Demigods: A Camp Half-Blood RP -- Revamped Edition { Started, Closed }

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Hunter took his leave once he got the confirmation that he could leave. You should know better than to tell someone nothing of a place, avoid their question about it, and then tell them not to go into it, if you expect them to listen to you. Hunter walked about halfway through the distance between Hall of Heroes and the cabins.

Hunter stopped and looked back to make sure Ea wasn't watching him and his normal self rushed across his head. Are you sure you want to do this. Whatever was inside that forest was clearly something you don't want to meet. Why don't you go to the cabin and claim your bunk or go to the infirmary to see if they can remove some of your scares. Why don't I go do that and completely ignore the fact that they aren't telling me something about this place. You saw that stadium place and whatever got that kid in the forest. This place could easily be the worst yet. Its not something I can wait on. I have to know what is going on this place encase I need to run for it for my own good.

Hunter grabbed his head. He hated when he argued with himself. He closed his eyes and ran for a few steps hoping his body would lead him to where he should go. When he opened his eyes he was heading towards the forest. His path was chosen and a weight on his back was bugging him but it wasn't the shield. Hunter sighed as he slowed down and walked the remaining distance to an area closer to where he was before with everyone else when Eric disappeared. Hunter leaned his back against a tree as he looked around for someone who might see him enter. Feeling confident that no one was watching him Hunter ran around the tree and into the forest.

"Well, that's fair enough," Gary answered as he gently lifted Mitsuko off of himself so he could get up. "I'll just take my staff with me, pick up the rest later," he continued as he stretched a little before getting up from the bed and collecting the staff in question. As he slipped the weapon's leather bandolier over his head and one shoulder to its regular place, he flicked one hand in the direction of the cabin door. With a second or so of concentration, he turned the doorknob and opened it mentally rather than doing it by hand. Just because he could.

"After you," Gary said to Mitsuko, gesturing to the door. As the two of them walked out and around the cabin to head for the mess hall, Gary caught sight of someone walking towards the forest and leaning up against a nearby tree. Someone he didn't recognise at first; a guy who looked a few years younger than most campers. "What the..." he muttered quietly to himself, trying to identify the guy in question. Then it hit him. He had seen the guy before, when he had walked out of the arena with Mitsuko: he was one of the two new recruits Ea had been showing around. And he was alone. That was weird...

Then the guy hurried into the forest, a dangerous thing to do on one's own unless you had a decent level of training. Gary had no idea who the kid was or what he knew. If he had no combat training, he could get himself killed or eaten if he ventured too far in.

"Dammit. A newbie just went into the forest. I'll follow him, you grab a blade from your cabin and wait for me at the edge. Just in case," Gary said hurriedly to Mitsuko, pulling out his yew staff as he did so; time was of the essence. In a flash he teleported himself to the edge of the woods where the guy had been standing, leaving a faint puff of smoke where he had once stood, and began to pursue the guy. If he caught up to the new camper, Gary could stop him from going too far in with his magic. A wall of ice would do the trick if he went into a clearing.

Hunter was running near his full speed which wasn't much to think of. He was looking around for anything that would point him in the proper direction to anything that might give him an answer. As Hunter ran he tripped up on a root and stumbled and looked down. He could see two sets of foot prints along with some paw prints and a bit of blood and another set of foot prints heading back without the previous paw prints. This was what Hunter had hoped for and he quickly changed directions to follow the trail with the paw prints.

Hunter was able to keep up his pace through the forest. It was hard though as no clearings existed in the forest but the pair of foot prints seemed to slow down down as the foot steps appeared to become closer together before it appeared they stopped then the two sets split up. Hunter followed the larger pair and looked into an open area. Hunter spotted part of what used to be a caved in den. There was a hole that looked dug out from the inside near the top of it. What ever dug out of there seemed huge. Hunter swallowed hard regretting coming into the forest.

Hunter turned to leave. He no longer had any idea about what came from this forest and only wanted to leave it. Unfortunately Hunter didn't get his chance as he had already walked far to close to the den. As soon as Hunter finished his turn he was face to face with a hell hound that was in mid air leaping for him.

Hunter's heart beat faster as time seemed to slow. Hunter was caught in the very well alive and angry glare of the red eyes of the beast. Fear froze Hunter as what was less than in a second in reality felt like an hour for Hunter, as the best closed the gap and collided full forces with Hunter sending both of them into the open area. Pain filled Hunter chest as he landed hard and turned end over end. As he stopped he grabbed his sword from the sheath attached to his shield and held it up towards the beast. Hunter was in a bad position on the ground and started to back away.

The beast was recover and jumped at Hunter going straight for his sword arm. Its flesh was shallowly cut as the blade was knocked from Hunter's hand and the Beast started to rip at Hunter's right forearm. The bracer on top stopped the teeth from penetrating his flesh but the bottom of his arm was unprotected and the teeth dug in. The beast pulled on the arm like it was trying to tear it off. As the beast tugged it started to place it's paws on Hunter's chest and its sharp nails tore through Hunter's shirt and flesh as the beast struggle for a better grip.

Hunter bellowed out in pain as he raised his left fist and tried to hit the hell hound off but his blowers were weak and did nothing bug annoy it. The beast through Hunter's arm aside and went for Hunter's throat. So it ends like this huh? All the pain all the suffering ends here? All that I lived through and put up with and survived through to just be cast away? YET NO MATTER HOW WORTHLESS MY LIFE IS, I STILL WANTED TO LIVE AND HOPE TO SEE A MEANING! I WANTED TO GET STRONGER! I WANTED TO LIVE! Hunter's anger flared as he was about to die as nothing. This was something he wasn't about to let happen if he could. This was something that he couldn't stand for with his last breath.

Hunter's mind went it shock as a familiar feeling washed over him. It was the same one that appeared whenever he froze things or cooled them off before, except, stronger. Hunter's mouth slagged open as several ice spears appeared out of thin air and impaled the dog about to kill him stopping it just short of his neck. Hunter had no idea what happened but he started to back away from the dead hound held in place over him by the very spears that killed it.

Hunter's mind was lost trying to figure out what had happened and he didn't notice the two hell hounds come from a side clearing as they each took one of his left limbs and pulled with an immense force opposite to each other. Hunter felt his arm dislocated and his leg throb with pain. Hunter knew that everything was lost. Something incredible like what happened with the one before surely wasn't about to happen again and Hunter screamed out in the pain.

Rustling noises ahead of Gary soon told him where the new recruit was heading; he was moving at a run, if Gary didn't mistake the sounds of heavy footfalls and branches roughly pushed aside. Careful not to make as much noise as his quarry, he began to follow the sound, staff at the ready in case of any unwanted surprises. The trail soon turned nasty: footprints and blood leading deeper into the forest... something had happened recently. Recent enough for the smell of blood to still be in the air.

Then Gary heard something much louder than just rustling branches. A large thump on the forest floor, followed by a roar of pain soon after. The newbie had found something that didn't agree with him. Gary doubled his speed, throwing caution to the winds in favour of saving a life. Judging by the trail of blood, someone else had already been injured. And he had no intention of letting a camper get hurt when he could save him.

Bursting into the clearing at a sprint, Gary saw the newbie getting up from the ground - a dead hellhound at his feet, impaled on icicle spikes - only to be promptly attacked by two more of the dogs. Another scream passed from his lips as Gary heard something move the way it wasn't supposed to. A dislocation... that was never good. Within a second he raised his staff with the collapsible blade extended, and fired a spear of pure cold into the heart of the dog gripping his leg. Not waiting to see the result, he charged at the other demon, slashing his blade through the creature's throat to kill it.

The two hellhounds fell to the ground simultaneously, as did the unnamed camper. He did not fall for long, however, as Gary caught him in a telekinetic hold with a swift gesture, careful to support his weight from all the crucial points on his body. While the three hellhound corpses melted into the ground and disappeared, the ice spikes impaling one clattering into a heap, Gary immediately turned his attention to the guy's injuries. He had no medical experience, training or spells at his disposal. Nor did he know how to set a dislocated limb, which was clear in the position of the guy's arm. The infirmary staff would have to take care of the guy.

"Curiosity almost killed you just then, and it still might if I don't get you out of here in time," he said, an unwanted tone of anger creeping into his voice as he looked back along the trail he had come. This kid had been stupid to go into the forest alone, and to this site in particular... Gary had no idea what had happened here earlier, but it was irrelevant at the present time. Careful to maintain his hold on the boy, Gary pointed his staff at the trail of footprints and released an invisible lance of telekinetic force from its tip to part the branches above the ground, as if his power were a wedge driving two objects apart. The fingers outstretched to the wounded kid felt slightly cold as he held him up, but he ignored the feeling as a byproduct of his usage of magic.

Gary carefully began to levitate the wounded camper towards him, backing up towards the gap in the branches, and continued down the makeshift path, speeding up a bit to get out of the forest all the faster. The branches closed in behind the wounded kid as the two of them passed through the gap, leaving no trace that they had ever been moved. Eventually they reached the edge of the forest, and soon enough left it behind them.

"Mitsuko! Get to the infirmary! Tell them a guy's been hurt bad! Get them to bring out a stretcher and all that!" he called to his girlfriend upon seeing her return from her cabin with knives in hand. "GO! Run!"

Mitsuko gasped looked over the hurt camper and nodded. "I'll be right back Gary." Mitsuko said running to the infirmary using her enhanced speed to get there faster. "There's been an attack, a new camper walked into the woods and Gary pulled him out. He's bleeding and it seems something is dislocated. Please bring first aid and a stretcher." Mitsuko said to the nurse.

She seemed surprised but nodded grabbing everything Mitsuko had asked for. She lead them to Gary and the new camper. "I got every you asked for." Mitsuko said panting.

At the sight of the nurse and her stretcher coming towards Gary and the new camper, Mitsuko leading the nurse onwards, Gary breathed a sigh of relief. Once the nurse - Amanda - got to the two of them, he gently lowered the guy onto the stretcher and released his telekinetic grip. During the wait he had passed out, presumably due to blood loss and the shock of having an arm yanked out of its socket. "He went into the forest alone. Hellhounds attacked, I got him out of there. Please, do what you do best, and let me know when he's awake," he explained to Amanda, who nodded and hurriedly took the guy away back the way she had come.

Turning to Mitsuko, Gary's sense of worry expanded. "There were three of the beasts... two jumped him out of nowhere and I killed them. He took out the third himself; I don't know how he did it, but he conjured icicle spikes and impaled the hellhound with them. I hope he makes it through..."

As Gary spoke, Amanda hurriedly pushed the stretcher through the courtyard of the cabins and down the path to the infirmary. A daughter of Hermes originally, she had left for college to become a doctor and now served the camp in a different role many years after she had first arrived. Once she reached the infirmary, she competently transferred Hunter to a more stable bed and assessed his injuries before getting to work.

Nectar, the Olympian drink of the gods, served demigods well as a fast healing agent - both internal and external - although it stung painfully when applied to wounds. Plus, if a patient ingested too much of it, it had a particularly bad reaction to the demigod's human flesh and burned them up from the inside out. Amanda used the divine liquid often in her medical work, but also applied mundane human means of healing her charges. Ensuring that Hunter was still unconscious, she set his dislocated shoulder carefully and prepared to move it back into place. It would hurt the boy, but it was the only way.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Amanda wrenched Hunter's arm back into its socket. She immediately pulled out a bottle of nectar and spilled a few drops onto the restored joint before she set about dealing to his cuts, bruises and more severe injuries. The sooner it was done, the better, plus the nectar would heal any possible fractures he might have received.

Hunter's vision blurred because of the pain. A few seconds later the pulling force on his leg was no longer present. In a few more seconds the force pulling on his arm disappeared and his body gained a sense of weightlessness. Hunter could feel himself being moved against the air and he tried to look at a figure of a person by him. Who is that? Were they able to just kill those two that fast? Hunter's vision blurred worse as he tried to focus. He was feeling helpless amongst the growing feeling of nothingness that was starting to surround him. The only thing that he could clearly hear at this point was the sound of his blood dripping out of his body and onto the ground like it was counting the seconds till his death. Hunter passed out.

The feeling of nothingness was drowning Hunter in his own mind. He wasn't sure if he was dead or alive. If this was part of his dreams and imagination or just the endless torment of being alone that followed death. Hunter didn't think for sometime. He had no reason to. The only thing to do at this point was to wait to see if he was going to wake up. Hunter didn't have to wait long for an anwser as he was woke by the familiar painful feeling of a joint being relocated.

Hunter opened his eyes and was confused. He jerked his chest up his body still burning in pain as he the information of his surroundings rushed him like a tsunami. The white curtains, the chairs, the bed he was on and a woman holding bottle over top of him. Hunter panicked instantly at the unfamiliarity of his current location. He swung out his newly relocated arm at the woman pushing her back a little as it sent pain screaming through out his shoulder. With what little strength Hunter tried to pull himself off the side of the bed with his other arm. He succeeded only to end sending himself to the hard floor below with a thump.

With Hunter gone, Ea turned back to face Anny, an all too knowing look in her eyes.

"You wanted to talk, so let's talk." she said, closing the heavy doors of the Hall.

Twisting and turning her trilby around in her hands, Anny managed a semi-decent reply to this.
"I did...I mean I do, but...Can we do it somewhere a little more...private?"

About one second after the words left her mouth, she realized how easily they could be misinterpreted as innuendo.
She was already halfway a stammering and less than coherent apology when Ea burst into bemused laughter.

"Sorry, sorry." Ea managed in between chuckles. She took a deep breath and managed to get past the snickering.
She knew that if the rarely-visited Hall of Heroes was too public for this discussion, then so would the archives and the Directors Offices. Which left the last door at the end of the hall, the right-hand one without a mark.

"We'll talk in my place. It's just down here."

The two strolled down the Hall, Anny rolling questions around in her head. Ea's eyes briefly flashed to the plaque of Ayane Fisscher, but she didn't stop or slow down. At the door, Ea produced a key, from where Anny couldn't see. The only other one of it's kind hung in the office of Chiron, the camp director. But even that was less than common knowledge.

The lock made a surprisingly heavy and loud *click*, despite looking like a perfectly ordinary door-lock. Once the two were fully inside, Ea closed the door again but didn't lock it again. She knew people would knock before they entered.

Anny, meanwhile, had walked to the middle of the room and examined her surroundings. The room was entirely paneled with wooden planks, but a large carpet covered in abstract patterns lay in the middle of the floor. She was surprised to find a one-man bed (or in this case, one-woman) sitting in the far left corner under one of the rooms two windows, both of which had their shutters drawn closed.

Aside from this, there was a large desk with various bits and pieces of office equipment surrounding a unlabeled book big enough to stop a shotgun-blast, a chest of drawers the size of a decent motorcycle, a small fridge, two bookshelves that seemed ready to burst at their metaphorical seams and another door leading to what Anny assumed (quite correctly, as it turned out) to be a small bathroom. A map of the United States hung on the rear wall, notes and scribblings marked on it in small, spiky handwriting, and a map of Europe hung on the right-hand wall, several colorful plastic pins inserted seemingly at random. No television, radio or computer was to be seen.

Finally, standing upright against the rear wall besides the door they'd just come through, stood a massive metal locker. At least, Anny assumed it was a locker. If it was, then it was the first one she'd ever seen to be four feet across, have absolutely no openings or slits anywhere, and have three very large and very imposing locks keeping it closed. There was also a very unusual feeling come from it, one that Ea had felt in the armoury as well. There, she had dismissed it as being the result of so much Celestial Bronze and Stygian Iron in one place. Why on earth it should be here as well, she couldn't fathom.

If the truth be told, this was actually the first time in quite a few years that Ea had let anyone into her private abode. Not that she was dead opposed to the idea, but she preferred to keep her private space, well, private. It was usually easier to go elsewhere anyway, as her place was out of the way pretty much regardless of where you were in the camp, except maybe the Directors Offices.

Ea sat down at the chair in front of the desk, turning it around to face Anny. She didn't offer Anny a seat, but only because she knew the girl would prefer to stand up anyway.

Ea was about to open her mouth, telling Anny to say what was on her mind, when Anny beat her to the punch.
Though given the bluntness of the question, it was not so much a punch as it was a roundhouse kick to the face.

"You're not a Demigod, are you?" she asked, subtlety an unheard-of concept in the question.

"Why, whatever gave you that idea?" Ea replied, her voice neither offended nor sing-song.

"Leaving aside the fact that you aren't carrying around a weapon like the rest of us, there's also the somewhat hard to miss fact that you have a private place to sleep, and not a cabin devoted to a certain god or goddess."

Ea could not help but smile to herself.

Clever girl.

"Alright," she said, "I'm not a Demigod like you or the rest of the campers. Your point being?"

Anny did not answer, but her piercing gaze was answer enough.

"No, I'm not going to tell you what I really am, so don't bother asking." said Ea, the corners of her mouth raised in a sly grin.
"Anything else you want to ask me?"

"Yeah." Anny answered, spinning her hat around her right index finger before loosely putting it back on her head, "Where is your weapon anyway? Even if you don't carry it around, you gotta have one somewhere."

All Ea gave as a reply to this was a brief nod towards the huge metal cabinet Anny had seen earlier.

"Why do you keep it in there?" the young girl asked, though she could guess the answer already.

"To make sure no one gets hurt by it."

In other words, it's dangerous, whatever it is, Anny thought to herself.

"But...I'm pretty sure that's Celestial Bronze. Why would you keep it in a container made entirely out of Celestial Bronze?"

Her expression unchanging, Ea simply repeated, "To make sure no one gets hurt by it."

Correction. Anny thought to herself, Whatever it is, it's dangerous as all fuck.

The accuracy of this statement was debatable, but it was true that Ea had not opened that container in nearly half a decade, which had caused rumors among the younger and newer campers that she in fact went unarmed at all times. Ea laughed at these rumors, particularly the ones claiming she was an expert martial artist or a gifted sorceress.

She was of course neither of these things.

"There's one other thing," Anny slowly finished, "But it's a little personal. More than a little, actually."

"Ask, and ye shall receive." Ea spoke, with all the authority and regality her voice could muster, which was a fair bit.

"Well, uhm...Maybe it's best if I show you." said Anny, and she raised one hand to summon a field of utter magical darkness around herself and Ea. From the outside, the cylindrical field seemed a uniform black, but on the inside there were shifting and warping patterns of darkness, and deeper darkness. No light of any kind existed there, but every imaginable kind of darkness was there on the inside, blinding the eyes of all save the children of Nyx.

After a long moment, Ea said, "I see." though what exactly she saw she kept to herself.

Ea's quarters returned and the darkness disappeared, leaving no evidence that it was ever there.

"You felt that aura, didn't you?" asked Anny, her eyes now set and harsh, the dark veins seeping into prominence. "It was identical to yours. Care to explain why?"

"I'd sure like to." Ea said, and Anny actually leaned forward slightly in anticipation.

"And maybe someday I will." finished Ea, the smile on her face not as sly anymore as it was five minutes ago.

Anny, surprisingly, did not feel angry. Sad, yes. Disappointed, yes. But not angry.
Her arms and eyes fell to the floor as Ea got up from the chair, stretched, and guided Anny back to the door.

Anny hadn't needed to ask who her mother was. She'd figured that out for herself before she came here.
And although she really wanted to ask about Ayane Fisscher, it was obvious that Ea would avoid that answer even more than the others.

"If you ever need someone to talk to," Ea said, as she opened the door once again, "I'm nearly always here. Come around sometime, okay?"

Anny nodded, and silently headed out the door. Ea closed it, but she did not lock it again. Anny left the Hall of Heroes and sat down on the marble steps of the building, just as Ea lay down on her bed, their thoughts two different ends of the same bridge.

"Hey, what the -?" Amanda cried out as Hunter jerked awake, shoved her aside and promptly fell out of bed. It was a common enough reaction among people his age, but it always startled her when someone woke up and had a bad reaction to where they were. She walked around the bed to find Hunter tangled up in the sheet he had been lying on, and quickly helped him out of it, blocking the exit so he couldn't leave.

"Please, calm down. You're in the camp's infirmary, your shoulder had been dislocated. Evidently setting it back into place was enough to wake you up," she explained. "My name is Amanda, and I need you to listen to me and do as I say until I deem you okay to leave the infirmary."

Thankfully Hunter nodded his compliance, although it looked like that was all that he was able to do. "All right. Lie back down on the bed, you still have a number of deep cuts and injuries I need to look at." Once Amanda had helped to settle Hunter back into the bed, she began to look at the numerous cuts, scrapes, bite marks and contusions about his person, carefully removing his shirt - most of the way to avoid him moving his less stable arm too much - in order to fully examine him.

Most of the wounds Hunter had received were light, superficial injuries that would heal naturally; the box of Band-Aids in a nearby cupboard would help with that. There were others, however, that were deeper and needed cleaning and a little nectar to close. And there were others, scars and burn marks of varying shapes, sizes and ages. "What happened to you, I wonder..." Amanda mused before glancing up at Hunter and remembering that he was awake. "Oh. Sorry. Most of my patients are unconscious. I tend to talk to myself while I'm working."

The floor hurt. The impact of the fall brought back to normal and he recognized the familiar scene. Hunter kind of laid there for a second before rolling over and getting tangled in the sheets. By the time the woman he pushed came over Hunter was feeling extremely foolish. She quickly helped him out of the sheet and introduced herself. The woman than made two small requests that Hunter had no objection too so he nodded in agreement with them. After that Amanda help Hunter back into the bed, unable to do so himself.

Hunter lied back down when told and cringed in pain as Amanda pulled his shirt up. The next thing that came out of Amanda was something Hunter didn't expect at the moment, but it was something that he should have know was coming the whole time. The question about his scars was never an easy question to anwser. It normally brought more questions afterward and Hunter didn't feel like immediately answering. Instead Hunter looked down at his chest in shame. Her next statement though was a common enough thing for Hunter.

"Its okay. More doctors than you think talk to themselves. I also... Don't like to... To talk about...Those scars." Hunter tried to keep his voice as clear as possible. That didn't however help him form any complete sentences about the scars; although that was caused by a combination of nervousness, dizziness, and the extreme lack of comfort with the topic. Hunter sighed before asking, "Is there anything... Anything you could do to... To remove any of them?"

Mitsuko sat on the stump not really wanting to say much, or more or less didn't know what to say. She was use to attacks by Hell Hounds so that wasn't bothering her. "So what do we do now?" she said. She had changed her clothes to remove the blood and changed into a purple bikini and sandals. It was a nice day so she saw no need to wear too much.

"I don't know, to be honest," Gary answered Mitsuko as he looked in the direction of the cabins, where he had last seen Amanda head off with the unnamed camper. "Evidently plans have changed... I want to go to the infirmary at some point and see if that guy is all right. Amanda will let us know when he's stable enough to have visitors."

He turned his eyes to Mitsuko, and instantly averted his gaze to avoid openly staring at her. She was wearing much less than she had been before; presumably she had had the bikini on under her regular clothing. A small part of Gary's mind registered that he liked what he saw, but he was focusing more on what he had seen unfold in the woods, and the guy who had gone in and almost gotten himself killed. Gary wondered about the display of ice spikes he had seen: evidently the guy had some kind of power over ice or magic. Perhaps both.

Taking a seat on the tree stump next to Mitsuko and putting an arm around her shoulders - ignoring the fact that all she was wearing was the bikini - Gary added, "I guess we could, uh, still go for lunch if you want... just as long as you put some clothes back on before we head for the mess hall." He gave her a half-smile with his comment, still worried about the new recruit and the injuries he had sustained.

"Please, don't try to talk. You need to save your strength for now," Amanda answered patiently as she cleaned out Hunter's cuts and stopped the deeper ones from bleeding before she applied gauze and bandages. Some of the medical training she had received during med school included additional courses from Chiron on the matter of magical healing. "I'm going to use a small healing spell to clear up some of your larger injuries. This may sting a little or feel weird," she added, tracing a finger lightly around each of the more serious wounds and concentrating a little. The injuries closed themselves in seconds, leaving only patches of tender red skin that would fade in time.

"You mentioned removing some of your old injuries. I can restore the smaller scars and burns, but the larger ones, like here and here - " Amanda indicated which ones she meant as she spoke " - are too big to do anything about. I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure any form of healing, magical or otherwise, can't do anything about those."

The crisis with the hellhounds and the now dead new camper averted, Ruby made her way to the archery range. She had refrained from attending her class with one of the more promising young archers, Dathne, in favour of dealing with the threat of the dogs. Lessons could wait, especially if a problem was life-threatening.

Arriving at the range with her bow strapped to her quiver, Ruby spotted Dathne sitting and gesturing with her hands. Presumably that was a little last-minute revision; a smile curled the edges of the ranger's lips as she said, "Ah, Dathne. Apologies for the delay, I was called away to deal with a situation in the woods. But I'm here now, so let's get to it. I trust you've studied up and you know the spell on which you will be tested?"

Hunter had already agreed to do as she said, so he wasn't about to argue and shut his mouth as instructed. Hunter felt some stinging as she continued to clean out his cuts. At the mention of a healing spell Hunter kind of laughed to himself in his head but stopped as he was amazed as the finger she traced over the wounds healed his wounds. It felt like his skin was being pulled back together and more was being regenerated in between it and on top of it like it was being welded back together.

Seriously. Magic? That can't be right. Can it? I mean how else did that just happen? How else were those icicle spears that killed the hell hound created? Was that all I've been doing with those stupid freezing tricks the whole time? And if there's a such thing as magic could there actually be gods and goddesses as our parents?

Hunter's train of thought was killed off by the answer to his previous question. A small smile appeared across Hunter's face as he was told some of the scars could be removed. It may not have seemed big to other people considering the larger ones wouldn't be able to be removed. However to Hunter everyone that was removed would be like a bad memory pulled from his mind so he'd never have to relive it again. Hunter knew the patch job on his body would take a while and he fought against the pain to fall asleep succeeding after a few minutes.

Dathne looked at Ruby and quickly stood up from her seated position.
"Ruby! Eh, situation in the woods?"
Dathne's face faltered and she quickly side-glanced to the side before returning her gaze to Ruby.
"Is everyone okay? I mean. Surely there wasn't an attack?"

Oh man. I hope everything is okay. Oh god, what if anyone is hurt?!
Dathne drew her bow, sort of half-hearted to continue with the test.

Jacob slowly scanned the surrounding forest, trying to gain his barrings. These dammed trees. I can't see the sun. Which direction sends me back the right way? He wandered in the general direction of what he thought was north, not making a sound as he moved through the forest. He heard sounds going off in the distance, sounds he recognized from his travels. Silently, he unfurled Ifrit, undoing each latch by hand to avoid alerting anything nearby. He walked like a ghost along the floor, keeping his back to the trees whenever he could. He could almost feel the creature's breath on his neck; he was so close now. He moved passed the last line of trees and into view of...

The shore line. It was just the water...I was hearing the sound of water against the shore... Jacob stood there, motionless. Not one muscle on his face moved, he wouldn't dare it right now. All he could do was stand there, staring at the water.

Ea rested her back against the foor for a second, catching her breath in proper.
The girl named Anny had been keen-eyed and sharp-witted, but she still had a long way to in order to genuinely impress Ea.

Finally, she went over to her chest of drawers and pulled out not one but two drawers near the top-left corner. Reaching into the hole left behind by the two, she found the small latch and pulled it back, revealing one of the cabinets two secret compartments. Out came a small notebook, frayed at the edges but otherwise in good shape, and a wooden carving of a turtle dove.

The little statue wasn't quite immaculate anymore, with a few scratches and scrapes here and there, but to Ea it was a fiercely guarded treasure. The notebook she stuck back in the compartment, carefully reinserting the two drawers afterwards, but the turtle dove she kept in her hands. Looking up from it's meticulously carved eye, she saw the map on the right-hand wall, and the pins stuck in it.

Stockholm, Sweden. Corinth, Greece. Salzburg, Austria. Groningen, The Netherlands.
She'd been sighted there, in the past 4 years...since she'd disappeared.

Ea closed curtains, and lay down on her bed, her eyes now fixed on the turtle dove. How much time passed that way, she couldn't say.

Anny got to her feet, and made up her mind to go to the cabins, and see if she could find hers. In truth, she was hoping to see if she had any half-siblings. This was actually something that she'd been curious over for quite a while.

The cabins were pretty much smack in the middle of the camp, so it wasn't exactly hard to miss. They were set up pretty much like a cliche Old West town, one long street with two sides. Anny saw several Demigods in and around the cabins, but none of the buildings seemed like they could belong to Nyx. That was, until she got almost to the very end of the "street" and noted a small cabin which had the unmistakable aura of night about it.

Well, that, and it had two torches on the front that burned with bright purple fire, and the main door was so black you'd think it was made
entirely out of eyeliner, and the grating around the windows looked like constricting metal vines and all in all the whole place looked not unlike Tim Burtons holiday home, but there was also totally an aura of night.

Composing herself for just a second, Anny pushed open the door, and stepped inside the cabin. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to be in.
But to Anny's pleasant surprise, one of the beds had clearly been slept in recently.

So there is another child of Nyx here, Anny thought to herself.

I wonder if it's a guy or a girl.

There was something of a mess around the unmade bed, though: a blanket and a six-pack of Coke, with more possibly still under the blanket.

Another surprise hit Anny when she saw that her luggage had been dropped on the the left-hand bed closest to the door. She didn't complain though, since in a cabin this small, one bed was as good as any. Not that her luggage was especially big or notable. It was a grey duffel bag filled with clothes and a black suitcase filled predominantly with books.

Anny undid her sword-belt and hung it on one of the spiderweb-like struts sticking out of the main beams. She shoved the duffel bag under the bed and the suitcase followed shortly thereafter, but not before she'd dug out a book. If she was gonna wait for her mystery sibling, she might as well have something to entertain herself throughout.

Depositing her trilby onto the nightstand besides the bed, she sighed and opened up the first volume to Tales of MU.

"I can run back to my cabin and change. Won't take long, just pull on a shirt and shorts." Mitsuko said kissing Gary's cheek. "Maybe I have a sibling by now." she giggled and walked to the black door of the Nyx and opened it and looked over seeing a new comer.

"Wait, you're new here. Oh please tell me your a child of Nyx cause if you are then I'm your half sister." Mitsuko smiled walking into the cabin. "I'm Mitsuko Karitsuki and this is my boyfriend Gary Alexander son of Hecate." she said thrilled to see another Nyx child.

Gary followed Mitsuko to her cabin, although he couldn't help but take a sneak peek at her body while he still had the opportunity to check her out. She was certainly good-looking: gentle but prominent curves in all the right places; her hair perfectly contrasting with her skin; and her arms and legs were certainly striking. Shapely, fairly long, with skin that looked perfectly smooth, they were the kind most guys would like to get their hands on. All in all, it made up a picture of a beautiful girl. But of course, Mitsuko's looks weren't the only thing that mattered to Gary. He valued the mind behind the attractive face just as much, if not more.

Wondering if Mitsuko had a little bit of Aphrodite in her genetics somewhere - and smiling at his own joke - Gary entered the Nyx cabin after his girlfriend and instantly spotted the biggest change in the room. Another girl, a lot younger and by extension shorter than either Gary or Mitsuko, with a book in her hands. The feature that stood out the most about this unknown girl was her shock of slightly curly ginger-coloured hair, accompanied by a headband: it was a very distinct change from the muted colours of the Nyx cabin.

It occurred to Gary that the stranger was one of the new demigods that had come in. He didn't recognise her, though: perhaps they had not met yet. He blushed visibly when Mitsuko called him her boyfriend, unused to the term, but quickly bypassed the word. An introduction was in order. "Um, hi. As Mitsuko mentioned, my name is Gary. Gary Alexander. You must be one of the new recruits Chiron brought in earlier today, so welcome to camp, Miss...?" He trailed off to allow the younger girl to introduce herself in turn.

Amanda continued her work to heal her patient, but paused momentarily when she noted that his eyes were closed. Perhaps he had fallen asleep naturally, or returned to unconsciousness as a result of his extensive wounds. She knew from her training that damage such as this wasn't enough to knock him out for a period of time or put him into a coma, so she ignored it and prepared a sling to hold his damaged arm. He would need it: there was no instant cure for a dislocated or broken arm. The boy would have to live with the sling for a few days, maybe a week, and undergo a few sessions of physiotherapy to regain full use of his shoulder. Olympian nectar would help by accelerating the rate of healing, of course.

It then occurred to Amanda that she didn't even know the boy's name, and would have to ask someone about it. Gary might know; he was the one who pulled him out of the woods. Amanda resolved to contact the demigod in question, and Chiron as well, once she was finished.

Kat nodded towards Javier. "I'll keep that in mind," she replied briefly. Shifting her weight to her left leg, she turned to face Jessica. "So...what's next, and when do we get to our cabins?" she asked somewhat impatiently. She was about ready to finish this tour and get something done. Her already short patience was beginning to wear a bit thin. At that point, she simply wanted to get settled and prepare for whatever training might come her way.

Anny was just getting firmly sucked into the adventures of everyone's favourite sexually conflicted, infernally attuned, bone-crunching, ball-gazing, masochistic, socially awkward, smartass Applied Enchantments major, when Gary and Mitsuko walked in.

She made a sound that may or not have been "Yowza." and in a move that was half startled pratfall and half graceful recovery, got up from the bed and uprighted herself with something that sort of looked like dignity if you squinted hard enough.

Her first impression of Mitsuko, aside from a soundless cry of inexpressable joy at seeing a fellow daughter of Nyx, was one of being severely outsized. Not that Mitsuko was a pair of zeppelins on legs, but the bikini (purple, i.e. awesome) didn't leave a whole lot to the imagination, and Anny became slightly awkwardly aware of her own chest, which curved so slightly it would take a trained geologist to notice that it curved at all.

"I-...Hi, I'm Anny Cherrywood." she managed, only a slight hitch in her speech, "Nice to meet, Mitsuko. Oh, and you Gary, nice to meet you too."

Gary did indeed seem like a nice guy, though he was somewhere between Mitsuko and Anny herself in terms of feeling awkward.

Can you blame him, with a girlfriend like that? she thought to herself.

Shaking those thoughts away quickly, she said, "Uhm, yeah, I'm a child of Nyx, obviously. And yeah, I just got here."

Anny had never been especially awkward about her height, mostly due to a lack of friends and family her own age.
But there is a school of thought that goes that suddenly encountering a never-before-met elder half-sister who has a 7-inch advantage on you is a situation that can inspire a certain amount of intimidation.

Thankfully, before Anny had a chance to act on this, her stomach gave a soft but distinctly noticeable growl.

"...You guys wouldn't happen to want some lunch, would you?" she finally said, keeping her fingers crossed.
She really wanted to get to know Mitsuko better, and didn't feel like eating her first meal at the camp by herself.

Mitsuko grabed a black tee shirt and pulled it over her head. "Yea I was about to head to go get food anyway. I'd like it if you joined me." Mitsuko said looking back at Anny and smiled pulling out a part of light blue pants putting them on as well putting her shoes back on.

"I'm not sure what they're serving today for lunch though. Hmmm guess we'll find out." Mitsuko said smiling more pulling her hair up into a pony tail. "If you want I can show you around camp, unless someone already has. Oh on a side note stay out of the forest unless you've had some training." she said siting on her bed.

"Sorry I know it seems I'm hyper, I've just been the only Nyx child here since I arrived at camp. Oh out of curiosity what are you powers?" Mitsuko asked.

"Wow, Mitsuko, give the poor girl some time to respond to at least one thing you said," Gary said with a laugh, taking a seat next to her on the bed and putting his arm around her. In light of Anny being present in the Nyx cabin, he refrained from giving his girlfriend a quick peck on the cheek in case the younger girl was opposed to public displays of affection to some degree.

"Y'know, I kinda like your hair when it's tied back like that," he added, gently playing with the end-tips for a few seconds. "Anyways." He fell silent to allow Anny to speak, briefly thinking over the fact that he had tried to avoid looking at Mitsuko when she had bent over to put her pants back on. Gary had, however, been unable to resist catching an eyeful in his peripheral vision.

"Chiron will make an announcement about it sometime today, presumably at dinner. Best to put it out of your mind for now and focus on what you're about to do," Ruby explained gently, making an attempt to calm down the panic-stricken Dathne.

"Please, when you're ready, we'll begin," she added, gesturing to the target at the end of the range. It was the traditional round bulls-eye type arrangement, built to last the impact of many arrows and remain standing.

"All right. Good talking with you, Javier," Jessica said, turning back to her charges. "In answer to your question, Katarina, you're in luck. The cabins are the last thing left to see. We'll head over there right now. Coming, Jav?" she added, looking over her shoulder at the son of Hermes, who had headed over to one of the arena seats and was putting on shoes and socks. Evidently he had removed them before his training.

Javier nodded, so the four of them made their way out of the arena and headed for the cabins together. Jess walked alongside Katarina; once the group was on their way, she spoke up. "Back at the armoury, you used a kind of stance when asking about your shield. How much combat training do you have, just out of curiosity?"

Dathne looked at Ruby and saw that she didn't want to talk about whatever it was that had happened in the woods earlier.
"I understand if you don't want to talk about it. But.. you're right, we should continue with the test"

Sweating profusely, Dathne readied the two arrows against the bow and lightly pulled the strings to get used to the weight.
Arena entry. Final test. Come on Dath, you can do this!

Closing her eyes, she cleared her mind and focused on the arrows. Visualized them. Saw them, through the touch of her fingers and felt them through the weight of the bow.
The magical incantation came to her naturally and she whispered the words lightly at first, but became louder and more secure as she felt the heat from within the arrows building up.

As the final words of the incantation escaped her lips, she opened her eyes, aimed down the range and released the arrows as a searing wave of heat spun itself from within the arrows, igniting the wood and creating a small shockwave of energy trailing after them.

Then, after one agonizing second swirling through the air, both arrows hit the dummy. The first one landed a bit off the middle and set the dummy on fire.
The second arrow hit it square in the middle and punctured a hole through the dummy, sending the arrow straight into the piece of wooden structure that was overhead above the target.

Thinking quickly, Dathne recited the final part of the incantation, and with a wave of her hand extinguished the flame in the arrows.
However, the dummy was still lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Erm.. How's that?"
Dathne said as she lowered her bow and turned around to meet Ruby's gaze.

"Uhm, you might not want me to use my powers with him here." Anny proclaimed, a little overwhelmed (pleasantly overwhelmed, but overwhelmed nonetheless) by Mitsuko's reaction.

"I mean, no offense Gary, but I'm not sure you'd appreciate it."

She meant it too. To Anny, the insides of her fields were...Actually, there is no proper way to describe it, for the simple reason that one cannot convey the experience of seeing two seperate colour-schemes simultaneously if ones audience can only see one at a time. Bottom-line, Gary would not appreciate sudden unexplained blindness.

But then, inspiration struck.

"Actually," she said, "Hang on. I think I can do...this."

The veins in Anny's eyes grew wide and black, like jet spiderwebs, as she raised her arms to her sides. A deep chill then descended on the cabin but if it affected the torches in any significant way, it didn't show. Whereas outside the June sun was baking, here it felt like a bad day of November wind.

Finally, Anny couldn't keep it up any longer and let the field drop. Warm summer breezes instantly shot back into the cabin.

"I can't do that for very long, haven't used it much yet. I can do a fair bit more, but like I said, that stuff's an acquired taste. But uhm, yeah, Ea already showed me around the camp. I wouldn't mind strolling along for lunch though."

Anny could tell she was going to like Mitsuko. The girl was clearly as excited by the discovery of a sibling as she was. She was also glad when Mitsuko pulled on a shirt. Not that Anny minded Mistuko's chest, but at least it got rid of the awkwardness in comparing the two of them.

Anny retrieved her sword-belt from the beam-strut and slipped it on, sticking the belt-buckle to her right, than her front.

"Ready when you are. Actually, just a sec."

She picked up her trilby and, in a move she'd stolen from a Minnesotan comic-book nerd, flipped it onto her hair with a graceful twirl.

"Now I'm ready."

Mitsuko smiled some. "Very nice. Well with training you'll be much better with your powers. Took me a while to control my invisibility powers." Mitsuko said walking out of the cabin holding the door open for both Gary and Anny.

"So have you meet mother Anny?" Mitsko asked playing with her necklace some still smiling.

Gary flinched when the temperature in the room dropped suddenly, but didn't shiver or anything as he was used to working with cold temperatures thanks to his proficiency in ice magic. Anny using her powers was kinda creepy to look at, if her eyes turned black every time she did something; of course, Gary made no mention of this, having no intention to offend her.

As he passed Mitsuko on the way out - being the gentleman that he was, he had gestured for Anny to leave before him - he leaned in and quickly kissed her lips before stepping back and walking on as if nothing had happened. He didn't speak, however, as he waited for Anny to answer Mitsuko's question. It would be interesting to see if she had actually met Nyx herself.

"Good, very good," Ruby noted quietly as she looked at the target and the damage Dathne's fire spell had caused. "You just need a little more confidence in your recital of the incantation. If you struggle here, it'll be just as difficult to pull it off in combat with a hydra spitting acid at you from nine different heads. Try it again once I'm clear of the range."

With that, Ruby picked up an emergency fire extinguisher - all buildings had at least one just in case - ran up to the flaming target and blasted it with a short spray to kill the flames. She pulled out Dathne's arrows and wiped down the target to be used again, then returned to Dathne's point at the far end of the range.

"Wish I could say I had, but not yet. Truth be told though, the idea of it actually happening scares the bajeezus out of me."

This was pretty much right on the ball. A big part of Anny wanted to meet Nyx, wanted it more than anything else in the whole world. But another, bigger part of her was absolutely terrified at the prospect.

Anny turned around to face Mitsuko, and an odd quiver could be heard in her voice, if you paid attention.

"Have you? Met her, I mean?"

There was a slight twitch in Anny's fingers when she asked this, as there often was when she was nervous.

"I met her a few months ago when I turned 18. I was nervous really but I wanted to meet mom more then anything. I'm so use to just having a dad that I didn't know what to do when I saw my mother." Mitsuko said walking to get food.

About time we got moving, Kat thought as Jessica led her and Alexandros to the cabins.

"How much combat training do you have, just out of curiosity?"

"Me? Well, I've had a bit of training with the short sword and shield. A year or two's worth," she replied, straightening out her coat as they walked. "I'm pretty good with them, but I could always be better".

"Alright then." said Anny at last. Mistuko's words put her at ease slightly, but not enough.
It would have been one thing if her mother had been the goddess of Love, or Wisdom, or even the Hunt.

But no, her mother was the goddess of Night, and there's only so much that marketing can do for you at that point.

She tried to get her mind off the topic, and found a way out thanks to the prospect of lunch. Lunch would be a nice distraction, plus it would be chance to get to Mistuko better. Though she wouldn't mind some eggs either.

Ea finally got out of bed again, and turned on the lights. She set the little turtle dove down on the desk and opened the giant book. The first 400 pages or so were filled with notes and entries, both large and small, that she'd been amassing over the years. She felt like she should write something new, but nothing concrete came out of her pen.

She finally gave up on the new entry and turned her attention to the large metal cabinet. She was glad she'd decided to go with Celestial Bronze rather than regular steel. Not because it was safer, but because it kept the aura inside.

Brandon looked over at the foreign kid that the Director asked him to continue touring, but he didn't seem any bit interested in the tour. And Brandon had no interest in giving him said tour. He had already proven himself to be annoying, why bother giving him a chance to enhance that reputation?

Since Chiron had said it was alright, he started to head over to the Armory. It was clear across the camp, but still some magic bullets would be worth the trip. He decided to cut through by the cabins, it was quicker that way. As he cut by he saw one of the kids from the earlier group, hanging out with Gary and Mitsuko. Mmmm, that Mitsuko's looking pretty good. I think she just gets better as she gets older. Asian chicks. Gotta love 'em. I think I'll stroll on over there, see if she's ready to ride the Colt.

He headed on over to the cabin where they just departed. "Hey ya'll," he called out getting them to stop. "Hey Gary, new kid," he paused before turning to the older female, "Mitsuko, you're lookin' as lovely as ever. Man, why haven't we hung out more often? Seems like I rarely get to talk to someone of your...sure-firin' talents. Why don't we catch up a little bit while Gary looks after the newbie?"

"A demigod can never have too much training," Jessica agreed. "Most of our techniques and styles of attacking are intended to be used against, well... non-human, shall we say, opponents, although we do allow for one-on-one or group fighting amongst ourselves. Most of the creatures we fight possess qualities that set them apart from your ordinary human: for example, the average Cyclops can grow up to thirty feet tall, and the Medusa has the whole turning-people-to-stone gig. Still, you'll learn how to fight them and more besides."

Jess spoke as casually as she had before, being long since used to the idea that such monsters existed. Katarina may not have known these things, but she would learn them during her time at camp.

Gary shot a sideways look at Brandon as he spoke to Mitsuko in particular, eyebrows raised. Of course, the son of Ares didn't know that Mitsuko and Gary had become a couple earlier that same day. He briefly weighed up his options: either allow it to continue and have Mitsuko refuse Brandon's 'offer', or do it himself. Either way, their little secret was as good as out. Once Brandon told Jessica, it would spread faster than a forest fire.

With that in mind, Gary opted to intervene. Crossing to Mitsuko's side, he held up a hand in between Brandon and himself and said, "Hold up a bit, Brandon. If I'm hearing what I think I'm hearing, then there's a pretty big something in between you and Mitsuko. That something would be me; we got together as of earlier this morning. So, um... please don't hit on my girlfriend." Gary blushed slightly with the last sentence, still a little embarrassed by it.

"And the camp just got a bit less awesome and a lot more life threatening and terrifying." Alexandros half-joked as he followed them along.

"I have no experience fighting whatsoever, never had to fight, never even saw anything like what you were talking about except in scripts, and hope to never have to fight."

Javier dropped a bit behind the group and leaned his staff against his shoulder lightly. It kept the weapon upright at an angle so that it didn't drag on the ground or hit any random passers-by. Were he by himself Javier would be spinning the weapon as he walked. It was sort of a habit of his. But he figured the new recruits wouldn't take too kindly to being hit in the head if they stopped walking suddenly. Javier remained silent to listen as Jessica spoke to the new recruits. He resisted the urge to turn toward Alexandros when the recruit reiterated his desire to not fight.

'He'll be fighting his first day of classes.' Javier thought in silent amusement. The son of Dionysus was going to have to get over his aversion to battle. Mid-stride the water bottle hooked to Javier's pants knocked against his staff. Javier glanced down and adjusted his grip on the weapon while continuing to walk forward.

Brandon looked over at Gary, catching the redness in his face as he made this announcement. "Wait....girlfriend? You?" Brandon started laughing. "Aw Gary. Ya almost had me for a second there! Haha! Hooo, aww ya almost faked me out, that red there gave ya away. Aw man." He turned back over to Mitsuko. "All right, what do ya say then, Mitsuko? Ya up for grabbin' a drink with me?"

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