Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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Yoje was still continuing his Tempest Kick Barrage when he saw a line of marines fall over near Jacque. He fell to the ground, landed on another Marine, and bounced over to Peter. "I guess you're Captain Peter? Name's Yoje. I've heard about you from your crew." He looked around and kicked a marine who was about to recover from Peter's attack

"Our battle seems to be over. A mob of pirates showed up not too long ago, and they've got a lot of the marines here busy." He dashed behind Peter and punched out another marine. "What exactly have you been up to here in the manor?"

Sylvester searched through the cabin of the ship. He popped the door of a cabinet off revealing a instrument case. Sylvester opened the case revealing a very nice violin he picked it up and plucked the strings." Ahh very nice" he picked up the bow and pulled it against the strings producing a fine melody. "I'm keeping thissssss" he said as he put the violin back in its case. He found some rope and bound the case to his back. As Sylvester walked back onto deck he noticed sammi binding the governor the ropes moved like a snake of their own will. "how did you do that?"

Sammi had finished having her ropes secure the governor squarely to the mast of the ship when the snake *shudder* man came up behind her.

"How did you do that?"

"What?" she asked turning around. "Oh, yeah, yeah the rope thing. Yeah, it's uh, it's my, um, talent, I guess. I can...well I'll just show you."

She turned to a barrel that was on the deck of the ship, obviously a wine barrel or something similar from the way it looked. Sammi pointed her left hand out, palm downward and two ropes started emerging from her index and middle fingers. Converging on the barrel, they wrapped around it, coiling it in between each other before shooting up towards the rigging. Once they hit the ropes there, the started pulling the barrel up towards the rope net, effectively suspending the in mid-air. She walked over to her sack of loot and pulled out a silver goblet, one of the spoils from the Governor's place. Untwisting the cork she poured herself a glass. Yeah wine, just what I thought. Posh bastard. Once it was filled she replugged the barrel.

"Basically, it's that. I ate a fruit a while ago that gave me that talent." She tasted the wine. "Ugh, tasted as bad as that wine, but I guess the trade off was worth it."

She tossed the rest of the wine out of her glass and onto the deck. She walked back over to the now strapped in Governor and gave him another kick in the gut. He grunted in pain but his eyes didn't open. "And that's for getting cheap-ass wine! You're rich damn it!" She turned back to Sylvester. "Any other questions?"

Sylvester walked over to the suspended barrel. He uncorked it and let some of the wine spill into his mouth. He resealed the barrel and swallowed the wine. "Itssss not that bad but I don't get much wine mostly rum." He pulled the violin out of its case and leaned against the mast "any request while we wait? If you prefer I also play the flute."

Where did he find that at? "Uh, I don't have much of an ear for music. How about you?" She looked at the Governor. "You have any requests?"

A barely audible groan came from the battered Governor.

"That's what I thought. I dunno, player's choice I guess."

Jacque is somewhat glad to see the captain again as it seen Yoje was right about him being in the mansion.

He said "It's about bloody time to set sail t'woo!"

He helps out his captain by swoop in front of a several marines. He swung his rapier making one long slash across their chests. The force of slash had completely pushing them back and falling onto the ground. He had essentially had made a small opening although the marines will soon fill in the opening very soon.

Peter sighed. "Some nut tried to attack me right as I was about to get away. Had a bit of a fight, and he decided to get away. Bit of an unpleasant getaway, at that..." he mumbled the last part.

"Come on! I've got a ship not that far from here! We're meeting up with someone pretty soon!" He ran towards the docks, pointing his gun at the incoming wave of Marines, shooting a small fireball at them to hold them off for a second as he took off.

"Nice to meet ya, Yoje. So there's us four here. There are four at the harbor, Sylvester, Grana, the big hairy guy and Sammi. We should be able to catch up with them just a little bit after they leave the harbor, or at least catch up with them before they break through the blockade if we're delayed. Sorry I can't tell you all the details of the plan, but just trust me!"

Hippocrates waited for a second before Ezekiel rushed at him, kinves drawn, attempting to stab him in the chest. He reached his hand up and intercepted the knife, the blade piercing deep into his hand. "Your kind never do go easily..." the blood around his hand poured out surprisingly quick, not dripping to the floor but instead swirling around his hand as he moved it back, grabbing Ezekiel's wrist with his other hand, the wound still gaping.

"Allow me to explain my talents... Any blood I touch or taste, I can find more of it, much like a dog who has found a scent. I can also manipulate it, so long as there is contact. I can control my own as well. If you haven't guessed, I ate the Blood-Blood Fruit." the blood around his hand began to gather together, forming into a sharp-looking blade, his fingers curving along with it. "Crimson Scythe!" he slashed Ezekiel with the blade, and a second later he fell to the floor. Afterwards, the blood seemed to retreat back into the wound, dripping onto the floor. He yelled to everyone there. "Men! Get back to your ships! We may have caught the one who started this, but we still have another thing to settle!"

Yoje reverted to his human form and ran after Peter. "I didn't expect Sparkles and Sylvester to join your crew, especially after so little time." I was going to learn how to use the Paper Art from Sparkles. I may need to be recruited myself for that to happen now.
He used a Tempest Kick roundhouse to keep his path open as he followed Peter. "The captain of the Marines here might be at the manor right now. Have you seen him?"

"I got no idea. If he is there, he went in the front door. And I sure as hell ain't going back to check." They had now gotten to the docks. "Ok, just a little further!" I just hope nobody tried to take my boat while we were gone. Or take any of my stuff.

Yoje was running right behind Peter. He looked back, and could still see marines in the distance. "I hope your ship can outrun a marine boat Peter."

Grana grabbed a free-hanging rope swinging from the mizzenmast, stepping onto the main deck, pushing off with all his force. The rope swang up, bringing Grana with it in its circular arc, depositing him on one of the smaller masts. "Motherfuckers... you think they had never even sailed this overgrown sailboat before!" Grana retied the sails, managing to grab a ride on one of Sammi's ropes to the crow's nest. There, he checked the knots before leaping to the netting on the side of the ship, climbing down the netting like a monkey. "Finally, a seaworthy vessel! Au Revoir, coracle!" One last leap brought Grana to the boat's steering wheel. He dipped into his hat and pulled out a compass and his map. He checked their bearing against his map, impatiently tapping his foot as he waited for the captain. "C'mon, c'mon..." Grana said worriedly. "Sammi!" He yelled. "Be ready to drop the sails the moment you see the captain! A boat this big needs some momentum!"

Sparkles heard a call to prep the sail, he would rather get it done himself then wait any longer.
"Say the word and I'll sever the ropes in an instant."
"Don't think we could get past a mobilized blockade."
"Whats holding up your captain?"

Peter saw his ship ahead. "Yeah, it can outrun just about anything. But it's gonna be a little cramped. Wasn't meant for this many people and all the crap I've got stored in it." He jumped in. "Come on! Get in! Get in!"

Yoje jumped into the boat. He had to squirm around a bit before he was in a comfortable position. "Ready to go, Peter." He looked back again, and saw that the Marines were minutes away from reaching their own ships. "They won't let us get away easily. As much as I enjoy beating up Marines, why did your crew have to kidnap the governor of the island?"

"The plan was to try and get him to call this off. Once that didn't work, we were surrounded by Marines. One thing lead to another, and here we are. We were going to leave him alone, but we need a backup plan in ase we don't make it through the blockade. Having a hostage would be a good bargaining chip. We'll let him go once we're out of here."

Once everyone had gotten on board, he rushed to the back. There were two large shells attached to the boat. He stomped down on a pedal and the boat was thrust forward. He tried to steer it, but with all the added weight, it was a little difficult. After a minute, they were rushing towards the other harbor, right towards where the other half of the crew was. "Let's just hopw they see us..."

Now on the beach with the sand under their feet he had to hope they were coming.
In the open even a rookie marine could find them out here, he hadn't expended much of his energy but with sheer numbers they could over whelm them.
Off in the distance he could see a ship, he wasn't sure it was the one but he waved his arms to get its attention.
He used his hairs as polls and some fancy table cloth from the mansion to make an improvised flag.
got to be blind to not see this

The flag being waved on the boat was impossible to miss. "Looks like they see us, Peter. The guy waving the flag has so much hair, it must be Sparkles. I'll board once we get closer"
Yoje squirmed onto his feet, and once Peter's boat was within 10 yards of the ship, he jumped and Moon Stepped onto the main deck

"Well looksssss like I have to cut the concert ssssshort here they come" Sylvester hissed as he put the violin back in its case. Sylvester looked up and saw the marine ships about to sail. "we better hurry up they almost after ussss."

Jacque gasps for breath from his ordeal from running from the mansion to all the way on Peter boat. While he could of morph into his owl form and fly to the main deck as Yoje proceed to moon jumped there he thought he should stay close to the Captain.
Upon seeing his ship up close, in his eyes the ship look very worn down compare to any other ship.

He said "That you ship? It looks so run down twoo."

Peter turned to Jacque, "Yeah, it's a little worn out..." the ship raced off, now able to see the ship Sammi, Grana, Sylvester and Sparkles were on in the distance. "But we're about to make a serious upgrade... that's our way out of here, gentlemen! And my new ship! Ooooh, I'm looking forward to working on it... giving it a new coat of paint, giving it a proper figurehead, re-naming it, setting up a proper lab, not some little table in the back of a tiny cabin..."

The smaller boat rushed towards the other group. "GET US UP THERE! SET SAIL! GO GO GO GO GO!" He threw a couple hooks up to the people on the larger ship. "Pull us up! We'll need this spare ship! And it's faster than bringing up everything inside!" He looked over, seeing there was still a sizable gap between the nearest two Marine ships for them to sail through.

Sammi looked over at Grana, who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere from the top of the ship. "What the-"

But there was no time for wondering about how the hell he managed to do stuff that seemed damned near impossible, and on her ropes to boot, now. She could see the old ship of Peter's coming into view. It was moving quickly, quicker than she remembered.

Peter tossed the hooks aboard. "Pull us up! We'll need this spare ship! And it's faster than bringing up everything inside!"

"Pull?" Sammi asked. "You forget who you're talking to for a second there, Captain?" She reached down towards the ship and ropes came flying out of every one of her fingers. She was putting all her energy into this effort, the ropes wrapped around the small boat and came back up to the railing before slowly constricting, lifting the boat out of the water and more in line with the ship's deck. It was a strain, but once the ropes were of suitable length and firmly wrapped around the railing, Sammi disconnected from them and was able to breathe a bit easier. She wiped the sweat off of her brow as the ropes finished securing the two vessels together.

"Hey!" she shouted. "Grana! You want to get this thing going now that I've done the heavy stuff?"

Grana grinned as a gyroscope was pulled out of his hat as well, somehow spinning without outside help. He placed the compass on top to make sure there was no interference from any magnetic stones or from the ship rocking, nodding as the gyroscope did its job and disappeared once more into the bottomless white hat. "All hands! Drop the sails, we're breaking through!" Grana pulled the cord next to him that ran up to the mizzenmast, undoing the knot and dropping the main sail. The secondary and tertiary sails dropped as well, due to the chain-reaction riggings in between them. The ship lurched forward as the wind-filled sails strained against the thick oak masts.

Grana laughed as he saw a few people stumble with the sudden movement. He also saw that the Governor had hit his head, bringing him back to reality. "G'evening, governor! And how are we enjoying our leisurely oceanic cruise today?" Grana laughed as he saw the governor's face. The man must have thought Grana was crazy. "The forcast for today is sunny, with a slight chance of cannonballs. So if I were you, I would make damn sure they don't fire, because the marines always aim for the mizzenmast to cripple an enemy ship. And guess what you happen to be tied to?" Grana looked up at the gap between the two Marine ships and saw they might not make it.

Grana leapt up to the riggings, bunching up his muscles as he threw himself upward into the air. He disappeared into one of his portals and reappeared about 10 meters above his starting position. He pulled on the secondary mast so it was at 45 degrees to the left of the mizzenmast. A second leap and swing on an untied rope led him to the tertiary mast, which was turned 45 degrees to the right. As Grana finished this, their speed seemed to pick up considerably. Grana nodded as he saw they now would make it easily. He shimmied back down the rigging and took his place once more at the wheel. "Good...now the secondary and tertiary masts are helping catch as much wind as possible, instead of just getting in the way of the mizzenmmast. We should be able to clear the marines easily, but just in case..." Grana thought. "Hey, Sammi! Man the cannons, just in case things turn south! I saw a flint near the bow! Yoje! Sparkles! Get ready for a boarding party! If you see the Marines setting up bridges, sabotage them! Everyone else, pray to whatever god you believe in and get ready to fight!"

Sylvester readied his whip. He had to stay in human form so sammi could still fight effectively. "Thissss issss going to get a little rough" Sylvester said to no one in particular. As the marine ships drew closer Sylvester saw the marines rallying to the main deck with boarding supplies in hand. "Anybody got a sssssspare knife"?

Peter went to the smaller boat. He first threw all the supplies that he and Sammi had gotten onto the deck. He then went into the cabin of . It was roughly the size of about a closet, and then he opened a small compartment making it even bigger. He began emptying it as fast as he could. All sorts of things were thrown out there. A couple pouches similar to the ones he wore on his belt, a couple bags marked "Ammo" with a couple letters to differentiate each type, a metal suitcase with a combination lock on it, large quantities of scrap metal, a giant harpoon with a long set of rope attached to it, a few things one would find in some lab, and a table. "Ok, I got a cannon here... just got to get it out..." He grunted as he started pushing it out. It looked different compared to a normal cannon. It was about 2/3 the size, had a strange bin to dump the ammunition, a large crank on it and what looked like a set of tiny generators attached to it, and what appeared to be a set of iron sights on top. He pushed it onto the main ship, and moved it to the front. "My pride and joy... until my next great invention, at least... hopefully we won't have to use it, though."

He looked at the Marine ships. "Ok, if we hurry, we might be able to slip through the two ships without having to deal with a boarding party. Hopefully." Suddenly, cannonballs went flying from the Marine vessels, landing a good distance away from the ship. Peter stumbled a little, then grabbed onto the side "We just need to make sure we get through that opening. Just be sure to keep us away from the Marine ships themselves! Last thing we need is to deal with a boarding party! We've almost got this!" He kept looking at everyone there, and waited to either pass through or deal with the Marines.

Yoje stretched out his legs in preparation for the fight that was most likely coming. "Jacque, if we have to, you and I can make it to the marines' ships and try to sabotage them before they even get a chance to attack."

Jacque smile when Yoje suggest the two of them should attack the marine first as an idea pop into his head.

He said "And I just got the perfect idea. I could morph into my owl form, grab one of the cannonballs here with my talon and fly it over and drop it on the marine heads. However I never done this before so I not sure how strong I can lift it and carry it over. How much does a cannonball weight compare to a human twoo?"

Sammi tried to take in all the commands, but what having problems. The hell Grana? You think you're the damn captain already? I know for sure I'm above you. Just steer the fucking boat.

The other newly enshrined crew members seemed to be preparing for a fight as well, at least from the sounds of it. "Hey! We want to try and get out of this with this boat intact OK? It's a damn cruise ship! It's not going to be able to go battering against the fucking Marines! So fighting should be the last option right now! Grana, you better be giving this boat everything we got if we're going to make in that gap!"

Having got some of her anger out through yelling, Sammi decided to get the rest of it out with her new favorite pastime; beating up the Governor. Heading to the mast and seeing him awake was a good sign. Now he gets to feel it. Smug bastard, thinking he can take everything for himself, and leave the rest of us with nothing. Fuck you. She gave him another kick in the gut, the man lurched forward as much as he was able to, coughing up a bit of blood onto the deck. "Aw, look at that. You got your boat dirty! Tsk tsk tsk. You better be worthwhile carrying you around like this, or I'm going to have to cut weight." She grabbed one of her axes and brandished it in front of him. "Literally."

Yoje turned to Jacque. "I've never actually lifted a cannonball, but you should be able to carry one in your arms. I don't know how strong your talons are though, or your wings. But try to carry it, and I'll help if you need it." Yoje stretched a bit more and morphed to his hybrid form. "Ready? We'll attack the boat on the right. The Marines won't expect us to take the fight to them."

Grana flipped Sammi off before continuing. "Why do you think I told everyone to get ready to fight? This is a luxury cruiser, not a marine hunter boat! This thing was built for stability, not speed! The moment we try and get through that gap, we are gonna be well within target range for even the oldest of their cannons! I would rather have them taking in water than us, because more than half of us can't even swim! I asked you because you're able to light all the fuses at once! That being said, no-one attacks first! Just get ready to react! Hey Sammi, can they see everyone on the ship? Try and make it as easy as possible for them to see the governor. Feel free to hold an axe at his throat, if it makes you feel better- just make sure they get the message." Grana grabbed a rag from a nearby bucket and lashed the wheel in place before walking up to the front of the boat, gathering his energy. If this boat got hit once, it looked like it would sink immediately. "Average cannonball is about 100 to 150 pounds, so I should be alright. I just hope they don't launch more cannonballs than I can return..."

Jacque reply "Time to test my arms twoo."

He use his hands to lift a cannonball and lifted it meter above from the rest of the cannonballs rack. It was thanks to his years in marine training that he can even lift it at all as the weight it too much.

He shouted "Screw it! I'm alot tougher in my owl form twoo."

He morphs into his owl form as he had flap his wings above the cannonball. His sharp talons grab hold of it with ease although now his have to flap his wings at a faster pace to keep him in the air.

He said "Geez this weight even more than a fat guy! Don't worry I should be able to fly the cannonball over and drop it on their heads twoo!"

Yoje nodded and tried to lift a cannonball with his kangaroo arms. He was able to pick it up with ease, but was only able to jump about a foot and a half off the ground carrying it. It'll take too much energy for me to carry a cannonball over. I need as much strength as I have left for fighting

He jumped into the air and joined Jacque. He shouted to the rest of the crew. "We'll deal with the ship on the right. The rest of you can just focus on the left ship. Let's go Jacque!" He Moonstepped towards his target, almost looking forward to the battle.

Jacque simply screeches "TWOO!"

He flap his wings rapidly as if they were rotating mechanize wings as he fly toward the marine ship. However his heroic action soon cut short as his sleepiness kick in. He started to fly in irregular motion as he slowly descend to the sea below but quickly flap quicker to keep himself higher above it.

Peter took a minute to analyze the situation. Ok, Yoje and Jacque are taking care of that ship... we'll be passing that ship soon. If they can hold on, they can have a much shorter distance to cross. I've seen Grana's ability. If he can move a full grown human adult, he can move a cannonball or maybe even two. Sammi has the governor, so if things get really ugly, we at least have our bargaining chip secured. He looked at everyone who wasn't active yet. If something unexpected happens, they can take care of the rest.

He moved the bags labeled "Ammo" near his cannon. "Ok, what to do, what to do? Maybe some fire? Or just a nice, big explosion. I could just launch a couple regular cannonballs as well if we have some here, but that's no fun..."

Yoje and Jacque were high enough up to be safe from any fire on the ground as they approached the ship. The only problem was the gunner in the crow's nest. He saw that Jacque was carrying a cannonball, and took aim at him first.
"Heads up Jacque!" Yoje quickly moved in front of Jacque and activated his Iron Body, deflecting the bullet off the side of his chest. But the impact stung, and using Iron Body meant that Yoje couldn't keep moonstepping, so he started to fall.
He was bit above the main deck when he recovered. With one more Moon Step, he regained his balance, then shot a Tempest Kick at the gunner before landing on the deck, ready to fight.

Sammi flipped the bird back to Grana as the decision on fight or flight seemed to be made for the crew. The owl and the...jumping...guy...right, both were taking fire from one of the Marine ships. Fuck. Thanks guys, did we really need this as we're trying to escape.

Peter was at his own cannon, the two away members had already made it to the boat off the right. "Hey Captain? If those two are on the ship on the right, you think we can do something about the one on the left? Maybe, fire bomb it or something. If we're going to be going after them, that way we would be able to make sure we get through that hole? Just a thought."

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