Mall Fight 3; A Meta-RP

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Mall Fight is simple; everyone is trapped inside a giant mall, with no way out. Inside the mall is every type of store imaginable, stocked with every item imaginable, You want a laser gun? Got 'em. You want a quantum discombobulater? Go ahead? You want a Keanu Reeves statue? Go right ahead. No prior experience required, just pick up an object and start swinging.

Your aim?
Kill, bash and slaughter anyone and everyone. No one stays dead for long here in the mall and you can choose where you respawn.


Mall Fight has very few rules, so try not to forget them, ok?
No respawning behind, inside or on top of other players and insta-kill revenging them.
No god power's/items.
And most of all, have fun!

Want to brush up on Mall Fight history? Check out the 2 precursors (Escapist wise at least).
Mall Fight!

Mall Fight 2.0

I step through the front doors of the mall and take a deep breath. "Ahhh, just as I left it"
I walk over to the 'Sharp and Pointy things' store and take a pair of Laser Tanto from the shelves.

I walk into the "Benign looking Ballistics" store and pick up a cross bow that would fit inside a long billowing cloak's sleeve. Then I go pick up a white cloak from the nearby "Robes for the Relluctant Recluse". Today would be a good day

I see Icarion walking out of the robe store. "Ohhh, fresh meat!" I run over to him and punch him in the face. "Welcome to The Mall!" I then run off.

While running away from Iracrion, I bump into a zombiepirateninjarobot.

I step inside the Mall.

"It's kinda cOLD in here."

Past alternate timeline me, the time line I know nothing about and could use informing on, equips his bat and says "Yeah, so what are you guys up to? I think my beardie self as a right to know seeing how I'm hanging out with you guys."

"It's a long story."

I beat the newcomers to death with Walt Disney's left arm. "Hmmmm, what a strange sense of Deja vu...."

Alternate timeline Connor counter attacks with his bat as Knife's beating up RaN. It's super effective and deals 200 damage, and Knife only has 200 HP due to never of killing anyone on this timeline.

I/Not-So-Real Tox enter the mall.

"Jesus Christ, how did I not know this place existed?!" (Not-So-Real Tox)

Alternate timeline Connor, who is very beardy looking at the moment, looks over from the bloody body of Knife and RaN and sees someone not at all familiar. "Sup." he says.

"Sup." (NSR Tox)

I then smash his head in with AH gun rack.

Alternate timeline Connor respawns, "Dude, what? Wait a sec, lets talk this over." he says.

"Hold it, dude, I'm talking to somebody right now." (NSR Tox)

I quickly run the fuck out of the Mall.

Alternate universe Connor then does this with Justin's idle self.

He continues to dance with that music play for some reason, likely because his writer has to save the man he was just talking to.

I respawn near the entrance.

"What the fuck just happened?!"

I pull RaN out of the Mall.

"Listen, we better get out of here! That place is where the monsters are most likely coming from!" (NSR Tox)

"WHY WAS I NOT AWARE OF THIS THREAD!?", I yell, as I throw flaming bags of shit at my fellow Mall Rats.

I slap Waffles/Justin.

"Look at the date when the thread was made!" (Real Tox)

25 March 2011 8:28 pm

I then realize I'm covered in shit, and also on fire.

I run into a nearby fountain.

"I'm confused. I'm dead? But I'm not dead? This is weird."

"You respawned." (Real Tox)

"... Huh?"

"Yeah, this is an alternate Mall, as far as I can gather. My guess is that this is where the monsters and the fog came from. So, we should probably get the fuck out of there until we actually have a good idea on what to do here." (Real Tox)

"Where do you want to go?"

Elsewhere, a fourth wall located inside a control room of the mall flips on.


A man appears on it.


"Let's just find a place where there's food and heating. And also 7-UP." (Real Tox)


"Yeah." (Real Tox)


We go to 7-11.

A 7-11 that also happens to be a few feet away from the Mall.

"Well, isn't that convenient." (Real Tox)

I, the man behind the wall known as Connor, smashe though the fourth wall and end up in what seems to be a control room. I call Real Tox.

I proceed to take all the files located inside this room and walk out of it in search for the main floor of the mall.

I grab all of the 7-UP and Doritos I can.

After going down many stairs, I end up in a maintenance hall way. I walk down it, and find a door at the end. I open it to see a large main floor of a mall. I remember this place, this is what the main floor of Mall 2 looked like. I head over to the main entrance with a mild sense of nostalgia.

I start nomming on the Doritos.

"Oh, screw this, I'm going in!" (Real Tox)

I burst back in the Mall.

"That's cool."

I follow Tox back to the Mall.

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