Yu Yu Hakusho!!! Spirits Amok! (A Spirit Detective RP!) Chapter 3: Genkai's Training.

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Lina blinked. Genkai's training methods seemed a bit... unorthodox to say the least, but she got the feeling the old woman knew what she was doing.

Plus, it was letting her get out of school early...

Shruging, Lina went over to the DDR Machine, put aside her jacket, and selected her favorite song. "Okay, here we go..."

As the song "Nutterfly" began to play, Lina started to follow the beat the bet she could, ocasionally stumbling over her feet but managed to make it through to the end.

Finally, the song ended, and she got up, panting. "Whew... that's a real work out..." She glanced up at the screen, gaging her score.

"I got a B, huh? Not bad." She grabbed her stuff. "Okay, what next?"

[Spoiler=OOC] Hllo? Where is everyone? [/spoiler]

Alex also wondered a bit at the strange testing methods. For some reason he had expected the weird, like waxing a car or something, but this was even beyond his expectations. Well, it wasn't as though anything in this whole experience had been what he was expecting.

Alex rubbed his bald head for a moment, an old habit he tended to do when undecided, as he looked over the games. He had come to this arcade plenty of times in the past with his friends, though he was far from the best gamer among them. He had never thought of it in this capacity.

"Well, might as well start with my strength." He said to himself as he wandered over to the punching machine. He had already had plenty of tries on the machine, his friends were always egging the star boxer on to beat his old score, and it almost seemed reassuring that this was going to be something familiar.

Alex stretched out his arm as he thought back to his past. The highest he had ever scored on the machine before had been 682, a respectable score for someone his age and still the highest in the town. It would be interesting to see what he could do with his new 'spirit energy'.

Drawing again on the fiery energy inside of himself Alex drew it up as he pulled back his arm. Just like he had after his rooftop demonstration had failed, he threw the energy forward along with his punch, but this time he was the one in control.

The machine began to chatter and beep as the score for the punch came up.

"883? Wow! This spirit energy stuff really does work." Alex proclaimed in surprises at the sudden boost in his score.

Damien shrugged as he saw everyone head toward the machine of their choice. "Guess there's only one game left fer me t' play." Damien stepped up and pulled the lightgun out for Time Crisis. He grinned and stepped on the pedal, starting the game. Almost immediately he saw Genkai had upped the difficult in the game. There were hundreds of terrorists and civilians everywhere Damien looked. As he tried to tell the difference between the two, a terrorist shot him, causing him to gasp for breath and his foot to slam on the cover pedal. "Damn- that felt like I just got sucker punched! Now it's personal- gotta tell terrorists from civvies." Damien took in a breath and slid into a trance, focusing only on the game. His gun twitched over a hostage. "Slider... Lay off it." His gun continued to drift across the screen until he locked onto a terrorist. "Fastball- home run, sucker!" Damien pulled the trigger and flicked his hand over to the next enemy, progressing slowly through the stage until he took down a helicopter, ending the stage. Damien grinned as he saw the numbers rack up. Finally the letter grade appeared on screen. Damien grinned as he put in his initials and walked off. " 'A', eh? I just gotta do better next time, then."

Damien saw that Lina had cleared DDR, managing to get a B. "Mind if I go?" Damien asked Lina as he vaulted over the guard rail and looked at the song list. "Never played before, but I reckon I got it. Step on th' matchin' arrows, right?" Damien sighed as he flipped through the list. "Japanese, Japanese, Japanese, Korean, Korean, Japanese... Oh hey! Look, I found a Chinese song!" Damien shook his head sarcastically and went into the extended song list. He nodded with pleasure as he saw Bullets For My Valentine's 'Fever.' He selected the song and began, grinning at the challenge. By the end, he was even singing the lyrics under his breath."Losing control, you're all I want, stealin' my soul, you're all I need! Losing control, you're all I want. I can feel your fever, taking over! can you see your fever, taking over me?" The final chords resonated as Damien sat on the guard rail, waiting for his score to arrive. "C'mon, C'mon, C'mon..." Damien pumped his fist as he saw that beautiful silver S appear up. "Ladies 'n gentlemen, that's how you fuckin' do it!" Damien said to himself. "One more t' go. Hey, why are all o' y'all standin' 'round like a bunch a scarecrows?" Damien asked the students who hadn't even begun to play yet.

Lina just shrugged and went of to the next game, the strength test. "Alright, here goes nothing..."

She took a step back, aiming her strength into one fist as she lunged forward to punch the machine with as much force as she could.

Lina stepped back, watching the numbers flashing upon the screen. "150?" She said after a moment. Maybe because it's because my powers are more mental based than physical?

Filing away this information for later, Lina went off to the Time Crisis game, but a bit hesitantly, as these kinds of games were never really her thing...

Alex had been watching as Damien tore up the DDR machine with a light smile on his face. After all, Damien made it look easy and definitely seemed to be having fun, an infectious attitude if there ever was one. Alex had seen his other friends play, but noone had ever been nearly as good as Damien.

"A tough act to follow, but I'll try not to lose too much momentum." Alex chuckled as he rubbed his head and stepped up to try next.

Alex didn't know a thing about the music as he cycled through it, but eventually settled on one that seemed to have an awesome rhythm and indecipherable lyrics.

As the song began Alex wondered just how hard it could be to just step on some arrows. He was in for quite a surprise when the colored instructions began to fly past and he missed again and again. Alex couldn't help but laugh as the machine actually started to boo him, not that Alex cared at the moment; he was finding the game quite fun almost forgetting that it was training.

Eventually though Alex caught on the the beat of the song and his score started to improve dramatically. By the time the song ended Alex was really getting into it jumping up and slamming his feet down in time to the song.

Afterward Alex actually had to catch his breath a bit as the score screen came up. "C+ huh?" Alex wiped some sweat from his head with a sleeve as he stepped down from the platform. "Well I bet I could do better next time." He said with a grin on his face as he walked over to see how the others were doing.

Angelo took to Time Crisis after Alex. A test of reflexes, with a shock when you get hit? Angelo pondered. He played a few times, but getting hit was something that kind of came natural, especially towards the end of the first level. The game had tendencies to throw enemies at you in interesting ways, parachuting, jumping in front of you, even crashing through objects. Most the enemies did nothing, but the ones that did were easy enough to spot. They were marked. All you had to do was hide for a bit, then pop out again, praying he's not still shooting, and get him.

Angelo picked up his light gun and took to the game. Things were hectic, far more than normal. Terrorists and civilians were flooding the screen, within a few seconds, a few accurate shots came in to him. In a panic, he took cover. This was more than he was used to, seeming pretty impossible. It was like a weave of near indistinguishable people, some good, some bad. Angelo got out and shot at 3 terrorists closest to him before taking a shot. He stomped on the pedal as his breath was taken away. It felt as if the demons returned for another blow. The video games suddenly made sense in terms of training. Angelo gritted his teeth and no longer looked at it as a game, but as what he needed to do to prove himself.

He released the pedal and shot at everyone looking at him funny. He was getting into a rhythm of jumping out and popping in. Through out the rest of the game, he only lost one more life, and that was from a civilian being just in front of his last target. A double tap got both, but Angelo still felt it. He looked at the now finished screen as a big B.

Not exactly as lightning fast as I'd like.

Jack walked up to the Dance Dance Revolution game. Jack cocked his head at it he had never head of the game before but if Genkai says its for training then he would do it.

Jack stepped onto the dance pad suddenly the arrows came out of nowhere at a blazing fast speed. Jack activated his power and began hitting the arrows as fast they were coming.

When suddenly a double arrow appeared and threw off Jack's rhythm. Jack feel over and then lost the game. Jack looked at the grade. "Huh C+ well I guess that's good?"

Jack then walked over to the punching game. Jack then concentrated doing deep complex breathes he had learned in his time in China. When he was ready he let loose a mighty "KIAAAAHHHAAAA" yell and struck the bag while activating his power. The bag flew back and the score appeared:345. "What in the hell how can that be.....whatever maybe Genkai will tell me whats wrong."

Jack then walked up the Time Crisis game.He picked the game and activated his power. Jack finger pulled as fast the enemies appeared. When he defeated the boss the grade appeared:A. "Well I guess I'm awesome at this." Jack walked around looking the other games.

Lina's last stop was at the Time Crisis game, and one she had not been looking forward to. This kind of game was really not her kind of thing...

Reluctantly, she picked up the light gun, waiting for the game to start. As soon as it did, she began shooting wildly, wincing in pain as the shots contacted with her body.

Holy shit, Genkai wasn't kidding...

Lina barely managed to finish the level, earning herself a C+. "Phew..." She gasped, "That was tough."

Shaking her head, she went off to see how the others were doing.

Angelo took to the punching machine and focused his energy. Genkai mentioned that he needed to focus his spirit energy into his punch, so he did. Without igniting his electricity, Angelo focused his energy around his hand. Nothing could be seen, but Angelo knew that he had more in his punches than normal. With an almighty slam, the target fell back into the machine. Angelo looked up at the score board.

"600 huh?" Angelo said, breathing out, "Not bad I guess. Not bad."

Alex whistled at the sight of Angelo's score. He was surprised that such a strong blow had come out of the younger student.

"Not bad? You kidding? I think it would take a professional to hit as hard. Take some credit." He said as he wandered over to the final test for himself; the Time Crisis machine.

He got there with plenty of time to watch the end of Lina's game. The entire thing seemed pretty frantic to Alex. "Yah, looks tough." He said as he took up the recently vacated spot. "Well, wish me luck."

As the game started Alex ran though what he had gotten from watching the others play. He had played this game before with friends, but with the modifications it was a totally different match. In particular, Alex had noticed that everyone's performance had tended to suffer after they had been hit, most likely from the shocks that were being applied.

So Alex resolved that he wouldn't get hit. If he played careful and cautious then he shouldn't have a problem avoiding damage and ending with a god score. As Alex played his strategy seemed to be working; he ducked in and out of cover constantly, sometimes only for a single shot.

He had actually gotten pretty far without being hit and with very few missed shots when a sudden strong jolt ran though his body. "Huh? What happened?" He asked a little dazed.

The words: GAME OVER were set on the screen in bright red.

"But.. how?" He wondered before he saw something in one of the corners.

TIME: 00:00

Of course, while Alex hadn't been taking any damage he had forgotten that the game was timed. It was in the name and everything. Alex smiled and rubbed his still stinging wrist as the score came up anyways.

"C- well, I guess that's just how it goes sometimes." Alex chucked to himself as he stepped away. "Well, I guess that's it for me." He said as he wandered over to see how the others were doing.

Damien thought about the punching bag as he approached it. "The only real strength necessary in baseball's in the forearms, torso, 'n hips. Everythin' else is just momentum. I reckon I ain't gonna do too well." Damien then thought about what Genkai had said about channeling Spirit Energy into his fist to amp up his strength. Damien imagined the burning rage that sparked his spheres swelling up within his chest. Most of the time, all this energy would diffuse down between his palms, like the opposite ends of a battery. However, Damien focused all his energy into his right arm, to the point where veins of energy began to glow dimly. The energy raced down Damien's arm as he threw his body forward, the energy reaching his fist as he completely extended.

"Son o' a bitch!" Damien roared as he cradled his hand. A red welt was slowly rising on the back of his hand, while his knuckles hadn't changed at all. In fact, Damien didn't even have any memory of actually touching the bag. Damien shook the pain out of his hand as he saw the score rack up. "6...666? The hell? How do I 'ave the Devil's punch?" Damien was suprised, as he had barely touched the bag. As it swung down once more, Damien punched it again with his left hand without any Spirit Energy. The bag swung up, but the numbers stayed firmly at 0001. A special message, complete with angry head of Genkai, read, "Use some damn Spirit Energy, you pussy!" Damien smiled. "Well, that certainly makes quite a bit o' sense.

Angelo approached the final place of training, Dance Dance Revolution. He had never dared go on one of these machines before out of fear of making an ass of himself, and now, like the others he was playing it for training. Training to fight demons. Angelo thought the same thing before doing every piece of this training and he still felt strange about it. A month ago, Angelo had no idea Demons existed, barely even thought about it, but here he is now, embarrassing himself in a public place to prove his agility against super natural beings.

Angelo stepped up and began, looking at the songs for choice, ones that didn't look like they'd make him look stupid. Nothing presented itself like that, so Angelo chose one he thought wouldn't be so bad if people saw him. 'Bloodhound Gang - Bad touch'. If people saw him dancing to this rather than Lady Gaga, in Angelo's head, they'd be less likely to laugh at him, and Angelo wanted nothing else on his mind but this machine, and not some jerks laughing at him. Angelo began the song.

Starting easy before the tune even came in was standard, but when it did come in, Angelo found himself working hard, especially around the chorus, and the tune after the chorus. Angelo was missing notes a few times, and occasionally stumbling, but for some reason, actually playing the game came almost naturally. Sure it was simple, moving to the buttons and pressing them in time, but Angelo had seen many people thinking just that and being demolished by the game, losing track of what was happening on screen and with their feet, yet with Angelo, he was just picking up and playing. His skill was causing him to slip now and then, but it he was amazed how well he was doing.

At the end, Angelo was out of breath, and the song wasn't even that long, but mentally processing what to do and acting it out seemed very hard for him. Eventually he got his score.

"B?" Angelo said looking at it, "How the hell... did I manage that?" Angelo was out of breath, so he went away to take a small break for a while.

Lina glanced around the arcade. "Well, I guess that's everyone. Where's Old Lady Genkai at, anyway?"

Jason picked up the light gun and began firing away at the terrorists on screen. He had some past experience with this sort of game, so he had an edge. However, no matter how good he was, he eventually ran out of lives and the game over screen loomed over him. A final score of C+ showed on the screen. "Oh well, not the best run in the world, but whatever." Jason shruged as he moved to the punching machine.

Genkai had said that you needed your spirit energy to amplify your fist or something like that. So, what did that mean for Jason who spent nearly all of his energy forming his shield earlier. "Well, here goes." Jason muttered as he put on the glove. He tried to summon the energy into his fist. A little bit came and he felt it tingling in his hand. He reeled back and swung at the bag with all his might. The bag swung upwards and slammed into the plate at the top. A score of 370 rang up on the scoreboard. "Holy shit! I didn't think i could hit anything like that!" He yelped as he saw his score.

Finally, he made his way over to the DDR machine and hopped on. He quickly found a song that was familiar to him and pressed the start button.

Soon, the arrows swarmed the screen and Jason was jumping and stomping frantically to keep from failing the song. Eventually, the cheery, upbeat song ended and gave Jason a "B" for his efforts. Breathing hard and leaning on the hand bars, jason stepped off the platform and returned to the others.

As soon as he did, Genkai returned from a dark corner of the arcade to address the group. "Alright, it seems that you have done what I've asked. now sound off! What were your scores?"

Damien cracked his knuckles, wincing as pain shot up his left hand, the veins throbbing. He rubbed the back of his hand to get the blood flowing and decided he might as well rattle off his scores first. "Let's see... I got th' Devil's numbers fer the punchin' bag at 666 points, then managed t' pull off an 'A' fer Time Crisis. Finally, fer DDR, I managed t' pull off an 'S' on Bullet for My Valentine's Fever, goin' at about a hundred 'n fifty beats per second." Damien clenched his left fist and waited for his training regimen. He had loved that feeling of his Spirit Energy surging down his arm, releasing it all in a single blow. Yes, it had hurt like hell, but Damien wondered what damage it could do should he ever perfect it. Damie. Grinned as he realized he had finally found a close-range attack to balance his mostly ranged arsenal.

"Lessee..." Lina took a moment to think. "I got a B on the DDR machine for the song 'Butterfly', a 150 on the Punch Machine, and a C+ on Time Crisis."

She crosses her arms across her chest, as she thought a bit more, then said, "Just out of curiousity, what exactly do the scores have to do with our... powers, anyway?"

"On Time Crisis I made an A,on DDR I made a C+, and the punching game a made a 345." Jack said his arms folded behind his back.

Alex rubbed his head a bit as he walked over to where the others were gathering. He took up a spot somewhat behind the others; it was quickly becoming something of a normal spot for him since he could easily see over the shorter students.

"Well, I got an 883 on the punching machine. New record I guess." He said with a small but proud smile. He seemed a bit apologetic about his other scores though. "Got a C- on Time Crisis. C+ on DDR, though I could have probably gotten a little better."

Alex laughed at himself a little for a moment. "Hope I don't end up some one trick pony."

"B on DDR," Angelo began, "B on Time Crisis and 600 from the punching machine." Angelo informed Genkai. They were respectable scores but Angelo didn't show much emotion from them. Some people did better than him on some and not on others. He wasn't perfect, he wasn't the best, but surely coming against hordes of demons, they would all have to be? They aren't going to be much of a pushover, that's for sure.

No matter, I guess. Angelo thought, That's what this trainer is for.

"Very good. Now. You will come here every weekend and do the same series of games every time. your scores are saved on the machines so when you finish, you know whether or not your skills are improving." Genkai explained. "You will continue doing this until you can get at least 800 on the punching bag and A's on the other two machines. At that point, I will progress you onto more practical training exercises. Until then, i have some trinkets to help you train your powers in the meantime." Genkai pulled a satchel out from her Gi and emptied the contents onto the top of the change dispenser.

Among the contents, were a light bulb, a small cube of metal, a crystal sphere, a workout wristband, and a ballpoint ink pen. "These objects are designed to be like dumbbells for your spirit energy."

"Angelo, this light bulb is for you. Your power is the ability to convert your spirit energy into an electrical current. I have modified this light bulb to react to your power when you use it. It will only glow if you focus your energy into the bulb. i want you to exercise your power every night on the light bulb for as long as you can sustain it without hurting yourself. Spirit energy is something that grows as its used. Think of as leveling up a skill in a video game." Genkai explained as she handed the bulb to him.

"Carolina, this cube is for you. It is made of Voidium, a substance from demon world known for its spirit energy rejection properties. This cube will prove much more difficult to levitate than a crate or a rock. For now, don't try to lift it. Instead, focus on merely moving it from one point to another. Its properties make it so that spirit energy has a difficult time getting a hold on it, so this should prove to be a suitable workout for you." Genkai handed the little black cube to the girl.

"Damien, this sphere is made of a similar substance called Containium. This element absorbs and stores all types of spirit energy inside it. Even your volatile energy will not scratch it. I want you to place the sphere at a safe distance and throw your explosive spheres into it. If the energy is within a five foot radius of the sphere, it will be sucked into the sphere and it will glow bright red. As I said before with Angelo, use it each night until your spirit energy is depleted. Your spirit energy regenerates whenever you sleep so no need to worry about waking up depleted." She tossed the sphere to Damien.

"Jack, this wristband slows the wearer down considerably, as if lead weights were attached to every part of your body. If your power is like an adrenaline function then you need to find a way to tap into it at any time. So, if you want to move normally, you will have to find that adrenaline function and activate it until you can sustain it no more. eventually, this will strengthen your body as well as help you find out more about your power." Genkai placed the wristband into Jack's hand.

"Alex, this pen contains a very special ink that automatically draws from your spirit energy whenever you write with it. This imbues whatever you have written with some spirit energy. Every night i want you to keep a diary entry of the events that occurred that day. This will make it easier for you to learn how to imbue the ink yourself while at the same time strengthening your energy reserves." Genkai tossed the pen to Alex.

Jason noticed that there wasn't anything left for him on the counter. "Umm...excuse me, but what about me? What can I do?" Jason asked. Did she forget about me?

Genkai turned to jason and replied. "No, your shield depletes nearly all of your spirit energy at your current level. Forming and dispelling it once a day is plenty workout for your body and energy."

Genkai turned back to the rest of the group. " Are there any questions. Speak now if you have them. I don't want to hear about how you blew up an orphanage simply because you were too stupid to ask how to properly work your item. " Genkai barked.

Lina cautiosusly took the small cube, which was about thesize of a dice cube and about the same weight. It was very... inocuous-looking, to be sure.

"Um... thanks...?" Lina put the cube away in her bag, intending to try it out later.

Damien shrugged and took the crystal sphere. It was a little heavier than a baseball, but just the right size, feeling normal in his hand. He rolled it down along his shoulders and arms before flicking it into the air and catching it. "Alright, spirit weightliftin'. I c'n get behind that." Damien thought for a moment. "Hey, Genkai, this thing can't overload, right? It ain't gonna blow up in my face with a year's worth o' energy? Because that would probably take out the neighborhood." Damien really did not want to have to explain that one to his parents.

Xero Scythe:

Genkai turned to Damien with a calm expression on her face. "No, at your current level, you couldn't fill that orb to one percent of its capacity. Even if you emptied your energy into it every night for a year. No, there's no need to worry about the orb overloading." She explained.

Alex reached out easily enough to catch the pen. However, he suddenly winced a little and drew his hand back. "Ouch." he said quietly. Looking at his hand he saw a small cut on his thumb, a trickle of blood seeped out. Alex poped his thumb into his mouth for a moment and sucked on the slight wound. Taking it out again he could see that the bleeding had already stopped and the stinging was fading as well.

The pen meanwhile was laying innocently at Alex's feet, there was no sign of any blood spilled at all. With a bit more care then was probably necessary he picked up the pen and gave it a quick look over. This time the pen was quite harmless. Satisfied he pocketed the item.

Well learning to use his spirit energy would probably be easy compared to just trying to figure out what was going on. "No questions for now." He said with a shrug.

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