The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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"Still, we should hurry. Unless we can get an Antidote into its bloodstream, the poison could wreak more serious damage to his body systems." Mika said, rushing with the group through the woods. "I've traveled through the forest before... It'll be a close call, but if we hurry we'll make it before the damage is irreversible."

The group continued on, rushing past Pokemon Trainers and wild Pokemon in their dash to Pewter. Finally, a light at the end of the woods... they made it to the outskirts, the trees growing more widely spaced until they reached the clearing.

"It's just north of here!" Mika shouted as they ran, the Pokmon Center coming into sight as they entered the city gates. "Hurry!"

The group of Trainers rushed inside Tyler stepping forth with the Pikachu as the Nurse on call, which oddly, was not a Joy, but a man with the same color hair, but cut short, took the Pikachu.

"I'll take good care of it... You guys are lucky you got here in time." He said, taking the injured Pokemon into the emergency section of the center.

Rochelle sat down hard on the floor of the Pokémon Center and slipped out of her backpack, breathing hard after the extended run. Natalya, however, hadn't had a problem with the mad dash as she had flown alongside the group with ease. The little Murkrow landed beside her Trainer, ruffled her feathers and hopped up onto a nearby chair for a better view of the building's interior.

Eventually she managed to say between quiet gasps for breath, "Grife... Don't want to try running like that again any time soon." Given the size of her backpack and its contents, the entire thing was pretty heavy even without the stamina-draining run.

Aeris sat down beside Rochelle and breathed hard as well, trying to calm down her breathing. She wasn't used to running much, so this had taken a bit out of her. She released Blaze and Tristan, allowing them to walk around, or at least Blaze to walk around. Tristan just sat there in front of Aeris. "That was...quite the run." she said in between gasping a little for air. She would take Blaze and Tristan to the nurse later once she'd caught her breath.

Relieved of the Pikachu, Tyler also gave the Pokeballs containing Tank and Geist to one of the resident Chanceys. Afterwards, he slumped back against the wall and sank slowly to the floor. They had made it to the Pewter City Pokemon Center, but did they get there in time to save the wild Pikachu? Tyler wouldn't know that answer for a while, and every second was agonizing. His gaze dropped to his shoes as he simply sat and waited.

Fary took her Pokemon to Nurse Joy. "Could you please heal my Pokemon?" Fary asked after sending Horny and Rogue to their Pokeballs. "Sure thing." Nurse Joy said smiling taking her Pokemon. "Thank you." Fary said walking off and waited going through her backpack. "Oh shit I need to get more Pokeballs." Fary said getting up and jogged out of the Pokemon Center to the Pokemart.

Rushing into the Pokemon Center with the others, Terinth saw someone take the poisoned Pikachu away. She saw some people giving their pokemon to workers there, and decided she would do the same. As she walked up to the counter, she saw a Chansey behind the desk. She decided to get the data on it.

"Fairly interesting pokemon you are," Terinth said to it, bringing out her pokeballs. "Here, take my pokemon." She said to the pokemon as it looked curiously at her. As it began to take them, Terinth realized something. "Hold on, I need to write something down on those," She said, grabbing a marker and writing down the names of the respective pokemon on them. "There, now take them." She said, watching as the Chansey scurried off happily with the two pokemon.

After looking around for a few seconds, she decided to join the group that were still sitting around. She went over to Aeris and Rochelle, still catching their breath.

"So, what are we supposed to do in this town, anyway?" She said, looking at the two of them while sitting down to the floor, glancing over at the small pokemon in front of Aeris.

"Metapod? What good is that pokemon? All it knows is Harden and Tackle." Terinth thought to herself, not wanting to make anyone else angry in the same 24-hour period as she did Fary.

"The first Gym in Kanto is here," Rochelle answered Terinth slowly, having taken a short while to get her breath back. She seemed to have recovered faster than Aeris; that was most likely due to her above-average endurance capabilities. "I think Gary mentioned that the Gym Leader here has Rock-type Pokémon, so... shouldn't be an issue for Kirsten. Still, best not to take any chances. I didn't go for a look at the Gym itself when I was here, though, so I'm just as much in the dark as you in regards to how many people there are to beat." True to her words, Rochelle didn't know much about the Pewter Gym. It was a pretty big building, though, about the same size as the Museum of Science up the road from the Gym.

Fary had mentioned wanting to buy new Poké Balls as she left; Rochelle made a mental note to visit the PokéMart herself. She wanted to get a few different things; you could never be too careful. Potions, a few Poké Balls just in case, some Antidotes, Paralyze Heals and the like. She also wanted to find some time to examine the broken Poké Ball in her pack, and find out how it had rendered itself unusable.

Mika sat down next to Aeris, listening to her panting for breath and resting, giggling a bit and doing the same.

"We had quite a workout, huh?" Mika said with a giggle, resting his head against her shoulder and looking down at the Pokemon. Bones and Toxina were on the ground with Tristan and Blaze, playing with each other, save for Tristan who was sitting and watching his surroundings. Mika kissed his girlfriend on the cheek lightly, placing his hand on her leg and holding hers with his other one. "Anything I can get for you, hun?"

Aeris had now caught her breath and was just sitting on the floor with Tristan in front of her. "Well, I know Blaze can learn Metal Claws at some point and that is good against Rock Pokemon. But I don't know when she'll learn it. Tristan should be close to evolving, though. The Butterfree he'll evolve into should be helpful. Not to mention cute."

When Mika sat down next to her and kissed her cheek, she smiled to him. "Some soda would be nice if you could get some for me." She handed him $10 from her backpack with her free hand and kissed him on the lips briefly. "And get something for yourself as well." she said and giggled a little. Tristan stayed the same, looking around and sitting there. "I should let the nurse check on Blaze and Tristan, since they did quite a bit of fighting." She let go of his hand, then returned Blaze and Tristan to their Pokeballs and walked over to the Chancey there, and handed her Pokeballs over to it. She took out her Pokedex and aimed it at the Chancey, getting data on it when it had it's back turned. She put the Pokedex back into her pocket, then walked back over to Mika and Rochelle and sat down between them.

It was quite a run. The group had taken off in a hurry and Jordan had to struggle to keep from getting left behind. But they did make it to the Pokemon Center. That was the good thing for the little Pikachu that Tyler had. He had given his Pokemon over to the guy who did not look like he should be a nurse, and waited with the others. It was a tense wait but after a half an hour or so, the man returned to address the group.

"All your Pokemon are fine," he assured them. "They are all healed up and ready to go. You can pick them up at the counter. However, that Pikachu you brought in is still in bad shape. It will need some further treatment before we can determine if it will be safe to release it from care. I would suggest taking a walk while we do what we can." He then turned away and headed back into the ICU.

Jordan stood up. "Uh, OK, so I'm going to go grab my bros. You guys just want me to grab yours too?"

"You won't need to pick up mine. I can pick them up myself. Thanks, though." Aeris said to Jordan before standing up and walking over to the counter. She took her Pokeballs that contained Blaze and Tristan and put them on her belt. She was glad that they were back in shape. She walked back over to Mika and Rochelle, but didn't sit down. "Why don't we go out and take a walk?" she asked Mika. "We can grab that soda later." She offered him her hand to hold.

Rochelle got up, having felt a little uncomfortable in the presence of another couple. "A walk sounds good. I'm gonna pay a visit to the PokéMart if anyone else wants to come with me. Come on, Natalya." She stretched out to limber up a little as she spoke, pulling on her backpack soon after. Once she had stopped moving so much, the Murkrow jumped off the chair on which she stood, executed a quick midair turn to gain some height and landed gracefully on Rochelle's shoulder.

"Let's go take a look round the city, eh?" Rochelle said quietly to Natalya as she walked out of the Pokémon Center and began to head over to the PokéMart. Anyone who wanted to join her could catch up easily enough. "We'll see many more places like this, so you'll have to get used to the way we humans live." Natalya nodded in response, and Rochelle smiled at her understanding. At least, she hoped the Pokémon understood. Considering that most Pokémon knew to use specific attacks in battle when instructed, it was a fair assumption that they would respond accurately to human speech outside of combat.

Fary picked up some Pokeballs, potions, antidotes, paralyze heals and a few other things she could use. "Thank you." Fary said to the chaser walking out while putting her things in her pack and looked up seeing Rochelle.

"Oh hey Rochelle." Fary said warmly.

"Hey," Rochelle answered with a smile and a short wave. "I imagine you've done a bit of shopping; I was planning on doing the same. Considering that, y'know, we're Trainers now and all that, it'd probably be best to have a decent amount of medicine and Poké Balls and whatnot on hand."

As she passed Fary on the way into the PokéMart, she added, "Everyone else is back at the Pokémon Center, just so you know, and they might be heading out for a walk or something. The staff are still taking care of the, um, the Pikachu Tyler found."

Hearing the news about the group's pokemon and the injured Pikachu, Terinth got up and grabbed her pokemon from the counter. As she was doing so, she felt her stomach rumble.

"No food all day again is not a good idea. Anyone know where I can get a little food?" Terinth asked out loud, first talking to herself, then voicing her question aloud.

Mika took the ten from Aeris, going over to a vending machine and looking over what they had inside. Mika picked himself out a nice cold Lemonade, getting a Soda Pop for Aeris, putting the money in the machine and waiting as it gave him the change. He brought it back over to Aeris, sitting down next to her and handing her the change and her drink, taking a sip of his own drink as he sat down next to her.

"Come on guys, let's get you healed up." Mika called back his Pokemon to their pokeballs, going up to the main desk and having the on-call Nurse put them through the machine. After a few moments, the pink-haired male nurse handed the pokeballs back to the young man, smiling brightly as he went back to the lobby, calling out his Pokemon and feeding them. "Feeling better, guys?"

Mika turned when Aeris asked to go for a walk, grasping her hand when she offered it and smiling softly.

"Of course, hun... I'd love to go on a nice walk with you." Mika said with a smile, feeling a little more relaxed when his hand touched hers. "After you, my dear."

"I would suggest taking a walk while we do what we can"

Tyler nodded and took his Pokeballs from the male nurse, placing them in his backpack. There wasn't much he could do, so he might as well get some fresh air. Moping around here isn't gonna help Pikachu get any better, he thought as he made a move for the door. He stopped for a moment when he heard Terinth's voice.

"Uh..." Tyler started, scratching the back of his head. "You can try eating here at the cafeteria...or you can buy a snack at the PokeMart or something," he replied. "That's where I'm going, I guess".

Since his Pokémon were in fairly good shape Simon had opted to go to the Pokémart first. He needed supplies.

"If you break that, bud, I can't afford it buy it."

And a less inquisitive Pokémon. Shadow was having a bit too much fun with all the wares. "Cheee? Cheee!..." Shadow looked up from where he'd been poking a bottle of unidentifiable liquid. The Poochyena backed up a few steps then sneezed at the bottle.

"What is that anyway?" Simon knelt down to inspect the label. As he got closer he noticed a slightly odd smell coming from the bottle. But it didn't seem too terrible.

'Repel...oh. Well that makes sense.' "Does really it smell that bad?" Simon asked. He glanced down at his Pokémon. Shadow looked up at his trainer and sneezed again, this time deliberately.

"That's a yes." Simon carefully returned the container and continued looking for the supplies he actually needed. After a few minutes of searching he approached the counter with two new Potions and a Pokéball to replace the one he'd caught Pen with.

"Can you sign this please?" The young girl at the counter asked as she slid a receipt towards him.

"Yes ma'am." he replied easily.

'Sign...sign!' He needed to check in!

"Here you go, sir" The girl at the counter handed him his supplies in a bag. Simon took the bag with his left hand while simultaneously reaching into his pocket with his right.

"What did I do with those numbers...they're here somewhere." Simon sidestepped his way to the corner of the Mart all the while trying to find a certain scrap of paper he hoped was still on his person. He had his own ID code but there was a certain sequence he was supposed to give the associate in charge to let them know he was legit. But the sequence had been so long he hadn't been able to memorize it yet.

Shadow followed his trainer to the corner. He listened to Simon's quiet commentary as he continued looking for something. Then Shadow got bored and decided to see what he could reach that was in the immediate vicinity.

Jordan grabbed his two Pokeballs from the man at the counter and looked around the Center. Everyone in the group seemed to be off doing their little thing, most of which involved going to the PokeMart for supplies. Unfortunately, this option was not available for Jordan. His dad had lacked the foresight to give him any money for this trip, only saying 'You can battle some kid's Pokemon for some money! It'll be good for you!' Like that would get enough cash for a cheeseburger.

He left the Center and walked around the city, looking for a good spot to set up shop. He had a method for picking up a little extra cash, it worked the best when the tourists were out on Fuchsia Beach, and feeling a little guilty about enjoying themselves. He looked around the city but with the mountains looming in the distance, there would be no major attraction to work from. In fact, the only attraction in the city appeared to be some old Museum. "Man," he sighed to himself. "Well, guess this will have to do."

Jordan sat down in front of the Museum sign and plunked his hat down in front of him. He roughed up his hair, making it look even more scraggy. And as the foot traffic slowly passed by, he held out his hand. "Spare some change, bro?"

Aeris took the Soda Pop and opened it, then drank a bit of it. She felt a bit refreshed by it. Then she held hands with Mika as they left the Pokecenter, a smile on her face, and she thought she'd let Blaze out of her Pokeball. She reached for it, pressed the button on it to make it larger and released Blaze from her Pokeball. Blaze stretched when she appeared in the white light from coming out of her Pokeball, and walked beside Aeris and Mika as they went on a walk.

The town wasn't big, they found out after walking for a bit. They'd been walking for not a long while when they came to the Museum, not necessarily to enter it, when Aeris saw Jordan. They walked up to him. "What are you doing?" she asked him.

"Huh?" Jordan said looking up, seeing Red and Stick in front of him. Shit, I was hoping I'd get a little cash before I ran into one of the group... He rubbed the back of his head. "Oh, uh, I'm just chillaxing, you know? Just enjoying being out of the forest and all that. Heh, yeah, totally. Missed the sun." He picked up his hat and put it back on his head. "Yeah, it's good to sit."

"Hmm, I see. Well, enjoy your sitting, then." Aeris said to him, smiling, as she and Mika continued to walk around Pewter. They came to the entrance of the town, where it lead back to Viridian Forest. "You know, there is some grass near here. I don't really want to enter the forest again, but I'd like to train Blaze and Tristan a bit more, now that they've been healed." She walked with Mika to the grass, Blaze following them. "Alright. Time for some more training, guys." she said as a wild Rattata and wild Sentret attacked. "Blaze, attack the Rattata! Tristan, I choose you to fight the Sentret!" She threw Tristan's Pokeball and released him from there. Blaze began scratching the Rattata while Tristan tackled the Sentret.

This continued for a bit, Blaze and Tristan fighting a few wild Pokemon, until...
Aeris gasped. "Tristan!" He lay in the grass, his body still. Aeris walked over to him. "Are you alright?" she asked him. She didn't get an answer, not a verbal one at least. Tristan cracked along the top and opened. What came out from there was a Butterfree. Aeris looked at it with awe and a look someone has when they see something cute. "Tristan! You're a pretty Butterfree now!" Tristan looked at his wings and new body, as much as he could, anyway, and looked at Aeris with a look of joy. He flew over to her and hugged her. He seemed to have wanted to do that for a little while now. Blaze knew she was partially to blame, when she'd hugged Aeris and poor Tristan didn't have hands until now. Aeris hugged him back. "I'm so proud of you." she said to Tristan, who looked even happier. Blaze smiled as well.

Fary gave Rochelle a quick nod and walked back to the Pokemon center to pick up her Pokemon from Nurse Joy. "Thank you." she said.

"You're welcome and I hope to see you again." Nurse Joy said with an awkwardly happy tone.

"So umm you hope to see me and my hurt Pokemon again? That seems... creepy." Fary asked her.

Nurse Joy blinked and seemed confused. "What do you mean by creepy? I just want to help your Pokemon." Nurse Joy said ending it with a smile.

"Never mind." Fary said walking out and looked around. "Hmmmmm Maybe I should battle someone." she said.

"Okay, let's see what they've got in stock," Rochelle said cheerfully to Natalya as she walked into the shop. It seemed to be standardised, official products arranged according to category; medicine in the front for those who needed it without wanting to visit a Pokémon Center, Poké Balls just behind those, and other gear like Repels further in. Rochelle noted the price tags on the items she could be interested in as she took a brief walk around the PokéMart. On her shoulder, Natalya looked around warily, not liking the layout of the building. It was more cramped than the open forest, or the Pokémon Center they had just visited.

Soon enough she gathered up the things she needed; four Poké Balls to replace the three she'd used, plus one extra just in case; a few Potions to expand her supply, and two Antidotes and Paralyze Heals each. They had some kind of system, it seemed, for the more effective items like higher-quality Poké Balls with different designs. Rochelle noted a small poster detailing this system on the counter as she approached.

"Hi, just these, thanks," she said as she set the small collection on the counter.

"Not a problem, miss," the cashier answered, scanning each one under a barcode reader. "Um... did you want a bag for these?" When Rochelle politely declined, he continued his work and looked at the total amount on the screen facing him. "That's, ah, twenty-three dollars all up."

Rochelle produced the appropriate amount of cash and handed it over in exchange for the gear. As she did so, she remembered the broken Poké Ball in her bag. "Thanks for that. Um... I just remembered something else. This may seem like a question you get a lot, but..." She dug around in her pack for the no-longer-functional ball, pulled it out and passed it over to the cashier. "How come Poké Balls break so easily?"

"Ah, yes. You must be fairly new to the Pokémon League challenge. See here, how the interior is dull, and the ball doesn't do anything when I press the button? Most Poké Balls allow the target to try to resist capture. If they succeed, the action of breaking out of the Ball usually damages it and renders it useless," the guy explained, showing Rochelle the inside of the ball as he did so. "We run a collection to recycle broken Poké Balls and empty Potion bottles and suchlike. Just turn 'em in whenever you stop in at a Poké Mart."

"Alright, so I'll leave that with you, then. Thanks for that," Rochelle answered, putting her new items in the appropriate pockets of her pack. "That was everything, so... see ya." With that, she gave the cashier a friendly smile and a wave as she walked out, Natalya on her shoulder. Standing outside the PokéMart, Rochelle wondered briefly where to head next. Perhaps there was a lake or pool of water or something nearby in which Kirsten could splash around. She began to backtrack to see if the group had passed one in their mad dash to the Pewter Pokémon Center.

Mika watched as Tristan evolved into a Butterfree, his own Pokemon battling the wild ones to gain some experience.

"Bones, use Snarl!" Mika commanded the black-furred Pokemon, causing him to Snarl and bark at a wild Rattata. "Now, Toxina, use Double-Kick!" The Poison-Point Pokemon kicked her hind legs at a Sentret, knocking it out in a single blow.

"Excellent! Now, Artemis, use Peck!" Which she did, Pecking a Pidgey into submission. "Great job, guys. You're all getting stronger, fantastic." Mika smiles happily, petting his Pokemon happily.

He walked over to Aeris and kissed her on the cheek, looking up at the Butterfree and smiling. He held her hand and smiled softly, chuckling happily.

"Tristan's very handsome now." Mika said to his girlfriend, holding a hand out to the Butterfree and rubbing between its antennae. "He'll be really strong now... With him on your team, you should have no trouble taking out Brock in a Gym Match."

Tristan gave a happy sound and nibbled on Mika's finger. Aeris giggled at that and enjoyed holding hands with Mika. "He may be handsome, but not as handsome as you." she said and kissed Mika on the lips. She held the kiss for a moment before pulling back and smiling towards him. "Maybe I should test to see how Tristan does in battle. After I get data on him, for a third time now." she said and giggled a little while reaching for her Pokedex in her pocket. She aimed it at Tristan.

Butterfly Pokémon
Types: Bug/Flying
Height: 1.1 m / 3'07"
Weight: 32.0 kg / 70.5 lbs.
The wings are protected by rain-repellent dust. As a result, this POKéMON can fly about even in rain.
Moves: Tackle. String Shot. Harden. Confusion.

"Evolved and learned a new move. Lets see what it does..." She looked around to see if she could find a wild Pokemon, which didn't take long. She saw a wild Sentret. "Tristan, use Confusion on that Sentret!" Tristan did as she asked him of and flew over to the Sentret. He used some kind of telekinetic force on the Sentret, which made it spin around for a bit. The Sentret stopped when the attack stopped and tried to tackle Tristan. He flew a bit into the air, making the Sentret miss. Tristan then tackled the Sentret and knocked it out. "Good job, Tristan!" Aeris called to him.

With the two gone, Jordan popped his hat back down on the ground. He didn't get any bites before they came along, and food wasn't going to pay for itself. He couldn't rely on Fary all the time just giving over free food. That went against the code of the beach. You don't just take food off your friends...or your girlfriend. You gotta be able to contribute something back. Money off of complete strangers though, that was totally different. Didn't need to pay back.

"Change bro?" he asked a man walking by, a man who looked fairly important. Without looking, he tosses a couple of quarters down into Jordan's hat. "Nice, thanks bro!" He went back to scanning the street for people.

After a few seconds, it was obvious that Terinth hadn't heard Tyler's suggestion, so he turned to leave the Pokemon Center. Just as he was about to leave, a voice called out to him, urging him to stop.

"Sir, wait!" called the voice of the male nurse. "Your Pikachu is cleared for release! He's waiting in the ward".

But it's not my... he opened his mouth to say, but the sudden rush of relief took the words from his tongue. The young Trainer released the breath that felt like it was being held for hours. The nurse opened the door that lead into the hallway and gestured for him to come inside. Tyler nodded. "Thank you," he said timidly as he stepped past the man and into the hallway.

The nurse led Tyler into the main ward, where the Pikachu was sitting upright on the hospital bed. Thanks to the effort of the resident nurses and Chanseys, he looked almost completely healthy once more. The assorted scratches and bruises appeared to be completely healed, save for a faint goldenrod-colored scar that crossed diagonally over his right eye.

Cautiously, Tyler approached the Pikachu, who turned to look at him as he stepped closer. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked.

The small yellow Pokemon regarded him for a moment, then nodded slowly. "Pi pikachu," he replied before climbing down off the bed.

Tyler and the Pikachu were escorted out of the ward and into the main lobby of the Pokemon Center, where the male nurse wished him and the Pokemon well. The Trainer led the Pikachu outside and knelt down beside him.

"Okay, Pikachu, you're free to go just like I promised," he told him, gesturing out towards the Viridian Forest on the horizon. "I won't follow you back, and I won't ever try to catch you again".

The Pikachu took a step away from Tyler and looked out towards the forest for a moment, seemingly in thought. He looked like he was about to take another step, but abruptly turned to face him again. "Pika-chu," he said, shaking his head.

"Does...does that mean you don't want to leave?" Tyler asked tentatively.

"Pika," he replied with a slow nod.

"Does that mean you want to stay with me?" he inquired further.

"Pika pi,", he confirmed again, with another nod.

Tyler took a moment to let the Pikachu's response completely register. Despite being given the chance to be free again, he chose to remain with Tyler instead, of his own free will. With a slowly growing smile, Tyler produced an empty Pokeball from his backpack and expanded the device to full size. "Okay then. Welcome to the you want a nickname?"

The Pikachu tilted his head to the side quizzically for a second. "Pi pika pi," he replied affirmatively.

"Alright then..." Tyler said, tugging at his goatee in thought. "How about Blitz?"

"Pikachu!" he replied with a grin.

"Okay, now that's settled...welcome to the team, Blitz!" Tyler said happily before tossing the Pokeball at the newly-christened Blitz. Because he was willing, the Pokeball did not bounce as much as it normally would have, and quickly emitted the low electronic tone indicating the capture was complete.

Tyler picked up the now-occupied Pokeball and placed it into his backpack. With a fresh spring to his step, he headed towards the Pokemart to buy some supplies for the road ahead. Now that Blitz was a part of his team, Tyler could now focus on his next great challenge: the Pewter City Gym and its leader, Brock.

Terinth had heard Tyler's suggestion, but was more occupied with a slight commotion in the back of the Pokécenter. She saw the male nurse, almost racing to call Tyler.

"Sir, wait! Your Pikachu is cleared for a release! He's waiting in the ward." As Tyler got the Pikachu and came back, he began to release it. It turned away and took a step, but returned to Tyler anyway. As the pokémon allowed Tyler to catch it, Terinth began to get a small smile on her lips.

"Hmm, after nearly dying from being in a battle, that small thing wants to do what almost killed it? And doing it for fun? There has to be a bit of irony there, if not, then just plain stupidity." Terinth thought to herself. Still, Terinth felt a twang of sympathy for the boy and his new Pokémon, seeing that they had already had a friendship, even if it was through a tragedy. At the thought of this, Terinth began to have painful memories of a past experience she'd had.

Terinth grimaced, remembering the failed friendship and the mental pain it ad caused her. She walked out of the pokécenter and over to the pokémart, to stock up on food.

Mika giggled as he felt the tickling of the Butterfree's nibble, stroking the Pokemon's head and then holding Aeris close as she kissed him. After they broke the kiss, Aeris scanned Tristan, getting his data on the Pokedex, then had him test out his new abilities.

"That's a good Psychic-Type move." Mika said to his girlfriend, rattling off some of his experience with Pokemon. "It's got a chance of confusing its target, causing them to do harm to themselves. It can help turn the tide in a battle."

Mika looked over his own Pokemon, all having grown more powerful from the training, and looking happy and strong. He looked over at his lovely girlfriend and a little smile formed on his lips.

"Hey, Aeris... Do you want to have a Pokemon battle?" Mika suggested, looking at her and Tristan with a slight grin. "It'll be a good chance to let Tristan stretch his wings."

As Rochelle left Pewter City by the south entrance, she spotted a thick patch of grass nearby. Something was flying around nearby; she couldn't tell what it was at this distance. Curiosity overtook her, and she hurried to investigate. It turned out that the flying thing in question was a Pokémon, and an amazing-looking one at that. Mika and Aeris were nearby; perhaps it belonged to one of them. Wanting to get a closer look at the winged Pokémon, Rochelle approached the two of them.

"Hey guys," she said cheerfully, waving as she got closer. Natalya immediately jumped off Rochelle's shoulder and took flight, investigating the Butterfree from all angles before she landed at Rochelle's feet and ducked into the grass to find something to battle. "Careful, Natalya," the Trainer chided before she turned her attention back to the others. "Anyways. This Pokémon is... beautiful, for lack of a better word. Who caught it?"

Out of the corner of her eye, Rochelle spotted a small landlocked lake on the other side of the path, perfect for Kirsten to enjoy herself in if it was deep enough to let her duck under the water and swim around. She made a note to let the Horsea out of her ball when the conversation with Mika and Aeris finished.

Before Aeris could answer Mika, Rochelle arrived. "Well, I did. This is Tristan, the Caterpie I caught yesterday, who evolved into a Metapod this morning and is now a pretty Butterfree." she said to Rochelle with a smile. Tristan looked at Natalya who was investigating him, but didn't follow her when she went into the grass. Instead, he went into the grass in another direction and fought a few more Pokemon. Blaze was having fun with her training as well.

"And so I can answer your question, Mika. Yeah, I would love to battle. Let them just have their fun for now, though. Rochelle, would you like to watch me and Mika battle with our Pokemon?"

Jordan continued working the gate to the Pewter Museum, trying to scrounge up some eatin' money. He had worked up to about $8, not bad for the short time he was out there. He tried his luck with an older man with spiky grey hair passing by. "Hey bro, spare some change?"

The old man snorted and looked back at him. "This isn't what you should be doing with your life, son. You should be trying to make something of yourself! If you want money, why don't you try to get a couple of Pokemon together and challenge the gym leader? Brock will take on any trainer, and he'll pay very well if you can manage to beat him." With that, he left down the street, leaving the beach bum sitting there.

"Hmmmmm, I could totally beat someone like that. Vince bro is pretty good I think. Yeah, I can do that!" Jordan said to himself. He picked up his spoils from the half an hour of sitting there, readjusted his hat on his head and headed back towards the Center. Maybe he could dig up some info on this Gym Leader dude and get his bros ready for battle so he could earn some good cash.

Fary looked around the city. "I really should challenge some trainers to level up Horny and my other Pokemon before I fight Brock." Fary said walking up to a kid that was sneaking around some bushes looking for something then saw Fary and jumped up as soon as she looking him in the eyes.

"You're a trainer I just know it. You have that look in your eye. I bet you like bug Pokemon." The Bug Catcher said.

"Umm no I raise dark and ghost types." Fary said then blinked as the trainer pulled out a pokeball and threw it. "I choose you Weedle." he said.

"Ummmmm whaaaaa." Fary said not sure what brought on the battle.

"You hate bug Pokemon, you will pay for that. Now bring out your Pokemon" he said almost demanding it of her.

"Fine fine, I choose you Horny use Focus Energy." Fary shouted. Horny looked at her and nodded.

The weedle used string attack lowering Horny's speed. "See that's what you get for hating bugs." the trainer said.

"I never said I hated bugs you idiot." Fary said having Horny use Peck knocking it out.

"So you care to keep going?" Fary said crossing her arms.

"You'll pay for this." the trainer said sending out another Pokemon. Fary sighed and rolled her eyes dispatching his remain 3 Pokemon one at a time with Horny.

"Ok kid fork over some cash I won." Fary said as the grumbling kid handed over $15. "Thank you." she said walking off.

"Sure, you guys go ahead. Maybe I'll pick up some pointers on battling," Rochelle answered as she ventured into the grass to look for Natalya. She could get into trouble and take some serious injuries if left alone. Pushing aside a particularly thick patch of grass, she spotted the Murkrow assembling a small pyramid of unconscious Pokémon. Seeing her Trainer arrive on the scene, Natalya jumped up onto the Sentret on the top of the pile and flapped her wings triumphantly.

"Aww, look at you, so proud of yourself. Come on now, let's go check out the lake over there," Rochelle said, allowing Natalya to hop up onto her arm like a falconer with their bird. She carried Natalya on her arm to the lake, and set her down at the edge, opening up her other two Poké Balls to let the others out. Phoenix chirped happily and hopped around, looking at the sparkling water of the lake and Mika and Aeris with equal interest. Kirsten, however, promptly jumped into the lake and began swimming around, occasionally kicking up a small splash and generally having a good time of herself.

Smiling at her Pokémon's enthusiasm, Rochelle sat down in the grass to watch Mika and Aeris battle.

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