The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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Fary blinked was she was pushed away from Jordan. "What the fuck? You pig piece of shit." she said punching Spike on the top of the head. "We were kinda busy you crack head. God damn pokemon." Fary said angrily but knew it was too soon for sex, as much as she liked it.

"Well I guess the Pokegods are telling us to wait." she added opening her pack and pulled out the clothes she wore yesterday.

As the light hit Terinth's face, she tried ignoring it at first, but as it got more and more irritating, she knew it wouldn't help much to try and sleep more. As she pulled out of her sleeping bag, she began to take in her surroundings. She saw that several of the others were already awake, and could easily hear Fary making advances on Jordan. Letting out a long sigh, she picked up her sleeping bag and stuffed it into her backpack, pulling out her pokemon's pokeballs and a clean shirt, she wandered past the group into a clump of trees to change her clothes and train her pokemon. Before she left, she thought she might try and at least know something about one of them. She decided to talk to Rochelle, the one who seemed to know something about pokemon.

As she walked up to Rochelle, she was stuffing something into her backpack. "What was that just now?" Terinth asked her, looking around to view her the pokemon she had acquired. The main one that stuck out was the Murkrow trotting around happily. "Where'd you grab that little birdie?" Terinth asked, not waiting for the answer to the other question, drawing out her own pokemon. As they popped out of their balls, they trotted around happily, taking in the sights of the area. Inside of her head, Terinth was asking herself what seemed like a million questions, but the main one she thought of was: What the hell am I doing out here?
This question was almost immediately replaced with, What is going on inside of that tent? she thought, looking over her shoulder over at the tent that was occupied by the two people she disliked most on the trip.

"Aw man! Spike bro!" Jordan complained as Fary got bumped off top of him by his own Pokemon. "Dude! Not cool!"

Spike was all worked up before and Fary's slap to the back of the head was making him a lot angrier. "MANKEY! MANKEY! MAN---KEY!" What the fuck! WHAT THE FUCK! FUCK YOU! YOU DIE! It was about to launch an attack at Fary's back when Jordan finally found its Pokeball.

"All right Spike bro, you need to chill out," he said as Spike was absorbed into a beam of red light. The whirling dervish put away, he grabbed his sweatshirt and slid it on, tucking his Sharks hat back onto his head while he was at it. "Here, I'll go out and see what they're all doing while you get changed, k?" He stepped out of the tent and headed over to where the group was gathered, around the smoldering remains of the campfire. " know which way we go?"

"Yeah, I do. I know it seems odd to have two opposite types together, but they seem to get along well." Blaze and Tristan looked at Aeris with smiles on their faces. She was right, after all. Though they would have to spend more time together before they'd find it out fully if they really got along.

While Aeris was talking to Simon, a Weedle crawled towards Blaze, who was oblivious to it. Tristan, however, noticed it and tackled the Weedle, careful not to get hit by it's poisoned stinger on it's head. The Weedle was knocked back, but not knocked out. However, it didn't get a chance to stand up as Tristan attacked it again, knocking it back again. Aeris noticed the commotion and turned to see what was happening. She gasped a bit. "Tristan, be careful!" she called to him, while taking out her Pokedex to get data on the Weedle. She aimed it at it and got the data, while Tristan tackled it until it was defeated. "Good job, Tristan! And not a single scratch on you." Tristan crawled over to her, a little tired, but otherwise he was alright. "Well, it looks like you're ready to fight some more. Lets find some wild Pokemon for you to fight, then."

Tristan and Aeris walked around the campsite for a bit, battling wild Pokemon when they appeared, until...
"Tristan! You''re evolving!" So he was, as he covered himself in his own String Shot, doing so for a few minutes until he was now completely different. Aeris took out her Pokedex and aimed it at Tristan.

Cocoon Pokemon
Height: 2' 4" (0.7m)
Weight: 21.8 lbs. (9.9kg)
This Pokémon is vulnerable to attack while its shell is soft, exposing its weak and tender body.
Moves: Tackle. String Shot. Harden.

"Harden?" Aeris wondered, but didn't think long about it. "I'm sure I'll learn what it does soon enough. Congratulations, Tristan! You're now a Metapod!" She picked up Tristan, but he proved to be a bit heavy, so she put him down again. Tristan, being a Metapod now, didn't really show any signs of movement except his eyes, which looked all around the place.

Fary quickly changed and packed up her pack also taking the time to roll up Jordan's pack. She stepped out of the tent and started to take that down as well packing it away with the cooking stuff from last night.

So throw a quick glare at Terinth, "Team Rocket." was all she said when she pasted by Terinth. looked around the site to see if she left anything and saw nothing she needed to take with her. "Well seems I'm ready to go. Fary walked over to her bike and let Rogue out sitting her in the front basket.

"Oh, I found Natalya someplace off the path last night," Rochelle answered Terinth before Jordan walked out of the tent and asked if anyone knew the way to go to get out of Viridian Forest. "That would be me, Jordan..." she answered, trailing off at the sight of faint blurs of colour around Jordan's lips and neck. Evidently he and Fary had been a little busy.

"Er... you may want to wash your face sometime soonish, unless you like the idea of wearing Fary's lipstick," Rochelle noted with a short giggle. "Anywho, back on topic. I'm pretty sure I know the way out, considering that I had to get through the forest on my way to Pallet. I suppose we should start packing up." Rochelle knelt down beside her sleeping bag, zipped it up and began to roll it up to stuff it in the top of her pack.

Curious as to what she was doing - and a little wary of the other humans nearby - Natalya hopped closer to Rochelle to investigate the rolling-up of the sleeping bag.

"Excellent, he evolved!" Mika said when he saw Tristan evolve into a Metapod. Bones yipped at the motionless Cocoon Pokemon, and sniffed at it. He looked up at Aeris and wagged his stubby little tail. Mika smiled at this, and started to get the food for his Pokemon ready, Toxina rubbing up against Mika's thigh and smiling up at him.

Good morning, Master... How're you?

"I'm good, sweetie." Mika said with a smile, reaching down and petting her, being careful not to accidentally prick himself on one of her poison points. She nuzzled against his hand and he rubbed her ears. "Did you sleep well, too?"

I did, actually. The inside of a pokeball is very comfortable, considering how small it is...

"Yeah, I have kinda wondered what it was like inside a pokeball... But I don't plan on ever going inside one... I don't even know if that's possible." Mika mused aloud and then looked back over the camp, yawning again and walking over to Aeris and kissing her on the cheek. "You know you look adorable when you're sleeping, right? Also... Sorry if I woke you up in the middle of the night."

Mika watched as Toxina and Bones ate their Pokemon food, rolling up his sleeping bag and packing his things up.

Rochelle's joke at Jordan managed to get a small laugh and a smile out of Terinth, but that was quickly deterred by Fary's comment about being a "Team Rocket". as she watched her walk off, Terinth did the same, but did so into a clump of trees. She decided to change here, with her two pokemon protecting her from any surprise attacks. As she finished changing into clean clothes, she heard a rustling right ahead of her. Out from the bushes popped a Ledyba, small and harmless looking. As Terinth approached it, it showed signs of hostility towards her.

"Hm, I guess now is a good time to figure out the moves you two have. Attack with the best you've got!" She commanded her two pokemon, watching as they sprang forward, ready to take down the wild pokemon. As they jumped forward, Mankey launched itself forward and around the Ledyba, delivering small scratch attacks as it went. The Ledyba was to intent on the Mankey to notice Lillipup creeping behind it, launching itself forward to deliver a vicious bite attack. The combined might of the pokemon was to much for the Ledyba to handle, and, shaking the small puppy pokemon off of its back, it ran off.

"Hmm, that was impressive you two. I think I need to name you now. Now," She said, looking over at the calm Mankey, "How about Monk for you, since you seem to calm for your kind, and," Looking at her Lillipup, "I'll just name you Puppy, for lack of a better name." Terinth said. Looking at the two pokemon seeming to smile at her, she judged that her names were preferred by the pokemon.

As they returned to the clearing Terinth saw that some of the group was already packed up and ready to go, so she decided to join some of them. She walked up to Aeris and Mika, to see what was going on.

"So, anything eventful happen while I was gone?" She asked the two.

Aeris giggled a little when Mika kissed her cheek and because of what he said. "Ah, thank you. You look cute in your sleep as well. And you didn't wake me up, so don't worry about it." She kissed him quickly on the lips, then looked down at Tristan. "He's not as adorable now, but he is quite heavy." She giggled a little and took out his Pokeball. "I think that's enough battling for you for the moment." She aimed the Pokeball at Tristan and a red beam of light hit him, taking him back into the Pokeball, which Aeris put on her belt.

"My Caterpie that I caught last night evolved into a Metapod just now!" Aeris said to Terinth a little excitedly. "Other than that, I don't think so. We seem to be going soon, so that might be something."

Jordan looked over at Rochelle after her comment. He didn't even realize Fary had lipstick on. "Whoa really? Oh, sorry," he apologized, as he moved to try and wipe some of the red smears off of his face.

He turned around to see Fary had taken care of most of the packing for him. And had a bike. "Don't suppose I can hitch a ride, huh?"

Tyler had his opponent right where he wanted it now.

"Geist, finish him off! Psychic now!"

The Alakazam made the slightest of curt nods and brought its two spoons together.


A crackling white energy manifested between the spoons, rapidly growing in intensity. Geist's eyes began to glow with a faint light-red color as his spoons became a bright, luminescent white.


Geist swing his arms out, unleashing a powerful psychic wave in a 180-degree radius in front of him. The wave was nearly invisible, the only sign of its passing being the subtle warping of light as it hurtled through the air. Its intended target, Saffron Gym Leader Sabrina's Alakazam, rose shakily to its feet and put its own spoons together in an attempt to protect itself.

"Light Screen!" Sabrina commanded, her normally icy demeanor undermined by a hint of urgency and panic.

The spoons bent forward and pulsed with white energy. A transparent wall of solid materialized in time to intercept the psychic wave. The telekinetic energy slammed into the Light Screen. Sabrina's Alakazam focused hard, struggling in its injured state to maintain the barrier against the force of Geist's Psychic attack. It wasn't able to hold it for long. Too weak from battle to hold the psychic wave back, the Light Screen shattered and dematerialized.

Unabated, the invisible wave of energy raced forward and collided with the Alakazam. It cried out as it was flung backwards across the Gym from the sheer force of impact. Sabrina's Pokemon came to a stop when it smashed into the wall next to her. The sound of the collision echoed loudly in the spacious arena, followed by the thud made by pieces of the wall dropping on the floor. The Alakazam slumped against the damaged wall, unconscious. Its spoons clattered to the ground from its limp hands. Sabrina was defeated.

For a few seconds, all was quiet. "Alakazam, return," Sabrina said finally before pulling out a Pokeball and calling her injured Alakazam back into the device. Miniaturizing the Pokeball and placing it on her belt, Sabrina approached Tyler. The sound of her boots hitting the floor bounced off the walls in the now eerily silent Gym. "You have defeated me," she said quietly, holding out her hand. In her empty palm, a small circular item appeared. It was gold and had the appearance of a circle engraved into a larger one. "So now I will give you this Marsh Badge".

Tyler nodded. "Thank you, Sabrina. It was an honor to battle you," he replied as he reached into Sabrina's open hand to take the badge. The Gym Leader's other hand clasped over his. Somewhat confused, Tyler looked up to see that Sabrina was staring intently at him. Something was different about her expression. Her infamous cold, emotionless mask had melted away. In its place was a soft smile. Her large grey eyes almost seemed to sparkle in the sparse light of the Gym.

"Tyler, I had a vision that you would come here. I saw you in my dreams for such a long time..." Sabrina revealed quietly. Even her tone of voice was different. She sounded...happy. "Every night, I would see your face and it would drive me mad. Words cannot describe how I feel now that you're here in front of me now".

Tyler wasn't sure how to respond. He was caught completely off guard. In a vain attempt at speech, he opened his mouth, but all that came was a barely audible straining noise.

Sabrina's smile widened. "I know you feel for me, Tyler. My psychic powers can pick up on that". She stepped closer to him. "And I feel for you, too," she said, her voice now a soft whisper. "Let's go away from here and see the world. Let's become the most powerful Pokemon Trainers of all time..."

Tyler ran a hand along the length of Sabrina's long green hair. "For you, anything," he said as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close.

Sabrina rested her forehead against Tyler's. "Tyler, I lo-MANKEY MANKEY MANKEY MANKEY MANKEY"

Tyler awoke with a start to the sound of two people struggling and what sounded like an angry Mankey. As reality began to settle back into his mind, he realized with disappointment that he had only been dreaming. And it was a good dream, too, he thought bitterly. The somewhat heartbroken Trainer sat up and saw Fary and Jordan leaving the tent where the racket came from, the former packing it up. Tyler sighed with irritation. More reasons to dislike Fary.

He got up out of his sleeping bag and rolled it back up. Placing it in his backpack, Tyler stretched a bit and took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. Today was a new day, and that meant there were Pokemon to catch. With Geist and Tank by his side, he felt relatively confident. Speaking of Tank...

The Nidoran was pawing through a nearby bush, trying to grab at a berry that dangled just out of his reach. The remains of other berries lay scattered on the grass around him. Tyler had to chuckle. Tank was a big eater. Guess him and Geist are gonna get along just fine. "Hey, Tank!" he called.

Tank's ears twitched. He turned around to face his Trainer. "Ran ran," he said in greeting.

"It's time to get going, so I'm gonna put you back in your Pokeball for now. You're still in no shape to fight, especially after running into that Pikachu".

Tank nodded. "Ran ran ran," it responded.

With that, Tyler returned the Nidoran to his ball and placed it in his backpack. He approached the rest of the group, who were standing around what was left of the campfire. "Morning, guys," he said. "When are we heading out to Pewter?"

"Hey, Tyler," Rochelle answered, giving the Trainer in question a short wave as she used her other hand to secure her rolled-up sleeping bag into the straps at the top of her pack. "We should be heading out soon, considering... is that everyone else awake? I think so," she trailed off, musing to herself before coming back to the present. Natalya had taken advantage of her distraction by hopping up onto the pack and preening a little.

"Geez, Natalya... I gotta carry that," she said, holding one hand out to the Murkrow. She hopped onto the hand Rochelle indicated, and walked up her arm to the shoulder in the same way Phoenix had done, gently poking at her ear. "Yes, that's my ear. I need that to listen to people," Rochelle added in a gentle, slightly patient tone, as she picked up her pack in both hands and hefted it onto one shoulder, then the other. Natalya jumped up and flapped her wings to stay airborne, circling around until Rochelle had stopped, the pack stable.

The Murkrow returned to her Trainer's shoulder, who pulled out the one unoccupied Poké Ball and held it up. The only one Rochelle really trusted to carry around at the moment was Kirsten, and Natalya seemed a little distant at the moment. "I'm gonna put you back in your ball now, okay?" Rochelle asked, turning her head slightly to look at the bird on her shoulder.

"Murrr..." Natalya answered, looking from Rochelle to the ball and back again. "Krow," she added, digging her talons into the strap of Rochelle's pack and shaking her head. Evidently it wasn't okay.

"Oh, um... Hmm. I suppose it's alright if you ride on my shoulder. Don't go flying off, though, stay where I can see you," Rochelle instructed. Natalya nodded, and she turned her attention back to the rest of the group. "So yeah, I guess I'm set to go."

"Yeah, but when he evolves he'll be gorgeous..." Mika said with a smile, prodding the Metapod with his forefinger. "Butterfree are some of the most beautiful Pokemon, not to mention one of the most powerful Bug-Types, if you want to spend the time to train it properly."

Toxina prodded at the Metapod with her nose, squeaking lightly and then sniffing around the camp-grounds. Mika called back Bones to his pokeball, keeping Toxina out in case of any Pokemon battles, and hefted his bag up on his back.

"I'm ready when you guys are." Mika said with a smile, bouncing on his heels.

"I don't doubt that he'll be gorgeous." Aeris said and went to fetch her backpack. Blaze stood beside it and had watched while Aeris had trained Tristan until he evolved. Aeris put her backpack on and walked back over to Mika, with Blaze behind her. "I'm ready as well."

A Weedle attacked Blaze out of nowhere, catching her off guard, but luckily enough didn't poison her. She answered the attack with an Ember, knocking the Weedle instantly out. Another Weedle tried the same, but was met with a preemptive Ember. This went on for a little while, Weedle after Weedle attacking Blaze, who answered each of them with an Ember.

Fary looked over at Jordan and laughed some. "Well I won't really be riding it much unless I need to. I more used it for getting from Black City to Pallet Town." Fary said. She walked over to Jordan and pressed her lips to his putting force behind it wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Alright, so if that's everyone packed up..." Rochelle thought aloud as she looked over the campsite. The fire was dead, and everyone else seemed to be ready to go. Jordan in particular was looking to her for guidance through the forest, and perhaps a couple of the others would be as well, although they hadn't shown it the way Jordan had.

Feeling a little out of place, Rochelle added - a little louder to get everyone's attention - "Anyways. If Fary and Jordan are quite finished there, I guess I'll show everyone the way out of the forest. Let's go: Pewter City awaits." With that, she turned and made her way towards the path; the group had gone off the beaten track to set up camp. Hopefully everyone else was following.

Eventually Rochelle reached familiar ground: having only passed through the forest a couple of days ago. The path back to Viridian City was obvious enough, so Rochelle turned in the opposite direction and began walking northeast. Pewter was straight north from Viridian, but the forest twisted in all directions. Rochelle had learned that the hard way by going into the forest from Pewter without any kind of guide or map.

On her shoulder, Natalya looked around curiously, looking round at the slightest rustle of leaves or snap of a twig. The little Murkrow didn't move from her perch, however, although she cawed once at a Caterpie that emerged from the woods only to hide back in the undergrowth.

Aeris walked behind Rochelle and beside Mika, following Rochelle through the forest. She held Mika's hand and looked around at the forest. She saw a Kakuna at one point and got data on it with her Pokedex, then Blaze fought it. Aeris let Tristan out of his Pokeball now and then so he could fight wild Pokemon they saw here and there as well, but she had to return him to his Pokeball after each battle because besides his Tackle, he couldn't move, and he was too heavy for her or Blaze to hold in their arms. Blaze fought the bug Pokemon here as well, using her Ember to burn them.

Mika watched as Blaze seemed to battle almost a dozen aggressive Bug-Types as they walked through the woods. Toxina was getting a nice training session as well, battling her own fair share of Metapod and Caterpie, as well as Pidgey and Rattata. Bones and Artemis had a couple of battles as well, but Mika didn't go too heavy into the training.

"Careful, Aeris... don't want to overuse Blaze's Ember too much. She might be unable to use after a while if you overdo it. Pokemon can only use their moves a limited number of times before they get too tired to battle." Mika explained to his girlfriend, trying not to sound patronizing or reprimanding. "But, she seems to be pretty eager still... so don't get worried too soon."

Toxina scratched an attacking Weedle with her claws, leaving a furrow of marks along its body as she walked with her Trainer, smiling at how strong she was going to become by traveling with the humans.

Tyler followed silently behind the rest of the group, letting them take care of the various Bug Pokemon that came their way. He wasn't interested in any of the Caterpies or Weedles. He was looking for that one damn Pikachu. The one who injured Tank and managed to get away. It was a longshot, but Tyler held on to the slim hope that he would run into the elusive Electric Pokemon and catch it this time. Come out, come out, wherever you are...

Jordan was surprised that Fary came right back at him outside of the tent, especially since she had a bike. He gave her a slow kiss back before Rochelle announced her intentions to leads the group out. "Uh, probably shouldn't do this right now, Fary. Kinda hard to walk and make out and the same time, you know?" With that he followed after Rochelle back into the woods.

He let Vince out to take down any random bugs that came at him, but as he let Spike out he stopped him before he sicced him on the fauna of the area. "All right Spike bro, Imma let you out now, but if you go after Fary again, I am totally going to punt you clear over those trees, and then you won't be getting any free food any more, you dig bro?"

"Mankey! Mankey!" Yeah, want food, won't hit. Won't hit girl. Won't!
Spike nodded his head very quickly and went off to join Vince in dispatching the local bugs.

He turned back to Fary. "Well, I think he digs. So he won't go at ya."

"Yeah, you're right." Aeris kissed Mika on the cheek, then turned to Blaze. "Blaze, try to use your Ember only on the Metapods and Kakunas! Use Scratch on everyone else!" Blaze turned to her and nodded, then attacked a Kakuna with Ember, knocking it out. She then proceeded to Scratch a few Pidgeys, some Weedles and a few Caterpies. Tristan was released now and then still so he could fight as well with his tackle, using Harden when he needed to and since Aeris had found out what it did. Aeris didn't want them to battle too much, but both her Pokemon seemed to be filled with energy now. "I'll need to stock up on some Potions when we get to Pewter." she said. "And maybe a Pokeball or two."

"Mmhmm. I've got some Berries on hand in case of an emergency, but I think we should be good for the moment." Mika said with a smile. Toxina managed to Scratch a Rattata as it tried to Tackle her, causing the Pokemon to fall to the ground and scamper away. Toxina squeaked proudly of herself, and Mika smiled. "You're doing great, hun... You're gonna be strong."

Thank you, Mika. With your help, I am sure I will become a Nidoqueen one day.

"We'll see, Tox. But I don't see why not... You seem strong enough." Mika said with a smile, holding hands with Aeris as they walked. The Nidoran female seemed to be a little tired, so Mika called her back and sent out Artemis, who rested on Mika's shoulder for a most of the trip.

Fary glared at Spike. "I'm still going to watch him. I swear do you give him crack or something?" Fary asked Jordan. She walked with him through the forest. She let her Nidoran out as well to take care of any Pokemon that attacked her. She already has to stop an angry hoard of Pokemon. "Damn for some reason they seem to what to attack me today." Fary said as Horny dispatched a Pidgie with Peck.

As Rochelle led the way, Terinth filed into the back with Tyler. She watched as the others let their pokemon take down all of the bug-types that roamed the forest, she could see her pokemon almost dragging themselves on the ground.

"You guys need some rest," She said, watching them go into their respective containers via a red beam of light. She looked up at Tyler and saw his face tight-knit with what looked like anger and determination. "Hey Tyler, did something happen to one of your pokemon or something? You look kinda....distressed." She asked him looking at all of the pokemon popping in and out of the trees.

"Hey Tyler, did something happen to one of your pokemon or something? You look kinda....distressed."

"Well, my Nidoran got beat up pretty badly by that Pikachu, but he's more exhausted than anything else," Tyler replied, momentarily taking his attention from the forest around them to talk to Terinth. "It still bugs me that the Pikachu got away, though," he added. Taking in a deep breath, Tyler sighed. "But I guess you can't catch every Pokemon you see..."

Something caught Tyler's attention. About five feet off the trail to his right, something small lay on its side the grass. Something yellow. He immediately froze in place. Could it be? It only took a second to register. It was a Pikachu. Judging from the scratch marks and bruises, it had to be the same one that Tank battled the other night.

But something was wrong.

It didn't seem to be healthy. Cautiously, Tyler approached the fallen Pokemon. The Pikachu's breaths were coming in short and ragged. As he moved closer, he could hear the sounds it made as it struggled to breathe. It appeared to be unconscious. While trying to figure out what might be wrong with it, a dawning realization began to emerge. With a degree of horror, Tyler realized that it must have been poisoned from its battle with Tank. The Pokedex's synthesized voice echoed in his head.

Nidoran - The Poison Pin Pokemon

A sudden wave of guilt washed over him. Of course. Even though it managed to flee, Tank's poison had sapped the poor Pikachu's strength, to the point where it must've collapsed at this very spot. It was barely clinging to life, and it was directly Tyler's fault. Pewter City, and therefore the nearest Pokemon Center, was still a decent distance away. It was a possibility that the Pikachu wouldn't even make it. But I can't just leave it here, he thought.

Carefully, Tyler scooped up the dying Pokemon into his arms and jogged back to Terinth. "This Pikachu is in bad shape. We need to get it to a Pokemon Center, and fast!" he told her urgently.

"Wait, what's wrong with it? Is it poisoned or something?" Terinth said, concerned for the pokemon, looking like it was just about to die. "An Antiodote cures that, right?" She queried, pulling one of her two Antidotes out ad handing it to Tyler.

Tyler took the Antidote and examined it briefly. "It should, but I'm not sure just an Antidote alone will help it at this point," he said uncertainly. Shaking the bottle a bit, he sprayed a liberal dose of the Antidote on the unconscious Pikachu. Its breathing slowly became less erratic, but still labored. After spraying the rest of the bottle, Tyler felt relieved, but only a little. Even with the Antidote, it could still very well die from the damage already caused by the poison.

"Okay, I think it helped a little bit...but it still looks pretty bad," he said, his tone laden with worry. "It's still struggling to breathe". Tyler wouldn't let himself live it down if he caused the death of this Pikachu, solely because he wanted to capture it. He wouldn't let it happen. Picking up his pace, he caught up with the rest of the group, whose Pokemon were engaged in battles with Caterpies, Weedles, and Pidgeys. "Guys, we need to get to Pewter City, now," he told them frantically, looking down at the dying Pikachu in his arms.

"This Pikachu isn't going to last very long".

Rochelle immediately turned and looked at Tyler as she kept walking. More specifically, the Pokémon in his arms. "Oh no, that's not good, that's really not good," she said hurriedly, picking up the pace a bit as she and Tyler rounded a corner, the others not far behind so as not to lose sight of their guide. "Um, I've got a couple of Potions in my pack if you want to use one," she suggested. "If we paused somewhere to find them, it might buy the Pikachu a bit more time. Your call, though."

She said 'the' because she didn't know if the Pokémon in question had been caught by Tyler, or was found somewhere in the wild.

"Give it to me. I'll spray it on the go," Tyler replied. "I don't think we have a lot of time". At this point, he wasn't willing to stop for anything. He simply wasn't going to let this Pikachu die in his arms. As if on cue, the previously inert Pokemon stirred. Its eyes opened slowly, looking straight up at Tyler. The Pikachu's expression seemed to indicate that it recognized him.

"Pikachu?" it groaned quietly, its tone that of slight confusion.

"Oh, thank God you're awake," Tyler said, incredibly relieved to see the Pikachu conscious. That was as good a sign as any. "My name is Tyler. My Nidoran fought you and hurt you pretty bad back there..." He swallowed hard. "I'm sorry. But I'm gonna make things right. I'm taking you somewhere that'll make you better and I'll let you go. I promise. I won't try to capture you again. I've done enough to hurt you".

"Pika..." the Pikachu struggled to reply before slipping back into unconsciousness.

Tyler's heart sank. "Come on, we've got to hurry!" he said frantically.

"No, I don't give it-" Jordan had started to answer Fary when Tyler started going into a panic. Apparently something he fought earlier was hurt pretty bad and he wanted to get to Pewter ASAP, he was in a frenzy.

"Whoa bro, calm down man," he told Tyler. "Gotta just be calm dude. We'll get to the place, can't be that far away, right Rochelle?"

Aeris heard what Tyler said and took her backpack off her back, then searched for a Potion she knew she had. She found it and handed it to Tyler. "Here. Spray it with this Potion." She would have one left now, but at least the one she handed to Tyler would be used to prevent a Pokemon from dying.

Meanwhile, Blaze and Tristan were getting tired from all the fighting. After Aeris handed Tyler a Potion, she turned to them after putting her backpack back on. She took the two Pokeballs she had on her belt off it. "You guys have done well now. Rest for now." She returned them both to their respective Pokeballs and put the Pokeballs back on her belt.

Caught between trying to find a Potion in her pack for Tyler, and answering Jordan's question, Rochelle was a little uncoordinated. "Um... Ah, cripe. Too many things going on at once. Natalya, off you get," she instructed the Murkrow, who obliged by taking off from her shoulder, circling around and landing on her head instead. It would have been amusing if Rochelle wasn't already busy.

Rochelle quickly slipped one arm from the strap of her backpack and brought it round to her front, so she could see what she was doing. As she rummaged through the pockets to find what Tyler wanted, she held off on answering Jordan's question. "One moment... Got it," she added, pulling out the small purple spray-bottle. Closing the appropriate pocket, she slipped her pack back on and turned to Tyler, only to find that Aeris had beaten her to it by giving him one of her own.

Hmm... will he need my one? Who knows, judging by that Pikachu's condition, she thought to herself. Electing to keep the Potion in a more accessible place to be on the safe side, Rochelle hooked it onto a pocket of her jeans by the spray attachment and turned back to Jordan. Natalya was still standing on her head, occasionally picking at a feather.

"Um, let me see..." she mused, looking around to get her bearings. "We passed the bush that looks like a chandelier a little while back, and... that looks like the U-turn in the path up ahead, so judging by the time I went through from Pewter, we're about two thirds of the way through the forest."

"...we're about two thirds of the way through the forest."

Close, but not close enough, Tyler thought. He thanked Aeris, who had given him a Potion. Without hesitation, he applied the contents of the spray bottle on the Pikachu, who still lay limp in his arms. "I hope that'll stabilize it for now," he said quietly, trying to heed Jordan's advice to calm down. He took deep breaths, trying to clear the panic from his mind. Little success came from the effort, however. "Okay, we're getting close. We gotta keep going".

Fary looked over at the hurt Pikachu and felt bad she couldn't really do anything to help. "Tyler if you want I can wrap up the Pokemon, I also have some Pokemon pain killers. I'm not Nurse Joy but I can make the poor thing feel better." Fary offered pulling out her Pokemon first aid kit and gave Tyler the liquid pain killer. "It's not much but it's better then letting the poor thing suffer with the pain." she added.

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