The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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"Well sleeping is probably the top thing," Jordan said, well aware that everyone was still awake. "I dunno, we'll have to see what's in the tent first." He let out a loud yawn. "But yeah, that's where I'm heading, so peace out ya'll." With that, he climbed into the tent that Fary had indicated earlier. His sleeping bag had already been laid out by Fary after he had gave it to her, so he just crawled on top of it.

Mika yawned lightly as he finished his meal, leaning against Aeris and putting the bowl with the rest of the used eating-ware. He looked over at his Pokemon, and saw that Bones and Toxina were sleeping, curled up against each other, and Artemis was perched on a low branch, looking around at the surroundings, as she was a nocturnal Pokemon.

"This sure was an eventful day." Mika said aloud, partially to Aeris, and partially to no-one in particular. He yawned again, cuddling close to his new girlfriend, and then kissing her on the cheek. "I'm gonna set up my sleeping bag, before I fall asleep laying against you."

He unhooked his bedroll from his traveling pack, and unrolled it on the ground, shaking it thoroughly to make sure that nothing dangerous that had hidden inside was going to bite him in the middle of the night. He set his pack down, and smiled over at his sleeping Pokemon.

"Artemis, can you keep watch over camp tonight? Alert us if anything dangerous shows up." Mika asked his new Pokemon, smiling at the Flying-Type.

Gladly, Mika. I'll make sure you are all safe.

"Thanks, hun." Mika said with a giggle, sitting on his bedroll and laying on his back. "Mmm... I'm beat."

Fary walked into her tent and quickly changed into shorts and a tank top not caring that Jordan was around to see her change. She didn't care really and she was use to undressing around others. She crawled into her sleeping bag and cuddled in some then looked over at Jordan. "Oh sorry forgot you were here." she giggled.

"Uh.....yeah," Jordan said, still struck a little dumb (even for him) at how brazen a girl who already stated she wouldn't be sleeping with him tonight was being. "I uh, forgot I was here too." He had already gone down to his t-shirt, but he wasn't sure if he should have taken off his jeans or not, he didn't want to feel like he was forcing things. Still.

"So...uh...yeah, here we are I guess," Jordan made his way under the top part of his sleeping bag. "Um....yeah."

As luck would have it, Simon did in fact have a small container of sailor's rations (bread, cheese, and salted meat) buried at the bottom of his pack. An addition his father had apparently made without his knowledge.

"Good thing you found that before some wild Pokémon, bud. Here." Simon tossed Shadow a small chunk of the cheese and then began improvising a sandwich with the rest of the supplies. Before taking his first bite Simon glanced over at the fire. It had started to die down a bit but it was still cheerfully burning through wood.

"Someone should probably put that out." He commented. The words were slightly obscured by the mouthful of food. Shadow pawed at Simon's knee, whining softly for more food. The cheese had been devoured in a second. "This is mine." Simon said with a shake of his head. "But hold on a minute..." He carefully gripped his sandwich in one hand and began rummaging around his pack with the other. After a few quiet grunts of pain, due to contact with the sharp edges of his bike, Simon withdrew another small container. This one he'd packed himself.

Shadow's head rose and he made a show of sniffing the air eagerly. Simon would have chuckled if he wasn't busy trying to open the container and keep hold of his sandwich. Shadow was not helpful. The Poochyena alternated trying to reach the sandwich with trying to stick his nose in the plastic container. After a few failed attempts and a clumsy elbow nudge Simon triumphed over the box. "Here you go, this is yours." he told his Pokémon. Simon set the now partially opened container down on the ground. Shadow immediately darted to the box and began eating the Pokemon food. Which left Simon able to eat his sandwich in peace. And so he did.

Fary cuddled to Jordan and kisses him softly. She felt warm already but she wanted to be close to him. "So still no idea what you feel like doing. I know you've checked me out Jordan and I want to be your girlfriend. So any thoughts?" she asked.

Well, if things weren't already clear for Jordan before, (and they weren't), they were now. Fary just came right out with it, a style that hadn't been used much on the beach, and Jordan wasn't really ready for it. Whoa, already? I mean, I know I'm good but whoa! Picking up a GF already? I dunno, haven't really done the steady route in a while. Not since that thing with Becs kinda blew up in my face.

Course, what other option do I have? Not going with Red or Blondie for sure, Rochelle, she's all right, but she seems kind of serious. All on about her name and stuff, so really Fary's the only option. Unless I meet someone on the road, but that's so risky. And skeezy if the wrong girl shows up. And if it don't work out, who cares? I go back to Fuchsia, don't see her again, perfectly fine. Yeah, this can totally work. Totally.

Jordan looked into Fary's big green eyes and smiled. "Well, I think you look totally awesome, and if you're up for it, then totally. Let's do this." He sealed his response with a kiss on Fary's lips.

"I'm staying up for another few hours, so I'll need the light from the fire to see properly," Rochelle answered Simon, a slightly amused smile on her face as she watched his Pokémon harass him for some of his food. "I don't think I have a way to get any more wood to put on it, though. I'll take a look around sometime, see if there's any dead wood we can use. Oh, and Kirsten can try to put the fire out when we move on from here tomorrow."

She shuffled a foot or so away from the fire so as not to get too hot. Phoenix immediately hopped over to her, jumped up onto her knee and settled down as if to go to sleep. "Aww, did you tire yourself out? So cute," Rochelle said to the little Spearow.

Fary smiled softly then kissed Jordan back cuddling more into his arms. She was happy and was willing to try something with someone one the road. Hell if it didn't work she'd never see him again. She might get something worth while out of this. Yes and another win for me.

Fary put a bit more power into the kiss and giggled softly but yawned.

Jordan was enjoying the kiss until Fary yawned, it kind of took him out of it just having her mouth randomly open like that. Of course it might have been a sign, both on the speed on which the relationship should be going, and of what time it was. He pulled back a little from Fary's face, but kept holding her close. "Well, should probably get some sleep and stuff. For tomorrow and all that."

Aeris stood up along with Mika, then walked over to her backpack, which she had set aside beside a tree. She reached for something in it and took it out, revealing that she had something rolled up. Once rolled out, it was a bedroll which she had. Before placing it somewhere, she took Blaze's Pokeball off her belt. "I'm sorry, Blaze, but we can't have you accidentally setting the forest on fire while we're asleep. We can't put the fire on your tail out, so this is the only thing to do." Blaze nodded, understanding what she meant, and Aeris returned Blaze to her Pokeball with the red light that shot out of it and at her. She put Blaze's Pokeball back on her belt, then set her bedroll beside Mika, then crawled into it and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Good night, cutie." she said to Mika, then kissed his cheek and closed her eyes, her head resting partially on his shoulder. Tristan was curled up on top of her, comfortable there.

Mika smiled as Aeris kissed him on the cheek, and then slept lightly on his shoulder. He yawned again, and cuddled up next to her as well, holding one of her hands in one of his, smiling softly and enjoying the closeness.

"C'mon guys. Pokeball time." Mika said, calling back Toxina and Bones, leaving Artemis to watch the camp for the night. He let out another yawn, and closed his eyes as he cuddled against Aeris lovingly.

As he fell deeper into sleep, he began to dream. Horrible flashes of a past event that shocked him to his core. He shivered in his sleep, and tossed and turned lightly. He woke up during the night, looking around the dark camp, seeing the dim embers of the nights cookfire, and looking over at Aeris. She slept so soundly, it was calming to him...

Is something wrong, Mika? You were writhing in your sleep.

"I'm fine, Artemis. Thanks for your concern, though." Mika said to his Pokemon, rubbing the Flying-Type between its clock-hand-shaped eyebrows. "I'm gonna go back to sleep."

Alright, then. Sleep well.

After that, he did sleep well. Comforted by the fact that what was past was gone, and he was safe and warm and had someone who cared about him closeby.

Fary nodded and cuddled to him. "So you like how I look I see." Fary said half asleep resting her head on his chest and sighed. She quickly fell asleep. Her breathing was soft and slow as she rested in Jordan's arms.

Jordan smiled as he put his arm around Fary as she slept. The trip was definitely going a lot better than he expected. He let his eyes slowly droop as he drifted off to sleep, visions of perfect waves crashing on the shore filling his dreams.

Having finished his soup a while ago, Tyler settled into his sleeping bag and got himself comfortable. Tank lay on the grass nearby, already asleep. The battle with Pikachu really exhausted the poor Nidoran. Maybe a good night's rest would help him out. The first day of life as a Pokemon Trainer was an interesting one, to say the least, and not to mention tiring. Despite his exhaustion, Tyler found it hard to sleep. For lack of a better word, he was excited. He couldn't wait for morning so they could set out for Pewter City. Maybe he would find a cool Pokemon or two on the way. Perhaps he would find that damn Pikachu too...

As his train of thought started to settle down, sleep came to Tyler somewhat easily. Within minutes, he was out.

Shadow was curled up at the foot of Simon's sleeping bag by the time the trainer had finished his sandwich. Simon brushed crumbs off of his shirt and repacked the containers of food into his bag. It was dark that he needed his flashlight to complete the task.

After packing his bag Simon pulled his improvised lamp from the ground. He tossed the flashlight onto his sleeping bag and carried the stick toward the 'top' of his makeshift bed. There Simon drove the stick into the ground. He used the heel of his shoe to make sure the branch was deeply embedded. When he was satisfied that it wasn't going to go anywhere Simon looped the strap of his bag around the stick a few times. Shadow was a good guard, but just in case the Poochyena didn't wake up in time Simon didn't want any Pokémon taking off with his stuff.

"Good night, Shadow." Simon said as he lay down. He turned off the flashlight and set it next to his bag. The Poochyena made a quiet sound and its tail thumped against the ground. Soon after, trainer and Pokémon were both asleep.

Rochelle watched as the others began to set up beds - some had already done so - and drop off to sleep one by one. Phoenix was surprisingly quiet... and a little heavy after sleeping on her knee for a while. He didn't look like he was going to get up any time soon, so Rochelle pulled out his Poké Ball and returned him to it. Attaching the ball to her belt, she sat up for a little while longer and watched the forest in silence.

The woodlands near the campsite seemed to be a little oppressive in regards to the darkness all around the area. Rochelle got up from her spot and slowly paced back and forth for a little while to try to lighten her mood a bit, then remembered that she had yet to meet-and-greet the Murkrow she'd caught. Returning to her pack, she picked up the two Poké Balls she saw lying next to it, attached the slightly worn one - Kirsten's - to her belt beside Phoenix's ball, and opened the other one up to reveal the Murkrow she'd caught a while back. It hopped up and down a few times and said in a slightly angry voice, "Krow! Murr... krow."

"Sshhh, keep it down. Everyone else is asleep, so we don't want to wake them up," Rochelle said quietly to the Murkrow, kneeling down to look at it properly. It looked like it had a smaller head-crest than that of Fary's - which kinda looked like a hat - but Rochelle's Murkrow seemed to be annoyed, presumably for being driven from its nest and subsequently contained in a Poké Ball.

"Krow..." the Murkrow answered at a quieter volume, although it seemed to still be a little grumpy at Rochelle. It hopped backwards when Rochelle extended a hand to it, but hopped forward and poked her fingers with its beak after half a minute or so.

"Hmm... We should give you a name," Rochelle mused. "Fary mentioned that Murkrow's a Dark-type... How about Church?" The Murkrow hopped backwards and gave Rochelle what approximated to be a concerned look. "Okay, not Church then... Are you male or female?" At the mention of the latter, the Murkrow hopped into Rochelle's hand; an unexpected move.

"Oh, I know. Female, Dark-type... Natalya. What do you think?" Natalya flapped her wings a couple of times and cawed in a slightly happier tone, although the look in her eyes seemed to suggest that she was still a little unhappy.

It was a quiet night, the forest demons kept at bay by the glowing fire. Rochelle kept diligent watch over it for a good chunk of time while letting Natalya explore its former stomping grounds, before she started getting sleepy. She thought about waking Jordan up for guard duty since he had expressed interest, but with him and Fary sharing a tent, she decided she didn't want to see whatever state they might be in. So she went to wake up Simon instead, he seemed like a trustworthy guy, and he was sleeping outside anyway. However, her entry into the area prompted Shadow to complete her task for her. The tiny Pokemon appeared a bit miffed at the intrusion into its trainer's space, but after Simon awoke from the growls, he was able to quickly calm the Dark-type. As Rochelle settled down and finally drifted off to sleep, Simon moved his small campsite near the center area, a safe enough distance from the fire and he and Shadow were able to keep enough of an eye out as could be expected on a night such as this. Soon strains of sunlight began to peak through the tree tops, announcing the arrival of Day 2, on this group of trainers' quest.


"Don't even think about it." Simon warned his Pokemon. He pointed at the growling Poochyena with a stick he'd retrieved from the long-dead fire. As the sun was rising the forest Pokemon seemed to be waking up. One rather energetic Pidgey was loudly proclaiming just how much energy it had from a tree close by the campsite. Each high pitched warble caused Shadow's ears to twitch. Restless, the Poochyena began to circle the fire pit. His tail brushed against the ground and his gaze remained fixated on the offending tree.

Simon shot another warning look at his Pokemon. The trainer was taking the guard role, which he'd unexpectedly been given, very seriously. He would wait until one of the others woke up before letting his Pokemon go looking for trouble. "I wonder who will be awake first." Simon mused aloud. He started to debate on it but then realized he didn't know enough about the group members to make a proper guess. So Simon pulled his bag, which he had packed earlier, closer to the his rock-turned-chair to use as a foot rest. Shadow passed his trainer on his circuit and growled quietly. The human equivalent of grumbling under one's breath. Simon smiled in amusement. He thought about releasing Pen for some fresh air and exercise but then decided that Shadow would become even more anxious to go exploring. And it probably wouldn't be fair.

After two full circles Shadow gave a canine sigh and dropped down on the ground next to Simon. The trainer chuckled quietly and reached down to scratch behind the Poochyena's ear. "Just a little while longer." he promised. "Then we'll go look for some food. Or something."

"Cheee..." Shadow was not impressed. But he allowed himself to be petted.

Fary woke up the next morning still cuddled to Jordan. Her face was in his chest and her arms around him. "Damn so I wasn't dreaming after all." Fary smiled and kissed Jordan's neck. "You might want to wake up Jordan." she said softly cooing some.

Aeris opened her eyes slowly. The first thing she saw was Mika beside her, asleep still. She smiled at the sight of him, thinking how cute he looked. She kissed his cheek, then nuzzled it and after unwrapping her arms from his neck, she sat up. Tristan was fast asleep in her lap when she sat up and she again smiled at the cute sight of him. She gently nudged him. "Wakey, wakey." Tristan slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Aeris. He gave her a smile, or what looked like one at least. She reached for Blaze's Pokeball and opened it, letting Blaze out. She looked like she had a good nights sleep, yawning where she stood. "Good morning, you two."

She nudged Mika a bit. "Come on, sleepy head. Wake up." She gave him a light kiss on the lips before standing up, Tristan having gone off her and onto the ground, standing next to Blaze, though wary of her tail. Aeris got out of her bedroll and rolled it up, then put it in her bag. She looked at the others and saw that Simon was awake. She walked over to him. "Good morning." she said to him with a smile. "Did you sleep well? Or at all?" she asked him kindly.

"Good morning...Miss." Simon replied automatically to the girl who'd approached. He frantically tried to recall the girl's name but couldn't. Chagrined, he offered a slightly embarrassed smile before continuing. "I slept well enough. Rochelle", 'At least there's two names I know', he thought to himself, "woke us up to finish the night watch." Simon gestured down to Shadow. The Poochyena had risen to a standing position while his trainer spoke. Shadow's tail was waving back and forth though he made no sound. Whether it was excitement that someone was finally awake or anticipation of leaving Simon couldn't tell.

"How about yourself?" Simon asked.

"I slept rather soundly with Mika by my side. And my name is Aeris. I don't think I introduced myself to everyone yesterday. What's your name? Oh, and these are Blaze" she pointed with her hand to her Charmander "and Tristan." she then pointed to her Caterpie. "I just caught him yesterday, but I think he might evolve soon. Just needs a few battles before that, though." Tristan looked quite happy about hearing that. Blaze wasn't jealous or anything, but happy for Tristan. He was a fellow Pokemon, as in being Aeris' Pokemon along with her. Blaze would have thought that Aeris would have caught another Fire Pokemon, though, but there didn't seem to be any in this forest or in the grass they had been in the day before.

Jordan was still dreaming, the beach was so nice, the water was sparkling, it was a perfect day. He was content just sitting back in the pipe, there was no need to try anything fancy today. He got in towards the shore, past the jagged rock that served as the unofficial marker for surfers to either bail or get down and start paddling back in, so he dropped back onto his board and let the wave carry him, boogie board style back towards the beach. Once he reached land he hopped up and headed over to the makeshift rack that had been set up so he could get a fresh coat of wax on it. As he placed his board up on the wood, he felt someone coming in behind him. "All right," he thought. But instead of hear sweet nothings coming out of what he figured was a girl, all he heard was "You might want to wake up Jordan." "What?"

Jordan awoke, the tent canvas above his head finally alerting him to where he was. The beach was a long ways away, but the girl was still here, by his side. "Oh hey Fary," he said. "Um...sleep well?"

"I slept fine, well as fine as I can in a tent with you which isn't too bad honestly." Fary smiled softly her long blond hair draped over her shoulders and her green eyes sparkling from the sun light seeping though the fabric of the tent.

Fary pressed her lips to his and sighed happily pulling her self closer to him.

"It's nice to meet you Aeris, Blaze and Tristan. My name is Simon," Simon put his hand on his chest, "and this is Shadow." He dropped his hand to rest on the Poochyena's head. Almost immediately Simon removed his hand when Shadow shook his head briskly. "Ah...he's a bit restless this morning." Simon commented. Shadow ignore his trainer's comment and leaned forward, sniffing the air lightly. 'I suppose if we're doing complete introductions...' "I also have a Pidgey." Simon continued. "She's called Pen. Pennant, actually. But she's still in her Pokéball right now."

Simon looked at Tristan the Caterpie and Blaze the Charmander. The comment about evolving was intriguing but he found their types momentarily more interesting. They were opposing types. Simon recalled how Geist, Tyler's Abra, had been afraid of Shadow at first sight. "You have a bug-type and a fire-type?" he stated curiously.

"Mmmmmm," Jordan got out as Fary's lips met his. I can totally get used to this as a wake up call. He brought his girlfriend in, just enjoying the sweet taste of her kiss as long as he could. He kept the pressure on for about 30 seconds before breaking it off. "So, uh, should we, like, go out there and see if we're packing up and stuff? I think people want to get out of the forest. Can't blame them either."

Once Rochelle had woken Simon up to take over the watch, she had quickly fallen asleep after telling Natalya not to fly off anywhere. It wouldn't do to have the Murkrow just fly off randomly. She woke up to the sound of voices nearby and something hard poking her shoulder repeatedly. Maybe someone had elected to wake her up; perhaps a majority of the group had decided to get out of the forest early.

"Uh, what's going on?" she mumbled quietly, shifting around a little and rolling onto her back to sit up. She was rewarded by a slightly too loud "Krow!" of alarm as Natalya jumped off of her, flapped around for a little bit and landed on the forest floor near Rochelle's sleeping bag. "Murr... Krow. Murkrow."

"Morning, Natalya," Rochelle answered - not sure what the Murkrow was saying - as she looked around to check the rest of the camp. Across the obviously dead fire pit, Simon and Aeris were talking, their Pokémon nearby. There was no sign of any of the others, though. Maybe they were all late sleepers... or getting up to something else entirely, Rochelle mused, thinking of Jordan and Fary.

She reached over to her pack, pulled out a fresh set of clothes and made attempts to change under the sleeping bag without being noticed. It seemed to work, although Rochelle's actions appeared to confuse Natalya; she walked back and forth occasionally, an expression similar to human confusion on her face. Or at least her eyes.

Soon enough Rochelle finished - stuffing yesterday's outfit in another pocket of her pack to differentiate the used clothes from the fresh - unzipped the sleeping bag and got up properly. She began walking around in her bare feet for a couple of minutes to stretch her legs and generally wake herself up.

Mika yawned and grumbled softly, shaking off the sleepiness from the night and opening his eyes, smiling when he felt the soft touch of Aeris' lips on his lips. He giggled a bit and got up, and yawning again before wriggling out of the bedroll

"Good morning to you, Aeris." Mika said with a smile, coughing three times before pulling out his canteen and taking a long swig from it.

Good morning, Mika... Did you sleep well?

"I did actually, thanks Artemis." Mika said to the female HootHoot with a smile. "You can have a nice nap after breakfast. You did good to keep watch all night."

Mika returned the Flying-Type Pokemon to her pokeball, and began to rub away the morning soreness from his muscles. He popped his back and joints, limbering up with a series of stretches that he did every morning to help him wake up and to keep him in shape. He popped off into the woods to answer nature's call, and then got dressed after he had returned to camp, watching the others wake up and get things started.

"hmmmm give them a few more minutes." Fary smirked nuzzling into him resting her head on his chest. "If they want they can pull use out of the tent but they might find a surprise." she laughed.

Jordan laughed at Fary's comment and started stroking her hair. "Well, I can totally go for that." He leaned back on his sweatshirt that he had been using as a pillow. "I can't wait to do this with you on one of the beaches back home. I've seen a couple of little private islands out past the rocks, totally could just pay that fisher guy off to leave us alone for a bit..."

That should keep her happy.

Fary smiled at the idea. "Oh and why would we need privacy? Have anything in mind Jordan?" Fary smirked. She liked the idea of cuddling with him on a beach, she always enjoyed it there and it seems he grew up on the beach really. Beside sex on the beach seemed even better of an idea then cuddling. She knew she was quick to sex with boyfriends, meaning the only 2 she had counting Jordan. The first they had sex within 2 months, Jordan well who knows.

"Well if you have sex in mind I'll let you know I'm not a virgin." Fary said casually knowing that was on his mind. "Oh and I'm loud too." she added.

"Well, it might have gone to sex now," Jordan said, feigning ignorance. "I mean, it would be a plus, and we'd be far out there so you could be loud and everything." He brought her head up closer towards his face, coaxing her to move with her. "And it's OK about the virgin thing. I'm not one either, so we're totally even. Right on the same page." He pressed in for another kiss, this one a little bit rougher than the first one.

Fary matched his force in the kiss and then some getting on top of him. "Oh really? You think I would have given my self to you already Hell you think you can take me I see?" Fary flirted slowly licking his lips then kissed him roughly. She wanted to see how head react to all of this. She was testing him, seeing where he was in terms of sex.

"Whoa, so you like being in control, huh?" Jordan asked the girl who was now straddling him. He smiled. "That's cool. I like it when the girl takes charge." He went back to kissing, pressing in, these weren't sweet kisses, these were pure passion. He leaned backwards, bringing Fary down with him, laying his head down on his sweatshirt pillow.

Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, he forgot which part of his sweatshirt he should be resting his head on. He felt a bump on the back of his head, but ignored it as the rest of his head was busy. Somehow, he had managed to tap the button on one of the Pokeballs stored in his sweatshirt pocket, enlarging it. The jostling of Jordan's head on the pillow eventually hit the button and in a burst of white light unseen by the two lovers, Spike appeared, initially in a daze.

"Mankey! Man....." I'm out! Fuck...yeah.... Spike looked at the two humans, a bit confused at first, but apparently they were locked in the midst of a battle! And Spike wanted in!

"MANKEY! MANKEY!" Fuck yeah! I'mma win! Damn straight! Take this! The eager Pig Monkey Pokemon leaped into what it considered the fray, delivering weak Low Kicks to the other combatants.

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