The Outsiders: International (Cancelled)

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Tao reply "Yes yes I forgive you already so just relax!"

Tao started to carry one of the body back to the room as he ache in pain.

As Blink asks Ted, he replies "Start with the lighter one if you can't lift them. I suppose you could drag them from their arms but that would be a bad thing Yes there is a 20% that the tablet won't reproduce the antidote. I guess if it fails, we going have to call for back up to make more antidotes for every UN members."


"Sure." Dynamo went over and helped Leon with whoever he was trying to lift up. "The tablets should work fine, and if not then it'll just take some time to create more serum... though how much depends on exactly what the antidote is."

"OK as long as the 20% only involves more time and not side effects.
I might be able to carry a few of the women."
A few seconds later he was back.
"Yeah that worked. I've taken everyone I can which should help a little.
Now I'll just help Alex."
Which he did.

Several minutes later the team had finish gathering up the entire UN member back in the meeting room. Bat-girl and Ted had finish rounding up the KO guards including Queen Bee and Roman Havrati as they tied them up.

Ted "Ok everyone we're almost finished. Head back to the lobby while I deal with the antidote. Wait for me and make sure you close the door. This antidote will cure the mind control victims but I don't know what effects it could have for those who weren't mind control in the first place."

Bat-girl follow Ted order as she lead them back to the lobby.

Good it was almost over.
Leon made his way back to the lobby.
Seeing Bat-girl was apparently joining them Leon figured it might be a good time to get to know her.
"Hey, Cass isn't it?"

Bat-girl turns around when Blink called her name. She thinks that is a novice mistake to call another superhero by their real name although there is no one other than the team in the area.
She just nodded as her way to reply back since she isn't the talkative type.

"Good that would have been embarrassing if I'd have gotten your name wrong. So how are you?"

Bat-gril simply reply "Meh, ok I guess. Queen Bee was a push over. Lack a good fight."

"I'm sure we'll have more chances to fight down the road, if it's any conciliation my fight wasn't too good either, I nearly got smashed but I'm sure I'll be fine soon enough.
How long have you been doing this?"

She replies "Being a hero somewhere in my teen while beating people up was the day I was born. I have a complex background. Word of advice, don't say our real names while on duty."

"Sorry. I have been doing this for quite a while myself, well only in Tweg and the most of the villains were people in my class at school. I defeated my sisters once but they were hardly evil.
There was this one guy that could shoot fire balls, he was a dick and some pretty serious crime but I took him down once or twice. How many people have powers, as like a percentage? Cause I have a feeling where I come from the ratio was a little higher than normal."

"'Higher than normal'? That's an understatement, Blink." Dynamo walked over to Blink and Bat-girl, hopefully stopping him from making things worse for himself. I figured someone would object to him using real names eventually. I mean, with me it doesn't matter so much -- my name isn't exactly rare to begin with, and it's not like I'm not obvious enough as it is -- but I'm sure the others have secret identities.

"Oh right that's what you'll going to have to be calling me now isn't it? Yeah i suppose it is a bit of an understatement.I mean other than my father and Mum's parents and sister I didn't know anyone without powers until I was 10."

Meanwhile back in the basement, Ted is holding the antidote with one hand and his other hand is holding the tablet.

He sign "here go nothing."

He opens the vial as he drop the tablet into it. It quickly began to fizz up as he drop into the fizzy vial into the pipe that Queen Bee was using earlier to make the people inhale the mind control gas.
In the meeting room, a blue gas soon emerges from the air vent as the sleepy UN member breath in the gas. The people are slowly waking up.
Ted enters the room as the gas being to disperse. He approaches a sleepy man as he got out a flash light and checks the guy eyes. His eyes dilate normally and judging from the sleepy personality he isn't trying to fight him. It looks like the antidote work. He quickly walks out of the room as he open the door to see the team waiting for him.

He said "Mission accomplish. The antidote is working. I have alerted the authority who will soon be arriving any minute now so let leave quickly."

"Cool I can't wait to get back."
Leon boarded the chopper.

The team soon enter the Bug. Ted approach to one of the panels inside and press a button. The panels slide out which reveal a med kit and a cabinet full of bottles of medical like painkiller, colds, bandages and others.

He said "You can heal yourself from the med kits over there. Tao don't take any painkillers just yet. I haven't check if the antidote will have any other effect when mix with other chemicals"

Tao reply "Fine but once its all clear I will be using the painkillers."

He now he uses the bandage on his wounded body.

Ted too his cockpit seat as he start up the Bug. The door close as the Bug soon took off.

"OK the anesthetics don't contain any alcohol do they?"
Might as well be sure.

Alex read over the anesthetics Leon was looking at. ", none of those appear alcoholic. I'm pretty sure they prepared in advance for that." She began slowly walking over to the seat with her overshirt and coat in it. "Wake me up when we get there."

Alex hits her head on the floor of the helicopter. If that wakes her up (how couldn't it) then she'd find Leon lying across her looked embarrassed.
"You know how you said I should wake you up?..."

Eva took an aspirin and slumped in one of the chairs of the Bug, opting to not look outside for fear of bringing her nausea back. The only thing she needed now was to collapse into bed and raid the fridge after. Using the laser used her own body's energy for power, so she simply needed to recharge.

"At least it's good way to burn calories..." Eva thought.

Some time later the Bug had hover above the team penthouse as they boarded off it Bat-girl and Ted remain on it.

Ted "Ok guys take a break while Cass and I will send our reports to Batman. Tao I took my blood sample to run some test and it safe to say you fine to take any pain relief. I will see you later."

Ted closes the door as the Bug descends down below.

Tao cheers "Sweet" as he quickly head back to his room.

He unzips his bag to find his painkiller as he put one his mouth. Realising that his costume is all sweated he headed to his bathroom.
In the private bathroom there is a large bath which he turns on the hot tab as the water start to pour in. He found a fresh pair of his costume from the luggage as he took off his dirty clothing.
As he got back to the bathroom, the bath had plenty of water as he had step into it and turn the tab off.

Leon was going to try and carry Alex who was still sleeping back to her room. Of course he'd forgotten to take into account physic especially her weight and size compared to him and fallen on to her.
Somehow she was still asleep.
He got up wondering what to do now.
He couldn't just leave Alex there.
"Anyone mind giving me a hand?"

Eva saw Leon trying to carry Alex and figured she was well enough to help her two friends. She walked over to where Alex was sleeping.

"I can help," Eva said.

"Thanks for the offer.
Her room isn't far."
He took Alex by the arms.
"You ready?"

Eva grabbed Alex's legs and lifted.

"I'm ready," she said, hoping this wouldn't be too difficult.

It wasn't too hard. Leon and Eva had made it back to Alex's room and set her down on the bed.
"Thanks Eva.
You have any plans for this break?"

"Umm..." Eva said.

Suddenly her stomach growled loudly.

"Not really..." Eva said. "How about you?"

"Not sure. I should probably eat soon and I was planning on phoning home."
"Maybe I don't have to."
He didn't it was Anne.
"Hey Anne."
"Really wow! When?"
"Who else have you told?"
"Oh I see."
"Well talk more later it's a little late here and I need to eat."

He put down the phone.

"Where were we again?"

"I was just leaving actually," Eva said. "Was that your sister on the phone?"

"One of them yeah. It was Anne, she proposed and Jill said yes."

Alex awoke with a start -- as is usual for her -- and then noticed the pain in her head. Damn, what happened? My head feels like I got hit with a brick. Where am I, anyway? Looking up, she saw Leon an Eva talking. "...Leon?" Apparently Alex wasn't very awake yet.

"Hey, um yeah about your head. I was trying to carry you but you're..." Now to finish without calling her fat.
"Well I wasn't as strong as I thought it was."
Make it his fault that worked.
"But I just got a call from Anne and you'll never guess what happened."

"What...?" Alex rubbed her head -- still not really getting why she hurt, or what happened after the UN mission. "What happened?"

"My sister proposed to Jill and Jill said yes. You remember Jill right?"

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