taught her with a wooden shield, and as a result the full weight of the metal was a bit unfamiliar at first. Ignoring the extra effort, Kat brought the shield to bear and grinned. "Perfect," she echoed, more to herself than Jessica. Straightening her posture, she looked around uncertainly. "So, we get to keep these or what?"

"Oh, you'll keep them unless you want to store them in the armoury," Jessica explained. "Usually everyone keeps their weapons unless they leave camp when summer winds up and people go back to school. Like me, for instance. If a demigod isn't particularly powerful or threatening, like an Aphrodite kid such as myself, they're usually ignored most of the time by all the monsters out there. We only really need the summer training rather than the security of camp."

Ea's words confused her a little. Had she meant Katarina? Who else could it be? She already knew Alexandros's father was Dionysus, so that only left the girl. She knew her way around weapons and shields as she had demonstrated; perhaps she also knew some form of unarmed combat and could hold her own in a fight.

"Um, before we continue on the tour, Katarina..." she added, a little unsure of her words. "Ea mentioned something just now as she passed by. You do know who your dad is, right?"

"Hmm, I can imagine," Gary answered before he gave Mitsuko a light kiss in return. "I'll just get the rest of our stuff," he added, pulling back to free himself. Once clear, he picked up the blanket from the ground and shook it out to get rid of all the dirt and leaves that had ended up on it. After folding it up, he tucked the blanket under one arm, gathered up the box of Cokes and the two open cans which had evidently been forgotten, and collected his staff from where it stood against the tree.

"O-kay, um... if you could take some of this off my hands, it'd be a little easier," he said, trying to keep a hold on the box, his staff and the blanket at the same time. Doubtless Mitsuko found his predicament amusing.

Mitsuko laughed some taking the blanket from him as well as the opened cans, taking a sip of hers. "Sure I can help you Gary though it's funny to watch you try to carry all of that." Mitsuko said giggling softly deciding to down her can and put it back in the box for now. "There one less thing to worry about." she added with a smile. She felt bubbly today, not that she minded really, and was happy to spend time with Gary. Well even more so now that they were together.

"Now, technically," Ea began, "The next stops on the tour are the stables and the docks. But frankly, if seen one pegasus you've seen them all, and the docks are really only worth a visit on days that people are actually, you know docking. So if it's all the same to you, We're just gonna cut straight through to the woods."

"I don't mind." Anny replied as the group made a beeline for the woods, "But can I ask you a question?"

Ea, assuming it to be about the missed spots on the tour, gave a quick, "Sure."

"Where is your weapon?" Anny asked, her voice polite, but firmly inquisitive.

Ea's pace hitched by about half a step as she heard this, though to her credit she pretended not to notice.

Clever girl...

"My place is at the Hall of Heroes. It's the last stop on the tour. I'll show you when we get there."

"Okay, no problem." Anny replied, admittedly curious as to what she might find there.

She didn't have time to ponder it for very long though, as the group arrived at the woods, as the found who there, but none other than Brandon and his two newbies. Brandon himself was pretty red in the face (though Ea knew this pretty much his default expression half the time anyway) and gesticulating wildly.

"Hey, Brandon." Ea piped up. "Everything okay?"

"Nah, nah it ain't," Brandon answered Ea. "I can see why I got stuck with these two. They're idgits. They don't say a damn word. The foreigner ain't even trustin' me on half the stuff I say, and that other one is starin' into the woods like a cow in headlights. Is this the best them Gods can do? I mean, dang. This is just stupid."

He saw the mute making a move towards the woods. "Hey! Hey! Get the fuck out of there, you dumbass!" He was a bit concerned, but not enough to actuallly make a move towards the kid.

"Much appreciated. Now then..." Gary said with a smile as the two of them made their way out to the woods' edge. Looking around to make sure they weren't spotted by anyone - just in case - he noted a group standing a fair distance away, and pulled back to keep himself hidden.

"Here's good, I can see the cabins," he said quietly, putting his arm around Mitsuko's shoulders. A tap of the staff later and they were standing in the central courtyard. Funnily enough, Gary's teleportation spells had never given anyone a feeling of disorientation or nausea after he brought someone along with him. That was because the spell was a form of air travel, accelerating the user and anyone or anything with him to their destination. Of course, he had to see where he was going; it wasn't like he could teleport from New York to Los Angeles.

"Okay, lead the way," Gary added, nodding in the direction of the Nyx cabin.

Eric paused upon hearing Brandon's yelling at him, turned and gave him a look as if to say, Don't worry, I'll be fine. With that he resumed walking, looking around before slipping between two trees and out of sight. Not thirty seconds later a faint growling noise could be heard near Brandon and Ea's part of the woods. A - much louder - panicked scream soon followed, though it was cut off abruptly.

Mitsuko lead Gary to the Nyx cabin; the front had 2 purple flame touches beside a black wood door. "I've always loved the look of this cabin. Oh so fitting." she said as she opened the door. The inside of the cabin had pillars between each bed, the pliers them selves had arcs that fanned out running from the pillars to the center of the ceiling creating a spider web like effect. The windows had a metal design at the top looking like vines wrapping around each other. Also alone the walls there were the same torches scattered along the room.

"Well this is home. Kinda dark but calming." Mitsuko said

The scream cut off whatever reply Ea had in mind for Brandon, as all the muscles briefly tightened for just a second.
She knew what she had to do in these kinds of situations, though it would be tricky to pull of naturally.

Smiling warmly, she adressed Anny and Hunter. "I think we probably ought to get a move on. Not a good idea to stay here for too long.
You coming too, Brandon?"

She headed off for the mess hall (which would incidentally also take them past the fields), a very confused and somewhat worried Anny in tow.

As Ea exited the forest, she caught up to a child of Hermes called Tommy, who would occasionally visit the Hall of Heroes.

"Hey Tommy?" she asked, "Would you mind quickly running to Chiron and telling him we need a hand or two in the forest?"

"Uh, sure. No problem." Tommy replied, confused but helpful.

"Okay, thanks." answered Ea, as the light-footed Demigod set off for the directors offices.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, Ea turned to her entourage and asked, "You okay?"

Anny gave a meek nod, though she was still confused as to what the hell was going on.
She had noticed the tightening of Ea's body though, and it raised more questions than answers.

Dathne had retreated to her cabin after Max and her had a little chat on camp gossip and the status on each other's past few days.


Upon arriving at her cabin, she opened the doors to find some nice burning torches inside. It was warming, sure, but the ventilation was already taking care of that.
Along with torches there were her fellow brothers and sisters of Apollo, including Rami and a few others.
The bunks were made from a celestial bronze look-alike. It had the same smooth cover, the same look and style and even the same aroma; except it was mixed with some other chemicals including herbal flora coating to protect it from accidental burns or dry atmosphere.

"Hey Dath. You better get ready for tomorrow. If you wanna get into that Arena."
Rami said as he nodded and walked past her on his way outside.
"Yeah yeah. Is the delivery here yet?"

Rami stopped and pointed toward Dathne's bunk.
"Yeah it arrived just as I came back, while you were out. Anyway, I got to meet up with Alistair and Mina at the archery range. I'll talk to you tonight, yeah?"

He didn't even bother to wait for a response because Dathne was already making her way to her bunk.
She quietly exclaimed to herself as she picked up the package and unwrapped it's content.
It was her birthday gift from her mother. It had gotten lost in the mail for over two months now and she had gotten agitated while waiting for it.

"How do I look?"
She asked no-one in particular as she swayed around in her new shoes. They were brand new all-star shoes, black and white just like her favorite colors.
"They look nice, but a bit dark don't they?" A female voice said from behind her.
Startled, Dathne stopped dead in her tracks and yelped at the sight of Mina standing behind her, cautiously admiring her from top to bottom.
"You think? Well, I like the color. It's my fa,- Wait, aren't you meeting Rami out at the Range?"

Mina stopped looking at her and turned around.
"Yeah, I just wanted to see what you got for your birthday is all. They suit you Dath, honestly."
A smile cringed her lips as she turned her head slightly to acknowledge her.
"But yes, I should get going."

A nod and she was gone.


Dathne exited the cabin. Not quiet enough, and she felt like being alone right now. Felt boredom and loneliness creep up on her like a midnight wind sends shrills up your spine.
So she made her way to the forest to find refuge in her little haven on the outskirts of the tree line. Perhaps a little melody would soothe her emotions.

"You do know who your dad is, right?"

Leaning her sword and shield against the wall, Kat nodded. She knew that the question would be asked sooner or later. Reaching into her shirt, Kat withdrew the medal bearing the symbol of Ares she wore under it, around her neck.

The medal was polished bronze and had the image of a wild boar engraved into the otherwise perfectly smooth metal. Kat reached behind her neck and undid the chain to the medal and held it up to the light so Jessica could see it better. "This was a medal given to my mother by Ares, my father," she explained.

Brandon heard the scream but couldn't say it was all surprised once the kid started running in there. "Fuck! Ah, fuck, I fuckin' told that kid. Y'all heard me. I warned that kid bout going in there. It ain't my fault."

He followed after Ea, partially to back her up on the story, and partially to assure everyone that it wasn't his fault that a kid got eaten so quickly into his stay. He took a deep breath. "So...we're off to a runnin' start this year, ain't we?" he asked the senior Counsellor.

"I see," Gary mused as he set his staff down near the door, with the rest of the things they had taken to the forest edge. 'Dark' was certainly the word to describe the Nyx cabin: the Hecate cabin, that in which Gary normally lived, was much brighter and decorated differently. Where his mother's cabin had decorations of arcane sigils and imagery associated with magic, Nyx's seemed to focus on her own domain just as much.

"Ah, yes, the god of war," Jessica said, stating the obvious. "I trust you remember the guy at the front gates who's taking two of the new campers on their tour? Yeah, he's your half-brother." She grinned at Katarina, and continued speaking.

"Well, now that you've both obtained your weapons of choice, we'll continue. Not much left now, just the amphitheatre, combat arena and archery range," she said as she led Alexandros and Katarina out of the armoury, and subsequently the forge. The theatre was only a short distance away, easily visible as its stone and marble structure stood out against the green and blue of the grass and sky.

The three of them entered the theatre after briefly looking at the outside, and Jessica asked, "So, what do you think? Pretty snazzy, eh? The theatre's a mix of modern technology and Greek design, we've got speakers, spotlights, you name it."

In the Directors' Offices, Chiron stood in his full centaur form as he worked through a stack of forms detailing the new campers. Upon hearing a knock at the door to his office, he called, "Come in," and the door opened by magic, the spell triggered by the request.

As soon as Tommy explained the situation to him, he set the papers aside and grabbed his longbow and arrows. "Inform Master Lee of the situation, she'll know what to do." With that he left the building at a casual pace, but as soon as he reached open ground he was galloping with all haste, bow in one hand and quiver over his shoulder. The centaur reached the group of demigods near the woods soon after - without even having to pause for breath - and asked Ea and Brandon, "Thomas told me about one of the new campers going into the woods. What happened here?"

"I fuckin' warned him there, sir," Brandon explained. "I fuckin' warned that kid to stay out of them woods, but he didn't listen. He just walked in there and got eaten. I got witnesses, sir. I warned him about them woods. It's his own dang fault that he's up with his daddy right now." Brandon maintained a solid stance during this. It really was the camper's own fault that he was dead this time, so he knew he was in the clear.

Alexandros immediately walked up onto the stage. He had seen many similar to it in his time traveling. He sat down in the center of the stage and simply stared off, remembering home and both his biological and informal family. He didn't say a word as everything felt perfectly natural and as if he were almost back with the traveling band of actors he considered family. He remembered the jokes, stories, and time spent learning the multiple languages some of the actors knew. Unbeknown to him however, his concentration on these people was causing a reaction in the rings, and in his reminiscence, caused him to morph into each person he thought about. The band was small but varied with people of nearly every walk of life.

He missed his home and in his current state a few tears rolled down his eyes as he remembered all the people that shaped him and helped make him who he currently was. He had never been away from them before and being up on stage brought it all back.

Jacob stood by and watched the events with the guide and the mute one unfold. Everything was just too strange to him. He watched with a blank expression as Eric-or as he called him, The Other White Guy-ran into the woods, and was killed by...something. He couldn't believe it. Why didn't he fight? It was the only thought running through his mind. It was just so...hilarious. He started laughing. He couldn't stop. "You...fucking...idiot!!" Every other word was coming in harsh, deep breaths. It was just so funny to him I flew across the planet from monsters like this and this idiot gets eaten by one!

Mitsuko giggled and walked to her bed waiting for him. "So feel like cuddling Gary?" she smiled softly sitting on her bed. "Gods I love this bed, so damn soft and comfy." she said cuddling in. "Want to join me?" she asked.

Gary gave Mitsuko a small smirk, answering, "But of course," as he sat down beside her, placing one arm around her shoulders. He leaned in and lightly kissed her cheek, though he made sure to keep his need for self-control in mind as he had done earlier. Just because they were alone in a cabin didn't mean they could forget about the rest of the world.

Chiron was clearly taken aback by Jacob's reaction to the incident. "This is no laughing matter, boy! A camper may have been injured or killed. We need to find out if they are alright and bring them back if possible."

"I'll take care of that, Master Chiron," a woman's voice spoke from behind the centaur. "Tommy told me the details," she added, stepping out to join the group. She stood at average height, her clothing obscured by the large mottled-green cloak she wore, accompanied by a hood of identical colour. A composite bow was in one hand with its quiver of arrows on the woman's back, and a holster could be seen attached to her belt.

"Those whom I don't recognise, you must be new. I'm Ruby Lee, chief ranger and archery instructor," she briefly introduced herself. "Brandon, let's move. We've got to find that kid." With that she turned and ran for the woods, pulling an arrow from the quiver and nocking it as she did so.

"Aw dang it," Brandon replied, knowing that his guns gave him away as the only armed counselor available. "How'd I get roped into this one?" He drew both his hand guns, the sun glinting off the black steel that comprised the housing and followed after Robin Hood into the woods.

He quickly caught up with the archery instructor and slowed his pace down to match hers. "We ain't gonna find this kid, you know. I told 'em we might find his bones here, but I bet you that idjit's dog food right now." He hated to say it, but Brandon called them as he saw them.

Mitsuko cuddled to Gary sitting up a bit more and cuddled in his arm resting her head on him. "So you seem happy. I wounder why." she asked then giggled. She wanted to jump on him and go further then she know both of them were ready for so she held her self back.

Kat watched with interest as Alexandros began shifting through various forms, a tears streaming down his shifting cheeks. She couldn't recognize any of the people he was transforming into, and she couldn't begin to guess as to who they were. "Uh..." Kat began. "You okay up there?" She probably shouldn't have asked, but her curiosity took over.

Taking several more deep breaths, Ea regained her composure and confidence.
With Chiron here (and, more importantly, Ruby), she knew there was no longer any reason to worry.

"Well..." she finally said, "Seeing as Chiron and the others have got this handled, what say we get ourselves a bite at the mess hall?"

Anny meekly nodded, not entirely sure how to respond to the situation, though the prospect of a new building was inviting.

Within just a minute or two, the group had arrived at the mess hall, and Ea had pushed open the large doors of the admittedly somewhat plain building. The inside was busy, but not terribly so. The tsunami of luchtime had yet to arrive.

Grabbing an apple from a fruit-basket, Ea turned to face Anny and Hunter.

"Now obviously, this place ain't the Rizz." she began. "Hell, it's not even the Frying Dutchman. But the cooks know what they're doing, and they at least try to mix things up every once in a while. You can ask for anything, but keep in mind they can't make every dish on the planet."

She paused for a moment to take a bite from the apple. It was sour and juicy, the way she liked it.

"Like I said, they try change the menu every once in a while, but there are a couple of regular meals that are always here: regular breakfast; fruit-salad; hot-dogs, etc. Basically, if you can make it in your own kitchen, odds are we got it here. And more besides.

Apart from the food though, I have to confess there isn't much else to do or see here. It's a nice place for socializing, I'll admitt, but other than that, nothing much, save for the occasional public announcement, but those are few and far between.

So, any questions?" she finished, twisting the stem from the apple.

Gary laughed with Mitsuko. He was indeed happy, much more so than the day before. A thought struck him at that: perhaps it was because he was with her that increased his happiness. As soon as that idea entered his head and was processed, the notion that it was true came soon after.

Turning slightly to look into Mitsuko's eyes, Gary said quietly, "Um... I just realised something. Mitsuko... I think just being with you, no matter where, makes me happy." He blushed as he spoke, not sure if he was getting the words right.

Jessica noticed Alexandros's actions, but paid no heed to them - his father was the god of theatre, after all - until he began changing forms into various people she didn't recognise, male and female. She looked a little closer... was he crying? That wasn't the reaction she'd expected of him.

She took the stairs up onto the stage, careful not to trip, and knelt down next to Alexandros. "Hey... you alright there?" she asked gently, not sure if he was listening.

"There's the difference between us," was Ruby's terse answer as she continued through the forest. "You give up easily. I'll track something to Madagascar if my job is to kill it." She stopped in a clearing, noting the trampled grass, and bent to take a look. The grass was clearly bent in a series of paw patterns similar to dog tracks, and a trail of blood stained the nearby grass.

"It passed this way..." she said quietly, sniffing at the air. "Oh, damn... Black Hellhound. That kid wouldn't have had a chance. Let's keep going. Reclaim his body, or what's left of it." She began following the trail deeper into the woods, her cloak blending in almost invisibly.

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