The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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When Aeris heard the Horsea's cry, she turned around and was struck with fear when she saw it. Ah! A water Pokemon! N-no, get it away from me! She ran away from everyone and behind one of the fences, her Charmander close behind. She trembled a bit and looked to see if the Horsea had followed her. Seeing that it hadn't, she was a little embarrassed that she had ran away like that, but she couldn't help it. She was just so afraid of all water Pokemon and water. It took effort to get her to take a bath or a shower, though she much preferred the shower.

"S-sorry! I'm j-just afraid of w-water and water P-Pokemon..." she said to apologize to Rochelle and Kirsten, still hiding behind the fence away from them. Small tears ran down her cheeks, though she hid them by hiding her face in her hair. Blaze looked up at her trainer with a sad look and hugged her. Aeris smiled a bit when she felt Blaze hug her leg. "Thanks Blaze. I just met these people and now they'll think I'm weird..."

As everyone began to to battle pokemon, Terinth decided it was time she found out how Lillipup fought. As she brought out her PokeDex and scanned her Lillipup, it responded: Lillipup. The Puppy Pokemon. It's move set is: *Insert Move Set from character sheet here*.. It's ability is Vital Spirit, meaning it cannot fall asleep.

"You know, that explains why you're so GOD. DAMN. HYPER!" Terinth said to her Lillipup, it responded barking happily. "Let's see how you use all that energy." Terinth said as she looked around for something to battle. She got her answer when she heard a ruffling of wings behind her. As she turned around, she saw a Pidgey charging out of the trees. As she realized it was coming after her. She was unprepared, and it hopped at her face and began pecking at her eyes. "Agh! Lillipup, use Tackle!" As she yelled out the command, she saw a scatter of feathers. "Good job, Lillipup! One more time!" As Lillipup sent the Pidgey flying, it slammed into a tree, getting knocked out cold. "Good job Lillipup! I guess you're not useless!" As Terinth looked around at the others, and she saw one of them cowering in fear. "Hey Aeris, are you alright?"

Aeris looked at Terinth through her hair which still covered her face. She looked away while she brushed her hair away and wiped the small tears away. "It's just that I'm afraid of water and water Pokemon..." she started saying. She was silent for a few moments while calming herself down. She looked at Terinth and gave him a small smile. "I should have told you guys sooner, but instead, I just look like an idiot now, cowering in fear because I'm afraid of a little Horsea..."

Meanwhile, a Sentret tackled Blaze from behind. She didn't like that and scratched it back. With scratch marks on it, it tackled Blaze again who was knocked down a second time and took a moment to stand up. It scratched the Sentret again and it was knocked down. Blaze stood victorious and walked back to Aeris.

The Pidgey that Kirsten was fighting recovered quickly from the sudden shock of the Bubble attack, and rushed at Kirsten, knocking her down. The Horsea cried out, hurt by the charge, and Rochelle quickly picked her up and set her back on her tail as the bird retreated a short distance. "Come on, Kirsten. It's only a little one, you can beat him, right?" she said gently, not wanting to put pressure on her Pokémon.

"Hor-sea," Kirsten answered with a little twitch that looked like a nod. Rochelle smiled at the cute creature and said, "Alright, hit him with the bubbles again." Kirsten did so, although Rochelle noted that the bubble stream was a bit larger. The wild Pidgey let out another squawk and backed up under the weight of the pressing bubbles, before they started to pop around it. When one of the bubbles popped as it touched the Pidgey's head, it shook itself, but another couple hit it and they were forceful enough to daze it.

"Go on, get out of here, you crazy bird," Rochelle said forcefully as she strode over to the Pidgey and carefully pushed it away into the grass while it was still stunned. She returned to Tyler and Kirsten, picking up the latter for a brief cuddle. "That was pretty good, Kirsten. How'd you do that?" Rochelle asked the little Pokémon, who gave a short victory cry and snuggled into Rochelle's arms.

'Well that was interesting.' Simon thought as he watched the fire and water Pokemon complete their battles. A low whine made him turn his attention back to Shadow. Nose to the ground, the Poochyena appeared to be tracking something. The small grey-furred Pokémon stopped at the bottom of a short tree. 'Oh, please be a Ratatta that likes to climb trees.' Simon thought. He jogged toward his Pokémon. As he got closer he saw two Pidgeys and his Pokémon growling at them. Shadow gave a low howl. "Of course..."

One of the Pidgeys took flight and escaped. The second Pidgey gave a harsh cry and dived down out of the tree toward Shadow. Shadow jumped out of the way, but just barely. The Pidgey squawked angrily and beat its wings. It circled around the four legged Pokémon. When the Pidgey completed its loop it landed on a low branch. Taking the opportunity Simon took out his Pokédex and aimed it at Pidgey. The device beeped then displayed the appropriate information:

'Well that doesn't help me right now.' As Simon watched, the Pidgey launched itself from the branch and began to beat its wings. Dirt and sand started to rise up from the ground. "Sand attack...oh no." Sand and dirt flew past Poochyena and his trainer. Shadow shook his head rapidly to clear its vision. Simon shook his leg out and scowled when sand fell to the ground. 'Great. More sand in my shoes.' "Shadow, use tackle!" Simon called.

"Chee" Shadow agreed. He rushed toward the Pidgey. The tackle attack sent the small bird flying beak over tail on the ground. "Nice work!" Simon enthused.

"Rrrr" Shadow growled and darted toward the bird. He clamped his teeth down on one of the Pidgey's wings. The panicked bird began squawking loudly and fought to free itself. But with one of its wings out of commission it couldn't fly away. Shadow gave a low growl and shook his head. The Poochyena held on until finally the Pidgey exhausted itself and stopped fighting.

Simon reached into his backpack and pulled out a Pokéball. "Alright, Shadow, let go." Simon threw the Pokéball. Shadow released the bird and jumped out of the way. The ball landed on the Pidgey and bounced. In a flash of red light the Pokémon was trapped inside.

Simon stared at the small sphere, willing it to remain shut. The Pokéball rolled back and forth, the light on its center glowing softly. Back and forth the Pokéball twitched. After a few seconds it was still. "Gotcha." Simon said with a grin. Shadow pawed at the Pokéball until his trainer walked over to pick it up.

"Well done." Simon praised his Pokémon. Shadow yipped happily.

Jordan looked over at the fire girl, more with a look of disgust than anything. Doesn't like water? DOESN'T LIKE WATER?!? Dude! That's just...dude! I mean, I had it a little but she's how old? Heavy weak there. Heavy weak. He didn't say anything though as he kept walking.

Vince was having a great time in the grass, knocking out Pidgeys and Rattatas as they crossed his path, a couple of Quick Attacks usually more than enough to get the job done.

Soon the group could see the bright light glinting off the windows of a Pokemon Center, officially welcoming the new trainers to Viridian City. It was a tiny city, but it served an important role as the gateway to Indigo Plateau. The roofs of the surrounding buildings were all tinted green, and in the distance, the Viridian gym could be seen, standing above all else.

Jordan stopped at the outskirt of the city. "Huh....why's this place so green, man?"

Fary only looked around the city for a brief second. She had pasted through there to get to Pallet Town. Her eyes stopped on the Pokemon Center, she looked at Zorua and then thought of her new pokemon. She knew they needed healing and wanted to heal them up before they hit the forest. "Hmmm this seems familiar." she joked Zorua looking up at Fary weakly yipping. "It's ok Zorua I'll make sure you get healed up." she said stopping not far from the others.

She looked over at Jordan and smiled some. "You're first time in Viridian City?" she asked him. Zorua was too tired to care that Fary was talking to... that thing, she just wanted to rest and heal up.

"I don't really know." Aeris said to Jordan as she looked around at the city. A few houses were there, along with the Pokemon Mart and the Pokemon Center. She'd need to remember to go check out the Pokemart before they'd leave the city. Blaze had fought a few Pokemon before they had arrived at Viridian City and she was a bit beaten up. Aeris was feeling better than she had from earlier, but she was still a bit wary around Rochelle. "Maybe they're just that environmental?" she wondered.

"Oh, if you guys don't mind, I'm going to head to the Pokecenter to get Blaze healed. I won't take long, hopefully." And with that, she and Blaze headed towards the Pokecenter and entered it. A few people were there with their Pokemon, either newly healed or waiting to get them healed. They were called up one by one and were treated with speed and efficiency. It'll be my turn in no time. And sure enough, Aeris was called up to have her Charmander checked. "Good day. I would like to get my little Blaze treated. We were battling a few Pokemon and she's a bit beaten up." The nurse smiled towards her and took Blaze into her arms. "Just stay right there. We'll take good care of her." the nurse mused a little and walked to the back with Blaze. Aeris sat down in the nearest chair and after a few moments, had to stand up again when the nurse came back with Blaze, who looked healthier than before. "Oh, thank you, nurse." She hugged Blaze, then put her down on the floor. "No problem. And don't worry about payment. Seeing the happy faces of our patients and their trainers is enough for us." The nurse smiled towards them, and they smiled back. "I would have gladly payed, but it's good to hear you're doing this for the sake of Pokemon health. Again, thank you." Aeris exited the Pokecenter[1] and started to walk around the small town to take a look at it.


As they came up on Viridian City, Terinth saw a pokemart and a pokecenter.

"Lillipup, you feeling alright?" She asked her pokemon, as it responded yipping happily. "Alright then, let's just go into the pokemart." As she went in, she saw a price chart on the wall behind the counter. "What? All I can afford is 1 antidote?" She thought aloud, seeing that the price chart read $100 for one antidote. "Eh, might as well get one. It can't hurt." As she stuffed it into an unusually large pocket in her backpack, she returned outside, and saw a few people heading into the pokecenter. "I think we're just going to the exit from this town." She said to her Lillipup, with it responding by running off and chasing it's tail happily at the edge of the city.

"They call it Viridian City for a reason," Rochelle answered Jordan with a laugh. She had returned Kirsten to her Poké Ball after a little while, feeling that she didn't really need to be taken to the Pokémon Center just yet. "The colour itself is a bluey-green, more green than blue. I wonder why this city was named for the colour." A couple of half-baked theories ran through Rochelle's head as she spoke, but she dismissed them.

"Anyways. I assume we're stopping here for a while to rest and heal our Pokémon, maybe grab something to eat before we continue to Pewter?" she asked the group as a whole. At least, those who were still with herself, Fary and Jordan.

"That sounds like a good idea," Tyler replied from behind the group. He could use a little rest, especially after the number that damned Pidgey did on him. He also became aware of a faint gurgling sound from the pit of his stomach. It had been a while since Tyler had eaten as well. Geist could probably use some fresh air too, he thought. " long as we don't run into Gary, I'm fine with it".

"Yeah," Jordan said, answering Fary's question. He returned Vince to his ball since they were in the town now. "Like I said, this is my first time away from Fuchsia. I'm missing the beach, bros. But yeah, let's get some food stuffs. I'm hungry."

The remaining members of the group all made their way to the Pokecenter, where the Nurse stood behind the counter and greeted them. "Hello, my name is Nurse Joy!" she started. "I'll be happy to help any of you or your injured Pokemon. Things have finally slowed down a little here, so whoever needs healing can come right up."

"Well after we heal up our Pokemon I can make something for all of us or we can get some food but having me cook would save some money." Fary said walking up to Nurse Joy after putting Zorua in her ball and handed her the newly caught Pidgy. "Please take care of them." Fary said.

"Of course!" Nurse Joy said, taking Fary's Pokemon. "We take the best care of any Pokemon that comes into our center."

"Oh I should probably give you mine then too," Jordan said, handing over Vince's Pokeball. "Um, yeah heal him up good."

"Of course. Anyone else before I go in back there?"

Simon took out the Pokéball containing his new Pidgey and whistled quietly for Shadow. He approached the counter after Jordan finished handing over his Pokéball.

"Excuse me, Nurse Joy? I'd like to get my Pokémon healed too please." Simon bent down to pick up his Poochyena and set the Pokéball containing Pidgey on the counter.

"Chee?" Shadow looked up at his trainer and gave a slightly confused whine. He shifted his weight and tried to turn himself around while still being held. Rather than risk dropping his Pokémon Simon set Shadow down on the counter. "Be good." Simon cautioned him.

"Um, alright, I'll let you take mine in," Rochelle answered the nurse, passing over Kirsten's Poké Ball. "Careful not to mix it up with the others," she added with a smile. She figured that as long as the others were getting healed, she might as well fix up Kirsten. She had taken a hit in the battle with the Pidgey earlier. Better safe than sorry, she reasoned.

Fary waited for her Pokemon to be healed as she playing with her fingers worrying that something would go wrong and that Zorua would end up getting hurt or worse. "God.. please let nothing go wrong." she said softly rocking on her heels and bit her lip. She didn't want to lose another Pokemon.

Tyler slumped into a seat in the Pokemon Center, staring into a tray of mashed potatoes with gravy and what the chef insisted were sliced cubes of turkey. Along with that was corn on the side and a carton of plain milk. The young Trainer found it odd how hospitals for Pokemon also served food for humans as well, but he wasn't questioning that now.

Besides his own food, Tyler also managed to acquire some Pokemon food for Geist. On the thought of his Abra, he produced the Pokeball from his back pack and pressed the button to expand the device. "Alright, Geist, time to eat," he said before releasing the Pokemon. The indiscriminate red energy leaped from the ball onto the chair next to him, quickly coalescing into the familiar diminutive gold-and-brown creature.

"Aabraa..." the vaguely fox-like Pokemon said lethargically as it took in its surroundings.

Tyler reached into his backpack and pulled out a small, clear plastic container filled with pieces of generic Pokemon food. He opened the container and handed Geist one of the small brown blocks. "Here you go, Geist," he said. "Not the best, but at least it's something".

Geist looked tentatively at the block of food, then back at Tyler. He sniffed it first before taking a careful "test" nibble. Satisfied with the taste, the Abra began to eat happily.

With a smile, Tyler began to pick at his own food with a cheap plastic spork. The potatoes weren't the greatest tasting in the world, and neither was the gravy or corn, but it would do just fine.

"Don't worry," Nurse Joy replied, smiling at Rochelle. "We never mix any Pokemon up. At least not since that incident with the Jolteon and the kid with the electric wheelchair. We take special precautions now. Anyway, it will be a few minutes. In the mean time, why not help yourselves to some food from the cafeteria? It's free for all traveling trainers. We want to make sure you're treated just as well as the Pokemon here!" She carried the tray that held Poochyena and the other Pokeballs into the back room where all the healing is done.

Once Jordan heard the words 'food' and 'free', he dashed off to the cafeteria. He learned a long time ago to never pass up anything that was offered for free. When he got there he saw what was being ladled out barely passed for high quality at the Safari Zone vending machines. Still food was food. He grabbed a tray and got in line as the chef gave him some portions. "Um, this all there is, lady bro?"

The chef gave a little snort. "Dis is all I gotta work with. Da shipment from Saffron never got in. We're making do wit what we got until a different one from Pewta comes. So yes, dis is all dere is." She plopped a carton of milk on his tray and sent him along.

Weak. But food is food. He looked around and saw only one other person he recognized from earlier, the kid who got blasted by that Gym dude back at the Lab. He had some weird brown thing out on the table, was it a Pokemon? He couldn't tell. It was moving but not all that much. He sat down next to him. "So, bro...uh, what is that thing?" He looked at it, it's eyes were closed. "Is it asleep?"

Fary walked into the careteria, sat down next to Jordan and pulled out a bento box she made this morning. It had rice, fresh grilled fish, pickled ginger, sashimi and sushi among other things. "Not quite how mom use to make it when I was in school but pretty damn close." Fary said to her self as she took out her chop sticks and started eating pulling out her not so cold bottle of water.

She felt odd eating food she made in a place that gave away free food but she couldn't let it spoil and just meant more for someone else. As she was eating she looked over her pokedex once again getting a feel for how it worked.

"Oh, Geist? He's my Abra. Psychic Pokemon that tends to be a bit lazy," Tyler said in response to the guy who sat down next to him. He recognized him as one of the Trainers in the group he was travelers. However, he just couldn't put his finger on the name. Tyler was never good with names.


As if on cue, Geist looked up at the newcomer with its strange, seemingly closed eyes. The Abra stared at him for a moment, then returned to its half-eaten block of Pokemon food. The diminutive creature continued to eat silently.

"You know, I don't think I caught your name," Tyler continued after Geist went back to eating. "Mine's Tyler Page," he said, sticking out his hand.

Jordan was already busy digging into to instant potatoes and turkey when Tyler stuck out his hand. "Oh, oh yeah." He took Tyler's hand. "Jordan." He then noticed that the girl from earlier was sitting with them. Next to him. Fary was next to him. Nice. Totally nice.

Jordan broke out of his semi-induced trance to try and follow up with Tyler. "That's Psychic man? That's crazy. We didn't have these back home. No fox things, so I never saw one before. That's a bit far out."

Fary gave Jordan a quick flirtatious sideways glance and went back to eating picking up some of her sashimi with ginger and put it in her mouth chewing it slowly as if she was savoring it then swallowed. "Wounder what it will be like camping out together. Times like these make me happy I have a tent." Fary said directing at more at Jordan.

Rochelle looked around the Pokémon Center aimlessly, waiting for the nurse to return. She wanted to push on to Pewter City, although she had set aside what she wanted in favour of keeping the others happy. Besides, they - specifically, their Pokémon - needed the break. Rochelle wasn't sure whether she considered the others to be friends yet. Jordan and Fary were nice people, and she'd gotten a Pidgey away from Tyler, so she might have earned his trust.

To give herself something to do, she pulled out her Pokédex and examined it, flipping it on and checking out the details. As she walked over to the others who were seated, the device beeped and an entry appeared: that of the creature sitting next to Tyler.

Abra. Psi Pokémon.
Type: Psychic
Height: 2'11". Weight: 43.0 lbs.

Description: It senses impending attacks and teleports away to safety before the actual attacks can strike.

"Huh. So that's how it's done," Rochelle mused to herself, sitting next to Fary. "I'll have to enter Kirsten's details into the Dex when she gets back."

((Sorry that I haven't been posting. My laptop is perma-dead, so I've not been able to get on. My new one comes in soon, so I'll be back. Shame that I missed catching a Pokemon...))

Tyler found Jordan's mannerisms to be...interesting to say the least. His dialect and choice of words made him think of the classic stereotype of the beach bum. In fact, his appearance made him think of somebody who spent a lot of time near a beach. However, he didn't decide to ask about his origins, afraid that such a direct assumption might offend him.

"Well, there's a couple of Abras out in the wild out near Saffron, where I live," Tyler explained. "They're pretty rare and they're tough to catch. You gotta snag 'em before they teleport away". He patted Geist's head. "Geist here had me chasing him for at least four days before I caught him. He gave me a run for my money, I'll tell you that," he said with a short laugh.

Geist chimed in with a quiet chuckle, poking Tyler in the side.

"Yeah, yeah, keep laughing buddy," Tyler retorted, reaching into the plastic container to retrieve another block of Pokemon food. Geist took the food and went back to eating silently. "Somebody's hungry today," he said to his Abra before looking back up at Jordan. "He's lazy and likes to eat. Just like me," Tyler quipped before taking a drink from the carton of milk.

Jordan looked over at Fary after she had said that. "Oh shoot, bro. I don't even have a tent. Never even thought of that man, I just brought the bag. All we needed on the beach." He had already polished off the turkey and was moving to the rest of the food. "It's so warm down there too, right? Always good for lounging. Love lounging man, can spend the whole day just doing that. So good."

Attention! The next batch of Pokemon has been successfully healed. Would the trainers please come to the front desk to retrieve their Pokemon. Thank you.

"Whoa, loud much."

Rochelle blinked at the speaker's volume, immediately getting up to collect Kirsten. Before she did, though, an idea struck her which could possibly earn her a bonus in the eyes of her companions. Turning to Jordan and Fary, she asked, "Um... would you like me to pick up yours for you? I won't if you don't trust me with them, of course."

"Well there's room for two." Fary said casually and finishing her lunch then got up putting the lid on her box and put it back in her bag starting to walk off and threw away the empty bottle of water in the process. "Na I can get my Pokemon but thanks anyway." Fary added.

She stopped and looked back at Jordan "I happen to love the water and the beach. Brought a bikini to wear in case we ended up at the beach." Fary looked back at him and smirked not knowing her bikini top fell out of her bag resting at the place she sat next to Jordan.

"Uh, yeah, sure if you want to do that, go for it Red," Jordan answered the redhead. "I'll just finish up the uh....the uh..." It was at this point he noticed the bright fabric on the chair where Fary just sat. Jordan had been around enough to recognize a bikini top when he saw one. It was bright, but also pulled it back a little, a combination of black and pink, working together in a flower pattern, it looked tropical. It looked a bit like home. He looked up at Fary and mentally put the top on her. It was a nice sight.

"Uh......" he debated saying anything, but the code of the beach decreed that he return all beach property to it's rightful owner. "Uh...Fary, uh, you, uh, you left your top here. It like, fell out...uh...or something." He was still having those nice thoughts.

Simon looked up as an announcement was made that the Pokémon were healed. Unlike the rest of the 'group' Simon had chosen to remain in the lobby of the Pokécenter. Simon leaned back for a bit in the chair he'd found to sit in. 'I guess we just go up and ask.' After picking his backpack up and sliding the strap over one shoulder Simon approached the front desk.

"Excuse me, Nurse? Could I get my Pokémon please?" Simon pointed to the tray that Shadow was curled up on. Simon was handed his Pokéball by the distracted Nurse. Shadow sat up, shook himself briskly, then walked across the counter over to his trainer. Simon picked up his Pokémon and set him on the ground. The Poochyena yawned letting out a low whine in the process.

"Wake up, bud." Simon said with a quiet laugh. He thanked the Nurse and returned to his seat. 'I guess the others will show up eventually.' he decided. Shadow padded over to the chair and curled up on the floor. Simon thought about making Shadow move then decided to leave him alone since they were both waiting. 'I should probably think of a name for Pidgey.' Simon realized. 'Let's see...' The internal debate kept him occupied for a bit.

Fary blushed some and took the top back. "Oh god thank you Jordan. Ummm maybe one day you'll get so see me in it." Fary said biting her lip. "Ummm it might be cold tonight want to use my tent? I'm use to sleeping in the cold anyway." Fary said trying to be nice in return to his kindness. "I mean as you said you didn't expect to need a tent so why not?" she added starting to babble some totally off her game.

Rochelle facepalmed behind Fary's back, both amused by and embarrassed for the older woman, and said to Jordan, "My name's Rochelle, Jordan, in case you forgot or didn't hear." With that she headed off to the desk as another guy passed. Simon, she thought his name was.

"Um, nurse? I'm picking up the Pokémon for the other guy who was here with us," she said. "Blonde hair, looks a bit like a surfer?"

"Ah, right, yes, one moment," the nurse answered, handing Rochelle two Poké Balls. "The one on the left is the Horsea," she explained to clarify.

"Thanks for that," Rochelle answered, giving the nurse a smile before she turned and walked back to Jordan and Fary. She debated letting Kirsten out of her ball and carrying her for a while, although she would have to find a body of water for the Horsea to swim in, possibly a lake.

"Here you go, Jordan," she said cheerfully, passing him his Poké Ball and taking a small step back, keeping her own ball out in case she decided to carry Kirsten. "So, um... are we heading straight for Pewter now, or are we taking a walk around the city?"

Tyler and Geist shared a glance, somewhat amused at the scene unfolding in front of them. The girl who had been a rather bold flirt since Pallet suddenly could barely speak. It was an interesting, if not slightly jarring, reversal. A girl behind the suddenly derailed flirt (whose name he still didn't know) facepalmed, obviously having heard the exchange. She then introduced herself to Jordan as Rochelle.

"So, um... are we heading straight for Pewter now, or are we taking a walk around the city?"

That was a good question. Tyler decided to remain silent, hoping that Jordan would give them an answer. In the meantime, he went back to his tray of food. The turkey and potatoes were almost gone, as well as the corn. Might as well finish it before it gets cold.

"Thanks," Jordan told Fary. "I'd totally appreciate that. Like, a lot. I really don't want to have to sleep out in the cold." Soon after that, Red came back with Vince and her Pokemon in tow. "Thanks...uh...Rochelle," he said, more used to Red. He had to hold himself to remember to use the right name.

The food on his tray was gone, the milk long washed down. He got up and took back Vince's Pokeball. "Uh, I dunno, is there anything else in the city worth looking at? Plus, doesn't that angry bro live here? Uh, what's his name? Shit? Whatevs, I don't wanna run into him. He's got angry vibes."

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