Sanguine Seas - Murder RP ((Started))

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"Nothing much since, miss." Samuel said to Clair. "Work's been hella busy, plus all the preparations for tonight, and my coworkers making sure I have my facts straight; this is the first opportunity I've had to actually not be busy."

He grinned and finished his drink.

"It's a relief, y'know."

"I can imagine it. My works mostly done at this point, every time you see a wonderful thing on this boat just imagine trying to organise it."

"Father is so terribly busy at the moment" said Alex with an exaggerated sigh, "But I suppose one must deprive oneself of pleasure to keep a business afloat in these hard times. I'm sure you know how it is."

He paused, and took a sip of champagne, "Anyhow, you're dodging the question; what's a pretty girl like you with a family of conscientious objectors doing in amongst a savage pack of Dresden's warmongers? I'm here on business, but you are risking life, limb and maybe even soul. The question is, why?"

Frederick flash Dresden a sly smile. "Your booze of course." he said, while taking another sip of the martini, his scottish accent was fairly thick. "Officially, I'm also here on business." he stated, swirling around his drink.
"I expect a man in your position has heard of Breck Corp, the weapons manufacturers. They sent me as their ambassador I guess, to talk to you about partnership."

Frederick looked down at the drink, seemingly uninterested in his own business. He grabbed the olive out of the martini "Of course, this is all for another time, when you have a moment." he said as he ate the olive, dropping the toothpick back in the drink.
"For now, I'm just happy to be here. Thank you for this wonderous evening, Mr. Dresden." he said, gulping down the last of the drink.

"Well Mr. Wellwood, I believe he's a wonderful man, and an even better politician." Alice quipped, hugging her cat doll happily. "Sure his tactics might be a little unconventional to some, but they just don't see how much good it will do. Sacrifices need to be made for disasters to be averted..." she smiled. "And he understands that. Not very many people do nowadays, even when we're in war..." maybe sensing some discomfort she changed the subject.

"So what is it that you or your company does Mr. Wellwood? I doubt you are a politician, or a lawyer, or anything someone would expect to find on this boat."

"So how long have you been in the nuclear business?"
She had wondered for a while (ever since she had forgotten actually).
She was still on the lookout for opportunities at even the smallest bits of spin.
If he had been for a while he was experienced if not he was modern new fresh just what the industry needed.

"Uh, well. I've been in the buisness for a good...uh.." Samuel counted back. "Fourteen years now. I think I'm the senior tech on our team, but to be honest that's not difficult. All of 'em are pretty freshfaced."

He streched, stressing the buttons of his jacket.

"My second choice of carreer, actually."

"What was your first?"

"Well, what's life without a little danger?"

She laughed coquettishly. "No, in all seriousness, it's good to be seen at such events, even if it does mean consorting with the enemy. You know as well as I do that it pays to keep on top of things."

She finished the champagne and signalled a nearby waiter for more. "Besides, the booze is free and it makes a nice change..." She trailed off awkwardly, trying to think of a way to change the subject. She went with a direct assault; "So, how much if this boat was bought by your family's generous, charitable donations then, hm?"

"Worked for Shell for a few years before finding out that working for a private company lacks that....meaning working for a government has." Samuel said. He saw sir Dresden move through the crowd, talking with most of his guests in the passing.

"I see, out of curiosity do the nukes have any chance of damaging the oil field? Could it ignite the wells?"
Clair tried to wave to Dresden to get him to come over. She lived in hope.

"Well Mr. Wellwood, I believe he's a wonderful man, and an even better politician." Alice quipped, hugging her cat doll happily. "Sure his tactics might be a little unconventional to some, but they just don't see how much good it will do. Sacrifices need to be made for disasters to be averted..." she smiled. "And he understands that. Not very many people do nowadays, even when we're in war..." maybe sensing some discomfort she changed the subject.

"So what is it that you or your company does Mr. Wellwood? I doubt you are a politician, or a lawyer, or anything someone would expect to find on this boat."

"You'd be right in that respect miss, I certainly am not a politician or a lawyer, to be honest I'm rather unimportant at this party, I don't have half the influence or wealth most of the other guests seem to have." He paused for a moment, his eyes raking over the party taking the sheer number of well known important figures on the deck before answering the question.

"I'm in the business of computers, repairing them, and more recently developing software for my company. Mr Dresden became... interested in a certain program I've been working on, I've been sent here in case of the unlikely circumstance he ever bothers to question the current progress." Tom took a closer look at Alice, trying to guess what line of work she could be in and failing.

"If you don't mind me asking Miss Bree, what line of work are you in at the moment?"

"Oh I don't work. Yet I suppose. I just got out of an institution you see." she played with a lock of her hair absentmindedly, pulling it and letting it spring back up.

"Mr. Dresden was my sponsor. He paid for my expenses and such. So I thought that my first step would be to visit him and properly offer my thanks." she tilted her head and smiled again. "I owe him for everything."

"An... Institution..." Tom could easily piece together her odd behaviour to to take a guess at just what sort of institution she had been in but chose not to mention in it, dropping the topic instead.

"Oh, do you have any sort of idea of what sort of work you might want to get into? Maybe Dresden is looking for someone? A man like him must need a lot of staff, perhaps he could help you out?"

Francis forced a laugh when Frederick spoke to him, "Good man, good man" he said calmly, before noticing that the man seemed to like the alcohol he had available, "I Will talk business later" he said to him, "I have other people to attend to for now..." he said as he moved off.
'I would speak to him now, but with him drinking, he might create a better deal for myself' he thought with a chuckle.

He quickly moved over towards the bar, and grabbed some food, and just waited until anyone who wanted to talk to him would, he assumed he wouldn't have to wait long he thought as he took a bite out of the bun he had grabbed himself.

"I don't think so, Miss. The..bombing will happen about 500 kilometers away from the central pipelines or oilfields, where the weapon will only have a fire blast radius of about 3 kilometers. Of course, the fallout spread and other radiation will have a much wider spread than only 3 kilometers."

He spied at her over the rims of his glasses.

"But this war, and the bombing, were purely nonprofit weren't they?"

"Of course they were, no profit what so ever. I was merely curious. Having the life blood of the modern world go up in smoke isn't a good idea." Then catching his eye, well as best she could considering.
She tried to wave him over.

Danvir and his group began to move towards the passengers' living quarters leaving Malcolm behind. He sulked off toward the bar, coughing into his handkerchief the whole way. As he approached the bar he tapped a waitress on the shoulder to get her attention but when she turned around she accidentally hit him in the face with her tray and he clattered to the floor, knocking over a handsomely dressed middle-eastern man(Samuel).

"Dammit!, I'm sorry sir, let me pay for a new drink. It doesn't seem like you got any on you. I'm really sorry."

"Oh hello. How are you?"
Clair turned to the Malcom again trying to look at his face.

"Ah, that would be a dream job..." she mused. "Still, I need to get my degree first don't you think? I have a place in a private university overseas, but that would mean I wouldn't be able to see Mr. Dresden for a while... so when he invited me, I accepted. Hopefully when I come back I'll have enough skill to work for him..." Alice seemed to lose her train of thought, staring into the distance.

After Francis left, Frederick decided to spend a few minutes staring off into the sky before returning to the bar. Playing with the toothpick in the glass, he seemed to be captivated by the evening's beauty; or perhaps he was already drunk, he did start drinking even before getting on the ship.
Surrounded by a crowd of people, not many of whom seemed all that interesting, he figured there was nothing to do but return to the bar and get more booze. He began thinking how stupid it was for Breck Corp to send him to talk to Dresden. He wasn't a people person, he was a solitary drunk with only a passing knowledge of his company's products, nothing about him screamed "perfect representative material".
Approaching the bar, he motioned for another drink.

"Oh other than making a total fool of myself, I'm fine. My name is Malcolm by the way." Malcolm said as he cleaned his glasses with his sleeve.

"...Can...can I buy you a drink?" Malcolm said as he looked at Clair.

Tom thought over what Alice had said before replying in an optimistic tone.

"It depends on the work I suppose, some of his more important jobs would probably require some degree of skill but there might be some position you could take for work experience and they might offer on the job training. Whether you try to get in now or after studying doesn't really matter as long as you don't stop trying to get there."

Tom knew most of the childhood friends he had back in his old town had gone nowhere with their lives and so couldn't help encouraging someone not to give up. A flash of regret crossed his face for a brief instant, he couldn't help but wonder if he was really following the best path, if this was his dream job why wasn't he happier?

"Really? You think so?" her dull eyes sparked a little, and she smiled again. "Thank you... I'll ask him about that when I see him. But I do want to have a more... valuable job that not just anyone can take away. Even if I have to work a little."

Alice started to scheme in her head, thinking of what kind of job she should work for. Accountants were always good. Perhaps a lawyer? Whatever it was she wanted them to need her. She didn't want to be some dime a dozen work ant struggling to get loads of work done. Not Alice Bree. She would be the best at whatever she chose to do...

"Speaking of Dresden..." Tom trailed off and pointed over at the man who was relaxing over the bar.

"It looks like you have a brief window of opportunity to speak to Francis while he's not surrounded by the jackals, if I were you I'd take the opportunity now, I'm sure he'd be eager to meet you in person."

"None at all, I should think," said Alex with a mock-serious frown, "You know as well as I that donations may only be spent on beds of the party. There are at least a dozen laws to prevent me from simply giving Francis a few million to buy a floating mansion."

Then he grinned, and added, "I must of course, keep up appearences; the press get everywhere. Of this gets out, me may have to sue"

"Speaking of the press, aren't you worried that someone saw you arrive? To see you consorting with 'Dresden the Warmonger' could be seen as a mockery of all your parents believe in."

Of course, you could bre here in your own right following your own politics, but you speak like your parents. And risking so much can only be justified by some great profit. Which leads me back to my earlier question which you ignored; why are you here?"

"Thanks for the offer but I'm afraid I can't drink for a while now. I've been getting a little sick lately so alcohol probably isn't a good idea."

"Oh...well, thanks for not being mad at me I guess."

Then Malcolm sulked off closer to the bar and ordered a drink, it was going to be a long night.

Splash cooled his head with a wet cloth, though he wasn't supposed to, he headed to the bar for a drink. A Grand Marnier on the rocks cooled him a bit, as he turned towards a man sitting near him.

"Fredrick, I suppose?" He initiated.

Hank stumbled onto the boat dressed up like an important person, and with a fake ID card in his wallet. The night was beautiful, but to him it looked even better. A hallucinated unicorn led him to the inside of the boat.

Tom peered over the edge the boat in time to see someone new entering the boat, dressed importantly like the other guests onboard.

"And I thought I was late, I doubt anybody is even left down there to greet him." Tom shrugged and turned back around to look into the maelstrom of guests buzzing around the deck.
"I guess some people take being fashionably late too far."

Alice glanced over at the bar, in the direction Tom had pointed her in. She almost squealed in excitement and ran towards the man, but stopped. She turned and ran back to Tom and pecked him politely on the cheek. "Thank you~" she quipped before running back towards the politician.

Part of her was surprised he wasn't talking to anyone, the other half was glad and excited. The girl stopped a few feet away and quickly adjusted her hair and dress, trying to look as presentable as possible. She took a deep breath and stepped up to Francis.

I hope I'm not a disappointment. Do I look okay? There's nothing in my teeth right? Oh I hope my breath doesn't smell. Will he think I'm weird because I'm still playing with dolls? What if he doesn't like me?

"Good evening, Mr. Dresden. I'm Alice Bree."

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