Yu Yu Hakusho!!! Spirits Amok! (A Spirit Detective RP!) Chapter 3: Genkai's Training.

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Jack and Calumon:

Xero Scythe:
Having Jack in here would be interesting... Anyone wanna bet that he chooses a summoner? Or that he summons Calumon and can amp the little dude's power?

... Or better yet, like in the show, have the little guy like the energizer bunny for Spirit Energy.

Now now, let's not turn this RP into a fan fiction.

Calumon: I don't think I'd fit in well anyway. I hate fighting. :S

Welcome Jack, you are the last person to be accepted.

Viking Incognito:

Sorry my friend, 8 is the maximum that i can take on this RP, I will place you first on the list of Reserves though.

Ill have a go....

Name: Viktor Afanasi
Age: 18
Description: His slender almost starved body gently hides behind his humble garments. Ragtag with his grandfather's old vest and trousers Viktor stands at a mere five foot nine always seeming to hide amongst the crowd. His matted brown hair is hidden underneath a tattered popper's hat while his hands are stricken with earth and grim. He carries an old sack of toys with him at all times to remind him of his violent past.
Power: Mechanical Reconstruction
D- Using his spirit Energy Viktor has found out that he can control everyday electrical devices by enhancing them with his own energy. His favorite device is the old toy tank that given to him by his now deceased parents. Carrying it with him at all times the small tank is able to be controlled via spirit energy through Viktor's hands, while small and fast the tank is able to unleash a violent blast of energy through its power is only equal to that of Viktor's own strength and the power time of its batteries.
C-Realizing that his power can be extend to multiple vessels at once Viktor's recognizable sack of handmade toys is now a noticeable sack of violence as he can now endow any of his hand crafted heirlooms into a devilish device of destruction. However his power is still inhibited by the lifetime of the said device's physical energy source
B-No longer Hindered by his own premade heirlooms and the need for electricity Viktor can now possess any mechanical device and deconstructed it to fit his necessity, turning his environment into a living nightmare for his opponents. Electrical wires become beacons for drawn spirit energy, Cars into self-propelled spirit bombs, and any electrical device into a potential weapon.
A-Fully realizing his power's Viktor has now let go of his past horrors and can merge with his creations to enhance his own body with their powers. Almost Mech like Viktor can now arm himself with his creations turning his own weakness into an asset. Armed with his own spirit laden armor and weaponry Viktor no longer is subjugated the sidelines and now has the ability to exact personal revenge on those whom he fits guilty of his wrath.
Bio: Born and raised in St. Peter's Viktor grew up humbly as a toy maker's son. However as the Great War grew near his father was forced to leave for the army while Viktor continued the family business. However once he reached the age of 16 Viktor too was forced into service leaving his mother and two sister's behind to fend for themselves. Fighting on the front line Viktor grew cold hearted and bitter as news of his family's death reached him. Their loss is what unleashed his spirit energy as he lay crying on their gravesites. Three years pass without anyone realizing his power's until one day a strange letter happens upon his door explaining the duties of spirit detectives. Curious about his ability and about the Spirit world Viktor only wishes to further expand his powers, in hope to exact revenge for his family's death.
Misc: Trained in the Russian army Viktor is hot headed and has a severe chip on his shoulder. His fighting style is more long ranged as his physical body is still vulnerable to attack (until his A-power) more of a strategist Viktor prides himself on his cunning and wisdom on the battlefield.

Ill have a go....

Okay. 1. The setting is a quiet town. 2. There is no "Great War" 3. you aren't a Russian Soldier, you are a highschooler. 4. Please change the entire sheet, no offence to you, but this is almost contradictory to what the setting and story require.

All Hail Lelouch:

Ill have a go....

Okay. 1. The setting is a quiet town. 2. There is no "Great War" 3. you aren't a Russian Soldier, you are a highschooler. 4. Please change the entire sheet, no offence to you, but this is almost contradictory to what the setting and story require.

The 'Great War' was a nickname for WW1, in which the Russians did take citizens of 16 or even younger to fight. He would probably be a drummerboy, admittedly, but the history is correct. The sheet is just set nearly 100 years in the past.

Xero Scythe:

All Hail Lelouch:

Ill have a go....

Okay. 1. The setting is a quiet town. 2. There is no "Great War" 3. you aren't a Russian Soldier, you are a highschooler. 4. Please change the entire sheet, no offence to you, but this is almost contradictory to what the setting and story require.

The 'Great War' was a nickname for WW1, in which the Russians did take citizens of 16 or even younger to fight. He would probably be a drummerboy, admittedly, but the history is correct. The sheet is just set nearly 100 years in the past.

So what does that have to do with modern day kids in New York?


Xero Scythe:

All Hail Lelouch:

Okay. 1. The setting is a quiet town. 2. There is no "Great War" 3. you aren't a Russian Soldier, you are a highschooler. 4. Please change the entire sheet, no offence to you, but this is almost contradictory to what the setting and story require.

The 'Great War' was a nickname for WW1, in which the Russians did take citizens of 16 or even younger to fight. He would probably be a drummerboy, admittedly, but the history is correct. The sheet is just set nearly 100 years in the past.

So what does that have to do with modern day kids in New York?

As I just said, nothing. It's 100 years in the past. I think he just messed up the timeline.

Regardless, I shall have the OP up by tonight. I hope everyone is ready for some fun.



Sam G:

Xero Scythe:



Jack and Calumon:

Danmour, a small, quaint town about 30 miles northeast of the outskirts of New York City. Being in the shadow of one of the largest cities in the United States certainly makes life interesting for the residents of this town. Many varieties of people frequently pass through this small town every day, whether to get to work, or just to pass by, but no one usually lingers for more than a day.Danmour is like any other town, consisting of everything that a town needs to stay afloat. Grocery stores, Schools, arcades, a small shopping mall, Recreation centers, post office, and other staples of the average American town.
Dawn was breaking as Danmour's sleepy residents arose from their beds to start their daily routines. The date is January 10th, 2011. Today, school is scheduled to resume for all highschoolers in the area.

Not wanting to wake up from their Winter break, the Highschoolers reluctantly rolled out of bed, got dressed and drowsily made their way to school. However, none of them knew what today had in store for them. The clear blue sky cleverly hid the fact that today, some people's lives would be forever changed.

For an unknown reason, the school principal has called a school wide meeting to be held first thing in the morning in the gym. The gym was the size of your standard basketball court, complete with bleachers and goals in their appropriate places. As the steady flow of students into the gym began to slow to a trickle, the principal walked into the center of the court with a microphone in his hand and motioned for everyone to settle down and take their seats.

The principal was a short man, often finding himself shorter than many of the highschoolers. However, he is patient and wise, often providing council for the students when they need it.

"Ahem, If i could have your attention please. Thank you. Now, As you all very well know, winter break has come to an end and it is time to get back into our work modes. However, there have been reports of kidnappings in the area, people disappearing without a trace. I highly recommend that you all travel to and from class in groups to ensure that this does not happen to you."

Many whispers and murmurs can be heard coming from the audience of students on the bleachers.

"Kidnappings!? Here?"

"Bah! What a bunch of bullshit. just more propaganda to encourage us to be all friendly and buddy-buddy with everyone."

"I hope it doesn't happen to me!"

The principal raised the mic to his mouth once more and motioned for the students to quiet down.

"Now that that is out of the way, everyone please head to your respective homerooms for attendance."

As the principal finished speaking, the students quickly emptied the Gym and took their places in their respective classrooms.

Jason walked along the halls and finally found the classroom he was looking for. Classroom 1A. He quickly walked in and took his seat at the front of the room. He rested his head against the desk as he waited for the teacher to call role.

"Good morning everyone!" Greeted a young woman, who is apparently the teacher for this group of Highschoolers. "My name is Ms. Tanya, i will be your homeroom teacher for the remainder of the school year! As you all should know, we will meet here twice every day, once in the morning, and once before we leave for the day." Ms. Tanya explained to the group of students. "Now, lets all introduce ourselves, I'll call on each of you and you tell us your name and a little about yourself." "Hmm...Lets start with you." She chirped as she pointed to Jason.

Jason was half asleep in his desk at the front of the classroom when the teacher pointed at him. He lazily stood up in his desk and spoke.

"Hello everyone, I'm Jason Caston, I'm 16 and I Enjoy spending all of my freetime either playing video games or screwing around on the internet." Jason quickly droned out and retook his seat. However, he noticed something strange about this classroom. Other than himself, there were only Seven other students in the classroom.

"Alright, Jason, thank you for that lovely tidbit. Now who wants to go next?" Ms. Tanya thanked Jason and scanned the other seven students...

Van sat in the middle of the classroom, with a look of boredom on his face. The meeting in the gym had been too short for him to complete a level on his game, and since it was the beginning of a new semester, he wasn't sure if he could hide playing games from this teacher. The teacher decided to do some round the room introduction mess. Why do they always do this? He thought to himself. It didn't really matter too much, most people would learn the names of only the people they would be friends with, everyone else didn't really matter. With that, Van would probably forget everyone's names by the end of class.

The first student got up and spoke his peace. Nothing special, but enough for Van to copy and use. Once he sat down, the Ms. Tanya asked for the next person. There was no reason to wait, so Van stood up from his desk. "Um, hey. I'm Van Archer, 16. I'm usually hanging out somewhere or home playing video games. And I would rather be there right now." The last sentence he said with a chuckle, it was meant to be a joke. He quietly sat down and waited for the rest to introduce themselves.

As he waited, he looked around the room. The class was small, with only eight students. He was going to have a hard time hiding games from the teacher in such a small group.

Lina frowned at the thought of introducing herself, but reluctantly got up anyway. As she did, she offhandedly wondered why there only eight students in the classroom, with her being the only girl...

"I guess it's my turn then. My name's Carolina O'Connell, but just call me Lina. I like to read, listen to music, and just be by myself. Basically, don't bother me, and I won't bother you."

She sat down quickly, still eying her classmates warily.

Alex Had been somewhat deep in thought since the school meeting. He had talked shortly with some of his friends on the way to class but none of them had heard bout anyone dissapearing either.

Once Alex had sat down though he quickly forgot that due to the new oddity. Not only were there only a handful of students here, but Alex also noticed that most of them were younger students including a few he didn't even recognize much at all. Perhaps there had been some kind of mistake?

Alex decided he would ask about it later as it came to be his turn to introduce himself. "Hey there. My name's Alexander Higgins but you can call me Alex if you want." The previous introduction had seemed a bit morose, but Alex didn't let that influence his own cherry tone. "And I hope you'll come support the hockey team, because we're aiming for the regional champs this year."

Alex took his seat again with an easy smile on his face and looked to see who would go next.

Damien lazily spun the baseball around on his fingertips while listening to the others give introductions. "Damn, this really isn't anything like L.A., huh? The class is so small, too... Wonder if a few kids are sick? Then again, it is just homeroom. Probably we'll see the rest of the kids throughout the day. That would certainly explain the mix of freshmen 'n juniors here as well." Damien shrugged as he finished this line of thought. The teacher pointed at him and Damien stood up. " G'evening everyone, my name's Damien Lier. I'm sixteen, and I love baseball. Y'all probably don't know me because I just moved here from L.A., but I hope we can all get along." Damien rubbed the back of his head and smiled disarmingly before sitting down. He looked around and looked at all the other students. "At least there's one other sports lover. It's too bad he doesn't play baseball, but oh well. That just makes people more interesting!" Damien grinned at the thought of the new year here. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

Jack stood up warily his mother's warnings about ambushes running through his head. His knees bent in reflex in case of a surprise attack. "My name is Jack Wooden and I'm a martial artist. I live on the outskirts of town with my mom where i train everyday and night and that's all i have to share." Jack said as he slid into his seat his nerves on high tension.

"Um... hi," Sonny mumbled, awkwardly raising himself from his chair at the back of the class. "I'm Sonny, and, uh... it's a pleasure to meet you all." He spoke in a soft croak, as though he wasn't used to talking that much, and never raised his eyes above his desk. "I don't really have any hobbies, but I like reading and gardening, and, uh... please don't make fun of me. Thank you."

Considering his piece said, Sonny shuffled back into his seat and nervously scanned the rest of the faces in the classroom. He made a few mental notes of people who may be best avoided throughout the year for fear of being harassed. It'd probably be for the best if some of them didn't find out what was under the skirt... in his experience, boys got beaten up more than girls, and keeping it vague for some people may serve to be beneficial for his long-term health.

Eventually, it was Angelo's turn to speak. He stood up firmly and with confidence. "I'm Angelo Fulgur," He spoke with as much confidence as his stance shown, "I don't really do much that's out of the ordinary. I just want to get through another year." Angelo sat back down.

He just sat staring towards the front of the class afterwards, not glancing at anyone else around him. These people could all be evil, He thought, I need to get to know them better. He clenched his fists and put his hands on his lap.

"Thank you all for the introductions, now, as customary for the beginning to each semester, you are required to fill out this quick survey." Ms. Tanya explained as she passed out a sheet of paper with various questions and inquiries on it to each of the eight students.

Jason was perplexed by many of the questions.

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. Date of birth:

4. Expected time of death:

5. Have you seen any weird things lately? If so, elaborate:

6. Have you developed weird powers lately that you didn't have before? Please list said abilities here:

7. Have you had any encounters with demons? What happened in said encounter(s)?

8. Are you taking any kind of drugs or medications? Please list them here:

"Expected Lifespan? Demon encounters? Special Powers? What kind of survey is this!?" Jason whispered softly to himself.

Something strange is going on here. First of all, where are all of the other students? Secondly, what is up with this survey? Did all of the students in the school have to take it? Did they get the same test that we did? Jason thought to himself.

Perhaps the other students here were thinking the same thing.

Lina stared at the sheet, not understanding what was being asked of her.

What is this for? Do they actually expect us to know when we'll die? And what do they mean by "Developing strange powers" and "Encounters with demons"? Something fishy's going on here...

She snuck a glance at the other students. Wonder what everyone else thinks about this...

Damien shrugged as he started filling out the list. "Didn't we just say all this stuff? Ah, whatever. Probably some file stuffing shoved on us to make the teacher's life easier. Name... Damien Lier. Age: 16... Birthdate... October 21, 1994. Expected time of death...

... Wait, what the hell is with this crap? Seeing weird things? Encountering demons? This is a joke, right?" Damien flashed back to last week when that, that thing attacked him. And the part where he blew its head off. He was kinda trying to forget that part. Damien shot out of his seat like a rocket, dropping the baseball. "Ms. Tanya? Is this a joke? Seeing wierd things? I think I saw the bogeyman under my bed when I was 4, but that's about it. What's up with this test?" Damien was seriously uncomfortable, especially after remembering the demon encounter.

Van looked at the survey. This has to be some kind of joke. Well if it is, then two can play that game. He quickly started filling out the paper.

Name: Van Archer. Age: 16. Birth date: April 14, 1994 Now came the chance for him to answer the more entertaining questions. Expected time of death: In front of an angry mob. Seeing weird things: The hacker that made her character look like a cat. Developing strange powers: That one was a tough question. Even in all the video games he had played, he had never seen any character develop any strange powers. N/A. Encounters with demons: The first encounter was on level 15. Taking any drugs: No, but whatever your smoking I would like some. Once Van finished the quiz, he raised his hand. "Done!" There was no way that this was meant to be taken seriously,so he didn't worry about being the first one to finish.

"Hahaha! Calm down, its just a piece of paper. Simply fill it out to the best of your ability and return it to me. I promise everything will become clear soon." Ms. Tanya explained to Damien, motioning for him to return to his seat.

"Done!" the single word rang out from the boy with his hand up.

"Excellent, now let me examine it to see how you scored." Ms. Tanya congratulated the boy as she moved to take his paper. She found that the boy had not taken the survey seriously, however, it didn't matter.

"Oh wow! Your answers are off the charts! Congratulations! You have passed! Hee hee hee!" Ms. Tanya humored the boy as she placed the sheet face down on the desk at the front of the room. "Now please sit patiently while the others finish filling out their sheets."

Damien sighed as he sat down. "Well, since they want this to be serious, let's be serious. I'm tired of playing games." Damien began to fill out all the slots truthfully.

Expected time of death? -104, now that I've moved out of L.A.

Have you seen any weird things lately? -Random shadows moving out of the corner of my eye. They disappear as soon as I turn to face them. Oh, and there was some random kid in the bathroom when I walked in who seemed to enjoy getting a swirly.

Any strange, recently developed powers? -I recently developed the ability to create an explosive ball of energy using my hands. And it is quite volatile. Also, I finally managed to perfect a screwball.

Any encounters with demons? -Just one, last week. It was a strange, tiger-shaped thing. It went for my throat, and I blew its head off with my power, which conveniently awoke just before I became tiger tidbits.

Are you on Any medications? -No, but I wish there was one to cure stupidity. Too bad there wouldn't be enough for the whole world.

Damien looked at his sheet and sighed at the madness of all this. Probably just a joke on the students. Too bad Halloween was over 2 months ago, and April Fool's day wasn't for another 3 months. He shook his head, picked up the baseball, and raised his hand. "Done." Damien twisted the ball around in his hand as he waited for the teacher to collect his sheet and end this already.

"My word..." Sonny muttered under his breath. This was odd, certainly, but it was rather interesting, wasn't it? Sonny found himself smiling faintly. This teacher wasn't a boring woman, apparently, and that could potentially make this upcoming school year just that bit more bearable.

Name? This one was easy; Sonny simply wrote it down as it was. Age? Date of birth? Again, simple; the normality of these early questions, combined with the bizarreness of the later ones, got Sonny to thinking what this survey could possibly be for.

Expected time of death. Wasn't that charming. Sonny was taken aback for a moment upon reading the question, and he put some real thought into when it could be; if the bullies drove him to suicide, it could be within the next few years, but that wasn't likely; Sonny was proud, and he usually took the things they said in stride. Old age, then? Disease? Hit by a bus? Good God, this was hard... Sonny decided to be generous with himself and put the date exactly sixty years from now.

Moving on to the next question... weird things. God, Sonny hated questions like these; in films, whenever the protagonist asked whether his romantic interest had seen any "weird things", the term was so vague they never got an adequate answer... yes. Sonny had seen weird things. He considered putting down "a boy in a dress" to spite his teacher for asking such an irritating question, but decided against it and simply left the box blank.

Weird powers. This one was a definite "yes"; this time, though, Sonny wondered whether being honest would be the best policy or not. What was the survey for? Who was this woman? The mischievous little voice in the back of Sonny's head spoke again, and without pressing his pen against the paper he wrote "jerking off with both hands". Such rebellious activity didn't really suit him, though, so he put down the most innocent thing he could whilst still remaining slightly honest: "excellent night-vision". There. see how useful that was to the aliens.

"Demons". Sonny skipped the next question. This was a joke or something, right?

"Drugs or medications". Still unable to key whether the survey was to be taken seriously or not, Sonny considered the most likely possibility from his point of view - that it was a standard information-gathering task with little jokes interspersed throughout - and decided that on this one it may be important to tell the truth. "Antidepressants for two years; stopped taking them six months ago".

There. That should be everything. Sonny stood and shuffled to the front of the class, avoiding meeting any of his classmates' eyes, and handed his sheet in at the front desk.

Alex couldn't help but give a small chuckle as he looked over the questioner. It was pretty obviously a joke and the others reaction to it seemed to indicate the same. Getting a pencil Alex began to fill in answers in his mildly sloppy script.

Name: Alexander Higgins

Age: 18

Date of birth: December 29, 1993

Expected time of death. Alex thought about that one for a moment. He wasn't giving it much serious thought, more trying to come up with a clever answer. Eventually he wrote: January 1, 2593

Have you seen any weird things lately? If so, elaborate. This one actually stopped Alex cold for a moment. He had been seeing a few odd things; weird shapes and colors, an occasional animal that couldn't be real, black clouds that no one else claimed to see. But this wasn't a real question, right? If he actually put those down they would think he was crazy. Instead he simply wrote down: Nothing

6. Have you developed weird powers lately that you didn't have before? Please list said abilities here. This question caused Alex to smile as he quickly jotted down: Spontaneous generation of awesome.

7. Have you had any encounters with demons? What happened in said encounter(s)? Alex couldn't thing of much more to write: Nothing

8. Are you taking any kind of drugs or medications? Please list them here: Alex figured this question was real so he just wrote: Nothing.

Ms. Tanya watched as the students continued to fill out the sheets with confused looks on their faces. One of them, Sonny, got up and placed his paper on the front desk without so much as a peep.


This time it was Damien who spoke up and Ms. Tanya moved to take his sheet. She glanced over it and was surprised at how honest the boy was with his answered.

"Thank you for taking this seriously Damien, it will make my job a lot easier throughout this semester." Ms. Tanya thanked Damien as she returned to the front of the classroom. She noticed that Alex had put his pencil down and that all of the areas on the sheet were filled. "I hope you don't mind me taking your sheet Alex, you seem to be finished with it." Ms. Tanya informed him as she too up his sheet. She placed the two sheets on the desk with the others and waited patiently for the others.

4 out of 8 confirmed so far...my my my, this is going to be so much fun!

Angelo heard his classmates complaints and understood them as he looked through the sheet. Regardless of the bizarreness, he would do the sheet anyway.

1. Name:
Angelo Fulgur

2. Age:

3. Date of birth:

4. Expected time of death:

Now things seemed strange. How did they expect him to know this? Expected may mean when he thinks he'll die. Time though? Well, he expected to die in his sleep.

4. Expected time of death:
11th October 2065 3:54AM

5. Have you seen any weird things lately? If so, elaborate:
This test is the only bizarre thing as of late.

6. Have you developed weird powers lately that you didn't have before? Please list said abilities here:

Angelo rubbed his chin. Did they know something or was this just a test of our sanity? Mocking us? Something was up as there was no way that this test was normal. He wrote down his honest response of "Not that I am aware of."

7. Have you had any encounters with demons? What happened in said encounter(s)?

Now things were definitely strange. Demons? Seemed rather specific. Perhaps this is a test of our moral judgement? The demons represent those who have done or influence us to perform misguided actions and the powers is instances where we could stop them.

7. Have you had any encounters with demons? What happened in said encounter(s)?
Metaphorical demons, yes. Numerous times. I nearly always stood up for what was right. The result was always either me or the 'Demon' on the ground. I have never had the disgust of meeting a real demon.

8. Are you taking any kind of drugs or medications? Please list them here:

'And thus the normal returns again,' Angelo thought, 'They may have been filler questions, ones designed to determine our personalities or something. Who knows, besides Ms Tanya up there, of course.'

8. Are you taking any kind of drugs or medications? Please list them here:
None at the present.

"Done," Angelo announced, and took it up to the front desk. He met eyes with the teacher but no-one else. He tried to decode her face, what she was thinking, planning, scheming, but he didn't see anything. He walked back to his desk, still not making eye contact and sat down waiting for the rest of the class.

'This day will be interesting, I think.'

Jason continued to stare at the paper, confused as hell and beginning to get a bit frustrated. These questions were ridiculous, but Jason filled them out.

Name: Jason Caston

Age: 16

Date of birth: January 3rd, 1995

Expected time of death: Whenever I feel like dying.

Have you seen any weird things lately? If so, elaborate: No, Nothing really.

Have you developed weird powers lately that you didn't have before? Please list said abilities here: My scar on my right arm has been feeling warm lately, but other than that, no.

Have you had any encounters with demons? What happened in said encounter(s)? Silly survey, demons don't exist!

Are you taking any kind of drugs or medications? Please list them here: I smoke ten pounds of Weed a day, you seem to know a lot about it since your Survey is so FUBAR.

Jason set his pen down and called out "Done!"

Ms. Tanya smiled and walked over to Jason and looked over his sheet. "Oh, well isn't that interesting. Jason, would you mind showing me that scar?" She asked politely.

"Uh, sure, i guess so." Jason didn't know what she was up to, but he obliged her request and rolled up his right sleeve to show his scar, a long scratch along the length of his forearm.

"Hmm...he was right, you all do have potential..." She mumbled to herself.

Jason, however, heard it clearly and was tired of playing around. "Alright, what the hell are you trying to pull huh? This survey is bullshit and you know it! So why make us fill it out!?"

"Oh alright, I've hid it from you all long enough." Ms. Tanya giggled

"Hid What?" Jason yelled.

"Calm down silly and i will tell you!" She laughed at Jason's frustration. She walked back to the front of the room and sat on the desk.

"Those of you who havent finished the form yet, don't bother. The only point of this exercise was to determine whether you had the potential inside you that we are looking for. If you were able to read the paper, that means that you have a great power lying within you." Ms. Tanya explained, scanning each student for their reactions and smirking at the dumbstruck looks on some of their faces.

"You may not know how to use your powers yet, but that will come in due....You don't believe me, do you?" Ms. Tanya saw the disbelief in their eyes and knew that they were about to up and leave altogether. "Well, There is one way I can prove that everything I say is true. Damien, Would you mind demonstrating your ability for us? You stated on your Sheet that you can form an energy ball. I believe that would provide proof enough for everyone here."

"What the fuck are you going on about?!" Jason was getting angry, he didn't like being taken for a fool. "Powers? What a bunch of crap." Jason turned around and looked to Damien. "Is she insane? Or do you actually have powers?" Jason asked.

Damien's jaw dropped. "Well. Shit. I tried to screw with the system but it looks like I've just been had! Funny- telling the truth to the cops in L.A. usually confuses them." Damien shook his head and sighed. He got up and found a ballistics gel dummy chest. Presumably it would have been used for science. Well, it was about to get a very real test in explosives. Damien looked at Ms. Tanya as she nodded approval. Damien set the chest up on a pole on the far side of the room as he began to speak. "And here I thought I was gonna fit in. Goodbye reality!" Damien said scornfully, as if he was angry with the heavens. And with his power, they best be fearin'.

"A week ago, I was nearly killed by a super-tiger. I used this to stop it. I can force it to delay detonation after impact, but it's too volatile to disperse after being formed." Damien motioned to all the students to get behind the heavy steel cabinets as he stood in a pitcher's stance.He breathed in deeply as his hands began to glow and crackle with energy. A crimson red ball of energy, the size of a baseball, appeared in Damien's hands as he exhaled. He took his rock-back and started the motion. His knee flew into the air as his back arched sideways, resembling nothing so much as a pendulum. Slowly his right arm separated from his left and began the slow arc towards the dummy, picking up speed. Suddenly, the large, slow movement launched the ball like a Roman Scorpion siege engine, causing the ball to rocket towards the dummy at 90 miles an hour, showing why he was nicknamed 'The Ballista.' Damien turned and took a step into the corner, behind the cabinets. The energy ball stopped in the middle of the dummy's torso and slowly stopped spinning. The energy ball stopped its mad twirl as the dummy disappeared. To be more accurate, the dummy was sprayed all over the room. The ballistic gel had muted the sounds, but it was clear there had been an explosion at some point between the dummy in existence, and the one living a second life as a new coat of paint for the walls. "Backwards spin keeps the energy compact. The faster I throw it, the more backspin I can put on the ball, effectively creating a timer. I can't force a break pitch, though." Damien explained as he pulled himself off the wall, impeccably clean. He rubbed the back of his head and separated himself from the rest of the group. "So, alienated yet?" Damien shook his head as he stuck his hands into his pockets.

Lina glanced back at the paper. Well... maybe it's not meant to be taken seriously...

With that in mind, she began writing down answers to the questions.

1. Name: Carolina O'Connell, but just call me Lina

2. Age: 16

3. Date of birth: September 25, 1995

4. Expected time of death: (This one was left blank, Lina didn't believe in worrying about the future.)

5. Have you seen any weird things lately? If so, elaborate: No, not really.

6. Have you developed weird powers lately that you didn't have before? Please list said abilities here: None that I know of.

7. Have you had any encounters with demons? What happened in said encounter(s)?: If playing video games counts, than yes.

8. Are you taking any kind of drugs or medications? Please list them here: None

"I'm done," she said at last, glad to be done with it. Then she sat back, listening the teacher's explaination about the paper. Apparently it involved telling whether or not they had developed super powers or something.

Lina would have scoffed at this, but when one of her new classmates formed a ball of energy in his hands, her jaw practially dropped open.

That... did not just happen...

Sonny watched in shocked fascination as the cocksure boy calmly delivered his explanation whilst making fireballs with his hands. His eyes widened as he threw the ball, and a million questions ran through his head - what? How? Who? Fuck? - until the ball connected with the dummy, and it exploded, and the viscous stuff inside it sprayed everywhere, and OH GOD WAS THERE GEL IN SONNY'S HAIR?

His brain purged of all other thoughts, Sonny's eyes widened to their fullest and he screamed inside his head. Gel. Hair. Should've ducked. Gel in hair. Hair-gel. Hah!

Now Sonny was grinning hysterically, and when he realized he covered his mouth with his hands so nobody would notice. Hair-gel! That was hilarious! Hahahahahah!

He was going to kill this "Damien" boy. Soon. And painfully.

Van didn't fully understand what Ms. Tanya was talking about. Having some potential, being the only ones who can read the paper, strange powers. There was no sense in what she was talking about, until he saw Damien throw an energy ball and explode the dummy in the corner.

The fact that he was now covered in ballistics gel was of little concern to Van. What was more important was that his new classmate just pulled off a... "A hadoken?" Not really, but his mind rushed to figure out what had just happened, so it pulled out the first video game that came to mind.

There had to have been some mistake, he shouldn't be in this class. Van didn't have any super powers like this guy, hell he was barely what you would call in shape. Calm down. Breath He took a slow breath and regained his composure. A smile soon cracked on his face, "Hey man, you gotta teach me how to do that."

Jason was dumbstruck and stunned like many of the others. "Wha-wha-What the Hell was that!?" Jason stammered out. He couldn't believe it, this teacher was actually telling the truth. He moved his hand and touched a piece of the gel that was plastered over his shirt. It was definitely real. He picked it off and pulled the rest out of his hair.

And she said that we all had an ability like this!? Oh man, this was going to be a very interesting semester.

Angelo wiped some gel off of his hand and looked at both the teacher and this student through wild eyes and gritted teeth. What the heck is this? I thought I was going to a highschool, not Hogwarts! Angelo clenched his fists at this new logic he was having to deal with. People with powers? This isn't right, Human's can't have powers. Why did she say we passed the test from being able to read the sheet? Special ink? What the hell?

"I think we deserve a bigger explanation Ms Tanya." Angelo said angrily, wiping more gel off his person.

Alex had gotten down when told to but he had not really expected much. He was absolutely stunned though by what he saw, taking an extra second or two before he emerged from behind his cover.

He began talking as he emerged. "Well the explanation's pretty obvious to me." He said picking up Angelo's train of thought. "It's some kind of trick, right?" Though his voice was uncertain and shaky. "Right? Smoke and mirrors and a bit of explosives, right?" He was sounding almost a little desperate near the end.

"Of course i'm going to explain everything Angelo, I love to surprise people but i'm not cruel." Ms. Tanya assured the angry boy. She resumed her place on the desk at the front of the classroom.

"Ahem, the whole point behind the survey was to determine whether you had the potential in you to do what we require. In order for someone to read the writing on these sheets, they must possess something called 'Spiritual Awareness," it allows you to see and touch things related to the supernatural. In this case, since all of you were able to read and fill out the sheet, not to mention see Damien blow that dummy to smithereens, you all possess some degree of Spiritual Awareness. You may not know it yet, but this test has not proven wrong yet. Were a normal person with no spiritual awareness to look at the paper, they would see a blank sheet, and would probably use it as copying paper." Ms.Tanya explained as she glanced down at her watch to check the time.

"Oh my! Look at the time, we only have ten minutes left before the bell rings at 9:00!!! Oh well, i guess now is a good a time as any. I have something to give all of you before you all go on to whatever your next planned class is. " Ms. Tanya spoke in a hurried tone.

She turned around and reached into her purse on the desk and pulled out seven rubber bracelets with the word "SPIRIT" embedded in it. "Each of you except for Damien take one of these bracelets and put it on." She instructed.

"This bracelet may not look like much but it is very important. Normally, in order for a person's Spirit Awareness to awaken, it requires that the person be put in a Life or Death Scenario. Take Damien's story for an example. His power awakened because his life was in danger. That instinct to survive is usually the prime trigger for people's powers to awaken. However, with these bracelets, much less is needed to coax out your powers. If one wears this bracelet, they only need to wear it and their powers will awaken sometime during that same day." Ms. Tanya explained.


"Oh crap that's the bell, don't forget that we meet at 2:45 before school lets out at 3:00! Please grab a bracelet and run along to your next class, whatever it may be. If you have any other questions, please hold them until we reconvene at 2:45."

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