Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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"Piracy implies pillaging and murdering innocents, not exactly something I see you doing, and I can be a pretty good judge of character most of the time. Stealing I can see you being capable of, but after that I'd say you should just call yourself a sailor. That way people will be more willing to accept you rather than run in fear and call the damned Marines," Alaena replied somewhat sternly, clearly having no like for either of the two groups. She apologized for how much it sounded like she was lecturing him, lying down completely now after cleaning up.

"Sorry about that. I can go on long rants about things like that. So, are you an inventor of some sort? I noticed you have some gadgets on you, and pardon me saying but you don't quite look like someone who partakes in fisticuffs often," she said, grabbing her gun and belt as she tried to clean some of the blood that was still on them.

Grana was running across the rooftops when he saw Yoje down below. Grana wouldn't have minded talking to Yoje, but as he was now, in a cloak that covered him from head to toe, and moreso Alaena's blood that also covered the Magician, Grana doubted that Yoje would be all that favorably unfounded towards Grana. That, and Fletch was quite dutiful in his mission. He began to peach at Grana through the cloak. "Ow, ow, ouch! Dammit, that hurts! Ow, dammit, I'm going, I'm going! What did we agree on about no pecking?" Grana muttered as he continued his trip, resolving to talk to Yoje later about everything that happened.
Grana arrived at the hotel Peter talked about, the one right next to the Marine base, all without being spotted. Grana realized immediately that there was no way in hell he would make it through the front door, and so Grana had to climb up the brick wall on the back and hope he chose the right room. With nothing left to it, Grana began to climb, Fletch looking up. Grana smiled as he though of a brilliant yet simple plan. All he had to do was merely follow the direction Fletch turned. Flowing the bird up several stories, Grana finally reached a floor where Fletch stared dead ahead and shrieked. Taking this as conformation, Grana opened a portal right above him, connected to the floorspace a few feet in front of him. If either of the two was looking, they would first see an arm reach out from the solid floor, then the bow tip, then Fletch, followed by the rest of Grana. Grana pulled himself up and through the portal, brushing himself off as he stood up. He took off the bow, resting it gently against the wall, and undid the clasp on the brooch, allowing the cloak to fall to the ground. Fletch jumped off and resettled on Grana's now-bare shoulder, much to his annoyance. Grana finally took off his commoner's hat and, reaching inside it, pulled out the things Alaena had asked him to get. "Okay. Here you go. Two satchels, one bag of food, one undamaged bow, one used arrow, and one hovering falcon. That's everything. Now, mind telling this guy to get off my shoulder? He's barely moved from that spot since you told him to watch me. Anyway, did I miss anything?" Grana grinned at the absolute obedience of the bird.

"Yeah, I am an inventor. I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. Still, there's a lot I can learn. Still, you think this stuff's impressive? You should see the stuff on my ship once it's done..." As he finished saying that, Grana walked in.

Peter took the bags and handed them to Alaena. "Thank you, Grana. Now then, perhaps we should give her a moment of privacy. Or perhaps our new friend here can take care of it in the bathroom." He gestured him out the door. "If either of you two need anything, I'll be outside. Now then... I better not come back to find my things missing, or else I won't be so hospitable." He got up and stretched, heading out the door.

Alaena nodded at Peter as she sat up from the bed and grabbed both of her satchels. She thanked the two men as she made her way into the bathroom slowly, her young falcon flying in to join her. She tossed the satchels on the tiled floor next to the toilet, taking a seat on it as she undressed. The bloodied clothes were thrown to the side to be thrown away later, a new set being set out on a small counter.

She turned on the shower and stepped in, making sure all the blood was off of her before turning it off and sitting at the edge of the tub. From her medical supplies she grabbed out a small bottle of solution that she used to clean the outside of the wound that was now starting to bleed again. Once that was done she grabbed a small syringe and a small glass jar, putting the needle in and extracting a small amount of the liquid inside. After injecting it close to the wound she put all of that away (throwing the syringe on top of the discarded clothes), doing a check to make sure that there were no pieces of bullets still left in the wound.

The next step was the stitching, which Alaena had gotten quite a knack for during her years of mending her wounds. As she finished tying up the last stitch she put on some ointment to keep out any infections. Grabbing two gauze pads and some long bandages, she put the pads on the entry and exit wound before wrapping it up. She wrapped her up her bruised ribs and sprained ankle before packing up any supplies that she had left out.

Once everything was put away she redressed and cleaned up the bathroom as best she could before throwing everything unneeded in the trash and placing it outside the door. She placed her two satchels next to the bed, being sure to removes any bloodied sheets and putting them in the garbage too. As she laid back down she told Fletch to let them know that she was done, the falcon flying over to the door and opening it after a few tries of turning the handle.

Grana shook his head in amazement as the hawk actually managed to open the door. "Thanks, birdy." he said with an exaggerated bow as he entered the room, seeing that Alaena had finished with her personal examinations. Grana ran his exacting eye down Alaena, noting the precision with which she had managed to stitch up what was a potentially lethal injury. Grana hooked a chair with his foot and sat down, lying his swords next to Alaena's bow. He took the commoner's hat off his head and plunged his arm into it, reaching in shoulder deep in a hat no more than a few inches deep at most. Grana pulled out a whiskey bottle gained from the Eyes On the Table Casino. Picking out two glasses, Grana uncorked the bottle and poured himself a few fingers worth of the drink. He placed the bottle on the bedside table, indicating the second glass at the same time. "So, care for a drink, or is whiskey a bit too strong for your condition?" Grana ran his eye once more upon the literal bathroom surgery results and whistled. "Hmm. So, a killing doctor? Certainly not the first time I've heard of such a thing, but definitely the first time with a bow. So, where did you learn your skills that managed to piss off Tozani? The name's Grana Rei, by the way."

The sounds of fighting and battle appealed to Sammi in other times, but not when she was on land, by herself, in unfamiliar territory. Shit. I don't like all those sounds of gunfire. I better head back to the port. Cutting her sightseeing short, she head back towards the south, intent on at least getting close enough to the ports to be able to have some backup in case something did emerge from the city to cause problems. She tried to make her travel as short as possible, but nothing aside from teleporting would have gotten her past the three men who blocked off the side street ahead of her. Each one was wearing a pinstriped suit, the largest one had a matching black fedora to go with his, and they all looked towards Sammi upon her entrance into their territory with lecherous grins.

"Hey Shigeru!" One of the littler thugs said. "What do you think we got here? A honey who's lost her way?"

The larger man spoke slowly with a bit of an accent. "Why yes...I do believe...she doesn't realize...she's on...Yarrakona turf."

The other thug piped up. "Hey, you know, maybe we should, make her pay us a toll, or something, to get by."

"Yes...that sounds like...a fine idea," Shigeru nodded. "That ring on her finger...the one I see shining...that would be a fine price."

"Or, you know, maybe she could, heh-heh, find another way to, you know, pay us proper tribute."

"Not a bad idea...either Ryoji. However the lady thinks...she would be best...served to pay us..."

Shit! I knew this town was riddled with creeps! All right, fine! Let's try this then. Sammi pulled out the gun, knowing that this would probably call for more than a bluff maneuver. "Stay back, assholes!" she warned. "Just let me through, and I won't have to use this." She sounded shaky.

"Heh, heh, the girl's got spunk!" The first thug stated. All three then pulled out their own guns, various two-handed affairs that easily dwarfed the pistol that Sammi held. "I know how to take care of spunk."

Fuck! OK Sammi think. "Hey, guys, um," she started, dropping her gun and her arms to her side. "Maybe we can work something out. You know what you can have the ring, if you really want it."

The three men laughed. "Oh, we're going need more than that now," the first thug replied. "See, you pulling a gun out, that jacked up the price. And you're going to have to pay the toll. To all three of us."

"William is right...I'm afraid," Shigeru informed the girl. "You are going to...have to pay...proper tribute...to all of us." The three advanced on Sammi, they eyes drawn more to her face and chest, rather than the hands, which were forming Sammi's back up plan.

"OK, well I could do that," Sammi said. Fuck I need more time... "But of course, which one of you big boys is going to go first?"

This question stopped the three men in their tracks. "Well...obviously...I would be first," Shigeru proposed. "I am the largest...and the leader."

"You know, you always go first, you know?" Ryoji interjected. "Maybe I should, you know, go first. Make sure she's good, you know?"

"The hell?" William piped up. "I want a turn being first to go! I deserve it! I spotted her in the first place anyway!" The mobmen started to bicker amongst each other. They didn't notice the cords slowly encircling their feet.

That's it a little more...little more...

"Look...I am the most powerful...I will be going first..."

"Hey boys? Can I make a suggestion?" Sammi offered.

"What might that be?" William asked.

"How about...none of you go first?" Sammi yanked her left arm back and the ropes around the legs of the three creeps constricted, wrapping tightly around them, and jerked back, sending them all crashing to the street. She dropped the gun and grabbed one of her axes, lunging forward towards her fallen adversaries. She went for Shigeru first, getting a clear shot at his neck, cleaving it in two. To the right was Ryoji, so he was next to go. He tried to position his gun up to get a shot but the ax swung around too quickly and his head joined Shigeru's in rolling freely on the street.

This left William. Sammi knew this was going to be tricky, he would have time to do something, but hopefully she could get to him first. She leaped over the headless body of Shigeru and went in for the kill. William got his gun up and fired.

Sammi rolled onto the other side, William's head rolled along side her. Sammi was breathing heavily. She moved to get up, but then, nothing but pain on the left side of her body. She looked over at her arm, and saw more red than she remembered usually seeing on her chest. Two holes were prominent in her upper arm and by her shoulder, blood spattering on the stones below. "Fuck!" she cursed. "Fuck! Oww! Fuck! Oh shit!" She was panicking. She grabbed the shirt off William's body and tried to wrap it around her wounds. It was a poor stopgap, the fine silken shirt doing little to stop the bleeding. "Fuck...." She tried to find someone nearby, who might be able to help, but the streets had cleared out with the sound of gunfire. The tall buildings around Sammi were starting to swirl. "Damn it, this sucks......" Outside of what looked to be an inn of some sort, Sammi collapsed in the street, life slowly draining away.

Peter walked outside the inn, but turned and noticed Sammi walking towards him. "Sammi? What the hell happened?!" He noticed the blood and tried to get her inside. "Look, just head up the stairs and on the first door, there should be someone with some medical supplies... how good they are as a doctor, I'm not sure, but it's better than nothing..." He took out his guna dn tried to see if there was any pursuers.

"Alaena, and no I do not care for a drink. One, it would only worsen my current condition, and two...I do not partake in drinking," she replied to Grana, not particularly pleased with how the man was eying her. She was very thankful for his help in getting her supplies, but that certainly didn't mean she had to like the type of man sitting before her.

"I am no doctor. I may know many things a doctor does, but it is not my profession. My skills were learned many years ago; specifically to take down men like them. For quite some time it's just been honing them," she said bluntly, not wanting to tell him much of anything. With Peter she could tell he was a good guy and was more willing to give him more bits of info to chew on, but she wasn't quite so sure of this Grana Rei. She watched Peter get up and leave, and decided to forgo any potential nap for the time being.

"I got 'em Cap'n," Sammi weakly got out as she leaned over on Peter for support. "I got 'em all. They tagged me, but I got 'em." Blood still dripped from her arm. "You proud? I got all of 'em." She was rambling on. She tried to head towards the stairs as directed, but the injuries were making her woozy and she was stumbling up them, slowly.

"Of course... should have known better." He smirked. "Always get the job done, right, Sammi?" He knocked on the door. "Just hang on a little bit. Don't die on me. That's an order, got it, Sammi?" He knocked harder. "COME ON! Alaena, remember that favor you owe me? Time to pay up!"

"Hold on one second!" Alaena called out after the sudden knocking diverted her attention. She ordered Fletch to go open it for her, saying something about how this is Peter's room and he should have a key for his own room. When the door was opened and Peter came in carrying a woman with him Alaena immediately got off the bed and went over to help. The two of them brought the woman down onto the bed; Alaena making Peter back off while she examined the injuries.

"Nothing that can't be fixed," she muttered, grabbing a chair and her medical supplies before sitting down and getting to work. First thing she did was check Sammi's general condition, after that came ordering either Peter or Grana to get some more towels and water. She checked the amount of supplies she still had, figuring there would be enough for just this injury to be properly treated before her supplies were completely exhausted. 'I need to get more soon.'

"OK, Cap'n," Sammi answered as she was rushed into the room. There was a woman there? She didn't recognize her. Of course, she couldn't even tell where she was right now. She went down on the bed with a thud, rolling back over with a cry as she landed on the injured left side. "Owwwwwww," she moaned. "It, uh....it hurts, a lot. All over. Got my ring though! It's so shiny...."

Grana stood there, shellshocked. He had only met this feeling a few few times before in his life, but it was quite the unforgettable visitor: complete and utter helplessness. Always, Grana was ready with a sharp tongue or a sharper sword, but now he could only watch as his friend began to bleed out on the table before him. "Damn... The girl saved my life and the only thing I can do is stand here, praying to some god I don't believe in." Then came the orders from Alaena to get water and towels, snapping Grana out of his reverie. Grana just about sprinted into the bathroom as quickly as he could. "Hell, I'd sail down to the red line in nothing but my coracle if I was told it would save her." Grana came back, loaded with the requisitioned towels and water. "Anything else, Alaena? Do you need me to get any medical supplies?" Grana was absolutely wracked with guilt that his friend was lying there on the table, bleeding out in his place. It was an odd feeling, one that Grana hadn't really known until now.

Hal leapt from rooftop to rooftop, trying to find a building or even a street that would be safe from him to lay low in for awhile. Eventually he spotted an alley that looked safe. It was a big mistake. He dropped down and immediately felt a gun press against his back. A vaguely familiar voice spoke to him. "I finally found you, you piece of shit. Turn around. I wanna look at you before I waste you."

Hal put his hands up and slowly turned around and found himself face to face with.... Some guy. "Uh... Do I know you?"

This simple question sent the man into a rage. "DO YOU KNOW ME?!?! I should fucking HOPE so! Look at what you did to me! It was just a few hours ago!!!!" The man held up his hand, or at least the stump his hand used to be attached to.

"Ohhhhh yeah I remember you. Look, no hard feelings about the hand man. It's just business, ya know? If it makes you feel better, all this mess has been a real hassle for me-" He was cut off by a shot just barely missing his shoulder. Wrong answer apparently.

"Enough! I'm gonna watch you suffer. Little. By. Little." Each word was another gun shot just barely grazing each of his limbs. Hal grit his teeth and did his best to bear the pain, but it was no good. Hal wasn't used to taking blows, he could usually just avoid them. He let out a low growl to keep from screaming. "Not gonna scream for me? Ah, well. At least I'll get the money and the sword back. Say goodbye you piece of shit con artist!" The gangster aimed the gun right at Hal's head. Hal closed his eyes and prepared himself for the end. He heard a click....And that was it.

Hal opened his eyes and found the gangster cursing while examining his gun, trying to figure out why it hadn't fired. Hal couldn't help but grin. "I have an eye for quality you know... It's an important thing for a merchant to have. I wasn't paying much attention earlier, but now that I look at it, that gun is garbage. You're gonna die now." Hal said casually, which only served to make the man more desperate to get his gun unjammed. Hal continued as he sunk into his stance and gripped his sword. "And you know why? Because the guy who sold you that gun didn't have an eye for quality like me. Or maybe he did. Thems the breaks."

The last thing the man saw before his head was seperated from his body was Hal vanishing from sight. "That was a close one..." Hal muttered as he walked out of the alley. His leg burned from using Shave while being wounded, but the adrenaline would let him ignore it long enough to get to his ship and get some bandages. Can't believe I'm headed back to the docks again... If I get jumped again on the way there, it'll just be the perfect fucking end to this day.

'Pirates,' Alaena thought with a roll of her eyes as Sammi mentioned something about getting a shiny ring. She dipped one of the towels into the bucket of water and gently cleaned the outside of the open wounds, not exactly pleased when Grana bugged her about supplies.

"If you want to be helpful go sit down somewhere and leave me alone for now. I do need supplies, but not immediately. Even if I did I certainly wouldn't give the job to you; I'd doubt you'd be able to find more than a quarter of the things that I'd need. So be quiet and sit down," she told Grana with annoyance flowing through her voice, going back to focusing on helping Sammi. She yanked some wood from the bedpost next to her and rubbed it against the rest of the wood before placing it sideways in Sammi's mouth, stating, "You don't seem like you can take a lot of pain, so just bite on that until I'm done."

With that done, out came the tweezers and the tedious job of making sure all pieces of the bullets were out of Sammi's arm. After that came a re-cleaning and a few shots. Alaena took a closer look of the wound to check how much damage there was, noting that the bones were slightly damaged but would heal from the ordeal. "You also have a small amount of nerve damage, that's what is causing the pain. Nothing that will keep you from using your arm again, but to be safe it would be best for you to not move it around too much," Alaena said to Sammi as she tied thick string around a large needle, using it to stitch up the two wounds.

Jacque had wander into the nicer area of Lesklee Island for there are less shady people about and more people in dress and suits.

How long has it been since I had tastes good wine? My throat is getting dry

He walks to the nearest bar and enter the bar.
It seen he had enter a gentlemen club of some sort for the interior is made from rich flowing wood with polish golden looking frame. The group inside seen to be split into two groups, one group is the pirates like him who seen to be behaving consider where they are. The other group were the rich noble like men who are probable not noble at all but corrupt. Most of the men had fancy looking women who are keeping them company. Before he can take another step a gorilla like bouncer had stoop in his way. He is twice his side which he knows full well not to mess with him. The bouncer grunted in a mean tone which Jacque quickly pulls out the money given to him from Peter to show he isn't some cheapskate trying to get in.

The bouncer mutters "Disarm" as he draws his big hands out.

Jacque took out his sheathed rapiers and pistol and hand it over.

He quite said "Just remember which ones are my twoo."

He walks toward the bar as the bouncer place his weapons into the rack with the many weapon belong to the people inside.
He sat on the stool as the bartender move toward him.

The bartender said "Your drink sir?"

Jacque took a good look at the wine cabinet and saw something he likes.

Jacque reply "Pour me a glass of Grignolino, North blue."

He hand the money over which the bartender nodded and head toward the wine. He got it out as he pull out a glass and started to pour out crimson liquid into it. Once he had stopped pouring he took a sip which tasted wonderful.
When he turns his stool around he had saw a beautiful slender woman in a sparkly white dress with black curly hair on the stage. She stated to sing in a foreign language and pianist start playing the song alongside her.
Her magnificent voice had put Jacque in a relaxing state as he continues to drink and listen to the song.

Sammi bit down on the offered piece of wood, unsure of what use it would do. Then the pain started. It was enough to shock Sammi out of the addled state she had been in and send her right back into her default mode. She started cursing through clenched teeth and wood as the woman went to work on her arm. It felt like someone was constantly digging inside of her and it stung unlike anything else. Not even when her ropes were cut off, or she was sliced up in battle did she feel anything like this.

Then the needle came in, poking more holes in to sew her back together. She dropped the wood from her mouth and cried out, but she did her best not to move her arm. That would only make it worse. Finally, the needlework stopped and Sammi sat back up, sweat beading on her brow, breathing just as heavy as it was when she was shot in the first place. "Aaah!" she shouted as the pain started to subside, the string now holding in place. "Oh fuck. Owwww. Ow." She looked over her arm. "Damn, that's going to be leaving some marks. Owwww." She had moved it too much. "Ow. Aw, this is going to suck. And I left that gun with those dead guys too. Shit."

"Hold still for one more second, I need to bandage you up," Alaena told Sammi as she grabbed out her remaining ointment, gauze, and bandages. Once those were carefully on she took out a bottle and handed it to Sammi, stating, "These are some painkillers. Take two now, and then the last two tonight. Don't drink alcohol at all because that will just make things worse for you. If you're hungry you can have some of the food that is in the bag. Peter, Grana, you two are also welcomed to have some if you so please."

Yoje was still walking on his way to the Resort, when he heard someone shout "DO YOU KNOW ME?" Curious, he started running towards the sound of the commotion. By the time he found the proper alleyway, there was nothing but a corpse, and a familiar person was limping away. Clearly, there'd been a fight, and he'd only barely won.
Yoje quickly walked up in front of him and offered a shoulder for support. "Hey, you're that merchant. Hal, right? What happened to you?"

Hal thought his worse fears had come true when someone came out in front of him, but luckily this person knew him and was offering support rather than looking to kill him. "You're... one of Peter's crew right? Sorry, I didn't get your name earlier. But yeah, I'm Hal and... I had a bad business deal let's say." Hal said, gladly taking the support Yoje was offering. He didn't really want to tell him about his not-so-brilliant scamming of the Bodero and Yarrakona so he'd keep the details of his encounter vague if possible.

"I just need to get to my ship. I've got some bandages there and these wounds aren't too bad. Luckily the guys aim wasn't so good and he just grazed me a couple times."

As Gulligan walked into the base, he looked around, at least for a second before saying, "So...I'm in charge now, so where's my fancy office? Oh! And the snack bar and free liquor!"

Peter shrugged. "Thanks for the offer, but I'm full. Speaking of full, this room is starting to get a little crowded... might have to get a second room for the night."

Yezeku lead Gulligan to the back room, where he opened a small cabinet on the side "Here are some snacks right here, my man... sorry, no liquor. Feel free to get some on your downtime, and trust me, you'll have plenty of that. Now then, I'll be getting my things." He went and picked up a stack of paperwork and his weapon, a double-bladed sword. "Nice piece of work, eh? Picked it up right on my first mission. I must say, I'm pretty good with it... not as destructive as your cannon, but still just as effective, if I do say so myself..."

He pointed to a trio of snails on the desk. "Ok, the blue one calls city hall, the white one is for general use, and the red one is direct contact to Porte Carlo. Let them know you've arrived and that I'm on my way out, ok? Speaking of... what brings you to this island, anyway?" He didn't seem that interested.

"I'm Yoje. Where's your ship? I can get you there pretty quickly, if you don't mind bouncing to get there" He morphed into his hybrid form to demonstrate the point. "So, somebody disagreed with the deal you gave them, huh?"
Yoje didn't completely trust Hal, especially seeing that somebody had just tried to kill him, but he still hadn't actually done anything wrong, at least as far as Yoje knew. And he definitely didn't dislike the merchant enough to leave him in that condition.

"What brings me here? I'm chasing some pira......" hold the phone...I could be here for any reason I want! Better make it good.... "I'm here to catch a bunch of pirates!" ............Damn!

"No alcohol? Damnnn," Sammi moaned as she popped the pills that the woman had offered her. It was tough to get them down without a drink, but she managed. "I guess I can try and go sober. I'll take some of that food though. I haven't had anything to eat since we got here."

Newly bandaged, she tried to get over to the food. There was less pain this time, the ointments and gauzes doing their job. She rooted in the bag with her good arm, pulling out an apple. She took a big bite, savoring the sweet tartness the fruit offered. "I'm Sammi, by the way," she offered the woman who had mended her. "Second in command." By default, but she doesn't need to know that.

"My name is Alaena. I've already met your character and other crew member here; they were nice enough to help me out in a time of need," Alaena replied to Sammi, reaching over and grabbing a hunk of bread to eat. There was numerous meals in the bag, but Alaena had no real appetite at the time. Instead she asked, "Can you describe the people who did this to you? Were they in suits or leathers? They obviously used guns, but even the Yarrakonas use guns half the time."

Alaena figured that she would stay most of the night before heading out to deal with one of the two families. 'It just all comes down to who to take out first,' she thought to herself as she took a bite of bread. It was refreshing to finally get something in her stomach, her food wares had been exhausted for a few days and she had been living off of water and anything she could get from people who were inclined to help her.

"Alright, thanks Yoje! My ship is about two or three docks down from where yours is." Hal said, thankful that he didn't have to walk on his wounded legs anymore. He paused for a moment when Yoje asked more about his encounter and thought carefully about what to say. "Yeah... Something like that. Dealing with gangs like the Bodero can be dangerous since they run this place. Haggling with them is a bad idea, but I'm not really used to that since I'm not from around here."

"They were suits," Sammi told Alaena. "They said they were with the Yarrakona," she took another bite of the apple, intent to keep multitasking while doing this. "They jumped me about two, maybe three blocks from here. Said it was their turf." She sat back down on the bed, letting her injured arm hang down freely beside here. No pressure meant no pain. "Then they tried to fuck me. I wasn't having any of that though, so I chopped their blocks off. Was a little late on the last one. That how he tagged me like he did."

"Budero. So that's the name of the gang that runs this island." Yoje grabbed and Hal and jumped onto the nearest rooftop. From there, he continued to jump from rooftop to rooftop back in the direction of the port. "We'll be back soon enough. Just let me know where your ship is."

"Suits? Either you're wrong or the Yarrakona are trying to take the Budero's trademark style," Alaena replied, hoping that this didn't mean that the Yarrakona were trying to make a move. She instead put it under the trauma from the incident having fogged up Sammi's memory of the incident.

"I find it somewhat funny that I've met up with three people from just one pirate crew in only a few short hours," she noted after eating the last bite of her piece of bread. "I suppose I shall stay for awhile longer, but soon enough I'll have to go and finish what was started."

I heard rumors that the two families had been escalating their fight, but to think it's gotten this out of hand..."And what exactly is it you're planning on finishing?" Peter asked.

"Pirate hunting? Ok... well, any idea who it is you're going after?" Yezeku didn't notice his hesitation, just thinking he stammered.

"The families of course. What's left is to deal with them and their higher-ups. That would get rid of the bulk of the problem, the next part would be to get the people behind someone who can lead them in the right direction. If there is interference with that from the Marines then they would need to be dealt with too," Alaena replied to Peter calmly, already working on the planning portion of the plan.

"And once everything is done here, I move on to the next city being treated unfairly and do the same," she added, leaning her chair back to get more comfortable.

"Who am I after? um...." Crap! Crap! CRAP! I didn't look at who I was chasing! Okay, calm down, worst come to worst, blame it on someone else! In the meantime... "Erm...I believe you'll have to ask the men on my boat...because...keeping track of that is their job. Yeah, that''s it!"

"You honestly think that would solve everything? You make it all sound so simple, like a couple dead gangsters and a nudge in the right direction would fix everything..." Peter sighed. "Then again, there is only so much diplomacy will get done. But violence isn't exactly the fastest way to peace, either."

"You're sure about that? You don't even know what any of them LOOK like? Then again, I shouldn't really care. Once I step through that door, this is no longer my problem. ISN'T THAT RIGHT, BOYS?" He yelled out, a couple men hooting out in celebration.

"I know leaving with half the people here is a bit much, but I need a crew to man the ship heading back to Porte Carlo, and between half of my men and your own, you should have more than enough people here. Still, maybe you should start thinking where to look."

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