Yu Yu Hakusho!!! Spirits Amok! (A Spirit Detective RP!) Chapter 3: Genkai's Training.

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Lina sat and sipped at her hot chocolate, raising an eyebrow at Jason's little joke.

Sheesh, and I thought I watched too much TV...

She continued to drink, mulling over what Sonny had said to her just moments ago.

He really likes me, huh? He seems like a good kid... maybe a bit... odd, but I guess I'm not one to talk. It's been so long since I had a true friend... maybe it wouldn't hurt to hae another one...

Lina was snapped out of her reverie when Jason came back to the table and asked if anyone had seen anything weird about the clerk, a teenage girl about their age.

She was about to say no, when the clerk left the counter for a moment... and her lower body seemed to flicker, revealing a snake's tail underneath.

Her jaw fell open in shock, but Lina quickly closed it, hoping no one - well, maybe other than her table mates - had noticed. Okay, there is no way that's normal...

As the chair came towards Jack his eye suddenly glazed over he noticed in three seconds that the chair would hit a napkin and fall over. As his sences returned to normal Jack kicked the chairup into the air letting it rest on the top of his foot. He then pulled his foot back letting it flip constant ly in the air before grabbing it and siiting down.

Alex chucked a bit at Jason's joke as he received the tape back and started to shove it back into his messy backpack.

While Jason went up to the counter Alex finally took a sip of his own drink. Even just as the hot beverage first entered his mouth he felt a bit of his usually energy return. Alex didn't often have caffeine, so when he did it tended to have a rather dramatic effect. At the moment for example he felt all of his exhaustion simply melt away, his posture even got a bit better though he didn't even realize he had been slouching.

When Jason returned though he brought an entirely different concern with him though. Alex was puzzled though. When he looked over at the counter girl (absolutely failing in his attempt to make it look clandestine) he couldn't see anything odd. But when he looked back and saw Linda's face it was obvious enough that she could see it too.

Alex looked back again and got a good hard stare when the girl had turned her back. And to his surprise, he could start to see something. He couldn't see her legs behind the counter, but it almost looked to Alex as though a slight black smoke outlined her body. Whatever the small phantom cloud was, it was definitely coming from her.

"Yah." Alex said with his voice low. He spoke in a husky whisper, but it was impossible to keep the tone of tension from his voice. "Yah, there's definitely something weird about her. Do you think it's something to do with..." He trailed off while tapping his SPIRIT bracelet in an obviously meaningful way.

Sonny stood staring at the door, still in the exact same position he had been in since Lina had left. That was a... success? She didn't seem to dislike him, which was nice, and honestly better than he could have expected; he had, true to form, behaved pretty much like a complete psychopath. Fortunately, it seemed as though Lina was as unaccustomed to social interactions as he was, so she wasn't aware that what he'd done was cue for her to leave and never speak to him again.

"Friends", she had said... that was nice. Sonny clung to the memory of that word as he made his way out the door of the girl's bathroom.

On his way out, he was brushed past by a perfectly nice-looking young woman with a snake-tail where her legs should be. She turned and smiled at Sonny, and he promptly spun around and stepped back into the bathroom. Don't follow me don't follow me don't follow me don't follow me don't follow me...

Angelo thought on Jason's statement, ignoring everything around him. Holding her S's and hobbling could be the result of something medical, but the outline of a snake? That was Bizarre. Angelo briefly considered she like dressing up as animals and put on a near see through skirt on over her clothes so it looked like there was the body of a snake when people saw her? Perhaps it was a prank by the staff. Or maybe Jason was just someone who was going mad and started to hallucinate images. Maybe he was afraid of snakes and this was manifesting as he approached the girl, possibly because he liked her but afraid to ask out of either doubt or shyness? He remained deep in thought for at least a fair while before coming to a reasonable way to get the answer he wants.

Why don't I take a look myself? Angelo thought and shot his head around to see her walking about, or at least, trying to. Her entire lower half had almost the outline of a serpent just as Jason had said. Angelo shot back down and had a mouthful of Coffee. What the hell was that? Have they drugged us? Angelo swirled his finger in the coffee and licked his finger, starting to freak out at the woman he just saw. He clutched his wrist to see his SPIRIT bracelet. Was this SPIRIT thing the sole reason for this? Was he seeing people's spirit animals, like in stories, or something? He rubbed his head and looked around at everyone else. Alex looked concerned about it, so did Linda. Either they drugged us all, we're going mad, or there is something abnormal about that girl.

Damien sucked on the straw nonchalantly, looking outside at all the greenery while his newfound companions murmured about some kind of 'snake lady.' Damien didn't really think much of it as he moved aside to make room for Lina to sit. Then Damien saw Alex tapping the strange SPIRIT bracelet meaningfully. Damien sighed and turned around. He turned back just as quickly. At first the girl seemed normal, even a bit attractive in a belladonna sort of way. As Damien stared, he realized he could not have been more right as hus vision penetrated the flickering mirage. Scales rippled down where human legs should be as legs melded into a seamless serpentine tail, swishing and swaying across the Starbucks floor, sweeping up behind the monstrosity as it moved. Damien gulped quickly and nearly choked, not realizing he still had some of his drink in his mouth. When he finally recovered, Damien hissed to his friends, "She ain't normal. I get the same feelin' from 'er as I did the super-tiger. What are we gonna do?" Damien noticed the counter girl staring at them, and Damien smiled back his most enchanting grin, as if to make it seem his friends were trying to goad him into asking her out. It worked as she seemed to blush and turned away..

A black sedan rolled around the corner and into the Starbucks parking lot. Two men stepped out of the car. One short, and one tall Both were wearing cheezy suits and ties. Both of them wore their suits untucked and looked very greasy, as if they haven't bathed in days. Hair was unkempt and hung wildly down to their shoulders.

"Hey Chuck, do you think she'll go quietly?" Said the Tall one to the short one in a rough coarse voice.

"Nah! This lovely lady will definitely try and fight it. Too bad she didn't pay the boss on time, otherwise we wouldn't have to..."Evict" her from this world Hahahah!" Chuck laughed in a high pitched voice. "Honestly though Lenny, I kinda feel bad for the broad. She's only been in this world for a few months and she already ran outta cash to pay for her stay....Gah The more I think about it the more I don't want to do this. Lets get this over with quick."

The shop bell rang out as the men pushed the door open and entered. The men proceeded to the counter where Bleu was making another coffee drink for a patron.

"Hello Bleu. 's been a while." Chuck smugly sang as he took off his sunglasses, revealing a very bright pair of golden eyes.

A look of shock overtook Bleu's face and she dropped the drink she was making. "No....no...I sssswear I made my payment lasssst month!" she stammered out

Jason looked over when he heard the cup drop to the floor. There were two men confronting the snake-woman Bleu. She didn't seem to like what they were saying since she dropped the coffee. Something stirred within Jason, If there was one thing he couldn't stand, its people who harass women, even if those women happen to be monsters. However, he couldn't exactly do anything at the moment because the men had not done anything to warrant his interruption.

"Oh, we received it, but it was about three hundred dollars short. I'm sorry Bleu, but we gotta take you back." Lenny stated as he made a grab for her arm.

"No, pleasssse, I left everything to come here! You can't jussst take it all away like thisss!" She hissed at them as she jerked her arm away.

"Now now, don't make us have to come behind the counter and get you ourselves." Chuck threatened. "Just come quietly and we won't have to get nasty." He added an extra sneer at the end.

By this time the whole store's attention was on the spectacle unfolding at the counter. Some patrons were even leaving out of fear that something was about to go down.

"No, I won't go back to that ssshithole we call home! There isss no way I'm going back! Not a chansssse in Hell!" Bleu continued to hiss as she backed away from the counter, backing towards the door that leads to the alley behind the shop.

"I warned you missy, Chuck, lets take her." Lenny barked to his partner as he lifted up the flap that let staff pass from behind the counter into the other part of the store.

"NO!!!" Bleu cried as she bolted out of the door into the wide alley behind the shop.

"Heh heh heh. I love it when they run!" Chuck laughed as he and Lenny chased after Bleu, knocking the other staff out of the way as they passed.

Bleu ran in a very awkward manner, often tripping and stumbling as she tried to run so she, but her legs couldn't carry her fast enough. The pair easily caught up with her in the short distance she had put between them, and Lenny pinned her to the alley wall by her arms.

"Let me go you bassssstardsss!" she cried out, struggling against the man that held her.

"Oh ho ho ho! I do LOVE it when they run! You know want to know why Bleu? Because I really get a rise out of it if you catch my drift!!!" Lenny giggled and smiled devilishly as he repositioned his grip on her so that he had one arm free. "We just might have to delay your trip home just so I can have some fun!!!"

Chuck stood to the side and let Lenny do his thing, there was nothing Chuck could do when Lenny got this way. He could only hope that Lenny would be quick about it so they could get out of this place.

Bleu's eyes widened as the man made his move. She couldn't avoid it anymore, she had to cry for help. "AAAAH!!!! SSSSOMEONE HELP ME!!! HE'SSS GOING TO RAPE ME!! HELP!!!" She screamed, praying that someone back in the shop would answer her plea.
Jason heard Bleu scream and bolted up out of his chair. He wasn't about to hear a girl cry 'rape' and not do something about it. It completely went against his code of ethics to do anything to a woman against her will.

"Snake woman or not, I'm not going to play dumb and pretend this isn't happening! I'm going to help her, follow me if you want!!! Jason made a heroic pose during his outburst and put on a serious face before vaulting over the counter and racing out into the alley. He saw the man holding the Snake-woman to the wall, however, he wasn't really a man. There was an outline of big, curved horns around his head. The other man standing to the side had a matching pair as well.

"Hey! Let her go you asshats! What has she done to you!?" Jason roared at the pair.

Lenny saw that a little runt had followed them. "Hey Chuck! Mind capping the punk while I 'deal' with Bleu here?"

"Heh, with pleasure." Chuck smugly replied as he popped his knuckles to prepare them for use. "Go back inside punk. You can't beat me all by yourself!"

"We'll see about that..." Jason growled, hoping that some of his friends would help him out...

Lina was startled when two guys in suits came in and began talking to the snake-woman. Judging by their words, they sounded like they were here to collect a debt or something.

She tried to run, but the men followed after her. Oddly enough, no one other than the group seemed to be paying attention.

Jason got to his feet and hurried outside, obviously intending to see what was going on. Lina hesitated for a moment, but then her curiousity got the better of her, so she followed him.

She found them in a back alleyway, with the snake woman on the ground and the two men standing over her. It was obvious what they wanted to do, and Lina's blood boiled just thinking about it.

"Oi! Ugly One and Ugly Two! Step away from the snake lady, and no one has to get hurt!" She shouted, sounding much braver than she felt.

Sonny breathed in, then out again, and composed himself. He was ready.

That snake-person-thing, whatever it was, was not of this world, and there was a chance that it was dangerous. Initially this seemed like a rather good reason to stay in the toilet, but there were people Sonny considered "friends" out there, and as far as his limited knowledge of interpersonal ettiquete extended he was under the impression that friends didn't let friends get eaten by snake-ladies. If they weren't aware of that demon's presence, then Sonny may be the only one who could save them.

Taking the mop he'd found in the corner of the bathroom in both hands, Sonny kicked open the door leading into the cafe and sprung through, landing in what may have been an awesome crouch, but was far more likely to have been an uninspiring heap.

...Crap! I was supposed to say something cool, wasn't I? Sonny thought to himself. He inwardly scolded himself for not doing so, but reassured himself with the fact that if he had said anything it probably wouldn't have been as cool as it had sounded in his head.

Glancing around, Sonny noted that he hadn't ridiculed himself in front of too many people, as the majority of the customers appeared to have left. One of the few people remaining he recognized as young Jason, his classmate, who was standing near the doorway shouting things which conflicted with Sonny's world-view. Apparently the scary horrible snake-woman wasn't actually a woman after all, and was suffering at the hands of some scary horrible men who actually were horrible.

Sonny's immediate thought was, of course, "no". Any code of honour he may have had was overruled by his overpowering will to live, and if he wasn't able to fend off a mere gang of football-players on his own, he was unlikely to stand much of a chance against a roving band of soul-eating demon rapists. As he began to consider the matter more clearly, though, it dawned on him that, had Alex and the rest of the guys thought those same thoughts, he himself would likely have suffered earlier. Sonny hated suffering an awful lot, and he couldn't help but to imagine that the scary snake-lady probably hated it just as much as he did. Sonny was learning a lot of things over the course of today, and now it seemed as though it was time to put those things into practise; the first step down the long and arduous road of "making friends" would be to put the interests of others ahead of his own, regardless of consequences.

The deal was sealed when Lina rushed out after Jason. She was the closest thing Sonny had to a friend at this point, and friends stuck up for other friends in the face of adversity - or so he'd heard. He wouldn't allow the nasty demon-things to bring harm to his friend; and what's more, it may mar his reputation even further if the one member of the group who was (admittedly arguably) more feminine than he was engaged in an affair of honour and he didn't.

Gripping his mop tightly, Sonny ran out after Jason and Lina, veered round the corner and finally put that cool phrase he'd been saving to good use. "Make any attempt to harm my colleagues and I'll make attempts to harm you, you ruffian!"

Two men were talking to the girl, Angelo was interested but preoccupied, almost drawing sketches with his mind as he observed what was going on around him. The discussion was beginning to get clearly heated until eventually, as Angelo took a drink from his Coffee, they were gone. Angelo blinked and looked around. People noticed okay, but Angelo had no idea what happened next, presumably, they ran.


The word rape would make anyone's ears twitch when it is screamed piercingly. It did more for quite a few of the group, as they bolted up and ran, with Jason being first to rocket to where it was. Angelo could not in good conscience wait around when someone cried that out, and he and everyone around him probably had a good idea of who this person was. Angelo got up and ran out, a thousand different thoughts entering and leaving his head as ran after the others.

The girl held the ess sounds of her sentences, like Jason said. Could they see the tail too and were now doing something to her because of this, out of bullying, discrimination or did they just think she was a fun person? All answers impossible to obtain until Angelo was there. Less pondering and more doing was needed, and unfortunately, Angelo was someone who thought with a Utilitarian prespective, and this was causing him to be slower than he should be when someone cries for help.

He eventually caught up and saw the others, glaring at the two men. Now that Angelo got a good look at them, focussing on them, he saw their horns and the undeniable menace about them. Angelo made fists and kept them at his sides. He was ready to charge, but it seems so was everyone else.

Damien nodded as Jason sprinted out the door, chasing after the two greasers. He winced at the heroic pose, but nonetheless slid his steel practice bat out from his bag. It had served him well in L.A., and didn't break no matter what Damien hit with it. Damien then saw what the two men were going to do to the girl and he became incensed. Murder, theft... All these could have valid explanations, but in his mind there was no excuse for rape, and no crime that riled him up more. He saw the horns through the mirage-fog as well, and was even more enraged as he realized those beings were none other than demons. Damien sprinted towards the pair, not stopping. "What are you cowards waiting for? That girl's gettin' raped and you're standin' round here lookin' pretty? Attack, dammit!" Damien took one skip to turn his body sideways and swung his bat, Happy Gilmore style. "I'm gonna use yer horns fer a hood ornament!" Damien roared. The air screamed as the metal bat scythed though it like a maddened hornet.

Chuck was caught off guard when he saw one of them come out of nowhere with a bat. However, it wasn't the boy's actions that had surprised him, it was his words.

"I'm gonna use yer horns fer a hood ornament!"

A demon's horns were his pride and joy, and Chuck was especially proud of his horns. He wasn't going to let this go lightly. The Bat hit him square in the solar plexus, causing him to double over. He wasn't actually hurt, but the force of the bat still made his body react instinctively to turn over. He quickly hopped back to avoid another attack and smirked.

"Heh, too slow kid. You shoulda hit a bit harder," Chuck smirked as he straightened himself out. "maybe then I would have actually been hurt by that attack." Chuck's grin widened into a devilish smile. "Also, rule number one about us kind of people, NEVER insult the Horns! HRAAAAH!"

Quickly, his body began to change. Horns sprouted from his skull in a curved shape to fill the outline. His skin tightened and turned blue, veins popping out as the muscles tightened and grew. He was now a muscly blue demon in a cheezy suit.

"You're gonna need a lot more than a tin bat to hurt me kid." Chuck's voice changed to a much deeper tone than before. Chuck rushed forward unexpectedly and grabbed Damien by the front of his shirt and lifted him off of the ground. He reeled back for a haymaker, but never got the chance.

Jason had rushed forward and tackled the blue demon at the waist, Knocking him and Damien to the ground. Jason quickly got on top of the demon, pinning him to the ground, and started pounding on Chuck's demon face. "I got him Damien! Pick yourself up!" Jason spat out between punches.

Chuck was pissed now, he needed Lenny if he was going to beat these kids, they had numbers against him, but that was about to change. "Yo Lenny! Hurry up and get this skinbag off me!"

Lenny was still trying to have his way with Bleu at the moment and was too preoccupied to help his partner at the moment. However, she wasn't without resistance. She maneuvered one of her legs so that it was in between his, and lifted it sharply, kicking him in his demon testes. Lenny cried out in pain as he bent over clutching his pained groin. He hobbled back a bit before regaining his composure. "That hurt! You Bitch! HRAAH!" Lenny Lashed out and slugged Bleu across the face, she crumpled into a heap on the concrete floor, unconscious.

Jason looked up just in time to see the other man punch Bleu across the face. His eyes widened in fear that she might be dead, and that all of this would have been for nothing. This was just the lull that Chuck had been waiting for. He grabbed the boy by the front of his shirt and threw him into a pile of trash bags on the side of the alley. Chuck quickly got to his feet. He looked to his left and saw Damien was still there. "Why don't you join your friend in the trash over there, it suits you." He grabbed Damien by the front of his shirt and tossed him into the trash bags next to Jason.

If there was an all time most hated thing in the world for Jason. Hitting, or in this case killing, women was his breaking point. Tears welled up out of his eyes and streamed down his face. He didn't even know this woman, yet, he was crying over her. Why? Perhaps because he failed to save her. his emotions were running wild, he had never felt this way before. Anger, sorrow, self loathing, All of it was building up for something.

Chuck saw the boy's tears and instantly smirked. "Whassamatter kid? Never seen a woman learn her place before? Hahaha!" He laughed, trying to goad the boy into amusing him more.

The feeling that was welling up inside of Jason finally snapped and began to pour out of him. His scar began burning as he stood up out of the trash. He clutched his arm and gritted his teeth as something grew out of his scar. The bright blue glow was replaced by a molten red color as the tape unraveled and dropped to the ground. A bright red plate formed about an inch above his arm and elongated into a sideways teardrop shape. With the tip of the tear extending up to his shoulder, while the other end of the tear extended over his hand. Three small spikes formed around the round end of the tear at his hand. The bright red glow subsided and cooled into a solid, blue, metallic shield. The shield was roughly Three feet long from the tip to the spike on the round end and about one foot across at the widest part of the tear. Beneath the shield, between the scar and the metal, was a bright blue line of energy connecting the shield to his scar.

"Woah..." Jason sniffed back is tears as he eyed his new weapon. So THIS was what she was talking about when she said powers. Jason moved his arm around, testing out his new-found ability. It moved when he did, it always stayed parallel to his scar, no matter which way he turned it. He turned his head and looked back at the demons who had unlocked this power. Both of them had a dumbstruck look on their faces, as if to say: "Is this shit really happening?"

Jason smirked at their stupefied looks, and then eye'd his shield.

Chuck eventually wiped his surprise away and regained his composure and his cool. Those two seem like a threat...though, the other three are still standing at the door gawking...

Chuck quickly turned towards Angelo, Lina, and Sonny and charged at them. "I'm a bit like my partner over there, I'M NOT AFRAID TO HIT A GIRL!!!" He quickly closed the distance between them and readied a haymaker at Sonny. "And you look like someone who needs to be put in LINE!!!"

Lenny ,however, was still fuming over Bleu's kick and didn't see Jason's shield form. Jason took advantage of this since the other demon went to deal with his other comrades and delivered a running jump kick to Lenny's back, sending him crashing into the wall next to Bleu. "Come on you son of a bitch! Fight like a demon!" Jason taunted with new found courage.

Lenny picked himself up and looked Jason in the eye. "With pleasure. HRAA!" Lenny growled as he underwent a transformation very similar to Chuck's, only with red skin instead of blue. I need to wipe the floor with these kids fast if i'm going to have any time to get my fix...

Lina watched in disbelief as the two men suddenly began to transform into monsters, and she hesitantly took a step back.

What am I doing?! She thought, panicked, I'm way in over my head here!

Seeing one of the demons (there was no other word for it) approach, she instinctvely threw her hands up to protect herself... and a nearby empty trash can flew from it's spot into the demon's face, making it howl in pain.

Blinking, Lina stared down at her hands, then clenched them into fist, her resolve returned.

Well, alright then. Now we're getting somewhere!

Jack ran out of the coffee shop following the others. As he watched the boy identified as Jason summon a shield and kick a large red monster into a wall he grew calm. As he rushed at the blue demon everything suddenly slowed down. "This feeling is like before now stay in focus and destroy your enemy." he thought. As his first punch came close to the blue demon his mothers shrill voice entered his head "JACK DO NOT EVER USE YOUR TRAINING FOR SENSLESS VIOLENCE THAT'S NOT MARTIAL ARTS ONLY IN SELF DEFENCE IS IT TRUE MARTIAL ARTS!" Jack suddenly snapped to attention saying a loud voice "Yes Sensei!"

Sonny flinched as the demon came towards him, but good old Lina came to his aid by lobbing a bin at it somehow. You could trust Lina, eh? Unfortunately, though it showed signs of harm the binly assault did little to deter the blue nasty. Another spot of hope arose when the martial arts-y one made as if to punch it in the face, but then he stopped for some reason and the demon kept going.

One may have thought that these dual offenses should have redirected the demon's assault to one of the people who had actually made attempts to cause him harm, but if anything it simply reinforced his resolve to punch the hell out of the mostly-harmless one. As soon as he was in hurting distance, the demon swung his arm back, and the last thought Sonny remembered flashing through his head at this point was Holy christ, this is gonna fuckin' hurt-

Sonny was right. The monster-fist had hit him in the chest, and he could feel the ribs bruising in a manner most achey. He'd also scraped his back when he'd skidded along something; it felt like it had been a road. Dammit, and this shirt was nearly new...

When he opened his eyes again, he was lying on the pavement about 10 feet away from where he'd been standing previously, and the demon had apparently apparated over to stand above him. He was big, but he was fast-moving, wasn't he? Sonny attempted to raise a leg to kick him in the space between his, but found that he lacked the strength in his body, and the attempt to do so caused an incredible jolt of pain up from his ankle. Broken? Probably not, but it was twisted badly. He must have been hit so hard that the rapid redistribution of the weight of his body had caused his ankles to bend back at a speed quicker than was typically comfortable, prior to them joining him in his trip along the street. In Sonny's many years of being punched, this was honestly a new one. Oh, now the demon was punching him again.

Keeping up his assault of the wispy boy in the skirt, the blue monster had leaned over him, grabbed him by the shoulder and punched him in the cheek.

Though he didn't look it, Sonny was good at taking a hit - years of exposure to it had caused him to develop something of an immunity - but for the love of god, this demon hit hard. Another one or two of those and he'd probably die, he noted. Coherent thought was becoming somewhat difficult at this point, but Sonny still managed to ponder when his friends were going to turn up and save him. Granted, the duel between Sonny and Chuck had only been going on for about two seconds, but really, how long did it take someone to react to their wimpy friend getting the shit beaten out of them and do something to aid them? Ah, hold that thought - more punching.

The force of this next blow caused two things: one, Sonny to involuntarily and in a most unladylike way spit a mouthful of blood out on to the pavement; and two, Sonny to turn his head to the side. And what should he spy but his mop! It seemed as though he'd managed to hold on to it as he was skidding along the ground - he hadn't noticed due to the uncomfortable numbness in his fingers, which probably came as a result of his lesser brain functions (such as the nerve synapses to his extremities) shutting down so that he'd have enough energy to remember to continue breathing and pumping blood - but had unfortunately let go of it after one of the two blows from the demon's rather large fists. If he could just reach out and...

Sonny, unfortunately, could not "just reach out and"; either the sudden heaviness of his body, the weight of the demon half-sitting on his chest or a combination of the two had made "just reaching out and" impossible. Sonny focused; he needed this mop. It would probably do very little to help against the demon, who was now drawing his fist back again for what would probably be the last time, but he'd at least stand a fighting chance if he had it. He stared, willing his arm to the mop, or the mop to his hand, and now all of his attention was on the mop, and he was thinking about nothing else, and concentrating on it as hard as he could, and HOLY SHIT THAT WAS FUCKING BRIGHT-

Sonny could still see. The blinding white flash hadn't blinded him, but he couldn't tell if that was the same case for his classmates, and he could say for certain that it hadn't been for Chuck, who had fallen backwards from the shock and was gripping his eyes and roaring expletives. The brightness was still there, but it simply wasn't affecting him; and now it was fading, leaving behind only a single bright spot. The mop.

The mop was glowing gold, like a bar of sunlight, and was smoking slightly out of the end where the clothy parts had been - they appeared to have burned away. Finding strength from some hitherto-unseen source, Sonny rolled over, grabbed the glowing mop and came up in a crouch. Sonny could tell the mop was uncomfortably hot, but he didn't feel uncomfortable holding it; it was like with the flash of light. He knew it was "blinding", but for some reason it simply didn't effect him.

Using the only ounce of energy he could find, Sonny swiftly stumbled forward and drove the end of the glowing bar into the stunned demon's throat with as much force as possible. Chuck fell onto his back, and Sonny leaned on his weapon to keep himself stable. It wasn't nearly over yet, and he'd need to remain in fighting shape, however impossible that may be, though should one of his allies choose to step in at this moment Sonny wouldn't object in the slightest.

Angelo could only marvel at what was happening. The people that he was with were starting to perform strange acts, with Sonny blinding people with a mop and Jason with his shield, just as if they were natural powers. Was this what Ms Tanya talked about?

That wasn't the most surprising thing around however, and the red and blue "demons" (Since no other word could suffice) which were once men were fighting us. Angelo, usually quick to act upon atrocities, which these two performing plenty, was frozen in terror. Monsters from the bowls of the earth attacking, adolescents using powers to fight back. This was almost as if he was in a kid's show where some people by the toss of a coin and being in the right place at the right time were destined to save the land. This was real however, and these "demons" did want to kill us all, and probably worse than that, judging by their savagery.

Angelo was hesitant to attack. He had no powers. They hadn't developed, if they ever would, and Sonny, after taking several hard hitting blows, was out of breath, and Chuck, one of the demons, did not seem keen on being down on the ground for too long, and clambered up, becoming angered by our resistance. Something told Angelo that they weren't used to people fighting back this well. Nevertheless, Chuck was getting angry, and ready to smash each and every one of them. He got up and began to walk over to the exhausted Sonny slowly.

FUCK THIS! Angelo's head screamed and he ran out and tackled Chuck, sending him away and them both to the floor. Unfortunately, it appeared Chuck gathered his bearings quicker than Angelo, and threw the boy off him. Angelo skidded along the floor, but managed to get up faster than he thought he would and charged the demon at full speed. He lunged his arm forward...


...and Chuck's arm length proved the size really did matter. His fist hit Angelo square in the face before he could even reach him. Angelo fell backwards, still moving forwards and fell onto his back onto the concrete, dazing him. Chuck slammed his foot onto his chest, which brought him back to earth unpleasantly. He pressed it down and Angelo writhed on ground, squirming pathetically as Chuck pleasured himself over Angelo's agony.

Angelo was beginning to get angry. He could not, should not, and would not let some foul beast from the depths of the stinking pit end his life where it was. This creature had to be punished and Angelo was not going to lie down and let this... thing get the better of him. Angelo was in pain, but this was a warning and a wake up call for him to get up and fight for what he needed to fight for. To make this world better!

A flow travelled up his right arm, a strange one, one that felt natural yet unfamiliar to him, and was like nothing he ever experienced. He looked to his right to see his fingers begin to twitch. Then, a spark jolted between his index finger and thumb, then his middle finger and fore finger, then multiple sparks where around his fingers until they became a clear conductor for current flowing through his fingers. Electricity licked his fingers as they coursed up and gave him a sense of power.

The pressure on his chest was nearly unbearable, but Angelo snarled. To make the world a better place; "I HAVE TO BE RID OF YOU!" He screamed and grabbed his leg, causing the demon to scream and spasm, eyes fluttering like mad and him himself trying to repel away from the source but Angelo didn't let go. He carried on screaming for a short while, but Angelo noticed just how tired he was getting and eventually, let go of the demon's leg. Chuck stumbled backwards, finally free against the wall. Angelo brought himself to his feet. Exhausted. He couldn't take much more and only prayed that his new power could help sooner or later, but hopefully sooner, since he couldn't take much more stress.

This fight defied all logic, and yet death was still the looming rule over it all.

Lina saw that her classmates had the blue demon on the ropes, so she went to help Jason with the red one (if they had names, she hadn't been paying attention).

Let's see... how do I make this work...?

She glanced around, looking for any other suitable weapons. But other than a few boxes and wooden crates, there wasn't much to work with.

Guess that'll have to do...! Closing her eyes, Lina concentrated on the boxes, imagining them moving in her mind as she raised one hand. Sure enough, the wooden crates rose slowly in the air, and Lina clenched her hand into a fist before flinging them at the demon.

The boxes crashed against the brute, and shattered on impact, sending splinters flying everywhere. Lina then grabbed a broken-off piece to use as a weapon, taking a moment to check on the snake woman. "You okay?" She asked, the surrealness of the situtation not lost on her.

Damien saw Chuck stumble towards him through the fog of his mind. "Musta hit my head on th' wall." Damien thought groggily. Still, even as he thought this, his head cleared and he had the presence of mind to nudge Chuck with his leg, causing the demon to look down and grab Damien by the throat. Damien held his hands close together, against his chest as he was lifted bodily as Chuck wound up for a swing. "I know I can at least take your head off, you useless bat boy!" Damien waited until Chuck's fist was in full motion towards his face before chuckling. "Actually mate, I'm the worst one o' 'em all." Damien revealed a crimson ball of energy. He had been condensing the energy into a baseball-sized sphere. He held it in front of Chuck's head, which was inexorably pulled towards the red ball of death by the momentum of his fist. Damien dropped his right hand, causing the ball to destabilize and explode right in Chuck's face. The energy, as if realizing the hand of its master, turned away an inch from his palm and redirected itself towards Chuck, who was blown away by the energy. Damien stood tall, panting. He turned to Lenny and moved so he was in-between the ox demon and Bleu. He beckoned with his hand as he formed another ball. "Get over here so I can blow yer fuckin' head off." Damien wound up and launched the crimson projectile right at Lenny's massive chest so Damien could slow him down and attack without fear of missing.

Chuck's eyes widened in fear right before Damien's energy ball exploded in his face, sending him rocketing back head first into the wall, impacting with enough force to snap his horns off and snap the upper vertebrae in his spine as well. Chuck's limp body slumped against the wall and moved no more.

Lenny, on the other hand, was struck by Lina's crate, but saw Damien's energy ball coming and was able to dive out of the way in time allowing the ball to explode against the wall. The Starbucks building was fairly old, and some of the brick was loose. The shock wave from the blast caused some of the bricks higher up on the wall to fall loose, and dropped towards Bleu's head.

Jason luckily saw this and dove on top of her and raised his shield above his head to protect them both. The bricks thumped and clanged off the smooth metal and fell harmlessly to the sides. Once Jason saw that the stone rain stopped, he lowered his shield and looked at it, there was not a scratch, nor dent to be found on its azure surface. He looked down to Bleu, and couldn't believe what he saw. Her body from the waist down had been replaced by a single, long, grass green snake tail. Bleu was a Lamia! However, her face was bruising badly and swelling from where Lenny slugged her. He shook her gently, trying to rouse her awake. She gave no response, Jason put his fingers to her throat...there was a heartbeat, a faint one, but it was there. Then he remembered the one that put her into this state...Lenny...

Jason got up and faced the big red demon, who, quite frankly, looked a bit scared. "Whats the matter demon? Never seen a human kick some ass before?" Jason seethed.

Chuck just got wasted by that kid with his little tin stick. Shit shit shit! What am I gonna tell the boss? Sorry boss! We couldn't get her because some little shits decided to be heroes and pull magic powers of their asses! I need to get outta here....Come back with backup... Upon the conclusion of Lenny's thought, he turned tail and bolted out of the alley, back towards the sedan that he had left running.

Jason saw the demon run and chased after him. "Hey! Get back here! I'm not done with you!"

Lenny was a lot faster than he looked, by the time Jason rounded the corner leading out to the Starbucks parking lot, Lenny was already driving off in the black sedan, the car's license plate read LILDEVILS. "Damn it!!!" Jason swore as he watched the car vanish amongst the traffic. He turned back and went into the alley. All in all, the group looked like shit. Jason and Damien were covered in trash and scratches, Sonny was limping, bleeding, bruised, and leaning on a mop pole that was still glowing. Angelo was bleeding out the mouth and judging from the shoe-print on his chest, his ribs were probably damaged as well. Lina and Jack looked to be unharmed though.

Looking at Chuck's corpse, he saw that the horns of the demon had been broken off, and lay on the ground a couple feet away. Jason walked over and picked up both of them. We should
hold on to these to show to Ms. Tanya. Hopefully she can shed some more light on the subject of why these demons are in our world.
Turning around, he tossed the horns to Damien. "You said you wanted a new hood ornament right?" Jason grinned.

Once more he walked over to Bleu and looked at her closely. While her lower body was undoubtedly serpentine, her upper body looked perfectly human. Thin arms and torso, accompanied by a head of auburn hair, she was very pretty, however he didn't think it would be right to date a demon. Jason leaned down and attempted to pick up the unconscious girl and found her to be much heavier than she appeared, possibly from the weight of her tail. He gently set her back down against the wall and spoke to the rest of the group.

"We need to get her to someplace safe. Anyone got an idea for a place to keep her safe until she wakes up? And in addition to location, how are we going to get her there without attracting a lot of attention? Frankly, I don't know how to get rid of this shield, so i'm stuck with it until it decides to go away or i figure out how to turn it off." Jason asked the group.

The first priority was to get out of here before the police show up. Finding out that demons exist just might make their heads spin, not to mention high-schoolers with magic powers. How the hell are we going to get out of this?

Alex was still stunned as he looked over what had happened. He had been right behind the others as the spilled out into the alleyway, but he had been totally motionless for almost the entire fight. Frozen and useless.

After all, his brain could hardly make sense of what was going on. The thugs had turned into colored horned... things right before his eyes and now Damien wasn't the only one showing off pyrotechnics. Alex could only come to one horrific conclusions: This was real.

This whole thing wasn't some kind of show or trick. There were no mirrors or slight of hand used. SPIRIT, powers, special people; they were all real and Alex was right in the middle of the whole thing.

But this can't be true, right? He thought to himself one last time as the idea quickly melted away. This was real. All of it. Alex could hardly deny it anymore after looking at the other students gathered in thee alley.

Jason's words though snapped Alex out of his stunned state though. He blinked twice as his brain tried to catch up with the situation. Then he had a thought. A horrible thought.

There was no way he could do it, but looking around at the others he had to. It was a terrible idea, but it seemed like there wasn't much other choice. Nope, not much other choice.

Alex realized he was still holding his backpack in his hand, he had never set it down before rushing out. Quickly he picked the athletic tape off the top and tossed it lightly at Jason. As he did so he began to speak faster then he ever had before. Still not too fast, but fast for him. "Here, wrap some around her head. If anyone asks we can say she bumped her head." He paused only for a moment before he continued, though he was a bit more hesitant. "And I know a place we can go... It's close. And nobody else will be there."

He looked over the others for a moment though he didn't seem to meat anyone's eyes. "Um, tell me when you're all ready to go and I think I can probably carry her." He said nodding at Bleu.

With that Alex stepped over next to Sonny who seemed to worst off of everyone here, and no wonder after what he had been through. He barely looked like he could stay upright on his own. "Hey, Sonny. You alright? It's over now."

Lina threw away her makeshift weapon, seeing as as the battle was pretty much over. Still, there was still a rush of adrenaline running throuhg her veins, a reminder of the energy that was still within her.

She still couldn't believe it had really happened. But here she was, standing with her classmates in an alleyway outside Starbucks having fought off two demons to save another one.

If it wasn't so surreal, she would have laughed.

Feeling the heady rush drain out of hr, she asked, "So, what now?"

"Ah, yes. Wonderful, thank you." Sonny glanced over at the blue demon, who was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed. Dead? Yep. How awful. There again, he had been pretty awful too, so Sonny didn't feel too bad about it. "So, we won, did we? That's nice..." His need to remain active depleted, Sonny smiled faintly and collapsed into Alex's arms. All things considered, that had gone rather well... he was going to wake up to one hell of a headache, though.

Sonny blacked out.

Alex, who was standing right next to Sonny was able to reach out and support the collapsing kid just before he hit the pavement. He sighed to himself as he now held Sonny in his arms for the second time that day. This was not something he was hopping would become a regular occurrence.

Alex shifted a bit and lay Sonny down on the floor in a more comfortable way and checked started to check him over to see if there were any major damage. However, he did so very cautiously because... well... there was still the issue of those cloths. Alex wasn't going to judge, but it was still a little uncomfortable.

Angelo summarized his thoughts quickly. The girl with the Snake lower body outline did in fact have a snake lower body, one of the demons are dead, the other ran off, quite a lot of the group were badly hurt, and Angelo felt like someone threw a train at his chest.

He looked around. Sonny was being supported by Alex and being seen to, which was good since the Chuck seemed to have taken a liking with that fight. Angelo turned to Jason, trying to look after the new serpent-lady friend, but his shield was kind of in the way and making things awkward, and judging by the size of this tail, it was not a one person job.

"Here, let me help," Angelo offered, going to Jason's aid.

Jason nodded to Angelo and replied. "Thanks. Here, You grab her upper body and I'll grab her tail. One...two...three go!" Jason gave Angelo the cue to lift at the same time as he did. Together, they lifted Bleu off of the ground and into their arms. Jason's shield made it so that he had to hold his right arm sideways in order to prevent from impaling himself on the pointy end of the shield.

He looked over to Alex, who was now holding an unconscious Sonny, who looked like a train wreck at the moment. "Alright Alex, lets go. Lead on." Jason nodded to Alex. The sooner they get out of here, the better...

Alex looked around at the others. It looked like Jason and Angelo had the girl, which was good since Alex had his hands full with Sonny. He made one last check to make sure everyone looked ready to go.

With a quick breath Alex easily lifted Sonny up into his arms and started to carry him out of the alleyway. "Come on. Follow me." He said to the others.

Alex led them out onto a small side street and after checking to make sure no one was there started to walk at a pretty quick pace. Most of the people around seemed to have been scarred off by the thugs act in the shop. Alex could hear some sirens off in the distance, but he knew the police station was in the opposite direction from where they were going.

Alex walked for only one block before he turned and walked halfway down another street. He cut through an open field that was there. The space was mostly taken up with old brown grass and a few ditches, but paths warn down by the playing of children made walking easy. The few pieces of construction equipment that were still there were empty as the workers had gone home a while ago. A lose board at the far side of the field was easily opened to provide an exit.

Upon leaving the construction site the group was now in what seemed to be a sleepy residential street. Rows of modest suburban housing with small well tended front lawns extended up and down the road. It was only a few houses down when Alex suddenly turned and nudged open a short wooden fence with his foot and walked quickly up to the front door. He glanced up and down the street once more, glad that no one seemed to be out right then. Sure, they wouldn't suspect much of him; but it would be troublesome trying to explain.

Alex struggled for a minute to get something out of his pocket without dropping Sonny, but eventually he got out a small ring of keys and unlocked the door, opening it as well.

"Err... come on in." Alex said as he looked back at the others for a moment. Having said that, he walked in. He quickly passed through a small foyer ignoring the massive brown and black tabby cat that was curled up on a pile of mail snoozing in the afternoon sun. The cat, in response, didn't even bat an ear at anyone entering.

Walking onwards, Alex passed into the living room of the home. A trio of old well cared for couches were set around a glass coffee table across from a modest T.V. The table was covered in books, magazines, movies, papers, and more detritus of human life. The subjects of the material were varied, but seemed to have a few general patterns; sports, teen fashion, airplane and boat models. Across from all of that an old brick fireplace had quite a few pictures and knickknacks, a few of which seemed to include Alex.

Alex carefully deposited Sonny on one of the couches, laying him down very softly, before quickly leaving again by one of the several doorways.

"Make yourselves comfortable!" He could be heard calling back to the others. His voice had an echoing quality that suggested he had gone down some short hallway.

Lina glanced around. It was... rather small, compared to her own... but somehow more lived-in and homey.

Trying to distract herself from that line of thought, she sat down on one of the couches and glanced down at the magazines spread over the table, but there was nothing she thought was worth reading.

"So," she said after a moment, "What do you think those ogre things wanted with our snakey friend over there?"

Jason and Angelo set Bleu down on one of the couches around the coffee table. Jason saw that the bruise had formed a large lump on her right cheek from the swelling.

should I get her an Ice pack? But arent snakes cold blooded? But then again, she is half human...wait...Fuck! I don't know anymore!

He heard Lina's question and turned so he could look at her while he talked. "Judging from what I heard and the way those goons dressed, I believe that they were some sort of debt collectors and Bleu missed a payment. Poor girl, monster or not, she didn't deserve this." Jason said with pity for Bleu.

Angelo set the serpent-girl down on the couch as per requested. She was alot heavier than she should be. The tail must have added quite an amount of weight to herself.

"What do you think those ogre things wanted with our snakey friend over there?" Lina asked.

Curtis gave an answer based on their dress and what he heard. Either way, no-one deserves to be beaten and raped because they missed a payment on something. Although, it would be good to know what for, especially since she clearly isn't a normal Human being and those two weren't either. That much was clear as day.

"Whatever they wanted, one of them got what he deserved, and the other will be very afraid for a fair while. It's not an even punishment based on what they did and were going to do, but it's a start." Angelo replied coldly.

Alex returned to the room with the others and knelt down at one side of the table. He pushed a bit of stuff away on the table and set down a first aid kit that seemed more the size of a small chest. He the picked up a small piece of paper that caught his attention.

Hey Alex,

Gonna hang out with the archery club today.

Don't stay up too late old man,

Alex crumpled up the note and tossed it aside. He figured his sister would be out with someone or other, in fact he had been counting on it. But still, he sometimes wasn't too sure about some of the people she was with. He didn't even know that the middle school had an archery club when he had been there. Well, it was probably just another fad of hers.

Brushing those thoughts aside he opened the first aid kit and started to remove supplies from the sturdy plastic box. "Well I suppose we can know a bit more once she wakes up." He said in regards to the now clearly half snake girl. "Is anyone else hurt?" He asked as he staged medicine and bandages in a surprisingly professional way.

Jack looked around the home "So this is what a real home looks like. As he thought images flashed of the fight and how he let others get hurt due to his morals.Jack looked down ashamed at himself. He finally spoke in quiet voice to everyone in the party "I have personally dishonored myself for not helping in this fight due to personal reasons i was not able to participate...." he explained "I am not allowed to fight anyone unless i get hit first if I don't the consequences" Jack shuddered "would be severe and for this i am sorry and the next fight i promise to get hit so I may fight."

Damien took the two horns with a nod of his head and stuffed them into his baseball bag. Even detached from the original demon, the horns still seemed to be unnoticeable by normal humans. He followed Alex silently, wondering where they were going. When Damien finally saw, he whistled. "Nice place ya got 'ere. It's... Definitely a home." Damien cursed himself for sounding so foolish. But to him, there was a difference, having seen the seedier parts of California. Every abode was a house, but there was a certain feeling of warmth and safety that said, 'this house is a home.' He walked in, careful to wipe his feet when he walked in. He had barely gotten a few feet before hearing Lina's question. "Well, I heard the words 'payment, take you back, and 300 dollars short.' My guess is that this unlucky lady was smuggled here from... Where ever the 'ell she came from, and it took some serious money. Problem with that is, it's like a leech: once it's tasted blood, it ain't leavin'. If the boss doesn't get a constant flow o' cash, she'll be taken back and used as a prostitute or sumthin'. Happens all th' time to humans, so imagine what demons do."

Damien sighed. "So much for humans being the worst evil." He shook his head and spied a computer. Stalking towards it, Damien quickly googles 'Lamia' on the Internet and whistled at the results. "Well, this ain't the first time humans have met a Lamia- they go all th' way back t' Greece. Anyway, it seems she's warm blooded, like the dinosaurs, so give 'er an ice pack fer the swelling." When Damien heard Alex speak, he began to check himself for cuts. As he bent down to check his legs, he gasped for breath as pain, cold and unfeeling as ice, shot up to his brain. He removed his hoodie and lifted his shirt to check out his stomach. Right next to a massive scar on the left side of his chest, there was a cut running horizontally along his stomach. He hissed. Adrenaline had blocked out most of the pain, and it wasn't very deep, but dear God it was annoying. Be shook his head and motioned to Alex. "Yeah, mind throwin' me some hydrogen peroxide? No tellin' what was on that demon's claws."

Alex was almost finished putting on a pair of new gloves when he heard Jack speak up about his lack of involvement in the fight and the words suddenly made him freeze. It wasn't the words themselves though, in fact Alex thought it wasn't a bad reason that Jack had. However, the comment suddenly drew a very stark parallel with Alex's actions during the fight.

Alex also had not contributed any strength to the battle, but he had no such reasons; nothing at all. He had been trying not to think about it, but he couldn't run from the truth any more. He had simply frozen, no reason but simple cowardice, he hadn't been able to move an inch. Alex still couldn't say just what it was, but when the two... things had changed he had felt an almost primal fear for his life and it had paralyzed him. They were of another world, and they would have ripped Alex apart in a moment, there had been no doubt, and he had been unable to move for those thoughts.

The only one dishonored in that ally was Alex. He was the biggest of the group, oldest too; if it was anyone's duty to protect the others then it was his. Alex took a glance over at Sonny for a moment again. Even the little guy had jumped right in and what had Alex done? stood by and watched him get beaten up. Had that show of heroics in the bathroom this morning been just that? Another pointless show? So much sound and fury, Signifying nothing? Probably.

It all seemed so familiar, and why shouldn't it? It was always the same: big man around town, school hero, confident leader; all until something new came along and he would panic. Just like every time.

Suddenly another thought shot through Alex's mind. Everyone here had shown the powers Ms. Tanya had spoken of: Damien's explosives, Jason's shield, Lina had telekinesis and telepathy, Angelo's electricity, Sonny's glowing mop, even Jack had spoken about some power; everyone that is except Alex himself. Heh... another failure in the end, Alex wasn't even really surprised anymore. He was pretty useless then. What could he even hope to achieve?

It was then that Alex's eyes fell back to the first aid equipment that he had set out in front of him. Looking at the others he realized that he couldn't just abandon them though, there was just no way he could do that. Even if he was useless with magic, or lasers, or whatever there still had to be something he could do; and he had a place he could start right here. He would just do whatever he could with the skills he had, that was all there was too it. Even if he was next to useless, it would be better then not doing anything.

With a new sense of vigor Alex finished his preparations just as Damien started showing off his new war wound. Alex quickly went over to Damien and took a good look at the cut. "Hmm, looks like you were lucky there. Doesn't look to bad to me." He said in a calm manor. He noticed the scar that was also close but decided now wasn't a good time to bring it up.

"This may sting a bit." He said as he quickly ran a disinfectant over the cut and set some gauze over the wound as well. "There you go. I'd be a bit careful about it for a bit." Alex moved away for a bit as he prepared for his next possible patient.

"Well I don't know about this money thing. I haven't really heard of any major money sharks or anything around here." He thought for a moment, "Then again I don't suppose I've ever heard of one of these... what did you say? Lamia? either, much less finding one. Kind of makes you wonder what Ms. Tanya would have to say." He sighed hopelessly for a moment. "Probably something unhelpful like: I can't tell you much about it, because it would ruin the surprise." He ended with a not bad impression of her voice.

Bleu moaned and groaned as she stirred from her sleep. She opened her eyes and took a look around. This isn't Demon World...Where Am I? She looked to her sides and was shocked to see the kids from Starbucks were all gathered around her. Even more shocking was when she looked down. Her lower half was in its true form, visible for all to see. Oh no! These Humans know my secret!!! Now what am I going to do?

Bleu moved to reposition herself on the couch, writhing her tail so that she could sit upright, but in the process she knocked many things off the table and tripped up Jason as she got comfortable on the couch.

She looked to see who she had knocked down and saw that it was the boy she met right before Chuck and Lenny came to get her. "Jasssson!? What on earth are you doing here?" Bleu asked as she took a another look around. "and who are all of these people!?"

"Ugh, I'm here because we all saved you from those demon rapists. We killed one, but the other got away." Jason groaned a he got back to his feet. "We were hoping that you could answer a few questions about what the hell is going on. About what happened between you and those thugs and whatnot."

Bleu blushed as she thought about the humans saving her from those loan sharks. These humans saved me!? The last thing I saw before getting hit was the silhouette of some people standing next to the door...They could have saved me...Why not, I'll go with it. "Sssure, but would you guysss mind introdusssing yourssselvesss? I only know Jassson becaussse we talked before." Bleu asked the group politely.

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